Monday, February 20, 2017


There has to be lead in all of our water supplies to explain the rampant levels of stupidity seen today. We have a President who cannot speak well, for if he did, he might actually be doing a better job at explaining himself. At his moronic rally filled to the rafters with simpletons totally unaware of reality, Trump misspoke about a terrorist attack in Sweden that never happened. However, what he meant to say was that Muslim migrants are raping their way across the country and in that sense he is right.
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Germany and Sweden seem to be bending over backwards to hide huge numbers of crimes committed by migrants, with some saying it could be as much as 4000%. A Swedish policeman put a video contradicting his country's government excuse that migrant crime is nonexistent by reading a typical police report where almost everyone's name is something along the lines of Mohammed. I have personally talked with service members who all go to Germany for debriefing after a tour of duty and being sent home and they all tell me that the migrant crisis is far worse than is being reported. Almost all the citizens, regardless of age or sex, are not happy with what has been happening with a huge spike in crime that the government seems unwilling to acknowledge. It's why Merkel's numbers have been steadily declining and her winning re-election seems unlikely.

The main reason for this is that if the public realized how bad things are they would turn like savage beasts on any Muslim and rip them to pieces. It is a scenario that is becoming more and more likely with each passing day, leading us further into fascism and Emperor Trump. All it's going to take is one lone idiot, like Gavrilo Pincip who started WW1 singlehandedly, and this world is going to explode. If a big enough terrorist attack happens, people are going to turn on anyone who even looks like they are from a Muslim nation and then we have two choices. Either we separate them, hopefully more humanely than we did with the Japanese, or watch bodies pile up knee deep in the streets. People are panicky morons and Trump will be leading that charge, demanding and getting martial law, a huge uptick in surveillance for everyone, and "sacrifices"that will be made on the nation's poor.
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Aside from out coming destruction, I keep reading about idiots who write about something provably wrong. If I hear one more person tell me raising wages will raise prices exorbitantly must provide one example anywhere, where this has occurred. We have a huge minimum wage in this state of MA, and not only have prices NOT gone up, job creation is one of the best in the nation. We also have the smartest children, the best place to live according to several polls and statewide health care that will still be here when Obamacare crashes and burns and the Republicans replace it with a wet potato. Price increase and job loses have also not been felt in places like SF or Seattle that raised their wages two years ago. We all heard how business were going to go under and life would end as we know it there, but no we have actual evidence that none of what the naysayers were complaining about came to pass. The same for legalized pot in CO. The right's track record on just about everything has been close to zero.

Yet, Trump droolers buy into all of it. They scream at the press to give him chance, when even for those of us who did, cannot accept the fact he is anything but a train wreck. They say they didn't treat Obama like that, conveniently ignoring the stupid birth certificate nonsense. or thinking that Obama was a secret gay Muslim (that is actually what some believed). Get out of that bubble, schmucks.

The left meanwhile is still caught up in identity politics, defending Muslims when they shouldn't and worst of all, being all wishy washy in any attempt to take down Trump. Grow a fucking spine guys. And stop putting gender and race ahead of party. If you want to know why democrats keep losing a big problem is their insane desire to use woman and/or minority candidates, even if they are unqualified for the job. I've watched it happen here in MA where they forced Martha Coakley down our throats twice,and she lost both times badly. Same goes for recent winnable races in KY or PA, where woman candidates ran horrifically bad campaigns against beatable opponents. It's not an accident that on more than one occasion, a Democratic representative has been caught saying they don't want white men running the party. Yeah,that's not sexist at all. It's also a losing strategy. Had we run Bernie Sanders instead of Shillary Clinton the Democrats would have control of the Senate and the White House. But no, we had to run a woman and lose. Again.
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We need people to start running for local races that can start having a progressive slant without being fascist, racist or sexist. How about having the best candidate run instead of trying to become the first black gay woman running for Congress in the South or whatever will lose quickest? We need to have people who are going to listen to their constituents, not just their supporters as Trump is doing, and start making life better for all. Had Obama done any of that, we wouldn't be in the pickle we are in now. And if Republicans didn't fall for the biggest con job in history, Orange Hitler wouldn't be ready to kill us all.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


