Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We deserve whatever crap is coming our way because this world is heading straight for an totally avoidable catastrophe. Yes, the Democrats also get their fair share of the blame for not nominating Bernie Sanders who would be 100 point ahead by now and, most likely, running all 50 states blue. Instead, the DNC cheated and we got Hillary who is just not likable enough apparently, because if you can't bury someone like Trump after last night's dismal performance, there is a solid chance you could lose in November.
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Trump gave, without a doubt, the single worst performance on a debate stage that I have ever seen. He was petulant, rude, condescending, and worst of all, totally fact free. Almost nothing he said last night was true. He sniffled like a coke fiend. He showed a complete lack of knowledge about the smallest issue. He was beyond NOT presidential.

Yet, all the on-line polls say Trump killed it last night. REALLY???!! In what universe was that acceptable behavior for a world leader? Do you hate Hillary so much that this is what you want to kill us all? Apparently so, because her numbers continue to sink today, but that is before what I hope will be a post debate bounce. I am concerned about this, but there is some good news that can be delved from this.

First off, focus groups overwhelmingly said Clinton won. However, she didn't do well enough to convince more than a handful to vote for her. Trump, saw no growth on ANY focus group, so he didn't do himself any favors last night either. Fact is, people hate both of these losers and that is not going to change. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to sit this one out which bodes very badly for Hillary because she needs those votes more than Trump, who has all the enthusiasm going his way, party due to outlets like Fox News and partly because Hillary is still a terrible candidate.
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But not last night where Hillary was poised, fresh and strong. Her answers were for the most part accurate and on point, of the exact opposite of the orange nightmare way too many people identify with. She was funny, for her, something her programming just won't accept, but she at least tried last night.

Most importantly, she looked presidential while he looked like a buffoon, a factor the utter morons in America cannot see. These are the people who should not be voting, as apparently they suck at it. Trump was awful in ways unheard of in debates. If it was a fight, they would have thrown in the towel by ten o'clock. He started good but he looked like he was ready for nap time by the half way point. And was he sick? Coked up? What was with all the sniffling? It was gross and off putting.

Hands down, Hillary won this debate but is it enough? I am unsure because at this point, the election is about 50/50 which way it will go, and the numbers keep dropping for her. Both Democratic and Republican voters say they want them to go after each other harder which means last night's blood bath is going to get bloodier. Can Hillary right this ship? Will stupid people wake up and realize they are voting away our democracy? Hillary may not be great but she is better than what we saw last night. Deal with it and vote correctly. Otherwise, we are going to see the same policies that made the economy go belly up, only this time far, far worse.
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Vote Hillary 2016. You do not have any other choice as the alternative will 100% kill us all. Wise up morons.

Monday, September 26, 2016


It's getting harder and harder to defend a group of assassins when they keep getting caught shooting unarmed black men over and over while planting evidence, all of which is caught on tape while our beyond worthless media (except MSNBC which did an EXCELLENT job on this story go figure) ignores the facts and what the videos show. In just the last week we had two cops arrested for shootings go wrong, both of which video was the only reason they ever saw justice, while another video shows serious questions as to the validity of the police story and, again the strong possibility of planted evidence, which I have looked at personally and verified as accurate. Cops are not only killing black people, they would be getting away with it if video taken by witnesses didn't exist. ANY interaction with a cop for any reason should be filmed as they have proven beyond a doubt they CANNOT be trusted anymore and that is a very bad thing. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Anthony Wiener- The fact his last name is Wiener cannot be lost on how ironic that is. Dumbass got caught again for at least the third time sexting pics, this time to an underage girl. He could and should face charges for this but as our legal system seems only to lock up poor people anymore, I expect him to slide to further demonstrate how not free you are anymore if you are not in the top 1%. As a result however, he did lose his job as a columnist for a newspaper so he didn't get away scot-free.

9)Deutsche Bank- The stock market is dropping today solely because this major bank appears to be on the verge of collapse. They got crushed in the derivative market by falling energy stocks, which this site has been warning about for some time, and also face a huge penalty from the US who are demanding $14 billion for wrong doing in the 2008 financial crisis, which as of now, the beleaguered bank is refusing to pay, most likely because they don't have the funds. Germans are saying "don't panic, everything's fine" and "this is nothing like Lehman Brother," when in reality this is huge problem that could take down world markets if they default on trillions in derivative losses. Pray this doesn't happen until after the election or Hillary Clinton and Obama will get all the blame, even though the Bush administration is the one who got this ball rolling and it is still crushing villagers.

