Monday, July 21, 2014


Let it be said that no matter how stupid something seems to those of us with an iota of common sense, there are always some who will believe anything. There is a plethora of nonsense about Flight MH17 which we will get into later in this article, and so far, all of their "proof" seems suspect at best, except for a few things that are a little off but not so much I am going to scream CONSPIRACY at the top of my lungs.

But first let's look at a Rasmussen poll that asked people about conspiracies, true or fake. Only 32% say the JFK assassination was caused by a second shooter, which means years of sticking to this patently false tale has worked. I have read everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, ever written about this subject, including the God awful Warren Report, and find major holes in the official story. There is no way Oswald defects to Russia, and then comes home with no problems or even questioning by various alphabet agencies. At the height of the cold war, this was impossible. And when he gets back, every single person around him has ties to the CIA? Yeah, that was a coincidence. There are so many problems with their story that any reasonable person should know the story is fake, but only 32% believe that. Sigh. At least 23% are still undecided.

24% say 9/11 was known about beforehand by the government and there is reasonable evidence to support that. Again, the official story is not possible and has been refuted even by the guys who were the chairmen for the 9/11 commission, who reported the military to the Pentagon Inspector General for lying to them, who of course, conveniently dropped the whole thing.

But here is we veer into crazy stories. 23% think Obama is from Kenya and another 17% not sure. That means 40% of this country believes outlandish theories that have been thoroughly disproven. 3% think Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a double. Sure.

Here's my favorite crazy conspiracy because it can be disproved with your own eyes. 14% think the moon landing was hoaxed with another 12% not sure. So one quarter of this country is too stupid to believe something that anyone with a telescope can see is real. Two years ago, this number was 5% sure and 7% unsure. Why the jump? Because of websites that show "scientific" evidence that is nothing more than made up garbage.

Today, I found three columns written about how and why the moon landing was faked, disregarding the fact that any such hoax would have had to somehow put an exact replica of the lunar module on the Moon which can be seen with a personal telescope. Get a big enough one and you can see the footprints left behind. How was that all faked? Why are we so attuned to believing outlandish crap lately?

I blame the school system that for decades now has taught people only how to regurgitate information and never how to understand it. I got into arguments with my teachers for years over outdated nonsense they were teaching or worse, stuff that was fundamentally wrong. Some of them loved me, others flunked me. That is why people are stupid. They cannot understand critical reasoning which is all but dead into today's hyper-focused web and news gathering myopia.

The study shows men are more likely to believe conspiracy theories than women and are usually over 40. Check and check. Not surprisingly, Republicans are more likely to believe nonsense like the moon landing "hoax" and Obama being from Kenya, over Democrats. Democrats are more likely to think 9/11 was a false flag, because W. was in office and he was the worst president in our nation's history, so there is that.

Then we have MH17 which new "evidence" has surfaced that the whole thing was a false flag, which I will admit, it could be. However, to make that charge you need hard evidence and, so far, there really isn't any. The only two pieces that strike me as odd is, first, why did the plane take a different route than the previous ten flights before it, through a much more dangerous path? And was the time stamp on the alleged intercepted call between the rebels and Russia actually before the plane crashed? Everything else I have heard is bunk.

Most of the disinformation is coming from Russian sources who cannot be trusted to have unbiased facts at this point. The stories about the passengers being long dead before the crash seems unlikely as the plane just took off from Schiphol Airport, and unless there was some serious monkey business, like I came up with in a previous post that even I don't believe, this is a false narrative. The rebels and the Russians have every reason to thrown as much wood on the fire to take blame away from them. There has been the usual round of numerology bull because the number 7 is involved and that is just plain stupid.

Many, myself included, have said it is because of the new BRICS alliance and they might be right. But if it is false flag, they have done a tremendous job. They would have had to fire a Russian rocket from rebel held territory, as the evidence does indeed suggest, and then get away without being spotted by anyone. Seems farfetched. It is far more likely that Putin was arming people with weapons they never should have had and accidently shot down a plane they thought was a military one.

