Thursday, April 27, 2017


I have just about it with Orange Hitler and his garbage. Even worse all the assholes out there STILL supporting this guy. How stupid are you to think this guy is doing anything right at this point? He is literally laughing at us while he puts us in the ground. In just the last few days he was has come up with two DOA proposals, health care (somehow worse than the last one) and tax reform that even Republicans say is never going to happen. On top of that, he reneged on yet another promise and allowed NAFTA to keep standing, opened up some national parks to drilling, we still aren't sure the government is going to stay open past Saturday and North Korea is a huge problem that this shit covered Muppet fart has no idea how to fix. Let's see those runner ups in a shortened week.
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10)Nordstrom's- In what can only be described as the worst clothing choice since bell bottoms or pretty much anything worn in the early seventies, comes this idiotic piece in which jeans comes pre-dirty and cost an eye popping $425. What kind of moron buys a pair of pants that look like you shit yourself something fierce? Is there really a market for the snowflake generation to look "manly," ie "homeless?" Here's a cheaper alternative: buy a cheap pair of jeans and roll around the mud with them. Congratulations, you just saved $400. Anyone caught wearing these should be thrown in the mud for real.

9)Alex Jones- I will admit I kind of like Alex Jones. Yes, he's a blowhard who yells way too much and two thirds of his stuff is garbage, like Pizzagate, and the yes they were real events of the Boston Bombers and Sandy Hook attacks. But, to be fair, he has also broken some big stories that the MSM ignored. We live in way too much a bubble on both sides of the political aisle now and few read what the other side has to say. But, this week Alex Jones went WAY too far and in the midst of a bitter custody battle and divorce which is not going well, slammed Chobani yogurt for hiring refugees and immigrants and suggesting that was why rapes and murders were happening across the country, It was not true and now they are now suing for slander. You don't need to make stuff up right now to be relevant, Alex. But as long as you keep pushing Trump and his idiotic agenda, I will have to put you on the crazy shelf for a while,

8)United Airlines- At this point, you would have to drag me across broken glass to get on a United flight. I majorly disliked the airline before but now I would rather sit in a bus with the winners of the stinkiest feet competition than sit in first class instead. This week, in what seems like a never ending story of debacles there, they somehow killed a huge prized winning rabbit that has just gotten a clean bill of health not three hours before getting on the plane. Now the bunny is dead, the body missing and you have to wonder what is going on here. The airline swear the bunny got off the plane alive but died while waiting to get picked up. As they have either lost the corpse or are refusing to give it back is unknown but the owner, who is out a lot of money for what was going to be the world's largest rabbit, wants an autopsy done, which may be hard if all they get back is a rotting corpse. Fly United at your own peril.
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7)Berkeley and other left wing protests- Ann Coulter was forced to cancel an appearance at the college due to threats from increasingly violent anti-fascists. This was inevitable because neither party has done dick to change anything for decades now and people have had it. I don't agree with shutting down free speech on anyone no matter how bad it is and this is censorship pure and simple. We cannot keep doing this and expect a free and open society. However, that being said, I also get why this is happening. Read JFK's quote about revolutions and my predictions about this and you will see that it was going to happen because the government refuses to change except for further right wing nonsense, regardless of who is in power. Obama did little for left wing causes and as a result, violence is going to keep happening. A parade was cancelled in Portland for threats against a Republican group set to march. This, unlike Berkeley, I wholeheartedly agree with. You have a right to speak anywhere you have been invited. You have a right to march in certain contexts, even if you are the KKK or Nazi's. But a parade that has NOTHING to do with politics, that you yourself is politicizing, that shit stops now. Anywhere this happens, do whatever it takes to stop it because no one else is going to. Not the government, not the media, not the police, just you. We have to step up the fight now, even using threats of violence, or even violence, to get what we want. But pick your battles people because shutting down free speech is not the answer.

6)The Democrats- I FUCKING HATE certain democrats, worse than a lot of Republicans. Two of them, elder females who I will literally dance when they die, are Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein, Both are up for re-election next year and anyone voting for either of these two in the primaries should shoot themselves first to save us the horror. These two are TERRIBLE, CORRUPT cuntwads who should be taking a dirt nap instead of fucking up the country for the rest of us. This week, Pelosi gave another in a long string of unintelligible speeches where she mispronounced many, many words, slurred others and either is a drunk or she's having a stroke. Either way, she is no longer up for this job. Feinstein was even worse showing up at a town hall that was one of the worst I have ever seen. She was petulant, short and mean, her answers sucked, and she insulted her constituents regularly. When hammered about healthcare she said she wasn't ready to embrace single payer which resulted in a flurry of boos from those of us who want it. The most stunning moment was when someone asked her about Bernie Sanders when she shot back with venom that he wasn't a real democrat. Her aide immediately ushered her from the room at that point in a moment straight out of the film My Fellow Americans. In the scene the VP is digging his own grave accidentally insulting a black guy over and over. The aide comes over and says "Right this way sir." "Is there a problem?" the VP asked. "Not if you come with me right now," he responded. Feinstein got the same treatment after idiotically slamming the most popular person even aligned with the democrats right now. Stop voting for idiots America.

