Sunday, September 17, 2017


Pharma-bro is back and his frat boy, smug ass smile disappeared when he got sentenced to a big boy prison for putting a hit of sorts on Hillary Clinton. It was the usual week of losers, schmucks and idiots, with Trump all over the place and seriously pissing off his base by daring to deal with the democrats. Like he was ever actually a Republican and not a grand opportunist. Suckers. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Democrats who hate Single Payer- The fight between progressives and retards in the Democratic party came to a head this week as sixteen left wingers all came out in support of a Medicare for all plan. The people I all like, such as Liz Warren, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, and others, most of which are on the short list for potential runs for president in 2020, all came out for it. The ones that didn't, dinosaurs like Fienstein and Schmuer, all poo pooed it because they are fucking a hundred years old and need to go. They make Bernie look young in comparison. Vote these fuckers out in the primaries in 2018, 2020 or whenever their time is up. The democrat party needs an enema and shit like these assholes need to be flushed out.

9)Ted Cruz- I loathe this guy and found myself laughing that this douchebag liked a porn on Twitter and then had to backtrack something fierce. Yes, you read that right, Cruz liked and shared a porn on his account, erased it, and then had to spend the rest of the time explaining why it was there in the first place. He denied anything to do with it but his old college roommate swears Ted was a porn freak in college. Hypocrite much loser?

8)Ed Murray- Another politician, another sicko fuck in office. A recent study said that celibacy was the leading cause for pedophilia in the Catholic Church, a fact I have known for years. Other research shows that sexual frustration can lead to all sorts of deviant behavior. As politicians can have sex, this constant barrage of sex arrests is puzzling. Murray, the mayor of Seattle, stepped down this week after a fifth, FIFTH, accusation of sexual molestation of a minor came out, ending his career. After a lawsuit against him for sex crimes was dropped, douchebag held a press conference saying he was "completely vindicated" and reporters were using fake news with no sources. That opened the flood gates for more accusers to come forward and reporters uncovering evidence from child abuse records previously sealed. Oops. Way to go by daring the gods to expose you. Moron.

7)PewDePie- The one time YouTube sensation was exposed as a racist and possible Hitler lover, causing his star to fade as he was kicked off site after site. He denied ever being any of the things he was accused of. Then came this week, when on one of the few places he has left, called a fellow video gamer, "nigger" during the live video game feed he supplied. Wow, yeah, you're not a racist at all (eye roll here). Unless the person is a true douchebag of epic proportions (Eric Holder and Colin Powell I am looking at you), that name should never be used ever. Hopefully, this ass will fade into history.

6)Michael Issacson- This self described Antifa supporter and college professor at John Jay College got himself suspended for what can only be described as the dumbest tweet ever. This guy, who works at a school devoted to law enforcement actually tweeted that while some cannot figure why a guy like him would teach here, he was proud to teach future dead cops. Wait, what? I dislike cops immensely and even I wouldn't go so far to wish them dead. They all don't suck. Also, for a guy who works teaching future police, him at John Jay College is the equivalent of having a KKK supporter working at Howard. He got himself suspended and chances are good, fired eventually as well. People from both sides are epically stupid.
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5)Lynchings- This week, we got two types of lynching, one real, one imagined, both equally horrifying. The real one took place in Claremont, NH?, where a group of teen thought it would be funny to hang a biracial boy who was just eight years old. That is abhorrent. Almost as bad, a rapper I have never heard of and now want to see hang as well, XXXtentacion (nice fucked up name too loser) shot a video where he hangs a young white boy from a tree. Nothing there that will make white people nuts right? We are rapidly getting to a place where black people are going to see what real racism looks like if they continue with this. Understand I have been fighting against this for years now as I have black friends and they and I are worried about the extreme views being seen in both of our communities now. Stop racism on all sides or we all going to pay a heavy price.

4)Jason Stockley/the US Justice System- Another day, another black guy killed under strange circumstances. Stockley was a former cop fired for his shooting a black guy after a car chase. Video and DNA evidence seems to strongly suggest the gun was planted afterward the shooting and, as the word of a police officer right now has to be considered suspect in ALL cases given current cases demonstrating a tendency to lie. giving Stockley the benefit of the doubt is antithetical to reason. The judge said he couldn't come up with a way he could have planted the gun, but even a rudimentary examination of the video shows it could have happened, and his excuse was flimsy at best. And this trial wasn't even a jury one so I can't even fall them. What this means is that black people are so seen as OTHER now that even judges are finding against them. Congrats black people, you wanted to be seen as separate and not equal and you got it. Enjoy prison morons which had you voted for Bernie, hell even Hillary, you wouldn't be looking at the utter destruction of black people for the next four years. The justice system now really is rigged against you and you did it to yourselves with your BLM bullshit. Mozel Tov!
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3)Rick Scott and the Rehab Center in Florida- Eight elderly people died after Hurricane Irma hit this week when generators died and temperatures soared into then hundreds. Nevermind the fact that this place had been fined numerous times for NOT having things like a working generator, they weren't the ultimate problem here. That would be Uncle Fester impersonator Rick Scott who helped foster a climate of deregulation and ignored pleas of help coming from the facility who notified authorities they were trouble days earlier. They got no response. As Scott may be making a run for Congress in 2018, I hope people are reminded he help kill eight people here.

