Sunday, July 31, 2011


The question now remains how far will the Democrats bend over to accommodate the out of control Republicans? Let's see the runner ups.

1)Universal Studios- Proving that MBAtards are ruining the entertainment industry, look no farther than Universal studios. In a rerun of what sunk Orion studios when they chose Mathew Modine's Cutthroat Island over Arnold Swarzennegger's crusade movie, Universal has bet the farm on a film destined to fail. Orion went bankrupt when Island tanked hard. So what did Universal turn down? How about a 150 million dollar H.P. Lovecraft movie with Tom Cruise and directed by Gullermo Del Toro? Nope. Then what about Ron Howard's ambitious Dark Tower film and TV series? That's dead too. So what did they pick? Battleship the Movie. That's right, the boardgame is now a craptastic film with Liam Nesson and Eric from True Blood. Plus lots and lots of not so special effects. Watch the trailer and cringe. This could be one of the biggest bombs of all times.

2)Police- It seems everyday, a new tape emerges showing some out of control cop beating, berating or just plain being an asshole to some innocent civilian. The latest comes from Canton, Ohio, where some scumbag cop threatens to shoot two civilians in separate stops for no apparent reason. This guy better be fired because sooner or later, he is going to kill someone. The site Copwatch wrote a great article saying that if a cop threatens your life for no reason, you have right to defend yourself. This may be one of the many reasons cop shootings are on the rise as people would rather protect their rights than be run roughshod over.

3)Dale Fout- This pussy was texting in a movie theater when a woman sitting behind him tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to stop. So what did the 250 pound idiot do to the 134 pound woman? He claimed he was "injured" and called the cops. She was ticketed for assault. I hope Dan Fout gets AIDS. Asshole.

4)Congress- These idiots are playing with fire. The democrats are taking it up the ass and asking for more, the republicans are titty twisting as far they can to get everything they can and the Tea Party still isn't happy. Will somebody please emulate Guy Fawkes already? Obama's an idiot whose chances of winning the next election are getting slimmer and slimmer because he won't stand up for anything. You know what happens to people like that? They get run over. STAND UP FOR THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS YOU SCHMUCK! The GOP is killing us and Tea Party is determined to end everything we have fought for. Remember what I've written in the past. Tea Party individuals are to be shunned. The GOP is close behind and so are Democrats. So what should we do? Get guns and lots of then because the only way you are going to protect your rights at this point us to fight of them. No government official is looking out for anyone but themselves and the uber-rich. F@#k them.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger, Speaker of the House John Boehner added the failed cup, crap and balance act back into his bill that died the first time around a few days ago. What part of this is never going to pass are you not getting? What is certain at this point is that after 6 p.m. today the House will pass a bill that has zero hope of even being brought up by the Senate. Reid will send that bill to purgatory and introduce his bill for a vote in it's place. Having seen the two bills, Reid's is the better of the two for everyone involved. While it lacks raising taxes against the wealthy, it doesn't eviscerate the poor and middle class either.

The GOP bill is the exact opposite. What morons are supporting this bill? The Teatards of course who have shown a lack of understanding about the most basic of principles. These idiots are actually championing for the end of the middle class and for their kids to live a life of squalor and destitution. The rich want it all including your absolute obedience. We fought a war over these principles and we may have to again. The Tea Party is the fascist party wrapped in a brand new bow, exactly as past historians predicted it would arise again in such a fashion.

Cooler heads are not prevailing as everyone, myself NOT included, thought they would. Having dealt with the masses on a regular basis I have come to a terrible realization. We as a people, in the US and abroad, may indeed be too stupid to survive. The level of idiocy has skyrocketed to a point beyond the dreams of the wildest sci-fi disaster movie. We are living on borrowed time and no one seems to care.

Next week will bring untold hardships to a number of Americans. At the very least, our credit rating is going to be downgraded causing a stock market drop, more housing problems on top of the heap we already have, and rising interest rates. If the debt ceiling is breached, then a lot of people aren't getting paid next week. The military will be the first on the chopping block as the 72 billion needed for payments are going to be too much to handle. Most likely the 184 billion we do have will go to SS, Medicare, unemployment, the debt payment with 30-50 billion left over to keep prisons open and some federal employees paid. For millions of others, it going to be rough as welfare, student aid, food stamps, homeless shelters and most government employees will be sent home sans paycheck. The effects this will have on the economy in any way, shape or form will be nothing short of devastation. Plan ahead because everything you know may end next week.

And the Teatards will be to blame.

Now where's my pitchfork and torch.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

the Tea Party: Caught Between A Rock And A Stupid Place

With Tea party leaders like Jim Demint and Michelle Bachmann it's not a difficult stretch to call the Tea Party supporters a bunch of mindless drones who seem incapable of making even the simplest steps in logic. But now comes the ultimate in absolute stupidity: the fact that compromise is a now a dirty word.

With the Teatards sticking their collective heads in the sand over the debt crisis, the questions arises when will ordinary Americans say "Enough?" Apparently, finally, it seems to have occurred. GOP leaders are getting an earful from their constituents about how much they are NOT going to go along with this new austerity packages that put all the weight on the poor and middle class while our rich overlords get to to continue their rape of mankind.

And how have the Republicans and the Tea Party responded? By turning a deaf ear and continuing to waste everyone's time by trying to get enough votes for Boehner's DOA debt plan. While it still may or may not pass the House, it is almost certainly never going to pass "as is" in the Senate with the debt ceiling limit only extended for six months. No one, except the GOP, wants this to occur all over again near Christmas during what is certain to be a bitter election cycle. Oddly, the GOP seems to be taking the most heat from all of this so why they would want MORE bad publicity before an election is almost shocking in it's ineptitude.