5)North Korea- This week in the rouge nation, midget boy with the fucked up hair attacked the ocean in a brutal display of force that accomplished absolutely nothing. The largest artillery display ever was launched but it's not like America was going to see him firing off the equivalent of a large bottle rocket and expect us to be impressed. We weren't and neither was anyone else. We are still are the brink of war and now that the THAAD missile system is up and operational, an attack is even more likely. The good news, is this system might actually mean a lot less dead on out side. North Korea however, if attacked and going to get blown back to Mars.
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4)General Flynn- He had a bad week. I said when he first retroactively applied for foreign agent status that unless he had immunity, he could be charged with a felony. He tried to get it and failed and now it does look like looming charges against are going to happen. He took money from the Russians, never told anyone about it and now is in serious trouble because of it. Unless he has something on Trump, he's might be going to jail.

3)Ivanka Trump- I am growing to rapidly dislike her after watching some of her recent interviews. Chelsea Clinton drove me nuts for never seeming to accomplish anything while getting paid huge sums of money for doing nothing. Ivanka Trump, on the other hand, has done quite a bit. However, when I listen to her talk I realized she never says anything. She is very good at double speak, which is a way of sounding like you are agreeing or disagreeing with someone without actually doing either. She said she was doing exactly that in her book some years back. She is NOT champing anything women related and has mentioned little as to how to accomplish any of this. She got booed in Germany when she idiotically tried to say her father was women's rights advocate this week as well as a report that says she uses slave labor in some of her clothing factories. The best was that her clothing line is selling so poorly, some distributors are removing her name and re-branding it under a more generic title. The Trump name is no longer seen favorably and I have a feeling as time goes on, people are going to start burning them as well.

2)Trump Supporters- How stupid are you America? I keep hearing from dumbass after dumbass that we should give the president a chance to succeed before we start rooting for him to fail. Except for the fact that just about everything this man has done has been a complete reversal of everything he said on the trail. I was pissed when Obama did this so why aren't you? His plans have all benefited the super wealthy from healthcare to taxes and still these mouthbreathers are all for him. ASSHOLES! You do get the longer you support this dick the worse it is going to get? You're all going to be out of work, with no health insurance, no savings, and eventually, no food or shelter. This is what you want? REALLY? Wake the FUCK up!! This guy is dangerous, the Republicans want you dead and all the money has to go to the rich and not you. Yet, you still vote for the reddest guy you can. Keep it up and there will be a civil war and don't think for one second that the left doesn't have a fuckload of guns. Grow a pair and stand up to the GOP and the Democrats and demand real change. What we've gotten from both is lies and less rights. Stop voting for almost all Republicans (minus the potty trained ones like Gov. Baker and John Kasich) and the corporate democrats and maybe we can start getting something done. Or we die. Your choice.
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1)Donald Fucking Trump- Orange Hitler had another bad week. He got a health care plan that could maybe barely make it through the House but has zero chance in the Senate. His tax plan has just as much of a chance of passage as me sleeping with Sofia Vagara AND Salma Hayek while JLaw waits in the wings. It would blow a hole in the deceit a mile wide while basically shafting the middle class. For a guy who got elected as a populist, he sucks. He should have made even token gestures to the poorer people, and his ardent supporters, but so far has done nothing but piss in their direction, which they happily accept mouth wide open. He flip flopped on NAFTA which made the far right very angry today. He opened the door to drilling in our national parks which as we all know is the top priority for everyday Americans everywhere. I can't tell you how many times someone stops me and says he sure wishes Trump would ruin our park system and our environment. Oh wait, that has never happened ever. Yet, he keeps crowing how great he is and how everything is awesome and he's done more than any President ever at this point, a fact that is provably untrue. He is an unmitigated disaster and if you can't see that, you are dumber than he is. His recent interview with AP news was horrific in which he never said anything, like his stupid daughter. Half the time he didn't even use real words such some mumbling that Seth Myers turned into a fucked up game of Mad Libs. And he's the president?!! God help us all. If North Korea doesn't kill us first, his domestic policies will. Congratulations Donald Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Monday, April 24, 2017


"It does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is real, it does not matter if victory is not possible...The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous...The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labor... A hierarchial society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance...In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation...The war is waged by the ruling group against it's own subjects, and it's object is not victory over Eurasia or East Asia ( or Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Iran) but to keep the very structure of society intact." -- George Orwell, 1984

We are rocketing toward an end game that never should have been allowed to get this far.  Read that above quote from 1984 and tell me it isn't a blueprint for everything going right now. The real reason we don't fight wars the way we should isn't because of some bullshit morality that doesn't exist but because the military industrial complex doesn't WANT war to end because when it does, so does their profits. It is therefore in their best interests to drag out conflict as much as possible and thus the never-ending state of war we have been for almost the entirety of the United States existence.
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Research shows this country has been at war 93% of the time or 222 out of our 239 year existence. That is a lot of death and destruction for one nation to accomplish in such a short period of time. The reason for this is the bankers and the death merchants have been pulling the strings for time immortal. As long as we allow this to continue, nothing will change until it has to. And that is where we find ourselves right now. One can only juggle so many balls before it all comes crashing down, as aptly seen when the bankers fucked the world back in 2007 and somehow managed not to only to convince people to not throw them in jail but to pretty much keep doing the same crap that sank us in the first place. Now, it's the death merchants time as the bankers have destroyed this planet again and economies look ready to fall so a huge war is needed to remind people what a dangerous world it is. The worry is this could spiral out of control and no one, not even the 1%, will be able to stop the end of the world.

