Wednesday, March 29, 2017


House Republicans came out of a closed door meeting all sweetness and life about their "new" upcoming health care bill that they have almost nailed down and which will, according to those that spoke to the media afterward, fly through both houses of Congress with flying colors. Others familiar with what went on inside said nothing has changed with hard core conservatives and moderates on opposite sides of the spectrum. Almost everyone not delusional said there was no way any health care bill was going to pass any time soon.
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The Republicans have painted themselves into a dark, cramped corner. They have been screaming about Obamacare for seven years, demanding repeal and replace without once ever showing their hand and which for many, knew they were bluffing. Their last bill did everything wrong by cutting coverage for tens of millions, raising prices for those that could least afford it and gave billions to rich people. Needless to say, having a 17% approval rating on the day the bill died is telling. Who wants to hang their neck into a noose you know is going to kill you? Had this passed it may not have been just at the ballot box that Republicans saw a bloodbath.

Contrary to what House Republicans, particularly the Freedom Caucus says, their attempt at health care is woefully inadequate to what a majority of the country wants. One douchebag introduced his attempt at health care in a one line bill that basically goes back to pre-Obamacare days when industries could charge whatever they wanted, deny whoever they wanted and still saw premiums jump year to year. Even Mitch McConnell has told his counterparts to move on as the Senate won't even look at a health care bill any time soon as they want to be re-elected. Representatives can make dumb bills because their seats are more or less protected. Senators don't have that luxury as they have to appeases the whole state and not just a narrow band of mouthbreathers. This last bill would have been a death star to many a Republican in the Senate and they knew it.
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So now that heath care is unlikely to revive anytime soon what else do they have? Racism apparently as pundits and staff treat black people poorly on TV. Bill O'Reilly went off on Maxine Waters' hair, saying her hair looked like a wig that resembled the one that James Brown wore. First off, James Brown did NOT wear a wig as his mug shot proved. And second, why are you making fun of a black woman's hair you racist dick? Like you're anything to write home about perv. We still haven't forgotten your x-rated messages left to female staff. And then there was Sean Spicer going after April Ryan, a black reporter, for daring to ask about Russian ties that he played off as nothing more than Washington spin. Morons abound in the Trump era.

Yesterday, Trump decided he had had enough of an inhabitable planet and wrote off a bunch of environmental policies that will keep us from burning to a cinder. He keeps telling us his new anti-regulation stance will bring back jobs, particularly coal, which he crowed about for years now. He is also 100% wrong as even the head of Murray Energy. Robert Murray, is telling Trump to shut the hell up as these jobs are NOT coming back as automation has eliminated tens of thousands of them along with competition from renewable energy and natural gas. These miners are going to be pissed when these mythical jobs never return. Why Hillary didn't make a bigger deal of this is beyond me but she was probably at some fancy dinner schmoozing for money that would ultimately make little difference. Hillary was a textbook example of how NOT to run a campaign.

We are also seeing major problems with North Korea. Rumors of a nuke test have arisen and tensions between us are growing. John McCain pissed off Kim Jong Un by calling him a "little fat kid," which is not all that far off from reality. Truth be told we have two toddlers, both with nukes and a short temper. What could possibly go wrong? Japan is talking about authorizing a first strike against them, something they haven't even discussed since WW2. This area is spiraling out of control, as it was always going to by not addressing the problem in 2006 when Captain George W. "Dumbass" Bush was too busy playing footsie with Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which was necessary or legal actually. But even these players are horrified by what is going now with Dick Cheney accurately calling what Russia election hacking "an act of war." Why Republicans are not madder about this is beyond me.

Next month may be the beginning of the end. The debt ceiling has to be raised and many in the GOP are saying they will not vote for a bill that doesn't defund Planned Parenthood. Without their support, or democratic help, this bill dies in committee. If it does get voted in, it can't pass the Senate because there is no way it gets 60 votes. So then what? Chaos and lots of it. Republicans will get the blame as they are in control and a majority of this country wants PP. Markets will crash, money for things like food stamps and unemployment will stop and hundreds of thousands will be getting unpaid leave. Last time this happened, it went on for three weeks and cost businesses billions in lost revenue. This one could stretch much longer. And if it goes on too long, Social Security could be affected and then all hell will break loose.
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Trump is bringing the change he promised. It's just the kind of change that will kill a lot of us. Don't blame me. Go back and read what I have written these last few years. I was right about almost everything. Start getting involved people. If we make it to 2018, vote against the Republican party in droves or face extinction. If you can't see how dangerous these people are, you're dumber than dirt and deserve what you get.

Monday, March 27, 2017


Trump spent all of 18 days on health care and, having lost, has now declared it the Democrats problem, somehow unaware that he is the leader of the free world right now and the buck stops with him. When health care premiums spike higher, which they will until price controls are established on hospitals, manufactures and drug companies, he's getting the blame. He has all the power to stop it of he wishes but it is going to require leadership and, most likely, help from the Democrats to succeed which at this point is as likely as me growing a second nose.
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So far, Trump has been spectacularly bad at his job. He's been so bad that I seriously question how a good a businessman he really is. Give me a few hundred million dollars and I guarantee I could make more than he did. Throw enough darts at a dart board and eventually you'll hit a bulls-eye. If you can afford to lose hundreds of millions like Trump, the wins outweigh the loses eventually. You just have to have a big enough bank to start with. So much for good business sense.

Even worse, he has been spectacularly bad being the populist he promised everyone he would be by constantly wrecking the lower class and working class. His health care bill was a giant blow job for rich people while shitting on the rest of us. Every law he has put forward has done nothing to fix our problems and instead set the siphon upward to the elites. After eliminating health care for 17,000 miners, it came out today the the GOP in Kentucky is trying to eliminate safety protocols in the mines too because well money. Needless to say the people who work there, and may die now, are not happy. But most of them voted for this. Same goes for union people worried about their jobs as to right work may go national. You picked poorly. Or the dweebs watching their loved ones get deported because Trump promised only to "deport the bad ones." Apparently these idiots missed the parts were he said they were ALL going to go away. Morons who vote against their own interests are killing us and themselves.

His pivot to tax reform is going to be even harder than health care because finding a way to balance the budget which doesn't destroy some states is impossible. The border adjustment tax is going to be very unpopular with people like Tom Cotton, as Walmart, from his state of Arkansas, is going to spend millions fighting it and with good reason as they stand to lose a fortune if this goes through, not to mention tens of thousands of jobs when stores start closing. And that's just one example. Imagine this playing out across the spectrum with Senator A suggesting X which affects Senator B harshly. Senator B proposes something else which pisses off Senator C. This continues forever. Meanwhile the entire democratic party sits on the sidelines and smiles. The chances for this are slim.
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Much better is the installment of Neil Gorsich for the GOP as chances are very good this idiot is going to get in.The funny part is I have been reading his past decisions and while some are horrifying (religious and corporate bullshit), his decisions on abortion are not clear and his ruling on immigration are not in line with Trump. It will be funny if Trump's latest Muslim ban goes before him and he helps nix it again. I am hoping the democrats make the GOP go nuclear and then spend the rest of the next three years telling them to fuck off about everything. It will destroy Trump and probably a good portion of this country but such is the price of democracy. If the Republicans hadn't been acting like spoiled children these last ten years we'd all be better off.