8)Mitch McConnell- Talk of a government shutdown looms again because McConnell is either and idiot or he really hates Trump and wants him to lose. A government shutdown may happen because a spending bill has to be passed by the end of the week and instead have a scorched earth tactic that would end any hope for Republicans in the next election. They would get burned when people found out the idiotic reasons they decided not to pass this, including funding for Flint, Michigan so they can drink untainted water and a ban on Syrian refugees which would turn off democratic votes and any chance of the White House. I feel confident they will pass a short term bill and punt this down the road which what happens every time and nothing gets solved.
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7)Ahmed Khan Rahami- Thank God Muslim terrorists are usually morons. This guy proved not only a terrible bomb maker, as three of his four devices fizzled, he did all this in the most heavily filmed area on Earth. To make matters worse for him, the one device that did go off, he placed in such an area to do the least amount of harm except to the poor dumpster he placed it next to which is now scarp metal. He might as well have done it on live TV with his driver's licence plastered in his shirt. There are 8000 cameras that he was caught on. They followed him to his car, got his info from that, as well as the fingerprints he left behind and personal cell phone which was attacked to an unexploded device. He also had no place to hide and was found sleeping in a doorway near his home. A special douchebag alert from the three idiots, two of which found a duffel bag, removed the bomb and took the luggage, perhaps inadvertently disarming it and another guy caught on tape KICKING the bomb, unknowingly that a bomb was in there. Helpful hint to everyone out there. If you see abandoned luggage, don't think "free stuff" or "let's see how hard I can kick this," because it could be the last thing you ever do. All three are very lucky to be alive.

6)War drums everywhere- The world seems to be headed for what will be our last war. North Korea is threatening everyone as usual as their neighbor to the south says they are ready to assassinate Kim Jung Un at any time. Pakistan and India and primed and ready to go to war over Kashmir for the umpteenth time after an unprovoked attack which killed 18 Indian soldiers by what they say were "Pakistani solders." This is bad as both countries unwisely have nukes, as does North Korea, which Donald Trump wants to allow further proliferation into areas like Japan and Saudi Arabia. Syria continues to spiral out of control with the end of the cease fire, and a war crime attack on an aid convoy by either Syrian or Russian forces which is further inflaming tensions. If we get Donald Trump with these kinds of issues, he will kill us all.

5)Mall Shooters/stabbers- There has been a spate of these over the last few days, none of which appear to be terrorism which is odd. The first was committed by a Muslim, Arcan Cetan, but appears to be more a nutjob than terrorist whose neighbors describe him as "creepy" and a "bully." He had an extensive record for attacking his stepfather, a DUI and pot possession. He was also not supposed to own a gun, per judge's order, and we can all see that didn't go over well after he killed five people. In Boston, seven people were stabbed in the trendy theater district (which I was at this weekend a few hours before this took place) in some sort of mass melee. And now today in Houston, a disgruntled lawyer shot up his former law firm injuring nine. What is going on that is causing people to snap? Oh that's right it an election year with two horrific candidates and the world is going to hell. I am surprised this isn't happening hourly at this point.
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4)Voters- Most people are morons apparently. I get why some people will vote for Trump over Hillary which is her own worst enemy. What I don't get is the idea that putting the same crappy Republicans (and some Democrats) who have done nothing to help anyone besides themselves back into office. How dumb are you if Schultz, Portman, Toomey and Rubio win, all of whom have been a drag on society? How is Ayotte ahead in NH? If we give the Senate, the House and the White House to Republican, with Trump in office, this country will end because last time they had all this power, they broke the world. No one seems to remember the past, especially younger voters who have no sense of history and have no recollection of what happened in Florida when people protest voted against Gore, who ran an equally lousy campaign for some inane reason. This will come down to whether people who don't usually vote come out for Trump versus Hillary's ground game in getting people to the polls. It is going to be close folks.