2)Republicans, Trump and DACA- Trump made a lot of Republicans mad when he made a deal with democrats to fund Harvey relief and kicked the debt ceiling down the road three months. They went fucking nuts when he said he made a deal with democrats about DACA and even possibly not pulling out of the climate change agreement. You would have thought he said babies taste delicious. The right went ballistic, calling him a traitor and the like, unaware that Trump was always likely to do this as his politcal whims move at a stiff breeze. While some of his more moderate supporters agreed with him, the Nazi types all went crazy and burned their MAGA hats on line. Trump is in real trouble with the Mueller probe that currently looks like it might prove a third of the GOP guilty, including people like Reice Prebuis and Paul Ryan, which may decimate the Republicans if proved true. The Facebook info, which shows the Republicans targeted highly specific individuals that many feel was impossible without US help, is now subpoenaed by Mueller. This case may end the GOP once and for all. Good.
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1)Martin Shkreli- This dick got his comeuppance this week when a judge ruled he violated the terms of his bail and was being sent to jail immediately. Assmunch announced a bounty on a lock of Hillary Clinton's hair, which set off a danger hearing, which he lost. Word was that fucking smug smile disappeared when he heard this and his lawyer literally begged for anything else. The judge was undeterred and sent him to the Brooklyn Sunset Park prison in NYC which is not a country club like he was thinking but a MAXIMUM security prison housing some of the worst NYC has to offer like murders, rapists and even terrorists. There are two sections, one nice, one a rotting shell with rats and dripping water. I hope he is in that side. I hate this guy so I hope he gets raped a lot in there or even a nice shanking. Congradultions you ass, you are indeed douchebag of the week. Don't drop the soap loser.

PS- I will be off this week with a huge project but I will be back by next Sunday dear readers.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I can't write about politics anymore this week after finding out that our entire election system is vulnerable to vote changing. Contrary to what we have been told, is is entirely feasible that Russians hacked our systems and changed enough votes to thrust Trump on us. Why isn't this bigger news? So instead of hashing over this and Hillary's why me book tour, let us look at some of the worst new shows in recent memory. Last year had some great stuff with the schmaltzy This Is Us doing gangbusters, sitcoms like the Good Place and Superstore showing us how TV should be done and Netflix and cable putting out some of the best stuff out there. This fall season had none of that. There are a ton of shows that most likley won't see November and some that show promise, although not nearly as many as previous years. Let's take a look at the winners and losers
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GHOSTED- Adam Scott and Craig Robinson team up for a funny X-Files type show where a skeptic and a believer join forces to fight the supernatural. These two are hysterical in their own right and the previews look funny. Those that have seen the first few episodes say it is worth watching.

THE ORVILLE- This show has gotten WAY too much bad press and like most of Seth McFarlane's stuff, I love it. His film A Million Ways to Die in the West was panned by almost every critic and I though was one of the funnier movies that year. Same for Ted 2 which is I think is one of the most hysterical films ever made, having seen it at least a dozen times now. Is this show a laugh riot? No and it is not supposed to be. There are funny moments in it but it also is trying to do some serious Star Trek like stuff and I have no problem with that. This show is far better than you have been told.

THE GIFTED- Yet another superhero show but this one sounds better than the FX show Legend I could not get into. This one is more like the failed ABC show No Ordinary Family in which two teens gain mutant abilities in a time where the X-men are gone and mutants are hunted. The family, led by the fetching Amy Acker and True Blood hottie, Stephen Moyers, have to stay ahead of hunters after them while trying to keep their childrens' abilities hidden, which is not always possible. Advance word say it is quite good.

WILL AND GRACE- I loved this show and am thrilled it is coming back. Normally this would sound like a desperate attempt at ratings, but with the rise of Trump and anti-gay sentiment rising, makes this a necessary show to revisit. I am looking forward to more Just Jack and Karen providing some much needed laughs in today's broken world.

LAW AND ORDER:THE MENENDEZ MURDERS- True crime is hot, hot, hot right now and not without good reason. I am addicted to this kind of stuff and am currently watching Scott Peterson and how he may not have done it after all (something I have postulated for years now) as well as shows about Drew Peterson and Casey Anthony. This case, about two spoiled kids who wasted their parents for the money, should be a fascinating tale in the same vein as the OJ Simpson trial. A must see.
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YOUNG SHELDON- Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite sitcoms ever. This prequel of sorts looks like the polar opposite, with the setting the most jarring as they went from a multi-camera live audience setting to a single camera, taped show. Why the change? The previews look terrible and I for one will be avoiding this like the plague.

SWAT/THE BRAVE/SEAL TEAM- There is way too much testosterone for me here and I normally love this kind of stuff. The Brave and SWAT are supposed to be jingoistic fart gas that stinks from moment one. Seal Team may be better only for the saving grace that David Boreanez is in it and he rocks, plus the added bonus of being on a night with NO competition. Wednesday's this fall is terrible with very few shows worth watching at all.

DYNASTY- Another pointless remake which has gone savage reviews from those who have seen it. This is too bad because the gorgeous and talented Elizabeth Gilles is in it, fresh off the Denis Leary show, Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll. Her slow motion walk in the credits is better than most porn. Unfortunately for this show, she is the only reason to tune in.

9JKL- Mark Feuerstien, who rocked in the USA show, Royal Pains, dies a painful death here in this truly unfunny sitcom that is SO dated. This premise would have been old a decade ago about a middle aged man moving back in with his parents. Yawn.

KEVIN PROBABLY SAVES THE WORLD- Yet another show with a person I really like, John Ritter's son, Jason who does his best with an hour long dramedy about a man sent on a mission from God. I like it better when it was called the Blues Brothers. Critics have called it just awful. From the previews I would agree.

WISDOM OF THE CROWD- At the top of many critics worst of the Fall TV shows comes this misfire staring Jeremy Piven as a guy whose daughter dies and he invents some sort of crime solving app to get to the bottom of this. Sounds stupid and Piven being in it doesn't make we want to tune in anytime soon.

