Sunday, May 31, 2015


I am back, baby with a new column. Yeah! The Duggars represent everything wrong with a sizable portion of the American people. Rich, Christian without understanding one word of what that actually means, and very, very stupid. Even before the whole child molestation thing, which isn't quite as bad as say Bill Cosby on the grand scale of things, these idiots of epic proportion have already said and done things so awful anyone who looks up to these assholes are as scummy as they are. Let's see those runner ups, some of which are real doozies (Dennis Hastert I am looking at you.).

10)Hawaiians and the word Aloha- In yet another case of some minority group screaming RACISM at the top of their lungs, when none is actually there, is getting awfully tired. This time native Hawaiians are having a fit about the latest movie Aloha which dares to use that as a title about Hawaii. Nevermind the fact that even the worst movie about the state generates millions in tourism which the state thrives on, using this word makes baby Pele cry or some crap like that. Can we have one week where some group doesn't fall on their sword over such a minor deal just once please? You don't see Irish people having a fit over the word paddywagon even though that is an ethnic slur. Grow the fuck up America. Words are just that and they can't hurt you unless you let it. And Aloha tanked anyway so please, please, please just shut up already and go see San Andreas or Mad Max, two awesome summer films, instead.

9)Judge Stacy Zimmerman- This judge should be removed from her bench after she misused her powers to actually destroy Josh Duggar's police record which begs the question, "If she doesn't know what the first amendment is, how can she practice being a judge?" When the press asked for it, once again this heavily shielded family got more special treatment than the average citizen would have. Even Dennis Hastert didn't have that much power and he was Speaker of the House for seven years. This is more evidence that some of the more elitist in the country don't have to follow the rules or the law and will suffer no consequences for just about anything. Arkansas is home to some the dumbest voters in Earth as so far they have elected Tom Cotton, a blithering idiot, to the Senate with damaging consequences. Keep it up and we'll be sifting through rubble wondering how it all went so terrible wrong.

8)Tess Holliday and obese models- I have no problem with plus size models. Big women are beautiful and I actually prefer a more rubenesque figure than some twig but having really fat women as models is every bit as bad as anorexic ones. Tess Holliday is a size 22 and is enjoying what we certainly be a brief dalliance with fame because let's face facts, SHE'S MORBIDLY OBESE AND THAT IS NOT OKAY. Fat is unhealthy and not some fucking lifestyle choice. 90% of the fat people out there can lose weight if they want but that would require dieting, exercise and willpower. I was thirty pounds overweight once and two years later burned off all but five pounds. Then I got horribly sick and dropping another sixty making me look like I just walked out of a Nazi death camp. I've been on both sides of the spectrum and neither is appealing. Can we stop with so called "fat shaming," and call it what it is, getting you to accept the fact that fat is not okay and the world would be a better place if people were slimmer and healthier? Fat people are destroying insurance premiums as they are far sicker than the rest of us. Fat is BAD! Stop pretending otherwise.

7) Crime- Crime is rising people, later than I would have expected, but it is finally here. The breakdown of society is accelerating, as it is wont to do, as mistrust for police, a lot by their own hand, in combination with an inner city imploding due to many factors (drug war, racism, guns and cultural deterioration), is causing places like Baltimore and NYC to see a huge spike in crime. This was not unexpected, as this happens every time in the downward spiral of a nation unable to stop the tide of unemployment with decent jobs. Lack of hope results in chaos and the inner city has seen that evolve over the last thirty years were the deck is stacked against them from birth. Now the black community deserves some scorn for their racist attitudes towards all white people, as seen in a lot of popular culture, like Black-ish, which was much more anti-white than I thought it would be, is  causing many white people to turn their backs on a group in desperate need of outside help. Pride is a sin people. And if you don't address your problems soon, these ghettos are going to be walled off, no go zones as the people inside starve. It has happened before so don't think it can't happen again.

6)The Military and Anthrax- Can we please stop sending deadly pathogens by mail please? In another stupid case, this time not by the CDC, the US military sent live anthrax to nine off site places resulting in lots of people getting treated, even if the chances for contamination was very low. Still find another way because this is getting tired.

5)The Briefcase and Britain's Hardest Grafter- Reality TV has hit new lows here and abroad with Hunger Games level of cruelty being used on the poor. The Briefcase pits two needy families against one another for a hundred grand and the other from the UK puts 25 poor people through a gauntlet of tasks to win a measly 16,000 dollars. Whee! We are coming dangerously close to the Running Man level of game shows where higher and higher stakes will be used to attract viewers who will become more and more jaded. I hate people.

4)The MSM and Bernie Sanders- If I hear one more outlet tell me Sanders can't win, I am going to punch someone. How come Sanders is a long shot, but George Pataki is a reasonable choice, even though he is polling at less than one percent right now. Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump get plenty of press and not once have I heard the same laughter they are aiming at Sanders. And what's so goddammned funny about his candidacy? His ideas make better sense than anyone else's. This is where we have come when reasonable debate is treated as insanity and nonsense like that which comes out of every Republican's mouth is gospel. This is the powers that be trying to convince you that things that will help every American, minus the greedy one percent, are impossible. Do NOT fall for this crap. Sanders could win if enough people believe in what he has to say.

3)FIFA- I don't know which is worse, the fact that this level of corruption was staggering in size or that it took 24 years to bring charges against a few people. Left out was the embattled president, Sepp Blatter, which is his real name, who in no way is innocent in all of this. More elitist bullshit where a few token people get thrown to the wolves while the masterminds walk away scott free. And why so long for charges? This whole story stinks and I can only hope that John Oliver will bring more light to this later tonight in his excellent show.

2)Dennis Hastert- The longest serving speaker in Republican history, bit the big one this week after it came out he was paying hush money to a former male student for sexual molestation charges. The funniest part about all this was not only did douchebag pass some of the worst anti-gay laws in US history, he got caught by the Patriot act which he championed for. Oh savor the delicious irony in that statement for a minute. Yes because this ass wanted to spy on the banks, his removal of $50,000 dollars and then just below $10,000 for years triggered an audit which landed him in a lot of trouble when he lied to the FBI about it, an offence that can get you ten years in prison for. And it was all his own fault. Rumors about him being gay have swirled for years and now appear true. The GOP needs to accept that people from all walks of life gay and deal with it. One was Speaker.

1)The Duggars- Anyone having 19 kids is seriously mentally ill and should be hospitalized. The fact that they belonged to the hate group, the PFC, and demonized child molesters as gay people for years, again the irony when one appeared in their own ranks. Josh Duggar has been accused of molesting girls as young as six (EWWW) and with his own sisters when he was fourteen but at that age we've all done stupid things. It's more the fact that he believed his own bullshit and went after gay people, knowing full well what he did in his own past than his creepy actions at a young age. The fact that Mike Huckabee is supporting them may have singlehandedly destroyed his candidacy, so way to go there. This whole family is nuts and I hope they go off the air forever, never to return. The only reason that might happen is not TLC but advertisers that are distancing themselves stat. So congratulations to the Duggar family, caught on tape abusing animals, saying racist things and now incestual molestation, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Banks have been regularly screwing us for decades now. Now it came out this week that much like I have been writing about for years now, they are rigging various markets to their own advantage. Six of the world's largest banks have been fines a paltry $5.9 billion which sounds like a lot until you realize they made that in the time it took you to finish this sentence. Our new AG has proven every bit as ineffective as I suspected as not one, NOT ONE person has been arrested over this. That may change over time but rest assured that even if someone does go to jail, it will be some lowly patsy and not anyone of any importance. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Bill O'Reilly- I have always found O'Reilly to be a giant blowhard who screams over people he doesn't agree with and while he isn't wrong 100% of the time, when he is wrong, they are doozies. This week it came out that his daughter accused of him of dragging his now ex-wife by the neck down the stairs during an argument when he wasn't aware his daughter could see everything. He is of course denying everything, but as he is a proven liar time and time again (winning a Peabody, Brian Williams level of bullshit reporting) his word means little. Who watches this asshole and thinks "I can trust him?" Grow up people and start thinking for yourselves.

