Thursday, November 16, 2017


It was only a matter of time before certain people would be subjected to insane accusations that the right would latch on to and the media will most likely blow out of proportion. Welcome to the end of our democracy brought to you by fascists Christians who are gutting truth to game their own political views. When nobody or nothing can be agreed on, this country is toast.
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Al Franken was accused now by two women both of which have an ax to grind. The first, Leeanne Tweeden (by the way, every woman I have ever met with that name has been untrustworthy as hell. Anecdotal but still.) is a long time Hannity guest and former beauty queen. Her story is most likely not true and the picture of Franken "grabbing" her boobs is misleading because anyone taking even a quick glance at it can see he is NOT actually touching her. Is it in bad taste? Yes. But hardly criminal. As for her kiss he allegedly forced on her during a skit, maybe it happened, but considering the source, most likley not. Either way, this is nothing compared to what Trump and Moore are accused of.

The second woman is a joke beyond words. Nothing she says can be believed. Melanie Morgan, the editor for a far right website, accused Al Franken of harassing her during an episode of Politically Correct. From the sounds of it, she tried pedaling her brand of bullshit, got called out on it and then went on the defenseless woman routine where "his anger scared her." Please. You can't be a wilting flower and a strong woman at the same time. Pick one. Nothing he did was even remotely sexual and appears to be him just treating her like the awful human being she is. When did that become criminal and if so, I am fucked?

Sly Stallone also got heaped in with an allegation about a three way and a possible rape. I do not know one way or another if this happened decades ago or not but unless more women come forward color me skeptical.
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Answer me this America: Why is Trump getting a free pass over all of this? He is every bit as guilty yet the press seems to care not one whit about any of it. Can we find out who the 13 year old he allegedly raped is? Why won't she come forward already? How about any of the other seventeen woman who accused the president? Where are they? Why isn't this a HUGE deal?

Sexual assault is wrong and anyone guilty of it should go to jail. But let us also have some proof before we start throwing people to the wolves. Franken handled his bullshit cases with a high degree of humility and asked to be investigated, knowing full well he is basically in the clear, short of much more believable and damaging cases come forward. Franken could still turn out to be a monster. Who would have thought Bill Cosby would be a rapist? But we also have to have some evidence and stop random accusations because some random person wants something out of this other than the truth.

If we get to the point where a single accusation can derail a career, no one will be safe from a new form of McCarthism. Don't think men won't be getting involved more than now if the avenue opens up for them to seek what they want too from disparaging other men or women. At that point, society will end. If the GOP passes their tax bill, that end may come sooner than later. Stay tuned as news moves at the speed of light lately.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


The Republican party no longer can be deemed anything other than a terrorist group at this point. Between Alabamians wholly unsuited for being part of this country anymore and a tax bill that will destroy this economy, there is little doubt things are going to go belly up sooner than later. Add in the AHA pandering to Big Pharma like they have with Big Sugar for decades, a coming economic collapse accelerated by provably bad Republican plans, and whatever bullshit Trump has concocted for the week and we are headed for our own extinction. Worse, we voted for this, on both sides. Republicans have destroyed this nation and Democrats helped. Obama was a shitty president whose laziness may have done every bit the damage that Bush did to us as well. With Trump and the insane right at the helm, we are headed directly for an iceberg the size of the Moon.
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Let us start with one positive bit of news. Roy Moore is finished. Regardless of whether he wins or not, the GOP is screwed. How bad has it gotten? Even the most rabid pundit or congressperson has come out against him. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan both said he should step down. Worse, he losing the support of his two biggest champions: Sean Hannity and Steve Bannon. Ouchtown population you bro. It is no longer possible to deny the accusations against him. Believing it is some left wing conspiracy would require a massive apparatus that we know doesn't exist. Even the most firebrand Republican can see that. Unless you are from Alabama and an evangelical who STILL support him, this demonstrates that these people are dangerous and need to be treated like Muslim extremists. In other words, they need to be wiped from the face of the Earth. I said yesterday mass protests should be taking place outside these houses of worship and they should be treated as if they all raped a three year old. This form if religion is no longer acceptable and we know it. Now all we have to do is act.

Roy Moore is still ahead in the polls. How is that fucking possible? If Moore wins, he dooms the GOP in 2018 regardless of what happens next. So way to go Alabama, you may turn two thirds of the country blue next year. Chances are high he won't even get seated as Congress is almost certain to expel him, the first man to be expelled in the last 150 years. But come 2018, Roy Moore and Trump will be the running mate of every single candidate running nationwide. Even worse if their odious tax bill passes, I see a rout of epic proportions in even the reddest state. This will because most people are going to pay more either in taxes or health care and the GOP will own all of it.

