Thursday, October 23, 2014


No one can look at the news anymore and say, "gee things are going well." This has led to a dramatic shift toward Republican candidates, oblivious to the fact that they helped this catastrophe along just as much as the President and Supreme Court has. In most states, voting for either governor candidate seems iffy at best, while voting for just about any Republican Senator is plain suicide. Does no one remember that when the GOP had complete control of every avenue of government, they ran it into the ground? What great things will be accomplished by having two more years of gridlock? Beats me, but the average Republican sure thinks it's a great idea.
But the Democrats deserve their share of the blame as well. Their ad campaign has been laughable at best, ignoring hot topics issues like tuition hikes, pot legalization and a good jobs program for instead, reminding people that they too hate Obama and right leaning people should vote for them because of it. WTF? These people will NEVER vote for a democrat, even if Hitler were resurrected and ran on their ticket. So the left has completely ignored their base, which is much, much bigger than the right's, to focus on a group that they were never going to get. Unbelievable.

Obama has been no help, as his policies anger everyone, as the left sees him as way far right, while the right sees him as ultra-left. Ugh! The truth is, he's very much center-right, which at this point is not helping anyone. His support for Social Security cuts was ill advised at best and his continued talks for the TPP make me question his ability to lead. Lately, he has been giving speeches that say Senators are "voting for his policies," which might as well come out as "I club baby kittens to death and the Democrats like to watch." This has already appeared in numerous ads, reminding people that a vote for a democratic Senator is a vote for an approval of his failed policies. Now mind you, some, like the job programs he's offered, were killed by the GOP trying to score political points, but he does deserve some of the blame like the inexplicable rollout of Obamacare which sealed the democrats fate. And why is no one reminding anyone that the GOP shut down the government over a snit and cost businesses nationwide billions in lost revenue? It doesn't help that at a recent speech in Maryland, hoards of people fled for the exits, not interested in hearing what Obama had to say, which is kind of telling.
Michelle Obama is faring no better lately with her ill advised, yet well meaning, push for healthier school lunches. This would be well and good if the companies supplying school lunches also were not feeding the same slop to prisoners, not to mention the fact that schools are cash strapped due to Republican tax cuts and cannot afford healthier meals. Recent pictures show maggots, super small lunches and inedible food and as a result, many kids are going hungry instead. Michelle Obama's world is different from the rest of ours and we cannot afford to eat organic and healthy as we have to pay taxes, rent, insurance, bills and then food. Her heart was in the right place but this whole eat healthy thing has got to stop.

Then there is the DOJ, who better get someone new in there stat, because they only have till the end of the year and then the Senate is going to go Republican, short of a meltdown or surge in democratic voters. Right now, in one of the most under-reported stories of the year, the DOJ is being investigated for corruption charges that stem from allegations it made versus Sierra Pacific and a wildfire. This is from

In perhaps the most stunning documentation yet of abuses by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, two former Assistant United States Attorneys spoke to defense attorneys and revealed appalling deceit and corruption of justice. This latest litigation time bomb has exploded from multi-million dollar litigation originally brought by the Department of Justice against Sierra Pacific based on allegations that the lumber company and related defendants were responsible for a wildfire that destroyed 65,000 acres in California.

In what was dubbed the “Moonlight Fire” case, the tables are now turned. The defendants have discovered new evidence and filed a stunning motion. The new evidence and disclosures are being taken seriously by the Chief Judge of the Eastern District of California—as they should be. In a shocking action, Judge Morrison C. England Jr. ordered the recusal of every federal judge in the Eastern District of California.
Sierra Pacific Industries and other defendants were compelled to pay $55 million to the United States over a period of five years and transfer 22,500 acres of land to settle massive litigation brought against them by the United States alleging that they caused a 2007 fire that destroyed 65,000 acres in California. Sierra Pacific has always maintained that the fire started elsewhere and that the state and federal investigators and Department attorneys lied. Now that settlement may go up in smoke because of the new evidence of outrageous misconduct by the federal prosecutors and the investigators from state and federal offices, as well as findings earlier this year by a state judge.

