Wednesday, December 3, 2014


In what can only be described as a stunning verdict, a NYC grand jury failed to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo, a white douchebag cop who killed Eric Gardner, a black man, whose only crime was selling untaxed loose cigarettes, a "crime" that has been going on since the 30's.The whole incident was caught on camera proving beyond a doubt that Officer Cocksucker used an illegal choke hold to drag Gardner to the ground and then failed to administer any first aid as he lay dying in the street.

Somehow, the grand jury decided not to indict this assassin cop even though the medical examiner declared the death a homicide. So let me get this straight, even when this shit happens on camera and the death is deemed suspicious and criminal, our justice system can't even get that right.

Let's face facts: GRAND JURIES ARE A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. No more grand juries okay. They do NOT work and the last few week have proven it. Now unlike Mike Brown, this guy didn't deserve to die. The crime he was doing was as minor as jaywalking and yet he paid for his life by an out of control police force known as the NYPD. These assclowns can't shoot straight, recently killed another innocent black guy for the crime of walking down the stairs and now see that they will never be held accountable for their crimes. Enough is enough and if Eric Holder and the worthless DOJ have any hope of salvaging what will soon be nationwide rioting, they better indict this ass for federal charges and start a top down review of everyone on this force and start firing people left and right.

Mike Brown, even though I found him a thug who asked to be shot, still deserved a trial for his memory like Trayvon Martin got. And like Zimmerman, I am positive Wilson would have been found not guilty but at least it would have been all out in the open as these secret juries are why we have a justice system in the first place as the king would hold secret trials way back in revolutionary times with questionable verdicts. How has anything changed with this travesty of justice now?

But now we have another white cop getting away with killing a black man and even on camera can't get justice. What hope do the rest of us have? I fully expect this to get bloody as cops have just said in a national way: we can do whatever we want and there is nothing you can do about it. Guess again losers as when peaceful protests become impossible, revolution becomes inevitable. If police have carde blanche to kill is for whatever reason they choose, should we behave peacefully in return? Logic suggests that is unlikely in the long run and if civilization starts to teeter because of this, expect a lot of dead cops first as they will be blamed and even though I have no great love of police, I also do not want to see the good ones lumped in with the douchebags when bullets start flying. Violence is not the answer, but if there is no other recourse, then we cannot expect peaceful resolutions.

We need to demand a national board to oversee ALL police forces nationwide that is separate from the government and has the ability to arrest bad cops, shut down whole police stations for corruption and make sure that the boys in blue stop behaving worse than the thugs they are allegedly protecting us from. We need to end the War of Drugs, stop civil forfeiture, get bad cops off the force easier and place cameras in every single cop in the country.
We should also get rid of the idiotic and long unnecessary trial by jury which is proven to be worthless. Idiot America is way to stupid to decide our fates anymore and thanks to TV, no longer needed. Our forefathers put that in there to protect us from the government but if we televise every single case from minor infractions up to the Supreme Court, we can see if any malfeasance is happening and can act accordingly. Washington, Jefferson and Franklin didn't have that back then so the best way to keep things honest was to have regular people decide. But today's trials last years, filled with hard core science that Joe Blow has no way of deciding if it is accurate or not and can be easily led by a prosecutor or defense attorney that can manipulate people not as smart as they are. TV is the great equalizer here and the only reason that hasn't happened is that if the average American saw how awful our justice system really is, they'd riot in the streets.

Our system is beyond broken and radical steps are needed and there is no way our government will do that without pressure. So when you get angry at the latest verdict, and you should regardless of race, don't riot, don't loot, don't act stupid. Instead, stand outside the police station day and night, take pictures of every cop leaving and post their personal info all over the net. We shouldn't be afraid of cops. They should be afraid of us. And unless we stand up and demand better, nothing is going to change and looting the local Starbucks is not helping. Demand more from our government and the police or else sit back and wait for another dick cop to kill someone for whatever reason and get away with it.

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