Sunday, September 14, 2014


Of all the sports out there, football is the only one I actually follow week to week. I am from MA so it's illegal to not root for the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins at the top of your lungs, but I pay lip service to most of that. However, as I am writing this, I also have the Pats score info going on a split screen so I don't miss anything. That being said, this has been one of the worst weeks for football due to the astronomical number of mistakes made by everyone and everything involved. It was so bad, I will have to break it down into subgroups for a rarity when I get to the top of this dung heap. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Sarah Palin- Oh, Sarah, please, please, please run for President so I can throw more scorn your way for being not only a dumb hick but a terrible human being as well. Turns out this week that the Palin clan got into some sort of scuffle at a party with fist punching, ripped shirts and what you would expect to happen to Honey Boo Boo's family and not a former candidate for VP. Apparently, Willow Palin's ex was at a party, to which Track and Bristol ending up getting all up in this guy's grill when they showed up drunk and out of control. Bristol punched the guy repeatedly as Track ripped his shirt off and beat his chest in true gorilla style. Sarah meanwhile screamed "Don't you know who I am?" To which we all wish we didn't. Let's all say it together: PLEASE LET THERE BE A VIDEO OF THIS. Come on TMZ, you've been on fire this week. Do not let me down now.

2)PC Racism- This week, Hawks owner, Bruce Levenson, was forced to resign over racist comments. I, at first, thought a Don Sterling-like repeat of history was going to happen until I read the supposed racist email and discovered to my horror, it really wasn't. In a inter-company email, Levenson noticed that whites were coming to his game less and less, and as economic reality is that whites have more money to spend, wanted to figure out a way to get more white people to increase attendance. He went out of his way within the email to say he had never had any problems with black people at his games or outside the stadium and did not blame them for the lack of attendance by whites. He rightfully said that Southern white males might feel comfortable in a room 70% black, and considering the racist attitudes that permeate throughout black culture lately (not to mention historically racist attitudes from Southern whites), can you blame them? In my local paper, a liberal, woman columnist rightfully saw this as a PC attack in which a business man is trying to increase revenue for a failing organization. Replace white with black and he's being culturally sensitive. The other way however is racism pure and simple according to the PC police. The liberal black columnist however saw it as a racial attack, which is hardly surprising as lately everything done to a black person is because of race and no other factors, at least according to the black community . Trust me when I say that white people I have known for years are becoming more and more racist because of the rise of the racist black man. This won't end well if we all do not stop these attacks and realize it's not about race, it's about economics. Poor is poor and this divide and conquer method is working dividends for the elites.
3)Utopia- This Fox "reality" show is terrible and fascinating all at the same time. As a TV show, it sucks. From an anthropological point of view, it's riveting. The TV show part is about people fighting, nudity (blurred of course) and unrelenting boredom as nothing happens. No challenges, no winners and losers, just Big Brother on a commune. But step back from that and you can see a microcosm of today's society where no one comes off looking good. The black people are all angry, me oriented people, the white woman are all dirt munching, tree hugging druids, bi-polar, whores, or severely conservative, and the white men are drunken rapists, rednecks or ultra conservative and/or religious. On the second day, a black ex-con with anger issues and Cletus from the Simpsons, decided they didn't like democracy because "they voted and still didn't get what they wanted," and went off to form a short lived Tea Party like separatist group. Apparently, these two lesser brained individuals don't understand that democracy does not mean "always getting my way," as majority rules, a concept that escaped both of them. And the redneck can at least vote which says loads about why this country is so messed up. This show is doomed by the way as the ratings are terrible losing to repeats of second rate sitcoms on Friday.

