Wednesday, September 30, 2015


As there is nothing going on right now, other than Congress Republicans having a hissy fit over Planned Parenthood, and then proceed to handle it so badly even right wing pundits are shaking their heads over how poorly they did. They even attempted to use a proven falsehood as truth about the number of abortions PP does, a tried and true GOP method, otherwise known as everything Carly Fiorina says or does. If reality does not exist in some of the Republicans minds, what hope does humanity have, especially when the idiot masses believe it?

So let's look at what has done well and what has flopped:


Muppets- They got a huge initial look and have dropped a few points this week, but still looks like a full season will be given, especially as it is the number one new show with adults 18-49. Reviews have been mixed but I still think it is one of the funniest sitcoms on TV right now.

Scream Queens- While it's first episode didn't do great live, it rose 70% from DVR and on-line watching. I love this show finding it absolutely hysterical with Jamie Lee Curtis hitting it out of the park and a possibly Emmy nod for next year. If you want to see a gory, funny look at slasher films, this is a winner.

Blindspot- Two solid weeks show this program about a hot naked girl covered in tattoos and amnesia has been a lot of fun so far. If they can keep the suspense going without going off the rails like Blacklist did last season I will be glued to this show.

Quantico- I haven't seen the latest episode yet as it still sits on my very full DVR but it did got solid reviews and a decent rating on a tough night. The people I know who did see it liked it a lot so I have a feeling this will do just fine this season.

Empire- I know this show isn't new by it was the number one show on network TV this week with a whopping 6.7 rating, making it a juggernaut. Not my kind of show but good for them for finding a show with cross racial appeal. The recently ended Carmichael Show, about a funny, realistic black family, was also quite good and I hope it gets renewed which it might as it had solid ratings.

Limitless- Surprisingly this show did okay in it's opening week but then went on to retain 100% of it's audience in week two, which almost never happens. I have not heard good things about this show but it definitely has an audience and looks to be on for the rest of the season, barring a meltdown down the road.

The Daily Show- Trevor Noah has gotten off to a good start with over seven million turning in this week to watch him. He still shows some growth potential and while Kevin Hart was a good start, his guest last night was dull, a dating ap business where woman have all the power. WHEEE! And while this might be a good idea, I could not care less about dating aps as I already have someone in my life whom I love dearly. Still, a good few episodes so far and the new correspondents show real promise, especially Roy Wood Jr. whose stand up is really good and should work well here. I am waiting for racists to say that Comedy Central has too many black people on it now.


Life In Pieces- I never thought this looked like anything but a bad Modern Family ripoff. I caught about five minutes of it last week and honestly thought it was a commercial still. Worse, it got awful ratings, losing half of it's lead in, the Big Bang Theory which is still a top ten show. Expect this to get replaced within the next few weeks with Two Broke Girls or Mike and Molly, both way better shows.

Rosewood- This show about a pathologist who solves crimes with a heart condition had a heart attack this past week with terrible ratings which wasn't that surprising, except that it has no real competition in it's time slot other than the fading Survivor, some middling ABC sitcoms, and the how is it still on Mysteries of Laura. This won't last long.

Blood and Oil- Any attempt to resurrect Dallas like fever fell on hard times as this show did not do well, again on a rough Sunday time slot. Worse, The Walking Dead will be opposite in a few weeks and may take a huge bite out of their numbers. Too bad for Don Johnson, a very good actor, but he looks like he'll be free for other projects soon.

Significant Mother- A show I have never heard of, and apparently no one else did either, as it scored a .2 ratings, which even for the CW is awful. The Voice is killing a lot of Monday's programming, even driving down last year hits like Scorpion, although that may be attributed to the soon to be dead Life in Pieces which is destroying their lineup for the rest of the night.

Minority Report- Unlike Limitless, this misfire dropped below a 1 share, losing a good portion of last weeks already tiny numbers. Monday takes out another new show as this one will last as long as Mob Doctor did in the same slot and channel, which may be good for just about everyone.

The Player- Snake eyes for this show which did a dismal opening and looks to fall even further. No way does this show last past Halloween. Can some one give Wesley Snipes a better role please? He may be a primma donna, but he is a decent actor.

Dr. Ken- I know this show hasn't aired yet but I physically retch every time I see a preview for this crap. No way does this do well even on Friday.

The Reaper is circling Life In Pieces which I think will be the first to go, although Minority Report may not be out of the running either. The rest will likely not see the Holidays.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


This has been a monumental week for sky high douchebaggery. There were at least four groups or individuals who on any other given week would have gotten the grand prize. But let's be clear, no one deserved it more than contender for douchebag of the year, Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharma, who did something few can: united the country no matter race, creed, color or political affiliation in agreeing that this guy is a giant douchebag. Let's see those runner ups for which many are real doozies.