All of this spells bad news for Russia. Europe may demand even higher sanctions, perhaps ones that affect Putin personally, as well as his billionaire friends. Rebels may become even more unstable, as Russia loses control of them, as history shows does happen. Think Afghanistan and the US for the most recent screw up. Russia then cuts off the gas supply and Europe freezes. What then? War maybe, which won't be good news for anyone, but that is a long shot at best. Putin is not suicidal and any war would result in the end of mankind. But it is still a possibility, albeit slim. Either way, Russia is isolated in a way that they haven't been for decades. And in today's interconnected world, that is bad for us all.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


It was a close race between Hamas and Putin over who could out-stupid the other, but Putin won in the end with the his laughable "what happened?" routine, knowing full well he was ultimately responsible. Hamas was a close second with their classic bit of trying to destroy Israel and then crying foul every time Israel fights back. These skits never get old (picture sleepy-eyes with that statement). Let's see those runner ups in a busy week.

1)Dick Cheney- The should be convicted war criminal (torture, treason, embezzlement, outing a CIA spy) struck again this week when he called Obama "the worst president ever." I may not like Obama, but he wouldn't even crack my top five, which would be in order from 5 to 1, Reagan, Carter, Harding, Woodrow Wilson and then W. Each one of these douchebags did something so heinous it changed this country, and the world, for the worse. Obama sucks but he has yet to destroy the planet. Republicans are doing that all on their own. Cheney, as he was the defacto President anyway, is basically talking about himself. I will dance when this ass finally goes to hell.

2)Megyn Kelly- This woman is capable of great reporting, like when she tore Dick Cheney a new one recently for blaming Obama about the destruction happening in the Middle East, which he had a direct hand in. And then she goes on an ill-informed rant about how Hobby Lobby should have religious rights as the items that they wanted to ban cause abortion. Then she want on to read statements from the FDA to supposedly support her views but in actuality showed she knew less about what abortion really is than most men. It's hard to prove your point when you inadvertently also demonstrate you have no idea what you are talking about. Corporations are not people and have no views, especially religious ones. Why are we allowing this? Because of garbage like this.

3)Femme Fatales- This week saw two women arrested for supremely callous behavior. Shannon Richardson, a small time actress, was sentenced to 18 years for sending ricin laced letters to Obama. Worse, she initially blamed her husband with whom she was going through a bitter divorce. I see why. This led to the information that the government takes pictures of every single letter sent through the system, which directly led to her arrest. Oops. And then there is Alix Richardson, a hooker with a heart of lead, recently on trial for letting a guy die. She and a Google executive did heroin together, and when he OD'd, instead of calling the cops, she stole some of his stuff and left. What a humanitarian. She is also being investigated for another heroin overdose that happened in her home in 2013. I am glad I am happily taken because there are some real psychos out there. I know. I used to date all of them.

4)CDC- You would expect the organization responsible for keeping the deadliest germs out of societies' hands, would be doing a better job at this. This week alone, they found live small pox in an unsecured locker from the 50's, lost influenza samples sent through the mail in a zip lock baggie and accidently exposed over 80 workers to anthrax. How are we becoming more retarded by the second? Is mankind meant to destruct because we cannot stop behaving like infants? Get your stuff together because if you have an accident, we all die. No pressure.

5)Aaron Huntsman- I have a special hatred for CT police. They don't all suck but I certainly found some real winners, like the guy who dragged me through the court system for two years solely on the word of a former friend who was at the time in a mental institution. Or the cop that beat the crap out of two of my friends for no reason and threw them in jail for the weekend. Now comes this idiot, Huntsman, 43, an ex-state cop and now convicted felon. Seems this dick stole money and jewelry from a dying accident victim. He now is going to get two years in prison and no hope of ever returning to law enforcement, assuming he survives his stay. Have fun, douchebag,

6)Bill Gates- This asshole is going to fire 18,000 people while asking for more guest worker visas. This is yet another attempt by the rich to pad the bottom line by getting rid of people who want a livable wage and will hire some foreign shmuck who will work for half the pay instead. Gates is no better than any other billionaire douchebag and this proves it. To quote the Joker: "This country needs a enema."

7)Politicians, citizens and the border- There is so much hate here I do not know where to start. Let's start with the public. We cannot deport them instantly as it is illegal and yes, George W. Bush is to blame as he signed the law in 2008. Republicans do not want to do anything to solve the problem as their base is screaming bloody murder about returning these people "back to Mexico," regardless of the fact that none of these people are coming from there. Democrats, who did try to reach a compromise only to have it thrown back in their face Hamas style, have hardened the other way, reaching out to Hispanic voters for the all important 2014 election. Because of this nothing is going to get done and these kids HAVE to go somewhere. It 's the law and that isn't going to change anytime soon. So stop blaming Deval Patrick and others for acting like a human and imprisoning these children here, which is exactly what is happened. They are not going to our schools. They are not walking free. And they are children. Have an ounce of compassion people.