In an extraordinary development, Judge England, Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, ordered the recusal of all the Eastern District judges from the case because of serious allegations that the Court itself was defrauded by the government in the original prosecution. To avoid any appearance of partiality, he has referred the case to Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski to appoint a judge from outside the Eastern District to handle the case going forward. Judge Kozinski has excoriated prosecutors for failing to meet their legal and ethical obligations.

The order notes that the defendants filed an action this week to set aside the $55 million settlement because, as the defendants allege, “the United States presented false evidence to the Defendants and the Court; advanced arguments to the Court premised on that false evidence; or, for which material evidence had been withheld, and obtaining court rulings based thereon; prepared key Moonlight Fire investigators for depositions, and allowed them to repeatedly give false testimony about the most important aspects of their investigation; and failed to disclose the facts and circumstances associated with the Moonlight Fire lead investigator’s direct financial interest in the outcome of the investigation arising from an illegal bank account that has since been exposed and terminated.”

The Sacramento Bee reported on the Defendant’s filing. Indeed, the Defendants’ motion informs us that a former Assistant United States Attorney came forward and disclosed that he believes that he was removed from the original prosecution by “his boss, David Shelledy, chief of the civil division in the United States Attorney’s office,” because he “rebuffed” pressure to “engage in unethical conduct as a lawyer.” Of course, like other former prosecutors who were unethical, Mr. Shelledy is to receive Attorney General Holder’s highest award for excellence—this week.

The entire original prosecution against Sierra Pacific appears to have been driven by the Department of Justice’s interest in hitting a “deep pocket” for millions of dollars of revenue. The Defendants’ motion to set aside the settlement reveals a series of fraudulent acts by federal and state authorities that defiles our system of justice.
A California state judge, Leslie C. Nichols, in a related state case issued orders earlier this year describing what he called “egregious,” “pervasive,” and “reprehensible” abuses in the investigation and prosecution amounting to “government corruption.” He found the state case to “betray the primary purpose of the judicial system—to reveal the truth.” He awarded $32 million in fees and expenses to the Defendants, finding as the Sacramento Bee reports, that the state agency, Cal Fire, “withheld some documents, destroyed other evidence and ‘engaged in a systematic campaign of misdirection with the purpose of recovering money’ from Sierra Pacific.”

 Does anyone disagree that Eric Holder has been terrible at his job, joining a long list that goes back decades to find anyone worth while? Why is our top cop always someone who seems to be more interested in government excesses than reigning them in?

This is why the democrats are most likely going to lose, and lose big, come November. They have forgotten what they were elected to do. Let's remind them this November by showing up and getting rid of some of the Republican douchebags that will sink this country forever. Or stay home and prepare for a whole lot of nothing. Your choice.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I know some of you are reading this headline out there and thinking sure Ebola and terrorism could end the world, but Ferguson? But in actuality Ferguson is a symptom with all that is wrong with this country and due to the either apathetic left or insane right, I see very few chances for mass survival over the next decade.
Let's start with an obvious one: Ebola. Right now, Ebola is not a great threat to society. If it is airborne, which it does seem to be, it is of the most limited range possible. Unlike the Flu or smallpox, both of which are contagious at six feet, as of this moment, only those in very close contact with an Ebola victim are contagious. Still, what this is is yet another repeated warning that there are way to many people on the planet.

I am positive that the more conspiracy minded out there will call me out as a government shill working for the CIA in some black budget population control scheme. I am not. I am a man with a science background who predicted this exact scenario way back in 1988. A paper I wrote about mass extinctions, conjecturing that a seventh extinction level event would begin soon due to over-population, was inevitable. As we are killing roughly 30% of the world's animal supply as we speak, I think I can safely say I was right.

But the Earth can also be seen as a living organism, aka the Gaia theory, so we can also equate humans to viruses and overpopulated animal species. If we postulate that this is true, then the Earth will posses natural defense systems to counter what happens when a species get's too big for it's britches. We would see a dwindling of natural resources, degradation to the natural environment, falling fertility rates and diseases culling the herd. Isn't that exactly what is happening to us right now?
Now falling fertility rates sound good, but the reality is that even with plummeting numbers of babies being born for tons of reasons that would take up an article of itself, there are still so many of us that it's already too late. The population is rumored to still grow to 12 billion by the end of the century. There is no way that we can feed and shelter that many people without huge social changes. Considering that anti-aging technology is rapidly becoming reality, that 12 billion may be woefully understated.

