Saturday, April 30, 2011


I know, I know. You're asking "How in the hell was Donald Trump and the birthers not douchebag of the week?" While they were a semi-amusing sideshow, what the Supreme Court did was the one of the single most douchy thing I have ever seen. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Mother Nature and climate change deniers- This week Mother Nature delivered another round of whoop ass to the south, making me seriously question whether Pat Robinson was right and maybe natural disasters are God's way of saying he's pissed at you. Notice all the places countrywide were gay people have equal rights were miraculously untouched. Just saying. On the other hand, some news networks went out of their way to say this latest rash of horror has in no way been influenced by global warming. Really? We know the world is getting warmer, as seen by satellite temperature readings that are in no way influenced by ground based systems (that was for the deniers). If the world is getting warmer, and it is, we will see a greater number of destructive storms in our future. Hurricanes may become less frequent, as demonstrated by the last five years in which no hurricanes have hit US shores, but when they do form and hit they are going to be doozies, as seen by almost every storm that hit every else. Statistically, the frequency and intensity of these storms have increased dramatically, even taking into account the seemingly near permanent El Nino and La Nina that used to happen every few years but now seem to alternate every other year, not a usual occurrence. Our weather is changing. Stop telling me it isn't.

2) The Sun- In a story that has been buried for the last year, scientists have discovered a mystery particle (or neutrinos with as of yet unheard of properties)being emitted from the sun. It's effects appear to be somewhere between "That sucks," to "We're screwed." Scientists have no clue as to which it will be. At the very least, this particle appears to be affecting the decay rate of all mass on the planet. What this means is that carbon dating may be an ineffective way to gauge past dates for any object unless a formula can be found to counteract the effects of this particle. At the worst, it's interacting with all mass on the planet and speeding up the decay rate of everything. In other words, we all may be aging faster than ever. It's effects at quantum levels could be devastating to all life. Funny, how this never made the news as it was discovered last August. More on this as it becomes available.

3)Birthers- If birthers had a time machine and went back to Obama's birth, it still wouldn't be good enough. The laughable amount of time that people have put into this is just sad. Obama is an American citizen and everything you've heard about the document being a fake by "experts" is either a closet racist with an axe to grind or semi-retarded. Not one issue they have brought up so far has any merit. Hopefully, we can all get on with our lives now.

4)TSA- This week the TSA raped a former miss America, a pregnant 1st grade teacher and Rhianna. Texas has responded by trying to pass a law making it a felony to touch someones privates without good cause. When Texas has to lead the charge in common sense the rest of the country should be embarrassed. This type of legislation should be across ALL states and I won't fly until it is.

5)The Supreme Court- Speaking of raping, the Supreme Court across pure party lines gave a five to four decision outlawing Civil Lawsuits for anyone who signs away their rights for arbitration instead. Too bad that arbitration guarantees a win for the corporation who can drag out proceedings for years, not show up for hearings and have no legal recourse to force anyone to do so. In other words, sue away, you can't win. Safety in this country is going to disappear and your job may have you do perks that in no way belong at our jobs. Women better look out because if you don't blow your boss now, he may fire you and there's nothing you can do about it, especially if you've signed away your right to sue when you took that job. Sure it's extreme, but what the Supreme Court ruled doesn't just affect class actions but all lawsuits. It said in it's ruling if you sign something, it's a legal document that binds you to everything in it. So if some enterprising boss puts in a mandatory blow job clause, and you sign it, pucker up baby or quit because the law says you have to get sucking. South Park nailed it on Wednesday and the repeat is on tonight. Watch it and see that, while extreme, it is entirely accurate of what may be to come. So congratulation Supreme Court, you are douchebag of this week, next week, next year and into eternity for this douchebag extraordinaire you have foisted on us. I hope you all get AIDS.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Ever watch a dog try to catch a laser pointer? Or a cat bat around a plastic mouse? That's what it looks like to me when I see what passes for "news" these days. This week some of the most momentous events happened and no one said boo. It was all "Look over there, a princess getting married to a prince." OHHHHHHHHHH. Or, "Obama was born in Kenya and I have the photoshop knowledge to prove it." AAHHHHHHHHH. ARGHHH is more like it. A big thumbs up to Dan Rather who wrote a scathing article this week, condemning news content as being about nothing when so much is actually going on.

I can't believe people are still examining Obama's real birth certificate as if it were the Rosetta Stone and the prize was a million dollars in gold. Do we really have nothing better to do with our time? Incidentally, everything you've heard about the certificate being faked, and I do mean everything, has a logical answer for. Mostly, it's conspiracy nuts playing with shiny things. There is no basis for any claim they are making. The name of the hospital, race, typeface, "photoshopping" nonsense can all be explained and I don't have the time or patience to do it here. Look it up if you are so inclined.

This could all be a very shrewed way for Obama to guarantee a win in 2012. Polls show that the only group remotely affected by any of this are Republicans and even they are sharply divided on the concept. Both Dems and Indys think the whole thing is stupid. A candidate actually running on this concept is going to have a losing battle. Donald Trump here is either a hero or chump depending how he plays this. I'm hoping he's doing all of this for free publicity and walks away when it's time to start campaigning. He'd be a modern day PT Barnum. If he actually runs he'll get eaten alive in a debate. I'm hoping smart businessman not delusional fool.

The big story missed this week is the Supreme Court ruling that effectively did away with class action lawsuits. South Park actually spoofed this on their show Wednesday, albeit unintentionally, but for at least the second time in their history, the creators are remarkably accurate with their predictions. See it in reruns this week if possible, It's really grotesque but really funny. It will require a strong stomach though.

But yes now every time you take a job, get a credit card, buy a house, you will be at the mercy of arbitrators who will drag out the proceedings for years and never render any kind of usable verdict as the plaintiff doesn't show half the time and there's really no law compelling them to. Sounds awesome huh? This country is going away and people have spent the week watching pretty colors, or tornadoes depending on part of the country you were in. Anyone fighting for their life this week has an excuse to not know what kind of danger the Supreme Court has put us in. The rest of us better get cracking because now your life is worth nothing to every corporate entity out there. Think they have your interests at heart? 70 years of worker gains done away with the corporate control of the Tea Party. Read what the group was about before it was taken over by fascists. Even it's creators are disgusted with it now. We need a new party, one that will encompass all. One that will do away with corruption and greed. One that will save this country and, OOHHHHH shiny thing.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Evolution VS Creationism: Which One Does God Support?

The debate of evolution and creationism has been going on for centuries and while the rest of the world accepts it as fact, the US seems to be taking a backward step. How backward? Even the Catholic Church has accepted the reality of evolution while still believing that God created us. So if religious institutions have come to grips with evolution, why hasn’t everyone?

There is compelling evidence that we are evolved from monkeys. Chromosome 2 shows a fusion between chimpanzee and human DNA, just like we would expect from such an evolutionary tract. Dozens of fossils show missing links from ocean dwellers to land animals, including long extinct creatures that possess both gills and feet. The most compelling evidence is that we can actually watch evolution happen right in front of our eyes with new species and even human existence.

But does this negate the possibility of God? No. At no point does evolution say God does not exist but is in actuality just more complex. And shouldn’t that be the way God works? Arthur C Clarke said that any technology superior to ours would be seen as magic and that philosophy would work for God as well. Maybe he has better toys than we do.

The only hiccup in evolutionary theory, and one that every creationist throws back into the face of reason, is that we still don’t really understand why we became sentient while most other creature on the planet didn’t. We did evolve into rational beings in less than 30,000 years which is a blink of the eye in evolutionary terms. But rather than evoke God as a reason, perhaps we were unique in that area for some reason due to how our brains were wired. Or maybe environmental reasons, such as exposure to some toxin, propelled us forward. Or maybe aliens really did force evolution on us as the ancient Sumerian myths told us. All are better explanations than God did it.

It is universally accepted that the Earth is not 6000 years old, that man evolved from apes and the Bible is NOT the source of all historical fact. With the invention of things like math and reading, we can prove all the above are true. But that also doesn’t mean that God is not real. It is too bad that believing in one, always seems to negate the other.

So is teaching creationism a bad thing for schools? Here is what Andrew J. Coulson of the Cato Institute wrote: "Intelligent design contends that life on Earth is too complex to have evolved naturally, and so must be the product of an unspecified intelligent designer. Most adherents of this idea would undoubtedly be happy just to have it taught to their own children, and most of my fellow evolutionists presumably believe they should have that right. So why are we fighting?
We're fighting because the institution of public schooling forces us to, by permitting only one government-sanctioned explanation of human origins. The only way for one side to have its views reflected in the official curriculum is at the expense of the other side. But what Coulson fails to realize is that religious ideals have no place in the schools, especially scientific studies."