Worse is the Tea Party, who like a child having a temper tantrum, refuse to compromise at all until they get their way. For them it's a balanced budget amendment or nothing, regardless of whether the country sunks or swims. Nevermind the fact that this is exactly the same debacle law that is slowly killing California. But as Tea Party platforms appear written by drunken, mentally challenged morons, this should be par for the course.

At no point since the Civil War are we this divided a nation and we all remember how this ended, unless of course you are a Teatard who's view of history is somewhere between a three year old and a rock. Listen to Palin, Bachmann or Demint on their view of the past and cringe as our public school system gets royally embarrassed. Palin butchered Paul Revere's history, Bachmann said that the founding fathers fought against slavery and Jim Demint called George W. Bush the greatest President ever. Astonishing. But what is worse are the idiots out their supporting these fools. What moron has put Bachmann into office time and time again? Are lead chips standard issue in Minnesota?

The debt ceiling is a real problem that as of this writing is crashing the stock market, interest rates are already going up and people are losing their jobs. Imagine what will happen next week when the stock market nose dives 800 points as many an economist is saying will happen. This is not some theoretical issue but one that has real consequences. And our leaders and Tea Party supporters are are all saying let the debt ceiling stay where it is. Will they be saying the same next week when their 401k gets wiped out, millions of jobs lost and higher interest rates rise for everybody? Even then, I'm not sure the Teatards will notice.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House GOP Nixes Boehner Plan. Nice.

Proving that even among his party, Speaker John Boehner is losing friends fast. It was revealed today that House Republicans do not have enough support to pass their debt-ceiling increase plan on their own. “There are not 218 Republicans in support of this plan,” Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican who heads the powerful conservative caucus in the House, told reporters Tuesday morning. Duh. This is exactly what I and other pundits have said from day one as the GOP wasts precious time. Th only good news is that our chances of a default by August 2nd have been lessened by the revelation that the US government took in 14 billion more than expected which will guarantee we won't default right away and SS checks should go out on time. Whether the military will get paid or not is still up in the air.

For this Republican bill to pass, Speaker John A. Boehner will have to rely on Democrats to help with the $1.2 trillion spending cuts plan — support he is unlikely to get. Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer said “very few” Democrats will vote for the Boehner plan, though he acknowledged there could be some.

Good luck on that for anyone who wants their job next election cycle.

The Tea Party is demanding their idiotic Balanced Budget Amendment that has as much chance of passing as establishing an "I Love Hitler" day for a national holiday. These morons are sinking this country with their "I don't compromise," stance that works as well as a porn actress stating she won't get naked. IT'S YOUR F%^KING JOB NUMNUTS! The Tea Party will kill us all. Call your senator today and demand they raise the ceiling without crushing the middle class. They keep saying it's class warfare. It is. And we're losing. Unless we start fighting back, we're going to get crushed underneath the jackbooted feet of the stormtroopers coming for you.

Obama's speech last night was quite good for a guy I feel has done a really crappy job so far. Maybe he can right the ship before it takes on too much water. His best chance right now is the idiot Teatards nominating someone unelectable, a strong possibility. But first, we must raise the debt ceiling. Our way of life is at stake and GOP wants to make you slaves. Anybody voting for any of these morons is a traitor to our country. Make them know it.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Today talks were successful in ending a long dragged out disagreement over how to spend accumulated money in the fairest way possible. Both sides dug in their heels, words were said, but eventually, triumphantly, a deal was made and the world rejoiced. If you thought I was talking about the US debt ceiling you'd be wrong. No the bitter lockout between NFL owners and players is now over after both sides came to terms that were agreeable for both. To recap, billionaires and millionaires were able to put aside their differences and come to a compromise. Yet, congress, in much the same way, simply cannot. The billionaires we have to deal with (hint: it rhymes were schmorporation) WILL NOT give a dollar back that they have stolen from is. They hold on to it screaming MINE MINE MINE at the top of their lungs until you just have the lunatic keep it to get some peace and quiet. And now these over privileged cry babies are using the beyond retarded Tea Party to really beat us down. Don't believe me. Here's a quick list of everything the Tea Party stands for:

End to Medicare, end to social security, end to abortion and gay rights, end to unemployment insurance, end to a minimum wage, end to child labor laws, end to anti-discriminatory laws (especially if you're gay or black), no money to infrastructure at all, no taxes on anybody ever for any reason.

What do they want:

Fascism, corporate control, a huge military and a police state.

What part of that sounds good to anybody? Anybody following the Tea Party is a traitor to this country and should be treated accordingly.

The latest on the debt crisis is not good as the GOP plan is the exact same plan voted down last Friday. Speaker Boener said it's the same principle as cut,cap and trade with a few minor differences that still don't stand a chance in the Senate. Why resurrect a dead horse? Plus, this bill is the exact same bill that killed California's economy. If you a stuck to to a budget, and the unthinkable happens, you have no money to deal with it. And if you do, cuts have to happen somewhere else. So because an earthquake kills a dozen people near the San Andreas fault, grandma is going to have to do without medical coverage for a few months. Right. This plan is terrible and has no chance of passage. Still the dead horse is flogged again.

We are running out of time, because regardless of what you've heard, the effects from this will be felt in some harsh manner. Stocks will likely fall, interests rates will rise and some portion of Americans are going to be cut off from a paycheck. Be prepared because the Tea Party is sinking us. The funny thing is they're going right down with us.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I know a lot of you out there are thinking how could that right wind nut bag who shot a bunch of children in Norway this week not be the douchebag of the week? Yes he will be on the list but his actions don't threaten the whole world's economy. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Amy Winehouse- When you mix alcohol, coke, heroin, ecstasy and horse tranqs, death is soon to follow. This is a person with a death wish ala Beluishi and Farley who died under similar circumstances. Regardless of what you thought of her personally, she was talented even if she did often look like a drunken horse. She will be missed.

