Thursday, October 8, 2015


This is the most fucked up election campaign I have ever seen. Trump continues to dominate in the latest polls, which in any other time would have been beyond odd, his opponents keep shooting at themselves with wild abandon and no one seems to notice that 99% of the people in Congress and running for President seem to be mentally challenged. What the hell is going on?
Fresh of his epic gaffe, Kevin McCarthy withdrew his name from contention for the Speaker position, leaving the post wide open. This leaves no clear front runner, not to mention few who will have the clout to get 218 votes. Sorry Jason Chaffetz but that means you get to sit your idiot ass back down. No way does he get the necessary votes nor does Daniel Webster, another long shot, unless the devil somehow gets involved and by that I mean Dick Cheney.

On top of this uncertainty, the debt ceiling looms again as, like the budget, we get short term fixes and kick the can down the road mentality. After November 5th, we will default on our loans and will run out of money to pay Social Security, our troops and all Federal workers. This will affect over half of the country, during an election cycle, for which the Republicans will be blamed, perhaps violently at. Then on Dec 11th, the budget talks happen again, which this time may result in a government shutdown (perhaps either from a continuing crisis from the November 5th fiasco in waiting or from a second shutdown entirely) and the cessation of food stamps right near the holidays, as well as those same people from above not getting paid.

So how do our Republican candidates feel about this? Some like Ted Cruz are all for this, blissfully unaware that his life may rest in the balance if an angry mob decides to go after him like the French did with their executives talking about layoffs. Imagine how mad people who can't afford food are going to be. This is a riot waiting to happen and how revolutions start. They are playing with fire, almost literally.
Ben Carson said he would not sign a budget that wasn't balanced, somehow unaware, like most Republicans, that the debt ceiling is to pay for debt already incurred, mostly from Bush era tax cuts and an unpaid for war. But to them it that danged Obama's fault, which it really wasn't. There are a lot of things I do NOT like about Obama lately, like the fascist TPP takeover, but the reason we are so far in debt has everything to do with crap economic policies the Republicans keep doing and failing at. Every single time they block any meaningful legislation, as they just did to another good jobs program just this week. The GOP is corporate greed personified and some of you idiots out there need to see that. Not that most democrats are much better mind you.

Take Hillary this week. After considerable thought and research, and in no way indicative of the polls of Bernie Sanders, Clinton reversed herself this week and came out against the TPP. Boy, just like her fucking husband who once said pot should be legal, it's too bad she was never in a position of power to do anything about it, which she of course was, and helped steer this crap bill forward 45 times. But now the polls say people HATE the TPP on both sides of the aisle (which is why Trump has been smart in opposing it), so Captain Flip-Floppy strikes again just like her position on gay marriage and the Keystone Pipeline. This is the exact reason I loathe this woman. She has no real positions on anything other than what the polls tell her to think. And if she gets into office, I expect her to be just like Obama and watch those campaign promise based on smoke and fog wisp away. It doesn't help the Biden is also a TPP supporter, which is hardly a surprise. Bernie, however, has always been against this for solid reasons which is why for the democrats he is the only choice we should be making for our next President. At least he preaches the same dogma for decades, has ideas that could actually work and isn't either a corporate monster or a soulless politician.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The TPP is the single most dangerous piece of legislation to happen here in the US ever. It is worse than Vietnam, worse than the Iraq fiasco, worse than 9/11, even worse than the economic crash of 2008. It will destroy this country and make us all subjects to our new corporate overlords who will control us completely, something a lot of Americans won't say boo to because they will be too busy staring at their new smart phone, which will also be spying on them.

For those unfamiliar with this treaty it gives sovereign power over nation states by corporations, something they have been fighting for since the 1800's. When they couldn't do it by force, they gradually took over the government until they controlled it to do as they wish. Citizen's United gave them that ability and now they stand to use it with the acquiesce of our traitorous Congress and President. If this does pass, and chances are pretty good it will, Obama will go down as the worst president in American history. Anyone who can out awful Bush is a serious dick as this treaty will eliminate the US as a free country and establish a corporate shadow government that will write our bills, elect our politicians and enslave us completely. This is not some weird conspiracy theory but fact as the terms of this bill leaked out so far say our food will be less safe, our water less clean, our jobs less plentiful and medicine even more expensive. Who wants any of that, regardless of party?