And then there are Filial laws that are still on the books in 29 states but rarely enforced. Unless you live in PA that is. These laws are made to ensure that children pay for their parents care in their old age but it can be taken too far it seems. The reason most states don't enforce this is because going after someone to pay for the parents ignores past relationships status. What if you haven't seen your parent in decades or if they abandoned you? Then you don't have to pay. In MA, you can face a two hundred dollar fine and a year in jail although I can't find any instances of that law ever being enforced.

Only two states have these laws in the books and use them infrequently and they are SD and PA. The latter is the worst offender, going after people they really shouldn't. In most cases when these are enforced it is because the child has lots of money or the parent dies and the child tried to hide it. One woman tried to do that by transferring $160,000 out of her mom's account before she died and into her own. That is a big no no.

However, recently it has been used to go after people for small debt loads, 5000 to 10,000 dollars. This may not sound like much but a lot of people couldn't come up with that kind of money in five years let alone right away. Almost always it is because of a Medicaid shortfall that the child, having money, must pay. It's when they start going after people with no cash that this becomes an issue and in PA alone, this seems to be happening more and more. In some cases, they are going after people who haven't seen their parents in years or have no part in their care. But because it's under ten years, they are responsible. How'd you like that phone call: Mr Smith I am calling to collect a huge sum of money you can't pay for a parent you haven't seen in nine years.
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State Senator Tony DeLuca has introduced a bill to put a stop to this in PA. I hope it succeeds because this is terrible. However, this law is still on the books in 29 states and they could enforce them at any time, especially if the state is having financial problems. The redder the state, the more likely these will start being enforced and soon. Make sure that doesn't happen and call you senator and demand and end to filial laws being directed toward people who can't afford it.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


If you were a Republican this week, you had a very, very bad week. The Republican attempt to "fix" healthcare is as DOA as 24 million might have been had this crappy thing passed. Has anyone else noticed just how bad Ryan is at his job? Policy wonk my ass. This douche keeps giving us the exact same plan for everything since 2010 which is tax breaks for the super rich while taking away programs that keep people alive to pay for it. Not surprisingly, few like it. Yet, this ass keeps trotting whatever plan he had stashed in his desk every two years with a few minor tweaks and that's it. And then we have Orange Hitler, who couldn't be bothered to even attempt to come up with his own plan because that would of course require hard work which this guy knows nothing about. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)The Rockland, Maryland rape case- This week, two Hispanics, one illegal, allegedly raped a 14 year girl in the high school bathroom. I do not understand why if we pick someone up for being here illegally, as the older boy was, why release him back and not deport him immediately? And why should our schools be teaching people here illegally? I am not unsympathetic to immigrants but this is affecting our children too, sometimes here violently. This is why immigration reform is so crucial and because the only options we seem to have are let them all stay from the left (not wise) or deport them all from the right(equally stupid). Can't we come up with a smart compromise? Not in today's super polarized world. And how come this wasn't a bigger story outside of the right wing media? It did happen and ignoring it doesn't help guys.

9)Colin Kaepernick- I would like to say I support the former QB for his protest during games by kneeling. However, free speech works both ways and when you a public figure, taking a divisive stance can ruin your career, especially if you are not a Tom Brady. After being let go by the 49's, he has struggled to find another team which is not all that surprising. He is a lightning rod, much like Michael Vick without the talent, which is why he was able to come back, somewhat, but never achieved the glory he had before. Most teams have said they don't want the hassle he will bring. Tim Tebow found that out the same way when his strong Christian beliefs and mediocre gameplay pushed him out and he is now sucking at baseball instead. You are free to say what you want in this country. You are also going to pay a price sometimes for it.

8)Sears/JC Penny's- Both stores are at death's door according to sources. Sears was like being in the Hunger Games as survival became a team sport, wrecking moral and the company. JC Penny's was equally mismanaged, especially when the owner dropped sales and went after the mythical rich hipster class that does exist but only in tiny numbers. This move decimated the store as long time customers left and new ones never came because they are rarer than Bigfoot. Idiots are ruining the world for us and here is solid proof.
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7)P. Diddy- Proving my point about black racism, this dick is getting sued by three former employees from Revolt TV, which I have never heard of but I am the wrong skin color for that. I am equally sure that no one there ever saw or even heard of Bass Masters. Three executives are claiming they were treated badly because of their white skin color, called racist names, ignored and unfairly singled out for things that black people at work did worse and received no punishment at all. When they got fired and replaced by a younger black demographic they sued. I hope they win so we can forever put to rest that black people can not be racist. They are and sometimes far worse than whites. I've seen it first hand.

6)Judge Napolitano- Much like Kaepernick without the social justice behind him, this guy got castrated this week from his bullshit claim about Obama tapping the White House and Trump. When it all blew up in his face, he got fired from Fox News. Just as bad, he may be facing ethics charges from the NY and NJ ABA because he is still calling himself a judge, even though he stepped down in 1995, which is a big no no apparently. The law states if you are a judge, or even a former one, and use the title AND put forth knowingly false information you could face ethics charges and even be disbarred. Next time we see this idiot, he may be just MR. Napolitano.

5)Rex Tillerson- This guy is such a MORON! Not that we didn't see that coming. An oil CEO with zero experience in diplomacy you say; what could go wrong? He has limited the press covering him, which he doesn't seem to understand is a huge part of the job. When we can't see what is going on, conspiracy theories arise instead and that isn't good for anyone. Then, in a true tone deaf fashion, is planning on skipping his first NATO meeting to go to Russia, where he has deep ties. Meanwhile, treason talks connecting Trump and Russia are swirling and this is where you draw your line in the sand? Good luck dick. Your entire administration is on the brink.
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4)Paul Manafort- Russia is going to play "bigly" into the rest of this column. Next up, we have Manafort who got slammed this week with major stories about his ties to Russia, including a ten million dollar payday from Putin for "stabilizing US/Russia relationships," but is really, most likely, treason. This is on top of the $750.000 he illegally took from Ukraine or the millions he received from back door policies. It hasn't been widely reported but Putin has been offing a lot of people lately, including an Ukrainian set to testify against Manafort, Putin and the former Ukrainian leader but came down with a serious case of lead poisoning when he was shot a bunch of times. Manafort is set to testify in the kangaroo court run by asshole Devin Nunes tomorrow. Don't expect to find out anything as Nunes is in the bag for Trump.

