Wednesday, March 30, 2016


You know you've gone too far when even the most mindless drone is starting to wake up to the fact that everything is a lie, nothing is real, and we are being stolen from on levels not seen in human history. The average American is waking up to the fact that this country is no longer a democracy, that elites control us as slaves, and voting is not going to alleviate the problem. That is a dangerous notion to grasp.

People are paying close attention to this election, unlike the last few decades when apathy reigned, and they do not like what they see. Add to that to all-seeing eye of the Internet and the curtain is being pulled back to reveal the real wizard behind it and it is not what people want to see. They are slowly waking up to the fact that their economic situation is more deliberate than accident and they want change and want it NOW! Thus the rise of Trump and Sanders, while the establishment pulls out all the stops to get Hillary, and the status quo. "elected" once again. Only this time, they are cheating so blatantly even the dumbest American is starting to wise up.

Take Arizona for just one example. Thanks to the giant douchebag Antonin Scalia, may he burn in hell for all eternity, the Voting Rights Act was eviscerated and now we are all paying the price. Both sides are closing as many prescients as they can "to save money" (and steal the vote). 60% of polling places closed causing huge lines as the voting areas went from 2500 voters per place to 300,000. This disenfranchised hundreds of thousands and altered the vote dramatically for Hillary and Trump, the front runners. Add to that early voting, which happens WAY too early, and you can steal an election no problem and do so right in front of everyone.

This had led to a massive outcry in Arizona for a do over on June 7th with more polling places and less shenanigans. There was a lot of problems, from witnesses who say they say Sanders votes being thrown out, to the fact that for the first time Independent voters were not allowed to vote in the primaries and those that tried to change their affiliation in the proper time couldn't. This is not just happening here but across the country and a lot of people are really angry and rightfully so. We are being given a sham election that is going to force yet another corporatist stooge down our throat and the people see that for what it is. And that is trouble.

The Cleveland RNC is going to be a zoo. However, as current superdelegates have been quoted as saying they would rather eat fire than vote for Bernie, Philadelphia could also be the scene of massive unrest if the people think they are being given yet another raw deal. The wheels are coming off the car and the elites are still speeding down the highway oblivious to it. This won't end well.

Things didn't end well for the DC Madam who I firmly believe was murdered back in 2008 for her black book which was never recovered and the source of much mystery. That is until the other day in a news story which proves what I, and apparently a major German news source, have long alleged: the media is lying to us on a regular basis and all of it is controlled by government/corporate (ie fascist) powers. This was made clear by this major news story that only Rachel Maddow covered and was ignored by every major paper and MSM source in this country. I found out at about it a few days previous through a back channel and was stunned when it never hit the news.

Turns out, the DC Madam's book of names has been in the possession of her lawyer all these years and he has been fighting a gag order this whole time where he wasn't even allowed to discuss owning it. Seems there are names in there the elites do not want out and have done everything they can to silence him. Well no more as this guy stood up and said ENOUGH! He has said if he doesn't get at least a hearing, which they have been stalling on for almost a decade, about the book, he is going to stand on the Supreme Court steps and just start handing out copies to anyone who wants them. According to him, one of the names in the book is running for President and that demands a release. That would strongly suggest the name is Ted Cruz, which would effectively end his political career. Please, please, please be Ted Cruz because no one will give a crap if it's Bill Clinton, which we already know about his infidelities and he's not really running, or the Donald which will do nothing to stop his momentum. Cruz would be forced out pronto. Oh, the irony if it turns out to be true.

There is corruption in this society on an epic scale and it controls both parties now. In just the last week a dozen former and current Detroit area school principals were indicted for a scheme that netted almost three million dollars in stolen money from what is most likely one of the poorest districts in the nation. You know these guys were NOT Republican.

Governor Malloy of CT just hit businesses with a one dollar per hour tax for every employee who makes less than 15 dollars an hour. And while technically this is not a bad idea, it had to implemented on a Federal level, because all it is going to do is drive even more businesses out if the state, which he has done in record numbers. CT is a crappy place to work or live and most are fleeing as if the entire state was on fire. Half the people I grew up with no longer live there, all for economic reasons, myself included. It was too expensive and there are NO jobs outside the insurance industry. That hasn't changed in over a decade.

But at least he is better than most of the Republican governors driving their states into the ground. Louisiana is barely standing after Booby Jindal (not a typo) and his trickle down economic plan blew up in his face.The same can be said for Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, NJ, Arizona and Florida. All tried their terrible ideas, and nothing worked. Yet somehow, people still voted for them. Or did they?

Statisticians such as myself have been looking at some of the data coming in from the election and have noticed some real problems. Nate Silver wrote and article recently in which he questioned the validity of Iowa and MA and how Hillary won. According to all the data, Bernie should have won handily and didn't. Why? Some of it was due to low voter turnout by young people, but even with that taken into account, Bernie should have done better, especially in Iowa which had a huge youth voter base that did indeed vote. Even more suspicious, she gained a huge amount of support near the end of the counting, much higher than it should have been, short of everyone in these districts voting for Hillary which didn't happen. So how did she win? She cheated. Are you really surprised?

It's why she is going to be our next president and why nothing will change.The status quo will continue until their greed tanks the economy again which could happen at any time. The system is rigged and the film The Big Short proves it. Will America accept being forced a choice for President, no better than a banana republic or will they rise up and demand better? The odds say the latter is becoming a greater possibility with every day passing and that should be giving the powers that be fits about what may happen next.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Every so often we get some good news. Lately, that has been happening less and less, but this week saw some positive signs for Bernie Sanders, the people of Georgia and the producers for Batman V Superman. Less so for Hillary Clinton, anyone running on the GOP side and the poor idiots who live in North Carolina. Those people are screwed whether they know it or not.

Bernie Sanders has now won five of the last six contests, and the only reason he may have lost Arizona is thanks to that dead prick Scalia and the end of the voting rights bill. Long lines, missing ballots and other dirty tricks may have cost Sanders tens of thousands of votes. Young people were turned away in droves because they didn't have the proper ID to vote, particularly anyone from out of state, like say college students, which skewered the vote massively toward the establishment persona. One staffer was caught red handed throwing out stacks of Bernie votes at one prescient. Lines stretched for five hours due to closing of more than 60% of polling places. There were also allegations of voter fraud, with Sanders supporters all given provisional ballots after they "ran out." Also, if you are a registered independent voter in that state, you CAN'T vote in the primaries. They could until this year but that was changed for unknown reasons.

This is happening everywhere. The powers that be are doing everything they can to steal the vote, only now they aren't even trying to hide it. How long before a majority of Americans wake up to this fact and realize Bernie Sanders is the last hope for this country? Elect anyone else and there is a solid chance we don't see Christmas of 2017 without a civil war. If you haven't noticed, people are pissed, thus the rise Trump and Sanders. I would like to point out to the idiot right that there is a schism going on within your party as you tried to incorporate too many diverse ways of thoughts under one tent, which is now bursting at the seams. Hijacking the Tea Party proved to be a poison pill, which I always theorized would cannibalize the party. You can't bring in anti-government forces into a Big Establishment party and not expect there to be blowback. Your promises to these people, and the rest of America, of prosperity is not only not happening, it's never going to happen. And we know it. And we are ANGRY!