3)Hillary Clinton- Big night for her so she better be attached to an IV beforehand and chugging cough medicine like it's water. Any sign of weakness will be dissected ad naseum and a new video is sure to add to the fire. In it, she gingerly walks down the stairs, notices the reporter and immediately changes demeanor to bound down the stairs. In tonight's debate, she should run out and start doing jumping jacks. She has to attack a lot without looking snarky or being too wonkish, while doing her best to dig at Trump's ego. She is falling behind in the polls and early voting in Florida has her behind, which is not good because that never happens, literally. This is her last chance to prove to the US she has what it takes. Good luck.
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2)Trump- Chances are quite good, Trump is not only going to suck tonight, he may permanently damage his brand if things go poorly. Practice is key in these debates, as both W and Obama found out after dismal performances in their debates, Now mind you they both won, but both were also actually President at the time. A bad debate can sink you, regardless of the media downplaying that for some inane reason. If he shows he has no idea what he is talking about, it will not play well across the nation. If he loses his temper, he's done. Hillary has been practicing and say what you want about her, she is very good at this. On top of this, Trump has demonstrated a lack of knowledge on what a blind trust is after saying his kids will run his foundation if he wins which is NOT a blind trust. These are the same kids, particularly serial killer in training Don Jr. who made a terrible reference to Syrian refugees and skittles and then went on to also show he has no idea what a blind trust is either when questioned by George Stephanopolous and saying his father would have no idea what was being done with the company as he would "never talk about it with him. Trust me." Right. I'd sooner trust a rabid pitbull with my balls.
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1)The Charlotte Police Department (and cops in general)- Incompetence is rampant in the Charlotte police department, led by the truly incompetent Chief Kerr Putney, who should have been fired by now for gross incompetence, and possibly covering up a murder by his police force. After the suspicious death of an "armed" black man, many questions have been discovered. First off, the way the shooting went down is suspicious as they were there for another arrest warrant and for some reason decided to pick on this guy instead. Allegedly they saw him rolling a pot joint and brandishing a gun which would be rather hard to see either as he was sitting in his car at the time. Why that would matter as pot shouldn't be illegal in the first place and there is no way they would have seen the gun in his car, makes this story suspicious. Video taken by his wife strongly suggests the gun was planted as video clearly shows the gun being thrown to the ground by a cop after the shooting, a gun that wasn't there when the shooting ended. The edited video released by the police after much hair pulling didn't show much, but one does show that there does not appear to be a gun in his right hand, and unless he was carrying in his left for some stupid reason (the victim was indeed right handed) then the whole gun theory kind of falls apart. The fact that all the video isn't being shown suggests they fucked up and are trying to cover it up. This week at least four unarmed black men have been killed in a suspicious nature In two of those cases, arrests of the cops were made, both of which said they "feared for their lives." But video taken did not support those allegations and in the case of the St Louis shooting, which took place in 2011, film just surfaced showing a cop planting the gun causing his arrest. In Baltimore an 18 year old black man, either having a break down or drug fueled problem, called the cops for help and was instead beaten to death. Here's a helpful hint, never call the cops unless it is the last resort. They are not here to help anymore but kill, especially if you are black. New data suggests a huge increase in cops killing black men, beyond even the population discrepancy. Yes more white people are dying, but we make up a greater percentage of the population so statistically you are four times more likley to be killed by a cop if you are black, a staggeringly high number and based on facts. The cops are out of control and it won't take much more before cops are getting shot in mass numbers. Now in cases like Tulsa, OK, those cops did everything right. They released all the video right away, did a quick investigation, and arrested the idiot cop who never should have been one in the first place as she was way too trigger happy. Charlotte, NC however have done the exact opposite causing deaths and riots they are responsible for. That town deserves better so congratulations Kerr Puntey and the Charlotte police department you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


The attacks in Charlotte have exposed two ultimate truths: black people are super racist against white people and cops have lost the faith of a lot of communities and not without good reason. Attacks on white people can no longer be swept under the rug by a less than truthful MSM as a white reporter was viciously attacked on LIVE TV on CNN. It's kind of hard to ignore that and that was one of at least four separate videos showing gangs of black people beating the hell out of white people, solely because of their skin color, including two young white girls in Sacramento. How is that NOT RACISM?
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We also have videos of the Charlotte victim's brother calling white people "devils," as well as some of the rioters (not protesters as the MSM has been labeling them) actively saying they want to attack some white people because they are white. Please remind me when the last video surfaced of white people doing ANY of these things on a large scale? Oh that's right, it doesn't exist because 90% of white people aren't racist and those that are, we don't put up with. There is no mainstream music in White America that routinely talks about killing black people. The same cannot be said of the reverse which sometimes has racist elements that are not only are not vilified but embraced.