North Korea is on a collusion course with the United States and it looks highly unlikely this will end peacefully, Know this, best case scenario if we go to war with North Korea is 100 million dead in days. Worst case is total global destruction. And here's the worst part, Trump is NOT wrong that North Korea poses an existential threat to our existence. We are still at war with North Korea and have been since the early 50's. So every time you hear that Afghanistan is our longest war at 15 plus now, just remember Korea has been going on a whole lot longer. And Raytheon profits soar as a result.

We should have ended this war way back when, with nukes if we had to, but because we like dragging out wars rather than ending them, we have now turned millions dead into possible the entire planet. Great job, Eisenhower, proving my point that actions taken by presidents even more than a hundreds years ago STILL have repercussions in today's world. So when some idiot asks how long are you going to blame W. for all the problems we have today, know that we will be long dead and he will still get rightfully blamed for some of the crap he pulled. Woodrow Wilson fucked us in 1913 with the IRS and the Federal Reserve (neither of which was ever actually ratified) and that still hasn't been fixed.

Today, Trump called the ENTIRE Congress to the White House for a meeting with not only Trump but Mathis, Tillerson, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs  Joseph Dunford and the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats. It is allegedly quite rare for this to happen and word is he is briefing the House next. The only reason you would ever do this is if we are looking for a war declaration against North Korea should they take some sort of aggressive action. I cannot find the last time this occurred so the significance of this action should not be lost. It would appear that we may be headed for a war which will have real world, possibly world ending, possibilities,
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You would think this would be all we have to worry about but no Trump is also hell bent on ending Obamacare even if he has to tip the scales to achieve it. He keeps threatening to end subsidies to poor Americans, which if accomplished would throw tens of millions off their health care plans and the deaths of tens of thousands the first year alone. If he does this, I hope the Secret Service is well stocked in bullet proof vests because insane America is heavily armed, impulsive and PISSED! Take away stuff that keeps them alive and this country will turn into a free for all where those with nothing to lose shoot people who have everything. He is also talking about a tax plan to be released on Wednesday which will most likley be as popular as his DOA budget plan.

The biggest thing going next week is funding the government for which Trump keeps threatening to veto it if it doesn't contain border wall funding which it won't because if it did, it would never pass. He would be a fool to shut the government down 99 days into his presidency and for which he will get all the blame. If he thinks his numbers suck now wait until poor people lose their food stamps, parks close, people lose their jobs and the economy tanks. Top that off with businesses who all lost billions the last time this occurred and you will see his numbers plunge into single digits. At that point, expect a lot of Republicans to turn on him lest they lose in 2018.

But even with all of that, North Korea is the big issue right now and Trump again is not wrong saying the status quo is no longer tenable. If North Korea is unwilling to give up it's nuclear program, and they develop an ICBM, they could blackmail the planet, share the tech with rouge states and break the world. A nuclear armed North Korea never should have been allowed to happen in the first place but as we like dragging out wars for profit, we have painted ourselves into quite the corner. We now face the abyss with two man children and nukes. What could possibly go wrong?

Sunday, April 23, 2017


It's bad enough that we have Orange Hitler running wackadoodle across the planet, but to have someone look even worse is quite the accomplishment. In just the last 24 hours, everyone's least favorite midget dictator threatened nuclear war on the United States, our aircraft carriers, Australia(?), and for some inane reason, China. This man is mad and that spells trouble for us all because mutually assured destruction may not resonate with someone who may think himself immortal. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Aaron Hernandez- This guy was a giant fuck up and no I don't think playing football had anything to do with it. As is the custom today, nothing is anyone's fault because of insert excuse here. It's the environment, it's the concussions, my daddy was mean it me when I was six, WHHHHAAAAAA! Looking back at this guy's trajectory, it was painfully clear that he imagined himself a gangster and surrounded himself with like minded people. This is a HUGE problem in the inner city today where gangsta life is sought after more than a college degree, thus the sorry state of black, Hispanic and even white youth today. This dork threw away a forty million dollar contract and what certainly would have been even more in endorsements as he was an articulate, handsome man. Instead, he tossed it all away to kill at least one person, acquitted of two others and then hung himself in his cell the same day he would have been at the White House sporting another Super Bowl ring and a lasting legacy. What a waste.

9)Adidas- Another corporation, another tone deaf response. Some of these places should just not use Twitter ever and these guys are at the top of the heap. For some idiotic reason, they thought it be hilarious to tweet marathon runners "Congratulations for surviving the Boston Marathon," as if the entire race was laden with IED's and sharp shooters. Needless to say, Boston was amused and a quick apology took place. Does nobody have an ounce of common sense lately?

8)Unnamed Flight Attendant on American Airlines- This video should be shown in every business in America as to how NOT to handle a situation like this. You could also call it five easy ways to get fired from you job in such a way as to ensure you will never work again anywhere ever. For the five or six people who didn't see the video here is the recap: a fat, bald, short flight attendant violently grabbed a stroller away from a woman, striking her in the head and barely missing the two infants she had in her hands. She starts crying, as he acts like an ass until a passenger tells douchewad to try that with him to which, incredulously, dumbass challenges him to a fight. All on tape. He got suspended the minute they landed with his firing all but assured as there is no way to have that guy on any flight where he wouldn't be immediately recognized and despised. Customer service was not this guy's forte. Worse, because this video when international, Uncle Fester may be unemployable, period. Watching someone wreck their life on video never gets old, especially when they deserve it.

