Sunday, February 1, 2015


In almost every show I watched this week that was topical (Daily Show, Bill Maher, even @Midnight), each contained some segment proclaiming the Patriots as the biggest cheaters on the planet, regardless of the fact that so far, no one on the team had been accused of deflating the balls and all evidence points either to atmospheric conditions or a giant ref fuck up as the culprits. I am so sick of this rush to judgment we have about EVERYTHING lately, reality be damned. Let's see those runner ups before I watch my team demolish the Seahawks, predicted final score 24-17 Pats. Go Pats and Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, bitches.
10)Governor Paul LePage- This ass is why I loathe Republicans. As food stamp fraud has been noted at less than 1%, of course the GOP would latch onto this as the reason this country is sinking further and further into debt which in no way is caused by super rich douchebags stealing everything not nailed down. All welfare recipients in the state of Maine now will have to get a job to keep getting food stamps, even though every single study says there are not enough jobs to go around, especially in a state like Maine. At least he allowed them volunteer 20 hours a week doing community service but as 12,000 people are at risk, it seems unlikely that that many volunteer jobs even exist. As food stamps keep economies afloat, it seems radically stupid to do this. Walmart would have been out of business years ago if not for the food stamp program for the customers AND employees considering the slave wages they pay. Half of the people have already been thrown off the roles, even as polls show at least 50% were diligently looking for work and couldn't find volunteer work the state would accept or even job training programs that every state touts but don't really have. Keep voting Republican guys until we are all in the poorhouse.

9)Loretta Lynch- Is it too much to ask to have an Attorney General who isn't a complete and total tool? I have to go back to my childhood to find one that didn't reek of corruption and the latest entry appears to be no better. Confirming the fact that if you a black woman in today's world, there is nothing you cannot do, even if in some cases they are completely unqualified, like here. She hasn't been given the job and I already hate her. During her confirmation hearing, she came up with the wholly unscientific theory that alcohol is safer then pot. She might as well have said she thinks climate change is a hoax, Obama is from Kenya and salt water chases away the thirsties. I mean how much dumber can you be to not accept a scientific fact and yet you want to be the most powerful lawyer in the country? You suck, Lynch and I have a feeling your tenure will be no better than your last few predecessors.
8)Cynthia Anderson- This waste of human space should prove popular for her inevitable prison stay for something so heinous, I seriously would like her to be put to death for it. For some inane reason, she tried to bring a three week old puppy on board a plane with her two older Dobermans. She had pawned two puppies off on her parents but for some unexplained reason, not the third. When she was told she could not board the plane due to the puppy being too young to fly, she went into the bathroom and drowned it. She was arrested soon after and, thankfully, the other two dogs will have to find a better home. She was released on bail and then re-arrested after it was discovered she had a felony warrant in FL for Grand Theft. The 56 year old looks like she is 90, so I am guessing meth or heroin or some combination therein. I would have hoped for a good raping in prison but this washed up hag would sandpaper a man's penis right off. I hope she rots.

7)Go Daddy- Speaking of puppies, Go Daddy continued their slide into terrible commercial ideas by revoking this one before it ever aired. It was going to spoof an adorable ad by Budweiser this year about a puppy who gets locked in a horse trailer and has to find his way home. It's awesome. Go Daddy did the same, even having a similar looking, golden lab puppy getting separated from his family and overcoming all sorts of obstacles to make it home only to be sold on Go Daddy the minute he walks through the door. Yuck said everyone on Earth, they were forced to pull the ad days before the Super Bowl and I am curious to see what they air in its place. This was a costly error done by people who really need a new ad campaign, and most likely, a new ad company as well.
6)Man Spreaders- In NYC lately, there has been a rash of entitled douchebags who take up two seats on the subway just because. They don't care if those standing are 107, pregnant, female or even crippled. Tough they say as they spread their legs as wide as possible, taking up as much space as a douchebag can. This is being an ass for no good reason. Learn some fucking manners already.

5)Iran- For all the talk about how bad Israel is and how they are racist against Arabs should take along hard look at this latest threat and ask yourself how sympathetic would you be? Iranian military leaders, along with proxy army Hezbollah, put out pictures of Benjamin Netanyahu's kids with cross-hairs over their faces along with publishing personal information about them. If you really want to start an out war Iran, by all means go through with your threat. How long before Bibi sends hot death raining down on your cities? This is the same country which many say would never use nukes, nor even want them, regardless of the facts that say both are misguided against reality. If something ever does happen to the PM's children, expect Iran and Hezbollah to be wiped from the face of the Earth soon after.