THE INHUMANS- No show has gotten worse reviews from this show that I plan on hate watching just because I LOVE these characters which from what I have been told, they have put to screen very poorly. The one saving grace is that one my favorite character is Lockjaw, the teleporting Bull Mastiff, is the only thing everyone agrees is awesome. Unfortunate, Medusa, another of my favorites has cheap special effects for her hair, which has a mind of its own, and along with crappy costumes, sets and dialogue makes this a struggle to get through from what I have been told. Rats.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Hurricane Irma came and went and with it my faith in this country's ability to predict the weather anymore. It's not like we didn't see this coming as I warned about this decades ago in college as we seemed to be spending less and less on weather forecasting and more and more on weapons, most of which don't seem to work. The F-35 has been in development for years and still has problems, costing taxpayers trillions for a plane that hasn't flown one combat mission in a decade. While we have upgraded our satellites last year after decades of neglect, recent upgrades to our hurricane forecasting have proven to be less than stellar with recent failures for tracking Irma and Harvey. In both cases the European model was far closer to what the correct track, with the US model failing at just about every juncture for Irma.
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What exactly went wrong? I have some knowledge of meteorology, weather patterns, and the like so I can read the data the NOAA and others put out and can estimate a rough path knowing what I know about the elements. When I then watched what the news and weather services were saying, I kept finding myself not agreeing with their results. Hurricane Irma's most likely path was into the Gulf and up through the west side of Florida, cutting through the Keys and impacting somewhere near the Everglades. The European model showed that seven days out. The American version had it taking a sharp right before hitting Florida and possibly impacting higher. I could find no reason for why this would happen as a high pressure system was almost certain to push it further south, which is exactly what happened. This was common knowledge to all so why the giant fuckup?

Apparently, the hurricane forecasting system was recently upgraded to "better forecast" them, but recent data suggests they actually made it worse. Sometimes, too much data can have a bad effect, especially if chance probabilities that have zero chance in real world actions are added which some think make the program better but in reality thrown a wrench into the gears. All probabilities are not equal and when you program something to think they are, things that could never happen, like a hurricane turning into, instead of away, from a high pressure system, become a reality. Why no one noticed this is beyond me?

We also kept hearing about this storm surge that was going to to inundate the western coast of Florida but then it not only didn't happen, instead of storm surge, the water left Tampa Bay and the Bahamas instead. Again, physics come into play. The western side of Florida will see water pulled away from the initial headwall significantly and then, if the track of the storm starts to rapidly diminish as it did once it ran into Florida, the back end of the storm wasn't nearly powerful enough to have a rapid storm surge, which we would have known had their technology been actually better and not guess work that they made it. The storm surge from the back half of the storm, I was highly skeptical of and was proven correct. So either news played the storm up for ratings, which worked something fierce, or our forecasting for hurricanes is piss poor. The truth is it is probably both.
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Contrary to what the climate change deniers are telling you, weather IS getting more and more extreme. This is just a smattering of what is going on right now: the West coast is on fire, Texas and Florida are under water, Mexico just had the biggest earthquake in a hundred years. India floods killed thousands, parts of Europe are under sweltering heat they have dubbed "Lucifer," and a giant solar flare that may black out parts of the planet. Over the last year there has been ten, billion dollar plus disasters and it's not even half way through September. We used to average six, but since 2012, weather catastrophes have near doubled in frequency. Everything we said about climate change is coming true. You can't stick your head in the sand any longer.

Today is also the anniversary of 9/11. I will admit, a lot of what you hear about 9/11 from conspiracy theorists is bull shit. My favorites are there were no planes, only holograms, or that Israel was behind it. However, there are some factors that still make me question the official theory and with good reason. According to the 9/11 commission, which had to be made by dragging Republicans kicking and screaming, the military lied to the about the sequence of events, confirmed by FAA documents that had been ominously ordered destroyed but kept anyway and discredited the military's sworn statements. Recommendations for prosecution was given to the Pentagon and was never followed up on. Why? Why did Dick Cheney order a stand down for defenses when a plane was headed toward DC as confirmed by Norman Minetta? How did WTC-7 fall as NO scientist on earth has a verifiable scientific explanation for it? Why did WTC 1 and 2 fall as no skyscraper before or since has collapsed in a similar fashion even if hit by a plane or on fire?
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I usually debunk conspiracies except for these ones:

The assassination of JFK- I can prove he was killed by more than one shooter by just showing the Zapruder film. The evidence is rock solid here and anyone can see it for themselves that at least four bullets are fired at the motorcade proving a second shooter. Watch Connely's hat and demeanor when the bullets fly. He is not hit when they say he was and held on to a hat with a shattered wrist, an impossibility.

The assassination of RFK- Siran Sriran may have been programmed to kill Kennedy.

The assassination of MLK- James Earl Ray could never have made that shot they say he did, was so obviously set up and Ray's testimony years after his death proved to be true about FBI contacts and the like.

The downing of TWA-800- This plane was shot down by a missile as confirmed by CBS news who tried to bury the story and got the journalist arrested who discovered it. My first view that the media could not be trusted to report the truth. Hundreds of highly qualified eye witnesses disputed the government's story which upon reflection, was so stupid I am stunned anyone bought it.

Oklahoma City Bombing- I know this didn't happen the way it said it did as top demolition experts all said that bomb could not have done that damage to the Murray building. I helped identify John Doe 2, who the FBI said never existed, but I knew as the grandson of the guy running a white militia group called Elhoim City, who also had ties to Tim McVeigh AND the the FBI, who also had informants inside. Nothing weird about that right? A lot of people died under mysterious circumstances afterward which led to an ongoing criminal case in which the FBI is alleged to have murdered an innocent man as well as they guy they were actually looking for, who had ties to McVeigh and Nickels.