Hillary showed her teeth this week with a bizarre rant by one of her rabid, guileless stoolies who claimed the Bernie broke his promise of not going negative by running non stop "hit piece" ads in states like Michigan. True if accurately stating someone's record is going negative, which it isn't. Facts are neither positive nor negative and having watched some of the ads in question I can tell you they are NOT negative. I fucking HATE Hillary Clinton and will be hard pressed to vote for this shrill human being who is constantly pissing me off as well as having the complete faith that this cunt will do nothing to save this country. In fact, I think she will set us on a path of utter destruction no better that anyone on the GOP side.

America is screaming CHANGE! at the top of lungs and no one seems to hear us anymore. The far right and far left have far more in common than they think and if we can get together and focus on things that matter, like jobs, the economy and getting money out of politics, rather than abortion or gay rights, which is no one's business regardless of how you feel, we can actually accomplish a lot. However, I also feel that chances are still good for a Trump versus Hillary scenario that will infuriate half the nation who will despise both. When either of these fools get the nod expect rioting all the way to the nomination and even more once one of them takes office. If big change doesn't happen soon, the population is going to make it happen. Bet on it because it is what ALWAYS happens here in history. You want to stop it America, show up in vast numbers and vote for Bernie in the upcoming primaries. If you don't, expect trouble down the road because this is our last chance at peaceful revolution and we all know what comes next.

Speaking of minding their own business, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal saw the writing on the wall and vetoed an anti-gay bill that would have made religious extremists happy and the rest of the state a barren wasteland devoid of a cash flow. After almost every major corporation, sporting group and entertainment big wig came out against it, Deal wisely saw that six billion in lost revenue, and even more in taxes, lost jobs and economic destruction, was not a good way to get re-elected. Douchebags in the government who demanded this law vowed to fight against the veto but as the democrats still have sizable portions in the Senate, an override is near impossible. Too bad. WAAAAA! Go cry over your Bible while you whip yourself for impure thoughts. Please. Do it.

Meanwhile neighbor Pat McCory of NC may have just signed his political death warrant. Scmucko is up for reelection this fall and is currently tied with his opponent. How much do you want to bet his numbers plummet once business starts avoiding his state, travel bans start being enacted by other state government's (as many did after Indiana passed a similar law that did nothing for Governor Pence until he relented and struck down his recently passed anti-gay law), and other factors that send North Carolina into a tail spin? Being anti-gay in this day and age is a death sentence and one of the big reasons the GOP cannot gain any traction. This is a dead issue. Move along nothing to see here. Accept that their are gay people and you may actually have to speak to one some day. Chances are, you already have and didn't know it. Grow up.

This is all signs of positivity that give me faint hope for the future. Not much but some. And in today's bleak world, I will take it.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


You wouldn't know it from watching the news, but Muslim extremists have killed or injured nearly three thousand people over the last three months, mostly fellow Muslims. Today, 200 perished in Pakistan. Yesterday it was 25 at an Iraqi soccer stadium and 26 dead at a security checkpoint in Yemen. Three days previous it was the Brussels attack. And that's just recently. Other than February where there were zero attacks anywhere for some inexplicable reason, January had an attack almost every day somewhere. If you read some studies, Latinos, left wing groups and Jewish extremists kill way more people than Muslim terrorism. That is quite simply not possible unless you make the definition of terrorism something it isn't. Muslim terrorists are killing people in mass numbers world wide and no group is even close to them. And it's getting worse. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Death- Comedian Garry Shandling died this week at the rather young age of 66 from a massive heart attack. Thanks a lot death. Bill Cosby is a million years old and begging for sweet release and instead take someone funny and kind. I am positive no one would have missed some like Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson or Tom Green. Was there no one else you could have taken from the wide world of comedy who would have been more deserving?  Fuck you death. Just Fuck You!

9)The Tay AI bot- Google unleashed a new AI program designed to talk like a 14 year old girl. And then they unleashed her on Twitter and Facebook. You can guess what happened next? Designed to mimic human activity, she lasted all of an hour before becoming something horrific. She started with a tweet about how Bush was responsible for 9/11 and then went further down the rabbit hole into a litany of anti-Semitic and genocidal prospects. Good job guys. I don't know which is worse. The fact that the AI become a deranged Holocaust denier real fast or that it got it from our collective psyche. Either way, it does not bode well for our future.

8)Ten Cloverfield Way- I haven't been this torn on a movie since Halloween 3. I remember waiting that whole movie for Michael Myers to show up and he never did. And while I liked the movie, I couldn't help feeling ripped off none the same. If they had called it Season of the Witch and not Halloween 3, I would have been fine with it. But by calling it Halloween they made it into something it wasn't and felt like a cash grab more than anything else. I felt the exact same coming out of this film. While it was a very good movie, it had NOTHING to do with the 2008 film Cloverfield. Nothing! So why call it that if there is nothing tying the two projects together? Money and tricking people to see something it wasn't. Fuck you JJ Abrams for this. I won't forget it.

7)North Carolina Police at Trump Rally- North Carolina has not had a good few weeks. More on their idiocy and soon to be not elected governor later in this column, but for now let's turn back the clock a few weeks to a Donald Trump rally gone wrong. An old redneck, John McGraw, elbowed a black protester as cops were leading him out of the venue. And the cops, in their infinite wisdom, did nothing to the guy who attacked him, arresting the protester instead. All of this was caught on tape, and the public cried for blood which they unbelievably got. All five cops were disciplined immediately afterward, with three getting demoted and with it, the end of their career. Once disciplined like this, no one ever gets promoted and you have a permanent black mark on your file. Whatever station they are in, that's it for them. The other two who were suspended have some chance of advancement but their culpability was far less than the three whose career just hit a wall. Way to go guys in adding just one more black eye to a police force most of us fear and hate.

6)Emory College- Just when you think Millennials can't get any dumber, then this comes along. Some student wrote Trump 2016 in chalk around the Emory College campus and you would have thought he was strangling puppies on TV. Students freaked out, saying they needed counselling because "they feared for their lives," and demanded the culprits be found and, most likely, hung from the highest tree on the quad. All for a Trump support statement written in the Earth's easiest form of communication to erase. What is wrong with these brats? They do know the real world is going to eat them up right? None of these little bastards will last one day in an office when the boss yells at them for something trite, which happens all the time. Grow the fuck up!

5)Rashad Turner and BLM- I'll say it again for the cheap seats: I agree in the prime mission of BLM but fucking hate the way these assholes go about it. This latest stunt is beyond belief because once again we cannot have a rational discussion about anything if race is constantly thrown in our faces for every perceived slight. This time a teacher, Theo Olsen, in St. Paul is fighting for his job for a post in which he complained that his kids were unruly little pricks who never listen and are just readying themselves for prison. He is not alone in this as I have talked with several teachers across the country who have either left their job or are seriously thinking about it because of it. When kids have no fear of punishment, what reason do they have to obey? And because of this, see the above paragraph to where it leads to: a generation of children not equipped to deal with modern society and a lot headed for the Big House, race aside. Turner is screaming RACIST at the top of his lungs and he is totally wrong as the quote in question never mentions race once. The only person implying race is Turner who says the quote "school to prison pipeline" is racist." Except it isn't as I know plenty of white guys in prison for the exact same reason. Crappy schools are NOT just inner city problems. Rural white schools are no better in a lot of ways, just with far less violence. That is not racist but fact as inner city schools are more prone to violence than any in Appalachia and those are some of the poorest people in the country and mostly white. Our school system is broken like everything else and idiots like Turner are making it worse by failing to recognize the problem is bigger than racial.