10)Leslie Allen Merrit- This is quite possibly the stupidest man on the face of this Earth. To quote Animal House "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life." He was arrested this week for several of the freeway shootings that took place in Arizona on route 10 these past few months. His defense was a novel one and said that his gun had been in the pawn shop for the last two months. Unfortunately for him, not only do pawn shops keep excellent records (by law they have to), the cops were trailing him the day he pawned the rifle which was just hours before he was arrested. They had the weapon, ballistics and video of him in the pawn shop. Set, game and match. Hope you like prison dumb ass for no real reason as shooting at cars is just stupid on so many levels. What a fool.

9)Buffalo Bills- Right now the Pats are obliterating the Jaguars, 44 to 10. The last two wins by the Pats have been marred by cry baby coaches who got outplayed and grasped at straws to explain how the other team cheated this week. The Steelers blamed the headphones, which was nonsense as the Patriots have no access to the headphones or the network that runs it. The Bills brought up the Patriots "cheater" history as to how they won, without explaining of course how they cheated to win. The ironic part is that the Bills DID cheat during the game, as they kept playing music when the Patriots were at the line of scrimmage, a league no no. And they still lost. Losers. I wonder what the Jaguars will come up with to explain their massive loss to a much better team?

8)Lee Daniels- I am not a huge fan of this guy and his latest racist tirade got him into a lot of hot water. While idiotically defending Terrance Howard, a real dirt bag by the way and a screaming prima donna as well who has admitted beating his ex-wife, the director said Howard hasn't done anything Marlon Brando and Sean Penn haven't done as well. The only problem with this inflammatory statement is that it is in no way true. Neither Brando nor Penn have ever been even accused of domestic issues, let alone arrested. Brando is dead so he cannot defend himself but Sean Penn is suing Daniels for ten million dollars for defamation. Good. Couldn't he have picked Ike Turner or Chris Brown instead as an example? Oh that's right, they are both black and he needed a white devil to demonize instead. Next time pick on someone who actually did the thing you accuse them of, stupid.
7) Stephen Goddard- The writer for the strangely named RealScience blog, which is a terrible name as it actually contains no real science. I have looked into his allegations of global warming fraud and feel it is no better than Holocaust deniers and the "evidence" they collect. His site is filled with graphs that appear made up as they fly in the face of video evidence and what experts have been saying for years. The dumbest thing is he keeps claiming the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland are all gaining ice, which we can see with our own eyes is not occurring. The fact that so many countries are fighting over Arctic resources as the ice is thinning faster and faster says his research is crap as there is no way they would fight over something they could not get to. This ass is why no one believes anyone or anything anymore and is leading to the destruction of society. F him.

6)Saudi Arabia- This week at least 750 people died during a stampede during the annual trek to Mecca took place. Because of lax security, something they have been warned about many times in the past, hundreds, perhaps a thousand, are dead. And it is not like they don't have the money to adequately fix this which begs the questions "Why are Jews called cheap and not Arabs?" This has lead to a lot of problems with Iran pissed at Saudi Arabia and may be in part responsible for clashes in Israel as well. These two sides are never going to get along so maybe we should lock them in a room and let them duke it out once and for all.

5)Carly Fiorina- Thankfully, her rise seems to have stalled, meaning that only 11% of the Republican party is too stupid to vote. Still the worst choice for president, perhaps ever, the media started ripping her a new one this week. Set aside her horrific decisions while CEO, she also committed fraud and treason. She sold parts to Iran while CEO of HP, which was illegal at the time and should have resulted in a criminal probe at the least and also took money from the government meant for job creation and used it for stock buybacks instead, again which got no look at by the SEC even though it was illegal. This bitch has got to go. Also, I see pictures of children pushing for her which should result in them being taken away from the parents for child abuse and neglect. Only an idiot would back this witch who needs to go away. Far, far away.

4)Tea Party Republicans- They anarchists got their wish his week and John Boehner is stepping down from the House at the end of next month. Unfortunately for them, it also means that Obama's budget will most likely pass, perhaps even to the end of his term. The Planned Parenthood shutdown will not happen now and this will save the Republican party from self destructing. Got to give to Boehner, he fell on his sword to save the party. That's brave. Now mind you, by doing this he sets himself up for a cushy job from the establishment for the thanks in doing it, but he also marginalizes the out of control remnants from the Tea Party. If the budget does indeed pass until next December, he will save fallout from an idiotic Congress bent on self destruction. The bad news is that whoever gets the job will fare no better in getting things done without compromise, a non-starter. These fools are hell bent on destroying the government, not fixing it. And that bodes well for no one.