We are through the looking glass people. Up is down, Right is wrong. Trump and the Republican party, along with their supporters are willing participants in the overthrow of this country by Russia. That is NOT FAKE NEWS as we keep hearing but reality. If you support Trump and his cronies, you are the worst Americans since the Tories. This cannot stand. And to be fair, the democrats this week were not much better as we rocket toward civil war and perhaps worse. As this unfolds, there were so many other douchebags that we had to dial it up to 11, Spinal Tap style. Let's see those runner ups.
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11)Pewdiepie- I have only had a vague understanding as to who this clown was. To be honest, I have found most internet stars annoying as hell and barely talented, so my ignorance here is understandable. This week, this moron crossed a line and subsequently has failed to figure out what he did that was wrong, which most of us were quite horrified by. Once making $15 million a year on sites like YouTube, this all came to a crashing halt amidst anti-Semitic views including holding a sign up that said "death to Jews." How is that funny? He has also in the past used Nazi imagery, talked positively about selling people into slavery and compared Leslie Jones to Harambe the Gorilla. NONE of that is funny or okay. It took his latest bullshit to go so far over the top he was banned from YouTube and Disney. a hit that will impact his bottom line. Like Republicans with Trump, some will continue to follow him, even though he is neither talented nor likable. Just like Trump.

10)Doug Adler and ESPN- Doug Adler was fired by ESPN this week because the Twitter mob took him out over a definite misunderstanding. When talking about Venus Williams he used the word "Guerrilla style," a term about tennis used since 1954. People took it out of context as "gorilla" and has a fit about it. Instead is explaining the error away. ESPN fired him instead. WTF? He is now suing for wrongful termination and damages to his reputation. He is also going to win big. This is America today, morons everywhere no matter who you are.

9)TISA- Just when you thought the TPP was dead, a new trade deal arrives. This one weakens banking regulations, internet protections and healthcare. Just what we were all asking for right? Trump may be a moron but even I don't think he'll go for this. What are the world elites thinking because if this keeps coming, it will be their heads the populations are going for.
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8)Yursa Khogali- Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group. You may not like to hear that but at this point it is starting to become the truth. Their organization structure sucks and their message is being watered down by racial attacks. I completely agree with what their are fighting against as black people are being shot down in huge numbers. But so are white people and Hispanics. It just doesn't make the news as much, and certainly not nationally. But this week, this BLM leader from Toronto went on a racial tirade that was as much KKK as anything. She called white people a scourge and a genetic defect and that black people were genetically superior to whites. FUCK NO!!! AT best we are equal, but that remains to be seen as these groups seem incapable of fixing any of their own problems. You don't see this kind of shit in poor Hispanic neighborhoods to the same degree as black inner city. We are stronger together than apart but black people keep shitting all over whites. ENOUGH! And idiots like this, even if she is from Toronto, are making white people love TRUMP!!. I can't stand racism and black people lately are really stoking those fires. Barack Obama didn't ruin race relations. BLM did.

7)Jeffrey Sandusky- Jerry Sandusky's son, Jeffrey, 41, was arrested this week for possession of child porn and making an underage girl perform a sex act. Apple didn't fall far from that tree. You do have to wonder that as Jerry had I think eight adopted children, how many did he molest? It would explain why Jeffrey did what he did. Still it doesn't excuse what he did and I hope he rots in jail.