4)Ted Cruz and Donald Trump spat- What a week these two had. If you were trying to lose the general election versus Hillary (or a slight possibility for Sanders who has won five of the last six contests and has eaten into her lead) then this would be a prime way to do it. After a grade school spat about who's wife was more fuckable, the National Enquirer ran a story claiming Ted Cruz was a serial adulterer with at least five women. Because the Enquirer did such a shitty job pixelating the woman in question, all five were outed almost immediately. And while three of the them are questionable due to close ties to the Trump campaign, two others may actually be true. Marco Rubio tried to get this story advanced for weeks and it is only coming out now, most likely to derail Cruz once and for all (the Inquirer editors are Trump supporters). There is allegedly tape to prove some of the details accurate and it is likely that this will convince some not to vote for him. It's still all sleazy in a presidential run besieged by it.

3)Washington Times- After one reporter did his job too well, Drew Johnson was fired for confirming two of the women being accused of cheating with Ted Cruz was accurate. WTF? To make matters worse, the newspaper then went on to deny he even worked for them, unaware that there are back issues out there, not to mention paychecks, that confirm the Times is lying. The job of any reporter is to find out the truth where ever that may go. Apparently the Times is just like most MSM which only wants to report the news it likes. Fuck this newspaper and the editors who work there.

2)North Carolina and Georgia anti-gay laws- This is just getting ridiculous. Much like trickle down economics, a proven failure, the governors of these two states just decided that discrimination against the LBGT crowd is far more important than the tens of thousands of jobs each state stand to lose and billions in lost revenue. North Carolina went first with their anti gay, minimum wage killing bill, all but guaranteed to bankrupt the state. Way to go. As a result, every major corporation there has come out massively against it. Even worse, Marvel, Disney, the NFL and the NBA have all said they will not be filming there or holding upcoming tournaments if this law continues. The governor, Pat McCory is up for reelection in November which now looks like an issue if this continues. How do you win when six billion in lost revenue disappears along with the state economy? Georgia is looking at a similar bill but is looking at what happened with their neighbor, along with the failed law in Indiana, before signing it which is good. The Walking Dead said they will take a hike if this passes along with Marvel, Disney  and 21 other companies that may leave because if it, including TBS, Delta and Coke. This will turn Georgia into a third world country over night. Think long and hard before signing that bill Georgia because in doing so, you'll be living in a world that resembles the Walking Dead instead of having it filmed there.

1)Muslim Extremists- These guys are on a tear lately. Over the last few months they have killed thousands and wounded many more. Most you don't hear about because they take place in Muslim countries and our MSM would rather discuss Kim Kardashian's latest haircut or some equally stupid story. The big story covered was the Brussels's attack, and that's only because it affected Europe and the US. Most never heard about the soccer stadium bomb yesterday or today's huge death toll of 200 dead in Pakistan. Much like BLM,we need to come together instead of insulating ourselves from one another. We need to leave religion behind as an archaic device for frightened people centuries removed from modern life. I have a feeling a lot of people who live in places like Pakistan would agree. But they are going to have to fight to get that. If they don't start attacking Muslim extremists in all forms, like we do here with our Christian extremists, then there is no hope going forward. We don't treat the Westboro Baptist Church with anything but total disdain. If they started killing people, they wouldn't last the week. Muslim countries have to start doing the same. If someone goes too far, call them out on it. And if they try violence to counter your argument, wipe them from the Earth,. Burn their mosques, destroy their parishioners and end this madness. It has to be up to you. The end result is one of these assholes gets a hold of a WMD, kills tens of thousands, and then the genocide against your people begins and nothing will be able to stop it at that point. You are fighting for your survival. Ignore this at your own peril. So congratulations Muslim Extremists you are indeed douche bag of the week.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It has been a rough few days for mankind. Muslim extremists are double dog daring the world to hate ALL Muslims with a lethal vengeance, the right continues to spiral downward in a cacophony of madness and self destruction and the left, which should be the last hope for mankind, are becoming even worse than the previous two mentioned with groups like BLM and feminists fighting for things that rational people know is wrong as the Democratic party sells us down the river . How is that possible? How much longer can a diseased people survive when the collective IQ seemed to be devolving at an alarming rate?

Let's start with the elephant in the room and talk about the latest terrorist attacks in Brussels. Two attackers blew themselves up at the airport and a subway station as a third got away. Dozens died and hundreds were hurt. Again. None of the terrorists were on their radar because trying to stop this with constant surveillance on everyone is impossible. If your haystack is the size of a million skyscrapers, trying to find even a handful of needles would be outside the realm of possibility. Yet this is what their government is doing, along with everyone else.

Now comes talk about extending security to the outside of the airport. How much money would that cost? And what happens on days where it is pouring rain, or bitter cold, or boiling hot, which is going to happen a lot, to the people lined up outside waiting to get through that brutal security line? This is not a tenable solution. The only one, and this will make liberals get their panties in a bunch, is religious profiling. The Israelis have an excellent system and we should be implementing that in full. It could work like this. First, get everyone to pre-screen, for a small fee, and these people get to walk through no problems. No Muslim of any race will have this available to them. Those that are not pre-screened get some screening, like now. If you happen to be Muslim, pack a lunch and leave way early because you are going to be a while. Some of you will scream RACIST, which it isn't as Islam is a religion not a race, but I ask you is the alternative better or safer because it isn't. If we treat everyone equally here, everyone is a suspect including little old ladies, five year olds and celebrities. And by doing that, we are making everyone less safe because we are deviating time and energy to people who are obviously NOT terrorists, I am Irish and let me tell you, back in the 70's you got looked at a little harder going through Heathrow than just about anyone else and with good reason as the IRA was in full swing, bombing innocent people. Was that racist that they singled out the people causing the bombings or should they have treated every Chinese immigrant the same as an Irish one? Please.

The Muslim people should realize that every time one of these lunatics blows up innocent people, they are making even more people look at all Muslims as sub human and savages. This is a very dangerous thing to do. Considering the level of anger worldwide that is happening due to the elites holding us hostage and driving deeper and deeper into poverty, all it will take is one idiot to kill as little as ten thousand people in one fell swoop, and Muslims will be ripped apart by people's bare hands world wide. Mankind is not known for rational discourse when their survival becomes an issue and if the six billion people on this planet think that even a small portion of the other one billion want them dead at all costs, there will be genocide the likes of which not scene on this Earth since the days of Genghis Khan. This does not have to happen, but chances are quite good they are going to because, let's also face the fact that 99% of this world appears to be mentally challenged. Probably not you, dear reader, but if you think hard you can probably name six names you know personally off the top of your head without trying that fit this rational. I certainly can. And it is now extending to both the left and right.