There is a lot of reason to fear our guns taken away from us for exactly this reason. The TPP, or NAFTA on steroids as it has been described, is the final nail in the coffin of freedom and it is a worldwide push to set a fascist agenda for many of us, which is exactly what the TPP will usher in. It is not implausible, although highly unlikely, that some of these shootings lately may be staged, in that the guy who did it was somehow programmed to do it. Mind you I do not believe that for one second but it is also not out of the realm of possibility, no matter how remote, thus me bringing up for the sake of argument.

This push for globalism will result in even more jobs being lost, wages plummeting even further here and automation reducing the workforce by as much as 50% over the next ten years.  Even now, foreign workers are outnumbering native born ones by as much as three to one because they will work harder for less money, causing salaries in high tech skills to drop precariously. With the TPP, work visas will be even easier to get, meaning even less jobs for Americans. How does that benefit anyone but the top 1%?

There are two candidates who oppose the TPP: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, which are not surprisingly the two most marginalized candidates out there. Carly Fiorina, the worst politician in the history of this country, is in 2nd in some polls. WTF America? Hillary is still doing better than Sanders and she has waffled on what she thinks of the TPP, as she helped get it passed as Secretary of State. Why is anyone voting for anyone who thinks the TPP is a good idea as both Fiorina and Clinton do?

Sanders, as a democratic socialist, has that anchor tied to him by a capricious media and an idiot public too stupid to open a book. Trump, on the other hand, is still ahead. So how to deal with him? Killing him appears to be their answer, and that is not meant any other way than literal. It came out today that escaped drug lord, El Chapo, has put a $100 million bounty on his head for his racist attitudes toward Mexicans. This is a serious concern as this guy has the network to possibility make this happen. What happens if Trump does get assassinated by some chump working for the drug lord? How does that affect all of us? And is it because of his stance on the TPP? Could the powers that be be looking for anyway to stop this guy before he gets into office where they will have zero control over him?

The TPP is beyond dangerous and a rare few are making any waves about it. Expect to hear more about this at the next few debates, something both Trump, Sanders, and even Rand Paul could use as a cudgel against their opponents who support it. Next Tuesday could be interesting.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Let's do the Time Warp again people because we seem to be caught in a causality loop where we repeat the same crap over and over. The TPP is back somehow, someway, even though a majority of people planet wide don't like it. We had another shooting where gun control and mental illness are both being talked about with nether side having any solutions in the process. And our idiot politicians keep doing the stupidest things imaginable while we as a people do nothing. Meanwhile in France, a group of executives were forced to flee with their clothes in tatters as an angry mob swarmed them after layoffs were announced. This is something we should be doing here but aren't because we are a lazy, stupid country hell bent on our destruction.

Don't believe me? Carly Fiorina is only five points behind Trump in NH. Now while the rest of the country isn't as enthralled with her as the Granite State is, she is still way higher than logic or reason would suggest. Anything over zero is a slap in the face to the rest of us. She is, without a doubt, the worst person running for president, perhaps ever. The fact that her name is coming up as a VP slot should have you running for the democrats because that woman is beyond dangerous and the fact that some can't see that says a lot about why this country is falling apart.

Her past is a checkered flag of deceit, mismanagement and psychopathic behavior. She was one of the worst CEO's in history, and the facts support that no matter how forcefully she tries to tell a different story. If people would stop believing everything they hear and actually look it up for themselves on a site that isn't an echo chamber, they would see what a fraud this woman is. Few who worked for her had anything good to say about her, especially her inability to work with others, a trait that is beyond important for a President. If you are still on this woman's side, please do us all a favor and kill yourself. Don't worry if you don't, this type of mental state usually takes care of it for us, like trying to kill a spider with a lighter while filling up your car. The only missing from that video was a Fiorina bumper sticker. This woman cannot be in a position of power and her past tells us that. Why are so many out there this enthralled with this terrible human? If you think Trump is bad, remember this, he has a run a successful business and amassed a fortune with good business sense. Fiorina got her fortune by golden parachutes after raping the corpses of the companies she left behind. Which sounds like a better leader?