3)Volkswagen- Any other week, these guys would be at the top of the heap. Seems they decided to cheat emission standards by rigging data in their favor. Turns out, their diesel engines are not quite as clean as they claimed. This was done to save money but will instead cost them tens of billions in fines and repairs, not to mention hugely damaging the brand. The CEO was forced to step down and they cannot sell any of the cars that have this defect in it any time soon. I love when companies screw themselves for a few bucks. Contrary to popular belief, greed is not good.

2)Stewart Parnell- This guy took it in the balls this week when the former Peanut CEO got sentenced to 28 years in Federal prison for killing 9 people with tainted peanut butter that he knew was tainted and sold it anyway. What a dick! I am actually stunned he even saw a trial as we usually let CEO's off with a slap on the wrist and a fine for killing people like GE, Bard Inc. and Toyota did to their customers. It didn't help that he emailed everything that nailed him to the wall. As he is 61, this former millionaire is going to die behind bars in a prison with murders, rapists and the scum of society. No country club for him, he will see how hard tough guy prison is not to mention his fortune will disappear in the flood of lawsuits he is looking at. He got what he deserved.

10)Martin Shkreli- The most hated man on Earth has gone into hiding which may be for some time. After hiking a life saving drug for people with cancer and AIDS from $13.50 a pill to $750, Shkreli faced a mountain of bad press from all sides. Normal people were pissed that this asshole was profiting from sick people. Rich people were pissed because their stock portfolio took a major hit when Big Pharma stocks dropped across the board. Big Pharma was REALLY pissed because now everyone is looking at their outrageous prices and screaming bloody murder, making their profits almost certain to drop, especially if new legislation cripples their ability to charge whatever they feel like. This guy could be assassinated from a multitude of people, which no one would cry two seconds over should it happen. Hell, if I was on the jury, that person would walk with a hearty handshake and a big thank you for offing this horrific douche of a human. So congratulations Martin Shkreli, you are indeed douchebag of the week. We will be seeing you again on my douchebag of the year column.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


It's deja vu all over again, as the late Yogi Berra used to say, who I will admit I thought died decades ago. In a repeat of 2013, House Republicans, mostly the Tea Party remnants who escaped getting crushed by establishment Republicans in 2014, have decided that running the country into the ground a second time over Planned Parenthood is a great idea. In reality, this is the single worst idea to EVER come out of the party, and that includes almost all over George W. Bush's terrible ideas. Why is this so bad as in the 2013 scenario, Republicans actually gained seats you ask?

Several reason come to mind in response. One, this is a presidential election year which results in much higher democratic turnout. Two, last time DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz fumbled continuously in reminding voters about that 2013 fiasco for some impossible to explain reason. Three, the Tea Party got creamed, dropping their support to single digit numbers. And lastly, but more important than anything else, SNAP may not have enough money to give anybody on food stamps anything and that is the kind of thing that gets people dead, and not just politically.

If they shut the government down because 22% of America wants it to, imagine how furious the remaining 78% are going to be, especially if a lot of those people are suddenly facing starvation. "An Army travels on it's stomach," goes the old adage, and this army will be filled with approximately 45 million recipients and their families, totaling near 100 million pissed off people, not to mention constant media reminders about it. To say the lives of anyone putting Planned Parenthood over the starving masses is in danger is an understatement. People kill more for food than anything else when things go south, as you cannot survive without it.

The smarter Republicans, like Mitch McConnell (I know, really?), are struggling to find a compromise for which the democrats hold all the cards. They have zero vested interest in helping the GOP escape a mess of their own making and know that if they go through with the utterly asinine proposal, they will fail big time in 2016, perhaps even destroying the party once and for all. It is entirely possible that McConnel will help pass a clean budget in the Senate and then give it to Boehner, who will get help from democrats, something that may cost him his leadership position. The democrats must be smiling ear from ear knowing that they have backed themselves into a corner from which there be no escape.

Besides food stamps ending, a beyond destructive idea, social security may be affected (although that seems unlikely right away), parks and museums will be shuttered and anyone working for the ferderal government will either be sent home or works without pay. Without food stamps, major supermarkets, especially Walmart, will lose billions in lost revenue, sending their stock and the market with it down the drain. Last time, the stock market lost 1000 points the next day, and we were far better off in 2013 than now. They might even inadvertently trigger a massive recession because of this. 2013 caused a loss of $24 billion dollars. This one might be double, even triple that due to economic factors that will have a ripple effect across the economy.