Many others think so as well. Professor Reiss , of the British Royal Society, has issued the following clarification. "Some of my comments about the teaching of creationism have been misinterpreted as suggesting that creationism should be taught in science classes. Creationism has no scientific basis. However, when young people ask questions about creationism in science classes, teachers need to be able to explain to them why evolution and the Big Bang are scientific theories but they should also take the time to explain how science works and why creationism has no scientific basis. I have referred to science teachers discussing creationism as a worldview'; this is not the same as lending it any scientific credibility." His comments about this subject caused him to be fired for even suggesting creationism had a factual basis.

So why do so many hold on to a belief system that even the highest levels of their religion say is nonsense? Surprisingly, it is the inventions of things like the internet that has made progress come to a screeching halt for some. With so much information out there, much of it wrong, people can confirm their own beliefs while ignoring common sense. Do you think that God wants ignorance and stupidity or reasoned debate? I know which and so should all of you.


Only in this country would the showing of a legal document be proof that you have more to hide. As expected, amateur sleuths from the around the globe have come up with the most nitpicky details about Obama's birth certificate that even on rudimentary inspection, sound like nonsense. Idiocy about "layered" words on a document, whatever the hell that means, and I know tons about video and photography. Enough, please. Go hunt for the Loch Ness Monster if you want to waste your time. At least you'll be outdoors. (For the record, there is zero evidence for a Lock Ness Monster. Bigfoot is whole other matter though). And if you hear any more garbage about Obama's SS number, the shmucktoids don't know what they talking about. Yes he may have a CT SS number. I have one from NJ yet I wasn't born there. Why? In days of old you weren't issued a SS number. Instead, you petitioned the government for one. Whatever state you were living in or even where the form was processed gave you the number. Christ, that took all of five minutes to debunk, yet still gains life on the idiotnet. And stop with the college transcipts. The president will do it when EVERY member of congress is forced to do the same. Watch that bill die in Committee.

On more serious matters, radiation is still circling the globe. Traces of Stronium-89 have appeared for the first time in Hawaii milk. the FDA reported that it was well below safety limits which seemed rather odd as the FDA HAS NO SAFETY LIMITS FOR STRONIUM-89. Just so you are all aware, stronium-89 and 90 are some of the most cancerous substances on earth. They are bone seekers and make short work of fetuses and small children, something I've been warning people of all along. I am not one to shout danger without due cause. And while I may not always be right, I usually am about these kind of matters. The only good news is that stronium 89 only has a half life of 50 days. 90 on the other hand is 30 years. The EPA has no released data suggesting stronium 90 is present, but we all know how well government agencies releases pertinent data. The fact that they have said they have “no detectable strontium or plutonium readings” which sounds like Orwellian for “we aren’t really looking for it”, a charge they don't deny.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Greenpeace is charging Japan with intentionally hiding factual info on radiation release. They are also saying that the lowering of the radiation levels for "Safety" will lead to countless deaths. The levels for children are twenty times higher than recognized standards and are at the same level for someone actually working at a nuclear plant. The fact that children are most vulnerable to radiation seems not to bother these idiots.

More on radiation levels as info becomes available. Hawaiian milk is definitely not okay to drink, especially among small children.

Mother nature seems pissed. More tornadoes including one that was a mile long and lasted over four hours on the ground. That's a rare type of tornado and I can only think of one other time I read about this happening. If the end of the world was occurring, this is how it would look. Wars, death, destruction, economic collapse, weather anomalies, signs from the heavens (more on this from a later post) and basically hell all around us. Watch the nightly news and tell me I"m nuts.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Obama took the sails out of blowhards like Donald Trump by releasing his state issued birth certificate, which in true idiot fashion, has already been denounced as a fraud by the nutty right. Video tape of his birth could surface tomorrow and there would still be talk of it being a fraud. Mind you the government gets some of this blame as they have been habitually lying to us for so long that no one believes anyone about anything anymore. Even when truths are given, there is always at least one nut job to shout "CONSPIRACY" at the top of his lungs until some gullible individuals take heed. The certificate is real as far as I can tell and no legitimate news organization or website has said different. Obama is an American citizen. Period. Can we please move on to more important things?

Wait, what? Donald Trump wants Obama to release his college records now? Oh for Pete's sake. No President has ever released his college records nor should they. My grades from college weren't great but that hardly is a solid estimate of my IQ (181). I got a lot of bad grades from not agreeing with my teachers which didn't make me a bad student but one who wasn't going to accept any old thing the teachers threw out for me. It endeared me to some like Dr. Feder and Dr. McKeon and made me a pariah with nameless others. I flunked two classes rather than give in to the nonsense these two idiots were handing, one of whom was teaching principles decades out of date. Anyone looking at my grades would think I was a terrible student when in actuality I was standing up for myself and could have taught the classes better than these fools with worthless PHD's. I still graduated in the middle of my class with a decent GPA and two degrees. Obama's grades are nobody's business. He graduated Suma Cum Lauda which means his grades weren't that bad. No president should have to release a college transcipt. Not even Bush, and we all know his grades would have been mediocre at best. Funny, how that never came up for Republicans back when he was running.

Anyone still bitching about this should be forced to wear a KKK outfit for one month to demonstrate how a true racist lives. You hate black people. We get it. Now go get one of your twelve hundred guns, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger. Please. Your making every other white person look bad in comparison.

This is case closed. Obama is a US citizen. Get over it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why News Matters

Anyone watching the news from another planet this week would think that the only thing going on was the upcoming wedding of two rich, inbred morons that I could not care less about. Other things are occurring, important things, and I watch as, and I swear to God this is true, some uber-gay idiot (Not a homophonic slur, trust me this guy was GAY) dressed like the Union Jack puked on him with tri color hair (and a design of hair shaving that reminded me of a basketball), going on and on about the royal wedding dress. I could not care less about a person's sexual orientation. His fashion sense on the other hand. Dial it down, schmuck, my eyes can't handle it. And all this blah blah blah about the wedding. Isn't there like a hundred wars going on? Isn't the Midwest and south in a constant state of entering Oz at any second? Did world peace happen and nobody bothered to tell us? No, it's the same old give the masses their bread and circuses and let's steal everything we can while they are distracted.

On the nightly news tonight both the local and national news gave almost half of their allotted time to these stories. No mention of the fact that ALIENS MAY HAVE LEFT US A MESSAGE AT SOME POINT IN THE LAST TWENTY YEARS. If this story is true, and I have no reason to doubt it as it is a government document that one man has fought to get through FOIA since 2004 when it originally supposed to be released, it is the most important thing ever. I do mean EVER. And if it's not real, why fight so hard to keep it from being released? More and this as I seek further confirmation onto its authenticity.

On a totally way out there prediction, what if the terrorist attack warning I wrote about last week was going to be a hit on the Royal Couple? The code words "the wedding has begun," was used, maybe this is the wedding they are talking about. It would be a stunning attack as all eyes on Friday are going to be on London. But it would be near impossible to do anything with all the security but who knows? I say chances for even trying at less than 20% and less than 10% of it actually being successful. But if it happens, you can say I mentioned it was possible, albeit unlikely.

The problems in Syria are a good example of what happens when you shut down all news in a society. Rampant misinformation is being used by all sides to wage what is actually going on in Damascus. Some reports say over 400 dead. Others say 30. Some say the whole thing is propaganda so the UN will have another pretext to go to war with yet another country. That last one's a little far fetched for me. But there are reports, unverified of course, that all this talk about people being shot in the streets is not true. But without a news media, we have no way of knowing? Egypt learned the hard way that shutting down news services makes people panic and regimes will lose every time. Syria may go the same if it continues down this dangerous path.

Speaking of Egypt, a new poll shows everyone why keeping dictators is in US best interests. A majority of people want to end their treaty with Israel, a recipe for disaster that has kept the area war free for decades. They also want the Koran as the ultimate law and religious groups to get a bigger hand in government. This is all bad news for US and Israeli alike. This rash of anti-Americanism is spreading and when places like Yemen or Syria fall to increasingly hardliner Muslim states, the world gets closer to WW3. Religion, on all sides, will kill us all.


Anyone who watches the news lately cannot help but think that the game is over, the fat lady has sung and the lights are coming up as the bartender yells "last call." The word depressing does not even come close. Let's take a quick look at some of the total idiocy and frightening predictions being made around the world.