7)Steve Stephens- I am glad the dick killed himself saving the taxpayers from having to pay for his life. This giant pussy killed a 74 year old man walking down the street minding his own business when this fool, pissed his girlfriend dumped him, decided to shoot, an innocent soul. And he live streamed the whole thing. This is where we are now where guns are used to kill random people. We either need more guns or less because this kind of shit is getting old. I hope this guy rots in hell.

6)Turkey- How in this day and age does any country vote for dictatorship? Well Turkey did this week with a slight majority vote, one that has been plagued by calls of ballot rigging. If that sounds familiar it is because we just did the same thing a few months back where we elected a dangerous demagogue under a cloud of suspicion of Russian interference and what appears to be ballot rigging by the Republicans that got it's usual no coverage by the government or the MSM. If France votes for La Pen, results soon, the world will be moving to the far right with disastrous results. What is going on on this planet?

5)Bill O'Reilly- This blowhard got his walking papers this week when one too many sexual harassment accusers came forward, the latest, a black temp whom he called "hot chocolate," which pink slipped him. This is nothing new as he has been doing this for decades but society finally caught up and sent him packing like his former boss Roger Ailes. Hopefully, this will end his career because as bad as his show was, his fucking books are even worse. His book Killing Kennedy, is chock full of so many inaccuracies I found myself missing Gerald Posner's crapfest Case Closed. Go Away Bill.

4)Libya- For all of those black people thinking Islam is their future should really be looking at how Islamic extremists treat black people. Hot on the trail of the black Islamic moron who shot some people in California this week, comes this story about how extremists in Libya are selling black people into slavery for as little as $200. Yet, white people are the problem right?

3)Rex Tillerson- This guy sucks at his job so bad it's frightening. He's the flight attendant for American all over again only with no chance of being fired. This week dumbass threatened Iran for something, which is odd as we have enough to worry about with North Korea without this jerk starting another war front. Iran is not the problem right now. Down the road maybe but for right now we are facing a Nuclear War and probably should be focused on that tidbit at the moment. Shut the fuck up please. I agree that a nuclear armed Iran can never happen but they are years away from that while the Korean problem is immediate. And the reason for that is the Iran deal you all keep pissing on. Learn to read.

2)Trump- This week, Orange Hitler helped ruin the environment but rolling back Obama era regulations, which is odd because when Obama was doing EO's everyone had a fit about it, calling it unconstitutional and the like, but now because their guy is in office, it's fine. Polls show that Republicans have a had a huge swing in opinion about everything, even if nothing has changed, such as the economy or their wages. Democrats opinion polls are exactly the same, This shows the Republicans are morons who cannot accept reality, That is dangerous. So on top of an electorate with the brain power of a three watt bulb, Cheeto Fart lost an aircraft carrier, with his administration not having any idea where the USS Carl Visson really was. We told everyone it was heading toward North Korea, when in reality it was headed in the opposite direction, Being unpredictable like this makes everything worse. We are supposed to be the stable ones, not dangerously unstable as our allies are looking at us. The chances for war are exponentially growing because of this.
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1)North Korea- I keep hearing that there is no way Kim Jung Un would ever start a war as he would be annihilated. That is assuming that you are dealing with a rational, stable being. Neither the US nor North Korea has that now and we are rocketing toward WW3 instead. To demonstrate how deranged this man is, this week he told China in vague terms to go fuck themselves and if they want to side with the US, North Korea doesn't need them. Even though he really does. It would be suicide to cross China but that is exactly what he is doing. That tells us his mind set is "I don't give a fuck!" and that means war is all but inevitable. It could happen as soon as Tuesday, the next big holiday for the rouge nation, and chances are good he will set off his sixth nuke test. What happens after that is anyone's guess but do not rule out China invading North Korea for their own safety, or even a joint Russian, Chinese, and US forces taking the country out. The problem is North Korea could still kill a few hundred million people and make that area of the Earth uninhabitable for centuries even with their help. And there still a chance that they could side with Kim and attack us, setting the stage for a much wider war and, most likely, the end of everything. This country should have been knocked into next week decades ago but because we kicked the can down the road we have reached the end and could lead to the end of everything. This is the biggest crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis and we had far better leaders than we do now. We are headed for a fall and perhaps the end of everything. So congratulations North Korea you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Happy 420 y'all. Smoke em if you got em because Orange Hitler is becoming unhinged. I hear dumbass is trying to cram an Obamacare replacement through Congress next week, which would be a tall order in and itself but two major hurdles face it: the looming debt ceiling and the Senate. First off, both houses are going to be busy trying to keep the lights on which is by no means a sure thing. There are all sorts of ways the government could shut down and lead to all sorts of problems. If somehow though, they manage to cram something through the House, chances are high that what was in it to get the Freedom Caucus to vote on it will make it equally toxic in the Senate. House representatives only have to worry about their narrow band of constituents while Senators have a whole state to hold on to. Kill health care and the House and the Senate both go blue in 2018 guaranteed. This is a suicide pact. Good luck guys. Just remember when you literally are telling people to get busy dying, don't be surprised when they show up at your door heavily armed, pissed with zero to lose! Life in prison is still better than death anywhere else.
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But that is in the more far fetched, wishful thinking stage. More pressing is the constant war drums going on about Syria, North Korea, and now for some inexplicable reason, Iran. Of all the utterly stupid people Trump has surrounded himself with, and there are some doozies, Rex Tillerson is the worst of the worst. His job is so important and this fuckwad has been AWFUL at it so far. He comes across as an moody twat which is not the demeanor you want for the top diplomat in the country. When you look back and think to yourself  "Wow, maybe John Kerry wasn't that bad after all," you know you've hit rock bottom.