3)Devin Nunes- I have never seen anyone ever run an investigation this poorly. The FBI did better with the anthrax case and that is saying something. This week, this fuckwad has done everything wrong, even pissing off his own party. On Wednesday, he held a press conference saying that he has explosive information that Obama was indeed tapping Trump, but was rather wishy washy with the details, even contradicting himself in the same press briefing saying Obama wasn't involved. Then we found out, this press conference and his previous visit to the WH was never discussed with even his own party of members from anyone in the committee he chairs. By Friday, it all turned out to be bullshit, most likely falling victim to some right wing smear story about NSA documents that were about to be released any minute that would prove Trump right. Had this idiot done even a the slightest research would have found out that the alleged documents were coming through Joe Arpaio, the same schmuck still claiming Obama was born in Kenya and keeps telling us he has concrete evidence that we never see. Even Republicans may be asking for a special prosecutor because this ass is a Trump stooge and always has been. He worked on Trump's campaign so there is that fact. McCain and others are losing faith in him as are a majority of the public. This won't end well.

2)Republicans- You guys sucked this week. Most of you fought against the health care bill, not because it was too expensive or wouldn't work, but because it didn't kill more people. Wow! Whoever is still supporting these asses is just as dumb as they are. Everything they have done is to give more money for rich people while taking away from you. Their tax reform bill should be equally horrendous and even less likely to pass than health care. 2018 is coming quick and those midterm may be ugly at this point.
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1)Trump and Ryan- I don't know who was worse. Trump is an idiot and Ryan is a fool. And these two are some of the most powerful people on Earth. Trump can't be bothered to govern because he is lazy and incompetent. Ryan can't get anywhere outside of trickle down economics, a proven failure. Their tax plan is going to be a joke. Trump's budget is DOA before it even got looked at as even Mitch McConnell said yuck to it. Ryan's will be another laugh riot as it will try to cut money from places where some politician will bitch to high heaven, especially when lobbyist get involved. Take the border tax. Target and Walmart hate it as they will lost a fortune and consumers will get sacked with higher prices. How likely is that to pass when people like Tom Cotton stand against it? There is almost zero chance that they will have any better luck with this than health care meaning they are going to have two big loses back to back. I guess Trump was tired of all the winning. And then we have Russia ties which sources tell me are not going well for the President and could be facing serious charges, especially if Mike Flynn has turned evidence over to the FBI as some are speculating. Word is that there are explosive charges against Trump cohorts and Russia, and possibly Trump himself. If true, he is on borrowed time. As long as a huge terrorist attack doesn't happen anytime soon and then we really get Orange Hitler, we may be alright. Trump and the Republicans cannot govern. And if they can't, their days are numbered. Congratulations Trump and Ryan, you are both indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I am seriously wondering how much of a retard Trump is. He is governing so much worse than even I thought was possible. A true deal maker would have had a health care bill that both democrats and Republicans could get behind and not this shit one that is being paraded around. No one likes it and if it somehow passes, will be the death knell for the GOP, even if that is highly unlikely at this point.
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A smart man would have gone single payer and fixed health care and then taken ALL the credit for it. He could have proudly called it Trumpcare and everyone, myself included, would have been thrilled. The ones that weren't fuck them and who cares. When it worked they would have eaten crow and slunked away. But no, we get right wing fantasy bullshit about how to kill health care by not having any sick people on it. That'll work. As of right now, it does not have the votes in the House to pass and word is it is going to be pulled from a vote rather than watched it sink. Whether they get back to it or push on is another matter. If they delve too long on it, the rest of the agenda is going to tank along with it. They have to admit they don't have a workable plan and, even though they had seven long years to come up with one, are still failing. This is what happens when you elect people who are great at putting their foot down but incapable if extending a hand as well.

Even if by some miracle it passes the House, it will never pass the Senate with at least ten senators leaning or solid nos at this point and only three are needed to end this. So what happens if it passes the Senate in current form? Devastation for all involved. The current health care plan has a 30% approval rating. Obamacare ended at 40% and we all remember what happened in 2010. Numbers like this with rising premiums again right before the 2018 election will send shockwaves through the decimation of the GOP in all houses and races. History shows that every time someone tinkers with health care (Clinton 1992 and Obama 2008), the off elections are a bloodbath. When people actually start dying in mass numbers, and they will, that bloodbath may be real. This country is filled with unstable, heavily armed people and sooner or later someone is going to bet shot for supporting this actual death panel.
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To continue, for some inane reason Rex Tillerson is skipping his first NATO meeting to go shmooze with Putin. Nothing suspicious there right? Considering the President of the United States is actually being investigated for treason should be making people nuts but to Trump's America it all "fake news." It isn't. He's dirty. Rumors have started to surface about connection between Ivanka Trump and an alleged Putin mistress. Could be this how communication is flowing between the two?

Trump's budget is deader than his health care plan with even Mitch McConnell calling it a non starter. When you call to kill the State Department budget you might run into a wee bit of trouble. It will be curious to see what they salvage from that train wreck.

One quick side note on the alleged terrorist attack on Britain. If it is a Muslim moron who did this, look out if you happen to be dark skinned here and abroad because lunatics lately don't see to know the difference between an Indian and a Muslim, sometimes even when it is obvious. There are four dead and an unknown amount wounded and unfortunately, from early indication, this is almost certainly a terrorist attack. It is the one year anniversary of the attack in Brussels. The man drove over a bunch of people before stabbing a cop. This will not help anyone or anything especially the Muslims of the world who I think are moments away from being genocided off the planet, something I do NOT think is a good idea. Bad things are coming and Orange Hitler is going to make it worse.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Tomorrow marks the two month anniversary of the rapidly sinking USS Trump which will probably take the rest of us down with him. Today he is having his usual Twitter snit, this time going after Comey who just threw him under the bus something fierce, During hearings today, Comey said there was no evidence the Russians hacked the election (which they didn't but helped in other ways), no evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump and that an investigation into links between Trump and the Russians was going on, but so far no evidence had been uncovered. What hasn't been asked is how Comey fixed the election for Trump with that idiotic statement about reopening an investigation into Hillary eight days before the election and then dropping it a few days later.
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Trump's numbers according to almost every poll is below water, even Rasmussen which says loads. George W. Bush had the lowest rating ever at 25% and I have a feeling that if Trump continues to do what is doing, his numbers may get into single digits. If he is trying to run as a populist, he's missed that mark by a mile as his support is dying on the vine. If he is trying to rule as a dictator, there doesn't seem to be much support for any of his policies, even among his own party.

Let's look back at what Orange Hitler has done these past two months. He's put forth Trumpcare which gives a lot of money to rich people while cutting all services for the poor, His Medicaid plan, one in which he LIED about protecting (DICK!), is on the chopping block with the potential to kill hundreds of thousands. He just helped pass a law that will allow states to drug test for welfare and unemployment benefits, even though it is wholly unconstitutional and wastes money. States that have implemented this have cost taxpayers millions while catching a handful of people, almost all of which was for weed. His budget is a ultra-conservative nightmare which gives huge sums of money to defense while cutting everything else. These two bills also have no chance of becoming law in current form, thank God.