This many people, most trying to live a typical middle class life, will destroy this planet and everyone on it. The lack of resources, particularly water which may be a rare thing by 2100, will not support that many thirsty mouths. That alone could wipe out billions. But the scarier thing is that the Earth may intervene long before that.

She has been sending us warnings about NOT going into certain areas, first with AIDS and now Ebola. As we move further and further into areas we are not supposed to be, the planet is going to shake us off like a bad case of fleas. Sooner or later, some monstrosity is going to make it's way out of the rainforest, like full blown airborne Ebola, and then 70% of the planet dies over the next six months. But because we are not having ANY discussions about population control, due to the religious and conspiracy theorists, we are signing our own death warrants.
But we never get that far as it appears Muslim nutbags have struck the Canadian Parliament. Could it be a false flag event to start a bigger war? Maybe. There is the usual fog of war here with reports of multiple gunman, reports by the way that I would be very suspicious of as eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable, especially in tense situations. Stunningly, the security at Parliament seems less severe than getting into the Smithsonian. There are NO outside security guards so anyone could walk right in, which is exactly what happened. This comes hot on the heels of another attack earlier by a Canadian convert to Islam, in which he ran over two soldiers with a car before being taken down in a hail of bullets. What I find odd about this is several Afghani soldiers tried to make it into Canada recently before being arrested. Where they going there to aid in this attack? I always found their explanation of going there to seek asylum fake.

But as I write this, the building is in lock down and at least one gunman is dead. And of course some are blaming Obama for this, somehow not knowing that Canada is a separate country. Muslims have made themselves persona non grata across the planet. If you want to see what real hatred for Muslims looks like, go to places like Burma, India or Denmark. What, Denmark you ask? Throughout Europe, Muslim immigrants have behaved so badly that even the most liberal resident wants them dead. This is not some racist rant against Muslims but a reality that a majority of the planet views this faith as dangerous and evil. North America is one of the last places where this is not true, but every attack like this today turns the tide against them. I truly fear for what will happen to innocent Muslims everywhere if another 911 happens. Today's attack will not help.
Lastly, there is Ferguson, MO. New evidence surfaced today that does not look good for charges being filed against Darren Wilson. The autopsy report, overseen by three different pathologists, all agree that evidence says Wilson's account is more likely than the eyewitness. According to the report, Brown was shot in close range as he struggled for the cop's gun, could not have had his hands up when he was shot, and was most likely moving toward Wilson when he was killed. This would back up other eyewitness, all ignored by the media who built this story up more than it should have been, who said they saw Brown charge at Wilson. I still think this should have all come out in court, but the reality is that charges seem unlikely.

The chances for rioting are 100% when this happens. How big the riots get and the number could alter our country in horrific ways. Public protests could be outlawed for "public safety." Mass arrests could lead thousands of black men into a jail sentence they will never escape from. Laws could be rewritten to give police even more power. If things get bad enough, martial law is also inevitable. What happens if they announce this a day or two before the election? The suspension of elections could have far reaching potential.

I would hope that black people will NOT riot, but that is near hopeless I believe. They are no brighter than the lot of us lately. Republicans are gaining support as the democrats run the worst ad campaign in modern history. They have gone after voters they were never going to get and ignored the base for corporate interests. The full problem of Citizen's United is in full view. Any law they don't like, they are spending billions to talk you out of. And because most people today have the brainpower of a garden slug, are falling for it. Our country is doomed if we don't act, but I already feel it is too late. So sit back, grab a cold one, and wait for the world's end. I have a scary sensation it's coming soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This past weekend massive riots broke out in Keene, NH at the same time and close proximity to the famed Pumpkin Festival, which is quite cool if huge numbers of elaborately carved squashes are your thing. I think it is, but I am a middle aged white guy. But this year, a huge number of super drunk college douchebags decided to go haywire and create mayhem in the streets. Riot police showed up and arrested 84 people, with many more expected to be coming as news footage is scoured over. Local colleges are threatening to expel any idiot who participated in this latest round of youth idiocy and rightfully so. Meanwhile, protests rightfully continue in Ferguson, Mo. Depending on what color you are, either one of these is a reason to hate the opposite race. Both sides are competing for who can out racist the other, and that is exactly what the powers that be want, because as long as we are divided, we won't realize how bad they are actually stealing from us.
Let's start with Ferguson, Mo which is seeing another uptick in violence from protestors, both good and bad. The good protestors are the ones NOT rioting in the streets and peacefully saying what a lot of us, of all races, are seeing: you guys got screwed. Not only does it look like Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted, but white people seem okay with this. REALLY? First off, knowing what evidence I could find out, which is vague, there certainly seems like enough evidence to bring this to trial. That in itself would be a good thing because it will take years to get through the system anyway and give people a chance to cool down. Instead, incredibly, word is he will not be remanded to trial. This means rioting on a grand, perhaps nationwide, scene and one that could have lasting consequences on protests, civil disobedience and our freedoms.