The Tax Bill is hanging by a thread since they decided to idiotically add in the repeal of the Obamacare mandate. While this may be unpopular, it is also the only thing that keeps insurance affordable. Removing that is a disaster waiting to happen with 13 million losing their insurance, a majority of whom are middle class who receive no subsidies and will be unable to afford rising costs. At an estimated 10% minimum increase per year for all, within five years, most of these people will be priced out of the market. Even those who get their insurance through corporations are going to to see huge increases in their prices as well. No one will be spared.
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Here's the funny part: it's already been tried with disastrous results. In 1995, Washington State Republicans did this exact thing. The end result was skyrocketing premiums, insurers fleeing the state, and left the whole process in shambles. It took five years to fix it. What do you think will happen when the entire country gets this? I hope the Republicans have invested in bullet proof jackets, fireproof homes and even possibly an underground bunker because people are going to be PISSED when this all falls apart. To say there will be a revolution at that point would be an understatement. They may have to flee the country to survive, Papa Doc style.

Yet here they are trying to do something again which has been a proven failure. It is also another warning sign that their control of the House and even the Senate are in play. If the GOP doesn't pass this tax bill, their donors will riot because they get all the perks. If it does pass, millions are going to lose their health insurance or pay way more in taxes. There will be NO Republicans left in the House in any blue state, which is why some like Darryl Issa are already coming out against this bill, knowing full well if it passes, he loses his seat 100% of the time. He barely won the last election. This would be the end for his career as it would also for any right winger in any blue state whose taxes just doubled for their constituents. This would mean a loss in the House of at least 60 seats and control would go to the Democrats for sure. The GOP is doing everything they can to destroy any chance they would have in 2018.

While all this is going the American Heart Association released new info who I have told in previous posts should not be believed about anything due to their inaction on real science and heart disease. They have been nothing more than a propaganda arm for Big Sugar which, as a result, have tricked people into ignoring fat, which is good for you, and eating sugar, which isn't. This science has been known since the 50's but hidden due to greed. Now these assholes are apparently in bed with Big Pharma as they just conspired to lower the blood pressure results so more people qualify as "at risk." What this means is that Big Pharma will now sell more high blood pressure meds most likley to people who don't need it. But hey, profits right?
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This country is headed for a fall. We keep hearing how the country is doing great economically. It isn't. Subprime auto loans are coming due as are higher foreclosures and rising credit card debt. Add to that a ten trillion dollar tuition loan issue (half of which is in deferment) and there is reckoning coming. We never fixed any of the underlying problems of the last crash thanks to Obama being an ass and the Republicans not giving a shit. Credit card 90 day delinquency rate has risen exponentially and we now are at the same level we were right before the last crash.

With the Republicans tinkering with an economy that is only held together with spit and promises, there is a solid chance that sometime early next year, the stock market is going to tank. And with it, any goodwill people have left for Trump beyond the evangelicals and die hards. 2018 could be a bloodbath for the Republicans, even a literal one if they fuck things up bad enough.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


We have to have a serious talk about the Evangelicals in this country. To say they suck moose balls would be an understatement. Roy Moore is OBVIOUSLY guilty. There is ample proof at this point to suggest he is a rapist pig. Yet for some inane reason, the super religious of this state (and to an extent this country) are standing by him and, as a result, betraying everything they allegedly stand for. This cannot continue at this rate or there isn't going to be a country left. If basic facts are always in doubt, nothing is ever going to get solved for the better and this country will end badly.
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Roy Moore has now been accused of child molestation, attempted rape and just being icky with woman way too young for him. Why is it when a liberal gets caught it's proof they are a demon but when it's a conservative there is always an excuse? Anyone voting for this ass should be thrown out of the country as a traitor at this point and regardless of how this turns out, ire towards these churches have to be made or else face a country ruled by religious assholes. I heard that over 50 Baptist churches all still support Roy Moore. I have made statements in the past describing why I hate Baptists. Their religion offers no path to redemption other than feral belief in Jesus without any of those pesky rules to follow. If you kill someone and believe in Jesus, you are still going to heaven they think. Right. Good luck with that. This religion allows deviance and stupidity to thrive and should be banished from the face of the Earth as heretical.

If you live in Alabama it is your DUTY as an American to not only vote for Doug Jones regardless of party but to make sure those that are voting for know what assholes douchebags they are. Here is a prime place for groups like Black Lives Matter and other liberal organizations to stage loud disruptive protests outside these Baptist churches and treat the parishioners like they are walking into an abortion clinic.  And do this rain or shine FOREVER. Make these assholes pay for their vote. The left needs to get MAD, not violent, but MAD! This candidate is unacceptable and only the worst kind of human being would support him. Let them know it.
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The funny part over all of this is that in doesn't really matter if he wins or loses because either way, the GOP is fucked. To be honest, the best case scenario would be for them to lose. I say this because losing one seat now might be far better than losing fifteen in 2018. I know that sounds implausible but there is a real reason top Republican leaders do not want Moore in and it is because they are scared to death about the next election if he wins.