Candidates like Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina will take the brunt of hostility should this go through, effectively not only ending the political ambitions, but if this drags on and people can't buy food, assassination attempts may not be out of the realm of possibility. People will be PISSED and Obama and the democrats see little fall out from their side on this, as they would be protecting Planned Parenthood, abortion rights and women's health, important to a majority of this country. The vocal minority is about to self destruct and might take the GOP down with them when voters punish them in 2016, a real possibility.

So keep it up guys, you stand on a high, steep cliff looking down. And behind you are the angry masses just looking for an excuse to push you guys off. You have been warned and while I do not believe that violence is a good idea, I completely understand why you may be ripped to pieces by a starving, angry mob that you just told to go eat cake. Stop being stupid. Your very lives, and your families, may indeed depend on this.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We have become one paranoid, out of control people world wide. A growing section of America, and not always the backward hick you would think, are believing in things that are so untrue, they border on the laughable. We all sat it first hand at a Trump rally where some bigoted fool insulted pretty much everyone with ears. Immunization declines have become so severe that people are dying from preventable disease, all based on a discredited crackpot from a decade ago. But the Internet can be used for good or evil and a lot of you out there are not using it well, especially the far right who have invented their own reality.

Take Carly Fiorina who has insisted that the scene from Planned Parenthood she described is accurate, even though every fact checker and myself, have found NO evidence that what she says is true. As someone who worked in editing, these tapes are worthless as they have edited it to death. The scene in question is edited in and is NOT an aborted fetus, but a stillborn fetus, as anyone with medical training can tell you. It's may not even be from Planned Parenthood.

Now, while late term abortion are pretty terrible, according to statistics, only 1.2% of all abortions in the country are late term and a vast majority are done because of severe deformity or the health of the mother, two things idiots like Fiorina and others want to not include exceptions for. How is that pro-life when the mother is going to die if she gives birth? Idiots.

Lastly on this, I am sick of hearing about how cavalier the people who work in these places are. This is complete ignorance of these kind of workplaces and basic psychology. There is something called "graveyard humor," and trust me when I say almost everyone does this to keep their sanity. It happens when people have to do horrific things for the greater good like honor guard or mortician. Humor keeps you sane. Just because the idiot complaining about it doesn't have a sense of humor, doesn't mean the rest of the world has to adapt to their stupidity.

Fiorina is getting hit from all sides now, as the media that built her up has reversed itself to attack mode and all the dirty secrets about her past is coming to light. Her ex-husband had little to say that was any good about her, and while he may have an axe to grind, what he says about her I find completely believable. He calls her a dangerous narcissist more interested in herself than anyone else, otherwise known as a classic psychopath. She certainly has those kind of traits. She cheated on her husband, ran two companies into the ground and it also turns out that the "daughter" she lost was her step daughter from her second marriage. Not quite the same thing, lady. Wake up America and discard this waste of space. Literally anyone would be a better choice.

And then we have Stephen Goddard, possibly the worst "scientist" on Earth. For years now he has massed a ton of lousy data which he has interpreted into saying the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland are all cooling and ice there is at record highs. His site is filled with made up graphs with no explanation into them that fly in the face of what we can see with our own eyes. He does know that everyone and their brother is fighting over the Arctic because sea ice is disappearing in a mad dash for new resources? If sea ice was thickening, as he suggests, this fight would not be occurring. It also doesn't help that far more reputable scientists have shown massive ice melt across the regions, and one of my friends who was stationed in Greenland for ten years will tell you how much ice melted in just the short time he was there. Global Warming is real people and idiots like Goddard are making some of you stupid.

The dumbest conspiracy theory this week are not one but two End of the World prophecies of doom. One is allegedly on the 24th and another on the 27th. I have no idea what the 24th entails (something about the Jewish calendar), but the 27th has a lunar eclipse and a blood moon, which would be scary if this was the third century and not the 21st.

I recently watched a five part documentary on Auschwitz which went into great detail into how the camp operated and how they killed millions there. Deniers will have to explain to me why the Germans have video, recordings and detailed notes into the extermination of the people in camp there, which was more than just Jews. No one fakes things that will get them sentenced to death later.

The one conspiracy theory that is not too far out there is the possibility of the failure of one of the world's largest banks, Deutsche, and with it, the world economy. Their stock has fallen 40% as allegations of deep corruption and mismanagement have surfaced. They are cutting 23,000 jobs or 1/4 of their entire workforce, hardly a good sign.
This is from Zero Hedge:

The bank, which has paid out more than $9 billion over the past three years alone to settle legacy litigation, has become something of a poster child for corrupt corporate culture.
In April, Deutsche settled rate rigging charges with the DoJ for $2.5 billion (or about $25,474 per employee) and subsequently paid $55 million to the SEC (an agency that’s been run by former Deutsche Bank employees and their close associates for years) in connection with allegations it deliberately mismarked its crisis-era LSS book to the tune of at least $5 billion.
But it was out of the frying pan and into the fire so to speak, because early last month, the DoJ announced it would seek to extract a fresh round of MBS-related settlements from banks that knowingly packaged and sold shoddy CDOs in the lead up to the crisis. JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Citi settled MBS probes when the DoJ was operating under the incomparable (and we mean that in a derisive way) Eric Holder but now, emboldened by her pyrrhic victory over Wall Street’s FX manipulators, new Attorney General Loretta Lynch is set to go after Barclays PLC, Credit Suisse Group AG, Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Holdings PLC, Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC,UBS AG and Wells Fargo & Co.