This is all very bad because it's going to make even more white people vote for Trump and as bad as Hillary would be for the black community, I hope you guys like slavery part 2 because this ass will make it happen. If there was ever someone who will do whatever he can to be a dictator, Trump fits the bill and know he has zero love for the poor, black community who he will just as soon use shock troops to put down violence at the drop of a hat. Think what is happening now times ten thousand. A lot of you will die. This is what your actions are going to unleash.

It doesn't help that way too many of you come in to steal whatever you can, further reinforcing the idea that black people are savages that have no place in society. Then you wonder why you have to drive sixteen miles to get to a pharmacy or grocery store. No one is going to stay in an area where crime is rampant and the store gets burned down every few years. Insurance rates alone will cripple them.
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All of this is happening because trigger happy cops are killing black people will impunity. Way too few seem to go to jail and that is rightfully making the black community mental. The case in Tulsa presents a lot of problems, especially as the cop was a white woman. She says she "feared for her life," which may or may not be true but if it is maybe this is proof that some women shouldn't be cops. I do not understand why police don't have height and weight requirements as their job would seem to require a certain level of fitness and ability. This would also apply to all those tubby men who couldn't chase down a crippled suspect with lame leg if they tried. If a woman is the right size and shape and ability there is no reason she can't be a cop. But to change the assessment process to allow this to happen is dangerous and is happening across this country. Several firefighters I know are pissed that they had to allow women into their fire stations who were wholly unqualified to be firefighters as they couldn't pass the firefighter test, so in the spirit of PC garbage, they altered the test so they could pass. That makes little difference to the firefighter who dies because the woman he is partnered with can't lift a heavy beam off him. Either way, the Tulsa cop should be brought up on charges because there was no reason to shoot him.Why not taser him first like the other trigger happy cop did?

As for Charlotte, we have two stories, only one of which is true. Either black people are mistaken and he was holding a gun when cops killed him, or he was holding a book and police shot him stupidly. If cops are proven wrong, which I suspect is a stretch here, no word of any cop anywhere should be trusted again. However, if witnesses are mistaken, which in this case is the most logical reason, then black people need to shut the fuck up about what they saw anywhere, anytime because it never seems to be accurate. Mike Brown died because he was an idiot. There was no "hands up, don't shoot." Trayvon Martin was killed by a douchebag who was defending himself from an attack. Not every black person shot by cops is innocent. I would hastened to guess most are guilty but the police track record is spotty at best lately so there is that. Cops say they have a video of the incident. Release it already and stop your community from burning to the ground. Tulsa was smart and did it right away even though it made the cops look Keystone Cop-ish.
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I have had dealing with cops. Half have been no problem. The other half were giant assholes, several of which did things that would have resulted in arrest for most of us. And I am white. Imagine how black people feel about this.

Either way, black people better stop acting like racist douchebags which is becoming a major problem. We are better together than apart, a fact seemingly lost for the moment as racism is now spilling out everywhere. Stop the hate as you are playing right into the hands of the Powers That Be. Keep it up and we all suffer and no one wants that. Rich people are the enemy, not whites. Remember that please.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Revolution is coming people whether you want it or not. And make no mistake, that doesn't necessarily mean better things ahead. We will first either enter a period of true anarchy where tens of millions will die or we will be controlled by a super fascist state that monitors our every move and thought. The chances of those being the only two options are rapidly diminishing and we are at fault for not demanding more and when we don't get it, start non violent civil disobedience in mass numbers. Mass walkout from work, stoppage of all transit, and other forms of protest HAVE to happen, or in other words, this country need to get off it's lazy ass and DO SOMETHING!
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Is everyone out there deaf, dumb and stupid? It certainly seems that way whenever I see interviews at either rally where the absolute stupidity of the racist, homophobic, way undereducated Trump supporter to the elitist, snobby, way overeducated Hillary supporter spout unbelievable nonsense about some idiotic thing that is not real. We have gotten to a point that reality cannot be trusted and it is killing us. We lack any semblance of rational thought on a massive scale and it shows. It's how we would up with these two dipshits as president. Stupid people voted for these two. The Republicans have emerged as the Troglodyte party, filled with hatred, bitter resentment and, at best, a handful of IQ points. The Democrats are the Roman Senate wondering how Rome fell as they sat in their high towers, pondering the existence of it all while doing absolutely nothing to stop it. Is this the best we can do?