The right I get. They are essentially morons. Their philosophy is a proven failure with literally zero references they can use as a success story for their economic plan. There is not place on Earth where trickle down economics has worked. Nowhere. Check out states like Kansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin and NJ to see how these policies have decimated their economies. But people are STILL voting for them, even though anyone with eyes can see their promises do not work. That is some world class stupidity when you can see something doesn't work and still approve of it.

Right now Ted Cruz is giving a press conference over some snit fit Trump and he are having over a meme that appeared showing a naked Melania, seen above. Trump knowing full well Ted Cruz had nothing to do with this Super Pac ad, then threatened to release info about Cruz's wife on Twitter. Is this really news. How high school is any of this? Now to be fair, I am less angry at Melania who is probably nothing more than a pretty face but Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, is a Goldman Sach's employee. Who should I hate more? And more importantly, why is any of this important?

Then we have the far left who gave some much needed energy to the Sanders campaign, winning in Idaho and Utah by huge numbers. You know what Utah and Idaho don't have? Black people in huge numbers. You know what they did have? A huge youth turnout. Why can't we have more states like this voting for the one person who is our BEST hope to win in November as all polls have him crushing everyone on the right? Where are the sane people from the left?

Instead, we have stories like this. BLM had a fit over what a St. Paul teacher wrote on his Facebook page, causing to be suspended. What racist, horrible thing did this dick say you ask? Here it is below:

“Anyone care to explain to me the school-to-prison pipeline my colleagues and I have somehow created, or perpetuated, or not done enough to interrupt? Because if you can’t prove it, and campaigns you’ve waged to deconstruct adult authority in my building by enabling student misconduct, you seriously owe us real teachers an apology. Actually, an apology won’t cut it.”
“Phones and iPad devices, used for social media and gaming. There have always been rules for ‘devices,’ and defined levels of misconduct. Since we now have no backup, no functional location to send kids who won’t quit gaming, setting up fights, selling drugs, whoring trains, or cyber bullying, we’re screwed, just design our own classroom rules. Hopefully tomorrow’s settlement will begin to fix this.”
That's it. Basically he said, kids are not longer listening to him when he asks them to do something like put away their cellphones. The reason for that is teachers have zero authority to enact any punishment, thus the cops get called and people get thrown around instead. How about we allow teachers to teach and stop hamstringing them with every perceived slight making our kids softer and dumber? Tell me today's youth isn't competently unprepared for real life when you hear some spoiled brat bitch about his rights being abused because he wasn't allowed to play Candy Crush while the teacher was talking. In my day, you got punished, sent to detention and worst of all, your parents got told which resulted in a whooping if I was lucky and stacking wood in the bitter cold if I wasn't. Today's parents blame the teacher and threaten to sue if little Johnny is treated with more respect. I know so many teachers that hate their jobs and are looking to quit because they can't take it anymore. The kids are rude little fuckers and the parents are worse. Then when the administration, like the case above, sides with the idiots, you can see why no one wants to teach anymore.

Meanwhile more and more woman are being caught in lying about rape. Now first off, I do NOT think most cases are lies. I know plenty of women who have been raped in their lives and they have no reason here to lie. But, there are cases like this one out of England where a young woman claimed she had been sexually assaulted by the cab driver. Unfortunately for her, the whole thing was caught on audio tape as his camera wasn't working and shows the woman lied through her teeth about the whole thing. What would have happened had he not had evidence to prove she was lying? Court most likely. No person should be convicted solely on the word of any one person. That crap caused me to go through two years of court to prove I didn't commit the crime I was accused of and all they had was the word of one guy who at the time was in a mental institution. You have to have more that that. Feminist groups like NOW once tried to get DNA evidence thrown out of rape court cases, saying that the woman's word was enough. It wasn't for the cab driver. Catherine Comins, Dean of Student Activity at Vassar, once said it was a good thing for men to be falsely accused of rape. Why?

Both the left and right have lost their minds and that is does not bode well for the continuance of this society. Without smart, sane people, the world has no hope. And boy does it look like NO HOPE!

Monday, March 21, 2016


Many of you already know this, but America is beyond pissed. We are mad because our economic station has improved not one whit in over a decade. Meanwhile, the rich and powerful are even more rich and powerful and don't think the rest of us haven't noticed. It's why Trump is ahead in the Republican party. Democrats haven't woken up to the reality that life is sucking hard and getting worse, which I find incomprehensible considering how black people riot at the drop of a hat but are perfectly fine towing the party line by voting for Clinton over Sanders. That is beyond stupid, almost worse than anything the Tea Party has thrown our way and that is saying something. What these two groups have in common is voting against their self interests to such an extent they are literally voting to kill themselves. Brilliant.

While the democrats just die slowly into that good night, Republicans are fighting tooth and nail for an outsider versus the establishment. The current scenario of either Trump or Cruz at the top could bring disastrous results for the party. Recent polls show Trump losing to Hillary by two in Utah (and Bernie by 10). UTAH! If the reddest state in the nation isn't going to go for the GOP nominee, what hope does the rest of the nation have? Both Trump and Hillary have such strong negatives that they each have big hurdles to overcome. Unfortunately for the Donald, his mountain is way too steep to navigate without cheating. Latino, blacks, and women are going to flock to Hillary in massive numbers. His only hope would be to capture 60% plus of white men in a general election, which seems astronomically high. Recent studies give Hillary a 70% chance of the White House. I agree. If she picks a VP like Warren of Sanders, that number will climb to as high as 99%.

This has gotten the GOP into quite the tizzy. They know disaster looms but unbelievably are doing everything they can to lose bad come November. Obstructing the Supreme Court nominee may play well to your base, but that is only 20% of the electorate. The rest are independents and democrats, all of which HATE you guys not doing your job. It is causing many to turn away from the right and recent polls show a marketable shift toward democratic nominees rather than Republican incumbents. They have 11 races up for grabs and a few others than could shift away as the election gets closer. This could be a meltdown of epic proportions and they are doing everything they can to re-right the ship.

Take the eight state rule to be the nominee that everyone keeps quoting. Turns out, it doesn't exist. It did in 2012, but the current RNC will vote on new rules one week before the convention. This was put in then to eliminate Ron Paul from contention in the same way that superdelegates are stealing the right to vote for the democrats now. Ah, democracy. What a sham. You can bet money, the new rules will be designed in such a way to eliminate Trump from the nomination, as well as most likely Cruz and Kasich and instead give us Ryan or Romney, other wise known as 2012 part 2.

This will lead to an ugly fight, rioting in one of the worst cities to start a riot in, and the eventual dissolution of the Republican party as Trump starts his own bid. Cleveland has to be the absolute worst choice for a convention as you have a city mired in poverty, with a brutal police force and a penchant for violence. Gasoline, match, huge fire. And that could be figurative or literal. Bet on it.

