Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt and what it means

The fall of Egypt and the turmoil spreading world wide has several serious consequences both good and bad depending on what occurs over the next few weeks. The Era of Rage is in full swing as people get pissed at the rich running rampshod over the rights. What happened in Egypt could easily happen here, especially if conditions deteriorate as I expect they will over the next six months. But first we have to deal with the fallout happening throughout the Middle East.

Mubarak is done. That much is certain. What will replace him isn't. If Muslim fundamentalist take over the country, life as we know it could end suddenly. Egypt is one of the last regimes to have peaceful relations with Israel. Jordan is the other while the rest, including once ally Turkey, are all set to attack again at a moments notice. If WW3 is your cup of tea then sit back, grab some popcorn because in that scenario, we are all doomed. If Egypt falls to terrorist types, gas will hit the stratosphere, our economy will sink like the Titanic and war will be all but inevitable. However, if peaceful types take control, including still being an ally of Israel, the threat of war will diminish significantly, gas prices may well lower and a new era of calm may take hold in the Middle East. It's all or nothing with what is going to occur and I have no predictions one way or another how it will play out. There is also a third possibility of Mubarak fighting to keep control and a bloody civil war erupts, where either possibility becomes apparent again.

Right now Israel doesn't seem too happy with the US and Europe keeping Egypt at arm's length. They would rather us support the failing leader as he is a staunch supported of Israel. We have gone the other route and waiting to see which way the wind blows. This could be either a brilliant strategy or one that blows up in our face. I'm guessing the former but hey stranger things have happened.

On our home front, Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palim proved that retarded monkeys would be better than either of these two morons ever speaking again. During her "tea party" speech after Obama's State of the Worthless Union, She made many historical inaccuracies such as our forefathers fighting against slavery (they didn't), Bush being wholly not responsible for the mess were are in (he was) and graphs that left out crucial data. Palin, not to be outdone, talked at length about Obama's speech mentioning a Sputnik moment, or the realization that the USSR was beating us to space and we better do something about it. In her speech she commented that the Russians won the space race (they didn't), that Sputnik helped cause the Soviet collapse (Sputnik was in the fifties, the Soviet Union collapsed in 91), and that Obama is a communist (he isn't). As a matter of fact anyone saying that we live in some commie socialistic state should be punched as hard as they can to perhaps ring some sense into these Beck following Brownshirts. We live in a Fascist State. Period. Glenn Beck and these other two harpies are making America dumber as if that was feasibly possible. Beck is constantly rallying against Socialism which he doesn't understand and making up history as he sees fit. Stop listening to fools and read a goddamned book America.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am sure most of you are wondering just who in the hell is Alan Stanford. Thanks to our lovely MSM you should know and be PISSED about what is going with him. Instead we're treated to 24 hour coverage of Charlie Sheen's drug binge, hospitalization and rehab. WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. There was a LOT that happened this week. Let's look at the runner ups.

1)Hosni Mubarak- Egypt has said ENOUGH to their dictator in chief (sound familiar) and have spent the last week rioting in the streets. The army has refused to crack down on the protesters leading to widespread problems that have now gone on to places like Yemen, Gabon, Algeria, Gaza, Jordan and Tunisia. A world wide riot is now occurring with governments falling fast in places like Ireland and Lebanon and possibly Italy any day now with their PM in deep water for an orgy with underage girls. How soon before the weak American people wake up and realize we are all in the same boat? We need a change in our government too as the police state dictatorship we have foisted on ourselves is going too far. Remember V for Vendetta: "The people shouldn't be afraid of our government, government should be afraid of the people." In Egypt that is doubly true right now.

2)The Bank Ball outs- It was known this week, publicly during a Senate hearing that again got NO PRESS, that Goldman Sach's stole our money to fill their own coffers. When AIG went bankrupt, Sachs funneled ball out money at 100 cents on the dollar through AIG into their own accounts. Mind you I wrote about this almost a year ago and only now is it coming out with not one MSM writing about it in print or TV. How much longer are you out there going to claim what a free country we are when our press is no better than North Korea?

3)MSM- Why anybody listens to the press at all at this point is beyond me. Readers of this blog will get a better sense of what is really going on than just about anywhere. Ignore the press. They are not news sources but propaganda.