Rioting solves nothing. It makes the rioter look uncivilized, destroys places the locals need to eat and get gas and makes white people look at blacks like savages, or vice versa as in the Keene riot.  There have been 70 days of protests now in Ferguson, most peaceful and part of the American way. But if Officer Wilson doesn't get indicted, this country might well burn. Tensions are ungodly high globally and the smallest thing could lead to unimaginable results.

The latest details suggest a struggle within the police car, with conflicting eyewitness testimony as to who started what. No where in any of the evidence do I see a reason to shoot Brown, unless he was attacking him at the time, which is possible. Either way, a trial jury should be looking at this, not a grand jury. Pray the reports are wrong because of Wilson goes free, the country may go away with him.
And then there is Keene, NH. They arrested twice as many as the Ferguson riot, no white person watching said "those cops over-reacted," and locals demanded their heads for destroying their town and their economic well being, as the Pumpkin Festival brings a lot money. I personally know of several people who left as the riot prevented them from getting there. That's money lost because some people are dicks.

Yet black people have been all over the airwaves, literally making stuff up about this incident. They claim no one in the media is using the word riot and are sending out memes like this:

View image on Twitter

Ferguson, Mo is a protest about social justice. Keene, NH are a bunch of drunken frat boys too stupid to attend college. Apples and oranges. Yet here some tweets from black youth not much brighter than the Keene fools.

The kids at threw beer cans at cops and got arrested. Mike Brown threw his hands up and caught SIX shots

If anyone wanted to question if racism still exist in America, please research the coverage of riot and compare it to

How the media works: Whites = Clashes Blacks = Riots Whites = Revelers Blacks = Rioters Whites = College kids Blacks = Thugs

None of this true. White people look at Keene, NH and are siding with the cops. I write about bad cops on a weekly basis, and even I stand with the police here. Not in Ferguson. Keene. No white person, who isn't a racist is looking at Keene and Ferguson and not seeing it for what it really is.

Black people meanwhile ONLY see race and that is just as dangerous as blaming black people for all that's wrong with the world. This is not a black and white issue. One are soused jerks bent on bacchanalian destruction, while the other are angry black people seeing an opportunity to either stand up for what they think is right or criminal minded asses using the opportunity to steal. A big difference is that in Keene, those idiots are drunk. What excuse do black rioters possess?
The point of all of this is that Ferguson has a point to protest and a right one, just not the uneducated thugs using this as an reason to steal from their own community. Keene NH is further proof of an uneducated white youth too stupid to know better. This happened when I was in college too, so it's not a new thing, just a larger one as there are more people on this planet than there should be. Ebola is natures way of telling us that. We need to start working together and soon because the end result is the death of civilization. Fun.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Our health care system in general has been stripped of it's fa├žade for what it really is these past few weeks: a system run by greedy pricks more concerned with profit than public health. Texas Presbyterian is at the epicenter right now and according to the local press, has been a shit hole for some time. Tell me again how Obamacare is ruining the system when this demonstrates that lack of regulations and corporate greed are far, far worse. Let's see those runner ups, a lot which are Ebola related.
1)Republican Governors running for office- If anyone questions why I give the Republicans a much harder time than democrats is because of losers like Rick Scott, Scott Walker, Greg Abbott and Sam Brownback. Anyone voting for these uber-idiots are dumber than they are rating you below pond scum somehow. Greg Abbott, running for governor of Texas, said gay marriage bans decrease out of wedlock births. What? How does that make sense to anyone? Rick Scott had a hissy fit over a fan during a debate and refused to show up, apparently unaware that the words electronic and electric have different meanings in the English language. Maybe's he's secretly Cuban or something. Scott Walker declared that $7.25 was a "livable wage" which is complete nonsense and I issue this challenge to him right now. Get anybody, yourself included, to live off $7.25 and hour, working 40 hours a week and renting a downtown apartment in Madison. Good luck. The winner has to be Sam Brownback who has achieved the impossible and has finally removed all those pesky taxes from ALL businesses in the state. So, if the right is to be believed, it must be a worker's paradise of plentiful jobs, streets lined in gold and everyone making millions of dollars a year right? Oh, no I am being told Brownback has collapsed the state economy, destroyed needed money for things like passable roads and infrastructure, and has lost more jobs than created. Yet, somehow, someway, he is tied for the lead to be Governor still. This is why I hate Republicans. They can destroy something right in front of them and still act like some battered wife. Sad.