Anyone who supports these bills are traitors to this country, to God and to future generations. I sincerely hope anyone still supporting this orange faced shitgibbon gets raped by a spiked dildo with AIDS. Fuck you. Your putting the lives of myself and millions of others at risk and we are not going to sit by idly and die. Redneck morons seem to think all the guns belong to them. Just because a lot of us lean left, don't think some of us aren't armed to the teeth too. We just don't advertise as much.

The world is coming to an end people and you all allowed it. You didn't vote for Bernie because either you are a brainwashed SJW retard who believes identity politics is the only way to get ahead or a right wing lunatic who firmly believed that since Hillary was the devil, Trump had to be better. He's not and now we all screwed because many of you are way too dumb to think clearly. So many in Trump counties are pissed that their health care is about to go bye byes and then they complain about it, even though the Republican plan, if you can even call it that, has been readily available for years. It sucked. It continues to suck. And had any of you opened a fucking book once in a while would have realized that Trump was selling you snake oil.

Same goes for the budget. None of you realized that by putting in Republicans into total power they were poised to wreck the world again, just as they have twice before in 1929 and 2008. There is a pattern here but no one seems to recognize it because history is "boring." It's also the only way to predict the future, as I do so well. Everything I said would happen is happening and some of these predictions are from decades ago.
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We are on a collusion course with North Korea and Muslim nations. Which we attack first will depend on which idiot pulls the trigger first. But first chance Trump gets, he is going to nuke someone back to the Stone Age because you elected a petulant child and then we all die. NK has the same problem and two lunatics with a nuclear arsenal is not a good sign. Chances are near 100% that by the end of the year, some country will cease to exist because Trump had a fit about something. We are headed for the endgame people and you asked for it. Don't go crying that the world is ending because had you elected Hillary, we would have a whole other set of problems but none of them would have ended in a mushroom cloud.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


This week Trump and the Republicans told poor people to get busy dying because they are not wanted in this new America they are forging ahead with. The only problem with this attitude is a majority of us don't want it. You know what happens when a minority party overreaches? A bloodbath in the next election. That's assuming they live long enough to get there because when people start dying in the tens of thousands, sooner or later, someone on the right is going to get shot by those same lunatics they court with lax gun laws. Talk about irony when that occurs. Let's see those runner ups in an increasingly bleak world.
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10)NY Teachers- If you live in this state and have children, leave now because liberal bullshit has gotten so bad there it's affecting everything. Ultra-liberalism is just as dangerous as the far right, not that they see it that way but here is a prime example. Hispanic and black applicants were failing the state's literacy tests for getting a teaching certificate. Instead of accurately figuring that these two races are in a duel to the death to see who can outstupid the other, it must be the test that's racist. Yeah, that's the reason.Check out the publication of the controversial book, The Bell Curve, in which the authors attempted to prove that black and Hispanic people are genetically inferior to whites and Asians. While they did prove that on test scores whites and Asians do score better than minorities on average no matter the economic status of the person tested, they failed to prove a genetic link. However, there has been a couple of recent studies that postulate just that, with better proof, although it is still too early to say they are correct. What this all means is that there may be genetic reasons why black people and Hispanics are intellectually inferior and, if that turns out to be true, we are going to have to deal with it instead of screaming RACIST every time someone brings it up, Truth is truth. I still think there is an environmental reason for this in the virulent anti-white, anti-education bullshit that has been part of the black community for decades now, but every indication of lax rules to help people has been sorely tested. This will be no different and NY is sure to get people who SHOULD NOT be teachers, teaching badly solely because of their race. How is that not racist to better qualified white and Asians?

9)Matrix sequel/reboot- For the love of all that is holy stop MAKING THESE CRAPPY MOVIES! The first Matrix was great.The sequels however sucked moose balls. And now you want to make another one, this time starring Michael B. Jordan? He's a fine actor but he's not Keanu and that's who I want to see here. And why does every reboot have to have a black guy in it now? There is a reason why the 24 reboot is dying. They do know that black people (other than Will Smith and Denzel) as leads do poorly overseas, particularly China? I thought making movies was a business not a charity.

8)Geert Wilders- The Holland Donald Trump got shellacked at the polls this week, one in which he was expected to do far better than he did. The funny part is that the election of Trump and Brexit have energized other democracies to actually show up and vote, thus killing these far right lunatics. Polls showed that the Dutch looked on with horror at our dog and pony show and said "No Fucking Way." Trump may actually save civilization elsewhere while we at home slowly starve to death.
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7)Kelly Conway- Propaganda Barbie strikes again, this time suggesting that microwave ovens were being used to spy on Trump at his home. Someone get this woman a tin foil hat please. If this is level of intelligence at the White House right not, we are all in deep trouble, Needless to say, she was mercilessly mocked all week by pretty much everyone.

6)Donna Brazile- This cunt should be ridden of town on a rail. She got caught cheating when she gave answers to the debate early to Clinton and NOT Sanders, strenuously denied it, calling it a "hit on her character," only to come clean and say recently it was all true. FUCK HER! Bitches like this fuck is why we have Orange Hitler and I can only sincerely hope she dies of rectal cancer soon. A cabal of powerful, extremely stupid women (see also Debbie Schultz and Nancy "having a stroke" Pelosi) to name just a few, rigged the election so Hillary could win and then ultimately lose because they could not have physically picked a worse candidate. Fuck her and anyone who defends this whore. Please join Hillary in the woods where you both belong.

5)Hillary Clinton- Word is she is seriously considering a run as mayor of NY. As long as she NEVER runs for president again because I swear to God if I see any minivan with a Hillary 2020 bumper sticker on it, I will snap and kill everyone inside. I have enough issues with any idiot still supporting the GOP this week, but I will lose it is this bitch decides to ruin this country once again.
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4)Rex Tillerson- The former Exxon CEO turned State Department head honcho has proven to be every bit as good as I though he would be; he sucks. Dumbass is talking about expanding nukes to Japan and South Korea, an idea thoroughly ridiculed when Trump brought it up as dangerous beyond words. He is also threatening North Korea with an "imminent" strike is they don't stop their nuke program. Something tells me threats is not the way to get peace here. Contrary to what Trump and his followers think, antagonizing people is not the way to win friends here. This could go nuclear quick.

3)Rachel Maddow- WTF Rachel? You spent all day hyping up the score on Trump's tax returns, only to find out you had a whole lot of nothing. Two whole pages huh? Ratings were through the roof but you damaged your credibility in the process. You then went on Fallon and crowed about what a win it was when it helped Trump you idiot. I am positive Trump leaked those himself because they were far too helpful and stamped CLIENT COPY, meaning it came from him or someone close to him, like his wife. Here's a show for you or anyone else in the MSM: GRANDMA IS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF TRUMP! WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT! That should be headline everyday for the next week.