If Moore wins, the GOP will now be tied with both Nazis AND child molesters/attempted rapists of underage girls. If they use Moore and Trump like the Republicans use Clinton and Pelosi, they stand to lose, to quote Trump, bigly. There is a near 100% chance they lose the House if this occurs (also not helped by an idiotic tax plan they are trying to ram through) as well as most likley losing the Senate by a large margin. And if even they evict him, as is the most likley thing to happen, that taint will still be on them. Roy Moore may singlehandedly hand the next election to the Democrats, the same way Todd Akin did.

Moore supporters are trying to poke holes in the story but none of which hold water. Meanwhile, bullshit articles appeared in three major publications TODAY, using whataboutism to accuse Bill Clinton is sexual misconduct. The problem with that is the three main accusers are all proven liars. Look it up for yourself as I am tired of writing about it. Broaddrick claimed a physical assault with zero proof, Wiley's story is less believable than the kids from the McMartin school, and Paula Jones story is littered with inaccuracies. These have all been well documented. Yet the NYT and the Atlantic found two idiot women who are obviously NOT qualified to be reporters as they couldn't do even the slightest bit of research on the subject. Worse, they have technically opened themselves for slander charges which Bill Clinton should pursue. It is the only way these stories are ever going to end. Not ALL woman should be believed about assault. There are plenty of cases where the story was false. It ruined the careers of a NC DA in the fake Duke rape case or Rolling Stone's fake rape story in which they failed to do even rudimentary journalistic options. Roy Moore accuses are believable because there is a) more than one all with similar stories and who do not know one another, b) confirmed by 30 witnesses and c)handwritten evidence the accusers story is true. Who has better facts here yet if you ask an evangelists who is worse, they will tell you Bill Clinton is the anti-Christ and Roy Moore is the second coming of Christ.
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I am sick and tired of willful stupidity. We have the world at out fingertips, yet some mouthbreathers think the Earth is 6000 years old and Jesus played with dinosaurs. When can we start looking at people whose childish ideas are hurting us and tell them that? We have to because pretending like religion isn't killing us is not better than when we attack moderate Muslims for not standing up to terrorists. How are we better for not standing up to this Christian form of idiocy?

Sunday, November 12, 2017


What a fucked up week this has been. The Republicans got walloped on Tuesday and if they are not scared by what happened, they should be. Democrats outperformed Republicans in even the most ruby red areas nationwide and, as a result, gained control of some state legislature offices and a couple of governorships. As that happened, the GOP unveiled their new tax plan to less than enthusiastic applause, Trump put both feet in his mouth during his Asian trip and Roy Moore imploded as sexual assault charges were levied against him. Good times. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Akima LLC- These fuckwads fired an employee after she was caught flipping off the president. Somehow, I don't think that is a fireable offense. Word is, she is filing a lawsuit for that exact reason, which she should win. You can fire people for a lot of reasons. This is not one of them. This company should be driven into the ground. No ONE should be doing business with these assholes. They want to love Trump so much, go marry him. The rest of us want a divorce.

9)Papa John's- The owner of this shitfest pizza place, John Shnatter, complained this week that the NFL protests were hurting his pizza sales. Certainly it had nothing to do with his daily Trump blowjobs or the fact his pizza tastes worse than the box it comes in. Fresh ingredients my ass. The book I am trying to sell has a character directly based on this dick. His food is every bit as bad. As for his sales, Pizza Hut and DiGiorno's both said they also advertise with the NFL and their profits are just fine. Even if this fuckwad wasn't a douchebag Trump lover, his pizza still sucks.

8)LiAngelo Ball- This idiot, along with two others, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, were arrested in China this week for shoplifting while attending a basketball tournament. Ball's older brother plays for the Lakers and their father is a colorful sort with a Facebook show. This won't help anything but eyeballs and likes. First off, only a true moron steals from a foreign country, especially one like China. The fact they are all black certainly doesn't help the image that anyone of color is a thief. Nice bit of self stereotyping dudes. While chances are good they won't actually serve time (unless Chinese/US relations nose dive over the next few weeks), they will be sent packing and get a life time ban from the country as well. It might also hurt their chances of landing a NBA team in their future as well. Talk about fucking up your life for no good reason.
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7)TSA- After another round of tests, the TSA say their 90% failure rate of identifying dangerous objects getting on a plane by undercover agents is way better. Now they only fail 75% of the time. Yeah progress? That is still WAY too high. It stems for the fact that if you treat all threats equally, the haystack gets so big no one can find the needles anymore. We need to be profiling people. PERIOD. I am sick and tired of hearing about racism. That is cold comfort when I am in pieces over the Pacific. Israel has not had a hijacking in decades because they do actual security and not theater like we have. They have achieved this by racial profiling. So we do not do something that works with a 100% success rate because we worry about hurting Muslims feelings? Too fucking bad. If Irish Catholics were blowing up planes and people again, I would be the first to condemn them and accept the fact that my brethren were douchebags and I have to suffer as a result. I am so over hearing people bitch.