Syrian gas attacks- Both attacks have serious problems with their legitimacy and appear to be false flags.

Our elections- Rigged. Nuff said.
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That is pretty much it. 9/11 truthers get a lot of flack and not without good reason as some of what they proclaim is retarded. But there are a LOT of unanswered questions that are no so easily swept under the rug. We should demand a new inquiry to get to the bottom of all of this because these are undermining our democracy. We won't because idiot America is too obsessed over what new slight they can blow up out of proportion while the stuff we need to fix gets ignored.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


It was another fucked up week but as everyone's attention is on Irma, mine included, a lot of what happened this week got ignored. Traffic to this site has evaporated to record lows as almost the entire nation is getting ready to watch Tampa drown. I can't blame them. Let's see those runner ups for the ten or twelve people who might read this anytime soon.
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10)The New England Patriots- As a long time fan and not a band wagon jumper as many became, the opener for the Pats reminded me of seeing them in my high school/college days when they sucked hard. They were so bad back then you could walk up to the ticket booth at Foxboro and get good seats for cheap on game day. Today, they would laugh at you if you tried that. But wow, if they weren't the spitting image of those days this past weekend where they couldn't get anything going, lost two major players to injury and got blown out by Kansas City. They shouldn't whoop and holler to much about their win which also saw the loss of two key players, more penalties than I have seen in years and a personal foul by their dick quarterback who kicked a Pat in the nuts at one point on purpose. All in all, the Pats sucked and their defense is in serious trouble, again. Sigh.

9)Eric Bolling- This guy had a bad week. He got fired from Fox News for sending dick pics to coworkers, which it SO ironic because this ass gave it bad to Anthony Weiner for doing the exact same thing. Hypocrite. Then, just to add a ton of salt on that wound, hours later, his son killed himself, probably because he realized what a giant tool his father was and wanted to be free and clear of any association he could ever have. Ouchtown, population you bro. It couldn't happen to a bigger douche. Even more hysterical, Bolling said he is contemplating a Senate run in Virginia. Good luck with that as Weiner's tried comeback blew up in his face too. Can't wait to see the trainwreck if he tries this in Virginia of all places.

8)Fredrick Desmond Scott- Because it has been disaster week on planet Earth, this is one story that escaped through the cracks. Scott, a 22 year old black man from Kansas City, Missouri, was arrested this week for killing two white men and is suspected in the deaths of three other white people. They were not known to the defendant and three were just walking their dogs when he allegedly stabbed them. He has been quoted as saying he wants to "kill all white people." What a winner. His mom wonders how he became so radicalized against white people as he never had those feeling before, which reminds of every Muslim terrorist parent ever. I am positive groups like BLM influenced this ass, as they have also been implicated in the deaths of at least fifteen people and dozens more injured, almost all either white, police or both. BLM is a terrorist group whether they want to admit or not. Their hate rhetoric is getting people killed. If they stopped doing bullshit like blocking roads and shooting cops, they might realize that the only way this stops is by either a) getting politicians to respect their cause or b) making life difficult for the assholes causing this and not some poor schmuck on the street trying to get to work.
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7)Theresa Jo Burchfield- Another story missed this week is this one about Trump's ethics lawyer's wife, who was arrested this week for having sex with an inmate at the prison where she worked. This is the same lawyer who represented Bush during the Florida recount case so ethics probably shouldn't be in any title this guy has. His wife is a real whore though. Karma, bitch.

6)Climate Change deniers- Decades ago, I wrote a paper of changing climate norms where I showed that increased water vapor in the atmosphere due to rising temperatures would make hurricanes less frequent due to increased wind sheer and other factors but the ones that did survive would be bigger and nastier than we had ever seen. Evidence from the last twenty years proves that hypothesis I made as an undergrad in the early nineties. This has also been supported by decades of research by those much better qualified than me to talk about this and have said essentially the exact same thing. Hurricane Irma is about wipe Tampa from the map and way too many say climate change is a hoax. Tell that to the dozens, perhaps hundreds of morons about to drown on the Florida west coast that it isn't real.

5)Rush Limbaugh- This tub of swamp gas and dirty nickles actually told his idiot listeners that Hurricane Irma was a liberal hoax meant to sell water and camping supplies. But then had to leave his Florida home which he said was for "security reasons," but really was because a hurricane was coming. What a tool.

4)North Korea- This deranged midget is going to kill us all if he continues with his buffoonery. He is threatening another missile launch, one that might be aimed at Guam. This would be a miscalculation of epic proportions because at the very least we WILL shoot that down and might even start a war as a result. General Mathis has been clear that this will be considered an act of war if he does it and it should be seen as such. Sooner or later, this guy is going to get nuked back to Mars.

3)Equifax- These corporate douchebags decided not to pay the pennies on the dollar it costs to protect the most serious information one can have and now have a breach of epic proportions. This computer is well protected against Malware and hacking and I still cannot comprehend that companies with billions in assets and liability said. Nah, instead. That kind of attitude has led to a $70 billion lawsuit against them, which may balloon higher as these fuckers lost one third of the nations most sensitive information and never bothered to tell anyone until a month later. Just as bad, three executives got caught selling $1.8 million in stock weeks back before the news sank their stock. No insider trading there right? Check your credit people because the lax attitudes from this credit company just fucked us all.