6)Mike Flynn- He was fired this week, even though Trump is still defending him, for either lying to the VP or, more likely, conspiring with the Russians to loosen sanctions after Trump won, a violation of US law. So far we know Trump has Russian investments, even though he flatly denies it, in spite of pictures of Trump Towers Moscow being readily available to see and previous comments from him and his son about huge Russian ties. As we have no access to his taxes, we have no idea what leverage Russia may have. Yet, the Republicans are playing footsey with each other, ignoring the biggest scandal in US history. More on that later, but at least this idiot has been shown the door. Now if only we can get Trump to follow him.
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5)Steven Miller- This odious balding fuck, or mini-Goebbels as I like to call him, spat venom at the news this week, saying Trump was above the law and not to be questioned. Is he fucking high? Word is this dick has been just that his whole life, refusing to play with minority children when he was little, to making fun of Muslims and gay people in high school. Word is he was mighty unpopular. One teacher said he was the foulest human being he had ever had the misfortune to teach. Ouch! Now, he's whispering in the ear of an equally deranged human. What could possibly go wrong.

4)Andrew Puzder- This vile fuck and CEO of Hardees and Carl Jr.s, where diarrhea is a way of life, got shafted as Labor Sec when his past came back to haunt him. Four GOP senators and perhaps even 12 more were going to vote against him for numerous reasons. The biggest were his hiring of illegal labor at his home, his support for more legal immigration for high tech jobs and worst of all, beating his wife some years back. His replacement Alex Acosta, is even more surprising because he actually seems like someone who might not suck at his job, unlike 90% of Trump appointees so far. If they had properly vetted Puzder,  omething democrats were screaming about, this wouldn't have happened. Morons.

3)MSM- For the all the cries about fake news against them and their hurried defense, the right is not entirely wrong about this. Yes, most of what you hear in the news is accurate. But that 10% that they keep falsely reporting is really, really bad. I've worked in the news business for years and I can tell you that they absolutely cover up stories that look bad for themselves or their friends. They cannot report the actual unemployment number (which I might add, Trump hasn't fixed at all since he got in office like he promised), or worse, the inflation rate, which according to actual numbers is now over 6%, even though SS recipients were told the opposite and reflected in their dollar a month raise. Had we been using actual facts, that raise would have been an average of $20 a month. And this lie has shortchanged people thousand of dollars a year over time.That's is unacceptable to let our old and disabled starve because the government is lying to us. The media which should be correcting this remains somehow quiet. WTF? They failed this week to talk about Trump's Russian holding when he said they were non-existent, expose how much Trump is costing taxpayers for his frequent trips, securtity and even his sons going on business excursions on our dime. Where are any of that? They missed the riots in Paris completely as well. It's hard to defend a group doing their job so poorly.