First, let's stop with the nonsense that Obama wasn't born in this country. He was and I can prove it.

1)He has released his birth certificate which is a legal document capable of getting you a passport or driver's licence. He is therefore a recognized member of the country.

2)His birth ran in local newspapers which was given to the papers by the state not his parents. Regardless, even if they did, his mother was an American citizen so it didn't matter where he was born, he'd still be a US citizen just incapable of running for President. I doubt they had that in mind when they named him Barack Hussein Obama.

3)Ignored by all but the Associated Press and apparently one other person, anyone can go to Hawaii, wait in line and get a copy of the record of all births in the state in any given year. This is available info to all. Guess what? Obama's name is there sandwiched between everyone else born that year.

4) Countless people have come forward saying they remember Obama being born in the same hospital he has always said he was born in. Unless you're Donald Trump who says he's never heard of anyone knowing the President when he was young. Read a book idiot.

5)A recent USA poll said only 38% of people say he was definitely born in this country. Wow. That means 62% of us should be just killed and be done with it because there is no hope for mankind if these mouthbreathers keep reproducing. This has to be the dumbest story in the history of mankind. A provably wrong story that the right has browbeaten and brainwashed it's followers into accepting an universal lie. If they can make these morons believe that, they can make them believe anything. And they do.

In other news, the IMF has said that the US will lose it's superpower status in as short as five years to China. Why? Because we outsourced all of our jobs for short term profit that has sunk this country into third world status. The rich have made all the gains and the middle class is rapidly disappearing. Jobs today pay a fraction of what they used to and many cannot make enough to survive. We have sold ourselves out for the new oligarchy and the the idiot Tea Party is trying to make it happen. If we don't stand up and do something soon, the alternative is mass violence, rioting, and most likely a permanent martial law, forever changing what we have here. If you have a job where wrongdoing is being accomplished with no oversight, report it any way you can. Yes, you'll be putting the lives of you and your family at risk but the alternative is that you and your family are guaranteed a life as slaves with NO rights. Remember that when a new feudal lord takes a liking to your thirteen year old daughter. Think that won't happen here? It may already be occurring. There has been rumors of high level child porn rings for years here and abroad. Look it up.

Radiations levels on the West Coast are still very high, especially Boise, Idaho. More as it becomes available.

Why is Wikileaks giving us worthless documents about Gitmo? Where are the UFO and Bank of America documents he promised?

On the subject of UFO's, a new NSA document claims a Sputnik satellite picked up an alien transmission that is being currently translated. It included math and the entire Periodic table along with messages that are still being worked on. FOIA allowed this to be given out to the public. If true, it's the most momentous thing in the history of mankind yet no one seems interested. I am.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Recently I write about the Telegram and Gazette's editorial about sick days and the unbelievable statistic of 86% of workers having them. Seems they left out a few keywords. I tracked down the stats from the US Bureau of Labor and found out that 86% is indeed a correct number. FOR HIGH LEVEL WORKERS ONLY! When we look at the stat for those of us making less than 100,000 dollars a year, the stat plummets to 19%. The only group that gets sick days in that 19% are government and some union workers. That's it. No one else gets dick. That's some John Kyl level math going on there. Sick days will help keep sick people from showing up and work and infecting everyone as I have seen in every office I ever worked where sick days were not available. That lost productivity costs more than if they just gave the person a paid day off. Hundreds of millions of dollars saved but employers will feel the pinch where the average workers gets benefit only. These idiots are trying to convince you that your basic rights are less important than their sixth vacation home. Demand the Massachusetts Senate and House pass this important bill. Gov. Patrick is already a supporter and is rapidly becoming one of my favorite politicians. Go Patrick.

Radiation continues to swamp the globe but I have been unable to verify any local samples other one taken from Vermont recently that showed high levels of Iodine and Cessium in milk. If it's there, it's here to. Iodine is less worrisome than the cassium which has a much longer half life of 30 years. The people likely to suffer most are going to be small children with a higher preponderance to small female children as seen from studies taken after Chernobyl. I will post more as info comes in. East Coast needs only worry a little as the amounts are still quite small. West Coast levels are off the charts. Cancer levels are going to soar in these areas. If you have small children, seriously consider moving East as soon as possible. Unless, cancer for you and your family sounds like fun. Your chances before this disaster was 1 in 2. That stat is now going to be 1 in 1.25 people are going to get cancer. This means if you have five people in a room, four of you are coming down with cancer. The above is a real statistic. Check out the NCS if you don't believe me.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Plutonium and Stronium Detected In West Coast Samples

EPA RADnet data not released to the public.

•RADnet began monitoring for Plutonium from Day 1
•Plutonium was found from Alaska. to San Francisco California. and down into Guam from 03/18/2011
•Strontium was detected in the United States on 03/18/2011
•Isotopes found not released in public reports Plutonium, Strontium and Cesium

GUAM GU 3/19/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-239 0.000012
SAIPAN CNMI 3/21/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-239 0.000009
SAN FRANCISCO CA 3/18/2011 3/24/2011 Plutonium-239 0.0000065
NOME AK 3/20/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-238 0.0000035
SEATTLE WA 3/18/2011 3/24/2011 Plutonium-238 0.0000025
RIVERSIDE CA 3/15/2011 3/24/2011 Plutonium-238 0.0000013
RIVERSIDE CA 3/15/2011 3/24/2011 Plutonium-239 0.0000013
SAIPAN CNMI 3/21/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-238 0
SAIPAN CNMI 3/24/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-239 0
NOME AK 3/20/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-239 0
SEATTLE WA 3/18/2011 3/24/2011 Plutonium-239 -0.0000013
ANAHEIM CA 3/15/2011 3/24/2011 Plutonium-239 -0.0000015
DUTCH HARBOR AK 3/19/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-239 -0.0000023
ANAHEIM CA 3/15/2011 3/24/2011 Plutonium-238 -0.000003
SAN FRANCISCO CA 3/18/2011 3/24/2011 Plutonium-238 -0.0000037
KAUAI HI 3/21/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-239 -0.0000043
DUTCH HARBOR AK 3/19/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-238 -0.0000069
SAIPAN CNMI 3/24/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-238 -0.000008
GUAM GU 3/19/2011 3/31/2011 Plutonium-238 -0.000008

ANAHEIM CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-89 0.0008
ANAHEIM CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-89 0.0008
ANAHEIM CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-89 0.0008
ANAHEIM CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-89 0.0008
RIVERSIDE CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-90 0.00011
RIVERSIDE CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-90 0.00011
RIVERSIDE CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-90 0.00011
RIVERSIDE CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-90 0.00011
RIVERSIDE CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-89 -0.00013
RIVERSIDE CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-89 -0.00013
RIVERSIDE CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-89 -0.00013
RIVERSIDE CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-89 -0.00013
ANAHEIM CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-90 -0.00036
ANAHEIM CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-90 -0.00036
ANAHEIM CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-90 -0.00036
ANAHEIM CA 3/18/2011 3/18/2011 Strontium-90 -0.0003

Cesium Air Result

NOME AK 3/24/2011 3/24/2011 Cesium-134 0.144 PCI/M3
NOME AK 3/24/2011 3/24/2011 Cesium-137 0.1261 PCI/M3
KAHUKU HI 3/21/2011 3/21/2011 Cesium-137 0.116 PCI/M3
NOME AK 3/24/2011 3/24/2011 Cesium-137 0.115 PCI/M3
KAHUKU HI 3/21/2011 3/21/2011 Cesium-134 0.0929 PCI/M3
KAHUKU HI 3/21/2011 3/21/2011 Cesium-137 0.0915 PCI/M3
DUTCH HARBOR AK 3/22/2011 3/22/2011 Cesium-137 0.0876 PCI/M3
KAUAI HI 3/21/2011 3/21/2011 Cesium-137 0.086 PCI/M3
KAUAI HI 3/21/2011 3/21/2011 Cesium-134 0.0788 PCI/M3
KAUAI HI 3/21/2011 3/21/2011 Cesium-137 0.0752 PCI/M3
DUTCH HARBOR AK 3/22/2011 3/22/2011 Cesium-134 0.072 PCI/M3
SAIPAN CNMI 3/21/2011 3/21/2011 Cesium-134 0.068 PCI/M3
DUTCH HARBOR AK 3/19/2011 3/19/2011 Cesium-137 0.0625 PCI/M3
BOISE ID 3/23/2011 3/23/2011 Cesium-137 0.0618 PCI/M3
LAS VEGAS NV 3/24/2011 3/24/2011 Cesium-137 0.058 PCI/M3
DUTCH HARBOR AK 3/22/2011 3/22/2011 Cesium-137 0.053 PCI/M3
DUTCH HARBOR AK 3/19/2011 3/19/2011 Cesium-137 0.053 PCI/M3
LAS VEGAS NV 3/21/2011 3/21/2011 Cesium-134 0.0516 PCI/M3
LAS VEGAS NV 3/21/2011 3/21/2011 Cesium-137 0.0477 PCI/M3

Cesium Milk Results
All amounts are pCi/L.