2)Connecticut- If there was reason why people are fleeing the state, myself included, the new taxes Governor Malloy (D) are a good reason. One of the most corrupt states in the nation, it doesn't matter which party is in office to get screwed. Adrian's Landing has been on the books for nearly twenty years and all they have to show for it is an empty convention center and an expensive science museum. Under Rowland, and probably still continuing to this day, any developer has to fork over millions to the government in "licensing fees." How do I know? Because when I and a group of investors tried to get a movie studio built, we got blackmailed for four million dollars. Word is Dee Snider, who was trying to build a heavy metal museum got the same deal as did Aetna in some other venture I have long forgotten. Snider walked but Aetna ponied up the money. Then after they get their pound of flesh, they reward the developer with millions back out of taxpayer money. Then the developer walks away and everybody happy, except the residents of CT. In order to keep this money train growing, they keep raising taxes on the poor and middle class as seen by the huge tax hikes Malloy just did. On top of having the highest gas taxes in the country, even beating Hawaii, they just raised the income taxes as well. I left years ago and will move to Siberia before I go back to CT. F#$K em.

3)The police- Out of control is an understatement with this insane blue line. This week, a police officer in Florida shot a dog and unarmed man while his partner watched the whole thing go down. Called to a domestic dispute, things went badly fast. Worse, the police union was backing the lunatic who held a gun to a guys face and said "I don't need no mother#$$%^^& warrant." He then proceeded to shoot the dog and the man. Only call the police if absolutely necessary. These people did and got killed as a result. The police are NOT here to help but to subjugate you. Too many are dangerous lately with god complexes. Avoid at all costs.

4)The TSA- Responding to complaints, it was revealed this week that they will get rid of naked screens in their cancer machines and replace them with generic stick figures. Now if they could only eliminate that pesky radiation too.

5)Norway's Right Wing Nutbag-At least 92 people were killed in the twin attacks that police are blaming on the same suspect, 32-year-old Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik.
Mad of the government for left leaning ideals, this idiot blew up two bombs outside government buildings and the prime minister's residence and then proceeded to shoot a bunch of innocent children at a summer retreat. responding police deserve a special award for their incredible incompetence are spending ninety minutes to get to the island due to a lack of any kind of response planing. Their idiocy caused many many more deaths. Not to be outdone, the US nutbag association said we need to show the world were idiots too and spree shooting erupted at a roller rink in Texas and a car show in Seattle. Insanity is spreading world wide as we reach the brink of our own existence. Why do I sound so bleak? See below.

6)Republicans- These fools are going to kill us all. Walking away from talks, Republicans have said they will solve the problem themselves without any help from democrats or the President. Maybe they seem to have forgotten they are not in power any more. This option is doomed to failure because while any legislation is sure to pass the house it will almost certainly fail in the Senate or vetoed by the President. Their plan is sure to be very similar to other plans which had no sacrifices for rich people, just an end to things like social security and medicare. These idiots want to privatize SS and eliminate Medicare, a very unpopular plan among most in the US. So doomed to fail Republicans have taken up another issue dead on arrival and the country is sure to follow. Asian markets may be beat up today and expect ours to follow. That which government fails to fix, the markets will. We are headed for a very sharp cliff. Be prepared. So way to go GOP. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Norway Bombings: Who's To Blame?

UPDATE: the gunman has been idientfied as Anders Behring Breivik. a 32 year old right wing nutbag. His motive is still unknown. It is clear he's pissed about something. Moron. If Norway is considered too oppresive what do the rest of us have to hope for. The only possible link I can think of is that he's pissed at the government for their left leaning ways toward the Palestinians. He's defintely anti-Muslim although why he wouldn't have targeted a mosque is beyond me.

Studying early news reports of events such as this often lead to many dead ends and false statements. What is known so far is that several bombs went off in Oslo and a few hours later a blond hair Norwegian dressed up as a police officer shot a whole bunch of kids on a nearby island. Apparently he gathered a bunch of them togther and then opened fire. Dick.

It is possible the two incidents are completely unrelated. It is also possible the blond guy may be some sort of Muslim convert, and if he is, thanks a lot douchebag. As blond hair/blue eyed myself I have enough trouble with security without getting the extra lovings by the TSA.

Could it be a false flag operation? Possibly as the buildings hit were near empty due to the holiday. If they were really wanting to kill bunches of people they sure picked a crappy day to do it. Plus it is odd that Norway has been siding with the Arab world in things like negotiations for a Palestinian state. But never underestimate the stupidity of any particular person likewise. Or what Israel might do in retaliation.

So it could be a nutbag, an extremist homegrown or otherwise, or just another conspiracy theory waiting to happen. It's too soon to tell and way to soon to be jumping to conclusions. Whether it's the truth or not is a whole other matter.

More posts as info flows.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Plane Red: A New Airline With A New Idea

I hate the TSA. I won't fly anymore until these Nazi bastards are all fired and brought up on sexual assault charges. But, as politicians are so keen to say, that which doesn't get fixed, the market will instead. And on the heels of thousands upon thousands who won't fly anymore comes some good news.