4)TSA- Filled with massive lawsuits by heavy hitters like Bob Barr and Jesse Ventura, The TSA responded this week by ending the possibility of other agents instead of TSA at checkpoints, Dozens of airports wanted to opt out of the TSA system have been told by bitch Napalitano and asshole Pistole that that wasn't possible anymore. If the revolution starts, I hope these two f$%^ers are the first to go.

5)Alan Stanford- Who's this you ask? He was a "poor man's" Bernie Madoff who only stole 7 billion dollars from investors. In jail for the past few years, his trial has been postponed indefinitely as he is addicted to anti-anxiety medicine. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? If that was a real defense every drug addict on the planet should be able to postpone their trials too and they have a real addiction like crack or heroin. Yet another billionaire, joining the guy who committed a hit a run and wasn't prosecuted because "he made too much money," or the billionaire child molester who got away with a slap on the wrist. Our Justice system is crap. The rich get away with everything and we pay the price. So blow me Alan Stanford you are indeed Douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What The Future Holds

After our Pussy in Chief's State of the Union lies from last night, let's look at the real numbers. Contrary to everything you've heard that the economy is improving, it's only if you're rich. Sales for luxury items increased by over eight percent last year. Items sold at places like WalMart decreased by almost 2 percent. Who do you think is winning? The official unemployment numbers are supposedly around 9 percent. The real numbers, using the U6 numbers that our fearless leaders used to use, say the unemployment rate is between 22 and 25%. They cut out all those pesky things like people not on unemployment anymore but not working, people who are part time but to wish to be full time and those that have simply stopped looking. If we include people making far less than they used to, the numbers jump to a staggering 46%. That's right, 46% of this country is making slave wages to get by. Incredible.

In order to save money, local governments are cutting police and firefighters in such safe neighborhoods as Camden, NJ, Flint, MI and Oakland, CA. When rioting breaks out in places like this, there will be no way to stop them. Awesome move numnuts.

Rioting is breaking out worldwide as the Tunisia Effect comes back to haunt the harsh regimes that we have propped up in the Middle East. Egypt is under siege as people have had it with Hosni Mubarack and protesters have taken to the streets regardless of police edicts. The Era of Rage is here, as I said some twelve months ago, and revolution is sweeping the planet. How long before we see similar things here? Not long as in the past 24 hours eleven police officers have been injured or killed in the US. People here are telling our stormtroopers to back down or else. With the budget cuts decimating them, they may be in for a rough year as the Revolution takes hold.

The TSA is finding themselves in deep water as numerous lawsuits are being formulated against their Gestapo tactics. It is for this reason I will never vote for Barack Obama again, even if his opponent is Sarah Palin. His idiocy is bankrupting this country. The travel and tourism industry is beyond itself as more and more people are not flying and international travel is at it's lowest level in decades. They have lost tens of billions of dollars for policies that are not making us safe. The TSA has lost both high profile cases recently against a woman whose breasts were exposed in line by a TSA agent and a man who refused to show ID. Jesse Ventura is currently suing for violations of the Disabilities Act and Constitutional reasons. I hope he wins. As if that wasn't bad enough, former Republican congressman Bob Barr is considering suing the TSA for failure to release documents via FOIA about the Thanksgiving debacle where scanner machines were shut off at major airports so an "opt out" was impossible. That was something faithful readers knew from a earlier blog where once again I was right and the MSM wasn't. Their failure to release these documents will probably lead to another lawsuit.

Remember V for Vendetta, a film I called one of the greatest films EVER. Why? Because it's message is being heard today and V for Victory signs are appearing around the globe. Spread the word. V for Victory is the way.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Surprisingly, this was a rather quite week for douchebags. Let's look at those runner ups.

1)Baby Doc Duvalier- Yes Haitian dictator Baby Doc has returned to Haiti for God knows what reason. Ousted in 86, he was a brutal tyrant who ruled with an iron fist using his personal police force the Ton Ton Macoute to execute his orders by gun or machete. Now he is back and some would like him to be back in power. Why, because anarchy can suck hard when you are the one being beat down all the time. Technically, Haiti isn't in anarchy, just a badly run, ultra corrupt regime that is no better than Duvalier, just less brutal. It is an unfortunate fact that some people cannot be ruled by any other means than direct force like Yugoslavia or Afghanistan have shown. Democracy only works with a well educated public. Look at what has happened with political discourse here and ask yourself are we better off with the numnuts that we have been electing with the help of the idiot public. It is exactly that reason I fear what will happen to this country should a popular demagogue gain power here. On a side note, V for Vendetta signs are appearing world wide. Join the crusade to end the fascist state we are self imposing on ourselves and put some posters up with a single red V in your neighborhood. I have.