2)Democrats- These assholes are going to keep losing until they wake up to the carnage around them. Here in MA, Democrats just gave themselves a big raise, now making some of them the highest paid in the country. Meanwhile, the rest of us struggle and now we hear they are going to raise taxes for a budget shortfall which they helped create. Fuck them! Both parties suck and until we realize that voting ALL of these assholes out of office is the only way to save the nation. In the Senate, people like Manchin, McCatskill and Heitkamp have all voted for people they never should have and their constituents are furious with them. Manchin and Heitkamp had the audacity to vote for Pruitt, the odious head of the EPA and should be punished for it. Anyone voting for these douchebags in the primaries should have their toes cut off and thrown into a piranha pool. We need real leaders, not corporate stooges. It's our turn for a Tea Party. Start organizing and run for whatever office you can, The democrats need real people not the slaves they have become. We can take it back or destroy them in the process. If we don't see a sea of blue come 2018, there is little chance of a peaceful transition of power when the Republicans start dismantling everything they can. And when that happens, bullets are going to start flying.
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1)Republicans- Had Hillary Clinton even done one tenth of what is going right now, she would have been executed by now. But because it is Trump, everyone seems to be looking the other way. America should come first but these assholes are leading us right to the Kremlin. Jason Chaffetz is in real trouble as his supporters seem to be disappearing as he makes questionable actions along with a few good ones. His desire to rid the country of the park service fell like a thud as everyone hated the idea. Who would have thought that conservatives who love to hunt and fish would have a problem with that? His town hall meeting have gone poorly due to the inevitable moment when the GOP kills health care for us and people, as history demonstrates, usually revert to violent tactics when their lives are on the line. He also has been dragging his feet investigating any of the Trump accusations, even though nation security is at risk. The one good thing he has done is trying to pass a bill saying all future candidates release their full medical records. That and their taxes would be a good start as chances are the two front runners wouldn't have made it past day one and President Sanders right now would be making the world a better place. Kevin Brady and 17 other Republicans didn't think looking at Trump's taxes was a good idea and killed that measure. So fuckwads like Brady and Ernst and everyone else who voted for this must be labeled traitors to this country as they are actively working toward Russian interests. A decade ago, this would have been political suicide. Now it's the norm. Fuck them and anyone who thinks this is a good idea! Trump is going to get us all killed and may be working for the Russians. The Republicans are trying to kill entitlements, poison us all, let the banks do whatever they want, and cut taxes for everyone, meaning economic collapse is coming. History again says whenever the Republicans do this, 1929 and 2008, the world goes with it. If you support the Republican party, you are a traitor to this country. We should be demanding the resignation of half of them, including our idiot president, not applauding to his nonsensical press conference or his idiotic rally. Fuck you Republicans, you all suck hard and are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Donald Trump is rocketing toward an impeachment, something I predicted would happen if he won. It's not like we all don't have huge skeletons in our closet, but few seem to wave them around with such wild abandon as he does. His business empire is dangerous close to violating of the Constitution, Article 1, section 9, which prevents presidents from accepting foreign money or business interests. As he moronically has yet to divest from his holdings to a true blind trust, he is going to face issues with that sooner than later. Tack on to that what appears to be treasonous actions with the Russians and you can see that this will not end well for him. If he keeps this up, he may be wearing a colored jumpsuit that matches his face. Wouldn't that be a huge fall from grace, billionaire to convict.
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The one area where a majority of the public agree with him on, protests aside, is that few want Muslims coming to this country. While I personally do not agree with this philosophy as I know many from Muslim countries and they are no better or worse than anyone else, I get why they don't want them here. Devout Muslims I could do with out, but that also applies to every other religion on the planet so that is hardly racist. But these groups of devotees are single handedly marching themselves to a genocide the likes of which we have never seen. If you thought Japanese interment camps were bad, these are gong to be far worse and, most likley, more deadly. The worst part is these radical few and going to cause the extermination of any entire race. Don't believe me? Read on.

In Paris right now, riots have broken out as Muslim thugs have moved into the suburbs and gone on a destruction spree. Everyday, there is some new terrorist attack somewhere, where just hours ago, over 50 people died and more injured in a bomb attack in Baghdad. Later, it will be somewhere else and so on. This is unsustainable for any people to reasonably live with. Even the Israelis have taken steps to prevent these, and while unpopular for humanitarian reasons, you can't argue that they also aren't working. And truth be told, a nation's people matter more than lowlifes making your life miserable.

And there is the problem for Muslims. You are expendable. And coming soon, that may be a reality. There may not be room on this planet for all of us and when people decide that day is coming, your going to be the first to go. Again, I do not agree with this, but history also shows we are headed that way. Every new act of destruction turns that world further and further from you. At this moment, we are only one huge terrorist attack away from genocide. If one of these idiots decides to do something truly horrific, or even a false flag that blames them, societies will have to choose to either let Muslims die in mass numbers due to angry mobs, or put them elsewhere, ie internment camps, for their own safety. But that will matter little when a pissed off world, one in which US, EU, Russian and Chinese interests all align and it's game over for the Muslim world. The worst part is they are accelerating this timetable with their nonsense of killing indiscriminately.
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Because of this, the far right looks to gain power in several nations. The riots in Paris are turning people in droves away from Muslims, not helped by their insane desire to rape and steal in larger numbers than is actually being reported. It is this lack of civilized behavior that is driving all of this, which makes me wonder why NO Muslims majority country took these people in, until you see exactly WHY they didn't. This is one of the main reasons Rome fell when they took Barbarian hordes in, they failed to adapt to Roman life, and huge problems ensued. This is an exact duplicate of that.