6)Paul LaPage- Maine's governor cannot go away soon enough. This ass of epic proportions vetoed Medicaid expansion five times. This week the people of Maine voted overwhelmingly to do just that. So this asshole just said he isn't going to honor that and it will sit on his desk until hell freezes over. The solution for that is simple. If you are one of these people who will die because this fucker is a true Republicans through and through, ask yourself if you would be better being alive in jail than dead on the street? Either way, the people of Maine should be doing whatever they have to do to get rid of this existential threat.

5)Fox News- I never thought I would say this but Fox News is now WORSE than CNN. They are not even attempting to report the news anymore. Accusations against Roy Moore are treated like hearsay, while simultaneously covering every single statement made against a Hollywood star no matter how ridiculous it is. You cannot have it both ways. It also doesn't help that the President of the US should have been disqualified for doing the exact same things people like Harvey Weinstein is accused of. Hannity has become such a joke he might as well change his name to Goebells. Anyone still watching this shell of a network is being lied to on a second by second basis. Take whatever you hear from them with a minuscule grain of salt.
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4)Sex accusations- We are getting into witch hunt territory now. Every day, somebody else comes forward with a sob story and not all of them are believable. Some seem almost harmless. Yes, there are a lot of people right now with terrible pasts. Louis CK is the latest to fall from rumors I have heard for years, as is Steven Seagal, accused by three famous actresses of sexual misconduct. However, accusations against people like George Takei and Richard Dryfuss for example, seen to be less believable. Some of them, like Dustin Hoffman's, don't even seem like they should be lumped in with others. And Woody Allen may have married his step daughter which is all kinds of ick, but the accusations of child molestation levied at him are not true and this shows why these kinds of accusations can ruin a person's career. No evidence has been uncovered that he did anything other than the word of Mia Farrow and one of her daughters, all of which came out right after he left her for his step daughter. Yeah, nothing suspicious there. Police looked into it and found no proof either and lots of evidence it didn't happen at all from eyewitnesses at the time, ones who had no reason to lie, who refute the accusations as impossible. But just the same way that everyone still think Michael Jackson was a child molester (there is no proof at all he was), pointing the figure at some one can have lasting effects even after you die. There has to be some burden of proof before we start pointing figures at just about anyone.

3)The GOP- Wow did they have a shit week. Tuesday went tits up after they lost just about every race they could and in hilarious fashion too. The guy who wrote the anti-transgender bathroom bill got ousted by an transgender woman. Guess that bathroom he didn't want her to use is now in his office.That is funny. I have no problem with transgender and they can use whatever bathroom they like. I and most others don't care. Another guy who wrote anti-woman scrawl everywhere was beaten by a woman. Democrats may even gain control of the Virginia House, a prospect not even seriously considered as they were down by almost 30 seats. Now they are within six close count seats. Ouch. After that beating, the Senate released their tax plan which even Republicans didn't like. With the elimination of SALT taxes and a host of other popular deductions, all to give more money to rich people, this plan may be DOA. It is going to have a rough ride in the Senate, especially if they lose in Alabama, a prospect that seemed as likely as gaining control of the Virginia Senate. Most have distanced themselves from Roy Moore, the insane Alabama Senate hopeful, but the ones that haven't may be facing a backlash of epic proportions from their own party. The GOP is in trouble and they know it. Good.