4)Koch Brothers- These assholes have done a full court press this week as big as the Patriot cheater nonsense to prove how great they are and its only democrats gripping about them. Sour grapes we have been told. Philanthropists say others. And while there is some truth to both of those, the facts remain that the Koch brothers are attempting to create an oligarchy or even a fascist state, like the industrialists tried to do back in 1933 and failed. They want a serf class and all the money funneled upward, poor people be damned. This is what the GOP stands for people and if you do not believe me, just look at what they have accomplished for their first month in power. Ending environmental standards, rolling back gay rights and abortion, and now, ending Obamacare, as if that has a snowballs chance in hell of passing. Obama will veto that baby right back to hell where it belongs. Obamacare needs to be fixed, not eliminated and the screaming GOP STILL have no plan to replace it, just like they have no jobs plan, no climate plan, no reality, NO PLANS FOR ANYTHING, at least nothing that doesn't affect the 1%. These guys are literally killing us and most of you out there support it. Sigh.
3)Celebrities going to jail- Two high profile are in trouble this week and neither is big shocker. Lindsey Lohan has 138 hours of community service this week to complete and she looks to not be capable of doing anything close to that. She has claimed her "illness," chickungunya, very rare in this country and mostly found in developing countries, has kept her from doing community work. I wonder if the whole diagnosis is made up by some quack doctor she paid to get out of doing any of this. The judge seems similarly skeptical and may put Lindsey back in jail. Definitely going to jail however, is Suge Knight, which is really no big surprise. He still produces loathsome "gangsta" rap which is no better than music about Hitler or hanging black people and has served time in the past. Now he is being accused of running over an acquaintance and fleeing the scene. He has claimed to being pursued by a rival gang, but eye witness testimony says different. Back to prison he goes, it appears. Neither or you will be missed.

2)Comcast- I will be getting their lovely customer service soon after Charter (which I love) gets taken over by these assholes. Horror stories abound of being kept on hold for hours while attempting to cancel service, rude customer service people and a general disregard for manners. Now comes word that after a spat with customers, some have renamed them things like "asshole brown," "whore," and "bitch" on their bills. Needless to say the customers were unamused and yet again, this waste of a company treats their customers like douchebags. I may be one of these people soon if they screw up as royally here as everywhere else in the country. Direct TV here I come.
1)Patriot haters- We get it. You don't like the Pats. The reason why is sour grapes guys because they are one the most awesome teams EVER and even though they got caught in a minor cheating scandal some years back, have won time and time again by simply being better. This time, everyone has decided the Patriots are cheaters again after Ball-ghazi reared it's ugly head. Nevermind the fact there is ZERO proof that the Pats did anything wrong and plenty to suggest other less nefarious explanations, everyone from Larry Wilmore to Jon Stewart to Bill Maher have all claimed the Patriots as cheaters which has as much validity as the whole "hands up, don't shoot," scenario which also didn't happen. When did facts not matter to anyone on the right, left or center? Rachel Maddow showed it was impossible to alter 11 balls in a bathroom in 90 seconds. There is no video or audio evidence suggesting the Pats altered the balls. But everyone is sure of this because, in their hearts they know, KNOW, the Patriots cheated, have always cheated and will continue to cheat because there is no other explanation why they are such a powerful team. This ignored the facts that Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all times and Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches. No that can't be it, say the idiot masses, they must be cheating because our teams keep sucking year after year. Surely it doesn't matter that their quarterback is either 56 years old or a rookie who was drafted in round 178 and the coach has a losing record for his entire stay, it because the Pats are cheaters. Yeah that's it. So congratulations Patriots haters, enjoy what I hope will be an epic blowout by Brady and revel in your status as douchebag of the week.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I am astonished to this day that anyone votes Republican. Now that is not to say that the Democrats are a beacon of hope. They suck almost as hard. However, as of right now, even then most corporate Democrat is not hell bent on turning this country into a feudal state complete with fiefdoms and serfs. That is exactly the end game of the GOP and, mote importantly, the Koch Brothers. Thanks to the end of Citizen's United, we no longer live in a democracy and the people filling that void left over are these two assholes.
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I noticed something this week while watching PBS News, which can be both an excellent sort of news channel and crappy shills a second later. It's a lot like Fox News. On a quick side note, will someone call CNN and tell them just to stop. JUST STOP! Their coverage lately of just about anything is sophomoric at best and it's really starting to piss me off. And Don Lemon needs to go away, really earning his worst newscaster award, barely beating out Sean Hannity who had a fit about it, even though that award seem accurate, too. But I digress.