2)Trump supporters- I have never questioned people who support the president because no matter how bad he was, there was always a reason for it. No longer apparently because no one of any sort should be supporting the president regardless. If you do, you are a giant asshole and determined to kill this country. We have a word for that: traitors. So if you support Trump and the GOP who are currently trying to kill millions of poor people, you are no better. If this budget or healthcare bill pass (highly unlikely in their current state), many of you who voted for this man will die. I told you so and you didn't listen. Start digging that grave people because your rank stupidity literally will now kill you. Fuck you for being a moron.
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1)Trump and the GOP- These guys are trying to start a civil war it seem. Paul Ryan says he has a hard on to kill poor people since college (not kidding, he really said that) while Rand Paul wants poor people to die in mass numbers to allow the free market to decide who lives and dies. Their budget is a giant redistribution of money upward, tanking poor people issues for giant tax breaks. It destroys things like the EPA, Education, and oddly, the state department because why have an organization that help stop problems before they happen. Bitch-whore Betsy Devos just ended a program that helped people pay off loans in financial need. It's a good thing our student loan issue is all fixed now. Oh wait, it's about to go belly up and this will make things worse, Wonderful. Meanwhile, our military gets even more money even the Pentagon says they don't need. The only good news is that the budget is DOA and the healthcare bill appears headed the same direction. It might squeak by the House but looks doomed in the Senate as only three Republicans need to defect and a dozen right now look ready to do just that. If they do get these things passed somehow, tens of thousands will die over the next few years. When that happens, the fabric of society will end as furious citizens start shooting politicians and, most likely, each other. This polarization cannot continue like this forever and not have serious consequences. So congratulations Republicans you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Last night was just sad. Rachel Maddow spent all day hyping the news that she and MSNBC had received Trump's tax returns from 2005. The world waited in breathless anticipation, sure that she would unveil this new bombshell right away. Nope, typical of dragging out the news for suspense and ratings, she spent half the show hyping it up. And when it was finally time to announce what they had found, it turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. Trump paid his taxes. Nothing about the Russians. End of story. Sigh.
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First off, they must have read these papers before airing and known they had garbage. Instead of spinning it that way, they hyped it up like they stole plans for the death star. There was literally nothing in them and to be fair, only comprised two pages of material, which should have been a clue that they were nothing. But no, they made it sound like they had the information that Trump was certain to be impeached for. Stupid.

I am almost certain Trump leaked those returns himself. There was nothing incriminating in them and showed that some were wrong when they accused him of not paying any taxes at all for the last fifteen years. What this leak did was made him like good and took focus off of Russia and the imploding health care bill (TRUMPCARE!). He can bitch and moan all he wants, I know he did this.

Meanwhile, the MSM is falling over themselves reporting all of this, instead of the fact that the Republican party is trying to kill thousands of their own supporters before the end of next year, should they pass Trumpcare and start poisoning our air, water and food. How this won't affect them as well is beyond me.

The one thing that hasn't been discussed is the fact that $150 million a year isn't that much money if you are allegedly a billionaire. Minus the $30 million means, in 2005, Trump pulls in 122 million dollars. We know he lost a billion dollars in real estate loses, which he was using to lower his taxes. The Alternative Minimum tax, something he wants to get rid of, changed his tax rate from 4% to 25%. Why is that bad?

The point here is that if you are only making $122 million a year, how are you are billionaire? To put this in perspective, if you are making this on average per year, minus expenses for someone who lives large, then I can find no way one can save, steal or cheat people enough to become a billionaire. He can't be making more than $50 million profit for 2005 which is a far cry from being a billionaire. So is he as rich as he says he is.
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Imagine making a million dollars a year. Minus expenses and taxes, you pull in a quarter of million a year profit. But, your net worth is also in the range of a hundred million dollars. That is simply not possible. The only explanation is that he inherited a fortune from his father, and through that and that alone, has he amassed enough money to be a billionaire. So much for good business sense as I could have throw darts a dart board and done better than Trump in a lot instances. There is also the possibility that Trump isn't as rich as he says he is. Considering he can't go five seconds without lying, can you really put it past him?

The media better start doing a better job because we have a lunatic in the white house while a bunch of conservatives retards running with scissors are destroying everything we hold dear. The fact that Trump voters will be harmed more by all of this is delicious irony. I told you he would kill his supporters and no one listened. Now, they are the ones going first.

Monday, March 13, 2017


So far, I am batting a thousand when it comes to what happens next in this clown car that none of us can escape from. With close to 400 million crammed in here, it's getting claustrophobic. It certainly didn't make us any smarter.
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I told you that the health care plan that Trump was telling how great it was going to be for the last year and a half would suck and it does. Millions of people WILL die under this and premiums will skyrocket upward as the mandate that every idiot hates is how we get affordable insurance but why let facts get in the way of ditching Obamacare. If we get rid of the mandate, we lose our health insurance for everyone, PERIOD! So if you are one of the blithering idiots out there bitching to high heaven about that mandate you are also committing suicide and murdering the rest of us. Assholes!

Ryan's plan, like everything Howdy Doody come to life has put forward. Again, if you voted for this ass in any election, I hope your balls or pussy falls out and you have to find put what shitty health care looks like. The funny part is that reading about WHO voted for people like Trump and Ryan were overwhelmingly people who need assistance for health care. Preliminary stats say that in some counties, a 60 year old man living in PA for example will have to pay 8000 dollars more out of pocket every year for insurance. Considering the average guy there only makes $40,000 a year, that makes insurance unaffordable but really how many 60 year old need constant health care? Hold on, I am being told all of them. All of them need constant health insurance. So not only will this bill drop millions from Medicaid it is also going to throw millions from the middle class off it as well. Premiums will triple as less healthy people get insurance and wait until they are sick and pay the 30% penalty. If I was healthy enough, I'd do that too. And that's what most of this country is going to do. And when that happens, it's the end of affordable insurance for all of us because all there will be are sick people. You voted for this America.

So what happens when insurance dies? Hospitals are going to be overwhelmed and flirt with bankruptcy as no one will have the money to pay for services. Those that do will face extraordinary charges, bankrupting them as well. The whole system will collapse and because you found Hillary too corrupt, we are stuck with Orange Hitler and Trumpcare guaranteed to kill us all. Smart.

This may all be for nothing as war with North Korea is looking more and more likely with each passing day. As they have been estimated to have as many as 20 nukes, this could get world ending fast. China, already not on the best of terms with the US right now, is the wild card. Do they get involved in the fighting is it goes nuclear or do they wisely stay out of it? Unknown at this time.
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The Navy today tested war games on an attack on North Korea and war games with the South Koreans are approaching. Special forces, such are Seal Team Six, are joining the exercises for the first time. The significance of that should not be lost on us.