9)Britany Spears and Iggy Azaleas new song "Pretty Girls"- While hardly a fan of either, this new song of theirs is quite awful. Other than some random critic who loves it, and shouldn't be reviewing music as a result, it has been panned universally by most and rightfully so. Auto tuned to death and musically inept, is this where music is headed? Who listens to a song like this and says, "that's awesome." Tone deaf people apparently. There is a lot of new music out there that is quite good, like Hozier, Adele, and St. Vincent. This crap needs the heave ho.

8)Bristol Palin- This waste of space had her wedding called off at it was reported that her military fiancé might still be married. This family is the equivalent of the Beverly Hillbillies, especially after their huge brawl last year at a party, in which the entire family seemed involved. With her idiot mom still flirting with disaster and a presidential run, they won't leave the public eye any time soon even if we beg them to.

7)Bob Kraft- Demonstrating once and for all that rich people stick together, Kraft unbelievably gave up fighting against the one part of the punishment from Deflate-gate that even the most hardened anti-Pats fan thought was out of line. Why give into a fine and loss of draft picks when even the league said you did nothing wrong? An alleged back room deal may have been made with Brady but we will see, as Brady has said he will fight tooth and nail against the charges which they still have almost no evidence against him and may sue if the ruling goes against him. I expect his suspension will be lowered to one or two games and all will continue on with the NFL acting like most businesses out there by trying to make the rich owners happy.

6)Anti-Pats fans- I would like to give a big FU to everyone complaining about Brady and the "cheating" Pats. I have said this before but I will repeat myself: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF WRONG DOING BY BRADY! All the have is circumstantial evidence, every email and text sent by Brady to the two now fired locker room employees (as that's how that stuff works, it doesn't magically disappear from their phones) and no video evidence of deflation or that Brady asked them to deflate the balls past normal levels. This is a classic witch hunt done by teams that are pissed they keep losing to the Pats and want amore level playing field rather than, I don't know, getting a better team or coach. But that requires money and most of these rich douchebags, Rick Snyder I am looking at you, do not want to spend the money and would rather do this instead. Can we please let this go already?

5)Vladimir Putin- In another vain attempt to prove his masculinity, Putin played hockey versus the pros and "scored" eight goals in the lamest hockey game ever. This is Kim Jung Un level of bullshit. Hell, the Holyfield/Romney looked better than this. I hate when world leaders attempt to do this (Obama playing basketball comes to mind as for a black man he is terrible at the game. Must be the white half), because it makes them look even lamer than usual. Stick to screwing up the planet, guys.

4)Duke Energy- These assholes are back in the news again apparently because as expected they have taken their sweet ass time cleaning up the rivers they have polluted throughout NC. The government recently fined them billions of dollars in fines and clean up costs, but as the EPA has lamented, did nothing to stop slurry ponds from existing near waterways and reservoirs. If the TPP passes, which heads to the Senate again today and tomorrow, with a near certain passage, it heads to an uncertain future in the House where 100% of the democrats there have pledged to vote against it and may be joined by Republicans who either don't like the job losses that will occur in their districts or just because Obama likes it. Expect more problems like this when corporations gain complete control of our lives.

3)James T Reynolds- Whenever someone asks why I almost never give to charities, especially cancer ones, here's why. This dick ran four charities, which took in $187 million in funds and then spent 99% of it on himself, including trips, luxury vehicles and other expenses. Now he, his ex-wife and son are all facing charges for theft. Good. It didn't help this week that noted scientist Linus Pauling same out this week (I know I thought he was dead too) and said 90% of the cancer research out there is junk science propagated by Big Pharma which wants their monopoly on "cures." He acknowledged what I already knew that cannabis oil has been shown to have tremendous potential for curing all sorts of cancer, but as it would be cheap and effective, Big Pharma has no interest in it as they cannot make a huge profit on it. Beware cancer cures from the mainstream, it may be worse than you think.

2)Marco Rubio- This guy is clearly not ready for prime time. After last year's "I am so thirsty" moment, comes this bon mot that is tripping up the GOP. When someone asks you if going into Iraq was a mistake, you say YES IT WAS! After Jeb Bush floundered badly last week, you'd think they would have gotten the same memo Hillary Clinton did by answering that question correctly by stating she made a mistake and wouldn't do it again. Kudos to her for at least showing something of a brain. Rubio however, on Fox News of all places, danced all over the place as a clearly frustrated Chris Wallace asked him over and over again if it was a mistake which he refused to do. This is your front runner guys? Pundits have claimed that this was a trick question and that going into Iraq wasn't that big an error and that the White House clearly didn't cherry pick information, even though that is exactly what happened. You cannot rewrite history no matter how much you want to guys. Getting rid of Saddam is causing all the problems we have in the Middle East today and the Bush administration is 100% to blame. Plenty of people including Scott Ritter and Valarie Plame and her husband to name a few, said loudly the information was garbage but after the traitor Colin Powell said differently, most of us believed him because we thought he had integrity. Turns out he was a typical GOP moron.

1)Banks and government regulators- Yet another example of wrong doing in which no one is really punished other than a slap on the wrist and a stern scolding. Yeah, that'll teach them. Six banks got caught rigging foreign currency markets, which I have been telling people about for years now. The usual bout of thieves are involved including HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Barclays and Bank of America all of which pay a nominal fine and might see a few low level people get arrested but out government, through corporate stooge Loretta Lynch, has said there is no evidence higher ups had any idea what was going on. Right and Chris Christie wasn't involved in Bridge-gate either. How stupid does she think we are? Of course the big guys knew it and made money of it, but as we live in a plutocracy, good luck proving any of that. All of this may be moot after June 5th when Greece runs out of money and $76 trillion in derivatives tied to the Euro come into play. If Greece does default, the effects could be catastrophic if the derivative market goes under and with it the world economy. The banks are playing with our very existence and the best we can do is this kind of crap. Enjoy what comes after for not paying better attention America. Congratulations Banks and our piss poor regulators because you are indeed douchebag of the week. Have a good Memorial Day everyone and I will try to post something next week but do not be surprised if there are no new columns until May 31st. The Warmonger will return.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Sorry for the spotty posting but I have a lot of work lately and a holiday weekend coming up in which all of it has to be done beforehand. I'll be posting my Douchebag of the week column tomorrow and then will return at some point next week as no one reads anything this weekend so why post.

But back to the matter at hand. When did this country become populated with people whose feelings are so easily hurt that even the lamest joke is being met with righteous outrage? A lot has been made over several things in popular culture this week, and the months leading up to it, that demand a response, especially toward Millennials whom seem to be championing this assault on free speech.