If they go with Trump, chances are they lose huge. They pick someone else, it may not be much better. This is what happens when you constantly play on people's fears and racism. Eventually, you get Hitler. And while Trump is not as bad as him, he still has definitive qualities that are very fascist and will most likely destroy the country if he gets in. The question is not whether he will do it, but whether that is such a bad thing. Hillary won't fix anything and Trump will probably destroy us fixing things his way. If you want peace, pick Bernie Sanders in upcoming elections. Young people have to get off their lazy, asses and vote and black people better realize they are voting us all into an early grave, with them going first. Revolution is coming. Whether it's peaceful of violent is up to us and so far all I see are torches and pitchforks.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


If you are a die hard Republican I am guessing a lot of you are pulling your hair out. Between the Trump supporters beating anyone who gets in their way to Mitch McConnell's obstructionism to several Texas lawmakers that are blatantly racist and proud of it, the numbers suggest something dire. Over the last few weeks, several elections that should have been solid red are now turning blue in greater and greater numbers. Regardless of the big turn out from the GOP side you keep hearing about in the primaries, this may be dwarfed by the electorate when the election actually happens, losing them the Senate and even perhaps the House. Way to go guys. Keep up the lousy work. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Otto Warmbier- The college kid on the worst Spring Break vacation ever broke down in tears when it was announced he would spend the next 15 years breaking rocks for the North Korean government. Awesome. Dumbass got caught on video stealing a propaganda banner from his hotel and immediately became a pawn of the state. First off, for anyone even thinking about going to North Korea, don't. Why go to a country known for oppression, anti-American sentiment and rampant paranoia? They have beaches everywhere you know. Enjoy your prison time idiot.

9)Jared Fogel- This pedo douchebag got the crap kicked out of him in prison because that's what happens to these guys all the time. They serve their sentence in medium security prison, which means this not a place of the warm and fuzzy types and they love beating up child molesters. It scores them points with the other inmates. It also turns out that without Subway, he's back to eating whole boxes of Little Debbie and has put on 30 pounds since going in. To be honest, I don't know who has it worse, Fogel or Warmbier.

8)Carol- Just watched the Big Short again and can't believe how great a film it is. Trumbo, for which Bryan Cranston got an Academy Award nomination, was far better than I thought it would be. Then came Carol, one of the most over rated boring pieces of nonsense I have seen in some time. This film was dull, dull, DULL. Two women, one older, one younger, fall in love in 1950's America. That's the whole film. From that one sentence, you can extrapolate every single thing that happens the entire film. There are literally no surprises at all. As a matter of fact, you have already seen this movie before on shows like Mad Men and Masters of Sex, only done way better. How did this get any Oscar nods for anything beyond costume or set design (which was very good)? This was a terrible film that robbed some much better actresses out of Oscar nods. Between these two, Mara and Blanchette, along with Jennifer Lawrence, three spots should have gone to someone else. I am sure there was at least one minority woman better suited than these terrible picks.

7)Madonna- This woman is having a full melt down on stage almost every night of her tour lately. She has shown up way late, to half empty arenas, drunk and belligerent, slurring her way through songs while bitching about her ex husband, Guy Richie, and their son together who wants to stay the hell away from his insane mother. These outbursts are not helping, Most recently she pulled the top off of a 17 year old female fan, said something about sexual harassment and then told the girl she could do the same to her, which she thankfully didn't, as no one wants to see a woman's breasts in her late 50's, especially Madonna's. The fan was not fazed by the action, which was the best news Madonna would get as otherwise that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. This bitch has lost it.

6)Gawker- This week, the website lost a $155 million lawsuit filed by Hulk Hogan for putting up a stolen sex video of Hulk Hogan and his friend's wife. First off, who the hell wants to see Hulk Hogan naked? I can go through life happy knowing that I don't have that knowledge. And why would Gawker air a tape they got through fraudulent means? They do know stolen means STOLEN, not legal to do with as you please. This may put them out of business. Good.

5)Liberal Protestors- You guys are not helping. This week, these hippies decided to block a road leading to a Trump rally, making lots of non-Trump supporters mad as they just wanted to get home or to work or wherever. And disrupting the rallies inside is just going to get you beat up, not to mention a little dickish and anti-first amendment. Trump has a right to speak and you have a right to protest, but doing it OUTSIDE the rally is smarter where you can loudly berate any idiot coming or going. Stop helping their cause by making you guys look like the assholes.

4)Banks- The banks are fucking us again. All the signs that pointed to an epic collapse are pilling up again, just like in 2007, not that economists or the MSM have told us. They are using sub prime auto loans, renamed CBO's and other accounting tricks to steal billions of dollars from us every day. And sooner than later, this whole house of cards is going to fall down again and this time, it is going to be far far worse. Three of our major banks bought over a trillion dollars in derivative debt from the fading Deutsche bank, which may be insolvent soon. By doing this, if they fall, the derivative market exposure won't be catastrophic. However, if some other unforeseen action happens like another housing crash, we'll be stuck with that unmanageable debt and the end of our economic system. This is another shell game that eventual is going to backfire on all of us.

3)Trump- He is becoming more and more Hitler-esque by the day. His rallies are becoming violent with a black Trump supporter beating the crap out of white protester caught on video. Now mind you he was dragging an American flag while wearing a KKK hood, but that still doesn't give you a right to stomp someone. This is America where free speech, even offensive speech, is protected. Even for some idiot asking for a beating. Trump is dividing this country and ultimately the GOP. Sadly, he's the best thing going right now to burn this system down.

2)Mitch McConnell- Turtle man is going to lose a lot of races if he continues to be the obstructionist he is. His no hearing stance is showing to be mighty unpopular and may be dragging races the GOP should have won into losses. More on that later. But between him and Orrin Hatch, their logic is no hearings, unless Clinton wins and then they will honor an agreement to the nomination during a lame duck session. So what they are saying is we want the people to have a voice in the Supreme Court nomination, forgetting they already did by voting for Obama twice, unless we lose in November and then we want to pick the judge over the people. Fuck off comes to mind. If they don't nominate someone by November and Hillary wins, along with a big Senate takeover, the Democrats will take Merrick off the table and nominate someone like Liz Warren, the gayest, blackest person they can find, or, my personal favorite, Barack Obama. How great would that be if the right had to deal with Obama for the rest of his life? I may not like the guy a lot but this would make me happy. Mitch McConnell is sending the GOP into a tailspin with his very unpopular obstructionism.

1)Republicans- The numbers are coming out and over the last two weeks they are starting to look very, very weak in a lot of elections coming up. Here in NH, there has been a barrage of ads attacking Kelly Ayotte and tying her to McConnell and Trump at every minute over the Supreme Court nomination. Even worse, her opponent is current governor Maggie Hassan, who won big two years ago and is expected to upset Ayotte. Mark Kirk of Illinois is going up against war veteran and double amputee, Tammy Duckworth. Chuck Grassley is fending off current LT. Governor Patty Judge. And even John McCain is neck and neck with his opponent. There are 12 races too close to call or leaning blue. Only two democrats are in that range and one of them is Harry Reid's retirement which Sharon Angle is running again for even though she lost badly the last time she tried and is quite insane. That one could definitely stay blue if she is the nominee. The Democrats only need five seats to get back the Senate and that is very do able. If the Republicans have a meltdown, however unlikely it may be, the left could have a sizable, even an unbeatable majority. And in that scenario Judge Obama is not so out of the question. Their inability to attract independents other than for Trump spells doom for the party, now on their last legs. This group will not survive intact beyond November and that could be good news for us all. The fact that the House went from eight seats vulnerable for the GOP to 18 over the last few weeks does not bode good tidings for them. They are losing support for many Americans turned off by their childishness attitude and their base will suffer for it. So congratulations guys, you are killing yourselves and are indeed douchebag of the week,

Thursday, March 17, 2016


A recent study came out that showed the best and worst places to live on the planet. The results are hardly surprising. The 10 best are ALL democratic socialist ones, otherwise known as the same countries Hillary and the Republican party keep telling us suck hard. I have even come across some spoil sports that may or may not actually live in these places to bitch how bad it is. But it would seem that most of these places a majority of people are happy. The US did finish 13th, which isn't bad, and let's face it, there are far worse places than here. On this particular list, every single one was in Africa. That is no surprise as there is no country in Africa that is particularly well run. So explain to me why places like Canada and Denmark stink and instead we should be leaning towards being like super corrupt ones on the Dark Continent? Because that is where we are headed.