How bad is the flying situation? Hotels, theme parks and airlines have all seen double dip losses this year. True, the economy is still pretty sour but as the wealthy have done okay, these areas should not still be seeing the drop that they are. But people are sick of being groped by the TSA to get on a plane and we know this as car travel has become the new way to get around. Car traffic has gotten much worse over the past year as more and more people drive rather than fly. It may be more expensive but at least you don't have to leave your dignity at the door to get where you are going.

Unfortunately, for a place like Hawaii, driving is not an option. Tourism there has sunk for two very good reasons. One, people hate flying now. It used to be elegant and almost magical. Now it's the equivalent to a flying bus; screaming babies, fat people wedged into their seat that will require the jaws of life to get them out, rude staff and endless delays. Yuck. On top of that, Hawaii is in the midst of a radioactive nightmare that is not even being discussed by the major news outlets. Hawaii, Alaska, The West Coast and Idaho are all being inundated with dangerous radiation. We know this because independent tests show high levels of Iodine, Caesium and Strontium in the milk and water supply. Hawaii is one of the worst. Cancer rates there are going to spike huge over the next decade.

As a result of all this, plane tickets are available for 99$ for LAX. Hotels are giving big discounts and even rental cars can be gotten on the cheap. I saw pictures recently of the airport in Hawaii at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. It was deserted. Sad.

But now comes word of a new airlines, designed specifically to poke the TSA in the eye and go mmmmeeehhhhhh. It will use small jets that only seat nine people, getting under the law that only planes with 10 people or more get checked by the TSA. Too expensive you think? Not really. It will be based on a subscription basis with UNLIMITED FLIGHTS. For 150$ a month, you'll be able to fly anywhere they go. Washington DC, Philadelphia, NYC and Atlantic City with plans later for Boston, Texas and even California. Imagine being able to travel in luxury, no TSA groping, to anywhere in the country (eventually). I've already signed up for when they go active as this will be a great deal. When this explodes, and it will, regular air travel will lose a great deal of business as every frequent traveler signs up for this service and the others that are soon to follow.

Check out Plane Red for yourself. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Another no brainer this week. Let see them runner ups.

1)Heroin- While I do advocate the decriminalization/legalization of drugs, don't think they won't come with consequences. One of the worst offenders of this is, without a doubt, heroin, a drug that destroys lives and the people near them. I found out this week that a kid I know, all of eighteen years old, is hopelessly hooked on heroin. He's stealing from his friends and is now a marked man for the most part. Having had to leave the one safe place he's been at for the past few years, he's been forced back into living with an abusive, alcoholic dad and the grandfather they both regularly rip off for drug and alcohol money. The horror stories I've heard how this family operates is nothing short of disturbing. I feel bad for the kid, knowing that he's thrown any chance of a normal life away and the almost certainty that he'll be dead before the end of the year. Either he's going to rip off the wrong person or the drug lifestyle will simply catch up to him. Just plain sad.

2)Rupert Murdoch- In tomorrow's post, I am going to eviscerate Fox and Friends for the douchebags they are by sticking up Rupert Murdock. The police there arrested Rebekah Brooks, Murdoch's surrogate daughter and former newspaper chief for Newscorp just as the police chief stepped down due to impropriety on his part. The whole thing reveals a close bond between the police, newspapers and the government which should make any free man tremble. These three separate areas conspired together to do every bit of wrong doing they could think of and hope not to get caught. Oops. The editor for the Wall Street Journal resigned the other day as the scandal looks to be heading here next. What will we find out if it does? Either way, his empire is in tatters.

3)Any movie out this week that wasn't Harry Potter- Shattering records, Harry Potter pulled in 168 million dollars in the box office this week and almost 500 million worldwide. Way to go Harry.

4)Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher- Cruise signed on to do the Lee Child book One Shot, a Jack Reacher novel. An ex MP, Reacher is described at 6'5 and 250 pounds of muscle. Tom Cruise doesn't exactly come to mind. Nice casting.

5)Republicans- Only outdid this week by Netflix absolute stupidity, the GOP announced this week that were ready to make a deal. Unfortunately for everyone else, it is exactly the same plan foisted about and rejected weeks ago. It's Groundhog Day with this bunch. Bill Maher made the same comparison I did with the Republicans acting just like Arafat getting the best deal he could have hoped for with the Israelis who then spit it back in their face because he didn't get everything he wanted. Since then, Palestine life has been a living hell due mostly to one idiot. The GOP is doing the exact same. Time is running out to avoid Armageddon. If there is no deal by Friday, we are so screwed. Bet on it.

6)Sarah Palin-Her new movie opened this week to the thunderous applause of, well, nobody. The film tanked in limited releases, grossing less than three thousand a theater for a gross total of 30,000 dollars. Yuck. Even if the film cost 100,000, which is unlikely, it's still a huge failure. One theater critic said the only people in his showing were two women who walked out 20 minutes in and a couple more interested in making out than watching the film. He said he had tears in his ears, it was so unintentionally funny. Sounds like a great movie to rent one day and laugh and laugh and laugh.

7)Netflix- One of the worst run companies in America right now is without a doubt. Reed Hastings has badly misjudged the market again which seems odd given the earlier success of the rental outlet. He crippled his market earlier when he agreed to delay some new releases by 28 days, buoyed by the theory that people would buy more DVD's rather than rent. Wrong as people just waited the extra 28 days or worse, left Netflix for every other company that had no such policy. No comes word that Netflix is separating their streaming from rentals and jacking the price 60% for both. In a struggling economy people are looking to streamline their costs. Raising prices will give every person who had been on the fence a good shove to get rid of the service. Worse, people mad at you are going to jettison your company for Red Box, Blockbuster or On Demand. 5000 people quit the first day this was announced and shares fell 4% already. Great business model. What's next? Set the place on fire and what a week to decide to call the fire department? You're and idiot and douchebag Reed Hastings. So congratulations for being douchebag of the week.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Truth Telling Becomes Revolutionary Act. The Question Is Which Side Is Right?