As of right now, Marine La Pen and Geert Wilders are poised to take control of France and Holland. The reason for this is that the public has turned against Muslims who see only violence as a way to get what they want. If they control these countries, the EU is in real trouble as they, like Trump, are isolationists, which is never a good position to be in. We are all connected, no matter how different we are. Only by working together can we succeed. If we go down this path, we are all going to pay a huge price.

There is only way to stop this and it requires the efforts of every Muslim on the planet and they are probably not going to like it. Unless the Muslim world stands up to the devout and say ENOUGH, to such an extent that they listen, nothing will change. This means civil war in many places. Moderate Muslims are going to have kill to get what they want and end the scourge of Muslim extremism. Start burning down mosques in your nation (not Western ones, this is for Muslim controlled nations only) that preach hate. Gun down anyone dressed as a devout Muslim. Stand up and say you want to enter the 21 century. Hell, I"ll take the 19th. This has to come from you because otherwise, it will be seen as white men attacking a religion.

Here at home, we need to GET OFF OF OIL! There is plenty of alternate sources of energy out there that could be converted to in less than five years with little destruction. And once that happens, Saudi Arabia, a country responsible for more terrorists than any other, will shrivel away and with it, terrorism.
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Unless these two things happen, and let's face facts they aren't, genocide is coming for the Muslim world. The clock is ticking people so choose wisely. End extremism in your countries by any means possible or face the fact that chances are good, there won't be ANY Muslims left anywhere by the end of the century.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


If you are defending the Republicans and Trump right now over the Russian hacking scandal, congratulations, you are officially a traitor to the country. This has nothing to do with the left or right or over which side of the aisle you align. If Hillary had done this, I'd be saying the same thing. Of course if Hillary had done this, the insane right would have lynched her by now. But because it's their guy, all I hear are crickets and how they need to stop the leaks coming out of the WH. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? If this is your takeaway from all this, you are either a card carrying communist or the dumbest human in history.
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This is beyond unacceptable. The Russians appear to be exerting control over the PRESIDENT OF THE US and no one seems to care from the Republican side. WTF???!!!! Anyone actually still interested in the fate of the nation should be calling their congresspeople and demanding answers. If you live in Utah or Texas, everyone should be calling for the immediate resignation of Jason Chaffetz and Kevin Brady for actions that border of treason. Anyone who ever wrote one thing about Benghazi should be up in arms about this as this is a million times more serious and an actual scandal. But no, they are still harping about Hillary and Obama like a broken record incapable of understanding they are no longer in any sort of power, The ones that are are driving this country into the ground with the cheering support of people who are now making the mentally challenged look like MENSA members.

Let's point out that Obama had zero scandals for eight years and no Benghazi and Fast and Furious don't count because the former was bullshit and the latter had nothing to do with Obama (It was a poorly thought out DOJ operation which Obama likely knew nothing about). This is about the Russians literally taking over the country while Senate and House Republicans stall for answers. This is not okay. If you can't do your job when a foreign power attacks our sovereignty, while flaunting military power with no push back, you shouldn't be in office and need to be removed ASAP.
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The Russians just showed off an illegal missile and parked a warship off the coast of CT and this country said NOTHING! Again, imagine if Hillary had done this. Meanwhile, Orange Hitler just said that the real problem are the leaks coming out. NOOOOOO!!! The real problem is the Russians are interfering with sovereign states and should be pushed back upon with sanctions so hard it will make their balls shrivel. Plus, the Hatecicle we have as president is pushing NATO to pay back some of the money they owe, which is a good thing, but I wouldn't destroy the organization for it either. Putin would just love that and then we will start seeing Russia become the new world power when we fall AND OUR PRESIDENT IS HELPING!!!!

The Republican party needs to be branded as traitors to this country and dealt with accordingly. If anyone is still stupid enough to be following this crap, call them what they are: COMMUNISTS! Wear the sickle and hammer proudly or shut the fuck up. There is no other choice. This is a watershed moment for the country and if people don't wise up quick, there is going to be a civil war. And don't believe the nonsense that only Republicans own guns. They don't. I know lots of democrats who have a war room of legal weapons. If this keeps up, don't be surprised if some start to decide using them. I would recommend a far less lethal option personally, but we are through the looking glass here.