Then there is the TPP which is nearing a done deal on the international circuit. It will return to a Congress that cannot debate, add, subtract or filibuster any of it. Awesome. The only good news is let's see how the Republicans handle this. Do they give Obama a big win and the democrats, both for or against, fuel for the primaries? Or do they stop it if no other reason than sheer pettiness? I know which one my money is on.

The TPP is a monstrosity of epic proportions. We already do NOT live in a democracy any more. The current Presidential race should tell you that as the reason for outsiders doing so well is that trust in our politicians from both sides of the aisle are failing us. Republicans have picked up on this faster then the Democrats, which is odd, as Hillary's polls are still way too high considering the ramifications of her winning, which would mean more of the status quo. A recent interview with people down south from both sides flocking to Sanders had people ask what they thought of Obama. One guy had the best response in three words: He screwed us. If this TPP passes, he will not only have screwed us, he will have finished what over fifty years of bad policies have led up to: the end of this nation as we know it.

The TPP is the culmination of a fascist plot that has gone on for a very long time, stretching back to the robber barons and leading to the attempted takeover of the US in the 1930's by industrialists. Funny how that was never taught in school. When they realized they couldn't do it by force, they just slowly took away more and more liberties while gaining more and more power over the government to we have what we have now which is almost complete control by big business. The TPP gives corporations sovereignty over nation states. They will be more powerful than any nation on Earth with the power to decimate not by war but by economics. They will hold power over us all and it is only a matter of time before the flex that power to subjugate all of us. I cannot begin to explain to you how dangerous the TPP is, but is it does pass so much will change so fast you will blink and not know where you are anymore.

On the immediate news is the debate again over gun control and mental illness as if each are not blame which they are. It is far too easy to get a gun in this day and age, either off the street or legally. We also have way too many people who are sick walking the street who probably shouldn't be. If we are going to get serious about this issue than some things, big things, have to happen. The War on Drugs has to end and the inner city needs to be cleaned up something fierce. This will drop gun violence 75% as well as solving a host of other problems. We can then spend our money on treatment instead of jail which is stupid and counterproductive. We need back ground checks for ALL guns sales. Even my most gun crazy friends agree with this. Lastly, if we aren't going after drugs anymore, we can reuse that police work to get illegal guns off the street. Give harsh punishments for anyone trafficking illegal guns and break up their networks. We can do this if we want.

On the mental health side, hundreds of new clinics have to be opened up yesterday, paid for by ending the War on Drugs and closing half of our now worthless prisons. Unlike the ones of days past, these will be run well with an oversight committee that will have a decent budget with people getting the care they need. Anyone outside these clinics diagnosed with a serious mental illness gets free mental health care for life, which it will be mandatory to report to a physician once a week for therapy and a piss test to make sure they are taking the drugs they have been prescribed. One of the leading causes of these kinds of attacks are mentally ill who stop talking their medication.The Oregon shooter was one of them. In my scenario, anyone not passing their drug screen gets a one way trip to a padded room until they are deemed safe for society again. This process will repeat forever. This method has little inconvenience for anyone and plenty of benefits for everyone. And it can be done if we want to.

This latest shooter should never have been allowed to buy guns. Anyone battling serious mental illness should be prevented from owning weapons, something only the NRA would fight against and have in the past. But because our mental health system is nonexistent and our background checks are woefully inadequate, these kinds of tragedies will continue until we finally to come to the conclusion that both the left and right have a point when it comes to gun and madness. It's too bad neither side wants to do anything but talk about it.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


When I talk about problems in the military I am not talking about our brave men and women who fight for this country, many of which I call good friends and family. I know a lot of people who are either currently or have been military of various branches. What I do say, and all of my military agree, is that the people running the military are stupid beyond all rhyme of reason regardless of who the President is, suggesting a much bigger problem. Let's see those runner ups.

10)David Daleiden- I am really beginning to hate the anti-abortion movement. Abortion is a personal decision that no one outside the person holding that child has any right to judge. You can feel about it however you want but forcing your beliefs, ones not held up by either science or religion, is not going to happen in a free society. We do not live in Saudi Arabia for a reason. This ass is head of CMP, an anti-abortion group that recently put out highly edited versions of tapes of Planned Parenthood discussing procedures and stem cell research. Carly Fiorina is still harping about a stillborn fetus mischaracterized as an abortion gone wrong, something even this douche admits was not true. How come we have laws keeping us "safe" from animal activists highlighting animal abuses in farms, but these idiots can secretly video tape this, edit it out of context, and no charges are filed?