2) Hawaiian governor Neil Abercrombie- After saying publicly that he would release Obama's birth certificate to end the moronic stories of him not being a US citizen, he has no backpedaled on doing just that. It's bad enough that we still have to tolerate these truly asinine statements but now this dork has added fuel to the fire and added more conspiracy theories to a truly fringe group. Turns out, he has no authority to change state law that disallows any attempt to release documents without approval by the person whose birth certificate they are going to release. Mind you, Obama should just allow the release of the damned ting and be done with it, but it really doesn't matter. He WAS born in the country. Nuff said.

3)MSM- Yes the Lame stream media, who for months have ridiculed people like myself who have written on this blog that the Stuxnet virus was almost certainly born in the US and Israel, have now come forward with the story that I was right all along. The NYT wrote this week that the virus that shut down the Iranian nuclear program was indeed from here and abroad. I am doubly excited because my prediction of an attack on Iran has also been held up, just not the military invasion I had predicted. To be honest, I had never thought about a cyber attack which makes much more sense in retrospect. So a big thumbs up to the US government for this attack and a big raspberry for the press who once again dropped the ball, something becoming a regular occurrence.

4)State governments- Reeling from years of misuse, state governments are trying some horrific ideas to balance their budgets. Arizona is attempting to rid 500,000 people, all poor, from their Medicare program. It is not expected to pass. Illinois is raising their income tax 75%, a move surefire to cause a mass exodus from the state. Look at Connecticut if you want to see what high taxes and low wages cause. Most people I know no longer live in the state because of a lack of jobs and the high price to exist there. Massachusetts and New Hampshire have proved to be far better. Expect pension funds to be targeted next as well as higher taxes and less services nation wide. So congratulations state governments, you are indeed douchebags of the week.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Putting the Pieces Together

One of my great talents is the ability to pull obscure stories from various outlets to establish a unified theory of everything. It is not always accurate as the pieces may not always mean something to one another so what is written here must be taken with a grain of salt. However, I do feel that these may have significant importance thus my writing of this article.

What is of no doubt is that a mind shift toward end times does exist within modern times. The Mayan prophecy of 2012 has been beaten into our conscious mind and, regardless of whether it occurs or not, a good many people are taking it seriously. It has been reported lately that celebrities are not immune to this possible fallacy as both George Lucas and Ashton Kutchner have both been quoted as saying they fear the end is near. And they are not alone, considering the massive amount of apocolyptic blogs and news reports today. All of this could lead to a self fulfilling prophecy and indeed end everything.

But is the world coming to an end? Unfortunately all signs do point to a coming collapse of historical proportions that are not part of delusion or idiocy. Let's look at what killed the Roman Empire. It was society with mass inequality of wealth between rich and poor, several unsustainable wars, mass immigration, a decline in arts and science, climate change, blood sports (i.e. reality TV) to detract the masses, and economic upheavals. Sound familiar? It should because it sounds like every country on the planet right now.

If the end is coming, the elite seem to be preparing for it. Hundreds of thousands of trillions of dollars are disappearing at an astronomical rate from countries everywhere. It is estimated, lowball I fear, that there is at least 20 trillion dollars in offshore accounts. The Caymans are thought to posses 1.7 trillion alone in unknown assets. Where is all this money from and where is it going? There are secret trillionaire out there, make no doubt about it. 12.3 trillions in liquidity and credit went missing from the US last year, not the press said peep about it. What if the end is coming, the elites know it, and we are being left holding the bag?
Two years ago, beef jerky went into short supply after a "fire" destroyed the plant making it. Recently, OB tampons disappeared off shelves worldwide after Johnson and Johnson sited a temporary supply problem. Or are some groups stocking up on things that may not be available after the coming collapse? Are these two connected? As it has been reported that several major museum and libraries are closing or having their artifacts stored in caves and underground bunkers, what assumptions would you have about our future?

Animal die offs continue in odd places, climate continues to baffle experts and economic woes are having horrifying effects worldwide. If the end of the world was going to occur this is what it would look like. We resemble the Roman empire more and more everyday. Fear the future and prepare.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is the Apocalypse Acomin'?