This week, for no apparent reason, and not one day after Trump declared that Iran WAS in compliance with the nuclear agreement we reached with them, this sour fuck started screaming about Iran and how dangerous the are. I have four words for you. SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! My God, we have enough problems right now without you acting like a deranged Hitler and deciding yeah we can fight multiple wars on several fronts at once. That worked so well for the Germans. Idiot.

First off, the Iran nuke deal is the best we are going to get. Can we let Iran get nukes? Never. I said the same about North Korea more than twenty years ago, unbelievably predicting with razor point accuracy how all of this was going to play out and that was decades ago. If I could have predicted this outcome, others certainly did as well. But not our politicians who played kick the can one too many times and now it has bounced off a wall and hit us directly in the head. North Korea is a SERIOUS problem that few seem to accept.
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Let's put this into its simplest terms. North Korea is run by a guy who may literally think he is a God. Study what effect madness played into the end of the Ottoman Empire and why locking future leaders in solitary for long periods of time is not a great way to run a society. The same is what has happened here although the imprisoning here is more of an isolationist nature than of physically locking people away as the Ottoman's did with catastrophic results. The same will happen here. Kim has been brought up to believe he is immortal, infallible and beyond questioning, otherwise known as a God. Let's say he really believes this. If that is so, and I have every reason to believe I am correct here knowing what I know about psychology (a subject I have studied relentlessly for years), Kim is truly dangerous and most likely, quite mad.

So we have one psycho with nukes while we here have an idiot with zero military experience, no political experience in handling foreign crises like this and a staff that seems more akin to eating Play-do than strategy. Tillerson is so far out of his depth it's frightening. I can't help but make evil Penguin noises every time I see his sour puss. He makes Dick Cheney look cuddly. Threatening Iran is beyond stupid. The nuke deal all but makes sure it will be a decade before they can get the bomb. Without the deal, they can start tomorrow. Which is better in the long term, tomorrow or ten years? That shouldn't even be debatable but because we have morons running the show again, w are headed for the same disaster that W. got us into and more fake wars.
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Syria is a lie. Assad does not appear to have gassed his own people and the evidence seems conclusive on that. We watched the intelligence community say trust us when it came to WMD's and Iraq. They lied. Now they expect to believe more nonsense when the facts seem to prove otherwise. Fuck you. I am not that stupid. Modern society seems not to understand that once trust is lost, it is gone forever. And because the intelligence community, the government and even the goddamned media, all scammed us into a fucked up war that never should have happened, the world broke and it still isn't fixed. North Korea got nukes when we were too busy playing soldier in the Middle East when the true enemy skated away and now we have the first real chance at WW3.

Make no mistake how precarious a situation we are in. We are talking about attacking Syria again, at least Nikki Haley is to the UN. We are threatening Iran. And every major power on Earth is moving troops, equipment and artillery to the North Korean area. We are one fuck up away from the end of everything. Considering we have no idea where out Navy seems to be heading I am not filled with confidence on this.

Here's the big issue. North Korea will never willingly give up nukes and the US will not accept a nuclear armed North Korea with ICBM's. See the problem. It's the same with the Palestinians and the Israelis. One wants the right to return, the other says no fucking way. And thus no peace is possible because there will be no settlement on this point either anytime soon.

Make no mistake about it: at some point, because we elected morons like Bush into office and now Trump, war is going to happen and a BIG one at that. How big? We could kill all life on the planet bad. Total nuclear war is a distinct possibility for the first time in my entire life. As a matter of fact the last time we came this close to ending it all in was 1963 and Cubans were trying to get nukes. The world came this close to ending. And here we are again, more than fifty years later and nothing has changed.
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Best case scenario at this point is a hundred million dead. Had we ended this war when we could have, this number would be one tenth as high. But because we refuse to fight wars the way we should, we may all die as a result. God knows what is coming but chances are none of it is good.

Sorry to harsh your buzz on 4/20 but things look rough and about to get rougher. Party hard today because tomorrow may be a radioactive wasteland. Christ, how did we get to this point?

Monday, April 17, 2017


Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the world faced nuclear war like it has now. No matter what you think about Trump however, know that this was going to happen regardless of who was president because past morons kept kicking this can down the road to it's inevitable conclusion which at best will result in a limited nuclear exchange and at worst the end of everything. This all could have been avoided had we the guts and follow through to actually win a war, a fact that this country, and most of the world, no longer possesses.
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The Korean War is still going on. It actually never ended because we got tired of killing people and decided to go home instead. Because we never went after Chinese supply lines, the war was never going to end and both sides knew it. So we signed a ceasement agreement and a temporary truce that has held for sixty years. But it was never going to last and right now that agreement is in tatters.