9)Rush Limbaugh- How and why this guy is on the air is a conspiracy in and of itself. He has no major sponsors, his audience has dwindled and he still says stupid things that no reasonable person would believe? So how come his radio show is still on and how is it being paid for because advertising in no way supports this show? This week, dumbass said NASA was run by lefties because water was found on Mars. How does that reason even happen? Anyone still listening to this jerk deserves a swift kick in the ass.

8)The Pope and Kim Davis- Depending on which story you heard either the Pope got a one and one with Kim Davis supporting her cause, or she was one of dozens the Pope saw that day in a receiving line. The bigger questions was WHY was she there at all? Can this bitch's 15 minutes of fame go away already? The fact that official stories contradict each other suggest a power struggle behind closed doors between liberals and conservatives in the Vatican. Sound familiar?

7)The Secret Service- This week, the embattled security apparatus was dinged yet again when it came out that some within the ranks looked at Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz record, particularly that he tried out for them years back and was denied. Emails suggest that they were after something to damage him with after he went after the Secret Service for being terrible at their job lately. Can you guys just stop with this nonsense already and go back to being good at protecting the president and our money? This all started when it got absorbed into DHS which is being run about as well as Carly Fiorina being CEO of them. DHS has been a horrific mistake on so many levels.

6)Jason Chaffetz- As always one step forward, two steps back for Republicans, as this ass got schooled during hearings about Planned Parenthood. Chaffetz barely let the head of PP speak, like many interrupting her numerous times, but near the end he hit a wall of reason. He showed a chart which he claimed was from PP and showed a marketable rise in abortions and a lessening of women's health issues. The only problem was the graph wasn't from PP but an anti-abortion group and said so at the bottom of the graph as the head of PP pointed out. The graph was also an outright fake that anyone who knows anything about graphs noticed, this one being made up nonsense. The hearings were so bad that even hard core Republicans shook their heads in dismay.

5)Jeb Bush- Talk about sinking fast, this week a new poll has Jeb down to 4% and struggling to find his footing. Him talking this week did not help. He kept going on about black people wanting free stuff, denying he meant it that way, but failed to explain why he said the exact same thing from a book he wrote back in the late 90's. Then he tried to explain away the latest school shooting as not the time to talk about gun control, when it obviously is. Donald Trump's economic plan may not be great, but it is head and shoulders better than Bush's, another twist on trickle down economics again. He may be all done soon. Good.

4)Ted Cruz- Another guy getting punished this week is Cruz whose numbers have plummeted, down to six percent nationally. The reason is that he attempted to shut down the government again, something even the most hard core Republican saw as stupid. Only the religiously deranged, which still may constitute 22% of the electorate and is way too high in this day of reason and intellect, backed this. Oh that's right, people don't read anything beyond what they mind set tells them to, convincing them they are right, even if they certainly aren't. The fact we have libraries at our fingertips, yet all we do is social media and porn watching, spells doom for us all.

3)Kevin McCarthy- The current front runner to replace John Boehner as speaker hit a snag when he idiotically told the world that the current investigation into Benghazi was politically oriented to derail Hillary Clinton. He does know the camera was on right? Jason Chaffetz has thrown his hat into the ring as well but that is a long shot at best. If this is the best the right has to offer, we are so screwed.

2)Chris Mercer and the MSM- Another week, another shooter. This one was a mixed race, conservative Republicans who hared religion. There are so many things wrong with this sentence I do not know where to start. This ass went into a classroom in Oregon and shot anyone who said they were Christian. Worse, the MSM seems to be going out of the way portray this guy as white, with even CNN doctoring a photo of him by lightening his skin. WTF? The demonization of the white male has got to stop because blacks, Hispanics and feminists are coming up with some idiotic statements about white men and the public is starting to believe them. Black people commit crimes, more so than whites even. Stop media lies that every time a black guy gets arrested, it's racist and every time a shooter kills people, he's a white lunatic.