8)Fed-Ex- Yet another company being accused of something that if a person was, they would be facing serious jail time. Apparently, they are being accused of conspiring with doctors to illegally ship prescription drugs, which kill more people than all other illegal drugs combined. The end result will be at best a huge fine and no jail time, even though their actions almost certainly killed people. Ain't this country awesome?

9)Hamas- Let's get this straight people, Hamas is the aggressor here. They killed three innocent teens and then fired a non-stop rocket salvo into Israel. When Israel returned fire, the world was shocked, SHOCKED, that Palestinians actually died as a result. Why does the world expect every confrontation to end in a short but silly slap fight? People die in wars, especially those asking for it. Israel has been the most patient country on Earth as anyone else would have committed genocide by now. Hamas had a peace deal and spit on it. They are demanding terms for starting this whole fiasco which Israel is under no compulsion, or in the case of the Egyptian border crossing re-opening demand, the ability to fulfill. If the Palestinians want peace there is only one way now: denounce Hamas and recognize Israel. Do that and give up the right to return, which Israel has said will instead provide compensation, and walla, war over. As long as you side with terrorists, you are going to be treated like one.

10)Vladimir Putin- This guy is something. All the evidence suggests rebel forces, with the aid of Russia, shot down another Malaysian airplane this week, meaning that airline is cursed or something. I am not superstitious but you would have to drag me kicking and screaming onto one of their planes any time soon. We know from satellite imagery the rocket was fired from the ground in a rebel controlled area by a soviet weapon. There is footage of these same launchers being moved back into Russia as they perhaps realized the public relations nightmare they are in. RT news, becoming every bit as laughable as Fox news lately, have poured the bull on so thick, one of their reporters quit this week, the second this year over allegations of propaganda news. Putin has stuck to his guns, blaming Ukraine but failing to explain why would Ukraine be firing at any planes when the rebels have no air force? Meanwhile, the rebels have shot down several this week. Right it was Ukraine (see sleepy eyes again). This has led the UK, France and Germany to demand more sanctions against Russia, something the US has wanted for some time. Because of Putin's attitude to all of this, some in Europe are threatening to label Russia a "pariah" state, like Iran, which would devastate their economy. The fact that the BRICS are trying to start an alternate to the IMF and World Bank should not be lost on this either, as Putin's stance now damages their credibility. This is from David Cameron who said: "If President Putin does not change his approach on Ukraine, then Europe and the west must fundamentally change our approach to Russia." This may be a game changer, just like Hamas' recent overreach that could even make things better. Go figure a warlord and a bunch of terrorists may be the best hope for mankind. So congratulation Putin, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, July 18, 2014


I usually don't write on Friday's unless something big is occurring. And a couple things are bothering me, one pure conjecture, the other a definitive load of nonsense.

Let's start with conjecture. Right now, Occum's Razor suggests that the downing of a Malaysian Airline was done by an inexperienced rebel group with Russia to blame. However, the Sherlock Holmes rule of logic suggests that there may be more to this story than just that. It is beyond coincidence that at the same exact time Russia starts flexing it's muscle on the world stage with the new BRICS alliance set to seriously challenge the dollar's dominance, this happens. We just set new sanctions in place a day earlier because of this exact issue, and "fate" intervenes 24 hours later to prove their point. Tell me that isn't a little weird.

There's more. Yesterday, the MSM reported that Russia has attempted to insert a virus into the stock exchange to wreck havoc on us. This wasn't recent, but way back in 2010. Why are we just hearing about this now? This smacks of classic disinformation where stuff is made up to swing opinion one way or another. And why try to hurt the stock market in 2010 when it wasn't exactly doing too well as it was? Wouldn't you do it now when the damage would be much more severe, like now?  If the Russians tried to do this in 2010, it would have been the equivalent of trying to steal a wrecked car. That makes no sense. And if they did hit the stock market, it's all connected and they would have been just as hurt as us. Again, today, if they truly have the gold stockpile many think they do, they might be able to weather a crisis better than in 2010. This story stinks.

And then there is the possibility of this being a false flag, perhaps one even using that missing Malaysian plane that maybe isn't at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. For everyone who screams FALSE FLAG at the top of their lungs every time anything happens (see Mike Rivero or Alex Jones), this is what a real false flag would look like if this is indeed one, and again, that is more fantasy than fact at this point.