The fact we have two idiots on either side make this a delicate situation with two bulls in a china shop. One wrong move and it's goodbye South Pacific. Japan is worried, South Korea is in the midst of a removal of their president for corruption. And China looks at us like we are special, which we kind of are now as our president is a cranky toddler with a self control of a drunken hillbilly. I miss Bush so that should tell you everything.

So we get to face a health care system on life support, an area of the world where one wrong step and it's goodbye Tokyo and Pyongyang, and an economic death slide that appears to be coming (the GOP will accelerate this timeline). Smoke em if you got them people. Bad things are ahead.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Republicans revealed their long awaited health care plan and, no big surprise here, is a giant pile of shit that will literally kill millions of people. Anyone who supports this pile of garbage must be forced to wear Nazi memorabilia for their rest of their lives as punishment for rank stupidity. It ends Medicaid, destroys Planned Parenthood and, sooner than later, collapses the entire system as prices skyrocket out of control. Unless you have millions of dollars and can pay for your own care (not to mention the huge tax break you will get), everyone else get screwed. EVERYONE! Let's see those runner ups as the world looks to be ready to end any minute now.
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10)Winter- Is it Spring yet? IS IT? Apparently not as a blizzard is headed for NE, our second of the season, which is still better than the year we had three in one week. To be fair, this has been a mild winter up until March started and acted like it was just turning February. Yeah, our weather is normal. Except it isn't. Climate change is real people and a pox on every idiot who keeps telling us some old newspaper article from 2000 saying winters were a thing of the past. We get less snow in NE than we used to most winters now and this blizzard coming is not going to change that. There is a difference between weather and climate people.

9)The Statue of Liberty- Sensing that this country is toast, Lady Liberty decided she had had enough and turned her lights off. The real reason was they are doing work on the lightning system damaged by hurricane Sandy but the fact it happened right before the day without women day cannot be looked at without some degree of irony.

8)Anti-Islamic views- I get why people don't like Muslims as their worst keep keep killing people with gay abandon. I really wish people from Muslim countries would rise up and eliminate this scourge themselves, something they do have the ability to do and for whatever reason, don't. However, it is because of constant attacks at home and abroad, along with a EU migration program that borders on suicidal, that anger against Muslims are rising and that is not good for anyone. In Holland, Geert Wilders' party is set to make huge gains in upcoming elections. This has stoked anger between Turkey and the Netherlands, resulting in an escalating war of words between the two countries, resulting in the uber-liberal country not allowing Turkish ministers to speak at a rally, an action the Turkish PM called fascist. This same attitudes are propelling Marine La Pen to a run off in France (and to which she will most likley lose) and dropping numbers for Merkel in Germany. This is one of the biggest threats to mankind right now as if we keep heading this way, there is no way genocide won't happen if we go to war. Both sides need to cool down.
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7)Mike Flynn- Speaking of Turkey, another bombshell from the Trump administration appeared that showed that Flynn was working as a foreign agent for Turkish interests when he accepted the post for Trump, even though he never registered as a foreign agent as he is required by law to do. How bad was this idiot at his job? And even worse, Trump knew and didn't care. Why let a little thing like committing a crime stop your chances from being a top spy in the country right?

6)Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade- Nothing makes me angrier than watching someone make a mistake that was so obvious it could have been seen form space. This week, ignoring the mountains of evidence that results when you idiotically ban a gay group from something for the pettiest of reasons, the council that controls the Boston parade voted 9-4 to ban a gay group from marching this year. They said it wasn't because they were gay, but because they had a small rainbow insignia sewn onto the uniforms. Right. The outcry was immediate, overwhelming, and fucking obviously going to happen. Has no one watched a news cast at all for the last decade? After sponsors, political figures and public opinion reared  their heads, the council hastily retreated and changed their policy and now everyone is happy. But why do this at all unless you a total and complete retard.

5)Trump St. Patrick Day Hats- In another fuck up on my holiday, Trump made a major faux pas when his hats had a four leaf clover, which is not Irish, instead of the Shamrock, which is. Once noticed they got rid of the hats but is it so hard to Google something before doing it guys? Luckily, we Irish didn't bitch to high heaven about it because we have lives and aren't giant pussies. Had this affected pretty much any other group, there would have been hurt feelings and fake tears and a public apology. We just want a beer and to go about our lives.
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4)Paul Ryan- This ass is going to get killed. In his insane desire to get a health care plan passed, he came up with one that is almost certainly not going to pass. Worse, his constituents are furious with him over this to such an extent that he has hidden himself away, no longer taking phone calls or faxes. So some people are sending postcards to his house instead. That's funny. What isn't is this ass is literally trying to kill millions. Remember that in 2018 because any asshole voting for this dick deserves a punch in the face, Many punches to the face.

3)South Korea President Park Geun-hye- The South Korean president was ousted this week for corruption charges resulting in protest that left three people dead. Yikes. However 70% of the country supported her ouster, further demonstrating that stupidity is world wide as this woman definitely did what she is being accused of. How dumb is that 30% who can't accept reality. Here we call them Trump supporters.

2)North Korea- If we don;t go to war with some Muslim country, this is the next most likely candidate and twice as dangerous. Their escalation toward an ICBM is troubling and the fact that studies suggest they have as many as 20 mini nukes is not cool. With Orange Hitler in office, chances for a miscalculation from one side or the other is higher than it should be. This is a conflict that could go full on nuclear and end all life on the planet. How does that sit with you?
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1)Trumpcare- This bill sucks. Anyone supporting this should be shot and if it passes, probably will. Not that that is too likely at this point as everyone seems to hate it regardless of party. The left says it will kill people and the right says not enough people will die. They don't seem to understand how insurance works and are actively trying to kill it. The GOP actually said that they don't think the healthy should subsidize the sick, which is exactly how health insurance works. They want to end Medicaid, which will kill many. What do Republicans think will happen when all these people do start dying? Do they think that crazy, over armed Americans are just going to suck it up? No, they are going to burn your homes to the ground with you and your family in it. So congratulations Republicans you are indeed douchebag of the week. If this does somehow pass, I suggest making yourself scarce because you will be shot by angry mobs avenging the deaths of their loved ones.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I cannot say this clearly enough. If you support Donald Trump you are either a)mentally challenged or b)stupid. There is no other option here. I don't care what political party you follow, what ideology you adhere to, if you cannot see that Donald Trump is dangerously unhinged then this country isn't long for this world. He has pushed out an immigration ban that isn't going to do anything but recruit terrorism against us. He has tweeted out completely unverifiable accusations like massive voter fraud by illegals which was the wrong fraud dude as GOP exit polls in the election were way off to the same extent the democratic primaries were. His latest nutbag theory is that Obama personally wiretapped Trump offices which everyone and their brother has denied, except for crack pots with no credibility. I cannot stress to you how badly foreign powers are looking at us right now.
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This is all going to blow up in our faces regardless of party as well. Trump is eventually going to do something so mindboggling stupid that the world may very well end. My sources within the government say Trump has been acting like a rage monster lately, his hatchet heading toward Reince Priebus who he has become less than enamored with, blaming him for not handling the constant scandals that are coming out of the White House better. He better get used to this because I have uncovered unverified, yet explosive, information about those wiretaps on the Russians. Word is that there are tapes that implicate Trump in collusion with the Russians in which high level Russian operatives talk about their deal with the President. If true, this will lead to his impeachment and almost certainly a small, yet lethal, part of of our country who will see this as a coup by the deep state, columns of which are already appearing on line.