4)Anti-Israel morons- This week has seen a strange uptick in anti-Semitism, most likely brought on by the recent Gaza war in which civilians were killed, including children, that the liberal left would have us believe are always avoidable, even though in war, they rarely are. So for that, swastikas were painted on a Jewish deli in PA as well as synagogues nationwide. People are calling for a boycott of SNL because they dared to hire Sarah Silverman, a JEW gasp!, to host the second week. Some even gloated over the tragic death of Joan Rivers for her support of Israel. The best was when Ted Cruz got booed off the stage at a recent speech to a Christian group, until I found out that Captain Dumbass was actually in the right for defending Israel's right to defend itself. Sigh, I hope the world rights itself soon, because I can't stand being on the same side as Ted Cruz.
5)Ted Cruz- God is quick the days. Yes, everyone's favorite moron in Congress helped me gain my equilibrium by suggesting that the democrats trying to fix Citizen's United was actually about Free Speech. According to him, if the bill passed, shows like SNL would cease to exist and cellphones would be regulated out of existence. None of that is true by the way as the bill the left tried to pass would have established the same controls that existed for over a hundred years until the douchebags on the Supreme Court overruled them. The end result has been the end of democracy and the rise of the oligarchy we now live under. What a dick as NO republican voted for this bill killing it. This is what voting for the GOP gets you: fascism.

6)Ebola- The more this disease spreads, the greater the chance for mutation. According to some scientists, it may already be occurring and some are speculating that the disease may be airborne to a limited extent. If true, this will become an epidemic and possibly a world wide problem if it ever gets to the slums of Egypt, India or China. If it ever mutates further to become a flu-like virus, as Ebola Reston was (but only affected monkeys), civilization will end as at least 30% of the population of Earth will not survive. Fun.
7)Satire- When did satire become a lost art? From fake news sites like the Onion and Empire News, we get these barely recognizable stories of satire that many are mistaking for real news. Satire is hard to write, and when I do it here, you know I am not being serious. My satirical story on one of the Republican debates is still being shared out there in cyberspace today. But no one reading it would be confused by it being an actual story. I can't tell you how many articles I read that I think are real until I get near the end if it. Stop writing satire people. Most of you really suck at it.

8)ISIS/The Middle East- Basically double dog daring us to do anything, ISIS killed a British Aid worker yesterday. As almost everyone in the area is now demanding action, air strikes are all but inevitable. However, as none of the countries we have sold all this high tech hardware seems to have any interest in actually using any of it, the burden once again falls on us. Can Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait or any other Muslim nation get off their lazy ass and do something for once? This is as much your problem, as you have helped create this mess in the first place. Enough already.
9)The NFL and Roger Goodell- What the hell happened to the NFL this week? We have seen multiple scandals, Goodell's horrific CBS interview and the rise of organizations like NOW demanding his head. First, let's start with Ray Rice. Rice is a piece of garbage who hits women. I have never been so drunk or high or stupid to EVER hit a woman, and I have been punched by several, and never hit back. There is almost no reason to ever a hit a woman unless your life or hers is in danger. Some fans of the Ravens, including a host of really stupid women, wore his jersey in support of Rice, saying it was an internal matter. No it isn't, as women beaters have no place anywhere in society, least of all making millions as a role model in the NFL. Get a clue. If that wasn't bad enough, three more players got into trouble this week. Warren Sapp and Lesean McCoy both stiffed their waiters, with Sapp writing across his receipt "Boys Don't Tip," perhaps an allusion to the fact that black people are notoriously bad tippers. That is not a racist by the way but fact and you can ask any waitress or waiter about that. McCoy left a paltry twenty cent tip, to which Charlie Sheen donated $1000 to the waiter to make up for McCoy's doucheness. Both claim "bad service" but that has been brought into question by people who witnessed the whole thing and the owners of each establishment. The worst was Adrian Peterson, who was arrested for beating his four year old with a "switch," otherwise known as a tree branch, in what can only be described as the worst timing possible. Here is a link to every single player arrested this year:

There are 22 in all. All but one is black. As there is no way racism played any role into their arrest, why are 90% of those arrested for everything from DUI to rape, black? Why is this not a bigger problem for the black community whose men are being arrested and jailed even though their race was a definitive non-factor?
Then we have the media who ignored this story until TMZ got a hold of the video outside the elevator first, and then beat them again to the video INSIDE the elevator when Ray Rice punched his then fiancĂ©e unconscious. Why was NBC news too busy doing an entire piece on Angelina Jolie's wedding dress to look up this story? When Hustler, The National Inquirer and TMZ are doing Pulitzer Prize winning work and the rest of the news channels are asleep at the wheel, you know trouble lies ahead.