1)US Military- I have no idea how the military makes decisions on attacking areas, but for the past fifty years they have proven to be really, really bad at it. With a pathological aversion to even a single civilian casualty, our "pinprick" strikes have done nothing to stop the enemy anywhere. Iraq is a shithole, Afghanistan is no better and look what our meddling in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have accomplished. Enter Putin, who think what you want about him, wins wars quickly and efficiently. He does this by pissing on the worthless Geneva Convention and bombing whole areas, breaking the spirit of fighter and populace alike. The end result has been the surrender of hundreds of fighters, ISIS fleeing certain areas and a chance of better stability than what we have done, which has been almost nothing. We spent $500 million on training people who got themselves killed quick and at last count, only five were still alive. Worse, some may have defected to ISIS soon after. That was money well spent. Putin meanwhile is making a real difference by fighting a war the way in should be fought. Meanwhile, the idiots in charge of our pinprick strikes missed the memo where a hospital was, even though they were told weekly it was there, and we bombed it out of existence in Northern Afghanistan this week, for no reason. Now that area has no hospital, several dead doctors and wounded, and has turned that entire area against us. Way to go. So congratulations US military, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Our death penalty system is in serious need of a massive overhaul. We seem to be executing people for crimes, that while awful, shouldn't be above life in prison. Much worse, we may be executing innocent people, which should never happen. Two cases have come up that make me question my support for the death penalty which I believe is both used too much and not enough.

Let me explain. Anyone who sits on death row with even a smidgen of doubt should not be executed until his guilt is guaranteed. However, on the flip side, we spend way too much money with pointless appeal after appeal for some that we KNOW did it and should die a lot quicker than they are. The process is not there to protect the prisoner but to fatten lawyers pockets, as it always seems that no matter how innocent or guilty the person on death row is, the appeal process never changes the status of said prisoner ever, just delaying the inevitable, except in really rare circumstances.Why do we as tax payers have to keep paying for a system that is obviously not doing what it is supposed to be? If this process stopped executions of the innocent I would be more forgiving, but that never seems to happen while the guilty get their life span stretched out ad naseum.

There are have been two cases that have spotlighted our whack death penalty system lately. One person who was guilty but not have deserved the death penalty and a second in which the person's guilt is highly questionable have all reached the headlines this week. Both highlights serious problems with the death penalty. And just so you know, both defendants are white so take racism off the board.

The first case involved Kelly Renee Gissendaner, a Georgia woman convicted of hiring her lover to kill her husband back in 1997. So, even though her guilt was not in question, she still spent almost 20 years before finally being put down.Why should we have to pay for twenty years of this woman drawing breath, costing millions of dollars and sucking up resources the rest of us would like our dwindling supply to go to?

The second case involved an Oklahoma man on death row for ordering the killing of his boss, also in 1997. Twenty years again says our parole system and appeal methods need to be streamlined something fierce. The sad part about this story is that the only evidence against this guy was the word of the killer who said Richard Glossip put him up to it. So with zero evidence, except the word of a guy who didn't want to get the death penalty, Glossip spends twenty years on death row, with countless appeals and no one noticed this guy sounds like he got railroaded? WTF? No one should go to jail on the word of just one person. I've seen how that works first hand when I was accused of doing something I didn't by a guy currently at the time in a mental institution, yet the cops spent two years doing everything they could to prove my guilt. I had a good lawyer and the lack of any evidence caused the cop to get fired and the lawyer disbarred. I was 14 at the time so don't think just because you are not black, the system won't screw with you from time to time.

Here's a big problem with both cases: why twenty years of appeals if nothing changes for either. The Georgia case was recognized even by a former State Supreme court judge who came out and said he made a mistake not commuting her sentence back in 2000, as the killer got a lesser sentence than she did, just like Glossip. I honesty don't think any of these people should have gotten the death penalty as that punishment is being used on people who who don't deserve it nationwide. Gissendaner did indeed instruct someone to kill her husband, but that should not be enough for a death penalty case. The argument ultimately is moot as she was put to death this week.

Glossip on the other hand got a slight reprieve due to the wrong chemicals sent to kill him delayed his sentence. This guy shouldn't even be prison let alone death row and if twenty years of appeals, including a slap in the face denial from our worthless Supreme Court, doesn't convince you that maybe we should be halting ALL executions immediately, you are one sick bastard. I support the death penalty but it needs to be changed and quick. We need to make 100% sure the person being executed did it, DNA tests for everyone on death row who could use it, and stop sentencing people to death row who shouldn't be there.