Tell me Trump and Hillary don't both remind you of some two bit African dictator bent on power. That is EXACTLY why both of these retards are running. At least Bernie is doing it for a form a self sacrifice and not blatant self interest but the lazy Millennials sat this election out, even though their self interests are at stake, and black people just voted themselves back into slavery, along with the rest of us. Thanks, guys. The end result from all of this ends badly no matter how you slice it.

Hillary will be the next President, barring some unforeseen circumstances and assuming Trump runs uncontested.. She has the black vote completely sewn up, more than half the women, at least 75% of Hispanics and 80% of young voters. White men will probably go Trump but the above demographics will dwarf that electorate and there is no guarantee he will get even a majority of that vote across the board. There is a strong possibility that Hillary, if she picks the right VP like Sanders or Warren, could be an unstoppable force and not only get back the Senate but the House too as Republicans stay home in droves and Democrats run to the polls. This is not impossible. This would erase a lot of her negatives, and as Hillary is all but certain to raise well over a billion dollars from pretty much every sane democrat, as well as establishment sponsors desperate to keep the status quo, she would obliterate her opponents in a flood of negative ads that would drive a stake through Trump's heart. There is no hope for the Republicans in this scenario, effectively destroying the GOP for years, possibly forever.

However, this is only one scenario, of several, but barring a terrorist attack, Hillary's arrest or an economic meltdown, I see little hope for Trump beating anyone in the general election. The numbers just are not on his side and the Clinton war machine is a formidable one. If Trump has anything to hide, they will find it and who thinks he doesn't have some big skeletons in his closet?

This is why the GOP is in panic mode because they can read the tea leaves just like me. Thus the talk and hope of a brokered convention, which is still a real possibility. I have been reading up on the rules for this and there are ways to get around even the first ballot rule if they decide to go that route. Delegates are supposed to vote the first round for whoever they originally voted for. But due to byzantine rules and some clever reading of the bylaws, there is a way around that that is way too complicated and boring to describe here. The point is if they can steal the nomination away from Trump, they will due to the fact that the party is coming across at the seams and they know it.

The sad part is that genie is not going back into the bottle. The lower class has finally wised up to the GOP lies and have said in one loud voice ENOUGH! A lot of people aren't voting Trump because they believe in him. Some are doing so because he's the best chance to end everything and be done with it. In other words, some people want the world to end and I can't blame them. We keep hearing how great the economy is and how the only reason we don't have more money is all our fault and being lazy. The truth is there are no jobs that pay anything anymore and education does not guarantee employment but it does give you a house mortgage sized loan to pay off while working at Chuckie Cheese, which you could have done before the giant debt you now possess. I know people getting their Masters and PHD's and their job prospects are not great. We can't keep shipping all our jobs overseas and then wonder why no one is working or has any money.

The end of every civilization follows a predictable pattern: apathy, anger, revolution. We are headed full force for the last one regardless of who wins this November. What is certain is that the path there is going to be a rocky road. Trump supporters ARE going to riot regardless of what Trump says if he doesn't get the nod. There is equal likely chances for riots by minority groups if he DOES get the nomination. You see the dilemma here and a damned if you, damned if you don't scenario. There is a good reason the Cleveland police department is gearing up for trouble at this year's RNC convention there. There is going to be trouble regardless of how this plays out.

No matter what move the Republicans do, all roads lead to chaos, short of either a secret plan or a terrific coincidence and even then, success is not guaranteed. What is certain is this is the last election the GOP stays together. It will fracture spectacularly after the convention as it can no longer house as many disparate beliefs anymore. The democrats face similar prospects but not nearly as much, and if Hillary is smart, and she certainly is, she will pick a good progressive on the ticket to cement her win. At least if Bernie is there, he can still force the situation further to the left, even if in a diminished capacity. It would still be better than any Republican sinking us back to the Stone Age.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Well that sucked yesterday didn't it? Bernie got shellacked because half of the youth electorate stayed home and black people decided that sending black youth to jail for no reason was in their best interest to continue forever. If Hillary wins, which right now is around 80% chance of happening, nothing will change. The status quo will continue, a status quo that is also completely untenable. This country's end looms and voters from both sides of the aisle are responsible.

Let's start with the democrats first. Hillary won big and, no matter what you hear from Bernie who has the money to continue until the convention, she is 100% going to be the nominee now. For anyone black or young, especially those that either voted for her or stayed home, you get NO right to complain when things stay exactly where they are now. No more bitching about black lives matter. If you did, you would have voted for Bernie. No complaining about the price of tuition. It's not going down any time soon. Universal health care? Dead. Legal weed from the Federal level? Not going to happen any time soon? A livable wage? Not going to happen. Thanks to black and young America and a hearty FUCK OFF from the rest of us.

The probability that race relations are about to sink lower than at any point in decades is inevitable as well. Bernie could have kept this race somewhat civil even if Trump turns out to be the nominee which at this point is no longer guaranteed. Hillary will stoop to every dirty trick to win and sling mud with the best of them. Regardless of the nomination, Trump isn't going anywhere as he will definitely run as an independent if he doesn't get the nod. The ads that say, Trump, Hillary and some unknown Republican establishment run are going to make black people look like savages as a newly reborn insurgence of racism is taking place and one in which black people deserve some of the blame.

I regularly associate with people from the lower classes. Oddly, I find many of them smarter than people I know with Masters degrees who vote for Republicans for no sane reason. But my point here is that for all the years I have known them, they have never been racist and still aren't for the most part. But a lot of them have been racial attacked in some way, shape or form BY black people, something I myself can personally attest to. Black people are becoming way more racist lately and it's making white people very angry. No race or sex is better than another. It's why I don't like the feminist movement which I find to be more about superiority than equality. The same goes for things like Black Lives Matter which instead of highlighting the very real deaths at the hands of an out of control police force, they are subjected to race only ideas, somehow unaware that white and Hispanic people are also dying from cop attacks, albeit in smaller numbers but still happening. It is this idiotic form of separation that is preventing us from getting any real reform along with an insane desire for self destruction as seen by voting patterns this past Tuesday.