HILO HI 4/4/2011 4/4/2011 Cesium-134 24.3
HILO HI 4/4/2011 4/4/2011 Cesium-137 19.1
MONTPELIER VT 3/30/2011 3/30/2011 Cesium-137 1.91
RENO NV 4/4/2011 4/4/2011 Cesium-137 amounts not listed from here on. No idea why.
BUFFALO NY 4/1/2011 4/1/2011 Cesium-137
DOVER DE 4/1/2011 4/1/2011 Cesium-137
ATHENS TN 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137
CINCINNATI OH 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137
CLEVELAND OH 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137
KNOXVILLE TN 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137
PITTSBURGH PA 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137
RENO NV 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137
TRENTON NJ 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137
BALTIMORE MD 3/30/2011 3/30/2011 Cesium-137
CHARLESTON WV 3/30/2011 3/30/2011 Cesium-137
DALLAS TX 3/30/2011 3/30/2011 Cesium-137
JEFFERSON CITY MO 3/30/2011 3/30/2011 Cesium-137
LITTLE ROCK AR 3/30/2011 3/30/2011 Cesium-137
LOUISVILLE KY 3/30/2011 3/30/2011 Cesium-137

Cesium Rain
All amounts are pCi/L.

BOISE ID 3/27/2011 3/27/2011 Cesium-134 42
BOISE ID 3/27/2011 3/27/2011 Cesium-137 36.4
BOISE ID 3/27/2011 3/27/2011 Cesium-137 35.6
BOISE ID 3/27/2011 3/27/2011 Cesium-134 34.3
BOISE ID 3/22/2011 3/22/2011 Cesium-137 11.6
BOISE ID 3/22/2011 3/22/2011 Cesium-134 11.2
OAK RIDGE/Y12 E TN 4/4/2011 4/4/2011 Cesium-137 2.1
JACKSONVILLE FL 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-134 1.45
SALT LAKE CITY UT 3/28/2011 3/28/2011 Cesium-134 1.45
OAK RIDGE/Y12 E TN 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137 1.44
OAK RIDGE/MELTON TN 3/28/2011 3/28/2011 Cesium-137 1.42
OAK RIDGE/MELTON TN 3/28/2011 3/28/2011 Cesium-134 1.33
OAK RIDGE/Y12 E TN 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-134 1.28
OAK RIDGE/K25 TN 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137 1.21
LANSING MI 4/4/2011 4/4/2011 Cesium-137 1.15
JACKSONVILLE FL 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137 1.09
SALT LAKE CITY UT 3/28/2011 3/28/2011 Cesium-137 1.09
OAK RIDGE/MELTON TN 3/31/2011 3/31/2011 Cesium-137 0.87
LITTLE ROCK AR 3/28/2011 3/28/2011 Cesium-137 0.6

These findings are troubling at best and anyone reading this post should take all precautions, especially staying out of the rain and limiting any exposure to water in general that is not bottled. The West Coast, Hawaii and Alaska are being badly affected so these areas should take great care in all outdoor activities involving water, bathing, dish washing, and drinking. Awesome.

Cancer rates at best say 60,000 people will be affected over the coming years. I have a feeling those rates are much lower than what we will see in our lifetime.


There were so many douchebags this week I don't even know where to begin. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Brendon Bartkus from down the street- Some ass stole my Netflix out of my mailbox this week. Good thing Captain numnuts wasn't exactly a criminal mastermind as he was caught later that same day trying to solicit funds for a fake charity. A big thumbs up to the Northbridge Police Department for not only solving this crime but returning what was stolen in less than twelve hours. You put to shame the other cops giving you guys a bad name. In all honesty, my dealings with the local cops in general has been a great experience. Captain Walter Warchol is doing something right.

2)Many other Police departments- There is so much here I can hardly believe it. Seattle cops got caught again beating a defenseless man, Florida cops killed a man with a taser outside Universal Studios and then went on to provide TSA help outside of a Palm Beach train station in a clear violation of the fourth amendment, speed cameras have been proven in court multiple times that they are defective (if anyone gets caught by one, use physics and camera shots to prove you weren't speeding), FBI files show that rapper BIG may have been killed by a rouge LAPD officer, and Michigan police have been accused of stealing phone data from routine traffic stops. And that's only what's been reported on a national scale. Sheesh.

3)Republicans and the Tea Party- I have heard more bull this week from these idiots than I think I ever have before. Ayn Rand has been brought up by these idiots time and time again forgetting that Rand was a rabid hater of Republicans and religion. Much like the Bible, these mouthbreathers are picking and choosing what philosophy they like and what they don't. Rand was an idiot, but she also hated government intrusion into things like abortion and homosexuality, something the fundamentalist Tea Party does not support. Plus, only the dumbest of the dumb would fight for a policy shift that will subject them to abject poverty. Morons.

4)The Telegram and Gazette- This local newspaper must be being run by the Tea Party because their editorial section has such a skew to it I almost fell over when reading it. This week they fought against Gov. Patrick's push to give sick days to all Massachusetts residents by using unfounded data and subjection. They actually said that 86% of the people (whether this was national or local is unknown as the article was so poorly written) get sick days already. Who exactly because I have never had sick days at any job ever? Most people I have talked with don't get them either. Unless you work for the government or have a great union neither does anyone else. So there is no way 86% of people get sick days. Where is this figure from? Plus they actually had the balls to say the Tea Party is a civil organization who has elected many an intelligent candidate to the Government. REALLY? Name one. You can't? Neither can I. They were pissed that people actually protested outside a Tea Party rally in Worcester the other day saying that the taunts of "racist" and "homophobe" had no business in what was otherwise a pleasant rally filled with smart, rational people. Have you already forgotten the crap during the meetings on health care? Yeah, they were rational. The Tea Party has become the party of radical intolerance and then you wonder why people are so mad at them? You guys suck.

5)Fox News- Obama, who if you notice is not on this list for the first time in a while, mentioned that the lifting of the SS cap would be great way to fund the troubled government option for decades. Fox News went on to promote fearmongering by saying such a move would cripple the economy and end life as we know it. No it won't and you don't have a leg to stand on. If the best you can come up with is the awful CATO institute to back you up, your argument is in serious trouble. The only people it will hurt are rich people. Shmucks.

6) WORLD GOVERNMENTS- The world is conspiring to not tell you how bad things are with the radioactive fallout still peppering the Earth. Worst case scenario at this point are mass sterility, birth defects galore and every single human being irradiated to the point they may actually glow in the dark soon. Cancer rates are going to soar over the coming decades. Models by the EU and US do not match that of the Norwegians, one of the top radioactivity specialists on the planet. The presence of Xenon is especially troubling as that is very cancerous with the smallest amount linked to cancer rates. If that stuff is spreading across the planet 80-90% of humans may come down with cancer in their lifetimes. Worst hit will be children, especially females who seem particularly adverse to radioactive effects, with a sharp spike in leukemia. More on this as it becomes available. So thanks world governments, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Mossad Rushes To Foil Imminent Attack

Israeli website Debka has issued a travel warning for all Israelis that Hezbollah is planning an attack on undisclosed locations. The attack is in response to the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh three years ago. Mossad and most likely, the US and Interpol, are racing to identify the target before the attack takes place. It is the first time such a world wide warning has been issued by the 63 years old security service in its history.

This is also the first time any Western or Middle East intelligence agency has ever released the names of terrorist masterminds before an attack. It normally takes months or even years for their identities to be discovered and even longer for their disclosure.
The Mossad may have put their names in the public domain in the hope of somehow stalling the Hizballah operation in the nick of time:
The five top Hizballah terrorist operatives named are:

Talal Hamiyah, head of Hizballah's External Security Organization – ESO. Deputy of the late Moughniyeh for many years, Hamiyah stepped into the slain terror-master's shoes as commander of overseas operations. Hizballah's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has entrusted him with avenging the death of his late boss.
Ahmed Al-Fayd, Hamiyah's operations officer and right hand.
Najem a-Din, Hizballah's bomb expert.
Naim Haris. In the guise of a Lebanese businessman, he is responsible for recruiting collaborators in different countries for Hizballah's overseas hits.
Mehmet Taharawrlu, a Turkish national who recruites local talent to assist in Hizballah attacks in Turkey.