Last Saturday, Louis CK hosted SNL and during his very funny opening monologue (which the rest of the show should have been so lucky) he talked about child molestation, his kids as Israel and Palestine and mild racism. You would have thought he choked a puppy to death on live TV as the usual brand of hyper-reaction to comedy was "OH DEAR GOD. THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" Except to many of us, it is. Comedy is about pushing boundaries and Louis CK does that all the time in his stand up and comedy, as did greats before him like Carlin, Bruce and Rivers. Nowadays anyone making even the slightest crack gets piled on, making stand up nearly impossible, and as a result, not funny. Thank God for people like Louis CK, Amy Schumer and Key and Peele for keeping it real so we do not have the "Guy gets kicked in the balls for an hour show."

Also this past Saturday was the awesome show Game of Thrones and SPOLIER ALERT, Sansa gets raped, sort of, on her wedding night, and the Internet went nuts over it like it actually happened. It's a show and a violent one at that and there was nothing to glorify about it, but it did advance the story and showed what a giant dick her new husband really is.

Another thing I am sick and tired of is reverse racism and reverse homophobia both of which are becoming more and more prevalent with no outcry. When a white, straight man says something even slightly racist, like Louis CK did on SNL, it's like Hitler did it. But when Saida Grundy is continuing her anti-white screed at BU which is beyond offensive, that's just fine. I don't want some white idiot teaching classes there who is telling his students how much better white people are than everyone else, which as we all know is so not true, while this black bitch continues along with nary a protest. How is this helping anyone and why are more people, especially black people, not demanding her ouster?

And then we have heterophobia which has hit stupid levels of height. By heterophobia I am talking about the overuse of homophobia that is actually encroaching on its own form of discrimination. Two films this year came out that were accused of being overly homophobic and having seen them both cannot figure out what the hell the critics and the gay community is talking about. Regular readers know that I am all for gay marriage and gay rights and very publically say so. However, I also don't need to be told that I am homophobic because the idea of two men having sex grosses me out. Isn't the reverse also true where gay men find sex with woman disgusting, thus the reason they are gay? In the far better than expected Hot Tub Time Machine 2, two characters are forced to have gay sex which they understandably are horrified by. This is NOT homophobia, which every critic who used that term needs to look up said definition of, but reality. Straight men don't want gay sex anymore than gay men want sex with women. The same goes for Get Hard, which had a very funny scene where Will Farrell attempts to suck a dick to get used it for prison and can't find himself to accomplish it, which again everyone said was homophobic. How is this anti-gay rather than anti-straight guy not wanting to be gay? Not wanting to be gay doesn't make me homophobic, it makes me straight.

We need to stop vilifying anyone who doesn't think like us, unless you're voting for Republican morons and which case that hostility should be justified. But we also need to come together and stop singling people out for things you don't find funny. I think Larry the Cable Guy sucks but as I am not in his demographic I would never say he is a terrible comedian who shouldn't do what he does. It's just not for me and if you like him that's fine too. And thus should go all popular culture, if you don't like it, don't watch it. But don't bitch to me about how it is awful and no one should be watching it ever. Change the freaking channel for God's sake and watch something else on the zillion other channels we get.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Not that you would have heard this on our corporate controlled news, but the nation ending TPP passed the Senate this week with 66 traitors officially declaring this country dead. Should it pass the House, which it most likely will, meaning Tea Party assholes there are paying the average citizen lip service rather than standing up for what they were elected for, corporations will hold all the cards and you the average person have none. In every sense of the word, you now live in a neo-fascist state, otherwise known as a Corporatocracy, which the definition of is this: a term used as an economic and political system controlled by corporations and/or corporate interests. It is a generally pejorative term often used by critics of the current economic situation in a particular country, especially the United States. This is different from corporatism, which is the organization of society into groups with common interests. So thanks to every dumb ass out there who voted Republican these past few years, along with Obama and 12 democrats, you just ended democracy. Congrats. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Nancy Gordeuk- The principal of TNT Academy in Georgia this week was fired after a serious racial attack during graduation ended her tenure there. Caught on video, after she ended the ceremony early before the valedictorian gave his speech, she lost it when parents started leaving, and even though people of all races were heading out she shot out at one group shouting, "Look who's leaving? All the black people." After which all the black people did leave as who wants to be around someone that racist. The funny part about all of this is that she is still the owner of said Academy, so she will still make money but I also have a feeling that there will be a lot less black people next semester.

9)Norm McAllister- The first term state Senator from VT and a Republican, which can't be that big a surprise, was arrested this week for sexual assault and human trafficking, although the latter has been dropped for now. Apparently, this "saint" was trying to trade rent for sexual favors, a huge no-no nation wide. When the women shockingly didn't go for it, as he's a thousand years old, he then suggested sex with other men on his goat farm. Some other more gullible woman however, unnamed for obvious reasons, has been doing this since 2013, thus the rape charges. Taped audio conversations back up what the women claim, and his resignation is not expected, because Republicans fight tooth and nail and usually have to dragged kicking and screaming away which is exactly what is going to occur when the State Senate votes to expel him, which they will. What a loser.

8)Saida Grundy- This newly hired professor at BU this week set off a firestorm with some of the most racist tweets I have ever seen. If you thought Gordeuk was bad, that was a walk in the park. And here's the twist: SHE'S BLACK! Here a sample of what she wrote: "Why is white America so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?"  and "Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses. and every year I find it nearly impossible." Where is Al Sharpton calling for her to be fired? Where are the black people protesting outside her office? Oh that's right, they don't care because black people are every bit as racist as some white people, more so in a lot of ways as that racism is prevalent throughout their society in ways that are certainly not in white society. Yes, our cops and justice system may be racist, but that may have more to do with economics than race. But this "I hate whitey" shit has got to stop. And this bitch needs to go.

7)Republicans- These assholes are single handedly destroying this nation and a lot of you out there are helping. Besides the onerous TPP, which I will go into at the end of this column, these dickheads had the gall to cut over a billion dollars from the Amtrak budget the same day as a preventable accident, had they had the funds for infrastructure upgrades. So in all reality, the GOP killed eight people this week with more to come as their asinine ideas are going to kill millions down the road. If they ever repeal Obamacare, at least 27 million people will lose their insurance and millions will die as a result. These fuckwads are worse than Hitler and the Nazis as they only attempted to kill six million Jews. Anyone voting Republican at this point is a traitor to this country, no better than the Tories that sided with Britain. Their polices are proven failures. How much more do you need to not vote for these dorks anymore?

6)Republicans in Wisconsin- Speaking of stupid Republicans, which seems to be a prerequisite at this point, the State House members voted to basically strip poor people of ninety percent of what they could buy with food stamps. Besides the usual soda, chips and shellfish that always seems to pop up whenever this crap comes up, they also banned spaghetti sauce, nuts, cheese, peanut butter, organic fruits and vegetables and other house hold staples that are either healthy and/or affordable. This was so wrong on so many levels I do not know where to start. The worst part about all of this is that it has no hope of passage as the Senate refused to even look at it last time and even if it did pass, SNAP is a federal program which requires a waiver from them, which they will never get. Talk about wasting everyone's time and money over nothing.