For anybody watching the news nowadays, you would be hard pressed to not see the End of Days on the rear view mirror and rapidly approaching. Animal deaths are continuing with 200 dead cows of unknown reasons in Wisconsin and dead seals by the hundreds washing up ashore in Labrador, Canada over the past few weeks, reasons also unknown. Fish kills and bird deaths are also being reported worldwide, some explainable, some not. The most frightening thing I have read happened this weekend. The sun rose TWO DAYS EARLY in Greenland this week, for the first time in history. The most likely explanation is that melting snow allowed the sun to shine earlier the normal. If that is true the level of ice melt in Greenland is accelerating, further destabilizing the Gulf current which is 30% less than usual. If the current stops, watch the Day After Tomorrow for a look at what our future looks like. True, it won't happen overnight but in a hundred years, we could all be under a big block of ice. Magnetic North is also moving toward Russia and, according to experts, accelerating. This is probably one of the major factors in what is killing the huge number of animals worldwide, along with pollution and human overcrowding. Should the poles shift, and it will at some point, the effects could be catastrophic. Along with this come the eruption of Mt Etna, record flooding in Brazil and Australia and heavy snow across 49 states (all except Florida). There is also expert concern over a historic flood wiping out most of California. Every 100-200 years is a deluge that lasts months and will have flood levels at hundreds of feet above normal. Damage is calculated at at least 300 billion should it occur. We are long overdue for such a flood. Imagine if it occurs at the same time as the overdue Big One earthquake? There wouldn't be much of a California left.

As if that wasn't bad enough, rioting is spreading as Tunisia falls. Libya is rumored to be facing similar problems as food prices skyrocket world wide due to shortages. Add that to continuing problems in Lebanon, North Korea and Iran and the world looks bad. For all the numnuts out there who pointed fingers at Russia or China for the Stuxnet virus a big raspberry for you. Turns out the "conspiracy theorists" were right as the NYT found out the virus was from, wait for it, the US and Israel.

On the plus side, foreclosures are being thrown out nationwide as the bank fraud comes back to haunt them. If the banks can't prove who owns the mortgage, the owner doesn't have to pay. This has resulted in two people in Utah walking away from mortgages as high as 419,000 dollars after successfully suing. Massachusetts has invalidated all of its questionable mortgages and Maryland has followed suit by throwing out 10,000 banks owned mortgages. This may lead to massive bank failures but hey you guys created this mess, deal with it. Maybe your billion dollar bonuses will have to come to an end. Boo hoo.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


True this moron is without a doubt mentally ill. Still, his actions will have serious repercussions that will be felt for years to come. Let's look at the runner ups.

1) THE RIGHT- Capitalizing on the fact that Loughner wasn't a right wing extremist, they have called the left idiots for trying to connect them with the madman. However, their charged rhetoric is not making things any better and sooner or later someone who isn't a raving loon is going to listen and take action. True Palin's ill advised web site showing cross hairs over Gifford's district wasn't a factor this time, but that may change if it happens again.

2)THE LEFT- These idiots are also using this tragedy for political gain by saying less guns equal less crime. Never mind the fact that that statistic is provably wrong in that places with less strict gun laws have less crime than ones that do. The second amendment is there to protect all our other rights. Without it we are at the mercy of a government who is becoming increasingly less trustworthy.

3)EXTREMIST MUSLIMS- Lebanon is set on full boil as Hezbollah, with Iranian backing, left the Lebanese government today after prosecutors said they would release information tying the assassination of a former Lebanese PM to the terrorist group. With the government fallen, the region is falling into chaos. French and US troops, including the USS Enterprise, have been ordered to the region and Israel is on high alert. Hezbollah has said they will not hand over any suspects to the tribunal and Iran has said the orders are null and void as they are coerced by foreign powers. Obama held emergency meetings with the current Lebanese PM to find out what's what last night. It has also been reported that over 60,000 missiles are now pointed as Israel from Hezbollah, the build up from the last failed war. This conflict could go global at a moments notice. The current situation is white hot intense. Keep posted for further info.

4) LOUGHNER- Nutbag. Nuff said.

In an update from past stories, the animal kill continues unabated. While I believe half of what is being reported are white noise, the others have an unfortunate apocalyptic feel to them. Having talked with experts in the field, I can safely say that what is occurring is NOT normal. True animal deaths happen all the time. But when hundreds of thousands of dead animals happen, that's an environmental disaster. Something odd is occurring.