Back in 1994, the Koreans signed an agreement to not seek nukes. Jimmy Carter was responsible for this and it did not go well as expected. The plan was flawed from day one and, even worse, the House and Senate went Republican soon after this was signed and they did everything they could to sabotage it. With Bush in office, by 2003, this while thing was dead. And instead of ever attacking North Korea, which would have been bad but this now is far, far worse, we are left with the dawning realization that this planet may be headed for extinction.

We should have wiped this country from the planet decades ago. Now it's too late and the inevitable clash between our two cultures is coming with death to a best case scenario of millions in the forecast. Has we had people in government and the military who understood this, we might have been able to avoid it. But as our military advisers seem to have the game strategy of a bad game of Risk, that seems unlikely. How people who allegedly have studied this in the past and have military experience could miss all of this is unexplainable.

North Korea is threatening to hold missile tests on a weekly basis and bomb us back to the Stone Age if we attack. To be honest, living on the East Coast, I highly doubt there is anything he can do to affect me, short of getting an ICBM with a nuke to knock out all power with a massive EMP blast but that is unlikely to occur. If war does break out, the places with the biggest worries are Japan and South Korea, with a lesser worry for the US in places like Hawaii, Alaska and the West Coast. Kim's 70 subs could wreck havoc on the planet especially if we uses chemical, bio, and nuke weapons.
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The real threat isn't North Korea. It's China and Russia, both of which are moving ships, troops and heavy armaments into the area. Both have troops and equipment now on the North Korean border and ships watching what our flotilla is doing. On top of the aircraft carrier Carl Visson moving there tomorrow, there is also the USS Reagan in Japan and the USS Nimitiz being moved into position later this week. All we need is one wrong move and it game over planet right now. The pieces are being moved to facilitate WW3, a fact that could occur at any second over the smallest miscalculation. Feel safe now? It's not helping that Kim is threatening nuclear war at any minute as Orange Hitler plays with his war toys.

I keep hearing that Kim is not suicidal and would never use nukes. I am not so sure on that assessment. If Kim truly believes he is a God, he may think himself immortal and will be protected by "divine right." Go back in history and look at similar types and realize that almost every time this occurred, madness came and war followed. Just because something has never happened before, doesn't mean it can NEVER happen at all, it's just unlikely. And war here is hardly unlikely.

May 9th is being described as a hard date and that's because that's when new elections will be held in South Korea after the last person is now headed for jail. Until then, there is no stable government and no one to reign in Trump. Until then, the US can do as it wants. After that, they have to deal with a new leader who will most likley want no part in a scenario that destroys the Korea peninsula in total. Therefore, it is more likely than not that anything that will occur will happen before then. If we make it to May 9th, that may give us more breathing room assuming the South Koreans don't vote in their own version of Trump and then we are all doomed.
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To remind my readers again the feast days of Baal are upon us. I have no idea if Baal is real or not and even I admit the whole thing sounds stupid but I cannot deny how bad things go for the final two weeks of April. If war was going to break out, if history is any indication, it will be before the end of the month. Pray that we see May because at this point it seems about 50/50. If war does break out, get to someplace like Greenland, New Zealand or any other out of the way place. The rest of the planet will look like death and ash.

Fuck Trump. Fuck Kim. Fuck anyone who supports either of these two assholes. Nuff said.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


As bad a week as Trump and others had, United was far, far worse. They showed you first hand what they think of you, which is baggage. If you are dumb enough to fly United, a crappy airline I have done everything to avoid for some years now, you are everything wrong with this country. Unless there is no other option, this airline should be dead last on your travel schedule. Walk first. There were so many assholes this week I had to dial up the tally to 11. Let's see those runner ups.
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11)Kenneth Adkins- It has been my experience that the more religious you are, the more likely you are to be a total creep. This ass has been front and center with his anti-gay and transgender views, once praising the Pulse Nightclub shooter for killing gay people. Now, fuckwad is going to jail for, wait for it, eight counts of child molestation. Douche liked to have two underage teens have sex in front of him many, many times and would have sex himself with the girl on occasion. Now, he gets to see first hand how gay sex works. God works in mysterious ways doesn't he?

10)Chechnya Death Camps- It is been alleged that gay people in Chechnya are being put to death by the hundreds as Islamic purges seem to be growing. Journalists trying to report on the story have been threatened and say they fear for the safety. Nice. The MSM have done their usual ability to completely miss important stories and have said nothing about this. More on the later but this is unacceptable. There is an opportunity here to make some peace with Russia but no one will actually do it because this world wants war. It's coming. Bet on it.

9)Alabama Governor Robert Bentley- Apparently dumbass never heard the expression "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Once again a "family values" idiot gets caught Kenneth Adkins style betraying everything he allegedly believed in by cheating on his wife, which last I looked is a venal sin. His wife had found out about the affair and then set about to ruin him which she accomplished quite well. She taped conversations between Bentley and his mistress and then used that during their divorce to slam him into next week. He was forced to step down this week after impeachment hearings started (using taxpayer money to pay for his mistress is a big no no) and even in blood red Alabama, couldn't stop the slide. Fuck off douchebag.