If true, I have new respect for Loretta Lynch. But the collapse of Deutsche bank could have world wide consequences as they have 75 trillion in derivative liability, which they in no way have the ability to pay back.
Here's an artcile from

  • In April of 2014, Deutsche Bank was forced to raise an additional 1.5 Billion of Tier 1 capital to support its capital structure. Why?
  • 1 month later in May of 2014, the scramble for liquidity continued as DB announced the selling of 8 billion euros worth of stock – at up to a 30% discount. Why again? It was a move which raised eyebrows across the financial media. The calm outward image of Deutsche Bank did not seem to reflect their rushed efforts to raise liquidity. Something was decidedly rotten behind the curtain.
  • Fast forwarding to March of this year: Deutsche Bank fails the banking industry’s “stress tests” and is given a stern warning to shore up it’s capital structure.
  • In April, Deutsche Bank confirms its agreement to a joint settlement with the US and UK regarding the manipulation of LIBOR. The bank is saddled with a massive $2.1 billion payment to the DOJ. (Still, a small fraction of their winnings from the crime). 
  • In May, one of Deutsche Bank’s CEOs, Anshu Jain is given an enormous amount of new authority by the board of directors. We guess that this is a “crisis move”. In times of crisis the power of the executive is often increased.
  • June 5: Greece misses its payment to the IMF. The risk of default across all of its debt is now considered acute. This has massive implications for Deutsche Bank.
  • June 6/7: (A Saturday/Sunday, and immediately following Greece’s missed payment to the IMF) Deutsche Bank’s two CEO’s announce their surprise departure from the company. (Just one month after Jain is given his new expanded powers). Anshu Jain will step down first at the end of June. J├╝rgen Fitschen will step down next May.
  • June 9: S&P lowers the rating of Deutsche Bank to BBB+ Just three notches above “junk”. (Incidentally, BBB+ is even lower than Lehman’s downgrade – which preceded its collapse by just 3 months) 
  •  That does not inspire confidence at all. If this bank fails, it could be the Lehman Brothers all over again. This is one conspiracy theory that may pan out and have far reaching consequences and even end of the world possibilities. So let's worry less about what is going on in the sky and focus on what may actually kill us.

Monday, September 21, 2015


There has been some evidence that IQ's are dropping world wide for unknown reasons. I am not sure what the cause is, but evidence of it happening are all around us. The MSM is building up Fiorina, just to tear her down again. The Bills got caught cheating this week versus the Patriots and, of course, no one said anything about it because it didn't fit the narrative. A new poll has Hillary GAINING on Sanders nationally. WTF, people? And let us not forget that the GOP still has a zillion candidates all saying stupid things on a regular basis. Where can this end for us? Nowhere good.

Let's start with the Bills who kept playing a blaring train noise as the Patriot tried to move the ball, a clear violation of league rules. Once the play clock hits 20 seconds or the offense gets to the line of scrimmage, all loudspeaker music must end. Multiple times a train noise blared over the stadium when they shouldn't. Fans held signs that said CHEATERS which seems awfully ironic considering WHO was cheating this time. So let me get this straight, every time the Patriots win, they cheated and the other team can cheat too because, you know, it's the Patriots. Nevermind the fact that the idiotic Deflatgate scandal might as well as have been called Benghazi (or Ballghazi) for all the truth there was to the never-ending nonsense they were accused of. If anyone has hard proof of the Patriots actually cheating in this particular scandal, I'd love to see it because if all they had was the poorly investigated Wells Report, they have got nothing to prove any wrongdoing, yet they are being branded cheaters because the media told us they were.

The MSM lately has been embarrassing even for them. They continue to shill for Bush and Hillary, while tearing down Sanders and Trump at every chance. They declared Fiorina the winner of the debate even though she did worse than just about every other person in her command of "facts" which were nothing more than wrong headed talking points, many of which just made up. How do you win a debate, where facts do matter, by going all Dick Cheney on the panel? How do you not call her out repeatedly on her desire to start another cold war, her past which is checkered at best and her fanatsy video about Planned Parenthood? Why is the media so determined to get us the most establishment candidate they can? Yeah, that last one is no mystery when you realize that six companies control ALL media and they are all owned by billionaires and multi-national corporations.