Trust in everything is gone and when it is, so goes society. Don't believe me? Let us go to Charlotte, NC where the first seeds of revolution are starting and not without good reason. According to police, a black man brandishing a gun was shot and killed outside of an apartment complex. The black community says all he had was a book and the police are covering this all up. Allegedly, there is footage of what happened by so far the police have inexplicably not released it. Guess what happened next? Rioting. Why? Because the black community doesn't trust the cops anymore. Why is it a Muslim terrorist can be taken into custody from NYC cops who are the worst shots on the planet but black people seem to get filled full of holes? This came hot on the heels of a much worse story which happened in Tulsa OK where an unarmed black man was shot for dubious reasons, the "I feared for my life" bullshit. In that case there was no gun so, fuck you Officer Betty Shelby, you should get a nice trial and a shitty jail cell. Guess you should have been a florist. But that is unlikely, thus black people rioting for a far less likely cover-up in NC.

But the problem here is cops are NOT trusted anymore. Protesters were caught on tape yelling the false rallying cry "Hands up, don't shoot," which never happened but cleverly followed that up with a chant of  "It's doesn't matter. They'll shoot you anyway," referencing the widely circulated taped of a black man lying on the ground with his hands up and still shot. As far as I can tell, that cop was never fired for his dumb ass move, which they all concede was just an "accident." Sure it was. Why are cops so trigger happy you ask? Because they are being trained poorly to react to everything as a threat which is not exactly a great idea for community building. If you see everyone as a criminal, you'll treat them as such. And it is showing. There are way too many cops who shouldn't be on the force but stay on because of their idiotic unions, the same ones that just endorsed Trump which should tell you loads about what kind of people cops are.

And that is just one example of society fraying fast at the edges. What about Wells Fargo? If you have money in that bank at all, along with Bank of America, Citibank or any other major bank, you are an asshole. You are funding these demons who are literally stealing everything they can from us and we say nothing. A hundred years ago if a bank tried this, they'd be out of business by noon. If they tried to stay open, people would have burned their buildings to the ground. Is it because they are more enlightened or are we just cowards who refuse to do even the slightest bit of protest by at least finding a different checking account with a credit union or small bank? We should all be PISSED at what they have done. Hillary sure wasn't which should tell you loads about her. Neither was Trump which was probably because this was above the first grade level of comprehension a majority of his supporters seem to have.
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This is why Hillary is losing. She won't take a firm stand on anything that effects the status quo. Her offerings are far too small to do much and people right now want big change and Trump does give us that. Unfortunately, his change will lead to a nuclear Armageddon as there is no way his temperament doesn't get us all killed by Labor Day. Her health still looks terrible, Trump won't release his taxes so we have no idea where he stands on anything and we as a people are left holding the bag. Two of the most secretive assholes are running for president and one of them is going to win, both of which fills my heart with dread. I wish I lived in an alternate universe where Bernie won and was running away with the election right now, which polls strongly suggest that is what would have happened.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Unlike films which seem to be getting worse and worse, TV is where all the talent goes. After a couple of rough seasons where stale ideas and worse writing doomed many a show before their second episode had ran, this year has a lot of promising ideas, where even most of the ones I think will fail or are not for me are at least different. Meanwhile the less than essential remake of Blair Witch and the Bridget Jones movie no one asked for tanked.
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BEST OF 2016:

5)The Good Place- Premiering tonight at ten, this comedy about a woman who dies and goes to Heaven, even though through a mix up, she was supposed to go the other direction. Turns out Heaven is a snotty, smart people only club where kindness and understanding can sometimes be in short supply until Kristen Bell's rebellious attitude shakes things up. Add Ted Danson as her "boss" to this Defending Your Life like movie and this could be a big winner for NBC.

