Monday, August 29, 2016


The short answer is no, it is not time to panic. Hillary is still ahead in many states, but factors both within her campaign and outside as well have led to a drop in key states like PA, Ohio, AZ and Michigan. Now mind you the drops have not been significant, but the fact they are dropping at all is a small cause for concern. Good news is, Hillary still wins the electoral college by a significant margin if the election were held today. Bad news is the election is still 70 days away and lots can happen in that time.
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I find it hard to believe that Hillary's Clinton Foundation shenanigans have much to do with her recent drop. Hillary courts donors for favors? That's been going on since the first man walked upright. It's also too wonky, complicated, and legal for most to care about. No, I think it has more to do with unsubstantiated rumors about her health, both mental and physical. I have watched a lot of footage of her lately and see NO signs of any physical ailment beyond what the right has invented in their own brain. Her mental state also appears fine, far better than Trump who appears to have a narcissistic personality disorder. Almost everything about her seem fine, other than the head seizure footage which DOES appear odd, but as I have seen no further evidence of any problems, it is speculation to guess what she has, if anything.

I find it ironic that Trump is demanding she release her medical records, while he has neither done that for himself or his tax returns. Hypocrite much? There is a strong rumor that Wikileaks will release something about a medical condition in October that may or may not be fake. In today's easy world of Photoshop, any document produced without a chain of command is subject to intense scrutiny. This does not mean it won't be true, but it should be raked over the coals to make sure it IS real, much like many did to Obama's birth certificate which proved real to all but the least stable out there.

But even with the right pilling on, Clinton supporters, particularly black people have not helped one bit this week with a parade of horrifying violence against both white and black people. Three black people who shouldn't see Christmas were arrested for awful crimes. In Chicago, where black people are being killed off in mass numbers almost all by their own hands, hit a new low this week when Dwyane Wade's cousin was shot by two utter wastes of space, by accident, missing the guy they were aiming at because "he looked at them funny and was from out of town."
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And then there was Rodney Earl Sanders, a 46 year old black career criminal, who killed two elderly nuns in Mississippi just because. How much you want to bet part of it was because they were white. Sanders is almost certain to get the death penalty, which he rightfully deserves.

These three assholes should be tortured to death on live TV as a warning for others not to do the same. Something has to change because the warehousing of prisoners, with no hope of redemption, is killing people.

Let's try this. We need to sentence people to less time who have a chance of fixing their lives. And once these people get out, they need jobs so getting rid of the stigma of prison is a great start to help them re-adapt to society. On the other, people like the Sorrell brothers from Chicago and Rodney Sanders should be put to death within the next year. Shoot them in the back of the head, burn the bodies and give the relatives the cremated remains to do whatever they want with it. No millions wasted in keeping these fuckers alive for decades when they have ZERO hope of re-entering society. If you commit a truly heinous crime and there is NO doubt you did it, you die quick. Trust me when I say do this enough and the crime rate will drop because those habitual offenders, who make up more than 75% of the criminals in this country, will be dead and no longer able to commit crimes. Others, who don't want to get shot in the head, will stop as well.

It also wouldn't hurt to end the drug war which would most likley drop all violence by half nationwide. There are steps we can take to fix this problem as others have successfully done. We just need the willpower to do it.

But black people have to stop with the racism calls which are making more and more white people actually racist. There is a reason Trump is gaining and it is because that a lot of White America has about had it with black people, the same way that German's lately look at Muslim refugees. Not of all of this is deserved but some of it is. Take Colin Kaepernick who took a stance against police brutality by refusing to stand during the National Anthem. I actually agree with him to a certain extent in that he is right that police are killing ALL of us with impunity, and then get to sit back and get paid while they wait to be acquitted which happens more often than it should, This is wrong on a lot of levels. Now while I may disagree on him that this country is filled with racists, I support his right to his opinion. What he is not taking into account however, is that others will also have an opinion on the matter and they HATE this idea. It's one thing to ding the government. It sucks. But to protests against the country, seems unpatriotic and unwise, especially in today's charged climate. The outrage from both fans and players has been intense and, if it grows, could cost him his job. People don't seem to understand that you have a right to your opinion and to voice it. But that opinion can also lose you friends, loved ones and even your career.
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Lastly we have the PC and anti-PC crowd, both of which are just terrible. PC nonsense and things like safe space and trigger words for Generation Snowflake is an affront to the first amendment. The University of Chicago recently told these delicate flowers to grow up because none of that is happening on campus. If the city wasn't so dangerous, it is exactly the kind of place where many should go for higher education. They get it. Take a look at the long litany of terms these idiots find offensive: white men, Thanksgiving, the Constitution, even Pokemon. Feminists at Stamford had a fit when the college sent out a memo about women drinking responsibly and they took it as a personal affront rather than common sense logic. Where does this crap end?