2)Donald Trump- First, he pulled back on DACA this week, pulling the rug out from Republicans who didn't want this fight right now and now have yet another weapon that the democrats will use in 2018 against them. The backlash was predictable. But then, he whiplashed the other way and cut a deal with Democrats to extend the debt ceiling until December, gave aid to Harvey victims, and bitch slapped GOP leaders as he did so. Republicans were FURIOUS after this and with good reason as Trump just ass reamed them without lube. He is also talking about another EO if Congress doesn't come up with a DACA replacement in six months, further straining his relationship with Congress. Meanwhile, the Russians are openly saying on state media that they have blackmail stuff versus Trump and will release it if they feel like it. I am fairly positive this stuff exists which if true, could spell doom sooner than later for Trump. However, this may take a lot of the GOP down with them as rumors abound that Ryan and McConnell are knee deep in this too. That's funny.
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1)Hillary Clinton- Someone get the car and I'll find a spot to leave her because this bitch cannot take a hint that she is not wanted anymore. Her latest book is a travesty at the time when unity is needed not this blame game crap that she is peddling to less than stellar results. Can we make this her LAST book please? It's not like any of her other books, two of which I read and wish I hadn't, are great masterpieces of literature, but this crapfest is toilet ready at best. I don't condone book burning but in this case I would make an exception as long as we include her books, Rush Limbagh, Sean Hannity, anything written by a real Housewife or a Kardashian and the entire cannon of L.Ron Hubbard. Clinton blames Bernie, his supporters, the Russians, James Comey and probably even the moon for her historic loss versus Orange Hitler. At no point does she make mention of her complete lack of new ideas, like support for single payer or legal weed, and instead rehashed the same Obama era bullshit we weren't buying anymore. Likewise, her ad campaign was horrific with not one making any impact at all. Had she made ads that I don't know made him look crazy, or perverted or even as Hitler, she might have won. Instead we got forgettable ads where small girl children had to be protected from the words or Trump. Yawn. Yeah, don't show Nazi storm troopers dancing down the street to the echoes of Trump because THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED! Put that in your fucking book. You sucked as a candidate due to an inability to connect in any human way with people. Say what you want about Trump, but he was far more charismatic than the sickly grandmother we got stuck with. The minute she got sick and tried to cover it up, it was over. She mishandled every opportunity to win versus the most unpopular person she could hope to be up against and even fesses us to some of that in the book. This is why democrats lose. They think of the right thing to do and then do the exact opposite. She flip flopped on free trade so much her word was no longer believable. Her history was so tainted with taking money from big banks, Bill Clinton, her foundation, Vince Foster and a dozen other things that should have had quit after losing in 2008. But no, the DNC cheated and we got stuck with a person who couldn't win, the reason we had those fucking super delegates in this first place was to prevent this. Instead, the world is going to burn because identity politics trumped the best man for the job. I hate this woman and will dance when she is six feet under. Congratulations bitch, you are douchebag of the week. Go to hell.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


It has not been a good week for the left. Hillary Clinton's new book came out and to call it an unimaginative piece of shit would be an understatement. Meanwhile, in a story totally ignored by the MSM, a BLM inspired serial killer offed five white people in Kansas City over the past few months making the politcal group a terrorist origination by definition, and that doesn't include the dozens of other who have been injured or killed by this radical organization. And because of all of this, democrats are at each other's throats, which is where we so don't need to be right now.
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Before I tear into that evil bitch woman whose greed and self-centeredness gave us Orange Hitler, let us look into how Black Lives Matter turned violent and, like Occupy Wall Street, is now a shadow of its former self. I agree with the main message of this group in that black people are getting shot by police in huge numbers. The unfortunate part is that, contrary to what the media and government spin on this is, white people are also being shot and harassed by cops too.

It's happened to me multiple times, including a two year stint through the court system for a crime I didn't commit for which they had ZERO evidence against me, as well as seeing my badly beaten roommates who got the crap beat out of them by an out of control cop, then thrown in jail for the night after which they had all charged dropped against them because they really didn't do anything wrong other than walking down the wrong street at the wrong time. As there was no evidence the cop's word was bad (it was and he was later fired for an unrelated matter), the courts refused to see the case they filed against the Hartford Police Department and we are not only white, but this happened decades ago. And that's just two of the numerous stories I have where white people had their lives ruined by fuckwad police officers. I am terrified with every interaction I EVER have with police because I know first hand that they can't be trusted. That's how a lot of black people feel and I get it. More than most obviously.

But Black Lives Matter should have made this not just about being black and oppressed, but AMERICAN and oppressed. How much better would this group be if they included us all in? If they called themselves Americans Against Police Brutality, how much more support would they have gotten? White people are not all chummy with the police as you have decided to invent. Take the latest video scandal involving a plethora of douchebag cops. The Utah nurse being manhandled was white, acted respectful to the officer and still got dragged away and arrested.The cop has already been fired from his part time job as a paramedic and chances are pretty good he won't last at the department much longer either. Even if he does, it'll be desk work for the rest of his career with no chance of advancement. The LT in question who gave the okay to arrest the nurse is looking at an equally bleak fate. But all of this happened months ago and only the video coming out now sparked any outrage. Why wasn't this handled internally before this? Because cops are lying douchebags who will protect each other at the expense of the public good. Every officer even tangentially connected with this case should be fired.

Black Lives Matter has officially lost the narrative with yet another series of deaths connected to their hateful rhetoric against white people. A man has been arrested in Kansas City for the deaths of two white people and is suspected in the deaths of three others. Rumors abound that BLM influenced his attacks. How is this any different that Dylan Storm Roof which led to the Confederate Flag being seen as persona non grata? BLM can be directed tied to the deaths of police in Baton Rouge, New York City and worst of all Dallas, where five died and nine wounded. Their propaganda is leading to the deaths of innocent people so how are they NOT a terrorist group?
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Then we have Hillary Clinton, the true spawn of Satan. Her new book, which should be titled "WTF Happened?",  blames everyone and everything but herself of course because why should she take any of the blame for running one of the worst campaigns in history? It was because she was a woman, she writes. BARF! Had Liz Warren run she would have my backing, most sane people's backing, and easily won. We don't hate you because you are a woman. We hate you because you are an evil woman and this book proves that in spades.