5)Republican voters- Here are two prime examples of Republican idiots who are killing us all. First off, there is Monte Hanson, a Montana Republican who shot a bartender and his dog over a drink and religious nonsense. After drinking a disgusting drink called a red beer, which is tomato juice and beer,(excuse me, have to hurl), Hanson had a fit when he learned it was Clamato juice, an equally disgusting drink combining tomato and clam juice (lunch coming up again) which he shouldn't drink because of outdated Jewish rules against consuming shell fish. This was done in the past to prevent people from dying from food poisoning which they accomplished by telling people God says so. Anyway, dickhead went to the guy's house and shot him and his dog. He survived, the dog didn't. Dick. Hope he likes jail and good luck with kosher meals there. And then there is king high asshole Luis Lang, the very definition of stupid Republican moron. Apparently because President Blackenstein created a slightly better health care system, which it is, Lang said HELL NO and refused to sign up or even get health insurance in general. What this dork didn't realize was that paying out of pocket for minor stuff is no big deal, but if you get sick, like he did with diabetes and a series of mini strokes that really destroyed his health and now, his bank account, as he is tens of thousands in debt, you are screwed. This is the very definition of to cut off your nose to spite your face. Now because he lives in South Carolina that has refused to expand Medicaid, which he would need as he can no longer work, he's doubly screwed, and best of all, he voted for all of this. And who does he blame for all of this? Obama. Yeah, it's his fault and not the idiots you put in office, dumbass. I truly hope you die and soon.

4)Jeb Bush- Talk about a crap week, this guy has been savaged from all sides, after he gave five different answers to the question "Would you invade Iraq knowing what you know now?" First it was yes, than that he'd have to think about it, then two side stepping answers blaming Obama, which caused a 19 year old college girl to bitch slap him on national TV with the fact that his brother caused ISIS not Obama, before finally saying yes he would not do what his brother did. Liberals pounced, GOP candidates pilled on, and his numbers plummeted this week. He still has access to lots of money and a terrible field of what appears to be every single prominent Republican on the planet running and he has got a huge uphill battle.

3)Roger Goodell- The Commissioner of the NFL stepped in it hard this week when he announced he would be over seeing the appeal of Tom Brady's suspension, even though he is the one that gave it out. Even people who think Brady is guilty, which there is zero evidence of, regardless of what everyone now "knows," mostly because our MSM is utter garbage, are speaking out against this, including ESPN, all of the owners in the NFL, the players union and 99% of the country. Why does this guy get to be judge, jury and executioner? He has been a joke at this job and if he doesn't step down here, expect a flurry of lawsuits and possibly his tenure with the NFL (not for long). He represents everything wrong with the country as we have yet another person totally terrible at his job at the top, but somehow keeps it anyway, while those us actually good at what we do, get fired on a regular basis for nothing.

2)MSM- The TPP passed this week. It appeared on no news casts, no newspapers anywhere. I had to find it by actually going to the Senate website to realize it passed with 66 votes on Thursday. Instead I was treated to hours of the Boston Bomber getting the death penalty which seems to matter a whole lot less than this. Our media sucks and this is why: getting the truth from them is near impossible. MSNBC ratings are down to 25,000 viewers because one can only watch so much Lock Up. CNN and Fox are also struggling as the former is incompetent and the latter has the demographic dying off in larger and larger numbers. Sites like this are the best way to get what is really going on anymore.

1)Everyone who passed the TPP- Barack Obama may have done what Bush only tried to do: end this country once and for all. If my prediction is right, and on this subject my accuracy rate is over 90%, this country will be completely controlled by corporate interests within ten years. This means more environmental problems, massive offshoring of jobs, higher drug costs and no minimum wage hikes, the reverse actually as this law may get repealed down the road depending on who the next President. If we get someone like Scott Walker, he will finish us all off. If the law goes through, which it appears it will, corporations have the right to sue using a suspect arbitrator while the rest of us have no means to do so. It officially makes corporations above nation states, giving them all the power and we the people none. The USA is dead, long live the Corporate States of America. You voted for this America so revel in what will certainly be a huge drop in living standards, even less money for the poor and, eventually, an all out civil war. So congratulations to all the politicians who made this happen as well as Idiot America which voted for it, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Here's a list of ten fuckwads "democrats" who will vote to fast track the TPP and end this country as we know it:

Ron Wyden Oregon 202-224-5244
Michael Bennet Colorado 202-224-5852
Maria Cantwell Washington 202-224-3441
Dianne Feinstein California 202-224-3841
Claire McCaskill Missouri 202-224-6154
Patt Murray Washington 202-224-2621
Bill Nelson Florida 202-224-2023
Tim Kaine Virginia 202-224-2023
Heidi Heitkamp North Dakota 202-224-2043
Mark Warner Virginia 202-224-2023

Every single one of them should be removed from office tomorrow either through recall efforts, impeachment or even standing outside their offices demanding their resignation. These traitors just sold us out and to be honest, other than Claire McCaskill who I am stunned to see here, the rest are giant douchebags who should have been fired years ago, such as that CUNT Feinstein who can't die soon enough. I will dance on her grave when that shriveled crone finally goes to hell.

If I sound more pissed than ever it is because I am. These ten, along with the entire GOP, with perhaps only Rand Paul and Richard Burr knowing better (we will have to wait until after the vote is announced to see who we should be burning in effigy), have just sold us out and officially ended nation states as we know it.

Once the TPP passes, corporations will have all the power and the ability to end things like environmental laws, affordable medicine, gun ownership and even a livable wage. We know this because corporations are already using ISDS laws in other countries to stop minimum wage raises and public health warnings. Enjoy living in a hell hole where millions may die because of this. Congratulations America, your idiocy in voting in the worst possible candidates has officially bitten us all in the ass.

We are now all slaves to the corporate powers than control everything, something they have been fighting for over a hundred years now and we have set the clock back to the latter part of the nineteenth century when robber barons ruled the world. This is what we can expect from RINF news:

On Wednesday afternoon, May 13th, a catastrophic failure became clear to the few honest Democrats who were determined to stop Obama’s disastrous ’trade deals’ which are actually going to transfer regulatory sovereignty away from elected government officials as at present (who are answerable to voters), and instead move these powers into the hands of international corporate cartels, which will have the final say over the safety of our air, water, automobiles, and other products, and of the environment, and of workers’ rights (and which regulations will become answerable instead to the controlling stockholders in those mega-corporations). Mega-corporations will set international standards, which none of the signatory nations within the TPP and TTIP will be legally able to exceed without paying heavy penalties to those corporations for violating those corporations’ ‘rights’ under these trade-deals. The current ability of individual nations to establish their own standards will disappear, except to the extent that international corporations allow.