2)Democrats- Holy Christ if I see one more Democrat do/say something incredibly stupid, I am going to slit my wrists. Rachel Maddow said the other day that the Democrats deserve to lose for all the dumb things they are doing and I couldn't agree more. Their ads are targeting the right which will NEVER vote for them and ignoring their own base they need to get to show up to keep the Senate. Instead, they are blaming Obama for everything, which is not going to get black people to vote as you are pissing all over a guy they still like. Incredulously, they have not moved toward young people by advocating the legalization of marijuana, which a huge majority of candidates still oppose. Way to win over the youth. And they have so over hyped "diversity," without any real reason to crow about it, both minorities and whites are getting ticked off. Allison Grimes refused to say whether she voted for Obama about a million times which is just making more and more press and none of it for her advantage. She has been so bad lately, the democrats gave up what should have been a winnable state. The worst is a congressional race on Staten Island which pits Mike Grimm, under 20 counts of fraud, corruption and the like, versus Domenic Recchia, a man I believe may be mentally challenged. There is no other reason to suspect otherwise as he seem to lack even a basic grasp of government policy. This week he unbelievably said he supported the TPP, which a vast majority of Americans from all sides hate, and then when on to prove he had no idea what it was when he went off on some nonsense about it creating jobs here, when the exact opposite of the plan is true as it is NAFTA on steroids. The race is close and I can see why. Neither should win. Can we please have a "none of the above," lever this election?

3)AIG and Maurice "Hank" Greenberg- In what can only be described as tremendous hubris, Greenberg and AIG actually sued the federal government this week for not giving them more money in the stimulus package. Apparently $182 billion wasn't enough money, as two other banks, you know ones that didn't collapse completely like AIG did, got more money than him. WWWAAAAAA! The rich want more and more, and nothing will stop them. This 90 year old better get his asbestos booties ready because his day is acoming and soon, and when it does, it's going to get very, very hot. What a dick.

4)People leaving quarantine- Dr. Nancy Snyderman, for NBC news, went to Liberia to cover the Ebola crisis, unprotected, and her camera guy was infected, after power washing a car, somehow not knowing the disease can aerosol in that circumstance. So Snyderman had to be "self quarantined," which she broke to go to some restaurant to get her favorite soup. Wow! Even if not infectious, this is how panics start. And you are a so called "expert." Sigh. Then we had a nurse from Texas Presbyterian, Amber Jo Visson, decide now would be a good time to go on a trip to Ohio, possibly infectious both there and back. HOLY CRAP! Now while the CDC get some of the blame on this, common sense should have said maybe postponing the trip across the country might be a good idea. This is why the country is falling apart: no one has ANY common sense anymore and certainly not these two idiots.

5)Joseph Randle- Are black people preprogramed for crime lately? Yet another black athlete has been arrested, this time for the unthinkable, rape, murder perhaps? Nope. This time is was shoplifting. So a guy making millions of dollars a year thinks nothing about stealing underwear and cologne which would have set him back a few hundred dollars. Who does he think he is, Winona Ryder? Why do some think they are above the law, and that obviously extends to white people as well? Stunningly, Randle landed an endorsement deal for underwear out of all this, but he is still being fined $29,000 a game and has to donate a lot of money to charity but come one, this behavior should not be rewarded. And can some white or Hispanic player do something stupid, because there are WAY to many black people getting arrested this year, with all but one, black? That's not racism. That's reality.