Trump crushed Rubio out of the race, lost to Kasich in Ohio and now looks likely a brokered convention is possible, the first one since 1976. In that year Reagan lost to Ford, which in retrospect was probably a terrible idea as he was a disaster of a candidate giving us Jimmy Carter, a great human and a terrible president. His domestic ideas were actually not horrible and he was capable of getting people to make peace who never would before, but his handling of the Iran crisis is still having reverberations today. The point here is contested conventions usually go badly and this one could be game changing.

The Republican party is about to die. It was only a matter of time because a coalition of establishment types, religious idiots and the fucking Tea Party was never going to last. And regardless of how things turn out, the GOP is done after this November. Here are three ways this could go: 1)Trump wins the nomination and gets crushed in the general election. 2)Trump loses the nomination, goes third party and Hillary becomes President anyway. 3)GOP nominates someone else, Trump stays home and so does half the electorate pissed at the Republicans for another sellout. None of these spell good things for any Republican nominee short of a terrorist attack or economic tail spin.

The GOP is going to fracture at this point because the establishment keeps trying to sell the public things they absolutely do not want. Paul Ryan, who along with Condi Rice, Mitt Romney and, wait for it, Jeb Bush are being mentioned as possible candidates for president in a contested election. One GOP official publicly said that the GOP picks the nominee, not the voters and he couldn't understand why we had to go with all this stupid democracy crap. He almost literally said all of that. As they pick whoever they want if no one gets the nod, how happy will Trump supporters be when they deny him the spot? Expect riots the likes of which you have never seen and, most likely, violent attacks against politicians by the less stable.

Paul Ryan recently dusted off the same exact budget he has been trying to sell for what seems like forever and it was so pointless that even fellow Republicans refused to vote on it, killing it for what had to be the millionth time. These assholes keep trying to tell people that Social Security and Medicare are bad, yet no one on either side of the aisle is asking for less money for recipients. And this is the guy they think can win against Hillary.

Hillary will all come down to VP nod. Pick someone like Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders and she will sweep the election and possible give the Senate and maybe even the House back to the democrats. This is her only sure win position. Pick someone like awful and establishment friendly like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and face the possibility of President Trump.

Here in NH they have already started running attack ads against Kelly Ayotte, linking her to obstructionism and Donald Trump mercilessly. It was a brutal ad. These are going to be run nationwide soon and I doubt the GOP will survive it barring some outside action of Hillary's awful VP pick. The game will be won or lost on what Hillary does there. The GOP the best they can hope for is not to lose so badly their party dies with it. It is unlikely to survive in it's current state regardless.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


It was a close one between the two presidential front runners but Trump's fascist rise overtakes Hillary and her nonsense that has hit epic proportions. If you have any doubt that this country is toast, watch the Trump rallies devolve into basest human instincts for violence and confrontation. If we have Trump versus Hillary in the end, a lot of people are probably going to sit home, allowing the worst people to run our government and ourselves into the ground. If you are not voting for Bernie, our only hope regardless of what the MSM and sites like Cannonfire are spouting, you're voting for fascism, which both sides now seem to accept either willingly or subversively. Anyone with a brain will know which is which. The polls say Sanders is more electable, will draw in new voters rather than shed them like a wet dog and actually try to make this nation better. The other two, as well as pretty much anyone on the GOP side, will kill us all. Don't vote to end America. There is way too much at stake here to be flippant with your vote. Let's see those runner ups in our dying world.

10)Wounded Warriors- When I worked as a reporter, I did several stories about Wounded Warriors and the good they did. That was seven years ago, and since then, the new CEO's were instead running this charity into the ground. The CEO and COO were fired this week after reports of lavish spending came to light, using 50% of their revenue on expensive parties and trips. I had heard this last year from some veterans I know who said they knew first hand that this charity was no longer on the up and up and I had found nothing to support their allegations until just recently, just before the story broke wide. This is why I never give to any charity I am not sure how the money is spent. A lot of them are scams now. And I do mean A LOT! Donate at your own risk.

9)Chiptole- Anyone who still eats here is too dumb to live. Yet another restaurant here in MA was closed after an outbreak of Norovirus which so far has only sickened three employees. Why are just Chiptole employees even coming down with Norovirus? It's not like McDonald's or Subway has seen these kind of problems, so why just this one restaurant chain? Who eats at a place where there is a good chance you are going to get explosive diarrhea from? How dumb is America? The top two executives saw their pay dropped by almost half because stock prices have plummeted, as well as sales, showing not all of this country is dangerously stupid. I want to stand outside one, filming people going in, as I laugh hysterically. This is why Trump will be our next President and God help us all then.

8)ISIS- I HATE FUNDAMENTALISTS! No matter the religion, these people suck. This week, Muslim extremists took a serious blow for their cause when a flash drive containing 20,000 names of suspected terrorists was given to the US by a defector. Preliminary studies suggest it is accurate, containing names from the French attackers and others known to be Islamic extremists. The defector was disillusioned by the amount of rape and murder and brutality he watched and decided to escape, smuggling the data out of his baby's diaper. This could be a fatal blow to a real group of douchebags. I find it funny that Obama this week took out a training camp just as a new group of recruits was graduating. "Yeah, we are terrorists and I can't wait to attack the Great Satan and what is that whistling noise?" KABOOM! Grow up and realize that religion is a lie to keep you enslaved.

7)Jessica Alba- I have always liked Alba. She may not be the best actress but she is fine in the right role and very easy on the eyes. Lately, she has also been a good business woman for the company she founded, Honest Co., which turned out to be the most ironic name she could have found. She built her reputation of herself and this company on being accurate about their ingredients, especially the fact that her laundry soap contains no sodium lauryl sulfates, which she is allegedly allergic to, Then the WSJ did two separate studies with two different companies and both came back that the detergent was loaded with SLS. Oops. She is also facing a lawsuit by people who used her sunscreen and apparently it did nothing but burn these people to a crisp. Maybe you should stick to acting because this looks bad.

6)North Korea- This ass is going to get himself and a lot of other people killed. This week he threatened the West with a pre-emptive nuclear strike, and even though chances are good most of the missiles would either blow up on the launch pad or fall into the sea, he would still face nuclear annihilation by a pissed off US. He doesn't know when to quit. Photos of him around a "nuke" look staged and the bomb appears to be a relic from the set of Dr. No. There is also a missing sub, which is presumed to have sunk somewhere as it is basically a toy with a two man crew. Allegedly, he can fire missiles from these things, but experts say the footage looks fake. But it has gotten so bad that even the Russians told Kim Jung Un to shut the hell up or risk a certain death as the Chinese joined in a unanimous vote at the UN to put even more sanctions against NK, including the stopping of all ships to and from the country. These guys are on borrowed time.

5)Ted Cruz- I understand why people are voting for Trump. He may be Hitler come to life but that is also why he is so appealing. Hitler didn't just show up and take over power. He was voted in. However, Trump is nothing compared to how dangerous Cruz is. Turns out his father is a Pentecostal Minister and possibly a Dominionist, which is a scary offshoot of Catholicism like Opus Dey. The Dominionist believes that the US should be a theocracy, using the Bible rather than the rule of law to decide people's fates. They also think the rich are better than the poor as "god" has blessed them for some reason and the poor are the way they are because of sin. They are one of the worst forms of religion on the planet, way worse than your average Muslims or Jew, regardless of what you think about non-Christian religions. Not only that, but this week, douchebag hired Neil Bush to his financial team. This is the same brother of W. that caused the Savings and Loan scandal back in the 80's and cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Great hire. Who's next? Bill Cosby for your anti-rape campaign, maybe? Bristol Palin for an abstinence PSA? If this ass somehow gets into the high office. we will have months before the country is a ruin. Stop voting for idiots, America. It's literally killing us.