Lastly, we have Roger Goodell, whose leadership at the NFL may be on borrowed time. His interview with CBS news was laughable at best, when he spoke out of both sides of his mouth, but his allegations that no one at the NFL saw the inside the elevator Rice tapes has been undermined by the authorities and press, both of which have confirmed the NFL had the tape in April. Oops. So congratulations Goodell, you are indeed douchebag of the week. You are also a lying sack of garbage.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


You know you've crossed into wonderland when both government and corporations say everything is fine, but behind closed doors, the exact opposite seems to be occurring. Before I get into some very bad news about the economy (like I have anything good to say lately), let me call out Ted Cruz for the lying douchebag he is when he claimed yesterday that democrats want to end free speech and things like SNL will disappear if Citizen's United is overturned. First off, free speech is NOT under attack, just rich people buying our politicians which has turned our democracy into oligarchy. Money does not equal free speech and I wish assclowns like Captain Fuckmunch here would shut the hell up. By the way anyone who voted for Cruz should kill themselves for being awful human beings.
Sack cartoon: Ted Cruz's marathon speech

Now if I some famously rich person, I would have to take the inevitable walk of shame and apologize for the above comment. As I have no advertisers, and make no money off this whatsoever (although anyone out there can feel free to donate to my PayPal account, not that more than one person ever has), I don't care what the easily offended out there think. The head of the Hawks Basketball team found that out when he published a non-racist e-mail that was more about marketing to white people who were not coming to games. This was because Southern white people might not feel comfortable in a room filled with black people, and considering the many attacks of white people that are happening with greater frequency, can you really blame them? If I replaced white with black in his email, no one would complain so why is it racist to want more white people at your games, who by the very economic reality, have more money than black people? When has it become racist for your company to make money? This PC garbage has officially gotten out of hand now.

But back to economics, there are more troubling signs ahead, beginning with the under-reported story about Scotland seeking independence from the UK.
Luckovich cartoon: Ted Cruz's marathon speech

This is from the

 Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Societe Generale, JP Morgan, RBC Capital Markets and Credit Suisse all made dire predictions about the country’s finances as they warned clients of the increased risk of investing in Britain in the event of a Yes vote.

One investment group predicted that Britain’s growth will be almost a percentage point lower next year if Scotland votes for independence. Axa Investment Managers said GDP would grow less than 2 per cent, compared with its earlier forecast of 2.7 per cent.
Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, said that an independent Scotland would not be able to keep the pound because it would be “incompatible with sovereignty”.
Senior Conservative MPs warned of “economic catastrophe” across Britain within days of a vote for independence.

In other words, we have yet another indicator that smaller is not always better. Everyone wants to secede from everything lately, with even states like California crying about wanting to be divided into six new states, which would screw things up just like Scotland. No one has any idea about anything lately. They just want to do it, consequences by damned.

If Scotland does vote for their sovereignty, it may crash their economy, the British economy and possibly the EU. This is a prime example of what is called the law of unintended consequences. Just because you are doing something that sounds great on paper, does not mean it will work in a real world environment.

A big pain in the EU's rear
And then there is the FED making yet another bone headed move that defies explanation. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors met together with the FDIC and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and came up with new rules about bank liquidity that are beyond stupid.

This is from Wall Street on Parade:

The Federal regulators adopted a new rule that requires the country’s largest banks – those with $250 billion or more in total assets – to hold an increased level of newly defined “high quality liquid assets” (HQLA) in order to meet a potential run on the bank during a credit crisis. In addition to U.S. Treasury securities and other instruments backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government (agency debt), the regulators have included some dubious instruments while shunning others with a higher safety profile.