4)Dirk Gently- Douglas Adams was best known for his Hitchhiker books but before he died way too young of over-exercising, came his final series about an existential PI. Widely considered unfilmable for years, Samuel Barnett, fresh off of Penny Dreadful, gets the starring role and the always fun to watch Elijah Wood as his partner promises to be either something brilliant or a giant train wreck. Either way, I am watching. This comes on BBC America in October.

3)Luke Cage- The Marvel TV series on Netflix have been my favorite shows for some time. Luke Cage premieres later this month and promises to continue their dominance. The black, indestructible super hero is going to be another notch on Netflix's belt of must watch series. Their pick ups have made them a major force and, as the Emmy's showed last night, capable of holding their own, even eclipsing network TV.

2)The Exorcist- This is one of my favorite films ever and almost literally vomited pea soup when I heard they were remaking this for TV. However, instead of just rehashing the whole Linda Blair storyline, they wisely decided to just do a different possession case with different people. That is a smart idea and now makes me want to watch, especially after people I know who saw the pilot say the first episode is quite good. Let's hope they can sustain that for however many episodes it is. Fridays at 9 on Fox.
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1)Westworld- I loved the original, the book it was based on and even the mostly crappy sequel and TV spin off. Yul Brenner was awesome and even though they didn't have a huge budget (Brenner recycled his exact same costume from Magnificent Seven), it worked well. Now comes the remake with a new concept of exploring AI and consciousness rather than robots running amok. Very timely and advance word is high. HBO has this next month. Don't miss it.

Honorable Mentions- Son of Zorn (very funny as I watched the pilot), American Housewife (I'd watch Katy Mixon read the phone book) and Designated Survivor (Jack Bauer as President? Yes please).

Worst of 2016-

5)Man With A Plan- Yet another generic sitcom where Matt LaBlanc becomes Mr. Mom. This idea is so lazy I am falling asleep writing this zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Unlikely to last. taking over the Monday slot when Big Bang goes back to Thursday. The Voice will kill this show stat.

4)Bull- I liked Micheal Weatherly from his last two shows Dark Angel and NCIS. Not so much this one about a celebrity lawyer sandwiched on Tuesday between the NCIS franchises. I hate lawyer and doctor shows for the most part just because they are all the same. If you do something different like Royal Pains or Suits, I watch. This looks like the same old stuff and I kind of doubt it will be a hit with TV audiences who will feel the same.
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3)This is Us- Not my kind of show at all as all I see is Mike and Molly, the drama. A show is about a group of people born on the same day which sounds weak and confusing. How do they all interact and why would they? And how come if someone like Callista Flockhart shows up and everyone screams about her being too skinny, that is fine but the morbidly obese actress Chrissy Wetz gets nothing? Too Fat is too fat and we shouldn't be normalizing such weight gain as normal anymore than anorexia should be celebrated. Being overweight should not be held against you. If you weigh more than the car you are riding in, you should. Lose some fucking weight. Chances are good NBC will be shedding this show quick.

2)Frequency- I hated this movie so much. Now some idiot decided a schmaltzy remake would be a great idea. CW is usually smarter than this but this show has little chance of succeeding and may only run it's first season through just because it is CW which has lower rating standards. The story about a woman this time (the movie was Dennis Quaid) talking to her dead father through the radio is never going to succeed.
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1)Notorious- Franco from Rescue Me and Annie from Covert Affars team up for the sure to be cancelled fiasco about a reporter and a defense attorney who team up to control the law and the news and probably should be in jail for doing either. Considering it will be airing it's first episodes versus Thursday Night football, it is unlikely to last until October. Watch it while you can if you like these two because it will be the first one the reaper will harvest this year.

Dishonorable mentions- Lethal Weapon, Pitch, the 24 reboot.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


The "good" news is Hillary is still ahead in the Electoral College and would probably win by about 40 votes. The bad news is the election is still months away and her numbers are in free fall at this point. Support from black people and the young are slipping and her health is the number one reason she may lose. If she had an ounce of intelligence she'd drop out today and have Bernie Sanders take her place but this woman is so determined to be president, she's willing to kill herself and take the country with her. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Ryan Locte- Just like Hillary Clinton, this ass doesn't know when to just go away. After making Americans look like douchebags worldwide with his drunken antics in Brazil, and instead of leaving the public eye for a short while, went right into Dancing with the Stars. This guy was so unliked a group of protesters tried to attack him live on air. That is hatred. Just go away and take our two presidential candidates with you.