She does get some things right. Some people are sexist and a lot of them are women. She lost that vote 53% to 47% which means females don't even care for her. Hillary was also not incorrect in saying that Obama was a dumbass for not telling the public that Russians were interfering with our election and appeared to be favoring Trump. But fuckhead decided that would mean appearing to be, gasp, partisan, somehow unaware that if the tables were turned, a Republican would be holding nightly press conferences about it. Not telling us was one of the greatest politcal errors in modern history. Thanks.

But then she goes off the rails blaming Russia, Comey, even Joe Biden. Apparently he said in an interview that she ignored white middle class voters, and then she slammed him for not explaining that better on the campaign trail, like that's his job. Her whole shtick was get gays, blacks and Hispanics to vote for her and fuck white people which was always going to be a losing strategy. There are not enough of those voters yet to make up for white superiority at the voting booth. This one thing cost her the election more than anything else. Had she had anything resembling a jobs program she could have won over voters. Instead, she literally told coal miners their jobs were goners and then gave them no hope for the future, just a kick in the ass on the way out. And then she wonders why she lost states that have coal mining.

The biggest bitch slap came to Bernie and his supporters for ruining her chances by promising outlandish things like jobs and clean air. She said Bernie was like the hitchhiker from There's Something About Mary (real topical picking a film a hundred years old) always outdoing him like six minute abs was in the film. It's also a total lie. Bernie wanted a $15 an hour raise while she was fighting for $12 and yes 15 is indeed higher. However, the Fight for 15 movement had already been well established and held many rallies and protests over the years. Bernie went with what the crowd wanted, and is feasible, while Hillary picked some random number out of the air and idiotically fought for it until she had to give in. Other things like free college and single payer are what we the voters want and know it can happen as many other countries do so easily. Her tiny step bullshit is what we have been listening to for years, with no success, so why would we listen to that now? Big changes are needed to fix things or we all die. Obama tried this crap for eight years and things have barely gotten better. America isn't that stupid. We can see it didn't work.

Even worse, she claimed that during the debates Bernie couldn't name one time she flip flopped on a subject. First off, I watched all the debates and I don't remember that ever happening. If it did and he didn't name any off that is sad because she flip flopped on all sort of subjects. The bankruptcy bill she helped pass was the exact opposite of what she said she would do as Senator, and the same with multiple banking laws that she voted for that did NOT help the little person at all. The biggest was her constant wavering on free trade that as a candidate she was against, but once in office voted for every time, should have been a softball to Bernie but I doubt ever actually happened except in her own mind.
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Hillary cheated in the primaries and then went on to lose in the general election as she could only flip less than ten thousand votes per state and she got overwhelmed by the amount of people who saw through her as a dangerous harpy. This book proves all of that true. Instead of helping to heal the party between progressives and the establishment, she has thrown acid at us and demonstrates that had she been president, we would be barely better. There is a lot of anger being directed now at Hillary even from her former supporters from this anti mea culpa. Way to go, stupid.

Her attitude shows a person unwilling to change and would have been hampered by a Republican controlled Congress that would be do everything they could to impeach her and she may have had enough skeletons to warrant it. We would still be in chaos, North Korea would still be a major problem and these hurricanes would still be hitting us relentlessly. We wouldn't have the idiotathon we have now but the end result would still be the same that this country is fucked.

Pray we have better people running in 2018 than this.

Monday, September 4, 2017


While I was sure Trump would be the one to end the world, now I am not so sure. Kim Jung Un may be the most dangerous man since Hitler and I don't say that lightly. I keep hearing from so called experts that the man is not crazy and we shouldn't be worried about insane decisions therefore. There is no part of the historical record anywhere that this a position we should be taking as there are numerous and clear examples of powerful men making really stupid decisions. Kim Jung Un and Trump both may not be crazy in the terms of rubber room, straight jacket archetypes but they are both fucking nuts in other, much more dangerous ways.
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Let's start with the that premise that because these two are not talking to invisible elephants while screaming at the walls to stop yelling at them, they are not crazy. Both have serious mental issues that even the most dime store psychiatrist could diagnose from space. Trump is a malignant narcissist with delusions of grandeur. He also may be suffering from early onset Alzheimer's like his father. Kim is a paranoid psychopath with a god complex. Both have access to nuclear weapons. Yikes. Either of these two yahoos could nuke the other at any moment and all the reason on Earth won't stop them if they decide to go that route.

The historical record is equally problematic. Take Hitler, who the more I read about is becoming frighteningly more and more like Trump. Both were kind of idiots who lucked their way into power by being able to give speeches that were short on facts but long on establishing a narrative of hate and anger. The two had a lot in common, more than I ever would have thought. Hitler thought it would be a great idea to attack Russia, somehow not realizing that Napoleon had done the exact same thing with the exact same results. The history of the attack was already on paper for anyone to see and yet, Hitler said fuck that, this time it will be different. And it wasn't. This attack on Russia ended any hope for the Nazi's to win, and it was Hitler who made that fateful decision that sealed their fate.