Bizarrely, the Fed and its regulatory siblings included investment grade corporate bonds, the majority of which do not trade on an exchange, and more stunningly, stocks in the Russell 1000, as meeting the definition of high quality liquid assets, while excluding all municipal bonds – even general obligation municipal bonds from states with a far higher credit standing and safety profile than BBB-rated corporate bonds.

This, rightfully, has state treasurers in an uproar. The five largest Wall Street banks control the majority of deposits in the country. By disqualifying municipal bonds from the category of liquid assets, the biggest banks are likely to trim back their holdings in munis which could raise the cost or limit the ability for states, counties, cities and school districts to issue muni bonds to build schools, roads, bridges and other infrastructure needs. This is a particularly strange position for a Fed that is worried about subpar economic growth.

That the Fed and its regulatory cohorts have to resort to this implausible plan – which crimps the ability of states and localities to raise essential funds to operate – in a strained effort to pretend that they’ve found a means of avoiding another massive bailout of Wall Street in a crisis, is just further proof that the only way to seriously deal with too-big-to-fail banks is to restore the Glass-Steagall Act and break up these complex creatures before they strike again.

So instead of increasing money to largely strapped communities, the government went the other way and took more money away. WTF? This is what we get from both sides: corruption, bad ideas and money flowing upward not down. All Republicans feel this way and 80% of the democrats. Vote come November and get rid of the Republican strangle hold on the House, and then turn around and demand more from democrats. If they won't listen, it's two short years to 2016 and the Presidency will be forced to contend with a voting block sick of the status quo. Or you can sit home, do nothing and bitch about why everything sucks. Your choice America and time is running out. If we do nothing, the economy is going to collapse and if you think things are bad now, just wait and see what a world without money is like. Think Mad Max on Steroids. You have been warned.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I used to like Chris Christie until I discovered what a scum sucking pig he really was, just like 99% of most politicians. Here in MA, it's primary day and I am not voting because I do not care who wins. None of the candidate seem to have any plans to solve anything, or are running unopposed, so either way, it matter naught for me. When a candidate shows up who has a concrete plan to create jobs beyond the usual boilerplate nonsense, then I'll vote. But from Martha Coakley on down, I could not care less as everyone running opposes casinos and legalization of weed, both of which would create ten of thousands of new, good paying jobs. Instead, we get the usual brand of crap shoveled at us and I am sick of the whole thing, and I write about this stuff for a living.

But back to the greedy pig-man Christie and the Death Star of corporations, the Blackstone Group. Once again, the evil empire known as Blackstone rears it's ugly head, as they are seemingly connected with every underhanded story available right now. They are personally responsible for everything from the coming housing collapse, to the plethora of bad loans to auto sales, to this latest story about how they are stealing pension funds from us while the government blames unions and their "greed" for the current pension disaster unfolding. Just like Social Security, which the government stole all of it from us, now say it is our fault for it being depleted due to "overly generous payment" for decades, when in reality, SS has been underfunded for years due to rich people not paying into it, yet getting all the benefits for it, which they don't even need.

This is from the SEC:

At a private equity conference this week, Drew Bowden, a senior SEC official, told private equity fund managers and their investors in considerable detail about how the agency had found widespread stealing and other serious infractions in its audits of private equity firms.
Despite the at times disconcertingly polite tone, the SEC has now announced that more than 50 percent of private equity firms it has audited have engaged in serious infractions of securities laws. These abuses were detected thanks to to Dodd Frank. Private equity general partners had been unregulated until early 2012, when they were required to SEC regulation as investment advisers.

This is why Dodd Frank gets so much flack because what little good it did still shines a bright light on the many ways we are being lied to and stolen from by both the government and big business.

This is from Blacklisted news:

Since Gov. Chris Christie took office, he has nearly tripled the amount of retiree cash invested in alternative investment firms — many of whose employees have made financial contributions to political groups backing Christie’s election campaigns. In that time, the gap between New Jersey’s alternative portfolio and the broader market has rapidly expanded, costing taxpayers billions in unrealized returns and threatening the financial stability of the $78 billion pension system. The state’s pension funding shortfalls — which have been exacerbated by Christie’s market-trailing investment strategy — were one of the factors cited by Fitch Ratings in its decision last week to downgrade the state’s bond rating for the second time.