In a stunning show of bravado, Obama put his foot down against the obstructionist Republicans, saying he'd rather lose the next election than let Cantor and the Teatards ruin the country. Bravo, Mr. President for finally showing some balls. Please don't give in like the pussy governor of Minnesota just did, capitulating to the GOP in throwing the poor and elderly under the bus. I'd rather the whole world blow rather than have to figure out which medication I can forgo this month instead of rent or food, which is what the Republican plan will do.

Austerity measures are coming, but the GOP plan is definitely going to bite harder than Obama's. If Obama can get tax hikes for the richest individuals accomplished, he will have demonstrated a quality he has been sorely lacking in: Presidential ability. JFK saw the dangers the Russians were trying in 1961 and bravely said "I will nuke this world ten time over rather than have missiles in Cuba." As a result Russia blinked and the world was saved. This is Obama's Cuban Missile Crisis. If he stands his ground and let's the Republican blink first, he will have a major advantage in the next election. If he gives in too soon, his damaged presidency may be all but over. He has been way to quick to give in GOP demands like ending the public option debate and tax hikes for the rich. This is your moment Mr. President. Don't blow it.

In other news, word is that a peace deal is in the works for Libya. Or an all out invasion is on the way. Depends what news you read. And that leads to the basis for this column. Like the debt ceiling debate what you hear as truth depends on the source it comes from. We keep hearing that the country will be fine if it doesn't raise the debt ceiling and others who say its Apocalypse now. Which is right? There is no way the country is better off by not raising the debt ceiling. We can see that the credit agencies are going to downgrade our status, the stock market is going to tumble off the planet and millions of people are going to lose their job after next months debacle. This is all GOING TO HAPPEN. Why? Because it already is happening. The stock market is flatlining, no one is hiring, and lay offs are increasing like Cisco shedding 10,000 jobs.

Next month may indeed bring the beginning of the New Great Depression where it is going to be ugly. No money for services mean millions of people looking for any way possible to feed the families. Thefts of things like air conditioning units, weaves from hair salons and roof gutters show that desperation is setting in. When food stamps and unemployment end, crime will skyrocket in a way never seen before in those country. And as less police will be on the streets, get a gun because it will be the only way to protect yourself.

Hard times are coming, sooner than you think. Your 401k is about to tank, your job will be even more tenuous and your life is going to be much much harder. Still don't want raise that debt ceiling?

On a side note, Netflix is in the process of going under after another stupid decision to raise prices by 60%. At a time when people are cutting back on any non-essential, they may have priced themselves into oblivion. 5000 people cancelled the day after the price hike was announced and hundreds of thousands are expected to follow. Blockbuster has seized the opportunity by offering similar services for significantly less money. Their 28 day waiting period for new releases was dumb enough but this is downright suicidal. Stocks fell almost 4% and will continue to slide. If you have stock in Netflix sell today because it won't rise again anytime soon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Mob Rules: How The Casey Anthony Case Is A Doubled Edged Sword

Wow people are pissed. Not about the fact that our economy is about to crash in a way few people could imagine. Not about the fact that the rich are getting richer and richer while the rest of us starve. Not even about the fact that corporations are making a staggering average of 88% profit and translating that into 1% wage gains. No what people have become a mob about is the unbelievable verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. Jurors and the judge have all received death threats, prompting some to quit their jobs, move and basically hide their identifies from a furious public.

As much I despise the verdict they gave, none of these people should be getting death threats. Let's look at the pros and cons of this case.

Pros- The verdict shows that people are capable of joining together, democrat or republican, in a single idea that this spoiled bitch got away with murder. And while we may disagree on how to voice that displeasure, we all agree the jury was retarded. From this maybe some good will come. Can we please end trial by jury already, an outdated idea whose time has come and gone. Our constitution has many many good ideas, most of them under siege, but this is not one of them. The reason for trial by jury was that the government, particularly the Monarchy they were escaping from, would have kangaroo courts were the verdict was known before the trail began. To get a fair trial a jury of random people was the best way to get a verdict. But in those days, a jury would be all land owning men, some of which were actually well educated. No slaves, no women, no dregs of society. Plus, there was no such thing as science to be debated. Today, all we get in our juries are the dregs of society; those not smart enough or important enough to get out of it. Have you ever sat on a jury? I have. The IQ level in that room was barely in triple digits.

We now have intricate science being introduced to people with at best a high school education to understand graduate level work. I have a degree in Anthropology, spent years learning about DNA, and even I had trouble following the OJ Simpson case. The subject matter is too complex for the average person to understand and, therefore, justice is not being served.

Plus, we have this great invention called television. We all watched the Casey Anthony trial. Did our observation of said events influence it in anyway? No. It did not. Television will eliminate the need for protection against kangaroo courts as there will be visual proof of said wrong doing, an impossibility at the time of the Constitution. As most prosecutors are subject to the same political will of the people as an elected official (and in some cases are elected) and malfeasance will wind up with them out on the street, just like the prosecutors after the OJ Simpson trial and the Anthony trial.

End trail by jury like the rest of the world. We needn't fear kangaroo courts as long as we remain vigilant. And judging by the attention on the trial, I think my point is made.

Cons- We now have to fear that this idiot jury may make it harder for innocent people to get a not guilty verdict, especially in high profile cases. This may lead to more people going to jail as jurors fear for their lives if they give a not guilty verdict. The Anthony juries should be called out for the morons they were, but all the same, idiocy is not a punishable offense. If it was, we'd all be dead.