The warning was not issued as an official notice but leaked through mainstream media and marked red alert. As one source put it, "The wedding has begun." Counter-terror sources interpreted this extraordinary communication to the public as meaning that Hezbollah's plot is too advanced for Israel's counter-terror agencies to preempt at source and a hectic race is afoot for them to beat Hezbollah to its target or at least limit the damage.

No Israeli intelligence would disclose the location or country where the attack was to take place, only that the timeline was "immediate."

Any info on these individuals should be given to the authorities at once.

BREAKING NEWS: Radiation Spreads World Wide. Governments Conspire To Downplay It.

New information has come to light demonstrating a world wide conspiracy to downplay the radiation effects wrecking havoc on then planet. US/EU computer models show little fallout or problems outside of Japan from the continuing Fukushima nuclear disaster. However, a new study from the Norwegian Institute of Air Research shows a vastly different model that shows exposure to Cessium-137 at exteme levels and Xenon exposure mentioned for the first time. Check out this link for more info This is important as Xenon is only found as a by product of uranium or plutonium nuclear explosions. This means at least one reactor was/is in full meltdown and lethal amounts of raidation were/still are being pumped into the air. The implications for this are very,very bad. So what will happen? Let's see what fallout does.

The activity of fallout deposited on the ground or other surfaces is measured in becquerels (Bq), defined as the number of radioactive disintegrations per second.
The basic unit of the system used internationally to characterize radiation dose is the gray (Gy), defined as the absorption of 1 joule of energy per kilogram of tissue. (The international system of units is gradually supplanting the previous system based on dose units of rad, but conversion is easy: 1 Gy = 100 rad.) For perspective, it is helpful to remember that the external dose received from natural sources of radiation and from cosmic radiation—is of the order of 1 milligray (mGy, one-thousandth of a gray) per year; the dose from a CT scans is about 15-20 mGy, and exposure due to cosmic rays received during a transatlantic flight is about 0.02 mGy.

However, studies done on survivors from past nuclear tests and the attacks on Japan during WW2 show a higher increase of lukemia and thyroid cancer. If the above graphs are right, these cancers should skyrocket over the next decade. If birth defects start happening with an alarming regularity over the next few years, all indicators are that cancer rates will experience an equal rise.

Thyroid cancer is a rare disease overall—with U.S. lifetime rates estimated to be 0.97 percent in females and 0.36 percent in males—and it is extremely rare at ages younger than 25. Furthermore, the malignancy is usually indolent, may go long unobserved in the absence of special screening efforts and has a fatality rate of less than 10 percent. These factors make it difficult to study fallout-related thyroid cancer risk in all but the most heavily exposed populations. Thyroid cancer risks from external radiation are related to gender and to age at exposure, with by far the highest risks occurring among women exposed as young children.

The applicability of risk estimates based on studies of external radiation exposure to a population exposed mainly to internal sources, and to I-131 in particular, has been debated for many years. This uncertainty relates to the uneven distribution of I-131 radiation dose within the thyroid gland and its protraction over time. Until recently, the scientific consensus had been that I-131 is probably somewhat less effective than external radiation as a cause of thyroid cancer. However, observations of thyroid cancer risk among children exposed to fallout from the Chornobyl reactor accident in 1986 have led to a reassessment. An Institute of Medicine report concluded that the Chornobyl observations support the conclusion that I-131 has an equal effect, or at least two-thirds the effect of internal radiation. More recent data on thyroid cancer risk among persons in Belarus and Russia exposed as young children to Chornobyl fallout offer further support of this inference.

And remember Chernobyl only lasted ten days. We are approaching week 6. We know the government isn't telling us the truth. These kind of lies may be fatal.

Stay out of any rainfall as it may be heavily contaiminated. Water supplies may suffer so start stocking up on clean water now while you can. Food from Western Europe may by the safest on Earth right now. Keep posted as things can change in a heartbeat in this increasingly dying planet.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Auto Tune: The Scourge Of Humanity

People have often asked me if I could go back in time and change anything, what would I do? I wouldn’t kill Hitler. I wouldn’t stop the destruction of ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan. I would stop Andy Hildebrand from inventing the auto tune, a device so devious that it is singlehandedly destroying the musical landscape. Don’t believe me? If you can listen to Rebecca Black’s single “Friday” without ripping off both your ears, you’re a better person than me.

Now Black is just a very sweet, thirteen year old girl who though some sort of blind luck stumbled onto a money machine and shouldn’t be held responsible for the awful tastes of those listening to her or the greedy producers who see dollar signs instead of talent. But now that the auto tune has spread to mainstream acts with a frightening regularity we as a people should be standing up to the recording industry and say in one loud voice, “Enough!”

Auto tune started with Cher leading the charge with her warbled version of “Believe,” a use even the inventor didn’t see coming. It remained a novelty until 2005, when rapper T-Pain used it to get four grammy nods and a sudden rush of earplugs from irritated parents. Now everyone wants to use it. The Black Eyed Peas overuse of the device caused many a reviewer to call their latest album, “The Beginning,” unlistenable and drek. But as with any new fad, it still has to be beat into the ground by every other artist as well. Prince, Kayne West and Diddy are all releasing new albums with what will probably be auto tune over kill. Joy.

It is exactly this kind of garbage that is killing the music industry. Having worked for several major labels in the past, I can tell you that the people running the shots at these industries are some of the least forward thinking individuals you will ever meet. Back in 2003, record execs told us and others that all they were interested in was the next boy band. This was despite the fact that boy bands had decreased volumes in record sales and had been doing so for over five years. What kind of idiots want you to find something that all evidence points to not working? Besides the TSA. On a quick side note, how long before some enterprising bomber surgically implants a bomb in himself? I can see the security line now. “Step over here sir and get in our brand new super duper X-ray machine. Radiation? No it’s good for you. Just ask Ann Coulter.”

Auto tune is being used to death even in ways that you may not realize. It doesn’t have to make you sound like a constipated robot but can actually be used to correct pitch normally. This is why when you see some of your favorite acts live, it sounds like cats being strangled. I was at a concert for a local artist recently and my friend said, “She sounds kind of pitchy.” That’s because she’s singing, idiot. Nobody sings in perfect pitch constantly. Unless of course you are Rebecca Black or T-Pain.

Monday, April 18, 2011

EPA and BP: Who's The Bigger Liar This Week

This has been a hard week for anyone seeking truth. Radiation spreads unabated across the globe, Republicans try to out douche each other, and Democrats flail wildly about in search of direction.

Let's look at what's happened with the oil spill since. We receive glowing reports that the effects are all but gone, the seafood is safe to eat, the water safe to swim in and don't worry about it happening again because it's all better now. Only thing, everything I just wrote is completely wrong. The effects are still causing fish and animal deaths up and down the coast, people are still reporting health problems from eating seafood or swimming in the Gulf, and Obama has done less than nothing to fix the problem. According to experts looking into the case, President Pussy has done zip other than change the name of the organization from Minerals and Mining Agency to Bureau of Land Management. That's it. Sure some token shuffling of various people may have been done but no other actions have taken place to insure the BP oil spill will not happen again.

Blow out protections are exactly the same as they were last summer, or in other words, worthless. Spill plans by large corporations? The same. Technology to help clean up another mess? The same. See anything wrong with the picture? Plus, no prosecutions AGAIN for the idiots who caused this mess and killed 11 people. I thought manslaughter was illegal in the US? Oh I forgot rich people can do whatever they want.

But it gets worse. The EPA this week publicly said they know the radiation monitors across the country aren't working properly but they have no plans to fix them anytime soon. Wait, what? So these expensive items that we paid with our tax dollars to help gauge a radiation problem aren't working and you have no time line to fix them? Either you've been told to keep them off or your a bunch of retards who can't get their act together. These monitors are kind of important Captain Numnuts and I suggest you get a repair team out there stat. With radiation levels accelerating and a complete lack of preparation in solving this crisis it's like you called BP for advice on how to handle it. Michio Kaku. the noted physicist, wondered why they haven't just filled the reactor cores with cement by now? If he says it's possible, it's possible. So why the wait? Could greed be being used to doom all of mankind? Look at the Gulf and tell me what you think.


With Japanese radiation continuing to rise unabated, there was little question who was the winner this week. Let's look at those runner ups.