The media needed no help in watching Trump and Carson say things so stupid you can hardly believe they are still in the race at all. Trump managed to insult Muslims, including American ones, the President, and any sense of decency when he failed to refute the most racist man alive at a recent rally. Carson stepped in it when he said on Meet The Press that no Muslim should ever be President. Good Lord, are these people that Muslim phobic?

Then there is Leslie Allen Merritt, a 21 year old utter moron recently arrested for a string of highway shootings on Interstate 10 in Arizona. His defense of his gun being in the pawn shop for the past two months would have been a great alibi had it been true but the police has footage of him pawning said gun the same day they arrested him, as he was under surveillance at the time. Ballistics link him and the gun to the shooting. Hope he likes prison, because he is being charged with 28 felonies, including several counts of terrorism. I am guessing, he is looking at a best case scenario of ten years in a Federal Prison, more if it goes to trial. Enjoy male on male rape, dumbass.

Clinton is gaining on Sanders for some inane reason, a stat I wonder if it is actually accurate and not some media driven fantasy. At a recent rally, Clinton couldn't fill up a classroom while Bernie is still attracting tens of thousands. But as Biden looks to be getting ready to enter, her days may be numbered at that point. If the media continues to keep begging us for a Clinton/Bush mash-up, maybe the first thing we should do when society collapses is destroy all the media outlets first, as they will be ultimately to blame. Or the politicians, your choice America, as they suck pretty bad too.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Perhaps I spoke too soon when I said that Republicans were supporting the right people when for some inane reason, people think looking forceful and autocratic is a good response to having terrible ideas. Trump may be an idiot, but he is head and shoulders smarter than Carly Fiorina, the worst person running for President by far. This will be yet another flavor of the week that the GOP did in 2012 before settling on Romney. It is not impossible that Bush could still be their nominee, even if he had a really bad week after his crap performance at the debate. Let's see those runner ups in a super crowded week.

10)Kim Jung Un- Baby had another temper tantrum this week and threatened the world again with nuclear weapons. Sure am glad George W. Bush kept us safe from North Korea getting nukes, oh wait, that's right, he did nothing and let them get nukes in 2006. This has led Japan to revoke their peaceful status and are rebuilding their army, a fact that should be getting Un's attention because the Japanese are an evil, vengeful people in certain circumstances and I would know as I am marrying one. In all honesty, I love the Japanese people and culture, but let's face facts, they are a group of vicious bastards in times of war. The funny part is that the reason for this change is because of idiots like Un, which he then has a fit about. Sounds like he might just be a Republican.

9)Angela Merkel- This witch is proving to be very bad at her job. Her and her cabinet have all but stood on the neck of Greece demanding payment, when they in the past under the exact same circumstances, pleaded poverty and got away with paying back nothing. Now, they have reversed an earlier statement of a free for all for refugees when hundreds of thousands, and millions more on the way, have gathered on the borders of various countries, much to their dismay. This is becoming less a refugee issue and more an invasion of people escaping poverty and religious rule, something that will change the makeup of Europe forever and not for the better. This kind of thing leads to the rise of far right politicians, think Hitler and Mussolini, and lots of atrocities and war. Competing cultures do not mix well, with one always absorbing the other, as history proves. The problem is the one that is being destroyed has a tendency to fight back with less than stellar results. This won't end well as long as we fail to address militant extremism and world poverty in a realistic way.

8)The NRA- This week during the debate's commercial break, the NRA inexplicably ran an attack ad against Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of NYC about his anti gun issues and soft drink war. The odd part is that Bloomberg isn't running for anything right now, so why bother? Does the NRA have that much money to waste? I guess with no issues front and center for them to bitch about, they go after who's closest. This is why I HATE the NRA, and I am huge second amendment supporter. These douchenozzels need to shut the hell up.

7)The WSJ- I loathe the WSJ and the NYT because instead of reporting the news, they create it. They both helped sell us on the war in Iraq, even though there was ample evidence that what W. was telling us was crap. They continue to rally for people like Fiorina and against Trump, but the worst is their non-coverage of Bernie Sanders. He rarely appears in either paper even though he is the current front runner in several early states. Now, far worse, the WSJ ran a hit piece versus Sanders this past week that was so inaccurate, Carly Fiorina should have said it during the debate. In it, they claimed that Sanders plan would cost $15 trillion over ten years. What they failed to tell you was the person who's study they used to get that number wrote the WSJ and told them they were misrepresenting his work. We will spend $15 trillion over ten years regardless over who is president and that Sanders plan would actually save us $5 trillion of that number he wrote. Funny how that important piece of information didn't make into the article. The author of this article should be fired as well as the editor who approved it. If you are going to shill for the establishment, you can fuck off already. We are being manipulated who to vote for and papers like this are front and center. Cancel your subscription to this rag if you haven't already.