On the opposite side, we have the anti-PC crowd looking at this and think, "If these idiots can say stupid stuff, so can I." As a result we have been inundated with some of the most racist words ever put to page. Take Leslie Jones. No one else from the cast of Ghostbusters has been harassed half as much as her and she is the funniest person on the cast. She in turn has been subjected to hacked nude photos, personal info being published and truly vile things said about her. The anti-PC crowd feels they can say anything because of the First Amendment, and again, they are right. I am also allowed to view their racism as backward hick thinking that belongs in the 1850's and not modern society.

All of this is why Trump is gaining. Everytime some black idiot starts screaming about reparations or white guilt, another person decides to go Trump as a result. The nonsense about her health is hurting and she should release her records and then scream bloody murder about Trump putting out his and his tax returns, a place where he is getting hammered on by everyone involved. Hillary has plenty of time to right the ship. And as much as I do not like her, Trump will kill us all. Vote Hillary for a few more months, maybe years, of peace and security before she fucks everything up good. With Trump, we won't see summer.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


If you want to know why the country, and indeed the world, is heading to hell in a handbasket look no further than the Big Pharma company, Mylan, and the CEO, a repugnant, vile human being, Heather Bresch, daughter of Senator Joe Manchin (kind of a douche himself) who has hiked the price of life saving Epipens while simultaneously hiking her salary to outrageous levels. This is all allowed to happen because our worthless FDA lets it happen, proving once and for all that they are nothing more than an arm of Corporate America, the real rulers of this country. And because we have a retard running against an oligarch for President, nothing is going to change. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Angela Merkel- Here is a politician on her way out all due to her own hand. A recent poll said half the country wants out and not serve a fourth term almost all because her insistence to let uncivilized migrants and refugees run rampant across the country causing untold damage, perhaps for generations. There is a fine line between humanitarian help and slitting your own throat and Germany has crossed it. There crime rate is skyrocketing, and this is happening across Europe. Much like here where black people commit way more crimes than their population should allow, Muslims are raping and stealing in mass numbers and it's pissing off the locals something fierce. Because of this, there is a far right movement growing that is not good for anyone. We are seeing that first hand here with the rise of Trump and his racist supporters. This is not an aberration but what happens in history every time. A reckoning is coming and we are NOT prepared for it.

9)Colin Kaepernick- Here is a great example of the above. The black 49er's QB refused to stand during the National Anthem lately because, according to him, this country was "oppressive to blacks." While I wholeheartedly disagree with him on this, he has a right to his opinion. What he failed to understand is that the rest of us have an opinion too and it's this: "Shut the fuck up and play football. No one cares what your opinion is especially something so stupid and wrong that it belongs on Rush Limbaugh's radio show." This country is NOT racist. There may be racist people in it, but no government organization is racist, except maybe the DEA, who put away more black people for terrible reasons than anyone else. As expected, the backlash has been fierce, Many have burned their jersey's in effigy, filming them as they burn. There is a big difference between hating the government and hating the country. We all hate the government. But hating your COUNTRY is far different and people get real mad real fast when you disrespect America. This will not end well for him in today's climate where race issues are getting violent quick. If the uproar continues, and it might, he could lose his job over this if fans rebel against him. You have a right for free speech in this country, but too many don't realize that applies to everyone else as well.

8)North Korea- Everyone's favorite midget psycho is back, threatening war because the annual joint wargames between South Korea and America are this week. In response, he has fired four missiles this week into the Sea of Japan, rattling neighbors who fear an attack by this unpredictable lunatic. Allegedly, South Korean and American forces are "shining lights at the border, blinding their guards." That must be some powerful lights. The response from the North has been their saying an attack is imminent if they don't stop. Now chances are these are all empty threats as North Korea would be wiped from the Earth if they try anything, but who knows how sane their leader is these days?
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7)Creflo Dollar- Another giant douchebag, who I cannot believe that is his real name (which it is), is publicly supporting Trump. This makes perfect sense as Dollar is a black evangelist for is literally stealing the money from his supporters to buy shit for himself. He calls it "a ministry of wealth." And people buy in to it. PT Barnum was right and a sucker is born every minute. He reminds me a lot of Dr. Gene Scott, another TV preacher, who would solicit money to buy horses and then show videos of the horses he bought with their money. This went on for years. And it still is apparently. This guy recently purchased a Gulfstream plane with money he raised, because, I guess, God told him to? People are morons.

6)Leslie Jones Haters- Some dick posted nude pics of Leslie Jones, as well as hacked pictures of her driver's license and passport ON HER OWN WEBSITE. That is just wrong. I LOVE Leslie Jones, as she is easily one of the funniest people working today and, from what I have heard from people who know her, a fantastic human being. I would love to hang out with her some day as I know that would be a great time. So to all the idiot racists out there busting on her every chance they get know this: she has made more money this year than you will wee in a lifetime. She gets to hobnob with the rich and and famous, live in an expensive house and has dozens of close friends. The trolls however most likely live in their parent's basement, freindless, loveless and bitter. It shows. Pick on someone who deserves it like Katrina Pierson. Please.