But for arguments' sake, we can see that if Obama wanted to screw over Putin, this worked well. Hypothetically, using the missing plane, that actually landed at the Diego Garcia, they waited for a moment to do the exact same thing to some other unsuspecting plane. There is the usual brand of confusion after such a disaster, such as who has the black boxes which everyone says they have or don't have, depending on the source. But one piece of data is that this plane was diverted over the war zone for unknown reasons. If this is true, it is telling. Could another Operation Northwoods have occurred where these two planes were switched, so that the one that took of from Holland was replaced with the one that allegedly crashed in the Indian Ocean? That does seem rather far fetched, I will admit. And then comes the question over what happened to that plane? Will it be found in the ocean a few months from now with an altered appearance and all the bodies kept in cold storage back inside? Most likely, this not what happened, but it is odd that two Malaysian planes go down under mysterious circumstances so close together. Of all the planes that could have been shot down, the odds that it would be a Malaysian flight is awfully suspicious. Conspiracy theories will abound after this, mark my words.

And then comes the latest housing news which is down almost 10% from this time last year. The Northeast and Midwest saw modest increases while the South and West nosedived. The reason economists say is because of, wait for it, too much rain. Nevermind the fact that places like California, which is dryer than Betty White, saw these same declines, doesn't seem to fend off the now ridiculous explanations for the third straight quarter. First it was the government shutdown, then the polar vortex, now because it was too damp. I can't wait to see wait they come up with next.

The housing market is plummeting due to the fact that skyrocketing prices, ala 2007, is pricing too many out of the market. When this reaches a tipping point, housing will fall again and take the stock market, which is also wildly overvalued according to almost every major Wall St player, with it.

I received an advert today, along with a bill for 6 grand for a divorce I never had, that said I could get a new car with an adjustable rate mortgage, just like the same scam that killed the housing industry, and which they also still doing. This is why when you hear them say the auto industry is doing gangbusters, remember that a lot of them are ARM, that will skyrocket upward when the rest of the world is falling apart. They are repos waiting to happen and I have first hand proof of it.

The world is falling apart. And the fact that we seem to be picking a fight with the rest of the world is telling. I do not think this latest thing was a false flag, but they certainly seem to be priming the hammer regardless for battle.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


In a classic case of overreach, hubris or just bad luck, the three mentioned in the title above are all about to have very bad day. The ground war I have been telling people was imminent in Gaza is now under way. Malaysia lost ANOTHER plane today as it was shot down over the Ukraine, most likely by pro-Russian separatists. And Vladimir Putin looks extra-douchey for arming retarded sheep farmers in the first place. No on is walking away from this unscathed.

Let's start with the freshest story, the attack on Gaza. I listened to many a pundit yesterday demonstrate their complete lack of knowledge about the situation when they kept insisting that Egypt would have to be careful not to piss off the public sympathetic to Hamas and the Palestinians. When protests arose, the new leader, General Sisi would have to respond. The only problem with that prediction is that ignored every piece of info out there right now. Egypt is becoming less militant Islamic by the second and with good reason. When the power was given to the extremists, under the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, things were even worse than under Mubarak to such an extent that the people overthrew him next. The end result is a very public souring on extremist views and, as a result, Hamas has become persona non grata.

According to The Washington Times, Egypt has become a whole lot less tolerant to these idiots as social media has increased awareness over how bad these groups really are. This is what they write about today:

Amira Seif El-Din, a 45-year-old housewife, said she is fed up with militants harming ordinary people to gain traction politically or spread dangerous ideologies that don’t represent Islam.

“Everybody in this region has paid [a] high price because of the spread of terrorism and extremism,” she said. “The problem is very deep.”

Samir Ghattas, director of the Middle East Forum for Strategic Studies, an Egyptian think tank, said that perspective is common in Egypt. Although the vast majority of Egyptians dislike Israel and sympathize with the Palestinians, they think Hamas is provoking the violence.

“Everybody here in Cairo and in many Arab cities knows that Hamas is behind this wave of violence in order to earn some sympathy,” Mr. Ghattas said.

In other words, Hamas crying foul one too many times may have finally let them be crushed by a world getting tired of their nonsense. Make no mistake over who the real victims are here and it is not the poor Palestinians who had their chance for peace. They choose war. Now they are going to see what hell really looks like.