6)Debbie Wasserman Shultz- If the adage of incompetence rising to the top is true, than this bitch is proof of that. Quite possibly that dumbest human in politics (let that one sink in for a moment), she has done more damage to the Democratic party over the past few years than anyone else, and that includes Hillary. Having been head of the DNC since 2011, this makes her responsible for the terrible run they had in 2014, running candidates so bad I wouldn't have voted for them in a million years and failing to capitalize on Republican missteps at all. Now, her incompetence is pissing off her entire party as her attempt to anoint close friend Hillary Clinton is blowing up in her face. Everyone and their brother wants more debates, especially since she has given the GOP all the news and the democrats none for idiotically waiting until October for the first one to occur. She was booed off the stage this week in NH by people who want more debates, especially as Bernie Sanders is surging and should do very well in the debates. This is why people hate politicians and we need a better person as head of the DNC. As Liz Warren isn't running for president call her. She at least has a brain in her head.

5)MSM- Wow do I hate the MSM this week. Watching the pundits talk about the debate afterward you would have thought Carly Fiorina walked on water or something. They said zero about the fact that everything she said was ridiculous, stupid or both. They also failed to mention she was one of the worst CEO's ever. They also called Trump terrible, which he wasn't, and inexplicably failed to notice that Chris Christie lied through his teeth again about when he was a prosecutor and his stance on pot. The worst was once again Frank Luntz, who is either the worst pollster ever or he is rigging his results. In a recent forum after the debate he asked twelve people in the front row their opinion about former front runner Scott Walker. They used words like "presidential," "better than last time," and, hilariously, "intelligent." Every single poll taken after the debate said things like "sucked," "horrific," and "not even if Clinton was his opponent." There is no way, statistically speaking, that 12 people could be that far off the mark unless they are beyond stupid or told what to say. Considering what the WSJ and NYT have been doing, what do you think is the more likely answer? The media is telling you who to vote for, now shilling for Fiorina, until they can rip her apart Walker style, Clinton, even though her numbers are dropping, and Bush, who is flailing like a dying swan. Sites like this give you real news. How sad is that? CNN gets a special FU for failing to ask candidates important questions again that have been all but missing for the last two debates and the latest ran for 127 hours. How about questions about jobs, the economy, climate change, the failed drug war (which they briefly touched on) and less about code names (all of which were stupid) and who to put on the 10 dollar bill, which most failed at answering either, with only Rand Paul naming an actual historical figure. Can we please cut the next debate down to a reasonable number and leave people like Jindal and Santorum at home.

4)Donald Trump- It was bound to happen eventually and this week it did: the Trumpster actually said nothing and it hurt it more than his usual brand of dipshittery. The debate didn't hurt him, but his past birther crap caught up with him and man did it hurt his numbers. During a rally, some person with single digit IQ levels insulted Muslims, the President and common sense in one spectacularly stupid question. Trump mumbled some non-sequitur, but failed to chide the guy for rampant stupidity by reminding that Muslims vote too in this country, they are NOT all trying to kill us, the President is not Muslim nor foreign born, and there are NO training camps in Mexico. Here's the question:

"We have a problem in this country, it's called Muslims. We know our current president is one, you know he's not even an American," an unidentified man told Trump at the real estate magnate's campaign stop late Thursday in Rochester, New Hampshire.
Trump chuckled and interrupted him to say, "We need this question. This is the first question."
"Anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us," the man resumed. "That's my question: When can we get rid of them?

Trump said he would look into it. Really? That is NOT the correct response and if you watch audience reaction to this, a lot of them look horrified. He dropped eight points since and may have fatally damaged any chance of winning in a general election as he now looks insane. This was really, really stupid on his part.

3)Jeb Bush- Only three people did worse than Trump this week and Jeb was one of them. He defense of Kim Davis, only popular with the super religious, came off as flip floppy, his debate performance was weak again and, without a doubt, said the stupidest thing of any candidate during the debate when he unwisely said "My brother George kept us safe." For a party that relishes in 9/11, they sure seem to forget that they were in power when it happened. They were warned in August about it and did nothing. At the very least, rank incompetence let it happen and at worst they helped it along for financial gain. He also got us involved in a war that we should never have gotten into, using fake information to do it, committed war crimes so serious he cannot travel abroad for fear of being arrested and ran the economy into a ditch. Yeah, he kept us safe. Keep telling yourself that as your numbers continue to plummet. And putting Margret Thatcher on the 10 was the dumbest thing anyone said all night to a pointless question. At least pick an American.

