Friday, May 19, 2017


You know it's bad if I'm writing on a Friday. Here in the Northeast it's fucking Africa hot and it's way too early to put in the air conditioners so me and my fiance are just sweating it out until later today when the heat breaks. We have spent the last few nights not getting much sleep so I have had a lot of time to do research on things that haven't been fully reported because of Trump's daily dose of WWWWWAAAAAAAAA! If any of you get the chance, check out last week's episode of the President's Show on Comedy Central where a baby acting Trump refuses to leave a play area where he has been having a blast with the local kids. His temper tantrum was hysterical beyond words and may actually come to pass if they have to drag him kicking and screaming out of the Oval Office, a distinct possibility if recent rumors are true.
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But before we get to Trump and what he has coming, let's examine a few stories that got little to no press. The biggest story is that Trump has said his front runner is, God help us all, Joe "FUCKWAD" Lieberman. The only politician I hate more than this asshole is ex-Governor John Rowland whose staff blackmailed my company out of existence. CT is easily the most corrupt state in the country with dozens of local, state and high office officials going to jail over the years, mostly for bribery, and in one case sexual assault on two small children. That last one would be in Bridgeport whose had three mayors all go to jail for one reason or another over time.

I've met Joe Lieberman. I've talked right to his smug face. And you know what? He's an asshole. I spent months trying to get this dick to back off on his deregulation plan for cable companies as all the research I had complied suggested strongly that this bill would NOT lower prices but accelerate them upward instead. Lieberman pushed back that he knew better and guess what, he wasn't as our cable bills rose way faster than the rates of inflation, or exactly what I said would happen. This was my first taste of how government officials will shaft you for a quick buck and the main reason I left CT never to return. I'll move to Stinkwater, Alabama just outside a toxic waste dump, a nuclear power plant and living next door to Rush Limbaugh before I move back there. The current Governor is no better than the other string of losers they elected and is one of the reasons why they finish in the top five worst states to live in for the past decade now. Look out Alabama, CT is closing in on your fourth place spot. Although probably not as there is a bitter union debate going on, and contrary to what you've heard, greedy unions are not to blame here. Budget cuts seem only to affect union workers and never upper management, with one round of layoffs last year only losing one guy from the upper ranks and dozens from down below, hardly fair. Their pension funding is one of the worst in America and is unlikely to survive.

Joe Lieberman currently works for a Trump bank, so nothing suspicious about that. Neither is the fact that he has been a quiet Trump supporter and Democratic defector who once idiotically supported John McCain for president in 2008 where anyone voting Republican at all that year was too stupid to live, These guys just crashed the economy and some said "hey let's do it again." Stupid. Thankfully, Democrats seem to hate this idea showing some spine. Whether that will be enough is unknown.

What is known is that the lawsuit against the DNC is going on, not the MSM has said boo about it. That's too bad because this story is every bit as big as what is going on in Trumpland. The suit alleges that the DNC rigged the election in favor of Hillary over Bernie. What is so shocking is they don't deny it. Their argument is that they are a private corporation who has no obligation to voters. SAY WHAT? They are literally telling you they will pick they candidate they like and voting be damned. That is NOT democratic and depending how this lawsuit plays out, we will see if we live in a functioning democracy. If not, we better get a third party together and soon because the GOP will kill us all and the DNC will rig the election to get their corporate candidate in, thus offering a majority of us no choice at all.
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Trump is heading out for his first big trip and apocalyptic hilarity will most likely follow. What could possibly go wrong in Saudi Arabia or Israel? Lots apparently as rumors of staff pulling out their hair in anticipation of what will undoubtedly be a new shitstorm of epic proportions. Trump wanted to go for five days instead of nine and his interactions with world leaders are being tailored to control his short attention span. Expect the real fireworks to happen near the end of this trip when tired, cranky Trump does something dumb.

A recent audio tape released has Paul Ryan and others talking about Trump and Russian payment. Is this the damning audio that Louise Mensch has mentioned? There is also some evidence that she is is being fed false information but I also have to notice that she has been right about three things on her blog so far that the MSM missed, so take it with a grain of salt. Either way, she appears right that the Trump administration is going nowhere fast. Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn are not only looking at real jail time for their actions, according to legal experts familiar with the case, but could be left destitute as the crimes they are allegedly being charged with come with asset confiscation too, even if they gave it to their children. That gives prosecutors a lot of leverage to hold over them to turn state's evidence for a lesser charge and not throwing their wife and kids out into the street with nothing. If they do turn on Trump, his impeachment is all but guaranteed.
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I will be writing more as these explosive stories keep happening. Trump may not see the end of the year at this rate.


  1. This global trip is a distraction. And where does he go? Israel, whose asses we've sworn to protect no matter what heinous acts they commit. Sorry, I don't want MY tax dollars protecting Israel- and I'm Jewish so isn't bigotry.

    The Vatican- technically the richest country on earth. But I respect the Pope and I hope he reads the orange shitgibbon the riot act.

    And Saudi Arabia, that bastion of democracy, progress and equal rights for all- as long as they don't have ladyparts. Didn't the 9/11 perpetrators come from Saudi Arabia? Who cares, old news. We're gonna sell 'em lots and lots of guns/munitions (so they can sell them to terrorists to use on US no doubt) and the Prince and Herr Pumpkinfuhrer will be attending a *men only* concert. Hey- what a great country... our tax dollars well spent according to some... :-[

    Do we still live in a functioning democracy? I think we both already know the answer to that question... :-/

    Hotter in PA than it is in Florida now. And it's been that way for more than 1 summer now. But there's no climate change, just a hoax.

    Climate change? Science? We don't need no stinking science...

    America- the land of the gullible and ignorant... :-/

  2. My readers make me happy. This person gets it.

    1. Thank you! I will take that as a compliment.
      However, I used similar arguments to attempt to get people I know to NOT vote for that moron in the first place- and they didn't work.
      Which takes me back to a previous comment- people are really, really stupid... lol

  3. Hillary was toxic and not without good reason. Had the Democrats run literally anyone else, they would have won hands down. But they rigged the primaries and are now arguing they have the right to pick who they want as their candidate and not the people. Depending on how that lawsuit turns out will depend if I vote at all anymore. If it doesn't matter and the results are somewhat preordained, why bother?

    1. Totally agree!
      Had Hillary at least asked Sanders to be her running mate, she might have had a chance.
      I held my nose voting for her. But I had no other reasonable choice.
      The problem is that Hillary was SO disliked many people just stayed home and didn't vote at all, which is why we are in the situation we are in now.
      And FWIW- I honestly don't know if I will vote from now on either.
      I feel like I'm voting in Guatemala or some other 3rd world shithole where you know who's gonna win before you even cast your vote... :-[