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The one thing we can thank God for is that Trump isn't nearly as smart or devious as he thinks he is and that is good news for us all. Trump is following the fascism playbook to a T but in such an inept way it may actually backfire on him this time. Had Orange Hitler handled this better, he may have struck a death blow to democracy. Instead, he shined a bright spotlight on his misdeeds to such an extent that his impeachment appears imminent at this point.
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True, the House and Senate are controlled by the Republicans but because of the how bad the optics of all of this was, they might not have a choice if things go as far south as they could now. Trump's explanation for as to why he fired Comey was so utterly stupid even the far right called bullshit. According to Trump, Comey mishandled the Hillary email case which is odd because that happened a full year ago and even previously praised the FBI chief for his leadership on it. Now to be fair, Comey should have been fired some time ago, like two seconds after he told the press he was reopening the investigation into Hillary's emails only to close it again five days later when nothing was found. If it was this easy to fire someone, Obama should have fired him but that dumbass never fired anyone during his tenure much to the dismay of people like myself. How some, like Eric Holder and Comey kept their jobs, even though they demonstrated rank incompetence, is beyond me?

Comey did something few can: he made the left and right agree that he sucked at his job. The right was pissed he didn't indict Hillary, even though that was never going to happen. The left was pissed he sunk Hillary's chances in the election. The cherry on top was his recent appearance before Congress where he stupefyingly said that there were hundreds of thousands of emails between Hillary and Weiner's ex-wife Huma Abedin, where in fact there were only hundreds, a gross discrepancy. He did get fired in the worst way which is to find out in room full of strangers while watching TV. Ouch.
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However, it is odd to have the FBI director fired and even more so when he is investigating the president for treason. Nothing to see here right? While this does little to upend the investigation, it does make everyone instantly suspicious that Trump did this because the walls are closing in. As I told you here a week ago, it has been confirmed that two grand juries in the Virginia area have been convened to look at evidence against the president as well as subpoenas for records from the criminal arm if the Treasury department responsible for money laundering cases. The FBI was also asking for more money for the Russian probe just days before he was fired, a fact the DOJ denies which makes their opinion suspicious as it DID happen.

The fact of all of this is that it doesn't matter WHY Comey was fired, it will always look like he did it to hide something. This is a truth that even the GOP saw and watched this sad spectacle unfold yesterday through their fingers over their eyes. Many commented how bad this looks, with one saying they just got the car started with the health care bill and now the engine just fell out. This will DOMINATE the news for sometime and puts an end to just about anything he is trying to accomplish. Charles Krauthammer called this action stupid beyond words and Breitbart agreed. Let that sink in that two of the furthest right wing people or websites both agreed this was beyond stupid and may end his career as a result. Chances are high for a special prosecutor now as even the Republicans are starting to sound off about getting one, now that the FBI has been compromised to a certain extent, at least in the court of public opinion.

Let us be clear about one thing: what Trump has done so far has all the earmarks of the rise of a fascist state. He has gone after the judiciary branch when he doesn't agree with them. He has gone after the press, trying to delegitimize them at every instance. He has stocked his cabinet with cronies and family. This is what dictators do. And why the fuck does 30% of this country think the GOP health care bill is a good idea? Are they too fucking stupid to be able to read? If you think the current health care bill is acceptable feel free to go fuck yourself and I sincerely hope your closest, most loved family member comes down with terminal cancer. Then see how good our health care system is. Douches.

I would be far more worried if Trump had a brain in his head, but he has proven to be by and far the dumbest man ever to be President. What this means is we no longer have to have elections. Throw a dart at a dartboard once every four years and that person is president. Really, how much worse could it be? If he handled this better, as well as Trump being far more shrew and calculating, we could have had a real problem on our hands. But the rank incompetence we are witnessing make it unlikely he would be able to get the necessary support to take control of the country and the world. A majority of this nation see him as a fool and that is unlikely to change at this point no matter what happens.

Impeachment just became far more likely and solely due to his own actions. Firing Comey made Trump look guilty whether he is or not to such an extent, even Republicans may not be able to ignore this for much longer. If evidence is uncovered during any of these investigations, not to mention the strong possibility that a special investigator looms on the horizon, spells disaster for the president.
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What is need right now is for everyone to get involved. Call, email and write letters to your representatives demanding an end to the current health care bill and an investigation into Trump. Let them know you will throw their asses out in 2018 unless they start putting this country first. And if you know anyone who still supports the new health care bill or Trump still, make them feel like a total moron at every instance which they are. Supporting either is treason and anyone who still is supporting these two should be vilified at every moment. This cannot continue and people are too dumb to realize it, MAKE THEM even if beating them over their head with a two by four is the only way to get through their thick skull. No more fascism from either side. We can stop this but only if we try and get involved. Otherwise, we are headed for a place where millions may die. Your choice. I know what I am picking.

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