5)Newspapers- These fossils are on their way out and I know why. I have been reading the daily newspaper since I was six years old. This week, I was forced to cancel because of one thing: the price. My local newspaper doubled the amount they wanted per year to almost $500. For that, I could walk to the local store and just buy one whenever I wanted and would be roughly the same price. I worked at a newspaper. If someone gets it for a whole year, the price should have been about half what it would normally cost. This brings in a lot of revenue. But as this is happening nationwide (I checked), less and less people are getting a newspaper because they cannot afford it anymore. I couldn't. And to be honest, almost everything I read in the paper, I could find online for free. Newspapers are still doing honest news, unlike the tabloid TV nonsense, and with them gone, this country is going to fall apart. It's why blogs like this exist so some truth came come out at least.
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4)Chicago gun violence- This city is falling apart. The drug war has decimated the populations. Police brutality has eroded their trust with their community. Black people are killing each other with impunity. This all has to stop and it won't until the drug war ends which almost no one seems to be calling for. This week Dwyane Wade's cousin was shot and killed by, wait for it, the Sorrell's, two black career criminals and brothers. Their parents must be so proud. One had an ankle bracelet that wasn't on from 8 am to 4 pm so he "could look for work." This begs the question why would an ankle monitor deter him from finding work? And what kind of work is someone with a rap sheet longer than my arm going to get in today's market? This is asinine all around. The reason for the shooting was even dumber. The driver of the car that Wade's cousin was in "looked at them funny and was from out of town." Is that all it takes anymore to want someone dead? Here is a solid case for instant death penalty rule. If we know without any doubt you did something so heinous as this, you get shot in the back of head two seconds later. Problem solved. Something better change because this town is going to burn otherwise.

3)Donald Trump- Knocked out of the top two spots by people who were far worse this week, the Trumpster fire continues to burn out of control. In a sign of true desperation, Trump has reversed course of some of his immigrant plans and started sounding a lot like Jeb Bush and President Obama, much to the chagrin of his supporters. Ann Coulter just wrote a book about Trump and how his stance on immigration never changes and the minute it comes out, Trump flip flips on it. That's funny. Spokesgoblin Katrina Pierson, hilariously tried to pin the blame on Obama, which defies explanation how that could occur. Meanwhile, his current campaign manager is under fire for domestic abuse from his ex-wife, as well as being a rabid anti-Semite. His numbers continue to dive in key states, regardless of the "fake" poll numbers being bandied about that show the opposite. As someone who works in polling data, much of what is being said is pure ignorance. Grow up America and realize that BOTH suck hard, but unfortunately Hillary is all we have to go with. Let us hope we can do something by 2018 to right this sinking ship.

2)Rodney Earl Sanders- Yet another loathsome black career criminal that should be joining the Sorrell brothers in a quick dirt nap, this ass killed two elderly nuns in their home in Mississippi for no reason. Yet another black dickless moron who has a rap sheet a mile long, served time for several offense and now faces the death penalty, which he almost certain to get considering who he killed. This fuckwad should be six feet under by now, not breathing our air. He certainly shouldn't be on death row for the next few decades. Either way, when he dies, someone is getting the express route to hell. Oh and once again we have a black man killing two white women when the reverse of a white man killing black women is almost never reported because it never happens. Yet white people are the problem in this nation. according to BLM. This week the whitelivesmatter group was labeled a hate group. Why the double standard here guys as BLM has actively been killing people of all races?
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1)Heather Bresch, the FDA and Mylan Industries- If this fucking cunt were die to tomorrow, I'd have a party that it happened. The CEO of Mylan Industries, daughter of douchebag democratic Senator Joe Manchin, has raised prices on the lifesaving Epipen to astronomical levels, making it unaffordable to many who need it to live. Meanwhile, bitch woman raised her salary from $2 million a year to $19 million. Don't we have laws against price gorging? Oh we do, but the FDA has to be involved and as they are in the backpocket of Big Pharma and other big industries, they do nothing but obstruct what they can and approve what they shouldn't. This organization is killing us and our tax dollars are paying for it. Enough! As the Epipens cost little to produce and actually only contain about 3 cents worth of medication, their explanation that "upgrades" have lent to the rise are bullshit as the device is exactly the same as it was decades ago. The FDA has protected Mylan from generic version of the drug, which would send the price plummeting, because of their greed. Once again, I have hard proof of this axiom: THE FREE MARKET DOES NOT EXIST! If it did, this device wouldn't cost even a third of what it does now and would be available over the counter which it should right now. You can't get high off these things so what rational is their to have strict controls on it. This is happening across this country in all sorts of back room deals that keep prices high and the American public sick. We are being killed off one person at a time for corporate greed. Neither Hillary nor Trump would be likely to stop it either. So fuck you Heather Bresch, I hope you get sick and die a horrible death. You, the FDA, and Mylan are all indeed douchebags of the week. Again, fuck you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The sad truth is our society is in irreversible decline at this point. And it's not just the US but the world in general. There are so many problems going on in the world, some real, some made up, and both impossible to tell the difference anymore, that the end does appear near. In just the last few days, there has been a spike in unusual murders, ritual sacrifices made in the oddest places and other signs of demonic interference. Many of you I am sure are wondering if the Warmonger has lost his mind. I can't believe in demons right?