1)Republicans- With the release of Atlas Shrugged this week in select theaters, conservatives went into a frenzy about this awful awful movie. Basically a philosophy 50 years out of date about how the rich are great and the poor are parasites, we can truly see how evil the Republican party has become with the Tea Party as pitbulls. These wrong beliefs are by people who are basically the poor parasites she criticizes. Unbelievable, It's like Jews for Nazis signs. The GOP loves this stuff and their latest budget shows it. Wake up people.

2)Mother Nature- This week Mother nature must have had PMS something fierce because the largest group of tornadoes ever hit the south and east with NC taking the brunt. Dozens are dead. Almost 300 tornadoes touched down with two or three circling around each other at one time, an occurrence called unheard of by scientists. Floods have also taken their toll in Maryland and high flood stages in New England. All that rain has also bought untold radiation levels courtesy of Japan.

3)Oil Companies- With major oil suppliers like Saudi Arabia cutting back on their oil supply because of oversupply against demand, we have to wonder why prices are so high. It's simple: oil company greed and speculators. We are paying higher costs to fund their lifestyle. Swell.

4)TEPCO- With the US unable to get any kind of reasonable explanation about radiation levels, panic is starting to ensue. Morgan Stanley has committed the biggest default in Japanese history of 3.3 billion dollars after basically abandoning their new HQ in Tokyo. Who can blame them? Would you stay in an area that is being bombarded with lethal doses of radiation? Other companies are following and there is the possibility that the northern part of Japan may be uninhabitable for 14,000 years. TEPCO says it will only take 6 to nine months to fix the problem. Wow, is that all? And I thought we were in trouble. Chernobyl lasted 10 days. We are in week fifteen with no end in sight. Birth defects will be the first sign that everything is going to hell. If that occurs on a world wide significant basis, we are so screwed. Stock up on water because soon there may not be any that is not contaminated. West Coast people should avoid things like milk and leafy vegetables. Bathe only when necessary. East coast may be soon having similar problems as water in Philadelphia is testing higher than just about anywhere else. Remember that no amount of radiation is safe but we shouldn't panic yet as levels are still below dangerous levels. When the first two headed baby is born in Boston then we may have a reason to panic. So thanks TEPCO, you are douchebag of the week.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Study Shows Fallacy of Unequal Pay Between The Sexes. Is It Correct?

For the past few decades we have browbeaten into thinking women make substantially less than men in wages. This past Tuesday was Equal Pay Day, a date claimed by many feminist groups as the day women have to work into the following year to make up what men made in the previous one. Recently, there was a huge lawsuit brought against Walmart by women claiming lesser pay then men for the same jobs which may or may not have merit. But a new story from the Wall Street Journal is turning those notions on their heads.

Using statistics provided by the Department of Labor, a new picture forms that explains exactly why there is a statistical anomaly between men’s and women’s wages. And sexism it isn’t. Feminist groups have gone quiet lately as these new facts skewer their previous claims, especially about a patriarchal hierarchy that keeps women down. Every single woman has a better chance of keeping their jobs than men, whose industries in things like construction and manufacturing are overwhelmingly male and have been decimated over the years. The Bureau of labor Statistics has the unemployment rate at 8.3% for women and 9.3% for men.

We keep hearing that women on average make 77% less than men for equal work. But if we look at the data supplied by the government and labor studies, the idea becomes patently false. First, men on average spend more time at work than women by an average of forty five minutes. If someone works longer, shouldn’t they get more pay? Second, women take jobs based more often on things like flexible work hours, regular hours and other perks that men do not. Men also take jobs that are much more physical and sometimes even dangerous. These jobs will pay more than an office job any day.

The biggest factor comes down to one very simple notion. Men cannot get pregnant. Therefore, men never take paternity leave. If someone is consistently pregnant, they are going to miss a lot of work thus the lesser pay. If we remove all childless women from the statistics and lump them in with the men, we find that women actually make MORE than men; 8% more than men as a matter of fact. This is almost certainly due to the fact that women are more likely to graduate from college and constitute a statistically superiority in certain professions like speech therapists, psychologists, pharmaceutical reps and nursing, all of which pay at least low six figures and have not been affected much by the current economic crisis.

It would be nice if we could stop trying to throw each other under the bus and focus on the fact for most of us out there, the pay is getting lower, working conditions are getting worse, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman because it is going to affect both equally. I don’t think that’s the kind of equality women wanted.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

EPA limits VS FDA. Why the Discrepency?

As reprinted from Forbes Magazine:

Since the EPA has begun telling us our milk and water have Iodine-137 and Cessium 137 in them, government officials have been downplaying the importance of EPA’s maximum contaminant level and would instead rather us follow the much more lenient FDA rules.

The two levels could hardly be more different:

•EPA does not allow drinking water to contain more than 3 picoCuries per liter of radioactive istotopes like iodine-131 and cesium-137.
•FDA allows up to 4,700 picoCuries of iodine-131 in a liter of milk and up to 33,000 picoCuries of cesium-137.
Officials from both agencies—as well as many state governments—explain the difference in terms of time: EPA assumes long-term exposure over 70 years. FDA assumes you’re encountering the radiation all at once.

But time isn’t the only difference between these two standards:

FDA tolerates a higher mortality rate.
In Hawaii, where milk from Hilo contained the highest levels seen so far, Environmental Health administrator Lynn Nakasone suggested the EPA’s standard is irrelevant to milk contamination.

“It’s like drinking two liters of water for 70 years to get (the EPA’s) limit,” Nakasone told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. “So if you extrapolated to milk, you’d have to drink two liters of milk for 70 years to get that limit.”

Nakasone prefers the FDA’s standard. But here’s what Nakasone isn’t telling Hawaiians:

•The EPA’s level is calculated so that in a population of one million people, the radiation will result in no more than one additional cancer fatality.
•The FDA standard, on the other hand, accepts two extra cancer fatalities in a population of 10,000.
Why does the FDA tolerate more radiation, and more mortality, than the EPA?

FDA has set Derived Intervention Levels for foods prepared for consumption. These levels do not define a safe or unsafe level of exposure, but instead a level at which protective measures would be recommended to ensure that no one receives a significant dose.

In other words, the FDA’s DIL is set at the point at which a single liter of milk is so radioactive, you should take protective action.

The number itself is conservatively estimated, with children and the elderly and our most vulnerable citizens in mind—but in practice, the DIL is more a commercial level than an exposure-safety level: DILs are recognized internationally as the level above which foods are unfit for sale or trade.

The EPA’s MCL Goal, by contrast, is “the level of a contaminant in drinking water below which there is no known or expected risk to health.”

And that’s not just over a 70-year period. EPA’s annual MCL for iodine-131 is equivalent to 700 picoCuries per liter, according to this EPA document.

That means FDA’s 4,700 picoCurie limit for one liter of milk is almost seven times higher than EPA’s exposure maximum for a year.

FDA’s limit for Cesium-137 in a single liter of milk is 47 times higher than EPA’s annual maximum for human exposure.

To arrive at that level of tolerance, FDA has to accept a higher mortality rate. But why would it?

I suspect it has something to do with the cost/benefit analysis that some regulatory agencies are required to conduct when they set standards.

EPA’s mandate is to protect public health while avoiding a “significant economic impact” to industry. If EPA finds high levels of radionuclides in a municipal drinking water system, the water can be cleaned relatively cheaply. Depending on the specific contaminant, the water can be treated with reverse osmosis, activated carbon, ion exchange, or better: all three.

If FDA finds high levels of radionuclides in milk, that milk can’t go to market. That cow can’t be implemented with a treatment system. And that dairy farmer faces a significant economic impact.

So the FDA observes a much more tolerant standard, and the impact is transferred to those theoretical two people in 10,ooo.

So how safe do you feel knowing our own government is playing fast and loose with your health?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Signs of Radioactive Death

West coast residents are being warned to stay inside as record levels of radiation from the Japanese nuclear disaster continues to rage unabated. Tests for high levels of Iodine-131 have reached above EPA standards now in several US states and not just on the West Coast. Results in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have been way above normal. When your told to avoid rain you know things are bad.

At least we're not Japan. Temperatures at reactor 4 are off the charts and many feel a total meltdown is highly likely. As the incident is now almost on par with Chernobyl, a full meltdown may surpass it. The only saving grace they've had is that a radioactive cloud of death hasn't risen from the damaged core. But that could happen at any time and if you thought the radiation was bad then, you ain't see nothing yet.

Check out these statistics:
Little Rock milk radiation – 3 times the EPA Maximum
Radiation in Philly Drinking Water 73% of federal drinking water standards.

