Thursday, March 10, 2016


This has been one hell of an election season. On one side, we have progressives duking it out with the Establishment and it's it not a sure thing either way. On the other hand, we have the Establishment being shut out of the room as hyperactive, mentally challenged idiots throw poo at one another. What is going on?

Bernie Sanders got a surprise win in Michigan as polls proved to be very, very wrong. Hillary was set to win by at least twenty points and then lost by two. A statistical anomaly that some are starting to take into account is the reason in that young people actually showed up in greater numbers here. As younger voters are less likely to take part in landline only surveys, polls will automatically skewer older and center right. In some states, like here in MA, young people didn't vote enough to alter the final tally. In Michigan however, young people showed up in droves and that gave the win to Bernie. This is something I have been saying for months now and the MSM is finally taking notice of that.

This means that if young people get off their lazy asses AND VOTE we still can have Bernie Sanders as our candidate who is the most likely to win against ANY GOP candidate. Polls show Hillary and Sanders both whoop Trump but she is neck and neck with Rubio and Cruz and actually loses bad to Kasich. Sanders beats all of them by wide margins. He is the more electable of the two regardless of what the media has been lying to you about.

The GOP continues to act like spoiled brats and tonight's debate will be awful I am sure and will not be watching. I just can't take any more as it seems to take days to get that shit taste out of my mouth after watching these four retards speak. WHO is voting for any of these guys at this point? Trump is Hitler, Cruz is the Anti-Christ, Rubio is 12, and Kasich is just too damn boring. In all honesty, none of these guys are likely to win, even if Hillary is the nominee, if no other reason than the attack ads that will run non-stop will be brutal against any anti-establishment candidate.

Obstructionism is hurting them bad and now it comes out that not only is douchebag turtle-man, Mitch McConnell, not giving in having a hearing for a new Supreme Court judge, he's been doing the same at local levels. One federal judge opening in Tennessee has been open since July of 2015 which McConnell has refused to hold hearings for, which should be against the law. This is creating a backlog of cases and a huge burden on the federal courtroom system, doubling the amount of work the judges and support staff have to do. How is that fair? How many people are getting screwed to a speedy trial because this ass is addicted to power. Mitch McConnell is a stain on society and fuck you very much to any idiot who actually voted for this dick. I hope you all get cancer in the worst places.

Voting Republican is asinine at this point. Can anyone honestly say they think any of these guys are fit to serve the highest office in the land? Hell no. I hate Hillary and even I think she would be better than any of these assholes. Don't get my wrong, I still think she will screw us blue, but I am hoping wiser heads prevail and the democrats kick out losers like Debbie Wasserman Schultz who I have no idea how she is doing in her primary challenge because God forbid we get real news in this country. I can dream that she will lose and we get someone else in her place.

Just not voting Republican isn't enough. We also need to get rid of any DINO politician as well and start getting real progressives in there. This country needs a radical change and that is something we all agree on. It's the what change we want that there are radical differences about.

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