Anyway, while watching the PBS news last night, they announced a piece about the Koch Brothers. Knowing full well that the Koch Brothers fund said newscast, I was waiting for some puff piece about these two demons. I was not disappointed. What followed was a fifteen minute bit about how great these guys were and they were not subjugating democracy in any way. The funny part is how unconformable Gwen Ifill looked during the entire interview, as if she knew she was trying to sell Hitler votes to the Jews. "He loves Jews, Really," Retch, retch, retch.
She was not alone in what appears to be a full court press this week, with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Republican pundits everywhere screaming that democrats are "obsessed" with the Koch Brothers who are only acting like every other American trying to get their point across and the proposed billion dollars to be spent in 2016 is no big deal. Except it is and it is killing our country bit by bit. We can see with our own eyes how bad these two dick-noses have been by promoting an agenda most of us do not want, like the elimination of Social Security, the minimum wage and the Postal Service. I like all three a lot and would like to keep them thank you. My so called "agenda" is that I do not want super rich assholes telling me what I can and can't do and keeping me in grinding poverty at the same time. The only people buying into this are stupid beyond words.

Want proof? Here's a good story from

As if we needed more proof of the power of money in politics, another field experiment, released in 2014, found a link between campaign donations and post-election Congressional behavior. Joshua Kalla and David Broockman, both University of California-Berkeley graduate students, worked with the liberal CREDO Action activist group to analyze politicians’ responses to donors in comparison to regular old constituents. Basically, the research team sent 191 members of Congress one of two emails: The first email asked the Congressperson, or their most senior staffer, to meet with “local campaign donors” about co-sponsoring a bill; the second email asked the Congressperson, or the senior staffer, to meet with “local constituents.”

Just 2.4 percent of the requests to meet with local constituents were accepted, while 12.5 percent of the requests to meet with political donors were granted. Taken with that aforementioned 2012 study by Powell, this gives unfortunate empirical evidence to what many Americans might already suspect: Money affects all spheres of politics, from campaigning to legislation to simple meetings.

This proves that congressman are more likely to meet and take orders from, large corporations who will be beholden to their interests. The Koch Brothers will be no different, pushing forward and agenda that even most Republicans do not want. Look at what the GOP has attempted to do so far: limit abortion to 20 weeks, a bill limiting gay rights and a heavy push for a pipeline we do not need. Funny how all that talk about jobs and job programs, and much like the last few decades, have NO idea how to create jobs with zero proposals. Yet, people are still voting for this. Unbelievable!
The rise of political money is reaching epic heights and some people out there, hard core idiots that is, are still fighting for this as if money equals free speech. Money drowns out free speech but giving rise to a huge unequal playing field. If this was football, the 1% would all be steroid pumped gigantors while we have a team of 90 pound weaklings all carrying hundreds of pounds in dead weight. In other words, the way things are, we cannot win. And unless we start addressing this problem, we will sink further and further into fascism until we reach a level we can't escape from.

On a quick side note, Ghostbusters announced their all female remake of the classic film and, of course, the misogynists have come out in droves. Ghostbusters is one of my all time favorite films, I hate, hate, HATE remakes, and even I can't wait to see this. Mellissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and, my favorite choice, Leslie Jones will be joining director Paul Feig in what I hope will be a laugh riot. Rumor is they are trying to get Bill Murray to play the villain which would make me very, very happy. The original cast was never going to get going, especially after the death of comic genius Harold Ramis, so I am thrilled to see a new take on it, especially from talent like this. Jones is fantastic, elevating every SNL sketch she is in, starring in her first big movie and all at the young age of 47. By the way, I almost fell over when I found out her age last year as she in no way looks 47. She is a real talent and I look forward to see her riffing with her co-stars. This also goes to show that fame can hit you at any age. Sure, you are far more likely if you are young and beautiful, but every now and then, someone like Jones comes along and makes anyone struggling to get noticed, believe they can make to. Keep up the good work Leslie. We love you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Apparently, those south of me are bitching to high heaven how the storm of the century fizzled by them, bringing only an inch to areas like Philadelphia, eight inches to NYC and ten to some of NJ. This of course brought the global warming deniers out in full force complaining that if the weather forecasters can't get the forecast right 24 hours in advance, how likely is it they can see fifty years in the future, and to an extent, they have a point.
Weather forecasting is a lot of guess work as there are so many variables a slight change in just about anything can a storm's course as this one tracked father east. But, even though we may not be able to give an exact time table to our planet's destruction, all signs point to a warmer climate. Also, having studied this subject since the late 80's, I can tell you from personal experience that most of what scientists said would happen then, has, minus the few crackpots that spoiled it for everyone. And that is the problem with science today: there are way too many "experts" out there who either have an agenda or are certifiably insane and these douchebags are destroying any faith we have left in anyone anymore.
Here in MA, Storm Juno was the worst blizzard in the history of Central MA with three feet sitting outside my house right now. It is the worst blizzard I have ever been through anywhere and I have lived all over the North East. Our meteorologists did just fine, actually having nailed the storm path, the dangerous areas and snow totals. Part of the problem with forecasts may have less to do with science than the idiots they sometimes hire to do the weather forecasts. Take for example the most famous weatherman on TV, Al Roker. Al Roker has no weather related experience other than his years on TV. He holds a communications degree from State University in NY. In other words, I am far more qualified to forecast the weather than he is. Yet, there is his on TV regurgitating what other people are saying and lacking the ability to know whether it is accurate or not. I get the feeling that this would be the same for many in the areas that got the forecast so wrong. Why hire a real meteorologist when some pretty boy or girl will do? This is why when they screw up a forecast so profoundly.