2)Trump- The fact that this ass isn't at the top spot tells you how bad Roy Moore's week was. Trump went to Asia, as Mueller started putting the screws to his people. It came out his week that Papadopoulos was in regular contact with spawn of Satan, Stephen Miller. It was also revealed he was Trump's top envoy to the UK. So much for him being a mere coffee boy. Even better, there is a solid chance that there are secret recordings made of them talking together, as Papa was almost certainly wired for the past few months. As if that wasn't bad enough, Trump really pissed people off at home when he said he talked to Putin again and believed him when he said he didn't hack our election. 17 different US intelligence and government offices say otherwise. The reactions was harsh, even from his own party that rightfully asked why he was siding with Russia over America. So much for America first. Then Putin threw him under the bus saying the issue never came up. This will hurt him as will the GOP tax plan and whatever Mueller has up his sleeve the coming weeks.
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1)Roy Moore and Alabama Republicans- I thought people from Texas were stupid. I have listened to some of the dumbest arguments ever made about why this story is Fake News. Roy Moore tried to rape a 14 years old, dated girls decades younger than him and may have even illegally given them alcohol. These same assholes that have been spitting venom at Hollywood, suddenly turned around and fucking DEFENDED this guy. NO FUCKING WAY! He is every bit as guilty as Louis CK who at least had the decency to say the allegations against him were true. This douche is acting like it is all a hoax. First off, this is a very good story with 30 witnesses and confirmed by people who have worked with Moore in the past. There is NO way this story is some democratic hit job any more than the accusations against Kevin Spacey are. Why is it liberals are demonized but one of their own is protected? Worse have been the defenders like State Rep. Ed Henry. This moron wants to prosecute his accusers somehow unaware of the first amendment. Then there is Jim Ziegler who said nothing immoral or illegal happened here, which is odd because sexual assault of a minor is a crime in every state in the US. He went on to use Joseph and Mary as an example of teenage/older man relationships, blissfully unaware somehow that the principle idea of Christianity is the virgin birth, meaning their age difference meant nothing. Some voters are living in denial and are still voting for him. To all who are I tell you this: I sincerely hope you die a painful death and take your fucked up family with you. Anyone voting for this man is a traitor to this country and should be dealt with accordingly. I tell you this, if I ever meet someone who voted for assholes like this or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, I'll give you a thirty second head start and then I am getting my gun. People like this don't deserve to live. They certainly are too stupid to vote. If you live in the state of Alabama it is your AMERICAN duty to vote for the democrat here. No one wants him but you. The GOP is trying to figure how to stop him because it is bad enough your party is tied to Nazis but now you want pedophiles as well. So congratulations to Roy Moore and the fuckwads who are still voting for him you are all indeed douchebags of the week

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


If you were Donald Trump or any Republican last night, you had to be terrified about what happened. Many have made hay that it was no big deal that Democrats won on NJ and VA and to an extent they would be right. However, the turnout and exit polls spell a rout in 2018 if we continue down this current path. As Mueller and the Russian scandal drag on well into election days, the chances of the democrats regaining the House and even possibly the Senate is no longer a pipe dream. People actually showed up to vote in a super off year and they overwhelmingly told Trump to go fuck himself. Chances are good that if just a few things happen, all highly likely, Trump support may dwindle to single digits.
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The other big story is the release of the Paradise Papers, a treasure trove of information about the rich and famous. Just like the Panama Papers that ensnared many people, this latest news dump from the same people who broke the earlier story show a lot of very rich people hiding tax dollars from countries that number in the TRILLIONS! Now to be fair, just like earlier, everyone mentioned in these papers are not always tax dodging idiots. There are legitimate reasons to have a tax shelter or an off shore account, especially if you want to own property on an island like Bermuda. If you don't live there as a permanent resident you can get taxed up the wazoo for buying a house. Open an account there and those tax liens disappear. That is not illegal and many times the money being brought there has already been taxed in their home country. Some though are using these shelters to keep from paying high taxes too. Those are the people who deserve our scorn.

First and foremost in the list are the Queen of England, Bono, Prince Charles, half the cast of Mrs. Brown's Boys (funniest sitcom ever), Wilbur Ross, Gary Cohn, Rex Tillerson and even the campaign manager for Justin Trudeau. Again let me emphasize that just because their name is on the list does not mean they are tax dodgers. But in some cases, like Wilbur Ross, the current Secretary of Commerce, he may be a traitor as well. He left out on his vetting forms that he had business with a known Russian with close ties to Putin through a company, Navigator Holdings. Not only is he knee deep in this, but it also came out that he lied about his wealth by perhaps as much as two billion according to Forbes magazine. The Paradise Papers show yet another Trump crony with real ties to Russia but also forgot to disclose it, a recurring theme in this administration. How is it almost everyone in Trump's circle is also friends with Russia? Fake news my ass.
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Now again, most of this perfectly legal. That doesn't make it right. We are losing trillions of dollars to offshore accounts that some estimates say may be as high as 200 trillion dollars. That's more money than the entire planet makes and some may be hoarding it. I am confident real trillionaires exist and stories like this show it is possible. Ross lied about his wealth to seem more important. What if others are doing the same just downplaying their wealth to not attract attention? If you had ten billions or ten trillion, how would you know? They'd be rich either way. As Ross shows, it is real easy to lie about your wealth and have people believe it.

Trump is allegedly a populist which is such a lie when you see this story. Robert Mercer, Trump's sugar daddy, used offshore accounts to hide $60 million in war chest assets in the last election. His current tax plan could save the rich 700 billion dollars to wealthy foreigners who own US equities. Republicans are rubes for believing any of this.