Wrong. I have seen some fucked up shit in my life and demonic possession may indeed by a reality. I went to Catholic School for my entire life and the principal at my high school was one of the few exorcists sanctioned by the Vatican to do these rites. He played audio and video from some of the exorcisms he did and let me tell you if you can explain to me how a six year old can speak Latin fluently or watch a young girl levitate several feet off a bed, I am all ears. And I went to school in the days when, if this was fake, would have cost a fortune to produce. This was real. And it convinced me that other worlds exist beyond this one. I have spent years studying this subject and there are a lot of strange things in this world that proves the existence of evil, and God, as a higher power.

It convinced me of the existence of God. Now mind you, the God that I know exists is a far cry from the white bearded old man most Westerners come up with who smites people on a whim. Like the yin yang symbol shows, there can be no evil without good. God here may be nothing more than a being playing a game of universal chess where we are the pawns. His opponent may not be necessarily evil in reality, just in the game that we unfortunately caught up in. When one sides wins, they may even switch sides. Evil here may be a means to an end rather than a philosophy.

But let us assume evil does exist as a tangible force and has minions, the same way God has angels. If such beings exist, and I believe there is solid proof to back that up, wouldn't it make sense that the closer we get to Armageddon, the more of them there would be. And for whatever reason, Florida seems to be Ground Zero for some weird stories, weirder than usual that is. Considering this is the same state that gave us George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony, that shouldn't be a shocker.

A 16 year Framingham, MA boy stabbed his mother and younger brother while vacationing in Florida. Now this is obviously a case of mental illness, and pictures of the kid, named Gust which may be why he snapped, are Adam Lanza-ish in that you can tell there is something wrong with this kid. However, as his family swears he has never been violent in his life, you never know. Either way, this kid is going away, perhaps forever.

And then there is the 19 year old, Austin Harrouff, who got mad at the slow service at a bar where he was at with his family, stormed off, walked four miles home and then, for no apparent reason, a block from his house, killed a couple sitting in their garage. When police arrived, he was eating their faces. Reports say he was abnormally strong and Tasers had no effect on him. Hell, even the dog failed to get him to stop. I've been bitten by an attack dog (while wearing protective gear of course), and even that hurt. Deputies suggest flakka as a explanation, but Austin swears he was drug free at the time. If toxicology reports come back clean, possession may be the next best theory.

Here in MA, a shirtless man walked into a store, grabbed a toddler and tried to walk out with him. The father stopped him, called the police and arrested the guy who was hiding in a wooded area nearby. What a douche.

Now to be fair, almost all of these stories are almost certainly caused by drug use, mental illness of outright stupidity. But there is also the very slim possibility that demonic possession may be the cause which, according to the Vatican, is increasing worldwide. Could this be a sign that they are right? Probably now, but it is fun to explore that idea.

A far more disturbing story comes from the CERN facility where a ritual sacrifice, most likely fake, took place in front of a statue of Shiva. First off, why is there a statue is Shiva in front of the CERN building? The spokespeople for the facility have called it a "prank" and a "hoax," but is it? We know that mock ritual sacrifices are performed at Bohemian Grove in front of a large statue of Moloch. We know that a lot of death happens worldwide the last few weeks of April, the feast days of Baal. Is it possible that some sects to ancient gods still exist? And are they real? Do they actually grant power or is it all just nonsense? If this is a hoax, why do it in the first place? It seems like a lot of effort for nothing.

More and more are turning away from God and with good reason. The Catholic Church has failed to change with the times and history shows that which does not adapt goes extinct. This is doubly funny from a group that does not believe in evolution. But by moving away from following the righteous path, which fewer and fewer seem to be doing, our society is failing. While I believe that removing religion is a great idea, God is still with us. All we need to do is be nice to one another and salvation is ours. Instead, we are fighting over everything. God help us all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Even when he stays on message and keeps his mouth shut, the Trumpster fire still rages out of control. If I hear one more word about Hillary's emails, Benghazi, her health (which still looks to be nothing), her mental state (the last thing that I am worried about with her) or any other sick, twisted rumor, I am going to vomit blood. ENOUGH! Come up with something relevant. It's not news her charity is crooked. Most are. Including Trump's. It's not news she's old. So's he. And the idiots Trump has surrounded himself with do not inspire confidence. Also, the polls ARE NOT RIGGED. At least not all of them. The ones I find most suspicious are the ones that say Trump is ahead. He's not. These are the same crap polls that convinced even those within the GOP that Romney was going to win. He didn't and with good reason in that the other polls, the same ones the right is bitching about now, were dead on. Trump looks to lose badly. Accept it. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Julie Bindel- I hate people who think they are superior to some other race or sex. Enter radical feminist Julie Bindel who advocated putting men in concentration camps and outlawing heterosexuality. Gay AND a man hater. What a peach. If this was reversed and black people were the subject, people would be up in arms. Hating people because of their race or sex, regardless of which way it goes, makes you a horrible human being and, while I support gay rights and gay marriage, this bitch should be fired from the Guardian because this attitude is unacceptable. This is why we constantly hear stuff that is not true. There is no "rape culture" (at least not in Western society. Go to a lot of middle Eastern countries and there certainly is). There is no "wage gap," (women are more likley to miss more work because of child bearing/rearing and accept jobs with more flexible hours, which pay less). There is no evidence having women rule the world would be any different. For those examples I give Angela Merkel and Margret Thatcher. Both are doing or did a terrible job leading. Men and women both rule and suck. Neither is better than the other.