“The idea that hedge funds, private equity funds and other alternative investments beat stock-index funds over the long haul is an urban myth like the tooth fairy,” said Jeff Hooke, a former Lehman Brothers investment banker who in 2012 published a study showing that higher alternative investment fees correlated to lower pension returns. “The managers of these big state pension funds are drinking the Wall Street Kool-Aid. The problem with these alternative investments is that they have a tough time beating the low-fee index funds because the fees for alternatives are so big.”

Private equity executive Robert Grady, the Christie-appointed chairman of the New Jersey State Investment Council who championed alternative investments, did not respond to IB Times’ request for comment, nor did Christie. However, the governor responded last month to criticism of his administration’s investment strategy by pointing out that the pension has “over-performed” his own officials’ projections.
So anyone who voted for Christie in NJ and collects a pension, screwed themselves. Here's more from the same site:

Yet, as IB Times reported last week, the New Jersey pension fund’s overall returns have trailed median public-pension returns. And while Grady had promised to begin “lowering the burden of fees” on pensioners, state documents show those fees have tripled since Christie took office, costing state taxpayers almost $1 billion — or roughly $300 for every household in the state.

Applying those returns to New Jersey’s alternative investment holdings, pension consultant Chris Tobe estimates that New Jersey taxpayers lost more than $5.8 billion in unrealized returns since Christie took office.Put another way, Tobe’s calculations show that had Christie officials followed the path of Buffett and other pension funds that invested cash in low-fee stock index funds rather than with high-fee Wall Street money managers, New Jersey would have almost 7 percent more in its pension system than it does today. That $5.8 billion would be more than enough to fulfill the pension payments Christie recently opted to cut.

And the evil entity known as Blackstone has their greedy little paws all over this. What's more, the WSJ wrote in 2011 that $37 of every $100 invested in Blackstone's investment pool came from local and state pensions, proving once again the rich are stealing from us blind. Blackstone is personally responsible for the coming housing crash as they bought so many houses they artificially rose the prices beyond what the average consumer could afford. And now that housing has started to stall again, the housing market looks poised for yet another crash. Thanks Blackstone group.

Because groups like Blackstone are funding a lot of politicians from the President to the local alderman, they have unlimited power and are using it to steal money from pensions, and provably so. Here is a link to a site all about this for more on this:


The worst part about all of this is how the average consumer is made to blame and not the avaricious rich. Just this week, the BLS released a statement staying that, according to their "study," most unemployed people are spending more time shopping than looking for a job. What a total bunch of bull. They do know that retail is failing right? And McDonalds just hit a ten year low for profits? Even funnier they say the average person "only" spends 2 and half hours a day looking for work. How long can anyone look for a job before they either burn out or run out of sources to find a job? I for one am not driving around using gas I can't afford to find some mythical job that is best found online. The reason people do not have jobs is that there are not any to find. The BLS's own numbers state unequivocally that a majority of people on this country do not have full time work, even though they want it, and are increasingly part-time, free-lance or contracted employees for a limited spell, all of which pay near nothing. But again, it is all out fault.

So for any idiot out there thinking about Chris Christie for President, understand he has demonstrated a complete lack of ethics and is proving to be a thief stealing from the poor to give to the rich. He is a giant douchebag and so is anyone who still supports this fat, lying bastard.

Monday, September 8, 2014


The news lately is filled with the Four Horsemen running rampant across the globe. Pestilence is spreading, seemingly out of control in Africa, not to mention a new respiratory illness affecting children across the US. War is outsourcing as he is so busy with multiple conflicts. Famine is still a problem even here in America. Death meanwhile is everywhere.
Let's start with pestilence. Ebola is out of control due to the poverty and corruption throughout Africa. It's not helped by the fact that the WHO is massively underfunded and understaffed due to budget cuts caused by the global recession which still continues to this day. It has been suggested that the numbers we see are massively underreported and that the true death toll may be in the tens of thousands by now. Chances are near 100% that this disease has been found here and in Europe but as we don't live in third world nations and have governments with an intense desire to keep any such info under wraps, the chances of it spreading are near nil. If it does, do not expect the government to tell you the truth until it is far too late. However, I have heard nothing from my sources who work across this country at medical labs and hospitals so I am fairly positive there is no outbreak here nor is one expected.