You now live in the Corporate States of America where votes don't matter (thanks in part to Citizen's United) and corporate rule that guarantees all of us to live and die by profit margins. This is from writer Eric Zuesse:

For several months now, I have predicted that if no House Democrat would introduce a bill of impeachment against President Barack Obama (for whom I voted, incidentally), then Republicans on November 4th would elect not just one but both houses of Congress, and the closeted conservative Obama would be having a field day during his final two years signing into law lots of pro-big-business, anti-worker, anti-consumer, anti-environmental, legislation, which Democrats in both the House but especially the Senate have thus far been blocking. And, now, on Election Eve, this nightmare seems finally to be coming true. ….
It didn’t happen; and so we’ll get an all-conservative Government: Obama’s final two years in office will be spent signing conservative bills into laws that the majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate have, heretofore, blocked: laws reducing the cost-of-living adjustment in the Social Security formula, and approving the TTIP and TPP international trade deals that grant international corporations the power to control the regulations regarding the environment, consumer protection, drug safety, food safety, and virtually all regulatory matters. Republicans and Obama have wanted to transfer those national regulatory powers over to international corporations, but House and Senate Democrats did not; and, now, because there wasn’t a single House Democrat who had the courage to introduce a bill of impeachment against Obama, we will have a Government that is Republican in the House, Republican in the Senate, and Republican in the White House except on women’s issues, where Obama actually has been a Democrat. He hasn’t been lying about that one.
Obama, much like Clinton was, has been a center right Republican which means we having had a true left leaning president since Carter, and while his foreign policy was some of the worst of any modern president, his economic plans for the country were far better than any president since which have been all corporate fueled. Obama also may now be considered the worst President in the history of this nation because his corporate bullshit may have ended it forever, something only Bush before him almost accomplished. Way to go, douchebag. He may have single handedly prevented another black man for being in the White House for some time. I'd sooner vote for a hamster at this point than another corporatist stooge, race be damned.
Right now the only choice for president is Bernie Sanders. Here is a man of principle, who NEVER lies to the public and when was the last time you could say that about a politician? Certainly not Obama who can't go five minutes without his nose growing.
Republicans are literally killing hundreds of thousands every year, yet proclaim some unholy alliance with anti-abortion morons who do not seem to care what happened after the fetus is born. Their refusal to expand Medicaid, which would have cost them nothing, are driving millions into the poorhouse and thousands every month into an early grave. That train accident in Philly yesterday was caused by Republicans who have refused to spend one dollar on infrastructure, actually voting to cut money from Amtrak on the same day the accident happened. Eight people are dead because proper safety equipment wasn't involved.
With the advent of the TPP, this is going to become more and more prevalent. Bridges are going to collapse, our environment is going to be even further poisoned and millions are going to live in grinding poverty as the fat cats live large on our hard work. The GOP needs to be exterminated and any one still voting for these assholes and their democrat corporatist counterparts should be beaten within an inch of their lives because of it. We have finally reached the tipping point. If we don't stand up and soon, it will be far too late to do anything about it. Time has run out. It is your choice America with what to do about it. You can roll over and die or fight. I have feeling the former is what many of you will choose. If that's the case, enjoy dying young, losers.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The only reason I voted for Obama in 2012 was because the alternative was somewhat worse. And thus the cry of voters over the last fifty years where we were given two crappy choices and told to go blow about it. Democracy is an illusion and in reality you actually live in a neo-fascist state whose only difference from regimes like Hitler or Pinochet is that it lacks a strong central dictator character. See my previous column about 14 signs of fascism in the US for proof. Corporations have become that entity and with laws like the TPP, they seek to have total global control. Our President and 99% of the Republican Congress have committed treason for even attempting to pass this onerous law, but because of our passive, corporate controlled MSM, and a zombified public too enamored with shiny objects to care, this trade pact will be back and next time could pass if the ten corporate democrats who voted against it can be persuaded, or bribed, to change their vote to a filibuster proof majority, which right now it lacks.

There is coming a time when every person with a gun needs to march on Washington and stand outside the halls of power fully armed, daring them to do something to a million people pissed at how we are being treated. I see that happening as much as the words, introducing your next President Bernie Sanders, because the idiot public is far too stupid and timid to attempt this. But that is why I write sites like this so you dear reader can be better informed than your neighbor.

President Obama has done something no President in modern times can say: he dissed his own party to join ranks with the opposition. When was the last time you saw something like that because never would be the answer. This proves that Obama is a corporate stooge who should be impeached, along with most of Congress, for high crimes and misdemeanors. Anyone voting for anyone who supported this policy should be tarred and feathered and considered just as much a fascist traitor as these losers. What's so bad some have asked? Well, let's take a close look at our liar president and his right wing stooges.

Obama has lied to us in the past during the South Korea trade pact that instead of creating the 100,000 jobs he promised, we lost over seven times that many instead. Now, President Bullshit Artist says that 650,000 jobs would be created. He might as well have said a gazillion because the net gain will be zero and he knows it. Much of the TPP is devoted to copyright  and patent protections that will build more barriers than tear down, not to mention that American workers will be competing against Vietnam and other low wage places that will drive jobs away faster than an Iggy Azalea/Britany Spears song (that song is horrifically bad).

It will, according to just about every expert out there, drive up the import deficit, just like NAFTA and the South Korea pact did. Why would this one be any different? It's like they think we can't read. The South Korea deal increased exports only by one billion dollars and increased our trade deficit by 12 billion dollars, costing US workers 750,000 jobs. This one will cost jobs in the millions.

The awful ISDS laws are the worst part of this which is the one that gives companies sovereignty over nation state by letting them sue for the smallest provocation. Obama has said he will no let this trade pact change our laws, but we can see that these laws already are, here and abroad. This is from Agenda21news:

ISDS would allow for­eign com­pa­nies to chal­lenge US laws — and poten­tially to pick up huge pay­outs from tax­pay­ers — with­out ever step­ping foot in a US court. Here’s how it would work. Imag­ine that the United States bans a toxic chem­i­cal that is often added to gaso­line because of its health and envi­ron­men­tal con­se­quences. If a for­eign com­pany that makes the toxic chem­i­cal opposes the law, it would nor­mally have to chal­lenge it in a US court. But with ISDS, the com­pany could skip the US courts and go before an inter­na­tional panel of arbi­tra­tors. If the com­pany won, the rul­ing couldn’t be chal­lenged in US courts, and the arbi­tra­tion panel could require Amer­i­can tax­pay­ers to cough up mil­lions — and even bil­lions — of dol­lars in damages.

If that seems shock­ing, buckle your seat belt. ISDS could lead to gigan­tic fines, but it wouldn’t employ inde­pen­dent judges. Instead, highly paid cor­po­rate lawyers would go back and forth between rep­re­sent­ing cor­po­ra­tions one day and sit­ting in judg­ment the next. Maybe that makes sense in an arbi­tra­tion between two cor­po­ra­tions, but not in cases between cor­po­ra­tions and gov­ern­ments. If you’re a lawyer look­ing to main­tain or attract high-paying cor­po­rate clients, how likely are you to rule against those cor­po­ra­tions when it’s your turn in the judge’s seat?

If the tilt toward giant cor­po­ra­tions wasn’t clear enough, con­sider who would get to use this spe­cial court: only inter­na­tional investors, which are, by and large, big cor­po­ra­tions. So if a Viet­namese com­pany with US oper­a­tions wanted to chal­lenge an increase in the US min­i­mum wage, it could use ISDS. But if an Amer­i­can labor union believed Viet­nam was allow­ing Viet­namese com­pa­nies to pay slave wages in vio­la­tion of trade com­mit­ments, the union would have to make its case in the Viet­namese courts.

Recent cases include a French com­pany that sued Egypt because Egypt raised its min­i­mum wage, a Swedish com­pany that sued Ger­many because Ger­many decided to phase out nuclear power after Japan’s Fukushima dis­as­ter, and a Dutch com­pany that sued the Czech Repub­lic because the Czechs didn’t bail out a bank that the com­pany par­tially owned. US cor­po­ra­tions have also got­ten in on the action: Philip Mor­ris is try­ing to use ISDS to stop Uruguay from imple­ment­ing new tobacco reg­u­la­tions intended to cut smok­ing rates.