6)Obama- It is bad enough that we do not have a travel ban from anyone who has recently been to one of three hot zones right now, but he's not making anyone feel better when a Ebola Czar was named this week and instead of some towering figure of responsibility and authority, chose some idiot lobbyist instead. Ron Klein helped cause the housing crisis and led to the loan of Solyndra which never should have happened. Yeah, he sounds peachy. Obama has left the building apparently, because I get the feeling he would rather being Basketball than running the government. Honestly, who can blame him.

7)Ebola jokes and scaremongering by the MSM- Never has a problem occurred that has been somehow both overplayed and underplayed at the same time. The MSM continues to blast us with mostly erroneous information that they would know about if they were actually interested in doing their job. The sky is not falling, the world is not ending and Ebola is not airborne. At least not yet, according to several experts who are saying the strain is showing signs of strengthening and could become airborne, although the chances for that are still small, but not zero. Yet the media tells us nothing. And then some think it funny to get on crowded buses or planes and say, " I have Ebola." Yeah, real funny. Some are even calling 911 and using Ebola as a way to get quicker health service. It will also get you 21 days in a cell but hey whatever floats your boat.

8)Republicans and the CDC- Republicans have been throwing Obama under the bus for not stopping flights to and from hot zone countries, oblivious to the fact that there are NO direct routes to Africa from here. And then they seem to not remember that they were the ones who cut the CDC budget by 44%, thus preventing things like Ebola vaccines to happen. I am sure happy that rich people were able to buy that third summer home so that the rest of us could worry about an Ebola cure that might have happened instead. Rich people suck and a lot of you are helping them. Way to be traitors and morons.
Chart showing cuts to CDC emergency preparedness funding.
9)Tom Frieden and the CDC- This whack job running the CDC is a joke. Under his watch, scientists sent dangerous flu samples through the mail, exposed dozens of people to anthrax and discovered s smallpox sample in an unlocked, unguarded store room. Lately, the CDC is putting out information about Ebola that is directly contradicted by the WHO, the Canadian Government and the UK Air force. Ebola can be transmitted by sweat, which means any exposed surface is vulnerable to the disease, not just through cuts in the skin or through an orifice. Then, some idiot told infected nurse Amber Visson that traveling by plane was no problem, even though she was showing symptoms, meaning she was infectious. EEEEWWWWWWW! If I had even looked at that plane she was on, I would have showered with chlorine, burned all my clothes and barricaded myself in my bedroom for the next 21 days. This ass is not qualified for this job, which is just like every appointee we have seen for more than a decade now.

10)Texas Presbyterian- Texas health care has been one of the worst run hospital systems in the country, finishing at or near the bottom for decades now. A total lack of regulations, something the state is known for, is draining these companies of needed materials. Right to work rules mean people coming forward saying how bad this place is, risk their jobs because they can be fired for any reason. Who actually thinks that is a good thing? Word is, the hospital left infected materials piled to the ceiling as they lack an incinerator and the stuff has to be driven 100 miles away. Way to save a buck. The place is now near empty as no one in their right mind wants to set foot in this death zone now. Especially since not one, but two nurses became infected due to lack of training and gear. They were making $600 million a year, none of which was actually being spent on health care and instead into shareholders pockets. If we ever do get airborne strain, pray they don't wind up here, or we will all be dead in six months. So congratulations Texas Pres. you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I cannot turn the news on lately without getting a sudden urge to run head first into a cinder block. Everywhere you look lately all the eye can see is rank stupidity on such a scale it boggles the imagination. Obama=idiot. Congress= morons. Voters= dumber than dirt. The Dow has reached positive, albeit weak, numbers for the first time in a week proving PT Barnum right with his quote about suckers. Nothing has changed economically since yesterday, but somehow investors think things have turned a corner. Wow!
The biggest dork on the planet has to be the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden, who could quite possibly be the single worst head of anything in this country, perhaps the planet. For the past year, he has been involved in one scandal after another, but as the President couldn't be directly blamed for any of his many, many mistakes, Congress has been all but silent on this loser until this week, when democrats spidey sensed an opening and plan on holding hearings about budget cuts the House has implemented over the past six years (more on that later).