8)Bill O'Reilly- This guy is an ass and always has been. After it came out that this pig sexually harassed five women to the tune of over $13 million in payouts, public opinion turned big against him and over sixty major advertisers quit the show, echoing Rush Limbaugh's similar fate. As a result, O'Reilly has been forced into a vacation and his return is questionable as the profitably of that show just tanked. Rush is still on somehow, but he has other revenue streams that must profit the radio stations as well. Fox does not have that luxury and because of that The O'Reilly Factor may be yesterday's news.
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7)Sean Spicer- You would think that the person hired to be press secretary would at least have the ability to speak well but that went up in the air this week. First, Spicer decided to rewrite history and claim erroneously that Hitler never gassed anyone, somehow missing the six million dead Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies and other undesirables in places like Dachau and Auschwitz. He then went back up to the podium to fix the problem and made it worse when he said that obviously Hitler killed people in "Holocaust Centers," which no one ever has called these awful places before. He wasn't even off the stage before his aides started telling what to apologize for next. And all of this happened on Passover. Sigh.

6)The Democrats- For the love of all that good and holy in this world, stop praising Trump for his idiotic attack on Syria. It wasn't smart, it wasn't well thought out, and appears to be complete bullshit (more on that later). He is a dangerous tyrant whose every action should be treated as if he just ass raped a kitten. Just like they did to Obama. Get with the program. And please start treating 2018 as if your life depends on it because it does. I swear to God if you guys keep running brain dead identity politicians who CANNOT win just to score social justice points, there isn't going to be country left. GROW A PAIR!

5)Assad and Russia- You guys are not helping your cause. As I will explain soon, the attack on the Syrian base appears to be a false flag operation most likley set off by ISIS. However, as the two leaders of these countries come across as dangerous demagogues, no one believes them that they had nothing to do with it. Can Assad not control his army who is winning and doesn't need to resort to atrocities to win? Can Putin go one day without looking like he swallowed a lemon? Still, these two won't end the world, just damage it further.
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4)North Korea- These guys are fucking dangerous. Know this though that no matter who was president, just about everything that happened this past week would have been done regardless. Hillary would have followed the same game plan, making me question if the president has any real power as everyone who gets in does the same idiotic crap regardless of previous promises. This is a country we should have beat way back in the 50's but when we refused to cut off Chinese supply lines to the country, the war was never going to end. And it still hasn't as we are still technically at war with North Korea. Now we've kicked the can down the road, avoiding war in 1994 and again in 2003, when at both instances the nation should have been knocked into next week, Instead we waited and instead of hundreds of thousands to millions dead, we are now looking at one hundred times that number, especially if they have capabilities we don't know about. Kim tried to fire off one of his new missiles this week but it blew up on the pad. I have a feeling some Korean scientist and his family are taking an extended dirt nap. War is coming, most likley before the month is out.

3)MSM- I have HAD IT with the fucking press. How can they possibly be this bad at their job? It takes real skill to suck this hard. All week all I heard from the press was Syria bombed their own people with sarin gas and that's that. Except it isn't. This week, one of the top experts ON EARTH, Theodore Postol, (Dean Emeritus at MIT, expert on missile damage and chemical weapon dispersion patterns) wrote not one, not two. but three papers all of which state that according to his expert opinion, the "sarin gas" attack on Syria was bullshit and he can prove it. Photos and video taken show no evidence of any chemical weapon and lots of reasons to doubt it's authenticity, which our government never bothered to do. The best we heard is the government has "high confidence" in their evidence. which is Newspeak for "we have no evidence and therefore will never show you anything." Postol went on to accuse McMaster, head of the NSA, of treason for knowingly attacking Syria with all the evidence against what they are telling us is. 2003 again anyone? Postol also said either Trump is an idiot easily led or in on the whole thing. I know which my money is on and it's that he's stupid. Still doesn't excuse him or our press from once again lying to us to get into a war. They still keep saying Assad gassed his own people in 2013 even though the UN report says that's not what happened and the NYT was forced to print a retraction about that accusation as well. Yet, there's Don Lemon telling me that Assad DID gas his own people in 2013 and that's all there is to tell about it. Fuck you, Don. Just fuck you.

2)Donald Trump- What an asshole. He did get Neil Gorshich jammed into office, effectively stealing the seat from Merick Garland and that was as far as his highlight reel went. Syria was a bust as the airport was fully operational a day later, regardless of what Trump and his minion were spinning. For all we know, this was all a big dog and pony show where we launched a few missiles are an empty base to make both sides look good. No real damage was done which makes me very suspicious. Fat Orange Hitler is back at Mar-a-Lago again, for his four hundredth trip there. So much for never playing golf or taking vacations which is all he seems to do. I am truly frightened as to what this ass is going to do over North Korea. As he 180'd on everything he promised this week (isolationist to warmonger, export bank bad, no wait good. Yellen sucks, no I like her), my head hurts from watching it all. His supporters are not thrilled that he is mirroring Obama in promises crushed in the first 100 days. The only difference is I knew 100 days in Obama was an ass. What are Trump supporters excuses? If you support Trump still, you're dumber than he is. Riots broke out yesterday for just that reason. I can tell you if you are dumb enough to wear one of Trump's red trucker hats, don't expect to get a rave reactions and may instead get your ass kicked which you would deserve for being an ass. Trump is dangerous and if you can't see that, you're just as bad.
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1)United- You know you had a bad week if you can out Trump Trump, which is exactly what this third rate airline did. To be fair, I FUCKING HATE United. I have had bad experiences on these flights and avoid them like the plague when I can. But because our previous moron president allowed every merger he could, we have far fewer airlines to pick from and fewer ways to fight back. This week, United though it was a great idea to drag an elderly Asian man off a plane so they could put more important people on instead. All of this was on tape which created a PR nightmare. CEO Oscar Nunez didn't help when he praised his staff for doing the right thing causing a wild fire in the process. After almost a billion dollars of stock loss later, Nunez tried to apologize again and again, with middling success. Then right after all of this on another flight, another passenger was bitten by a scorpion while in the air. Good times. This has had some good news in that flights will up their bribe rate ten fold for bumping with Delta saying they will go as high as ten thousand dollars if they have to. That would have worked out better than what United did which was bail at 800 dollars, even though nothing was stopping them from going higher. Instead, they thought storm trooper tactics were far better. They were not. The guards that dragged him off have been fired and the airport, airline and city are all getting sued. The doctor is going to win big all of which could have been avoided with the smallest ounce of common sense. But we don't have that anymore and instead resort to violence first as a fallback. Dangerous idea because had I been on that plane there is no way I wouldn't have gotten involved. Keep pushing guys because some of us ready to push back. Fuck you United and your shitty airline. You are indeed douchebag of the week.


