Monday, March 28, 2016


Every so often we get some good news. Lately, that has been happening less and less, but this week saw some positive signs for Bernie Sanders, the people of Georgia and the producers for Batman V Superman. Less so for Hillary Clinton, anyone running on the GOP side and the poor idiots who live in North Carolina. Those people are screwed whether they know it or not.

Bernie Sanders has now won five of the last six contests, and the only reason he may have lost Arizona is thanks to that dead prick Scalia and the end of the voting rights bill. Long lines, missing ballots and other dirty tricks may have cost Sanders tens of thousands of votes. Young people were turned away in droves because they didn't have the proper ID to vote, particularly anyone from out of state, like say college students, which skewered the vote massively toward the establishment persona. One staffer was caught red handed throwing out stacks of Bernie votes at one prescient. Lines stretched for five hours due to closing of more than 60% of polling places. There were also allegations of voter fraud, with Sanders supporters all given provisional ballots after they "ran out." Also, if you are a registered independent voter in that state, you CAN'T vote in the primaries. They could until this year but that was changed for unknown reasons.

This is happening everywhere. The powers that be are doing everything they can to steal the vote, only now they aren't even trying to hide it. How long before a majority of Americans wake up to this fact and realize Bernie Sanders is the last hope for this country? Elect anyone else and there is a solid chance we don't see Christmas of 2017 without a civil war. If you haven't noticed, people are pissed, thus the rise Trump and Sanders. I would like to point out to the idiot right that there is a schism going on within your party as you tried to incorporate too many diverse ways of thoughts under one tent, which is now bursting at the seams. Hijacking the Tea Party proved to be a poison pill, which I always theorized would cannibalize the party. You can't bring in anti-government forces into a Big Establishment party and not expect there to be blowback. Your promises to these people, and the rest of America, of prosperity is not only not happening, it's never going to happen. And we know it. And we are ANGRY!

Hillary showed her teeth this week with a bizarre rant by one of her rabid, guileless stoolies who claimed the Bernie broke his promise of not going negative by running non stop "hit piece" ads in states like Michigan. True if accurately stating someone's record is going negative, which it isn't. Facts are neither positive nor negative and having watched some of the ads in question I can tell you they are NOT negative. I fucking HATE Hillary Clinton and will be hard pressed to vote for this shrill human being who is constantly pissing me off as well as having the complete faith that this cunt will do nothing to save this country. In fact, I think she will set us on a path of utter destruction no better that anyone on the GOP side.

America is screaming CHANGE! at the top of lungs and no one seems to hear us anymore. The far right and far left have far more in common than they think and if we can get together and focus on things that matter, like jobs, the economy and getting money out of politics, rather than abortion or gay rights, which is no one's business regardless of how you feel, we can actually accomplish a lot. However, I also feel that chances are still good for a Trump versus Hillary scenario that will infuriate half the nation who will despise both. When either of these fools get the nod expect rioting all the way to the nomination and even more once one of them takes office. If big change doesn't happen soon, the population is going to make it happen. Bet on it because it is what ALWAYS happens here in history. You want to stop it America, show up in vast numbers and vote for Bernie in the upcoming primaries. If you don't, expect trouble down the road because this is our last chance at peaceful revolution and we all know what comes next.

Speaking of minding their own business, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal saw the writing on the wall and vetoed an anti-gay bill that would have made religious extremists happy and the rest of the state a barren wasteland devoid of a cash flow. After almost every major corporation, sporting group and entertainment big wig came out against it, Deal wisely saw that six billion in lost revenue, and even more in taxes, lost jobs and economic destruction, was not a good way to get re-elected. Douchebags in the government who demanded this law vowed to fight against the veto but as the democrats still have sizable portions in the Senate, an override is near impossible. Too bad. WAAAAA! Go cry over your Bible while you whip yourself for impure thoughts. Please. Do it.

Meanwhile neighbor Pat McCory of NC may have just signed his political death warrant. Scmucko is up for reelection this fall and is currently tied with his opponent. How much do you want to bet his numbers plummet once business starts avoiding his state, travel bans start being enacted by other state government's (as many did after Indiana passed a similar law that did nothing for Governor Pence until he relented and struck down his recently passed anti-gay law), and other factors that send North Carolina into a tail spin? Being anti-gay in this day and age is a death sentence and one of the big reasons the GOP cannot gain any traction. This is a dead issue. Move along nothing to see here. Accept that their are gay people and you may actually have to speak to one some day. Chances are, you already have and didn't know it. Grow up.

This is all signs of positivity that give me faint hope for the future. Not much but some. And in today's bleak world, I will take it.

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