9)Christiane Amanpour- I will admit CNN has actually gotten better recently. The are reporting real news on occasion, asking good questions about various issues and had the best reporting about this weekend's terrorist attacks across the nation, while Fox News inexplicably ran reruns. That being said, I am sick and tired of the news pretending Hillary being sick is a "conspiracy theory," which already blew up in the face before when her "allergies" turned out far more serious. This idiot played the sexism card which is so not the point. This has nothing to do with being a woman. It has everything to do with the president being up for the job, regardless of sex. This election can't end soon enough.

8)Katie Couric- It's been a bad week for female journalists. Couric is getting sued for 12 million dollars for a gun documentary that was deceptively edited. Couric asked gun owners what gun laws they would support and the film made it look like they had nothing to say. Raw footage showed they had plenty of good ideas. This is horrific on so many levels. Your job as a reporter is to report the news, not create it. Chances are quite good she is going to lose this case.
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7)The sugar industry- Just like every other BIG industry, recent documents show that the sugar industry bought off scientists to make bogus claims about sugar intake. This should be illegal because it is literally killing us. You have every right to fund science. You have NO right to dictate the outcome. That is fraud and should be a jailable offense.

6)Wells Fargo- The more things change, the more things stay the same. These fuckers stole customer money, paid a paltry fine for getting caught and the bigwigs responsible for it either kept their jobs (as 5200 others didn't) but also got a huge 124 million dollar payout for the executive in charge of all of this. No went to jail, no wrong doing was given, and nothing will change because it is far more profitable to rip people off when you know there will be a very small consequence.

5)North Carolina- The Republicans in this state seem to be trying to drive all business somewhere else. Their anti-transgender bathroom bill has cost them hundreds of million of dollars, hundreds of jobs (which will increase to tens of thousands when they lose their lawsuit), and now both the NCAA and ACA have pulled out of sporting events in the states, saying they do not support the anti-gay laws passed there. Recent polls show a huge group of losses for Republicans there, unlike the rest of the nation where Hillary's health scare has driven blue states toward the red.

4)Matt Bevin- This asshole is one of the worst governors in the country.  For the SECOND time, Bevin has said armed insurrection against the government may be the only way to save it should Hillary get elected. That is beyond dangerous telling a bunch of inbred gun owners that shooting a presidential candidate is the only way to save the world. For the second time in six months, calls for impeachment have arisen. This is our future. Kentucky voted in a dangerous lunatic just because he was a Republican. Hello, Trump. It is telling the first thing this dick did when he got into office is eliminate any investigative body to look at corruption at an executive level. Shocker.
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3)Terrorism- This weekend a pipe bomb exploded on the Jersey Shore during a road race for Veterans, two pressure cooker bombs in NYC were found, one dud, one that wounded dozens and a Muslim idiots who went on a stabbing spree in MN before being taken out by an off duty cop with his personal gun. So much for that idiotic statement that no attack has been stopped by a civilian with a gun, which has happened at least 13 times over the last ten years. While there is no proof yet the NYC bombing is Muslim extremists, chances are pretty good it was. And the fact that all three happened on the same day suggests a co-ordinated attack. Mark DeBlasio is being rightfully vilified by the press for not saying this was an act of terrorism, which it obviously was. If this continues, expect two things: A lot of dead, innocent Muslims and President Trump.

2)Donald Trump- He did not have a great week, but is gaining ground because no one believes Hillary is all right. However he did suggest another weird Matt Bevin-like comment of having Hillary's bodyguards disarm because she is against the 2nd amendment (which she isn't). He then tricked reporters into coming to his new hotel where he spent thirty minutes fawning over before declaring that Obama was born in this country and that Hillary started the whole debate in the first place, for which there is NO truth to. Behind the scenes rumors states Trump was livid over the fact that all the stuff about his hotel was deleted from the TV Newscasts and that his ending the birther debate wasn't handled better, His numbers are rising people. Worry.
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1)Hillary Clinton- All the polls want change. Big Change. And Hillary isn't that and this might be enough to make her lose. Because she has NO real reason for being president rather than her own selfishness, voters are taking notice. She has no bold policy changes which is what voters are demanding, no ability to connect with voters on the campaign trail and no explanation as to why they hid her illness for so long, even after everyone knew she was sick. Because of this, black people and the young are fleeing her in droves, to either Trump or a third party, a dangerous scenario for her. I don't know who is advising her but it isn't working. She needs to release every health record she could get a hold of, hold a press conference that goes on for days if necessary, and make some new policy changes like ending the drug war, fixing drug prices, going after Wall St, or any other progressive action that will win her some votes. The small stuff she is suggesting isn't enough and voters realize that. The fact she looks like death warmed over all the time now doesn't bode well either. So congratulations Hillary for sinking the planet for your own greed and power mad status. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