As for those jurors, you guys do suck and suck hard. Some have come forward to explain their reasoning for the not guilty verdict and not one of them holds water. They said as cause of death couldn't de determined, accidental death couldn't be ruled out. Cause of death is irrelevant. She's dead. Who had the most to gain? How about the Mom who went and partied hard for thirty days rather than spending every waking minute looking for her? NAAA. We can't find a motive, they said. If motive wasn't clear enough, maybe you are too stupid to live. The CSI effect was in clear view here. I should point that CSI is A TV SHOW. Most of the stuff on that show is made up. It's not real, okay. So when chloroform doesn't show up on the car door, weeks after it may or may not have been there, it is irrelevant. And why would the father have a motive to kill his granddaughter as some on the jury thought? Christ, if this isn't evidence enough that people are too stupid to be on a jury I don't what is.

End trial by jury so justice may be better served.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Numbers Reveal How Screwed We Really Are

Consumer numbers today show a huge decrease in spending among the country's poor. Dollar stores were hit hardest, showing a steep decrease in profit as people everywhere are running out of money. WalMart echoes the woes as their profits are way down as well. Know what isn't way down? Luxury items. That's right, the rich are spending like there's no tomorrow while the rest of us struggle with the bread crumbs they throw our way. They literally say "Let them eat cake," any no one gets pissed. What sheep we are. Here's what a CBS station in LA reported:

More stores across the U.S. that offer deeply-discounted products are seeing their sales decline after years of growth amid America’s “Great Recession” — and one analyst said on Monday it’s another sign of even deeper downturn.

“I think what’s going on in those stores is that we are in a depression for 80 percent of Americans,” top retail analyst Howard Davidowitz told KNX 1070.

America’s three largest discount chains — Dollar General Corp., Family Dollar Stores Inc. and Dollar Tree Inc. — all recently missed their quarterly earnings targets.

Davidowitz pointed to the weakness of the dollar and a gloomy consumer outlook as some of the factors behind the stores’ slump.

“In those stores, somebody comes in with $12 to do all their shopping,” said Davidowitz. “The person who used to come in with $12 now comes in with $8.”

“In other words, the economy is continuing to be worse, the ... depression continues to explode,” he added.

This reminds me of Joe Biden's statement that "it's a depression for millions of Americans", Wal Mart CEO's statement that Wal Mart shoppers are running out of money, and many top economists' assertion that we're in a Depression.

For more check out It's a well written look as to why we are actually in a Depression that no one wants to acknowledge.

I will give an about time to Obama for growing some balls. If the GOP wants to play chicken, let them. If the country sinks, it's their fault for not compromising on higher taxes for the uber rich and corporations. OHHH the capital gains tax goes up by five percent. Guess you won't have enough money for that sixth summer home.

Let's hope those balls stay with Obama. Current projections show that these programs will be paid for with the money we bring in: Interest on debt, SS, Medicare, Medicade, Unemployment, Essential Federal Programs (FBI, DEA and ATF ongoing essential investigations). That's it. So if you're in the military, getting foodstamps, welfare, work for the federal government in any way, shape or form, prepare to be cut off or laid off. Parks will close, government offices will shutter and no new claims for things like unemployment will be processed. Things are about to get real tough for a lot of us. Just remember, it's the GOP's fault.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


With the GOP acting like spoiled children and holding their breath until they turn blue, debt talks have broken down once again. Between the idiot Tea Party, who regardless of facts have decided the only way to fix the country is to destroy it by not raising the debt level for any reason, and the GOP determined to save tax breaks for the uber-rich, things look bleak. How bleak? If you're in the military, don't expect a pay check past August 2nd. Food stamps and Social Security will almost certainly be paid for August but beyond that nothing is certain, and even that is still up in the air. Federal employees will be sent home and parks shuttered. Also, the stock market will crater and the world economy will be thrust head first into a severe Depression. Hope any of you out there aren't too attached to your jobs because millions will be laid off with no hope of unemployment checks because those stop too as of August 2nd.

Yet here we are, weeks away from catastrophe and the Republicans are acting like it's no big deal. Sure, sink the world economy and see what we think of you crap party at that point. I personally will f#$k up any republican I come across dumb enough to actually show support for this failed policy of no tax breaks for the rich. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Pay your fair share you parasites and stop talking about job creation like it means anything? There are no jobs and haven't been for some time because they've all been outsourced to India and Mexico. Check out what companies are doing the most hiring at given moment and you'll see that they are all ones that pay nothing; service jobs and low wage, low skill garbage.

Anybody supporting the GOP is a traitor to this country. If you know any, make them know it to. Our very existence is at stake and it is because of people like Michelle Bachmann AND HER SUPPORTERS that need to be gotten rid of (scorn works wonders by the way) to save the US. If you like your life, miserable at might be, remember what will happen after August 2nd is going to be far worse. End the Tea Party and the GOP. Brand them as the new Redcoats. Your survival and that of your children are at risk. A new Depression looms and these idiots are going to get us all there. The only saving grace is that if this does come to be the Armageddon I fully believe it to be, the GOP will have no chance in any election anywhere ever. And that might be worth them screwing the planet for everyone.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The GOP seems hellbent on destroying this country. Let's see those runner ups.

1)TSA- Some airports have stopped photography at checkpoints as a way of eliminating those awful videos coming out about them raping small children and stealing our items. One agent was caught with 50,000 dollars worth of merchandise that he had stolen from unsuspecting travelers. We also see word that the TSA and VIPER teams are talking about popping up unexpected at sporting events, malls, even pulling over drivers at check points. Nazi Germany returns. This cannot stand.