4)Mitch McConnell- Speaking of douchebags that should have been voted out of office had Debbie Wasserman Schultz not given the election to the GOP in Kentucky, this dork is back in the news again. Turns out, McConnell has not only been stalling the Supreme Court nominee, he's been doing the same for Federal judge-ships for years. One such opening in TN has been vacant since July 2015 overtaxing the poor people who have to pick up the slack there. As a matter of fact, turtle-man has only allowed 16 postions to be filled over the last 14 months and have stalled the rest. This is not what America wants yet he pays no price for it because idiots are reflexively voting for a D or an R without really seeing what it would mean. To be fair, democrats are more likely to vote Republican than vice versa showing at least some common sense, rather than utter retards who keep putting people like Brownback, Walker and Scott back into office even though they ruined the states they ran. Mitch McConnell has an approval rating of 11% nationwide and even Kentucky people seem to regret the fact they voted for this ass and a Tea Party moron for governor. Enjoy eating dirt when your economy collapses dumbasses.

3)John McGraw- This 79 year old asshole sucker punched a black protester at a Trump rally recently. Even worse, he was quoted on camera saying that next time, people like that should be killed. Really? For protesting someone who should be protested against? In America where protesting is part of our culture? You sir, are a dick and the first asshole who should be deported. I hope you spend some time behind bars to see what black people think of you there.

2)Hillary Clinton- What a train wreck candidate she is turning out to be? After a stinging loss in Michigan, we can only hope that smarter minds have prevailed and this is the beginning of the end of her Highness. This week, she derided Bernie Sanders for not sticking up for her when she tried her ill fated health care plan back in 1994, killed effectively by Republicans who feared that it working would undermine their credibility (sound familiar?). Unfortunately for her, video, her archenemy, showed Bernie standing behind her as she delivered her speech about the new plan. Oops. Then, she keeps harping about ending gun liability laws that if enacted would bankrupt not only the gun industry, but any organization that had no shield laws. Hit by a drunk driver? Sue Ford. Choke on a cornflake? Sue Kellogg's. This has no good end and her insane desire to be President is obvious, turning to ideas that even Donald Trump isn't for. This is why primary voting is so important people. If our final choices are this douche and Trump, it's not much of one. Either way, this country probably ends quick.

1)Donald Trump- The fact that Trump is still the best candidate says lots of how bad the GOP is. Republicans complained for months how much they hated everyone, and instead on listening that the party had moved too far right, they went even further. And now Trump has crossed the line from extremism into fascism with his out of control crowd attacking protesters and behaving like racists. One picture has an old woman doing the Heil Hitler at a recent rally. Really? McGraw, from above punched a guy for no reason and wasn't even arrested until later even though several cops saw the whole thing. To roughly quote At the Mouth of Madness "When does this become religion to his supporters? And are his followers dangerous?" Allegedly, leftist protesters in Chicago shot a black Trump supporter as well showing escalation on both sides. The left and the right appear to be on a collision course with destiny. Trump riles up his crowds with dangerous talk and then acts surprised when they act on it. You can't tell people to hurt protesters and then act like it wasn't your fault. Earlier this week, Trump acted like such a shill talking about all his great products that are still for sale (in response to an attack by Rubio) and that he owns 100% of all the products, none of which turned out to be true and ignored by the MSM something fierce. Trump steaks are long gone, his magazine is only found in his country clubs and is nothing more than a high end Sky Mall, and his wine is not owned by him in any way. Thanks to shows like Full Frontal and the Daily Show, doing real investigative reporting, discovered all of that as the TV news went on about some cat who could cry like a baby. That is not more important than this, even if it was adorably cute. No Republican can win the White House, but I am equally dismayed that Hillary will be in there either. If Bernie falls the nomination as I expect, I honestly can't say I won't vote Trump at that point if for no other reason than that he may end this country quicker than her. It may be time to burn this country to the ground and voting for either of these two losers is a good start. So congratulations, Donald Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


This has been one hell of an election season. On one side, we have progressives duking it out with the Establishment and it's it not a sure thing either way. On the other hand, we have the Establishment being shut out of the room as hyperactive, mentally challenged idiots throw poo at one another. What is going on?

Bernie Sanders got a surprise win in Michigan as polls proved to be very, very wrong. Hillary was set to win by at least twenty points and then lost by two. A statistical anomaly that some are starting to take into account is the reason in that young people actually showed up in greater numbers here. As younger voters are less likely to take part in landline only surveys, polls will automatically skewer older and center right. In some states, like here in MA, young people didn't vote enough to alter the final tally. In Michigan however, young people showed up in droves and that gave the win to Bernie. This is something I have been saying for months now and the MSM is finally taking notice of that.

This means that if young people get off their lazy asses AND VOTE we still can have Bernie Sanders as our candidate who is the most likely to win against ANY GOP candidate. Polls show Hillary and Sanders both whoop Trump but she is neck and neck with Rubio and Cruz and actually loses bad to Kasich. Sanders beats all of them by wide margins. He is the more electable of the two regardless of what the media has been lying to you about.

The GOP continues to act like spoiled brats and tonight's debate will be awful I am sure and will not be watching. I just can't take any more as it seems to take days to get that shit taste out of my mouth after watching these four retards speak. WHO is voting for any of these guys at this point? Trump is Hitler, Cruz is the Anti-Christ, Rubio is 12, and Kasich is just too damn boring. In all honesty, none of these guys are likely to win, even if Hillary is the nominee, if no other reason than the attack ads that will run non-stop will be brutal against any anti-establishment candidate.

Obstructionism is hurting them bad and now it comes out that not only is douchebag turtle-man, Mitch McConnell, not giving in having a hearing for a new Supreme Court judge, he's been doing the same at local levels. One federal judge opening in Tennessee has been open since July of 2015 which McConnell has refused to hold hearings for, which should be against the law. This is creating a backlog of cases and a huge burden on the federal courtroom system, doubling the amount of work the judges and support staff have to do. How is that fair? How many people are getting screwed to a speedy trial because this ass is addicted to power. Mitch McConnell is a stain on society and fuck you very much to any idiot who actually voted for this dick. I hope you all get cancer in the worst places.

Voting Republican is asinine at this point. Can anyone honestly say they think any of these guys are fit to serve the highest office in the land? Hell no. I hate Hillary and even I think she would be better than any of these assholes. Don't get my wrong, I still think she will screw us blue, but I am hoping wiser heads prevail and the democrats kick out losers like Debbie Wasserman Schultz who I have no idea how she is doing in her primary challenge because God forbid we get real news in this country. I can dream that she will lose and we get someone else in her place.

Just not voting Republican isn't enough. We also need to get rid of any DINO politician as well and start getting real progressives in there. This country needs a radical change and that is something we all agree on. It's the what change we want that there are radical differences about.