What a fucked up this week has been. Hillary may have fatally destroyed her candidacy simply by being a pathological liar who is simply incapable of telling the truth. Had the Republicans run a Mitt Romney type against her, she would be down double digits by now. But because her opponent is a crazy orange snow cone, all bets are off still. Hell, Hillary still has a slight edge to win which is loony tunes all by itself.
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Let's start with Hillary and her health. The fact she lied about it is the worst thing about all of this. For a woman with a penchant for lying, not telling the American people you're sick, especially as rumors about your ill health have circled for years, is a recipe for disaster. Now, when you say you have "pneumonia," no one believes you. And why would they. If she does have pneumonia, a diagnosis I admit is kind of hard to believe, then she has had it for since January when she had a coughing fit during a rally for Jewish voters. That's a long time to have pneumonia.

Many have claimed a body double left after her being rushed to her daughter's apartment, which is a problem that the MSM seems incapable of doing more than laughing off, the same thing they did about health concerns that now appear to be real. Some of it is nonsense. There are secret service agents around her, not missing as some have claimed. Likewise, claims she got thinner or younger as some claimed appear photoshopped and others are just different resolutions. However, there are two things that bother me about this. One, her purse is on the wrong side. That is near impossible as I have talked with nearly a dozen women and not one wears their purse on alternate shoulders. It feels weird. So why is Hillary wearing her's on a side no previous photo has? The other is her wedding ring. The possibly fake Hillary appears to be wearing a different ring. Why? Who wears different wedding rings? These two facts make me question the official story and why not as they lie constantly.
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Then there is this. Why does no video exist showing her entering the building. No one noticed her as there was a busy coffee shop directly opposite the entrance. No one noticed a huge security detail and the former first lady? Please. And why was she taken there in the first place. SS regulations state emphatically that ANY serious medial issue and the candidate goes to the nearest hospital. Why this break in protocol? Is there anything to the fact that this building may have a secret medical facility? And why would you have one of these of you didn't have something to hide?

Many want to know who the mysterious woman with Clinton is giving her what appears to be a neurological test. It sure looks like one and I have had tests like that in the past when I was deathly ill. Why is the press not asking about this as there is PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF OF IT?  You cannot scream "conspiracy theory" when there is hard proof about what others are suggesting!

Then we have Trump, who today copped out completely on Dr. Oz when he gave NO further medical info as he had been touting. To be fair, Trump's medical health is far less worrisome than Hillary as he has no record of serious conditions, something the Hillary camp cannot say. There was an odd tweet by a Newsweek reporter that suggested Trump had a nervous breakdown in the 90's and was hospitalized, but no proof of this exists. Dirty trick maybe to get people talking about something other than Hillary passing out perhaps?

Far worse are his upcoming trials for rape of a 13 year old and fraud for Trump U. He is also being investigated for charity fraud as well by the NY AG. Newsweek just put out a story saying the reason he is not putting out his tax returns, a huge red flag, because it will show how his fingers are in lots of countries and how his presidency may impact his earnings. Is it not feasible that Trump may do things not for the national interest but his own?
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The end result is that both of these people SHOULDN'T be running. One appears to be at death's door opening the possibility Hillary may not make it to election day. And if she wins, then what? How long can she hide an illness that makes her unfit for office? I will spit blood if that asshole Tim Kaine becomes president. Trump on the other hand will kill us all within his first hundred days. Nothing he says or says makes me think he is right for the job. But because both are so terrible, the polls have tightened. Pray both drop dead before the election so we can get two better people to run.