On a quick side note about Flynn which many in the Republican party are either too stupid to comprehend or are intentionally trying to muddy the waters with, it is NOT illegal for him to be recorded on wire taps. This was not a illegal use of the surveillance state. He was recorded because of WHO he was talking to. Flynn wasn't the target. The Russians were. This is nothing new as we have been doing this for decades and it is simply shocking that a man who was going to head the NSA didn't know this. If I call a mob boss and get recorded while talking to him, I can't argue that the tap was illegal against me as I WASN'T THE TARGET. Neither was Flynn.
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Trump was screwed the minute he went against the intelligence agencies. Kennedy tried that and he got killed because of it. Nixon did the same thing and then came Watergate. Trump decided to play hardball with a group that has everyone's secrets. I have it in good authority from contacts within these groups that they HATE Trump with the intensity of a thousand suns due to his rank incompetence and animosity toward them. Word is they are "going to go nuclear" against Trump which means I have a feeling soon there are going to be damning info against Trump leaked to the press and then impeachment for Trump and possibly Pence, meaning soon we could have President Ryan. Trump supporters will go ballistic when this happens as they despise Ryan and then we see signs of civil war again.

Because the democrats ran the most worthless human being against a caricature, we are stuck with the realization that this nation may be nearing it's end. And oddly, it will be because the Republican party decided national interests didn't matter. When bullets start flying their way from a beyond angry public, they are going to have a few seconds of soul searching before their bullet ridden bodies bleed out. One way or another, this is going to end badly. I truly hope a peaceful way can be found, but right now, I say that is not likely. You asked for this America. Now, we going to get it bad.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Let's be clear. Anyone supporting Trump and his cabinet at this point are becoming dangerously close to be labeled traitors. Russian influence is getting harder and harder to ignore and sycophants like Jason Chaffetz, who spent the day investigating a fucking cartoon character from PBS instead of the growing scandal here, and Kevin Brady who shot down a proposal to see Trump's taxes, are both now officially traitors to the United States and should be removed form office. If your state has a recall option it and slam them and their supporters as Russian loving commies, which is not that far from the truth. This stops here and now. If you want to behave like a dick, it's your right just as it is my right to expose these people for the back stabbing douchebags they are. Russia is invading our country and may be blackmailing our president. Yet these two people who allegedly have this country's best interests are behaving as if they are double agents.
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The rest of Trump's staff is also going down in flames. The Ethics Committee strongly recommended today that Kelly Anne Conway be reprimanded for her ill advised Ivanka Trump ad. Spicer appears to be on his way out as replacement are being bandied about. Reince Preibus is hanging on by his thumbs with many saying he is WAY out of his league, seeing shadows where they are none. Paranoid much Preibus. The new spokesperson, Steven Miller, who looks like Monty Burns in his youth, has come across as unhinged and deranged. The funny part is that back in high school, he was quite unpopular due to his racist, misogynistic, and anti-gay views. What a winner.

And then there is Trump himself. What. A. LOSER. He has proven he has no idea what he is doing, is costing taxpayers a fortune every month so he can hang out at his resort and has daily crisises that no other politician has ever had. Investigative reporters have discovered that much of what was released in the Russian dossier, you know the one the WH denies exists, is factual. As we don't have his taxes, and assholes like traitor Kevin Brady are running blocker, we have no idea is our president is compromised. If this was any other democrat, there would be hearings until doomsday. But because this is Republican, you ignore it. Your loyalty is to COUNTRY first not party. And if that's too much to comprehend, anyone NOT following this should either step down or be forced out of office.