This isn’t a par­ti­san issue. Con­ser­v­a­tives who believe in US sov­er­eignty should be out­raged that ISDS would shift power from Amer­i­can courts, whose author­ity is derived from our Con­sti­tu­tion, to unac­count­able inter­na­tional tri­bunals. Lib­er­tar­i­ans should be offended that ISDS effec­tively would offer a free tax­payer sub­sidy to coun­tries with weak legal sys­tems. And pro­gres­sives should oppose ISDS because it would allow big multi­na­tion­als to weaken labor and envi­ron­men­tal rules.

So why are the Republicans and Obama behind it? Because they are beholden to the corporate class and the money behind them. This is why voting in the next election is so important because if the GOP gets control of everything, this country is lost. The government claims to have never lost an ISDS law so why complain? Because it gives corporations immense power to tilt all advantages to their favor, influencing laws before they are even written, which they do now but this would be even worse. The US worker would be truly expendable at that point.

Obama has claimed he would be pretty stupid to sign a law that would unravel all he accomplished with Dodd/Frank. He said it not me, because I do think he is pretty stupid to be behind this law at all. The TPP would enact regulatory ceilings that could give banks even less oversight and even worse, future presidents could amends this pact to destroy all regulation should they so desire. That sounds fun.

We've heard this will stop China from growing influence but would be the equivalent of stopping a charging elephant with a pillow. Regardless of this trade pact, they will seek their own agenda and the TPP won't even come close to stopping that, even using provisions in it for their own advantages.

One of the biggest lies our President has spun is that this deal is not secret at all, except that it very much is, with no one who has seen it allowed to talk about it. How is that an open discussion? You can read it when you pass it, they say. FU, comes to mind. When he keeps coming down hard on people like Warren and Sanders, vocal opponents of said law, you have to wonder if Obama shouldn't change his party to the moderate Republican he has been for six years.

This law sucks and so does anyone who voted for it. But the GOP will continue to get the dumbest people alive to vote for them and as a result, this country may have precious time left. Stop being a tool and start fighting back. Your survival depends on it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


In a shocking FU to the President and Republican corporatists, the TPP was show down in flames today. I would like to personally thanks people like Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren for their tireless rants against this awful, awful trade pact. The fact that the President and the Business Republicans were on the same side, says lots about why I hate Obama. Every time someone calls him a socialist, I laugh in their faces as it shows they have no idea what that term means.

The final vote was 52-45, meaning we have 52 traitors in Congress right now and any idiot voting for them down the road, is just as much a traitor as they are. This TPP law was something that would have given corporations sovereignty over nation-states in horrifying ways, including the possibility that gun control could even be part of that. So for all you gun enthusiasts out there who keep voting for the GOP regardless of how good they are should realize they just voted to possibly give up ALL the guns down the road if this bill passed today. Great job guys.

Mitch McConnell called the loss shocking and incredulously said Democrats who blocked the bill did so because of special interests. The only special interests here were the American people, dumbass, the only special interests that should concern you. How many times do Republicans have to fuck you in the ass before you finally say enough instead of MORE LUBE PLEASE? Lately, they aren't even using lube and a giant spiked condom as well and none of you seem to care. Really?

Every democrat voted no. Almost every Republican voted yes, with three abstaining for whatever reason. Here's what Bernie Sanders had to say about this plan:

Sen. Bernie Sanders ran down the litany of bogus claims made by supporters of free trade in the past and said, “And now … the administration says trust us. Forget about those other trade agreements. The TPP is special. This time it will be different. This one really will create jobs, despite the fact that every major organization representing the working people of this country says the exact opposite. The TPP would force American workers to compete against desperate workers in Vietnam who make 56 cents an hour. We have got to do better than that‎.”

And this guy is not polling at 100% why? Here is a man of principle, of looking out for the little guy over corporations for his extensive career. Anyone not behind Bernie is an asshole. If you want to burn the country to the ground, be my guest, but do not expect me to go along willingly to your planned suicide. I like my life, and things like electricity, supermarkets and cars. I do not want to live in some dystopian hell like the GOP is forcing down out throats. They want to kill things like SS, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, welfare, infrastructure repair, gay rights, abortions, and a zillion other things that will bring ruin to us. Does no one remember the last time the GOP controlled everything they ran this country into the ground? And a lot of democrats, like Hillary, will be no better. Can we please choose a President that actually has our best interests at heart?

Monday, May 11, 2015


Christ it's hot. Yet another year where spring seems to have been skipped and we went directly to summer again. But the big story today is Muslim terrorists that really suck at their job. They made a big deal about attacking something today, possibly London, at 2 PM EST. As of 2:17 they have done exactly squat, which is what they have accomplished so far almost everywhere. Why are we so afraid of a group that seems utterly incapable of even behaving like a subpar Batman villain? All they've done so far is try their best to eliminate all Muslims from the face of the Earth by turning the entire world against them with their idiocy and completely unwinnable ways. Good job. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Nestle- I am not that big a fan of their chocolate and even less of their greedy, evil ways, especially when it comes to water rights. They have spent years fighting the idea that water is a right not a privilege. They want to be able to charge for water down the road and are part of the problem why California has a drought. They have been bottling water there without the right permits for thirty years, but as I am sure behind closed doors they are threatening to move and take thousands of jobs with them, the government bends over and takes it. That is why out country is dying: corporations run the show. And Nestle is one of the worst. The good news is posts like this are driving their approval ratings into the ground.

9)Ben Carson- A brilliant neurosurgeon, Dr. Carson demonstrates perfectly that being great at something, no matter how difficult, doesn't make you intelligent. Anyone who can map out the brain but then turn around and say the world is 6000 years old, which I can prove isn't (hard proof at that), makes me wonder how mankind got to where we are. Why are so many of us so stupid, even in professions that must have beyond harder than most of us could do? I am a genius and I know there is no way I could have become a neurosurgeon. Yet, I also seem to be much, much smarter than him when I hear him talk about idiotic ideas like a flat tax, his views on abortion and gay rights and other positions that are not feasible in today's political climate. No person outside of the military has ever made it to the highest office without being in the government first. The best they have to go on is Herbert Hoover, who was a Cabinet member, and he was one of the worst presidents of all time. So good luck because your chances of winning are no better than 90% of the GOP, which is none.

8)Carla Fiorina- Yet another escapee from the lunatic asylum to be picked up by the clown bus, which is a short one at that. The former head of HP ran the company into the ground, fired 30,000 people and expects that to be her best selling point besides the fact that she is the only woman running in the GOP side. The women they keep touting always seem to be the worst candidates in the planet and this one is no different. At least Hillary has a record to run on. The last time she ran she lost big time and I do not expect her to last long in this exceedingly long list of GOP candidates.

7)Mike Huckabee- And the hits keep on coming. At least this right wing loon has a better chance than the previous two, but not much at that. He could swing a run in Iowa, like he did in 2008, but will fare fall less in more secular states like NH and beyond. His religiousness is a big turnoff, according to many polls taken that find him far more shrill and unbending that earlier attempts and this will play badly in some places. The chances of Huckabee winning again are near nil.

