Monday, March 21, 2016


Many of you already know this, but America is beyond pissed. We are mad because our economic station has improved not one whit in over a decade. Meanwhile, the rich and powerful are even more rich and powerful and don't think the rest of us haven't noticed. It's why Trump is ahead in the Republican party. Democrats haven't woken up to the reality that life is sucking hard and getting worse, which I find incomprehensible considering how black people riot at the drop of a hat but are perfectly fine towing the party line by voting for Clinton over Sanders. That is beyond stupid, almost worse than anything the Tea Party has thrown our way and that is saying something. What these two groups have in common is voting against their self interests to such an extent they are literally voting to kill themselves. Brilliant.

While the democrats just die slowly into that good night, Republicans are fighting tooth and nail for an outsider versus the establishment. The current scenario of either Trump or Cruz at the top could bring disastrous results for the party. Recent polls show Trump losing to Hillary by two in Utah (and Bernie by 10). UTAH! If the reddest state in the nation isn't going to go for the GOP nominee, what hope does the rest of the nation have? Both Trump and Hillary have such strong negatives that they each have big hurdles to overcome. Unfortunately for the Donald, his mountain is way too steep to navigate without cheating. Latino, blacks, and women are going to flock to Hillary in massive numbers. His only hope would be to capture 60% plus of white men in a general election, which seems astronomically high. Recent studies give Hillary a 70% chance of the White House. I agree. If she picks a VP like Warren of Sanders, that number will climb to as high as 99%.

This has gotten the GOP into quite the tizzy. They know disaster looms but unbelievably are doing everything they can to lose bad come November. Obstructing the Supreme Court nominee may play well to your base, but that is only 20% of the electorate. The rest are independents and democrats, all of which HATE you guys not doing your job. It is causing many to turn away from the right and recent polls show a marketable shift toward democratic nominees rather than Republican incumbents. They have 11 races up for grabs and a few others than could shift away as the election gets closer. This could be a meltdown of epic proportions and they are doing everything they can to re-right the ship.

Take the eight state rule to be the nominee that everyone keeps quoting. Turns out, it doesn't exist. It did in 2012, but the current RNC will vote on new rules one week before the convention. This was put in then to eliminate Ron Paul from contention in the same way that superdelegates are stealing the right to vote for the democrats now. Ah, democracy. What a sham. You can bet money, the new rules will be designed in such a way to eliminate Trump from the nomination, as well as most likely Cruz and Kasich and instead give us Ryan or Romney, other wise known as 2012 part 2.

This will lead to an ugly fight, rioting in one of the worst cities to start a riot in, and the eventual dissolution of the Republican party as Trump starts his own bid. Cleveland has to be the absolute worst choice for a convention as you have a city mired in poverty, with a brutal police force and a penchant for violence. Gasoline, match, huge fire. And that could be figurative or literal. Bet on it.

If they go with Trump, chances are they lose huge. They pick someone else, it may not be much better. This is what happens when you constantly play on people's fears and racism. Eventually, you get Hitler. And while Trump is not as bad as him, he still has definitive qualities that are very fascist and will most likely destroy the country if he gets in. The question is not whether he will do it, but whether that is such a bad thing. Hillary won't fix anything and Trump will probably destroy us fixing things his way. If you want peace, pick Bernie Sanders in upcoming elections. Young people have to get off their lazy, asses and vote and black people better realize they are voting us all into an early grave, with them going first. Revolution is coming. Whether it's peaceful of violent is up to us and so far all I see are torches and pitchforks.

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