Once we conclude that, the death penalty can resume with less appeals for the obviously guilty, as well as a severe reduction of who gets the death penalty, and a return to things like hanging and a firing squad to save money on way too expensive "humane" killings. I do not care if some of these bastards suffer one bit. Their victims sure did.

Glossip should be granted a new trial at the very least because him getting offed on the word of one person with a reason to lie (death penalty removed from sentence for testimony against Glossip), is a big red flag that he may be indeed innocent. The fact that two trials convicted him also bolster my desire to end trial by peers and have professional jurors and TV cameras in every courtroom in the country. The reason for that isn't to protect the system from outside influence but to protect itself from people seeing how crappy our justice system really is. If everyday Americans saw how our court system was being used, they would riot. I would know.

Oklahoma is about to execute another man for killing his 9 month old daughter in 2002 and another guy for killing a prison worker in 1998. Only the later should be put to death as anytime a stranger is killed for no reason, you prove a huge threat to society. The other should have their sentence commuted to life. Yes, an innocent child was killed, and I admit I do not know the specifics of this case, but if the child wasn't tortured or anything like that, this sentence seems overly harsh.

The death penalty should only be used for the worst of the worst and only if guilt is assured. Everyone else, should spend their lives behind bars.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


As there is nothing going on right now, other than Congress Republicans having a hissy fit over Planned Parenthood, and then proceed to handle it so badly even right wing pundits are shaking their heads over how poorly they did. They even attempted to use a proven falsehood as truth about the number of abortions PP does, a tried and true GOP method, otherwise known as everything Carly Fiorina says or does. If reality does not exist in some of the Republicans minds, what hope does humanity have, especially when the idiot masses believe it?

So let's look at what has done well and what has flopped:


Muppets- They got a huge initial look and have dropped a few points this week, but still looks like a full season will be given, especially as it is the number one new show with adults 18-49. Reviews have been mixed but I still think it is one of the funniest sitcoms on TV right now.

Scream Queens- While it's first episode didn't do great live, it rose 70% from DVR and on-line watching. I love this show finding it absolutely hysterical with Jamie Lee Curtis hitting it out of the park and a possibly Emmy nod for next year. If you want to see a gory, funny look at slasher films, this is a winner.

Blindspot- Two solid weeks show this program about a hot naked girl covered in tattoos and amnesia has been a lot of fun so far. If they can keep the suspense going without going off the rails like Blacklist did last season I will be glued to this show.

Quantico- I haven't seen the latest episode yet as it still sits on my very full DVR but it did got solid reviews and a decent rating on a tough night. The people I know who did see it liked it a lot so I have a feeling this will do just fine this season.

Empire- I know this show isn't new by it was the number one show on network TV this week with a whopping 6.7 rating, making it a juggernaut. Not my kind of show but good for them for finding a show with cross racial appeal. The recently ended Carmichael Show, about a funny, realistic black family, was also quite good and I hope it gets renewed which it might as it had solid ratings.

Limitless- Surprisingly this show did okay in it's opening week but then went on to retain 100% of it's audience in week two, which almost never happens. I have not heard good things about this show but it definitely has an audience and looks to be on for the rest of the season, barring a meltdown down the road.

The Daily Show- Trevor Noah has gotten off to a good start with over seven million turning in this week to watch him. He still shows some growth potential and while Kevin Hart was a good start, his guest last night was dull, a dating ap business where woman have all the power. WHEEE! And while this might be a good idea, I could not care less about dating aps as I already have someone in my life whom I love dearly. Still, a good few episodes so far and the new correspondents show real promise, especially Roy Wood Jr. whose stand up is really good and should work well here. I am waiting for racists to say that Comedy Central has too many black people on it now.


Life In Pieces- I never thought this looked like anything but a bad Modern Family ripoff. I caught about five minutes of it last week and honestly thought it was a commercial still. Worse, it got awful ratings, losing half of it's lead in, the Big Bang Theory which is still a top ten show. Expect this to get replaced within the next few weeks with Two Broke Girls or Mike and Molly, both way better shows.