6)Jeb Bush- Most candidates this week did poorly one way or another, and Bush did no better than any of the others. I still think he will be nominee but one poll from Quinnipiac had Bush at 5%, and seventh place, in NH. Ouch. However, another poll had him tied for third, but he still does not have the commanding lead that Hillary has over Bernie Sanders, who still garnished an impressive 18% against Hillary, which is a huge leap in one week. Many are saying they would never vote for a Bush again but we'll see what the money train says.  My money is still on Bush/Hillary in 2016. Whee!

5)Scott Walker-Can we have one GOP candidate this week who didn't suck hard? One the back of an onerous budget that even fellow Republicans refused to sign, comes word that two criminal investigations are looking into whether Walker broke campaign finance laws, one of which is communicating directly with a SuperPac that was for him, a big no no. The whole thing is being prosecuted on something I have never heard of, John Doe laws, that are even more secretive that grand juries. Just what the world wants: more secrecy. Chances are nothing will come form this and it will be all swept under the rug. Anyway you look at it though, this guy is an ass who will destroy this country.

4)The NFL and Deflategate- The story I am most sick of because no one seems to understand that the game was not impacted by this, there is zero proof of any wrong doing (where exactly did this deflation take place because the place you have said is impossible?), yet everyone is screaming for Brady's head like he was Bill Cosby. Shouldn't the refs have noticed in this game, or any other if it happened before, a softer ball or is it imperceptible which would also mean it wouldn't matter? A softer ball will be thrown for less distance so why do that in the first place? This whole thing is a witch hunt caused by owners who dislike Kraft and the Patriots winning all the time. Boo Hoo. Get a better team. If his suspension is anything more than a single game, white people will riot throughout New England, which means we will piss and moan on line and sports radio. Baltimore we ain't.

3)Uber- Turns out this is a great service but a crappy job. Sounds like most of today's employment where if you apply yourself and work real hard, your boss can take a great vacation this year. A reporter recently became an Uber driver for a day to see if you really could make $90,000 a year as they claim. Turns out, not so much. After giving a whopping 30% of your hard earned money to Uber, minus insurance, car depreciation and taxes, the average worker will make a little less than 10 dollars an hour. Awesome. To make 90,000 than you would have to work 27 hours a day 357 days a year. Right. Can we have a company that pays it's workers and stop this mass incarceration we call full time work?

2)Wells Fargo- Yet another crappy bank doing crappy things. This time, the fourth largest bank in the country was caught opening multiple accounts for its customers, without their approval and then hitting them with massive fees for each one. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? People are now suing as their credit got dinged when many refused to pay. Expect a huge payout, which is nowhere near anything to them, and no culpability taken. Anyone doing business with people like this, Bank of America or JP Morgan/Chase are the true idiots of this nation.

1)ISIS- It's almost three guys and still nothing which is what I expected from the amateur hour terror group. Look, terrorism is scary, but we have to stop behaving like each one is some Bond baddie out for world domination. They have proven incapable of governing in the places they control, which is something Genghis Khan also found out the hard way (he hated governance), and are losing support world wide. Their attack, if you can call it that, in Garland, Texas, was embarrassingly inept surviving less than 15 seconds into their rampage. I have had hiccups last longer. The one thing they could still do is some attack on say the Pope, which inflames the world against ALL Muslims, which means the best they could hope for is genocide. No far thinking intellectuals here. It's like they are Ben Carson without the doctor part. This is suicide what they are attempting and the thing about terrorism is consistency. If you say you are going to commit this huge thing and then nothing happens, you look weak and moronic, which is what these people are. So congratulation ISIS you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


The Warmonger will return on Monday with a new douchebag column. Mother's Day and previous other engagements are keeping me busy this weekend. See all of you on Monday.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


To be transparent, I am a life long Patriots fine as that is the law here in New England. Much like the Red Sox supporters, football fans here in the area have suffered through decades of bad seasons that were so awful back in high school me and my friends would drive up to Foxboro and buy tickets the day of the game no problem. Try doing that today and be prepared to be disappointed. But after winning four Superbowls, the once lousy Patriots are now the team everyone loves to hate because "they are cheaters," or so the mantra goes. True, they got caught videotaping the Jets defensive signals back in 2007 that resulted in a $750,000 fine and a first round draft pick, but that is less cheating than say A-Rod juicing and no one seems to be calling for his life long suspension. There is a lot about this latest story about Brady wanting deflated balls but the more I look into it, the less certain I am there is anything there, bias be damned.

The report that came out this week that called out Brady as a cheater is filled with words and allegations that are totally not supported by facts. If you brought this before a judge, he'd laugh it out of court because you actually have to have evidence to charge someone with a crime and there just isn't any thing here. The report is a complete failure when it comes to logic, reason and a preponderance of facts. It uses words like "probably" and "most likely." Would you convict someone to go prison over evidence that said that the accused probably did it? Even better, would you jump out of a plane with a parachute that would "probably" work? Of course not. Hate the Patriots all you want but facts matter and here there aren't any.

Now it is true that Brady refused to hand over his emails which made him look Hillary bad, but that still doesn't imply guilt. Much the same way that my response to any police officer who want to search my car will be an emphatic NO, even though there are zero drugs in my car, Brady had lots of reasons not to share his cell phone with a witch hunt. He was right not to share it with the league, even if it makes him look bad in the eyes of public appeal, as God knows what they might have done with info outside of their purview, ala Kenneth Starr who turned White Water into a Salem Witch trial the same way. Never co-operate with people who are out to get you. I did just that when I was 14 when a rouge cop was after me, trying to plant evidence and harassing witnesses until the whole thing blew up in his face. I have good reason never to trust authority and apparently, Brady might have felt the same.

The only evidence I have found so far are texts between two disgruntled locker room employees that suggested that Brady wanted the balls deflated. How do we know that this whole thing wasn't some elaborate plan to extort money or items as later texts suggest when one of them demands goods for his silence? More importantly, where was the alleged ball deflating done? The best the league could come up with was a 90 second bathroom break, which was the only time the balls disappeared from cameras, that as far as I can tell is impossible to deflate 11 balls in that time. I watched three people attempt it in the MSM and no one came close. He was the only one in the bathroom at the time as security cameras attest to. So where did this alleged deflation happen?

I would also like to point out that once the balls where properly inflated, New England performed much better as a fully inflated ball will throw better than an underinflated one. They whooped Indianapolis regardless of the balls as they were the better team. And we still haven't figured out how all this came to be. The player the league said brought it to their attention flatly denies he had anything to do with it. So who noticed? And why didn't any of the refs say anything as they handled the balls for the entire first half? Why haven't they been disciplined as well?

This is typical of Republican bull where they invent a solution in search of a problem. They scream bloody murder about voter fraud even though there is zero evidence that such fraud is taking place. So they write new laws to stop said fraud, which isn't occurring, all the while using this as cover to keep minorities from voting Democrat. I have a feeling this whole Deflategate scandal is something similar. Some owners and coaches have their panties in a bunch because they keep losing to the Patriots and are seeking any way possible to bring them down a peg, evidence or not. This is not right regardless of how you feel about Brady and the Pats. It is this level of unscientific nonsense that is destroying this country.