9)Ryan Locte- This guy is so dumb he can't even lie correctly. He will lose anywhere from five to ten millions dollars in lost ad revenue, after being dropped by four major sponsors. After unwisely opening his mouth about a "robbery" while in Rio, Brazilian authorities discredited the whole thing and fined his fellow swimmers who were with him at the time. Here's really the funny part: Locte may have been actually robbed after all. Reporters who looked into the story said they could find no evidence Locte vandalized anything and may have been victim to a shakedown. The language barrier may have helped exacerbate the situation. However, had he said nothing and just gone with his day, none of this would have happened. Then, when caught by the media, he should have denied doing any damage to the bathroom and was being extorted for his money, which is what might have actually happened. Dumb ass.

8)Summer Films- Studio executives will be thrilled when the summer is over and the long slog of what will be long forgotten films disappear onto basic cable where they will run forever and still ignored. Ben Hur was the latest to crash and burn, pulling in a measly 10 million for a movie that will need to gross at least 300 to 400 million to break even. Ouch. So much for the Catholic crowd supporting this turd. This follows on the heels of the profitable, yet poorly received, Suicide Squad. If it is as bad as Batman versus Superman was, DC may be headed for a gravity slam at the BO. If Wonder Woman sucks, they are history. This season saw at least 15 BO disasters, including Ghostbusters, Tarzan, Independence Day 2, The BFG, Ice Age 5 and the worst so far, Angry Birds. Holy crap that was one of the worst animated films I have ever seen. My young nephew even thought it sucked. The movies have been so bad, even the Chinese BO is down 18%, and those guys made the awful Warcraft a hit. For a country that will watch anything, even they have limits. Make better films guys.

7)Colin Powell- I FUCKING HATE COLIN POWELL! This asshole sold us a bill of goods on Iraq that he knew was bullshit and broke the world. Fuck him. And now he has the gall to say Hillary lied about him telling her to use private email address. Hillary may be a serial liar but I believe her before anything that comes out of this motherfuckers mouth. However, he never told her to use a private server, which she did use. That's on Hillary. He can still go fuck himself. Douchebag should be rotting in prison for war crimes not giving interviews.

6)Joe Arpaio- Speaking of douchebags rotting in prison, everyone's favorite racist sheriff may be headed there himself. After repeatedly ignoring a judges orders to stop using outlawed profiling procedures and arresting Hispanics in huge numbers for the most minor of crimes, he has been found in contempt of court. What happens next is anyone's guess however. Lawyers are dusting off the lawbooks and going through Arizona law to see how to proceed. He could face anything from a slap on the wrist to five years in prison, depending on what charges they decide to bring, if any. I would love to see him in his pink coveralls eating a crappy bologna sandwich. That would make me happy.

5)Birth of A Nation- This film probably should never have been made. A film depicting a slave uprising in white people are killed is probably not the best idea in today's racially charged environment. Fox news and Trump and going to have a field day with this. Even besides that, the film director is currently explaining an old rape case from 2001 where he was acquitted and his friend, and co-writer, served a few years before the conviction was overturned for unknown reason. The fact the woman in question killed herself a few years back, after attempting suicide at least two other times, says she at the very least, believed she had been raped and couldn't handle it. What studio executive ran with this idea: a film made by two alleged rapists about black people killing white people during a slave revolt was exactly what this country wanted. Here is the worst part: advance word from people I know say the film isn't that good. A lot of it is painfully slow, there are a lot of quick, jarring edits and some of the dialogue is terrible. I can't imagine White America, except for self hating liberals, going to this film. Good luck. This has not been a great year for films and this does not look to turn the tide.

4)BLM/Milwaukee cops- Another week, another shooting. Only this time, the guy is question was a black man WITH a gun, when he got shot. This mattered nothing to BLM matter supporters who went on a looting riot and even attacked white people because of the color of their skin. That is racist. This is happening across the country so be warned: some black people are targeting whites. Now the cops are not helping the situation by not releasing the video for some inane reason. Black people have good reason not to trust cops, so them saying "trust us" is laughable. BLM is a racist organization that cares noting about black people otherwise they should be protesting the thousands of black people being shot every day by their own kind. Idiots.

3)Aetna- It came out this week that Aetna wasn't leaving the Obamacare exchanges because of profit loss, but because the Obama administration blocked a merger with Humana. Someone call them a WHAAAAMBULANCE! This should be illegal and if it is, Obama should send the national guard to his headquarters to arrest him FDR style. This is why we need a single payer plan and strict price control on drug companies, if not a total nationalization of the industry. Health care, like education, should not be a for profit way of doing things. This shows why.