If you live in Utah or Texas and aren't demanding these two's immediate resignation, you are also a traitor to this country and are secretly communists. You get to say nothing ever again about any scandal from anyone because apparently you are too stupid to know better. Get the hammer and sickle flag and fly it proudly above your home. We are American first, and party much further down than that. If you can't figure that our, feel free to move elsewhere.
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Trump is screwed here because of this. It's not so much the crime here but the cover-up, aka Watergate. Did Trump know about these conversations with Flynn and the Russians? Did he put him up to it? What leverage does Russia have over Trump? Is the Russian dossier correct? Anyone out there really telling me that if this was a democrat you wouldn't be rightfully screaming bloody murder? Of course you would. But now all I hear is deafening silence. Will the GOP grow a backbone and start looking into this? Graham and McCain at least think so, so a few on the right aren't totally bought and paid for and should be commended for this. Anyone else should be tarred and feathered at this point.

Call you politician today and demand a investigation into this serious matter. If wrong doing is discovered, then we start talking impeachment. As even the Russians are growing concerned about the Frankenstein monster they helped unleash, that might just be the best thing for all of humanity.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


And the hits keep on coming. Donald Trump is proving to be wholly unqualified for president. If Shillary Clinton hadn't been the nominee, I believe any other democrat would have won and we'd be in far safer territory. Worse, I am beginning to think there is something wrong with him, mentally. Besides being a malignant narcissist, I am also starting to see signs of deviant personality disorders and the possible onset of Alzheimer's, like his father. Congratulations America, you voted a madman into office. Sure hope those Republican ideals comfort you as you sit in the ruins of what was once this great nation. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Dear White People on Netflix- Is the left becoming so totally tone deaf that they can't see what a horrible idea this is? Let me make a show called Dear Black People where I, as a white man, try to tell black people how to live their lives. After they rightfully call me a racist that is. Black people have no idea what it is like to be white so don't lecture me please. It's not all fun and games for us either. If you are black you have advantages white people don't, like full scholarships to the best schools and if you are a woman as well, a plethora of jobs to go after. Employers get to hire a double minority then which gives them a huge leg up. Stop telling other races how to act and clean up your own act instead. Crap like this is why we have Orange Hitler.

9)Mariah Carey- Her meltdown in New Year's Eve was bad, but the fact she was caught lip synching may have been the kiss of death. Before this even happened, her previous tour was panned as she didn't sing her early hits, a clear sign her voice isn't what it used to be. During the Times Square debacle, the backtrack clearly showed the high notes were the loudest tracks. Even worse, people said her attempts at singing along to the track in previous tours looked like a "bad Japanese monster movie." Ouch. Her latest tour is tanking as an opening act for Lionel Richie. Time to hang it up, diva.

8)Marc Mezvinsky- Chelsea Clinton's husband's hedge fund officially shut down this week, after losing 90% of it's value last year. Considering this guy's father was a crook who stole 10 million in a Ponzi scheme says lots. Dumbass stayed in the Greek markets when everyone else fled. He lost nearly everything as a result. Emails show he used his wife's influence to get money from Clinton Foundation supporters. Bet they wished they went to the track with that money because it all went bye byes. Another case of just because your seem educated, doesn't make you smart.
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7)MA Premium Assistance- I have doing business write ups for newspapers, investors and freelance for over fifteen years now. I have worked in a dozen different industries in my life. I know a lot of people who run their own businesses. I can safely say that without a doubt, this is one of the worst run companies I have ever seen. Their staff is poorly trained, their system antiquated, their phone system barely works and there is no way to get anything done short of screaming until you are blue in the face. Government at work huh? As they have lost my paperwork many, many times, shut off my access to subsidies four times in eight years, I can only assume they treat everyone this way. Someone is going to die because of their incompetence and they are going to be accountable for that.

6)Fukushima- This damaged plant is still pumping out radiation which some scientists say will take longer than Chernobyl to fix. Worries about the Pacific Ocean are also abound as stories of mutated or missing wildlife appears every now and then. Is this a problem? Probably. I don't know how extreme it is but initial radiation may have killed thousands worldwide, mostly infants and the infirm if the studies shown are accurate, and may indeed be as the science behind them was sound. This is why nobody trusts the news because of ignoring stories just like this.