And of course it is not just people cheating the system. Corporations have to get their two cents in to. Facebook, Apple, Uber, Nike, Walmart, McDonald's and Uber are all seen avoiding billions in taxes. It's not like these companies are profitable or anything right? If Trump and the GOP were serious about tax reform, these are the kind of loopholes that if closed could have substantial benefits. But instead they will just take away everything we like and screw us over as always.
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They better pray that news gets better because after yesterday's romp, as they are facing a steep headwall into 2018. They lost everywhere yesterday, only keeping a seat in Utah that no Democrat even had a shot at. The big story was turnout which was way higher than anyone predicted which skewered the polls in VA. Many thought it would be close when in actuality, Northam won by almost nine points. Polls are NOT good bellwethers lately as way too many of them are shoddily done. Qunnipiac did the best again, proving they are one of the top poll companies in the country. They nailed the VA race and the NJ one as well. The rest were way off in VA but dead on in NJ. Again the main reason for that was WAY more people showed up to vote, especially minorities who must see the current president as Orange Hitler as well.

Demographics also were a big thing in VA. Men were roughly fifty/fifty for each candidate, a place where Trump carried men by a wide margin. Worse for the GOP here were women who showed up in droves to vote against Trump by a 65-35% margin. Ouch. If those numbers continue into the election of 2018, the GOP is fucked .No way can they stand a wave of women overwhelmingly voting against them.

The GOP faces the hurdle of passing a tax bill no one likes, shades of the Obamacare debacle. Some are still pushing for things like a repeal of the individual mandate, which would kill insurance for all within five years if passed, an end to SALT taxes, which would double people's taxes in high earning states and a phase out of middle class taxes after ten years which would see them flat line after that as the rich make all the gains. Yeah good luck with that. If they get nothing done, which is entirely possible, they might get wiped out when big donors and pissed off voters sit home.
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Momentum is behind the democrats right now. The GOP faces a possible dissolution of the entire party if treason charges start getting handed out. The only question left is how will the Democrats screw this up. Badly would be my guess. But let us hope that the bad news drags down Trump and his cast of morons until they all glow orange in their new jumpsuits before the left figures out a new, inventive way to lose.

Monday, November 6, 2017


At some point soon, I am going to get back to what this blog originally started as, a way to expose secret trillionaires who do exist. The release of a new set of documents, the Paradise Papers, have been released and I want to look through them. Plus, I want to take a look at some of the new JFK files released. But then Orange Hitler goes through Tokyo like Godzilla and another mass shooter arrives and here we are.
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We are getting a lot of terrorism and spree shootings lately. Minus the inept ISIS attack (ohhh, eight dead. That's a weekend in Chicago. All that does is piss us off.), Americans have been leading the way in mass killings these past few months. Muslim extremists are tame compared to what we do to ourselves, the latest an attack on a Texas church, killing 26 "innocent" people. I put that in quotes because, children aside, these people voted for the crap that just killed them. Again. They consistently put people into office that don't believe in climate change, then they drown, or refuse the most common sense gun laws, and then they get shot. As a matter of fact, had background checks been done in even the most rudimentary fashion, dumbass here never would have gotten a gun at all. But apparently he lied on the form, which begs the question: why bother at all with these stupid forms if lying on it gets you the gun anyway.

"Excuse me sir, you forgot to check the box about mental illness," the gun store owner says to the obviously escaped lunatic from the asylum. "No, huh? Okay, here's your gun." If there is NO background check to be had, just a form the idiot behind the desk glances at, these are worthless. The shooter had been kicked out of the military for domestic violence, the number one person who SHOULD NOT own a gun is this guy. But because these yahoos keep telling us no gun laws for any reason, there are 26 dead and many more wounded.
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Trump is not wrong when he says this is a mental health issue. It is, but there is that whole background check thing too. We let our mental patients free roam in this country since JFK when it was decided that state run hospitals were awful places (which they were) and instead of fixing the problem, they just eliminated all the hospitals. Problem solved right? Sure, if throngs of crazies mixing with the rest of us is a great plan.

Now, while Trump and the GOP keep screaming about mental people and not guns, they conveniently leave out the fact they cut funding for mental services and killed bills that would have prevented things like this happening, such as letting mental people buy guns. Things like this will not only continue, they will get worse. Because the world is falling apart and many are falling through the cracks rather than get help, these kinds of shootings are going to accelerate. The next one may be innocent people, or even politicians. Rand Paul got the snot beat out of him the weekend by a neighbor. Why is still up in the air as to why he attacked him, but this is going to happen more and more as our elected officials bend toward Corporate America regardless of party. And when that happens, look out below.
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The shooter here appears to be going after his ex-wife's family who frequented that church, something I speculated on last night. He was stopped by a civilian with a gun which in Texas is not surprising. That lessens the lefties who want a total gun ban, something that is less likley than aliens landing on the Earth and demanding to talk to Beyonce', who they have erroneously thought was our queen. I am not for banning guns. I am for keeping them out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. I like the idea of background checks, a gun registry and mandatory safety classes. I am not even against banning bump stocks. But the idea that getting rid of guns will solve everything is delusional. It could make things worse. If someone really wants to kill a bunch of people, he will, only now, explosives would be more likely to be used. It happened in 1927 and is still the deadliest school massacre in US history. That psycho used dynamite to kill 38 kids. Imagine what one could do today.