However, a new mystery illness is affecting children nationwide. More than 1000 children nationwide have been stricken with many more expected. The disease has not been identified publically but I hear that it is most likely human enterovirus 68, a rare respiratory illness and similar to the common cold. So far, at least 10 state, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia, have reported suspected outbreaks of the disease and requested help from the CDC to combat it. Many wonder if the recent influx of unvaccinated illegals may be the cause for the surge in cases and is a possibility. This is certain to get the Tea Party faithful's panties in a bunch either way.

As for war, he has been quite busy. The fragile cease fire that everyone agreed was unlikely to last didn't as shelling has resumed across the Ukrainian border and the EU is again threatening new sanctions against Russia. The fact that Russia seems to be behaving like nuclear weapons do not exist is breathtaking in its audacity. The fact they allegedly kidnapped an Estonian solider, which the Russians counter was a spy in their own territory, is the kind of thing that could end civilization as Estonia is a NATO member. This story has gotten zero coverage, as the disease story above has also been MIA. The press is too busy reporting garbage that no one cares about, like the second pregnancy of Kate Middleton. Yawn.

Israel has crapped all over the still holding cease fire against Gaza but even I wonder how long that will hold. Not to be outdone, Israel is also seriously talking about taking on Hezbollah. And unlike Gaza, if they do go through with this, expect mucho causalities on both sides. Reports have surfaced that the Israeli army is running drills to simulate an attack on Hezbollah forces. The terrorist group has ten times as many missiles and higher grade ones as well, the kind that their Iron Dome system would not be able to stop as many of. Israel has countered that there are many cross border tunnels that could be used against them, just like Hamas. Israel admits, if they do decide to go through with this, which may be about water as much as anything, the fighting will bloody.

Our environment is changing and wars about water may become more and more commonplace as no society can exist without water. It destroyed civilizations like the Aztecs and Mayans in the past and could happen again. The winter is going to be unusually cold again which, contrary to what you might hear, is not a sign that global warming is not occurring. Temperature extremes are becoming the new norm and that is not good news for anyone.

Finally, we have the economy which added a dismal 142,000 jobs last Friday and at least half of that are fictional. The other half are temp jobs, part time, or other low paying salaries that we are increasingly saddled with. The poor are getting poorer, 4% to be exact over the last three years, the middle class 6% down while the 1% saw their incomes increase 10%. Fuckers. Oddly, even billionaires are starting to realize that this is not good for the economy and have started to push for higher wages. But this has come too little, too late as the Bull market has crossed the 2000 day mark without a correction, the fourth longest in history. Bad news is, when a correction happened in the past to one of these record breaking Bull markets, they were always a doozy, like 2008, 1987 and 1929, otherwise known as the previous three. This means when the stock market falls, it's going to plummet.

The velocity of money has plummeted to 4.4%, the lowest number on record. Before the crash of 2008, it was at 17.8%. The Fed has blamed the average American for "hoarding" money on the velocity crash, seemingly oblivious to the fact that no one has any money to hoard who isn't rich. Every single study says the consumer is tapped out and the reason why spending is so low is no one has extra money to spend. As salaries have decreased at a time when they should have doubled is telling.

Europe is falling back into recession quick. England is freaking out over the apparently inevitable Scottish independence vote, which has sent the pound sterling down 4% today. Likewise, Japan's economy fell even further last quarter than thought, now down a whopping 7.2%. China is suffering through a real estate decline, one that should be echoed here, but isn't being reported beyond yours truly.
Everyone thinks a market crash is likely due to these factors and they would not be wrong. So say hi to the Four Horsemen when they pass by your house at some point. If you haven't seen them yet, don't worry. They are coming.