Thursday, April 13, 2017


First off, let me say that my predictions about imminent war have been horrific at best. They almost always seem to be wrong but not always. I did predict attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia with amazing accuracy and many months previous. However, others, such as predictions of a Middle East war back in 1999 actually helped shutter some companies when employees stayed home in droves to wait for an Armageddon that never arrived. Oops.
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Usually, I admit my own failings and have stayed away from these kind of predictions for some time now. But this time it's different. All the things you look for in an hostile escalation are occurring as we speak and that is not in doubt. What also cannot be ignored is that we have two man-babies with nuclear weapons. I keep hearing from fools (Mike Riveria I am looking at you) who keep saying just because we have never used nuclear weapons in a war since WW2, we shouldn't worry about Iran or North Korea getting nukes. This flies in the face of today where an unstable persona with nukes now is meeting another unstable person with nukes. This won't end well.

The only good news is that China has been sending messages that if North Korea keeps up acting like a spoiled child in need of a time out, China may spank them hard. While they have been telling us not to attack North Korea or else, they have been spending far more time warning their neighbor the same. They have accurately noted that a nuclear armed country will NEVER be allowed by the US and with good reason. A psycho with nukes could destabilize the whole region, affecting China badly as well. State TV there has warned the midget ruler that if decides to go through with his nuke test on Saturday, China will cut off all aid to the country, which will led to it's ultimate death as they have no way to continue without Chinese help. They have already stationed hundreds of thousands of troops along the border to prevent any mass exodus across their border when things go ugly there.
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However, China realizes that any attack upon North Korea will have disastrous results to everyone around it, including itself. It has strongly told both sides that war will be a huge risk and millions could die. It is because of this that I issue this warning. If you are in Japan or South Korea right now, leave. There are unconfirmed reports about Pyongyang being evacuated which would be a big deal if true, but so far is alleged at best. What isn't in doubt is that may be headed for a giant war that probably won't affect most of us here at home, but war is a big unknown and anything could happen.

Then we have Syria. The Trump administration has "confirmed" Syria as the culprit behind the sarin gas attack but refuses to give any evidence beyond "trust us." You guys lost that right over the years cultivating in getting us into a war in 2003 for no reason whatsoever and then did nothing to arrest the people responsible. And that was just the final straw in decades of fake wars. As a matter of fact, while I don't ascribe to all of them, just about every war ever here in the US has been met with some degree of suspicion. Both Gulf Wars and Vietnam were fake wars. The other have clouds of suspicion. With that history, why should believe anything the government says?

The best reason to question the official story is because it makes zero sense. Why would Assad, on the verge of winning this war and about to enter peace talks, fire chemical weapons at civilians? Militarily, this is beyond stupid. It galvanizes opinion against you, hurts your chances of peace and damages world leaders views. There is NO upside to this attack so why do it?

Theodore Postol, a professor at MIT and a top expert in missiles attacks (he used to work for the Pentagon and has spoke before Congress as a recognized expert) says he sees no evidence of Syria behind this attack. He went even further to say what he has seen from declassified reports in no way suggests what the White House has said about Syria, making giant mistakes and huge leaps of faith to sell their narrative. The MSM keeps telling us the 2013 chemical attack was by Assad but almost every study about that, including ones by the UN and our own government, say that Assad had NOTHING to do with it and was actually carried out by the the rebels, a fact I have said for years. Yet, we keep being lied to and then told to trust them. Fuck that!

Here's is a link to that site:

It's fascinating to see everything they told us is fake. Trump keeps screaming about fake news and then gives us all a big ole heap of it. Postol, who would know more than us, is telling us it's all a lie. Yet, we are going full steam ahead with the narrative that Assad did it. And now we have regime change which seems to be a broken record at this point. I agree with Ann Coulter in this instance in that even if Assad IS guilty, I don't care. Regime change has made the world worse, not better, and every time we get involved, far more die than if we did nothing. Assad sucks but he's not a threat to anyone but his own people and ISIS. Let them duke it out and kill however survives then. Until then, we should butt out.
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All of this is moot if we go to war this weekend which is about a 50/50 split at this point. And those are not odds I want to bet on.