The problem is we have a gun lobby too powerful to stop. We have morons, just like the ones in Texas, whose voting habits are literally killing them. Hundreds have died just this year because of the people they put into office. How many more have to die before they wake up and smell the coffee burning?

Climate change is real. Real background checks would have saved 26 lives here. Start believing what is real and turn off Fox News and Alex Jones. Jones is pushing the theory that the shooter is an ANTIFA guy, with NO PROOF whatsoever. Likewise, I have heard he was a recruit for ISIS, a religious Republican and even a vegan terrorist. I don't know what he is but chances are good none of these are true and the argument this is yet another case of domestic abuse gone bad is high. His ex in-laws went to church there, but not that day. They were the target along with possibly his ex-wife. He was described by people who knew him as "moody," "dark," and "mental." Just the kind of guy who should own a gun, right?
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He should have been locked away for domestic abuse and yet nothing occurred. He should never been allowed to get a gun, but he did. Those people would be alive had we had real mental health in this country and background checks that should have stopped him. If all it takes is to lie on a form to get a gun, they don't work. Until we address these problems, both of them, a lot more people are going to die and this conversation will never end.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


If Donald Trump wasn't president, there is no way Democrats would pick up a single seat in 2018. That and that alone is the ONLY reason they even have a shot at it, and even if half the Republican party is shot for treason, I am still not sure they can win. Party leaders have decimated the party for decades now and it is a shell of what it once was. Infighting was front and center and demonstrated how far off the party has become. But because Trump and the GOP may actually be indicted for treason, they will come off worse and then, and only then, could Republicans lose both the House and Senate. Maybe. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Jessie Daniels- This woman is everything wrong with this country. Yet another professor, this one from CUNY, and an "expert" on racism actually said this week that if white people stopped having children, a self imposed genocide, the world might be a better place. I commented on that principle that by that logic if we killed all the black people our crime rate would drop in half. Now obviously I am not asking for that just showing the stupidity of said statement but tiny brains everywhere accused me of being a Nazi, hilariously not understanding that by defending Daniels, and not getting the sarcasm of my statement, they were just as bad as the Nazis. Genocide is genocide. Just because I am white does not give you the right to ask for my extinction for my actions any more than I can another group. Oh, and even better, this professor is an old white woman. IQ's are dropping fast.

9)Me, Myself and I- The first casualty of the fall season was this unfunny sitcom, which I made all of ten minutes through the first episode before deciding I was having more fun reading the back of a box of tampons than this drivel. It lasted six episodes before flaming out hard, a common occurrence at CBS who constantly has some of the least funny sitcoms not named the Big Bang Theory. Literally every other sitcom on that network is rough at best, although I will admit that Kevin Can Wait has gotten way better since they killed off the mom. The rest are crap. Young Sheldon dropped almost fifty percent in the ratings in its second week, which is not surprising because I disliked that show even more than this one that just got cancelled. That full season pickup doesn't look so smart now does it?

8)The giant Antifa riots that destroyed society- If you listened to any right wing media, from Fox News to Infowars, November 4th was going to be a day of reckoning when gangs of communists and anarchists were going to burn major cities down, rape white women, execute white men all the while chanting pro-Hillary prose and anti-American slogans, or something to that effect. They talked about this day and night, ready for the big war. The day came and......nothing. Which is exactly what I said would happen because there was NO evidence of any of this actually occurring. Peaceful protests occurred and that was it, with not a lot of people on either side. Why? Protesting doesn't work anymore. You want to waste your time, have fun. Writing this column does far more good than that. You have to either change people's minds by logic or force. Walking down the street wearing a pussy hat and a clever sign gets you nothing. America is waking up to that and  that isn't good for anyone. When a majority realizes that, violence WILL occur. It just wasn't going to happen yesterday.
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7)Baltimore- The news media loves to tell us when some white guy gives a dirty look to a black man and we get wall to wall coverage over it. Reverse that and amplify it and we get crickets. Nowhere is that more apparent in Baltimore where gangs of black teens are attacking white people along the Harbor area and, on Halloween, suburbs. I have counted now at least seven attacks that involve gangs of black thugs putting people in the hospital, attacked by knives and boards, all of which were on white families. Why isn't a much bigger story? Why does the media go out of its way to cover up black on white violence? If you live in Baltimore, get yourself a gun and if a throng of black teens comes at you, shoot them. Or prepare for a lengthy hospital visit and a media that doesn't care. Your choice. Either way, the cops there are too busy framing people or shooting them to notice.