2)Police- The police have been on fire later with arresting people filming them doing their jobs, albeit badly. One woman was arrested for having a vegetable garden in her front yard and was jailed for 93 days. The police are becoming the new Gestapo. Any place where Sheriffs are elected, get rid of any that don't support citizen's rights. Unless being dragged out into the street in the middle of the night is your idea of a good time.

3)Rupert Murdock- The Teflon Media Mogul is melting. After his News of the World tabloid was caught redhanded hacking the phones of celebrities and the royal family, people were kind of pissed. When it came out this week that they were also doing it to to any Tom, Dick or Harry they pleased, people went ballistic and rightfully so. Murder victims and fallen soldiers phones were hacked and messages deleted by the Newscorp. Investigations into his other venues are also underway. The UK government went into hyperdrive to fix the scandal, as current PM David Cameron has close ties to Murdock, employing several people who once worked for News of the World. One of his former cabinet members was even arrested yesterday. The US is also pursuing charges as it is illegal for the press to pay off police for stories. Worse, Murdock's son and deputy chief operating officer of News Corp may face charges in both the UK and US. Either way, his career is most likely over, son of Murdock or not.

4)Eric Holder- After his disastrous reign of terror, this joker needs to go. It's bad enough, he's been incompetent at his job (a prerequisite if you look at past people who held this post like Janet Reno, John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzalas). First, he's instructed the DOJ to go after medical marijuana dispensaries as being out of whack with Federal laws, in direct contrast to Obama's failed promise to the do the opposite. That'll get the young people to vote for you. NOT! Then, he somehow "lost" 300,000 guns in Mexico and attempted to cover up the whole thing. He may be guilty of perjury at the very least. Either way, he's got to hit the bricks and soon.

5)Republicans- All of this is moot if the GOP gets it's way of killing off half the population of this country. Don't believe me? Read their plan to fix the budget which eliminates Medicare and Medicade and will cut SS benefits by half. Plus rich people get lots more money which is what we all really want right? Hell no. The democrats have actually put out a budget today that at first glance seems somewhat reasonable with returning rich people to Clinton era tax rates, a 3% hike, and eliminating tax breaks for jet owners and oil companies. What's not to like? Ron Paul has another great idea of writing off the 1.7 trillion dollars in debt we owe to ourselves. Tell the Fed you're not getting it, tough titty, and deal. The world will still spin quite fine without the Fed f#$cking it up. But if Minnesota is anything to study, the GOP has dug in it's heels and the government there has been shut down for two weeks. Where are the protests people? You're not going to get anywhere sitting on your fat asses watching Oprah. That's why I wrote this column. I'm too old and crippled to do much more. So this is how I protest. But more of you out there should be organizing and standing outside of our leaders houses and places of work. Our country will end in a few weeks and nobody seems to care, least of all the GOP. If it does fail, and I see every reason to believe it will, will the picthforks and torches arrive then, or are we so demoralized a people that when the tanks come we will lie down in front just to die quicker? Way to go GOP. You are douchebag of the week.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Death of The Space Age in America

If nothing else shows the decline of the Untied States, the end of our space program is definitely a prime example. Once the envy of the world, for some unknown reason, we have ended our exploration of space. This is not just about the Space shuttle but the death of the SETI program, the next Hubble telescope and probes to the outer planets. When did we become so afraid of trying to do anything anymore? And before you say "we're broke" like some skipping record I would lie to remind everyone that the reason we are broke is because of stuff like this that we have given up on.

Instead of employing people to build the next space shuttle, which in turn lead to small business growth as the people have to eat and shop somewhere, we have taken that money and thrown it down the hole of tax breaks for billionaires and war after failed war. We are not broke. We ARE however putting our money into stupid, asinine nonsense that is quite literally a money pit.

This country is in decline and, if the Republicans get their way, we will see it in full force in a few weeks. As they have been woefully unwilling to let tax breaks for billionaires expire, they seem hell bent on making sure the US is a third world country. Crime is rising, inflation is rising and wages aren't.

Democrats aren't helping by possibly cutting SS by lowering the amount inflation is measured. According to them unnamed economists say the government is overestimating inflation. This is bull as seniors have had no raise for two years and I dare you tell me that things aren't more expensive than they were two years ago. Yeah that 1200 dollars our average senior gets (minus medicare) is a real fortune. Try living off that for a month. YOU CAN'T. I'd be surprised if there were actually any economists who would put their name to this study, thus the unnamed statement. This would be suicide for any politician who endorsed it. Our seniors need more money, not less.

Means testing, removing the cap for top earners and getting health care costs under reign (regulate, regulate and regulate some more), are the way to save SS. This free market crap is getting us killed.

Either way, a shut down looms. The venom on Washington is now toxic and America is dying. For all you Tea Party idiots out there congratulations, we're all dead. Here's a pledge for you. If you don't want higher taxes, you can opt out. Just don't be expecting cops, firefighters, public schools or the dozens of other things your taxes pay for. You need to shut the hell up and let some sort of compromise happen. If not, you are who we're coming after when things start to go to hell.

See you August 3rd.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony; Why Juries Are Outdated

Only the most idiotic of minds could find in somehow, someway, that Casey Anthony was innocent. If this was an isolated incident I would feel a whole lot better about our jury system but sadly, it is not. It is the latest in a string of WTF moments that are happening more and more.