The same can be said for George W. Bush, a president that will be remembered throughout history (assuming we have one) as having done the most damage to this country with his idiot policies. His ignoring of the North Korea problem, at the time it could have been stopped before they became a nuclear power, was lost because we were too busy invading countries we had no business doing. Had we NOT invaded Iraq and attacked North Korea instead, the world would most likley be a far better place right now. Chances are good that the Middle East would be far more stable and North Korea wouldn't be a problem any more. Instead, both areas are in flames and there is no end in sight. This ass also invaded Afghanistan, a country with a solid record of being a quagmire. Hell, the invasion  of the USSR was one of the reasons the country collapsed because they couldn't keep funding this war. I am sure it sounded good at the time, but here we are seventeen years later and we a putting MORE troops in, which is always a bad idea.
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There are many other examples of wars that started because they sounded smart at the time. Vietnam was a mess that could have been won without a single shot fired. The Korean War never ended, not a smart idea we will discover decades later. The Berlin Wall came down because people HATED it and eventually won out. People make bad decisions all the time and can lead to devastating consequences.

Here is why I think war right now is out only hope: if we wait the chances of hundreds of millions, even billions goes way up. Are we really willing to risk billions, perhaps the planet, over tens of millions dead instead? I see that as a no brainer. The longer we wait, the worse things are going to get. How bad? Read on.

Let's go five years into the future. North Korea is now a nuclear power with the ability to hit most of the USA. Do they stand down with their new power or flex their muscle toward a planet that has never stood up to them in decades? History says flex they will. Chances are high they will invade South Korea, knowing that any attack will be met with nuclear weapons from their side. The likelihood we roll over here is nil and hello WW3 all due to a miscalculation on nuclear weapons. He could also play nice for a while until coming up with a diabolical plan such as planting nukes world wide or planting them in space. Then he could blackmail the planet even into giving him supreme power. Don't laugh as there are war games that play out that exact scenario with horrible conclusions.
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Kim Jun Un is a threat the likes of which we haven't seen in a long while. For the religious, the Antichrist was always thought to come from the East. Many thought China or Japan but North Korea seems to fit the bill right now. He could end the world.

We have run out of can to kick. Our only play is to attack with overwhelming force, which even I admit is unlikely. Whatever happens next, it will affect all of us. Pray they don't softball this because this ends badly that way. War is coming. I hope it is the one were the fewest of us die.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


What a fucking week. Hurricane Harvey took out Houston, cops lost their fricking minds nationwide in an orgy of stupid, Republicans proved to even more reptilian then thought, Trump bumbled his way through another week and North Korea threatens to end us all. Good times. I told you September would be interesting and it's just getting started. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Movie Studios- I am sincerely beginning to question whether lead paint has made a resurgence these past few decades because there are way too many stupid people today. Nowhere is this more evident than in executives who run movie studios. They make bad decision after decision lately and as a result have put forward a cacophony of films so putrid no one is going to see them. This was a summer of one lousy sequel after another with only superhero movies being any good. I usually do a whole column about this but time and Trump will lead to a compact version here.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2- Baby Groot rules.

Snatched- Not the best comedy but Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn do make you laugh enough to recommend.

Wonder Woman- Gal Gadot shines in this tale that finally gives us a female super hero with a great screenplay. Can't wait for the sequel.

Baby Driver-Missed this one but it got great reviews and made a lot of money, plus Edgar Wright directed so it almost certainly does not suck.

Spiderman- FINALLY a great Spiderman movie after three successfully worse sequels. Marvel rules.

Dunkirk- Oscar bait for sure as another great war movie gets gold.

Girl's Trip- The only comedy that made money this year. Why? It was funny.

The Hitman's Bodyguard- The studio thought this would tank and dumped in the dregs of August. Surprise hit later, it is going to make a lot of money. I want to see more movies like this with it being actually funny, good stunt work and a screenplay, while predictable, was more fun than most of the crap put through the ringer this year.


King Arthur- Next time read the mythology before making about the subject. This was barely about the legend at all.

Baywatch- You made a film about hot women with an audience male oriented and then have NO female nudity anywhere in an R rated comedy. Not smart. Oh and next time, make it funny. It is a comedy after all.

Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Men- Just stop. Please. JUST. STOP!

It Comes At Night- Heard good things but this film died hard. Trailers made it into more of a monster movie and not the drama it is.

The Mummy- Who thought it would be a good idea to remake the Brandon Frasier version with Tom Cruise? Next time, make it a horror movie like it was and see real money pour in. Idiots.

Transformers 651- See Pirates.

Valerian- I had no idea what the film was about from the previews and apparently neither would you had you actually seen the movie either.

The Emoji Movie- The shit emoji says it all.

The Dark Tower- I would have rather watched a guy shit into a bag for two hours than see this again. Possible the worst rendition of anything made ever. No one should watch this for any reason short of seeing what a waste of talent truly looks like. I could cry it was so bad.

The Nut Job 2- Like one wasn't enough? Audiences sure thought so as this was the lowest grossing movie ever shown on over 4000 screens.

Kidnap- The only thing kidnapped was my brain watching this drek.

9)Sarah Palin- This doofus lost her libel bid against the NYT for an op-ed that was untrue, but corrected the next day and, truth be told, had little fallout for the ex-VP. That is until she made it a big story and decided to try to sue, a factor that was never going to happen as damages could never be proven. So instead she looks like even a bigger loser. Good. Her and W's acceptance by the GOP led to idiot Trump getting elected. Stupidity needs to be stamped out.
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8)Southern Poverty Law Center- These guys are a lot like the ACLU where I find myself agreeing with them 80% of the time and feel the other 20% they go too far. However, I am a little perplexed to understand why this group, a non profit, is funneling millions of dollars through off shore bank accounts. They don't pay taxes so avoidance of that isn't it. So why? There has been NO official word but until they do, I would be very skeptical of anything they say or do as this could have illegality written all over it. Where is the money going guys?