6)Whitefish- The electric company that got a lucrative deal to restore Puerto Rico's power supply was fired this week when it came out how unprepared this company was for the job. That and the fact that Ryan Zinke, another of Trump's team under investigation for shady deals, was close friends with the owner, which he claims had no relevance to them getting the job, which common sense tells us is a lie. Whitefish has only two employees and subcontracted out the rest. They were allegedly not doing a very good job there, thus the reason they got fired. This leaves the poor people there without power for weeks, perhaps months longer. This administration is retarded.

5)Fake sex claims against celebrities- There have been a lot of people accused of sexual assault this week, two of which I will go into greater detail below. But that have also been a slew of copy cats who's stories are NOT sexual attacks and calling them as such demeaned those that really have been attacked. One actress accused George Clooney of blacklisting her when he worked at ER, as well sexual attacks by two unnamed people, one a producer allegedly, while the rest of the cast routinely made fun of her Mexican heritage. That did not happen. Likewise, to the idiot who called out Dustin Hoffman for what appeared to be harmless flirting way back in the 90's, this taints all cases. We have to have a serious discussion that there is a big difference between these idiotic claims and predators like Weinstein and Spacey. When you treat them all the same, it lessens the impact for those who have actually suffered. The same goes for people who make up stories like the former example did. If you haven't been groped repeatedly or forced to suck a cock, I don't care. Grow up and let the people who actually have trauma to speak.
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4)Harvey Weinstein- After an actress, Paz de La Huerta, accused the producer of rape, recently at that, it looked likely this ass will be facing trial sooner than later. If he didn't look like the kind of guy who would rape a woman, he might have a chance. But as that boat has sailed, he better get used to a small cell and being sued out of his fortune. Even worse, he might be facing rape charges in England too. What a dick.

3)Kevin Spacey- Like the above, his career just flamed out in Jeffrey Jones fashion. He too is facing possible charges in England, depending on what they have for statute of limitations there, ones which are far less stringent than here, as seen by the pointless attacks on Julian Assange. I don't like the guy anymore but it didn't change the facts that the so called "rape" he is being accused of, aren't true. Spacey on the other hand is guilty as hell and as a result, he has been fired from HBO and, truth be told, from any other major work. His latest film is set to debut soon. I can't imagine it will do well.

2)Democrats- These guys are beyond inept at this point. Pelosi is a dinosaur that won't go extinct, actually repeating her mantra from 2006, that impeachment is off the table right now. True, they can't do it as they have no power, but they should be trying to energize their base and, as always, would rather piss on them instead. Donna Brazile's book this week said that they pulled all the strings to get Hillary on the ballot, which they then promptly lost because they suck at campaigning. The base wants things like a higher minimum wage, single payer and legal week. The DNC wants none of that. WHY? Because they are an establishment party hijacked by the Clinton's and the Obama's and run into the ground because of it. For the past fifty years, other than Carter, we have had center right politics to far right. Left ideas have been given lip service and nothing more. ENOUGH! Obama sucked as a president and his legacy has been the decimation of the DNC thanks to his lazy ass and the incompetence and greed of Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who somehow won re-election even though she was obviously corrupt. We're fucked people. The democrats are going to keep losing because they refuse to change. Jon Ossoff proved that. With elections on Tuesday, if Democrats lose in Virginia, we have to demand better or walk. Hopefully, enough progressives will run in primaries and win (fucking stop voting for idiots America), and then maybe start making changes that benefit us all. Or, the GOP gets even more power and then we can kiss this country goodbye.
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1)Trump- The arrests of Paul Manafort, Gates and, worst of all, George Papadopoulos, whose testimony is going to lead to more arrests, sent shockwaves through the party. Word is, Mike Flynn and his son are up next for money laundering, failing to register as a foreign agent, the Logan Act, and, possibly at some point, espionage. Both of them, along with Manafort, and Sam Clovis, who has already turned, are going to be given a choice of jail time or a deal. These scumbags will deal, knowing they can't be pardoned for crimes as they can be refiled as state charges. His press secretary, Fat Bitch, lies with such ease lately that her nose may beginning growing at any minute. The press is even getting tired of it. There is a difference between spin and actively lying and she crossed that Rubicon months back. He and his cronies are not only facing jail time, but even the death penalty. Let us hope his trip to Asia doesn't lead to a war. North Korea could do something real stupid like and an above ground nuke test. That will be the end of everything if he does that. I hate these two. Can we have them fight in some sort of cage match instead? Congratulation Orange Hitler, you are indeed douchebag of the week.