Should that occur, get ready for civil war because these yahoos will believe anything. Some still think Obama was born in Kenya and was a Muslim. There is zero evidence of either of those things. Some say that Obama authorized a wiretap on Trump which is actually not possible. The only way to get a wiretap is to go through a judge with evidence of probably cause. As I said above, there may be evidence of collusion with Trump and the Russians and that would be enough to start checking up on him if true. Which is more likely: that Obama tapped his phones and got NO information to use against him during the election or that is there are indeed taps on his phone (which we still do not know either way although for now looks doubtful) that were put there because people think he may be in bed with the Russians. Considering five of his past staff all had serious Russian involvement, you have to wonder if those taps are indeed real.

James Comey sure didn't think so, demanding the justice department tell the public there are no wiretaps on Trump. The same for former NSA head, James Clapper, who like Sessions, also committed perjury in front of Congress with no repercussions, said he saw no evidence of wiretaps. The only proof we have so far are right wing blow hards with little justification for believing anything they say.
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We have to be very worried, like Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski, who told her audience through tears that she was afraid like most of us are. When the media starts to cry you know it's bad. Word is Trump has drawn up battle plans for Iran and North Korea, neither of which we should be thinking about unless as a last resort. North Korea test fired four more missiles yesterday, causing Japan to go to their highest defense level. We should have attacked North Korea way back in 2003 when they could have been better contained but we were too busy fighting irrelevant wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now we have Orange Hitler spoiling for a fight. Chances for a massive war, one with nukes even, are getting higher and higher by the day and having a four year old as president is not helping. And some of you are cheering this on. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Trump is beyond dangerous and the sooner we get him out of office, the better off we all be. If you are too dumb to see that, get ready for the dirt nap as this ass is going to kill us all and you could wear your freaking red "make America great hat," right into you grave.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Until Trump went all Twitter insane yesterday, Jeff Sessions was going to be the top spot. But once again Donald couldn't accept not being a winner in losing even if this column is the exact opposite of that. No matter how this plays out, chances are 99% that they go bad for Trump. Either there are no wiretaps and he is a liar or there are wiretaps gotten by a federal judge that suggest wrongdoing on Trump's part. There is a minuscule, less than 1% chance, that Obama did illegally wiretap Trump but that flies in the face of reason. If he did wiretap Trump, why didn't he use any of that against him in the election? That makes no sense. So no matter how the right wingers want to spin this, this is really bad for Trump and could lead to his impeachment. That will present a whole other set of problems. Let's see those runner ups where a lot of douchebags reared their ugly heads.
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10)Paul Babeu- If you are gay, black, Hispanic, Muslim or a woman and support the Republican party you are a giant retard. Who votes to put someone in office that will turn around and bite them in the ass two seconds later? This moron, a gay Republican, former Arizona sheriff and loser twice for for Congress, is up for the top spot at border patrol. This wouldn't be so bad if this douchebag also wasn't being looked at for RICO crimes as well, alleging theft of seized funds. He was also discovered to have had an affair with an illegal alien for years, threatening to deport him if he didn't do what Babeu asked. But wait, there's more. He was also thought to have molested kids when he was headmaster of a school here in MA, an allegation brought about by his own sister. What a winner. He'll fit right in with Trump's basket of deplorables.

9)Henagar Drive-in- This Alabama drive in still thinks it's the 1950's apparently and recently vowed not to show the new film Beauty and the Beast because Josh Gad's character is gay. Ooohhhh, stop the presses. Are you going to stop showing films with interracial couples as well? This ass needs a group of super gay individuals to start showing up at all the films there and make it a new gay hangout. That would be hysterical. Fans of Ru Paul are encouraged to attend this weekend decked out to the nines.

8)TSA- It's like they are trying to get people to hate them more. This week it came out there they will be getting even more up and personal in people's business after it came out they suck at their jobs bad and let weapons through a majority of the time. The reason for this isn't because they are idiots but badly trained. No security apparatus anywhere sees this as a good idea for one basic reason: it doesn't work. Profiling is the only way to keep us safe and that does mean racial targeting, although in the case of Mohammad Ali's son, I think that's going too far. But if we stop treating old women and nine year old's as suspects, you might be able to stop some from getting weapons through security and without groping my junk in the process.
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7)Zoos in Tunsia and El Salvador- Fucking assholes in these backassward countries killed two zoo animals this week just for fun. Hysterical. Tunsia saw the death by stoning of a crocodile while El Salvador butchered a hippo for no reason. My response to this is simple: maybe we should nuke countries like this and be done with them. If their people are this vicious, they don't deserve to live. I hope everyone who had anything to do with this heinous crime dies a horrible death and goes to hell. Considering where they live, that might be an improvement.

6)Steve Beshear- What moron rolled this corpse out to give the Democratic rebuttal? First off, the crypt keeper was sitting in a diner lit by a twelve watt bulb while dead people watched on from the background, never moving or even blinking it appeared. He couldn't even get out his first line without flubbing it, calling himself a democrat, then a Republican, then a democrat then "mostly" American, whatever the hell that means. Everything after that wasn't any better. The Democrats need younger voters that are gradually leaving the party and their response is to pick an unknown fossil from KY to lead the charge. You guys are just sad at this point.

5)Democrats- For the love of God, stop telling people you never had contact with the Russians because it's clear you have. And while there is nothing wrong with this, as it's part of your job, you're making Sessions' case for him. The problem isn't meeting with Russians. It's lying under oath about it. THAT'S the issue. Both parties seem to think there is no way to check facts from the past, when in reality, any arm chair idiot can do just that. STOP LYING!
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4)Paul Ryan- This guy is getting it from all sides. He is still a Trump defender, a fact that Mitch McConnell is loving because when Trump goes down, and all signs point to that, Ryan is going to go right down with him. Republicans better be careful because is it does come out that Trump had dealings with the Russians, his supporters are going down with him. All those morons on the right how denied a Congressional request for Trump's taxes and going to eat crow if his bad dealing go public. Right now, if I were a Republican, I would very worried about 2018. Ryan is making everyone mad at him on both sides with his middle of the road approach with some issues and his clear defense of Trump pissing off others.