2)MSM- The news is barely watchable anymore. A few brave souls have taken one the Trump idiots who debating skills are no better than "whatever bounces off of me sticks to you like glue." and "Says who?" That last one was literally done on CNN between a reporter and a Trump lawyer which some right wing sites are using as an example of Trump crushing it. This is beyond stupid when you watch someone be humiliated yet somehow still sees it as positive for their candidate. But these moments are few a far between where no one asks any tough to questions to anyone, follow ups don't exist and anything with substance is ignored. On top of that, the print news is becoming filled with spelling errors. I know this site does to, but I only have me to edit this, not several others and a million dollar budget.

1)Donald Trump- This week, his former campaign manager Paul Manafort was fired after illegal transfers of money from pro-Russian sources came out. He was replaced by the editor from Brietbart and a pollster that makes Ann Coulter look less tranny and far more sane. We found put Christie settled on five million for a 30 million debt from Trump. Nothing suspicious there. As Trump has decided to pivot to a less radical version of himself, his numbers have continued to plummet, his rallies becoming smaller and a loss seems all but certain. How will he take it to be labeled a LOSER? Some think he may quit beforehand rather than risk defeat. Wouldn't that throw a monkey wrench into the works? Keep it up Donald, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


If the election were held right now, Hillary would win in a rout with the electoral college in the mid 300's for her and Trump in the mid 100's. Ouch. Even worse, down ballot races are looking shakier and shakier as a sizable portion of turned off Republicans look poised to sit this one out. A lot of Senate races are going blue and I would estimate the Senate going back to blue at about 75% and even the House still is around 50/50 which is shocking considered how illegally gerrymandered the districts are in some places. These steal votes and should be outlawed immediately. One of the main reasons this country is so fucked up is because of this. In the last election, House democrats got over a million more votes but still lost seats. This was done solely through fixing the vote where instead of voters picking their representatives, the representatives picked the voters. But because that orange shit stain is still running, every right winger running could lose.

I said from day one that Trump had no idea how bad the Clinton War Machine really was. These are sinister people, make no mistake about that, and for someone running the country that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Carter was a great man but a terrible president because he didn't have an evil bone in his body. Sometimes you need an asshole to be in charge to really get things done. Right now, Hillary is that asshole.

The right wingers are discovering that the same disinformation that saved Bush is now being used by Hillary. Shocker. Bush released "fake" documents that said he never showed up for duty while enlisted half the time. I believe these documents were more or less accurate just modified to appear fake. If you want to kill a story release a document which is 90% true along with intentional mistakes, so the document can be debunked as a fraud. Whatever useful info was in there is dumped out as garbage and the story dies, even though it was technically accurate. Hillary may be doing the same thing with her medical records that have been "released" and debunked due to errors in the letterhead and such. Again, this is a classic disinfo trick. Now that doesn't mean the report is accurate either as the right has a clear record of inventing bullshit too. But, both sides have to be taken into account here. The far right certainly has gone way overboard inventing problems for her like leaning on railings and pillows for her back, which could accurately describe me and a million other in not terrible health. Or she could be actually sick and they are cleverly covering it up. Jury is still out on this.

But these are the kind of dirty tricks that the Clinton War Machine does. It annihilates opponents. And the biggest hit piece they have right now is Donald Trump's idiotic refusal to release his taxes. A majority of Americans, Republicans included, want him to do it. They correctly see this as hiding something from the public, a huge hurdle when the Presidency is at stake. Now because of this automatic distrust when someone starts hiding important info, the Clinton's are hurling some fantastic accusations against Trump. And some of them are brutal.

The biggest one and easiest target is that Trump is no where near as rich as he says he is. This I believe whole heartedly. Forbes estimates have his wealth at around two billion while the Trumpster says 10. It may be even less than two according to some. He has a real hard on for being seen as the richest and best so this one is probably true.

The second one had been being played out across the media spectrum and that is he has close ties to Russia. Again, there is some evidence for this, as there are credible rumors that banks will no longer loan him money and he has gone to Russia instead for that. This would make him a puppet of Russia and a bad image results. The fact his campaign head Paul Manafort has been alleged to have accepted 12 million in bribes from the pro-Russia, former Ukrainian president, whom he worked for, does not help. These allegation may or may not be true, but they certainly are not helping.

The latest one just came out this week and it's a doozy. Some have alleged that Trump won't give up his taxes because he donated money to NAMBLA, the pedo group. Now this one is far fetched to say the least but I love how it is a lot like Trump truthisms that start with "This is what I heard." There appears NO evidence for this accusation, based totally on hearsay, but as Trump has been doing the same thing, I find it funny it has come back to bite him on his ass. I am also thinking that the people spreading these rumors on Twitter are Clinton operatives. No way does this not hurt even if it appears to be complete bull.