5)Michael Flynn- This guy had a bad week, like most of Trump's cabinet. First, evidence has surfaced that he did indeed talk about sanctions with the Russians before Trump won, which is illegal. Then came word that one of his top aides had been denied a security clearance, eliminating him from the team. Few in his cabinet did well. See below for more.
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4)Betsy Davos- She also a rough week as her appointment was met with derision from Republican constituents who felt she was unqualified for the job, and told them at angry town halls nationwide. Her Twitter account showed she has no idea what she is doing joking about finding the pencils and not realizing she has to buy them herself, as all teachers do, which is wrong on so many levels. Then she got blocked from entering a DC school by protesters, a funny photo op gone horribly wrong. But wait there's more.

3)Sean Spicer- Melissa McCarthy's impression of him is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. This week, Vanilla Ice Cream did his usual version of angry at the press, defending people like Davos, Flynn, Conway and others, and not all that well. Worse, when commenting about the so called terrorist attacks the media hasn't covered (is he kidding me? He does know about replaying tape right?), he talked about the famous Atlanta attack, which some thought was a reference to the 1996 Olympics bombing. Turns out, he meant Orlando and was pissed that the media didn't know that. I mean really, Atlanta and Orlando both start with vowels, are in the South, who wouldn't know? This guy is terrible at his job.

2)Kelly Conway- ANOTHER Trump elite in trouble. This one was a doozy. Propaganda Barbie actually told people to go out and buy Ivanka products while on Fox and Friends. And that is so mucho illegal even the most hardcore Republican came down on her like a ton of bricks. Jason Chaffetz who is having a really bad time already as his plan to eliminate the park service was met with righteous anger from all sides and his town halls have been filled with people almost ready to lynch him, even he had to side with the law and said what she did was illegal. Nothing will most likley come of this as Trump has the final say, but that's a lot of problems in just seven days.
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1)Donald Trump- This guy is dangerous. Al Franken says a lot of Republicans are increasingly nervous about his mental state. Leaks from the WH say the same as does Keith Obermann currently doing must watch videos for GQ online. He lies constantly. He was tweeting about Nordstrom's either during a security briefing or immediately afterward. His cabinet picks have been a disaster. He went after judges which turned out badly when the bench slapped him down. His chances with the Supreme Court are zero if he goes that route. Instead, he will sign a new EO tomorrow and we are back at square one if it is written as badly as the last one was. He claimed thousands of illegals were bused from MA to NH in the last election, but offers no proof of anything, which the NH election official demanded proof or to shut up. Ouch. Trump's brand is suffering as Ivanka products are being tossed left and right from various stores, due to low sales, not political reasons. But that hasn't stopped Trump, a freaking business man, from bitching about the free market. 51% of his supporters say he should be able to overturn judges rulings. That's called being a king not a president so dried up farts like Pat Buchanan can preach about overthrowing the judicial branch like an idiot. If anyone sees Pat, please give him a copy of the Constitution and a kick in the ass. He deserves it. Trump appears to be mentally unfit for the presidency and the Congress better get Article 25 up and ready because sooner than later, we might have President Pence or even President Ryan. Not much better but neither of these two are insane. So congratulations Trump, you nutty Cheetos you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


These assholes are going to get someone killed. After these morons lost my paperwork sent in over a month and a half ago, they just informed me that it will be 30-45 days to get it rectified. Well that's all well and good if you have the money to cover said insurance but what happens when you don't. I am lucky and have people I can hit up for money to save my butt. Not everyone is that fortunate. As a result of the utter incompetence of what can only be described as fucking lunatics running the show over there, a lot of people are almost certainly having the same issues. This means, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people could lose their insurance due to bureaucratic red tape and then, even die because of it.

If anyone else is having similar problems please contact me and maybe we can band together to stop this. I have already contacted several investigative reporters, the AG and soon, both senators from the state and my state representative.

This is why Trump is president.