And we are now officially in a depression, regardless of what your hearing from our MSM. The official unemployment rate is 9.4% which somehow went down from 9.8% even though every statistician which has looked at those numbers can't figure out why. The government is now just lying to you with no backing as to their "facts." According to statsictican John Williams, the unemployment rate is 22.4% or Depression era levels. Add to that the 26% housing market loss that beats the 25% from the Great Depression and the writing is on the wall. All jobs being created are low paying minimum wage jobs. Try living off $8 an hour and see how far you go. A collapse nears. Be warned.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Not a real shocker this week with all the nonsense that we have been exposed to. Also here is an update on the recent outbreak of animal deaths. Most would appear to be normal die offs that happen all the time. A few though such as the massive fish die off in Brazil, the UK fish deaths and the bird deaths in Italy are all somewhat stranger than usual. Some of these deaths may be linked to the rapidly changing magnetic field that is moving the North Pole towards Russia. Tampa Air port had to redo the number on its runways because they were five degrees off. Changing of these fields could result in mass die offs. More as it becomes available.

1)John Boener- This cry baby is our latest Speaker of the Bouse and has already proved himself incompetent to voter demands. When asked by Brian Williams what government programs he would cut he couldn't name one. Plus, the Republicans are spending free for all again, especially to the uber rich. How long before people realize that neither party represents them anymore? A third party in 2012 could be a windfall or the end of everything. Only time will tell.

2)Obama- Proving he is still a lap dog to the corporations, the President pissed in the faces of liberals once again by hiring a former bank CEO to be his chief of staff, replacing Rahm Emmanuel. Way to go showing you're as out of touch as the Republicans.

3)Michelle Bachman- Showing she's as delusional as anybody could believe, this nutbag extraordinaire claimed she was going to be running for President in 2012. This could be possibly the only candidate that could make Sarah Palin look good.

4)Arizona- I don't what is in the water down there but this is the new home of crazy. Politicians like Jan Brewer and John McCain ride the crazy train every day and now their idiocy has cost a young democratic congresswoman her life along with six others. Gabrielle Giffords was shot to death by a "lone gunman" at a shopping mall today. The level of hate being shelled toward any liberal is now showing the results as nutbags are taking to killing anyone who gets in their way, a prediction I made a few months ago. Even got the state where it would happen. I hate being right all the time. Expect more as polarization continues unabated.

5)Big Business- This week we found out, to the surprise of no one, except the media and government, that big businesses are out to screw you blue. The BP oil spill could have prevented (shocker) but BP, Halliburton and Transocean wanted to go faster to make more money. Criminal charges may follow. Plus, Massachusetts ruled that banks cannot foreclose on houses where the mortgage is unclear. The effect this could have could destroy big banks and collapse our economy. The opposite thing would be to seize all houses, questionable or not, and save the banks at the expense of the American People. I vote to keep our houses and remember what I have said in the past. While violence will never solve anything, if someone comes to steal your house you have every right to defend yourself and your property. The new fascism will not rule. Congratulations corporate America you are douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In what has become inescapable from even the laziest of newscasts, a massive number of fish kills and bird deaths have been coming in from around the globe. I am unsure as to the cause of this phenomenon but as with any government proclamation of "don't worry," some doubt must be cast as to an ordinary explanation. Let's examine the facts of what has occured over the last week.

2000 red wing blackbirds died in Arkansas New Year's Eve. It is possible a combination of cold and fireworks were responsible but other more radical explanations also have some merit.

The same day, 100,000 fish were reported dead in Northwest Arkansas. No explanation known.

Reports of dead birds have also been reported in Si Louis, Louisiana and Kentucky over the period between Christmas and New Year's Day. Vague explanations of cold, lightning and fireworks.

Ten thousand fish wash ashore in Chesapeake Bay Jan 3. Cold blamed but experts stymied on why they didn't swim to warmer waters.

Jan 4th dead jackdaw birds found throughout central Sweden. Fireworks are to blame say experts.

New Zealand has hundred of dead snappers wash up ashore all at once Jan 5th.

Brazil had 100 tons of sardines wash ashore last week. Reports are the dead fish are spreading across the region.

So WTF? Wait Here's one more tidbit that happened today: A river in BC, Canada, the Victoria, turned bight green for no apparent reason. After about five hours it was back to normal but no one has any idea as to why.