Speaking of being in hell, I kind of doubt Putin doing any dancing anytime soon, not that that stick in the mud appears to be able to doing anything like that. Dumbass gave weapons of mass destruction to a bunch of uneducated dorks. What could possible go wrong? Oh that's right, you gave a Bak Missile launcher to the cast of Hee Haw. That'll work well.

So some yahoo decided a Malaysian airliner, which looks nothing like a fighter jet or cargo plane, fired a surface to air missile at the jet flying at 33,000 feet. I feel bad for the Malaysian Airline CEO who is having a really rough year. I imagine him going to the ringing phone in his office and thinking, "maybe it's something new about our missing jet," only to discover it's about another downed plane. Awesome. The stock for that company is going to be dog food at this rate.

The good news about this is that it makes pro-Russian separatists the bad guys now, which also makes one wonder about false flag potential, which we all know will be all over the Internet faster than a cute, cat video. If the US wanted to make the other side look bad, fire a Russian rocket from their territory at a civilian plane. But that is pure speculation and, most likely, not true.

Putin looks like a giant douchebag anyway you want to see it. With new sanctions being levied upon them, you have to wonder if the whole BRICS debacle going on right now isn't involved with this somehow. They push one way economically, we push back. Ultimately, I don't think there will be any winners in any of this as when push comes to shove, someone is going to kill someone else and then all hell is going to break loose.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


If the news were any darker, it would be a black hole. It has surpassed tragedy to become a twisted parody of itself that is actually funny. I laugh harder at the news than most sitcoms these days as I cannot believe the amount of nonsense being thrown at us, which it seems a lot of you out there are buying into it. Readers of this site are more like me I suspect and see the fallacy that has now become our government, our corporations, our media, and everyone else. Three groups right now are doing their best to end the world and should be singled out for their dangerous stupidity.

Let us start with the news everyone knows, everyone expects, which is the semi-annual Palestinian/Israeli war which starts every couple years, a bunch of people die, nothing is resolved and the whole thing is repeated ad nauseam. This time is no different, except that it really is. Everyone sees this as the same old/same old, but the circumstances have changed and Hamas is in a bad spot right now, even if no one else sees it.

Hamas has unwisely turned down a peace plan because they started this whole thing, and now in exchange for them stopping it, they want something in return. Who would possibly do that? Oh that's right Obama. And Reagan. And Bush, both of them. What the hell is wrong with this country? What part of you never negotiate with terrorists except under extreme circumstances do they not get? Israel is not stupid enough to fall for this, unless the West starts leaning on them to, which is entirely possible. But I don't think Netanyahu will simply because the odds are in his favor now. Syria is busy with their own civil war. Jordan and Egypt are out of any sort of military action, as Jordan broke ties with that whole debacle after they got tricked into entering the Six Days War, sending only token troops for the Yom Kippur War to save face with the Arab world. In the Six Day War, Jordan got to the battlefield to find, not a defeated Israeli army as they had been told, but a destroyed Egyptian army and a pissed off bunch of Jews. Egypt is at war with the Muslim Brotherhood and have shut out Hamas by closing their borders, which is one of the demands Hamas has made to Israel, like they have any power over another country.

The end result of Hamas demanding the release of their people captured by Israel and the opening of the Egyptian border is an overplaying of their hand and will now result in the deaths of hundreds, perhaps even thousands of their own people. Worse, people now see Hamas as the aggressor who slapped away a peace plan, which is the millionth time they have done such a thing with little consequences. But the law of unintended consequences may have finally caught up to them and they may pay a lethal price. If Israel invades, and chances are very good at this point that they will, a lot of Palestinians, mostly innocent civilians and children, are going to die and it will be all Hamas' fault. Remember that when they keep bringing up the unequal death toll as to who is really responsible for their demise.

Then we have the anti-abortionists who, like or not, are advocating the extinction of mankind. Fighting against contraception and abortion is one of the most evil things that can be preached and for some inane reason, the most religious are the morons screaming the loudest about it. Do the want to the world to end so badly? There are way too many people on the planet and we are doing literally nothing to stop it. Hell, we have fertility clinics which should be outlawed tomorrow. How come people aren't picketing churches for their asinine belief in overpopulation that will kill us all? Why aren't screaming idiots outside fertility clinics shoving pictures of starving children and a dying environment to people who want a litter if kids all at once? Why is that so acceptable?