We keep hearing about how global warming isn't happening, when all the real science suggests it is. We are torn on vaccinations because we don't trust with Big Pharma, with good reason, but not vaccinating your kids seems risky and stupid as well. The fact that vaccinations have risen ten fold since I was a tot also presents a problem but as science has become based on opinion rather than facts, a lot of us are left wondering what to believe in anymore.

But because we are now a society based on belief rather evidence, it's all coming apart. Religion, as I predicted thirty years ago, is still the most likely way the world will end, with an economic disaster close behind (my second choice from way back when). People want to believe Brady is a cheater because then they can crow about how all his wins are now tainted and some are calling for a year long suspension. WTF? If he was doing steroids sure, or if they hard core evidence he did something wrong, maybe. But this is all conjecture and the court of public opinion shouldn't matter one whit here. Brady should not be punished for something you THINK he did. If new evidence arises we'll talk. But until then, people need to shut up and get back to talking about things that actually matter.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Right now the Democrats have two confirmed running, Clinton and Sanders, and three others, O'Malley, Webb and Chaffee, have strongly suggested they will also try. The funny part about this is, just like the Republican nominees, this will be a battle over money versus ideology. If money wins, Hillary and Bush are the nominees. If ideology wins, it's anyone's guess but, according to most polls it would probably be O'Malley versus Walker, not that that is any great shakes either.

But on the other side of aisle, every one and their brother seems to be running, with almost all of them having no shot at the grand prize. This week we saw the addition of Ben Carson, the Uncle Tom of the GOP and a Tea Party/Religious wing nut disciple, throw his hat into the wing. He was quickly followed by Carla Fiorina, the former HP CEO who laid off 30,000 people while driving said company into the ground and Mike Huckabee, who has the best chance of these three but whose overly religious dogma will scare away the secular population. Currently, Fiorina polls below three percent in Iowa and Carson around 7 percent. Carson's numbers have dropped four percent since he entered which does not bode well as that means a lot of people are taking a closer look at him and say "no thanks."

Speaking of that poll done by Quinnipiac, the top Republican by a mile right now is Scott Walker, the Koch funded douchebag who is currently driving his state into the ground with right wing ideas that were proven failures years ago. But he lead nine points over the next fool on the list, or fools I should say as Marco Rubio, Huckabee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are all tied for second. Notice who isn't on that list: Jeb Bush. His numbers are worse than Carson, polling at around 5 percent which means the Bush name may indeed be political death for anyone seeking higher office. If these numbers stay steady nationwide, he'll be dropping out before the primaries, like most of the idiotic right will be.

But will his money make a difference. He will be able to outspend most of his opponents, especially with Super Pac money, just like Hillary. But much like Bush, Hillary's trust worthy rating is dropping by the day, simply because she seems incapable of handling scandals any more. She mishandled the whole email issue and actually made things worse the more she talked about it and the more we were let on to. Benghazi was much the same way with that one statement "what difference does it make," coming back to haunt her as badly as the "dead broke," and "I was shot at in a war zone," ones. Who does her speeches, Brian Williams?

This country is increasingly run by corporations, for corporations and if President Obama gets his way, the TPP will be the law of the land and then we have no rights left at all. When Republicans join with the President over the objections of most of even the most corporate Democrats you have to laugh every time some moron calls Obama a "socialist." I wish.

We need real change and right now the only candidate who is actually behind that is Bernie Sanders. He is a true progressive and while I think he has a snowball's chance in hell of actually winning, he is as of right now, the only candidate to vote for. He has remained true to his principles of helping the middle class for his decades in government and that says something. He is a man of principle, of substance, unlike Walker, Cruz, Bush and Clinton who are all phony beyond words. Anyone voting for anyone different has no right to bitch when everything goes belly up because the next president is either going to make the tough decisions to get us on the right track, or will disfigure this country worse than an aging porn star and the epic plastic surgery she wants to get.

The Republicans have a huge uphill battle ahead of them. They stand to lose some Senate seats, possibly even control if they continue to push ideas that most of America does not want. The House is so rigged that insane asylum may be harder, but not impossible, to wrench control from. Recent polls say that 90% want higher taxes on the rich and corporations, and over half the country want gay marriage and legal pot. Their answer to this will be a campaign run on some idiotic bullshit that most of this country won't fall for, just like the last two Presidential races. You have to run on ideas that people want not what you want them to believe. We are not all that gullible. Some are, but not all and that may make the difference in what at this point is almost certain to be a Democrat winner, whoever that may be. I just hope it is anyone but Hillary.

Monday, May 4, 2015


I have nothing against Texas other than the dipshits they keep electing into office. I was on vacation there 12 years ago and loved the state and the people. Their politicians on the other hand? Yuck! However, much like most sane individuals out there, we also know that there are more guns per square inch there than anywhere else on the planet. You know who didn't know that? Two Muslim morons who thought they'd try a Charlie Hebdo attack. In Texas. At night. Right. And how exactly did that go? According to one police officer at the scene, it lasted all of 15 seconds. Not 15 minutes, not even a minute and a half, but 15 seconds. Wow!

This is why we need police. I just wish they would stick to shooting people like this who deserve it and not some random black man. The ironic part here, both suspects are rumored to be black men as well, a fact that will not be lost on the racists in this country looking to further exploit their own prejudices, especially after Baltimore.

Their target was what can only be described as an ill-advised "let's draw Mohammed," contest, but this is America and last I checked free speech is still free speech. The event was sponsored by avowed bigot Pamela Gellar who would love to see all Muslims dead in the street tomorrow and Geert Wilders, a Dutch right winger known for his fiery attitude towards the religion as well, although the Dutch have more reasons to hate Muslims after brazen attacks by religious dirt bags, one of which resulted in the death of Vincent Van Gogh descendent and artist, Theo. But as much as I do not agree with what they have to say or the contest they held, they have every right to do so and there in lies a huge problem for the Muslim world.

We value free speech like you value not drawing Mohammed. We are not giving up that right for you or anyone else and we will kill you over it as well. So the choice is yours guys. Continue with this outdated, thoroughly discredited line of attacks (as recent as the 19th century, images of Mohammed appeared in many Muslim countries), and face the wrath of everyone NOT Muslim which is about 6 billion people. Look what happened to Elton Simpson and his yet unnamed attacker who discovered that body armor will not protect you from cops with better weapons and ammo.

Mao once said that he would never attack this country because there is a weapon behind every blade of grass. He would be doubly shocked that in Texas not only does each blade of grass hide a weapon, there is also a cache under the dirt as well. What kind of moron wakes up one day and thinks, "Let's shoot up Garland, Texas like that Charlie Hebdo attack. What could possibly go wrong?" Dumbasses apparently forgot that unlike Denmark or France where recent attacks like this took place, everyone and their brother is carrying a fire arm of some sort. Forget about the cops, everyone from the eighteen year old out on his first date to his 90 year old Grandmother is packing heat as these two found out as they barely had time to wound the only unarmed man in town before dying in a hail of bullets.

This type of attack will not work here. We lover free speech. We LOVEEEEE our guns. And we are not giving that up for all the tea in China. So if you continue down this path, be afraid because every time you do something this stupid, you risk the wrath of a very panicky, totally lethal group that will kill anyone that gets in their way. I don't want that and Muslims definitely do not want that. If you are looking for a mass genocide to occur keep pushing because much like the police are finding in cities across the country, push too hard and you will get pushed back.