Los Angeles milk radiation was above federal drinking water standards.
Radiation found in Phoenix milk was almost at the federal drinking water standard.
Radioactive Iodine in Boise Idaho rainwater was 130 times above Federal Drinking Water standards.
Radioactive Caesium was 13.66 times above federal limit for Caesium-134, 2 year half-life.
Radioactive Caesium was 12 times federal limit for Caesium-137, 30 year half-life.
Tennessee drinking water was detected with radiation slightly above 1/2 the federal maximum.
Radioactive Iodine has been detected in the drinking water across the entire US in the following states: California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Tennessee, Montana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, and Alabama, as well as in Canada.
Cesium and Tellurium were found in Boise, Las Vegas, Nome and Dutch Harbor, Honolulu, Kauai and Oahu, Anaheim, Riverside, San Francisco, and San Bernardino, Jacksonville and Orlando, Salt Lake City, Guam, and Saipan.
Uranium-234, with a half-life of 245,500 years has been found in Hawaii, California, and Washington.

Worse, cesium-137 has been found in American milk—in Montpelier, Vermont—for the first time since the Japan nuclear disaster began, according to data released by the Environmental Protection Agency late Friday. Great a known carcinogen in my milk. Awesome.

Drinking Water
Radioactive Iodine-131 was found in drinking water samples from 13 cities. Those cities are listed below, with the amount of Iodine-131 in picocuries per liter. The EPA’s maximum contaminant level for Iodine-131 in drinking water is 3 picocuries per liter.

•Oak Ridge, TN collected 3/28: 0.63
•Oak Ridge, TN collected at three sites 3/29: 0.28, 0.20, 0.18
•Chatanooga, TN collected 3/28: 1.6
•Helena, MT collected 3/28: 0.18
•Columbia, PA collected 3/29: 0.20
•Cincinatti, OH collected 3/28: 0.13
•Pittsburgh, PA collected 3/28: 0.36
•East Liverpool, OH collected 3/30: 0.42
•Painesville, OH collected 3/29: 0.43
•Denver, CO collected 3/30: 0.17
•Detroit, MI collected 3/31: 0.28
•Trenton, NJ collected 3/31: 0.38
•Waretown, NJ collected 3/31: 0.38
•Muscle Shoals, AL collected 3/31: 0.16
In the data released Friday, iodine-131 was found in rainwater samples from the following locations:

•Salt Lake City, UT collected 3/17: 8.1
•Boston, MA collected 3/22: 92
•Montgomery, Alabama collected 3/30: 3.7
•Boise, ID collected 3/27: 390
As reported above, the Boise sample also contained 42 pC/m3 of Cesium-134, and 36 of Cesium-137.

In the most recent data, iodine-131 was found in air filters in the following locations. In the case of air samples, the radiation is measured in picoCuries per cubic meter.

•Montgomery, AL collected 3/31: 0.055
•Nome AK collected 3/30: 0.17
•Nome AK collected 3/29: 0.36
•Nome AK collected 3/27: 0.36
•Nome AK collected 3/26: 0.46
•Nome AK collected 3/25: 0.26
•Juneau AKcollected 3/26: 0.43
•Juneau AK collected 3/27: 0.38
•Juneau AK collected 3/30: 0.28
•Dutch Harbor AK collected 3/30: 0.14
•Dutch Harbor AK collected 3/29: 0.11
•Dutch Harbor AK colleccted 3/26: 0.21
•Boise, ID collected 3/27: 0.22
•Boise, ID collected 3/29: 0.27
•Boise, ID collected 3/28: 0.32
•Las Vegas NV collected 3/28: 0.30
•Las Vegas, NV collected 3/30:: 0.088
•Las Vegas, NV collected 3/29: 0.044

How good do you feel now?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Radioactivity Spreads World Wide as Governments Says Don’t Worry. Should We?

The Japanese nuclear disaster continues to run unabated while governments tell us everything’s fine, go about your business. On the other hand, scientists seem to have a vastly different opinion, informing us that no amount of radiation is safe, no matter how small. So who’s right?

Considering the history of the EPA I wouldn’t believe them if they told me the sky was blue before I went outside to check. This is the same group that shouted to the cheap seats that there was no danger at Ground Zero after the World Trade Center fell. Oops, it actually turned out that it was extremely dangerous and as a result thousands of first responders are dead or dying. Recently, the EPA claimed the Gulf safe to swim and eat from after the BP disaster. Since then there have been many confirmed reports of people getting sick from swimming in the toxic stew or eating fish marinated in chemicals. Chemist Bob Naman, of the Analytical Chemical Testing Lab in Mobile, Alabama, has been carrying out studies to search for the chemical markers of the dispersants BP used to both sink and break up its oil. Poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from this toxic mix are making people sick, Naman said. PAHs contain compounds that have been identified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, and teratogenic. On top of this are dead fish, dolphins and whales washing up on shore, obviously affected by the chemicals. Yet, the EPA says everything’s fine. Yeah right.

Now comes their latest round of nonsense from the EPA saying don’t worry about the new x-ray machines in airports, they’re safe. Then why won’t doctors like oncologists ever use them? Because no amount of radiation is safe and any amount could trigger a mutation and cancer. A recent CNN piece interviewed doctors like Dr. Len Lichtenfield who said, “Total body radiation is not something I find very comforting based on my medical knowledge.” Even Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society (ACS) expressed concern about whether the safety of them machines, and whether or not TSA is properly maintaining and testing them for safety. The TSA has refused to release safety reports for quite some time, and when they did, the bungled reports explained nothing more than TSA’s high level of incompetence. So if scientists are overwhelming saying one thing, why is the EPA saying the exact opposite?

This is almost certainly due to the fact that the EPA is bought and sold by major corporations who want to sell you dangerous products without any care for your well-being. Don’t believe me? Look no farther than the recent nuclear crisis in Japan for clarification. We keep hearing that the radiation levels in our food, water and air are well below what can make us sick. But if you read the above paragraph again, scientists are saying that NO amount of radiation is good for us. As Iodine-131 and Cesium-137 are known carcinogens the cancer rates worldwide are almost certainly going to spike over the next decade.

It’s much worse in Japan where radiation levels are increasing to higher levels than that seen at Chernobyl. In 1986, Cesium levels reached 550,000 becquerels per cubic meter there and as a result the area has been abandoned ever since. Radiation levels outside the 30 kilometer evacuation zone in Japan have been testing at between 590,000 and 2.19 million becquerels per square meter. These are lethal levels of radiation by anyone’s standards, yet the Japanese government has done nothing to correct it. At least our milk won’t glow in the dark?

Isn’t it odd that the country that gave us Godzilla are doing the very thing that created it in the first place? With TEPCO continuing to not fix the problem the radiation levels are only going to get worse there and everywhere. Had they done what the Russians did in 1986 and cover the reactor and everything near it in cement, radiations levels would already be dropping. But TEPCO has publically said they want to get the fuel out first. Unbelievable greed.

The worst part about all of this is the economic concerns when the third largest economy goes belly up. Japanese manufacturing has dropped to a two year low and is expected to drop further as the crisis continues. Many countries are refusing to import any type of seafood from the region and this will have major implications on their economy. Plus, with their manufacturing base devastated, how long before car parts, silicone chips and electronics become harder to find? Auto plants in Louisiana, Mexico and Belgium are all facing a temporary shutdown due to this crisis. Our health, economy and trust in government is all starting to fail. Wonder of the EPA can put a positive spin on that one.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lindsey Graham: Open Mouth Insert Foot Syndrome

Lindsey Graham, the senior senator from South Carolina, has called on limits to the First Amendment. This is mainly due to actions taking by Pastor Terry Jones, the Florida evangelist who has burned the Koran to what was mainly no media coverage of it. “I wish we could find some way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war. During World War II, you had limits on what you could do if it inspired the enemy. Burning a Koran is a terrible thing, but it doesn’t justify killing someone,” Graham said on Face The Nation last Sunday in response to the killing of dozens of people in Afghanistan as a result of Jones’ actions.

The only problem with this statement is, well everything. First, we are not in a war, unless Congress passed some super-secret resolution and never bothered to tell the rest of us. Only Congress has the power to officially declare war and they haven’t done that since World War 2. Every so called war since then has been the equivalent of Obama’s “kinetic military option” or whatever euphuism the current administration uses to justify their actions. We might as well call the next one “The Saudi Slap fight,” or “Yemen’s Eye Poke” for all the accuracy these statements have. So unless we actually declare war Lindsey, the First Amendment should stand.