Rosewood- This show about a pathologist who solves crimes with a heart condition had a heart attack this past week with terrible ratings which wasn't that surprising, except that it has no real competition in it's time slot other than the fading Survivor, some middling ABC sitcoms, and the how is it still on Mysteries of Laura. This won't last long.

Blood and Oil- Any attempt to resurrect Dallas like fever fell on hard times as this show did not do well, again on a rough Sunday time slot. Worse, The Walking Dead will be opposite in a few weeks and may take a huge bite out of their numbers. Too bad for Don Johnson, a very good actor, but he looks like he'll be free for other projects soon.

Significant Mother- A show I have never heard of, and apparently no one else did either, as it scored a .2 ratings, which even for the CW is awful. The Voice is killing a lot of Monday's programming, even driving down last year hits like Scorpion, although that may be attributed to the soon to be dead Life in Pieces which is destroying their lineup for the rest of the night.

Minority Report- Unlike Limitless, this misfire dropped below a 1 share, losing a good portion of last weeks already tiny numbers. Monday takes out another new show as this one will last as long as Mob Doctor did in the same slot and channel, which may be good for just about everyone.

The Player- Snake eyes for this show which did a dismal opening and looks to fall even further. No way does this show last past Halloween. Can some one give Wesley Snipes a better role please? He may be a primma donna, but he is a decent actor.

Dr. Ken- I know this show hasn't aired yet but I physically retch every time I see a preview for this crap. No way does this do well even on Friday.

The Reaper is circling Life In Pieces which I think will be the first to go, although Minority Report may not be out of the running either. The rest will likely not see the Holidays.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


This has been a monumental week for sky high douchebaggery. There were at least four groups or individuals who on any other given week would have gotten the grand prize. But let's be clear, no one deserved it more than contender for douchebag of the year, Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharma, who did something few can: united the country no matter race, creed, color or political affiliation in agreeing that this guy is a giant douchebag. Let's see those runner ups for which many are real doozies.

10)Leslie Allen Merrit- This is quite possibly the stupidest man on the face of this Earth. To quote Animal House "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life." He was arrested this week for several of the freeway shootings that took place in Arizona on route 10 these past few months. His defense was a novel one and said that his gun had been in the pawn shop for the last two months. Unfortunately for him, not only do pawn shops keep excellent records (by law they have to), the cops were trailing him the day he pawned the rifle which was just hours before he was arrested. They had the weapon, ballistics and video of him in the pawn shop. Set, game and match. Hope you like prison dumb ass for no real reason as shooting at cars is just stupid on so many levels. What a fool.

9)Buffalo Bills- Right now the Pats are obliterating the Jaguars, 44 to 10. The last two wins by the Pats have been marred by cry baby coaches who got outplayed and grasped at straws to explain how the other team cheated this week. The Steelers blamed the headphones, which was nonsense as the Patriots have no access to the headphones or the network that runs it. The Bills brought up the Patriots "cheater" history as to how they won, without explaining of course how they cheated to win. The ironic part is that the Bills DID cheat during the game, as they kept playing music when the Patriots were at the line of scrimmage, a league no no. And they still lost. Losers. I wonder what the Jaguars will come up with to explain their massive loss to a much better team?

8)Lee Daniels- I am not a huge fan of this guy and his latest racist tirade got him into a lot of hot water. While idiotically defending Terrance Howard, a real dirt bag by the way and a screaming prima donna as well who has admitted beating his ex-wife, the director said Howard hasn't done anything Marlon Brando and Sean Penn haven't done as well. The only problem with this inflammatory statement is that it is in no way true. Neither Brando nor Penn have ever been even accused of domestic issues, let alone arrested. Brando is dead so he cannot defend himself but Sean Penn is suing Daniels for ten million dollars for defamation. Good. Couldn't he have picked Ike Turner or Chris Brown instead as an example? Oh that's right, they are both black and he needed a white devil to demonize instead. Next time pick on someone who actually did the thing you accuse them of, stupid.
7) Stephen Goddard- The writer for the strangely named RealScience blog, which is a terrible name as it actually contains no real science. I have looked into his allegations of global warming fraud and feel it is no better than Holocaust deniers and the "evidence" they collect. His site is filled with graphs that appear made up as they fly in the face of video evidence and what experts have been saying for years. The dumbest thing is he keeps claiming the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland are all gaining ice, which we can see with our own eyes is not occurring. The fact that so many countries are fighting over Arctic resources as the ice is thinning faster and faster says his research is crap as there is no way they would fight over something they could not get to. This ass is why no one believes anyone or anything anymore and is leading to the destruction of society. F him.