By spring of 2014, the CDC was involved in one massive error after another. A highly contagious form of H5N1, bird flu, was sent through the mail which, had it escaped, may have killed millions. Dozens on CDC employees were potentially exposed to live anthrax and botulism bacteria. My favorite was when forgotten samples of smallpox where found in an unlocked, unguarded storage area. Yeah nothing spells trust like a failure to safeguards one of the deadliest diseases known to man.
But with the Ebola crisis, which is simultaneously being overblown and underplayed, Frieden has hot new lows. Everytime he speaks he contradicts himself. My favorite was when, during a press conference, said that while you cannot give Ebola to someone on a crowded bus, you could be infected by it, which makes no sense whatsoever. And the CDC is so poorly run, most likely due to budget cuts, that the country is not safe from anything, let alone a possible outbreak scenario.

The nurse who traveled by plane after being exposed to the disease was never told not to fly. Common sense aside here, the CDC and Texas Presbyterian, have failed AGAIN to run their business correctly, which is to assume that everyone in the building is a moron and should have things spelled out to them in the most direct way possible. The higher ups certainly didn't. Then, when said same nurse called the CDC to report she had a low grade fever, they told her to fly anyway, even though someone symptomatic IS contagious. So someone at the CDC has no idea how Ebola spread, yet works for a group whose job it is to know such things. Unbelievable. But wait, there's more. When the nurse, now infected with Ebola was being transferred to a better hospital, which if history demonstrates from Texas Presbyterian's past, could be a shanty in Bangladesh run by a guy who got his degree on-line, standing next to the gurney, amidst three people on full Hazmat suits, is a guy with NO protective gear whatsoever. This level of incompetence is how worlds end.

Now not all of this is Freiden's fault. But let's face facts, this year he has been at the epicenter of one scandal after another that didn't get the attention it deserved because the GOP was still bitching about Benghazi, the IRS and other pointless talking points that only exist in right-wing land. This guy needs to go if for no other reason than to show some sort of decisive nature from our checked out President. This guy is counting down the days until 2016 something fierce.
A lot of people are blaming Obama for this crisis and he is responsible for not closing our borders, using explanations like the disease will spread faster and we won't be able to get the right people there, both of which all bull. Quarantines work and nothing is stopping the president from using military flights to get necessary people to Ebola ravaged nations while stopping the average Joe from leaving, a must do in this situation. But truth be told, the people ultimately responsible is the Republican party who have slashed the CDC budget by 44% since 2009. This was done in order to give more money to rich people, which is no tanking the world economy. Yet the far right continues to use words like "socialism" and "free market," while at the same time having no idea what those words actually mean. We have cut so much from the government that the right is actively trying to destroy, we have made this country a lot less safe. Yet morons keep voting for these idiots.

Nowhere is that seen better than in Florida where somehow, someway, current governor Rick "Uncle Fester" Scott is still barely behind former governor Charlie Crist. Rick Scott is a felon who stole money from Medicare, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, and should be behind bars. Instead, people are campaigning for him. His idiocy was seen in full force yesterday during a debate when he threw a hissy fit that Crist had a fan under his podium. He refused to come out, siting the rule than "no electronic devices" were allowed on stage. The first problem with that is an electric fan is NOT an electronic device. Second, who cares. Unless the fan was sending him messages in Morse code, which it of course wasn't, then it isn't a problem. When the press tried turning the table of Crist, he responded quite accurately, that questions about a fan were frivolous when things like Ebola, the economy and global warming were far more important. When Rick Scott saw the tide turning against him he decided to go out on stage where he gave a Palin-esque answer. Here it is:

Moderator Elliott Rodriguez asked Scott, “And Governor Scott, why the delay in coming out over a fan?”

Scott’s response as best can be described as this: “I waited to be –’til he — we figured out if he was gonna show up. He said he wasn’t going to come to the uh…uh…he was — he said he wasn’t gonna come to the debate.”
Nevermind the fact that Crist was already out on the podium when Scott threw his tantrum, this is what passes for intellect on the right. And yet some are still voting for this retard. We better wise up people and fast because the absolute morons we keep electing are going to get us all killed sooner than later.