By the way, just flipping through the Bible the other day I came across a passage in Exodus 21:22 which states unequivocally that a fetus is not a person. Here is the closest passage I could find online to mine that is a direct translation from the Greek and Aramaic:

 If men quarrel, and one strike a woman with child, and she miscarry indeed, but live herself: he shall be answerable for so much damage as the woman's husband shall require, and as arbiters shall award.

In other words, the fetus is PROPERTY, not a separate entity according to the same book which states several times that life begins at breath. So how does the Catholic Church explain this problem away? Simple, they changes the wording. Here's how many Bibles have that same passage:

If people are fighting and hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman's husband demands and the court allows.

Notice how fetus becomes premature birth, even though that is not what the original Dead Sea Scroll said. They changed the tense, which they do A LOT in the Bible, so that dead baby become premie baby. But that is nor the original intent and all of these mouth breathers screaming about abortion don't seem to realize that their own religion is wrong on the subject.

Megyn Kelly tried to refute Jon Stewart and others like him, me included albeit nor directly, by suggesting the Hobby Lobby was well within their rights to deny coverage of things they felt were abortion. Only their aren't. And when Kelly tried to reverse that as well she basically proved her own ignorance but not understanding what the legal definition of abortion is, which is NOT caused by any of the four items Hobby Lobby didn't want to provide. She brought up the FDA's report and then misread what was right in front of her, misleading people into believing her nonsense. This is why people are so stupid lately. For the love of God, walk away from Fox news already.

And then there is the BRICS, the unholy alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, who have decided to form their own version of the World Bank and the IMF to rival US and EU influence. There is a distinct possibility that these countries could be the next world power and drive the dollar our of existence which we are doing to ourselves. China is buying up our homes, destabilizing our housing market. They are subsidizing their work force to undercut foreign competitors, which is destroying the economic base of this country through simple greed. China is poised to become the next world power and soon, possibly by the end of the year. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by failing to do anything that would create jobs, fix anything or even accomplish the smallest feat lately, which is why I laugh so hard at the news. It's better than crying.


Monday, July 14, 2014


John Kerry was, without a doubt, the worst human I ever voted for president. I really didn't like him, and I absolutely hated John Edwards, whose history would prove me right about his phoniness. But the alternative was four more years of George Bush and, under those circumstances, anyone was better than that. But it didn't turn out that way, and it didn't need to be. Just like Al Gore before him when the Supreme Court gave W. the presidency (which was suspect in and or itself as several of the judges should have recused themselves as they had a vested interest in a Bush win), Kerry took the 2004 loss with no protest, again for "the good of the country."

Many don't know this because our MSM spent no time reporting on the fact that Ohio was stolen for Bush and several people went to jail over it. In Cuyahoga County, Ohio alone, 250,000 illegal votes were discovered, 100% of them for Bush. That alone was enough to tip the election for W., and after it was discovered, a few people went to jail because of it. Also, in that same county, 3% of votes were "lost," all of which were in black neighborhoods. It also didn't help that the owner of the electronic voting machines in Ohio promised Bush a win which isn't suspicious in the slightest. And then there were the exit polls, which in nine states were wildly different than the actual outcome, and all of which went to Bush. And what did John Kerry do about what appeared to be blatant voter fraud?

He quit. What a loser.

So now, Colonel Lurch is off to Afghanistan to investigate alleged voter fraud in the Afghani elections. Well, I guess he would be an expert wouldn't he? But if past actions are any indicator, Kerry will show up, talk for seventeen straight hours (my Lord, that man never seems to shut up and one of the worst traits for the highest ambassador in the country), find nothing wrong and go home. At least that seems to be his MO.

And now is trying to negotiate a peace deal between the Israelis and Hamas. The only problem with that is, the US has no vested interest here and no power to make any deal stick. Even worse, both sides have unequivocally said the same thing: BUTT OUT! I don't know how many times I have to say this but you cannot make peace with people who want you dead. The Palestinians have had ample time to ask for a peace deal and get almost everything they want. But as they seem bent on eliminating Israel, which is never going to happen, they are begging for genocide instead.

It didn't help that for some inane reason, Kerry thought he get the two sides to talk these past few years and spent 11 trips watching the whole thing fall apart because neither side was serious about negotiations at this point. You can't force people to stop killing one another unless other force is available and the US is fresh out of military solutions.

If you want the bloodshed to stop, first, Hamas has to stop firing rockets into Israel. Until that happens, there will be no peace. Period. Hamas killed the three teens that started all this and who seem to have been forgotten. Hamas is firing rockets from civilian locations into civilian locations. Israel is bending over backwards to keep casualties to a minimum. Who is really to blame here?