I hope to see reporters asking him about this. "Mr Trump can you confirm your taxes have no donations to NAMBLA? The American people want to see those returns sir to make sure they are not electing a sick kid molester." It would probably go as well as one interview went yesterday which had a Trump official literally ask over and over "Says who?" to a CNN reporter's questions about the campaign shake up and fast fading polls. Here is how it went:

"Let me ask you about this," Keilar asked. "You say it's not a shakeup, but you guys are down, and it makes sense that there would —

"Says who?" Cohen interrupted. "Says who?"
"Polls," a clearly unamused Keilar responded. "Most of them. All of them?"
After a brief, awkward silence, Cohen repeated, "Says who?"
"Polls," Keilar said. "I just told you, I answered your question."
"OK, which polls?" Cohen continued.
"All of them," Keilar said.
This is not good and the Trump campaign isn't even in September yet. Imagine what next month will bring. Good luck Trump. You are going to need it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


There is more than the usual brand of vitriol being spread this election around the internet and airwaves and most of it is bunk. Not surprisingly though most of the sketchy ones come from the Internet, although not all of it as the MSM is leading to you believe. It is because of this obvious media bias, most likley brought about by the zillionaires who own the newspapers and TV stations who don't want to see the Earth spin off into the sun during a Trump presidency, that many feel everything they say is suspect. They are not far off but rigging dozens of polls to go your way is simply not possible. Someone involved would have talked by now and since we have not one single whistleblower anywhere we can assume that this assumption is crap. They DID rig the primaries but as the media failed to cover any aspect of that, everyone wrote it off as another GOP fantasy. This is why when you cry wolf all the time, when a wolf actually appears, no one listens to you.

Several alleged internet polls, which are truly lax in sample sizes, show Trump with a commanding lead, usually with Trump at 75% and Hillary at around 25%. These are the kind of polls that should be suspected of being rigged and it was these same kind of polls that showed Romney winning last time when in reality he got trounced, which the accurate polls got dead on. Also a word about the last two elections: there were few signs of election fraud, unlike 2000 and 2004 which were suspicious as hell. As the latest polls all show Hillary gaining even further on Trump, there is a distinct possibility that this election will also be above board as there will be no reason to cheat. Hillary leads with almost every major demographic except non college educated men. Unless they go 100% for Trump, which is near impossible, he has no chance of winning.

The electoral college is not geared toward the Republicans anymore either. We keep hearing about how this is a center to far right country but demographics, and voting habits over the last twenty years show a dramatic shift to center and far left. It is these shifts that have taken states like CO, VA and PA out of swing state territory. This means that the democrats automatically start off with an advantage of 236 solid electoral votes to 151 for Republicans. That is a huge hurdle to overcome right off the bat. If this were a foot race, Hillary would start 100 feet from the finish line while Trump began way back at the beginning with lead weights tied to his feet.

And that is just the start. As the upper midwest seems poised to go blue again, as they have in the last few election (demographics again), Hillary as of right now is at 272 votes, or in other words, the winner. And that is without Florida or even Ohio. where Trump could win easily every swing state left and still lose. That is a huge rock to keep pushing uphill.

It didn't help when he said the other day he has no desire to change his attitude or policies, even though they seem to be sinking his chances by the minute. The RNC much be counting down the days until they can drop him like a rock, just like they did Bob Dole when it came out he was going to lose in epic fashion. Trump may do even worse.

He has lost women, young people, minorities, gay people, college educated men and 30% of the Republican party. Hillary has only lost about 10% of the Democratic base, solely because while I among others think she is one evil she devil, there is no way she can be worse the Trump. To put those numbers in perspective, if Trump continues to lose 30% of the Republican vote, he will lose in a landslide as states like Texas and Utah may go blue for the first time in decades. Nothing he is doing is working, and he is failing to see that. This campaign is ready to implode and soon.

The one thing they have is Hillary's health, most of which is nonsense. Look, she is using a pillow. Who does that? Besides me and a million others that is. Oh, now she is being helped up icy steps in NH. In February. She must be at death's door. She is holding on to a railing, so she must have Parkinson's. And so it goes.

However, there is some things about this story which if Republicans weren't so wolf cry happy about that have some teeth. She does appear to have a seizure at one point and she does have a history of falling over and hurting herself. Many are screaming for her medical records, which much like Trump's tax returns, should be released for the public. Presidents have played fast and loose with the health in the past, like JFK and him suffering from Addison's disease or Reagan and his fading memory during his second term allegations. Trump should release his and dare her to do the same. But as he is still choking on his tax returns, a fact that is hurting his numbers, that may be a wash. A word to the wise, if it looks like you are hiding something, people trust you even less than when you lie to them. Just saying, Hillary being a devious bitch is a lot less harmful to people's opinion than when they think you are hiding something, like Trump's tax returns. It's why the Hillary health allegations are also so damaging. Give them up and move on Hillary unless you really do have something to hide which is even worse. Why run if you know you can't do the job? How greedy for power are you?