6)Saudi Arabia- This week at least 750 people died during a stampede during the annual trek to Mecca took place. Because of lax security, something they have been warned about many times in the past, hundreds, perhaps a thousand, are dead. And it is not like they don't have the money to adequately fix this which begs the questions "Why are Jews called cheap and not Arabs?" This has lead to a lot of problems with Iran pissed at Saudi Arabia and may be in part responsible for clashes in Israel as well. These two sides are never going to get along so maybe we should lock them in a room and let them duke it out once and for all.

5)Carly Fiorina- Thankfully, her rise seems to have stalled, meaning that only 11% of the Republican party is too stupid to vote. Still the worst choice for president, perhaps ever, the media started ripping her a new one this week. Set aside her horrific decisions while CEO, she also committed fraud and treason. She sold parts to Iran while CEO of HP, which was illegal at the time and should have resulted in a criminal probe at the least and also took money from the government meant for job creation and used it for stock buybacks instead, again which got no look at by the SEC even though it was illegal. This bitch has got to go. Also, I see pictures of children pushing for her which should result in them being taken away from the parents for child abuse and neglect. Only an idiot would back this witch who needs to go away. Far, far away.

4)Tea Party Republicans- They anarchists got their wish his week and John Boehner is stepping down from the House at the end of next month. Unfortunately for them, it also means that Obama's budget will most likely pass, perhaps even to the end of his term. The Planned Parenthood shutdown will not happen now and this will save the Republican party from self destructing. Got to give to Boehner, he fell on his sword to save the party. That's brave. Now mind you, by doing this he sets himself up for a cushy job from the establishment for the thanks in doing it, but he also marginalizes the out of control remnants from the Tea Party. If the budget does indeed pass until next December, he will save fallout from an idiotic Congress bent on self destruction. The bad news is that whoever gets the job will fare no better in getting things done without compromise, a non-starter. These fools are hell bent on destroying the government, not fixing it. And that bodes well for no one.

3)Volkswagen- Any other week, these guys would be at the top of the heap. Seems they decided to cheat emission standards by rigging data in their favor. Turns out, their diesel engines are not quite as clean as they claimed. This was done to save money but will instead cost them tens of billions in fines and repairs, not to mention hugely damaging the brand. The CEO was forced to step down and they cannot sell any of the cars that have this defect in it any time soon. I love when companies screw themselves for a few bucks. Contrary to popular belief, greed is not good.

2)Stewart Parnell- This guy took it in the balls this week when the former Peanut CEO got sentenced to 28 years in Federal prison for killing 9 people with tainted peanut butter that he knew was tainted and sold it anyway. What a dick! I am actually stunned he even saw a trial as we usually let CEO's off with a slap on the wrist and a fine for killing people like GE, Bard Inc. and Toyota did to their customers. It didn't help that he emailed everything that nailed him to the wall. As he is 61, this former millionaire is going to die behind bars in a prison with murders, rapists and the scum of society. No country club for him, he will see how hard tough guy prison is not to mention his fortune will disappear in the flood of lawsuits he is looking at. He got what he deserved.

10)Martin Shkreli- The most hated man on Earth has gone into hiding which may be for some time. After hiking a life saving drug for people with cancer and AIDS from $13.50 a pill to $750, Shkreli faced a mountain of bad press from all sides. Normal people were pissed that this asshole was profiting from sick people. Rich people were pissed because their stock portfolio took a major hit when Big Pharma stocks dropped across the board. Big Pharma was REALLY pissed because now everyone is looking at their outrageous prices and screaming bloody murder, making their profits almost certain to drop, especially if new legislation cripples their ability to charge whatever they feel like. This guy could be assassinated from a multitude of people, which no one would cry two seconds over should it happen. Hell, if I was on the jury, that person would walk with a hearty handshake and a big thank you for offing this horrific douche of a human. So congratulations Martin Shkreli, you are indeed douchebag of the week. We will be seeing you again on my douchebag of the year column.