Horrific speech is exactly why we have that amendment in the first place. If we have to cover our ears every time someone says something we don’t like, they are going to be permanently glued to our head. Especially every time Glenn Beck speaks.
We can all agree that what Pastor Jones was stupid. But the great thing about living in a free country is that we have the right to do stupid things like that. We also have the right to not listen. The US media actually did the right thing by not advertising it. So how did a bunch of inbred morons half a world away find out about it? Hamid Karzai.

Yes, the current Afghanistan president thought it a great idea to announce to his people that some fringe idiot that America overwhelmingly denounced as an idiot had gone through with his threats to burn a Koran. And as a result, the religious wingnuts that every country seems to possess these days in spades, rose up and killed dozens of innocent people. The worst part of all this is that they proved Pastor Jones point.

We cannot live in a free society where we have to walk on eggshells every time somebody insults a religious figure, accurate or not. As someone who has close ties to European friends and family, Muslims are becoming persona no grata in many areas. The fact that current leaders in both France and England have publically said exactly that is not good news for any Muslim person worldwide. Muslims in general are a kind and generous people. It’s too bad that the extremists are the ones who get all the press. Maybe they should take a look at how we handle our kooks and do the same. The alternative will not be pretty.

GOP Unveils Budget For 2012. Americans Ask Is Dirt Edible?

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan unveiled his budget for 2012 on April 5th outlining the GOP plan for the future. Dubbed “the Path to Prosperity,” it calls for dramatically overhauling the tax codes by eliminating loopholes and tax credits but reduces both the top income rate for individuals and corporations to 25%. It also calls for draconian cuts to Medicare, Medicade and social programs aimed at helping the poor.

This isn’t even a “let them eat cake moment.” It’s a “you’ll eat what we give you and if it sucks, too bad,” moment. What rational human being would look at this proposal and think, “Yeah, I want to have less so the rich have more.” It is astonishing that the GOP wasn’t attacked by torches and pitchforks by the end of the speech.

It is ironic that the same party that coined the words “death panels,” and “socialized medicine,” have actually come up with a proposal that does just that. This budget lands square on the back of your Grandma whose going to have to decide between medicine or food. Isn’t that exactly what the GOP is supposed to be against?

Democrats have wisely spat upon the proposal that , as of right now, has zero chance of passing and thank God for that. The rich already have all the money, controlling 80% of all wealth in the US. And they want more and want you to pay for it. Worse, the Tea Party is supporting this and Donald Trump’s campaign which really makes you question their reasoning ability.

The best part of this latest bit of nonsense from the increasingly unstable GOP is that it in no way balances the budget but will add 5 trillion dollars to the national debt instead. Apparently neither the GOP nor the Tea Party supporters did well in math. Or science. Or pretty much anything other than screwing over your elderly parents and the poor.

Some of the most heinous parts of this odious bill would eliminate Medicare and Medicade from recipients under 55, change how food stamps are allocated and drastically reduce Pell Grants and heating assistance for the poor. But rich people and corporations will clean up huge. For everyone else, health care, food and shelter may become a luxury. Now where’s my pitchfork?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Not a big shocker as their budget plan is too rape the poor to feed the rich. Way to think outside the box. Let's see those runner ups.

1)NATO- Proving why you need some sort of people on the ground, NATO this week attacked the wrong side for the upteenth time. They said they didn't know the rebels had tanks. Awesome use of real time info. Apparently you guys NEVER watch the news as everytime something happens you are shocked, SHOCKED, that events outside your world view have occurred. Unbelievable.

2)The Japanese- These couldn't tell a straight story if their life depended on it. The radioactivity meters tell a wildly different story then the nonsense they say on the news everyday. Add that to the reasonable uncertainty as to what is going to happen to all the radioactivity now worldwide. Many scientists say any exposure at all is bad for you. Can't wait for those cancer rates to skyrocket in coming decade. If we make it that long.

3)Muslim Extremists- In yet another attack on the weak and helpless, a Muslim psycho rushed a school in Brazil and killed 12 children. If Muslims really want to be exterminated off the planet, this is way it will occur. I don't know if people understand the inherent danger these psychos are causing. Message boards WORLDWIDE are posting real hate for ALL Muslims and that is very dangerous if you are a Muslim. I have said many many time, Muslims in general are a kind and generous people. However the actions of a relative few are causing a huge backlash against all Muslims. We are just one attack away from Muslims becoming the new Jews. The actions in Afghanistan with a group of retarded monkeys attacking innocent people for the burning of the Koran, a right we have in this country, is NOT helping. Muslims stand at the edge of very big cliff. I hope they understand the fire they are playing with.

4)Terry Jones- He may be some inbred, backward hick but he has right to be one in this country. Still, he's a numnuts.

5)Obama- Now that his budget has passed we can all sit back and not worry anymore. What's that you say? His plan only cuts 1% of the deficit by leaving in huge, worthless military spending, no changes to medicare or Social Security that would adversely affect the rich like removing the idiotic cap on SS taxes over 107,000$, raising taxes on capital gains or a zillion other ideas that could have actually helped. No President Pussy had a horrible budget and gave in to 40 billion in additional cuts that are all squarely aimed at poor people. Schmuck.

6)Republicans- Yes this brain power has shown its true colors and Tea Baggers scream not enough, we want harsher conditions to live in. Their plan is far far worse than Obama's yet poor people are crying about any form of compromise. I have heard recently about direct democracy and eliminating Congress. A bad idea shown by California does just that and no one votes to raise taxes, crippling the state. The reason we hire people to make these decision is that we cannot be trusted to do it ourselves. Unfortunately, both sides are doing an equally crappy job. But the edge goes to the GOP for fighting against women's health. So congratulations, the GOP is douchebag of the week.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Coming Week to Watch

For whatever reason, the week of April 16th is widely found to be days of death and destruction. In particular, April 19th and April 20th have been associated with some rather heinous acts: Columbine, Waco, OKC, the execution of Tim McVeigh (I admit that one's not heinous but just odd), and the BP oil spill all happened on one of these two days.

It has been long rumored that this week is the feast week of the demon Ba'al, a Babylonian god who eats children. Look at the list above and see how many children were harmed in these attacks. I'm not saying that the demon Ba'al is alive and well and eating our children but it an interesting side note at least.

With the war on Libya going badly, it is not being said that ground troops will be necessary to win the war. Wow, really? How many air wars have ever been won without ground troops? None. That's right. Zero. The planning for these wars seem to have less thought than a lunch order. As we seem to have no idea what is going on on the ground, we keep accidentally bombing the wrong side. NATO didn't know the rebels had tanks and bombed them. Swell.

The current gridlock on DC is now being held up by anti-abortion idiots who wants money stripped from Planned Parenthood. The Democrats in a rare show of backbone have said no way. I hope they stick to their guns because this kind of nonsense has no business in a budget battle. Info on what will occur should the government shut down is sketchy at best with military pay being possibly delayed. Why I have no idea as every government website says they get paid still in shut down. Freakin' senators get their pay though. How fair is that? If this stretches on for any length of time, Republicans will pay a heavy price with everyone except the retarded Tea Party.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Moving Up

Sorry for the delay in posts but I am working on several sites that actually pay me to do just this. I will let my readers know when my posts are up at and where I will be doing much the same. Plus, I am writing trivia for a new web site Winbusel that will go live this Saturday. Check it out.

As my life is going well with my pet column a big hit at Northborough and new venues that show promise why shouldn't the rest of the earth burn to a cinder instead. Violence in Syria has hit record proportions with the news that rebels are now shooting police. Police have responded by shooting back killing 15. This is a dangerous escalation that the US and Israel are watching much closer than you would know. Should Assad fall to the Muslim Brotherhood, a war will soon follow.

Plus, the Saudi invasion of Bahrain has put Iran in a corner. Bahrain is now a Saudi protectorate or a virtual annexation. This means that all out warfare between Iran and Saudi Arabia has increased ten fold. Why you ask? Because of the idiotic clash between Sunnis and Shittes, that's why.

Bahrain has given control of all aspects of government over to the Saudis with one of the Crown Princes the new de facto ruler of the military. Governorship will still be by the Bahrainians who will get equal royal privileges for the leaders. They also plan to build a huge Saudi military base on an island opposite the Iranian shore.

Needless to say, the Iranians are pissed. They have threatened terrorist actions against the Saudi state for which the Saudis have increased security. If they do something stupid like attack the Saudi oil fields, gas prices will hit the stratosphere and all out war will be launched by just about everyone. Could Iran be that suicidal? Only time will tell.