Yes, innocents are dying. That is what happens in war. In actuality, we have been so risk adverse to civilian casualties, we haven't really won a war since WW2. You cannot win a war, if the public is still fighting you. There was a good reason we saw neither the Germans nor the Japanese fight the occupations of Russian and US troops after the war. They had had enough. Until you make the public suffer a little too, the fight will go on. That's war, like it or not.

The sad part is that some are blaming Kerry for this latest spat and they are not entirely wrong. Kerry went in saying they were close to a breakthrough several times which was a total lie. In true idiot fashion, they left the tough questions like the right to return and the division of Jerusalem until the end when, ultimately, no one could agree on a path forward and talks ended. If you want make a deal, you have to start with the hard stuff first and work backward. Otherwise, the end result is always failure and with Kerry at the helm, that was a foregone conclusion.

Because of that, hostilities increased and now here we are, steps away from yet another Middle East war that would be far more frightening if Syria and Egypt weren't busy with their own thing. Only Lebanon and Iran pose any threat and even Iran has other fish to fry right now. Israel could knock out both Gaza and Lebanon and still be home for dinner.

The point of all of this is John Kerry should come home and help with the countless, and seemingly endless, problems we have here. His discussions with the GOP can't go any worse than with the Palestinians, who I fear are perhaps hours away from a serious butt kicking. Stop siding with terrorists, guys. The end result will be your destruction.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


There was really no question this week who the winner was going to be so let's see those runner ups. If the column seems shorter than usual it is because I accidently erased almost the entire thing due to the fucking touchpad which keeps accidently erasing my work. Fuck the asshole who invented this worthless piece of shit.

1)The dick who invented the touchpad- Whoever he might be, because it is impossible to turn off completely for some reason thus leading to accidental erasing of my work, I hope he gets ass cancer. I loathe the touchpad.

2)Hillary Clinton- This gas bag just won't shut up. God help us if she becomes the nominee. In order to justify her hundred million in the bank, she said this week she would be donating her recent speaking fee to charity. Her charity of course. I have done countless stories about how a lot of charities spend less than 10% of the raised money on their said cause and use their rest for personal use. Hers may be no different. Either way, I want Liz Warren to run, not her.

3)The Supreme Court- In less than 24 hours after two rulings, everything that was meant to protect people went belly up, as many had predicted, me included. The buffer zone around abortion clinics did not produce the "peaceful approachment" the entire court had suggested, but instead has led to screamers inches from workers and patients faces. Someone is going to get shot and the blood will be wholly on the entire Supreme Court's head. Then less than 24 hours after the Court ruled that corporations are people with religious rights, a dozen companies filed suit to end ALL birth control because they didn't want to pay for it, I mean "religious beliefs." These morons are killing us.

4)Government and weed- If anyone wants to see how government can screw things up royally, look no further than weed legalization. The brainpowers in Washington state didn't hire enough growers due to nothing more than rank incompetence and greed. The end result is weed selling for $700 an ounce which must have the local dealers squealing in glee as they can undercut the price by 50%. It's like no one who runs a business or is in office has any idea how an economy works. RI legalized medical marijuana six years ago and still have nothing. MA has ZERO pot for medicine shops in either Boston or Worcester. I want to slap people sometimes for their rank stupidity. What part of this could save our economy by providing good jobs and much needs tax revenue are they not getting?

5)Michelle Leonhart- Speaking of stupid people, this head of the DEA may just take the cake. She publically admonished Obama when he said weed was less dangerous than alcohol, then proceeded to put out every single bit of reefer madness-like nonsense she could find. When she said publically there was "no evidence that weed has medicinal value," means she either can't read or is bought and paid for by corporations that do not want legal weed, like tobacco, beer and, especially, Big Pharma. I can give her hundreds of peer reviewed studies that decimate her objections. Lately, she is floundering with people that would normally support her. At a recent conference of national Sheriffs, she was booed off the stage when asked about pot, to which she replied absolute nonsense, that even cops didn't buy it. She got a standing ovation when she left, simply for leaving. 42,500 signed a petition afterward demanding her resignation. Ouch. Even worse, the DEA confiscated 250 pounds of hemp seed from a Kentucky business, leading Mitch McConnell to rebuke her on the Congress floor. So cops and Republicans think she is an idiot; yet another leftover from the Bush administration that is screwing us long after he has left office.