First off, Anthony was guilty, the evidence, albeit circumstantial, showed she was guilty and the jury should have found her guilty. So why didn't they? We may never know the whole truth as the jury has wisely decided to stay out of the public eye for fear of being lynched later. The ultimate truth though is one that points the finger squarely at the public at large: we as a people are too stupid to make important decisions anymore. Mind you, juries aren't immune to this as our politicians seem all too oblivious to the simplest truths as well. As I write this, Grover Norquest, douchbag extraordinaire (and will be seen in this week's douchebag column) has singlehandledly tied GOP hands by demanding no new taxes even on the rich. This is in the face of the facts that 80% want higher taxes on millionaires. Minnesota is still closed on the fourth day of a budget impasse that is the same scenario seen on a smaller scale. The GOP is determined to end America and I don't mean that facetiously but literally. Any vote for 99% of Republican candidates are voting to end their existence and that of their children. If the debt ceiling isn't raised it's the end. Period.

But I digress. The facts remain that due to our terrible school system which was once the envy of the world and now the equal of third world nations, we are becoming dumb, dumb, dumb. Our schools are literally falling apart (one military school on a German base is 73 years old and looks it), our infrastructure crumbling and no one can decide how to fix it.

At this stage of the game, people are simply unqualified to be juries. The people picked to be on these trials are usually those of the least intelligence and schooling, yet we expect them to behave as graduate level students of science, something we as a nation are woefully inadequate.

This case once again shows that trial by jury needs to go away. Few countries still do trial by jury for just this reason: the cases of today are too long and too scientific for the average Joe to handle.

End trial by jury or else watch our judicial system crumble to nothing.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Holy God what a week and not even yours truly isn't safe from the douchebag of the week. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Me- Yes, the warmonger must be apologetic and admit AGAIN that I was wrong about something important. Recent gaffes include the Osama's been dead since 2002 theory (wrong), that Whitey Bulger was somewhere in Europe or South America living the high life(so wrong), and now comes word that former head of the IMF may not have actually raped the maid at the hotel he was staying at. Either the maid was a incompetent boob who was going after money in the dumbest way possible or DSK's money is getting him out of hot water for something he actually did. As of right now, there is no way to know, however as DSK as been released from house arrest on no bond and the fact that she was caught on a prison phone discussing how to best manipulate the situation does not bode well for her black ass. Apparently, numnuts and the guy she was talking to didn't know that they record all of those conversations. It does appear that the whole thing was a sham and DSK may indeed be innocent. I have to do my first retraction and now declare DSK to no longer be Douchebag of the week some time ago and replace it with a money hungry maid about to get a taste of prison herself. And after that lovely stay at Rikers she can count on being deported. What a C#NT! I hate people who cry rape and then recant. It's does real damage to all those poor girls out there who were raped. Hopefully, this bitch will get her's in prison where rape is all the rage.

2)World governments- Britain this week was caught red handed trying to manipulate data from the Fukishima nuclear crisis to make nuclear power seem safer than it was. Why? Because several multinational companies like Westinghouse, Avera and EDF want to build more plants and this little hiccup puts a serious dent in their plans. Louise Hutchins, a spokeswoman for Greenpeace, said the emails looked like "scandalous collusion". "This highlights the government's blind obsession with nuclear power and shows neither they, nor the industry, can be trusted when it comes to nuclear," she said. This is what governments do lately: lie, lie and lie some more. Your safety means nothing to them as it all about profits in the new world of corporate fascism.

3)TSA- Speaking of fascists, the TSA got into a lot of hot water this week over the groping of a 95 year old woman while at the same time, a Nigerian man got onto TWO planes without a proper ID and a legitimate boarding pass. Nice security, morons. It also came out that actor Garret Dillahunt got on board a plane with a hunting knife. Exactly how are these cancer machines and fondling making us safer again? On NBC News this week, they had on the former head of security for Israeli airports and a guy who was up for head of the TSA. In no big surprise, the US talking head claimed our security was great, that everything we were doing is legal and was needed to stop terrorists from getting on planes. The Israeli said the steps we were talking were useless and until we start profiling we would never be safe. Incidentally, profiling doesn't always mean racially, however in Israel if your name is Mohammed Akbar, you better pack a lunch because you're going to be at the airport a while.

4)MA Parks and Rec Service- This week a woman drowned in a public pool. Why is that douchbaggy? Because even though the pool was filled with people and lifeguards, her body remained undiscovered for two days. EEEEEWWWWWWWWW. How that's possible is beyond me. They said the water was murky. I have never been in a pool, public or private that was so murky that a dead body on the bottom of the pool couldn't be noticed. It wasn't until some local kids broke in one night for a late night swim that they found her. Unbelievable.

5)Republicans- To quote Eric Draven from the Crow, "Is that gasoline I smell?" If ever you wanted proof positive whose side the Republicans are on, they have refused to raise the debt ceiling unless tax hikes for the uber rich are taken off the table. Nevermind the fact that 80% of America wants higher taxes on the rich, and what we have now will lead to our inevitable destruction, these idiots are playing with fire while we stand in said pool of gas. Obama has actually shown some backbone and demanded the GOP rethink their position. They, so far, have refused. If we don't pass a budget by July 22nd, there won't be enough time to pass a bill. Think about what will happen if this doesn't pass? Social Security: done. Medicare: done. Military pay:done. Federal pay: done. Welfare:done. Food stamps: done. Does this sound like a good idea to you? Add onto this rising interest payments to our creditors, the devaulment of US interests from triple A to D, the lowest grade there is and the equivalent of Zimbawbe, and a total crash of the stock market and housing situation. And the Republicans will be solely to blame for all of it. So congratulations Republicans you are indeed douchebags of the week and, if the US does turn into the cesspool it may become, of all time.