Also, I found out today that there are prestigious sounding magazines, like The Journal for Orthopedic Science, which sounds real but isn't. While it is very similar sounding to the Journal OF Orthopedic Science it is actually a money scam which will print anything, no matter how stupid, for $500. Then these same junk studies are used as "proof" for whatever idiotic idea they are trying to propagate, like global warming is not occurring.
The excuse I keep hearing is that every time a single voice comes out against any established science, that person is immediately elevated to Galileo-like status, as if these kinds of geniuses are a dime a dozen. Isn't it more likely, that these people are crackpots or are receiving money from an industry hell bent on providing as much disinformation as possible?

Take the current anti-vaccination crowd. A "whistleblower" came forward recently and said the CDC was covering up the "fact" that black males under 3 years of age who get the Measles vaccine are three times more likely to get autism. The problem with this is we only have this guy's word. He provides zero evidence of said cover-up, a big red flag right there, and also suffers from what I call single person syndrome. If one person accuses another of something he needs real good proof and corroborating testimony. Since his accusations in September of last year, not one person at the CDC has come forward to agree with him. NOT ONE! If Bill Cosby had a single accuser against him we would all think she was full of it and rightfully so. 36 women later, not so much. Are to believe that everyone who works at the CDC is a heartless bastard who doesn't care about black people, babies none the less? Of course not. That's retarded. The most likely explanation is that Dr. William Thompson and Brian Hooker (not a doctor, shocker) are either insane or, more likely, paid to do the study which appeared in Translational Neurodegeneration which received this retraction soon after:

Editor and Publisher regretfully retract the article [1] as there were undeclared competing interests on the part of the author which compromised the peer review process. Furthermore, post-publication peer review raised concerns about the validity of the methods and statistical analysis, therefore the Editors no longer have confidence in the soundness of the findings. We apologize to all affected parties for the inconvenience caused.

In other words, Dr. Thompson and Hooker used unsound statistics to prove a theory that was never right to begin with most likely from a paycheck from an anti-vaccine group. And while I can find no proof of profit from the authors, the line "undeclared competing interests" strongly suggest a monetary link. And considering there are links to these two and Dr., I mean, Mr., Andrew Wakefield who lost his license for pedaling this crap, says loads about why this story is nothing more than hot air and people are buying into it because they are not smart enough to know better.

And then again we have deflategate, thankfully knocked off the news by the snow. It came out recently that the equipment manager disappeared into a bathroom with the balls before going out onto the field with them. How long was we gone you ask? 90 seconds. I dare anyone to perfectly deflate 11 balls in that amount of time. It is simply not possible. That hasn't stopped some with an unbelievable lack of understanding of physics to cry FOWL and say "SEE, see, they cheated!" Others, with more reason, know this impossible and see this as hate for a team that has been great for almost 15 years now. Sour grapes, guys. Sour grapes.
Science knowledge is so lacking from almost everyone that we believe things so stupid we might as well still be cavemen wondering where that big ball of light goes every night. Statistics show how dumb we are when one fifth still think Obama is a Muslim, 25% don't believe in evolution, 50% believe Iraq was behind 9/11, and, most shockingly, 20% think the sun revolves around the Earth which is ironic as that is the same person, Galileo, the wrong headed use to prove their point. Open a book people and stop believing what anyone tells you without looking into thoroughly. We are being led by the nose to own destruction and it's a complete lack of common sense that is responsible. It is this idiocy that explains why people still vote Republican, even though they have been talking the same talk for forty years and blame everyone but their own crappy policies for why things are not better.
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