7)Old Female Democrats- Other than Liz Warren, this group seems to be filled with dangerous harpies who can't get out of politics fast enough. Dianne Fienstein has way outlived her usefulness, having a deranged town hall where she praised Trump and shot down every progressive idea out there. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is corrupt beyond words and may be facing heat for the trial for her former IT guy arrested fleeing the country as it is getting started. Patty Murray is in the back pocket of Big Pharma. Nancy Pelosi as a fundraiser lately has been subpar, literally the ONLY reason she still has her job and she is failing at it. Claire McCatskill shot down single payer again. I have hope that younger women, like Kamala Harris who bravely came out for single payer, will follow in her footsteps and tell the octogenarian crowd it's time to retire.

6)The Police- You guys do know what cameras are right? I am asking because there were three incidents this week where police were caught on tape doing something really stupid. One happened somewhere (can't remember where but there is a video out there of this) in which a black woman confronts a guy on a bike who happens to be an off duty cop after he almost hits her. She goes to get back in her car, never having touched the guy just yelled at him, when he slams her to the ground and arrests her. Guess who's on paid leave now and almost certain to be fired? Then there was the cop who got fired for telling a terrified white woman that he wasn't going to shoot her because she wasn't black. Yeah, that 'll make me feel better. This tells us we are ALL afraid of cops now. The biggest one was the arrest of a nurse, white as well, who refused to break the law because a cop said so, showed him the paperwork why she couldn't comply and was arrested when two cops thought differently. They are fucked. If they don't lose their jobs, the career is still effectively over. They will NEVER get promoted and chances are in the case of the LT who gave the OK to arrest, may lose his rank. I know a cop this happened to for his idiocy so it does happen. These guys are on borrowed time if they can't see the public, race aside, are all being attacked by an out of control police force. This won't end well if they go one step too far and the public deems them a problem instead. Read history about that.

5)Joel Osteen and Tyler Perry- I HATE televangelists and mega churches and other obscene showings of wealth. Joel Olsteen was shamed into opening his Houston area church after claims of flooding was proven untrue by locals who stood outside the mega church and filmed it. Once inside, the greedy dick solicited donations from parishioners to help pay for this, put of course just went into pocket. Tyler Perry who makes those awful Medea movies gave a $1,000,000 donations to Houston with a quarter of that going to Olsteen. WTF? Why not just burn the money if you are going to waste it. This douche doesn't need any more money. He has plenty of his own. You people are idiots. The worship of wealth is evil and these guys don't get it. It's only in the Bible.
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4)Sylvester Turner- The mayor of Houston said it was impossible to evacuate six million people which if true, means these people will die if they ever need to. Every city on Earth should have one just in case. What happens when an event occurs that needs an evacuation? Millions will die needlessly because no one wanted to do the hard work. I have worked with the federal government about evacuation plans for a plague event. Some of what I said was implemented during Katrina and what they didn't fell apart just like I said it would. The death toll from Harvey was low by luck. Next time, if you don't get people out, many more may die.

3)Republicans/Texans- How's that anti climate changy thing going guys? Or that regulations suck? What I can't hear you under all that water. You say your drowning? No shit. Look, climate change is real and not some bullshit made up story so George Soros can give you a new immigrant to take your job away from you. It's real and the proof is in the science. You like the Bible, I get it. But it isn't real and it isn't science and until you get your head out of your ass you're going to all drown. Stop building chemical plants with no safety standards next to a kindergarten. Leave the wetlands alone. For God's sake stop electing people with single digit IQ's to positions of power because right now it is a parade of stupid. Or, get your affairs in order because the end is nigh for this state.

2)Trump- God this man is an idiot. He is about to end DACA which will spell disaster for 800,000 people. It also might tip the scales against the GOP come 2018 to such an extent that a wave election becomes even more likely which is why many Republicans in Congress have pleaded with him to keep it. They know their jobs are in jeopardy if he does it. His trips to Houston came off poorly with the first seeing no damage or survivors and the second where he told everyone as he was leaving to "have a good time." Yeah, that's what they are having.He promised quick work to get everything back to normal which is not going to happen. Sandy victims are still waiting for insurance payments and that was five years ago. Now he has to deal with North Korea on a collusion course with the world which will most likley end in pain and death. Fun.
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1)North Korea- They really upped the ante this week. The missile test over Japan was bad enough but now they did a nuke test that may be an H-bomb. I have spent the last few months pouring over how WW2 started and was amazed by one fact that everyone seems to have glossed over and it is this: military operations could have been used at least four times versus Hitler where he would have been defeated long before tens of millions would have died. Each time the attack was stopped because "the consequences of casualties was too high to contemplate." Sound familiar? The French, The British, the Belgians and so on all failed to attack Hitler because they feared the consequences of mass causalities would have been worse than doing nothing. But each time by doing nothing, Hitler was emboldened to go further and further and until only war could stop him and by that time, instead of a casualty rate in the tens of thousands, the number escalated to tens of millions. We face the same factors now. If war is inevitable, and it is, as if we let them keep nukes, what's to stop them from blackmailing us to give up South Korea, which they almost certainly will do? War at that point could be a death doll in the hundreds of millions, versus the millions way back when in 1953 we should have ended this fucking thing once and for all. We now stand at losing tens of millions versus possibly the planet and that's only if we act within the next few months.There is no choice here but to immediately demand an attack on North Korea. I know this isn't what you want to hear but we are out of time. There is no more can to kick. Military action is now the ONLY solution short of a peace deal which is as likely as me marrying Katy Perry and Lady Gaga as sister/wives. Be prepared for the hell coming our way no matter what happens because this war is going to be bloody, short and a death toll in the tens of millions. Expect to see Seoul and Tokyo wiped from the planet as well as some American cities and territories as well. We will not come out of this unscathed. And that is a best case scenario. History shows if we wait, it will be even worse and possibility planet ending. Congratulations North Korea, you are indeed douchebag of the week.