Rational explanations aside, that is a lot of death to rationalize away the different answers being blamed on these deaths, some of which go against everything we know wbout animal behavior. Much like the weather, something is wrong here. The animal kingdom is telling us something is wrong and we'd better listen up and quick. I believe our time is running out. All civilizations end and ours is just about done. It's going to be rocky year. I still advise everyone, stockpile food, a way to heat it, guns and lots of them. If the end of the world is coming, this is the kind of weird stuff that precede it.

In the end this could all be for nothing. The world may slink along for another few decades before ultimately falling. These deaths may all be media hype or a government experiment gone right or wrong (Psy-op versus accident). In today's reality it's hard to know what is real and what isn't. But I'll report it here and let you make your own decisions. Personally, I think we're screwed, one way or another. Maybe this will make people see what harm were doing to the planet.

My ultimate guess as to the reason is too complicated for discussion here but safe to say Mother Nature is pissed at us. The weather wasn't enough of a warning so here comes the environmental attack. Our food supply is going to be ending soon as a result. When that happens, billions of us are going to find ourselves very expendable. Which may be why the sudden push for the totalitarian state we are headed for. Watch this site closely for updates. The world may be headed off a cliff and I for one don't wish to be in it when it goes.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


In a week of Holy Cow WTF moments, leave it to NYC Unions to screw things up for everyone nationwide. These guys are some of the worst douchebags EVER. More on them later. Let's see the runner ups.

1)Muslim Extremists- In what can only be described as the stupidest terrorists of all times, Muslim nutbags blew up Catholics in Egypt with a suicide bomb attack. How does killing innocent people further your cause? Oh wait, it doesn't. As a matter of fact, other than in a handful of Middle East countries and possibly North Korea, their influence is in serious decline. No terrorist organization can survive by mindlessly blowing up people whose religious differences you don't like. It would be the equivalent if someone killed another guy because he was eating Spagetti-o's and not Chef Bourardee. All it's doing is giving people a reason to HATE Islam. If that's your goal than bravo, your doing a bang up job. Sooner or later, a Muslim psycho is going to do something so outlandish and evil that the world will throw up the hands and say enough. At the point, you guys are going to be the new Jews of the Holocaust. Is that really your ultimate aim? Do you want billions of innocent people to suffer horrendously because you're too stupid to understand what the actual religion stands for? Muslims should be dedicated to peace, as the Christians and Jews should as well. Not that any of them do but only Muslims see suicide bombing as a legitimate form of protest. It isn't. And all your doing is pissing in the face of a tiger. Catholics are rioting in Egypt right now demanding equal protection. The government is trying to restore peace and is likely to go Tarantino on the families involved. This nonsense must stop or else the Muslim world will really see a clash of civilization, a war they cannot win. Good luck with the whole terrorist/suicide bombing thing. You're doing great. For our side.

2)Fox News- Rapidly becoming the most schitzophrenic news agency out there, the channel has become both a beacon of truth and propaganda machine all at once. Certain news personalities like Shepard Smith, Geraldo Rivera, and Judge Napalitano all spout truths that should be outlawed on the channel they speak, but there they are talking about 9/11 problems, fracking and corporate maleficence. And then there's the other parts like Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin lying through their teeth. Recently it came to light that Fox News had turned in a grandmother for making anti-American statements. Yes she's a Muslim convert and may have some limited terrorist connections, but she has every right to speak out about our government and it's problems. As a far as I can tell, she never was out to get anybody, but she spoke her mind and Fox News told the government all about it, who hammered her. Our ability for free speech has been severely curtailed in our new fascist internment. Fear the news rules.

3)NYC Unions- It has come to light this week that the reason the NYC streets weren't plowed for days was a Union authorized slowdown due to their anger over recent budget cuts. Two people died because of that and many more needlessly suffered because these privileged assholes thought this would be a good way to protest. It wasn't, douche. Further, the American people are becoming increasingly hostile to unions because of crap like this. Unions are why people have decent income compared to the rest of us. We all should be union. But when dicks like this do stuff, people LOATHE unions and want them gone. Also gone will be all the well paying jobs from the past that unions get us. Unions got all of us vacation days, health care, workplace safety, 40 hour work weeks, child labor laws and many other too numerous to list here. All that goes away because all people see are greedy unions overreaching and lazy. Which they are. So way to go DOUCHEBAGS for screwing things up for the whole country. You are our first douchebag of the week for 2011.