None of this will upset her path to victory that Trump is all but guaranteeing with his near daily foot in mouth syndrome. He cannot and will not pivot to get swing states or swing voters and this will doom him down the road. Hillary's lead is getting wider by the day, with Trump fading fast, she is all but certain to win a landslide victory. God help us all that she at least keep half her campaign promises, unlike Obama who abandoned many of them before his presidential seat go warm. The GOP is set to suffer massive loses across the board. Maybe Democrats can finally get a majority in the House and Senate and get something done. Don't bet on it, but it would be nice to give them all the rope to hang themselves with.

Monday, August 15, 2016


The nightly news isn't telling you this but a race war started in Milwaukee two days ago. Black people pissed at another shooting of a black man, even if it was completely legitimate, rioted, burning down buildings and calling for attacks on white people, even into the suburbs. This is beyond dangerous because if large groups of black rioters enter rural America thinking they will get some payback, all they will do is inflame racial passions and find out how well armed a lot of these yahoos really are.

This has been going on for some time now and it has now become too big to ignore. Video shows black people going after white people for being white. Reverse that image and tell me that wouldn't be plastered all over the airwaves 24/7. But black attacks on whites, even those that are filmed, never reach the MSM. The same thing is happening overseas with terrorist attacks that are now being blamed in things like mental illness and, I kid you not, global warming. It's all to not get one side too riled up and start a civil war. Our media is manipulating us to blame one side over the other and not notice who the real culprits are: the super rich.

As I pointed out yesterday, the elites are stealing trillions from us and the MSM is ignoring all of that, the same as they are with the black attacks on white people. FBI stats show almost no white on black attacks but ten times as many for the reverse. So why do we hear about none of that? And much like Europe, any crime caused by refugees, such as the rape attack on a five year old Idaho girl by three refugee children a few months back, goes under reported. But again, if this happened to be the reverse races, we would still be talking about it.

You are being played and manipulated at this point. Black people are being taught all white people suck. White people are learning the MSM is lying to us and are rapidly learning to rehate blacks. All of this is being done so we don't realize that the people we should all be mad at are the super rich who are stealing from us blind.

The case in Milwaukee is very bad because black and white people are looking at this story with very different world views. White people see blatant racism and are going to turn a bling eye soon to any plight by black America. Black people are going to be even more self-segregated and eventually this will turn their world upside down, especially if ghettos start getting walled off, Israeli style. If you want to see what REAL oppression looks like, keep doing what you are doing and you are going to sympathize with Palestinians caught in the exact same trap. Palestinians could have peace tomorrow if they just recognize Israel and stop with the attacks. Black people could do much the same if they STOP KILLING EACH OTHER IN RECORD NUMBERS WHILE BLAMING WHITEY FOR ALL YOUR PROBLEMS! White people are not doing anywhere near the same damage black people are.

It was truly disheartening to listen to black voices in the area blame the cops for this shooting, as the victim was a career criminal with a huge rap sheet, and an illegal gun which he pointed at officers, all caught in video. Now the police are idiots here for not releasing that video immediately which added to the fact that no one trusts the cops anymore and with good reason. They have been shown all too often to shoot first and ask questions later and receive zero punishment when they do fuck up hard. Most aren't even fired let alone charged with a crime. The dick that shot Tamir Rice is still a cop even though every indication and report says he is a terrible police officer. When you can't get rid of idiots like this, what hope do you have winning the trust from anybody in America, let alone black people?

Black racism is rampant in inner city areas now and only the far left ignores this reality at their own peril. Sorry but white racism has not been that prevalent until recently, caused by black people attacking whites, the MSM ignoring it, and Trump calling all of it out. It is making white people more and more racist and not without good reason. This will end badly for us all although a Trump presidency seems less and less likley by the minute. However, Clinton will do jack to fix anything either so for all of you who are black and voted for her over Sanders, get used to the status quo which you actively voted for and will change your status not one iota. Way to go, stupid.

So black people hate white people now and are threatening to go to the suburbs to riot there. Try that and see what gunfire from machine guns look like when a panicky white NRA member decides to start mowing you down en masse. It will not be pretty. And trust me when I say a lot of the white people with guns know how to use them and practice regularly. How many gang bangers do you think do the same thing? It would be a bloodbath,

Racism is alive and well and it cost Larry Wilmore his job today. The Nightly Show was cancelled due to super low ratings, most likley because White America wasn't watching, thinking it was too racist against whites, which at times, I admit it was. But not often and I really liked the show. The Daily Show has been FAR more racist against white people to a point I hardly watch it anymore. Sorry, but Trevor Noah has been a sad replacement for John Stewart as people like John Oliver and Sam Bee have done much, much better. Wilmore will be missed.

We need to end the drug war, put cameras on all cops and bring back jobs for all because the current situation is untenable. Keep this up and black people will be labeled as second class citizens, just like the Muslims who live in Israel. This is not an ideal to aim for. Stop labeling white people as your enemy, We aren't. But you have to clean up your own streets as well where black people are being murdered every day by your own. Will any of this happen? Probably not so we are headed for a downward slide and the end of black and white commingling safely. Don't let that happen.