6)Sirius radio- This week the struggling paid radio format may have been dealt a death blow when they fired popular radio host Anthony Cumia, of the Opie and Anthony show, for a tweet about being attacked by a black woman. Nevermind the fact that nothing he said was racist or on the air, they got their panties in a bunch before anyone said boo about it, and fired him. The end result was a drop in their stock of 2% the next day, the cancellation on 16,000 subscribers (at a cost of $3 million dollars) and a boycott of Sirius advertisers that almost 70,000 signed in support and may have led to the Dow dropping on Monday. Cumia has vowed never to return and will instead do a paid for podcast, the new age of radio. Way to shoot yourselves in the foot guys. You better hope Howard Stern doesn't retire any time soon, like 2015 when his contract expires. If he does, you're eight track tapes.

7)Sarah Palin- This waste of space recently blamed Obama for the border crisis, conveniently ignoring the fact that almost all of this lies at the feet of Bush and the current GOP congress. But the piece de resistance is her call for Obama's impeachment over this and declaring that any Republican that doesn't advocate this will not get her support in 2016. Yeah, that'll work. If I were running on the GOP ticket, I would want her and the other crazies from the right far, far from me. This woman is stupid. Face it right wingers.

8)Britany Spears- This woman is incredibly hot. It is the ONLY reason she ever got signed because she can't sing, dance or act. A new leaked video of her in the recording studio, minus auto-tune, demonstrated how off-key she is. Horrific as a matter of fact. Studio heads came to her defense, saying she was "warming up," but the damage had already been done. This is one act that needs to go away and she can take Justin Bieber with her.

9)Ronald Lee Haskell- This fat Louis CK look alike douchebag shot his estranged wife's sister and her entire family in Texas this week. His fifteen year old niece survived being shot and helped identify Haskell before he could kill anymore family members. The problem here is how did this fat fuck get a gun in the first place? He had a history of violence, restraining orders and other factor that should have made him ineligible. But thanks to places like Texas and the NRA, loopholes exist to further allow numnuts to get their hands on things they shouldn't. I am not for a lot of gun control but keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists, criminals and the mentally ill shouldn't be controversial.

10)Hamas- I am sick and tired about hearing about the Israeli "occupation," and those poor Palestinians. Yes, Israel has stepped up attacks on Hamas, and with good reason, and most of the land gains are done for security reasons. But, let's be fair and acknowledge that in previous peace deals, most of that would have been given back. But every single peace deal has been scuttled by the Muslims not budging an inch on any of their demands. Yassir Arafat was given 90% of what he wanted and he still turned it down. It's like dealing with the GOP. Unless they get everything, they won't be happy and they are willing to demonize the other side as unwilling to negotiate. Hamas killed three innocent teens, which everyone seems to have forgotten, which led to all of this. Hamas is firing rockets from public places, so civilian casualties are a certainty, into public places across the  border (a double war crime as well), while the Israelis have done everything to alleviate civilian deaths, yet they are somehow still the bad guys. Hamas is a terrorist organization people. They are not our friends. Israel is. Stop aiding and abetting the enemy. If the Palestinians really want peace, elect people who are for peace. Only then, will the blood shed stop.

11)John Boehner and the GOP- I have seen it all now. This week, Tom Coburn, John McCain and John Boehner made complete asses of themselves that no reasonable person could stomach. All three had the gaul to make Obama the only person to blame for the border crisis, even though he has publically done everything a President can do to fix things only to have the GOP throw it back into his face. The only thing they can ask is why he hasn't put out the National Guard, which was done for purely political purposes, but that's it. He asked Congress for more money for judges, facilities and border guards. Boehner refused to bring it up for a vote, even though there are more than enough votes to pass it. WHAT A DICK! And then to stand up in front of the American people and blame Obama for everything is just too much. Obama has said he cannot deport these kids back due to a law Bush signed in 2008, which the GOP happily supported. Obama has said he will repeal the law if it ever gets to his desk but Congress, specifically the House, has done nothing so far. Yet it is all Obama's fault. Coburn, during hearings, actually asked why the president wasn't doing anything and then complained about the bill in front of him daring to ask money to fix it. So you want the problem fixed but want to spend nothing on it? That epitomes the GOP in a nutshell right now. So congratulation John Boehner and the rest of the GOP for the buffoons they are. You are indeed douchebag of the week.