3)The MSM- Man you guys SUCKKKKKK! I worked in the news business for years and I have to say never have I been more ashamed of it. I am going to start telling people I worked in porn or shot puppies because being a former reporter seems shameful. Trump gave one pitiful speech and assholes like Van Jones are suddenly calling him "presidential." BARFFFFFFFFF! Fuckwad could read off a teleprompter for a whole hour without going full Nazi and that is where the bar is set? Fuck off. This ass is dangerous, he has attacked your integrity time and time again and yet you constantly fall for this ruse. Just like the 52 other times this happened. Orange Hitler subdued it down for a day, and then, not long after went ballistic and insane again. START DOING YOUR FUCKING JOB!!!

2)Jeff Sessions and the Republicans- Not 24 hours after Trump's speech, word came out that Sessions met with the Russian ambassador twice and lied about it twice to Congress. Now while his meeting with said ambassador are a little odd, especially the one at the RNC which contrary to what Sessions has said, was NOT during his duties as Senator and actually while he was on his own time, this isn't the issue. But that aside, amidst the flurry of evidence that democrats have met with the same ambassador, none lied under oath about it. And why lie at all if it was above board? It's not the meeting but the cover up that is troubling. And why is Russia meeting with so many of Trump's people, six and counting so far? Sessions could be in real trouble here and lead to another lost cabinet member in as many weeks. The GOP is in damage control but none of what they have to say seem real or accurate.
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1)Trump- Well, he had about 24 hours of positive attention before Jeff Sessions rolled into town and Trump went on an ill advised Twitter rant that may speed up the end of his presidency. His tweeting of Pelosi and Schumer meeting Russians was at least in the right ballpark even if the context was wrong. But that all changed when he went after Obama for illegally wire tapping him before the election, showing zero proof of said allegations. This is was the stupidest thing he has done so far. Either he is going to be shown as a lunatic who will say or do anything to get attention or he has self incriminated himself as actually working with the Russians. There is no good way out of this, short of evidence that Obama did illegally bug him which is so outlandish it's not even worth contemplating. There is simply no way this could have occurred and still have Trump won. Had he lost, he might have had a better chance at that argument but no one taps a phone and then uses none of the information to their advantage. Trump critics have jumped all over him, knowing if this claim goes belly up, he has damaged his presidency, perhaps fatally. Republicans are starting to ask for his taxes and should that come up again, he might be forced to show them. I have a feeling once that happens, he's toast. And he did all of this to himself. HAHAHA! So congratulations Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week once again.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Much has been made of Jeff Sessions meeting with Russian ambassador Kislyak. The WH and the traitors in Congress (cough, hack, Paul Ryan, wheeze!) have all defended him saying that it was in his official capacity as a Senator on the Armed Forces Committee. The problem with that explanation is that still doesn't excuse him from committing perjury in front of Congress when he testified UNDER OATH, he had never had ANY dealings with Russians, which was a lie. Trump had five whole minutes of good will from some before this and that stupid raid in Yemen blew up in his face.
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Trump and his lackeys keep telling us that the raid on Yemeni rebels that killed one SEAL was a "rousing success!" Hardly. They knew you were coming, you lost a $75 million plane, dozens of civilians were killed, including children, you lost of of our own, the guy you were after escaped and you received, contrary to what you keep bleating on about, no good info. This was a dismal failure. Using the dead SEAL's idiot mother as a prop during the speech was truly tasteless. When will people wake up and see you for the dangerous psycho you are? This week it was noted that you are drawing up attack plans on places like Iran and North Korea, which if implemented, could end the world. You suck at this, sir.

Then we have the latest dust up, once again involving Russia. How much evidence do we need that this election was suspect before we do something about it? The Democrats have gotten a little energy over this, especially with good Senators like Warren and Franken screaming bloody murder about this. Even some Republicans like Chaffetz, Graham and McCain have also started to notice and complain. At this point, this looks bad for Sessions who may wind up next to Flynn on the dust heap of time.

And some are going to correctly say Clapper lied and got away with it when he testfied before Congress about spying on Americans and they would be right. He should have been fired. But this is far worse at it entails outside influence on our country, an attack that years back would have been a political death sentence but as Trump followers are becoming more and more brownshirtish that line has yet to be crossed and doubtfully every will.
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Sooner or later this will all come to a head and most likley Trump is rocketing toward impeachment. It is only a matter of time before he does something that crosses the line to such an extent that even the most devout follower in Congress will abandon him stat. This is looking more and more like Watergate with each passing day. If evidence is found that collaborates what most of us already know, Trump is toast. Hopefully that occurs before Orange Hitler decides to nuke France because they called him tiny hands.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


The media bent over backwards to crow about how presidential Trump looked for once and how great his speech was. Maybe they were watching a different speech as the one I heard was the same boilerplate crap he has vomited all over the place before. Meanwhile, the MSM fawned over what a great speech it was. BARF!!! Then they wonder why they get called fake news all the time.
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The MSM was right about one thing though: what idiot dug up that fossil to give the rebuttal for the democrats? A truly shaky performance was given by Steve Beshear who was a) older than dirt and b) not well known outside of KY. I found it meandering and moderate, everything I DO NOT WANT right now. I want fire and brimstone and some acknowledgment the democrats see then problems in front of them. So far, they have whiffed at every possible instance. Keep this nonsense up and watch you go the way of the whig party.

The speech itself was riddled in false hoods, misdirection and blatant lies. If that's where the bar is, we are all in trouble. Let's take a look at some of what was said by Orange Hitler:

1) Obamacare premium have doubled or tripled nationwide.

Bullshit. As most people get the insurance through an employer, these haven't gone up much at all. I, on the other hand, do purchase my own and while they have gone up, they have not doubled unless you go back fifteen years. Premium rises were faster BEFORE Obamacare so without it, we would be far worse off.

2)Our borders are wide open and drugs are pouring in.

Bullshit. Illegal immigration has dropped significantly the past five years and a wall will not stop drugs coming across the border.

3)Since my election, businesses have announced investments of billions in the US and creating tens of thousands of jobs.

Bullshit. These were already planned before he took office.

4) By enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed and save billions as our communities become safer.

Bullshit. There is no evidence for this and so far the only people I've seen deported were single moms.

5)US companies are the highest taxed in the world.

Bullshit. The rate doesn't include tax breaks and deductions which actually makes us one of the LEAST taxed countries on Earth.

6)If America spent the $6 trillion dollars on infrastructure instead of the Middle East we could have rebuilt out country twice over.

Bullshit. The wars of stupidity cost around $1.6 trillion and our infrastructure will cost $6 trillion. Learn to do math.

7)The murder rate in Chicago is the highest it's been in half a century.

Bullshit, Even in Chicago crime is down from where it was in the early 90's.
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And that is just a few of the whoppers told last night. Yet the MSM gushed over it like he was the second coming of Christ. What will it take for people to realize this clown is dangerous? The funny part is that his budget and Obamacare replacement are pretty much dead in the water as even the GOP can't decide what to do next. This is what caused the Democrats to crash and burn in 2009. The Republicans appear to be following that playbook to the letter. That bodes ill for 2018 and will only be saved by the democrats shooting themselves in both feet again.