2)Scott Walker- No one did worse this week than this dork. His debate performance was awful, unless you were in Luntz's focus group watching a completely different debate. Before the debate, he was hovering around 5%. A recent CNN poll has him DEAD LAST. That's right, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki and Lindsay Graham are all above him now with only Jim Gilmore possibly behind him. His numbers are so low they barely register. He is a terrible governor and the American people have no told this one time front runner PASS very, very loudly. Time to quit guy and go back to suck on some Wisconsin cheese.

1)Carly Fiorina- The latest flavor of the week, proclaimed winner by the MSM and people who don't know how government works, Fiorina has now rocketed to second place where she will stand until the next debate when she flounders, which at this point is inevitable. She has the worst record of anyone running for President. She ran HP into the ground with one bad idea after another. She sold banned equipment to Iran which kind of belittles her attacks on the nation she once did illegal business with. She LIED about the Planned Parenthood video which does NOT exist. And she wants to start another cold war and possible nuclear war with Russia. What's not to like right? She doesn't seem to understand that everything she proposes will cost us trillions in money we don't have, which will be even less after she given huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations while killing the middle class. She CANNOT be even a consideration at this point for a country falling apart and this awful human will not help. Her ideas suck and provably so. So congratulations Carly Fiorina, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


That was WAY too much GOP debate nonsense last night. First we had two hours of the junior table where Lindsay Graham did the best, Pataki did okay while Jindal and Santorum should just go home already. Why is Bobby Jindal still running and who exactly is supporting this reject from Slumdog Millionaire? Everything he said last night was asinine, wrong or both. It was truly sad and quite pathetic coming from a guy running the worst run state in the country. It is impossible to run on a record that sucks.

Which is where Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee found themselves. And, in what can only be described as an epic failure, Scott Walker, who bombed so hard the FBI is going to have to talk to him about it to make sure he is not a threat to society. Good Christ, not one poll taken afterward had him anywhere above second to last. Yuck!

The polls say Trump won overwhelmingly and as someone who was watched these debates for years, I agree. He wasn't outdone by his colleagues, slammed all of them so hard medical care might have been needed afterward, and told the truth about their records. Carly Fiorina had a good night if you think the most unqualified person running for President on either side of the aisle is electable and Trump reminded us about that, something CNN failed to follow up on. She really was picked as one of the worst CEO's in American history and through incredible ineptitude, ran HP into the ground, as well as firing 30,000 people while padding her own pockets. But the right loved her, as they are want to do with people who have no business in the office (George W. Bush comes to mind) and she scored well.

Others who had a good night, according to the polls, were Rand Paul and Marco Rubio who had some good answers. I actually thought Ben Carson had some excellent, thoughtful moments which may be why the GOP electorate thumbed their nose at him in the polls. So much for a black Republican I guess for president. Shocker.

The real tragedies were Bush who may have sank his chances by idiotically changing his position on Kim Davis to please the religious nutbags but who do not speak for a majority of the base anymore. His numbers sank hard last night, more energy or not as his last name is a sinking stone. He was fairly dreadful overall and for some inane reason, kept bringing up his family who are as popular as the Manson family overall. All in all, he finished near the bottom of every poll taken and with good reason.

The two that sucked hard were without a doubt Huckabee and Walker. Huckabee's support for Kim Davis have sent his approval rating into the toilet even among Christians who realize that one cannot decide which laws to follow and which to not, lest chaos ensue. He didn't do himself any favors last night. Scott Walker, who looks like he escaped as a drunk extra from a silent movie in the 1920's, stumbled hard, especially after getting bitch slapped by Trump who reminded the audience that his policies had run Wisconsin into the ground. Both were dead last and a few polls had them at zero. They are well done, burnt even at this point. Time to give it up guys. It's over.

Here's some poll results from

Donald Trump has trumped his other 10 Republican presidential candidates in every poll taken just hours after the close of the 2nd debate.

In a poll taken in Fox 5 in San Diego, out of a large sample of over 16 thousand, Trump got 46% of the vote to second place Carly Fiorina with 22%.

Marco Rubio placed third in the debate with only 9%. Ben Carson and Rand Paul placed 4th and 5th and with 6%, Rand Paul.

Now, to keep this in context, a thousand respondents in a political poll is considered a lot of people, However, although online polls provide a much bigger sample, they are sometimes skewed to a certain audience.

In the massive Drudge Report poll of nearly 500,000 votes by 7am this morning, Trump got a whopping 60% of the vote, with Fiorina trailing in 2nd place with 17%, Ted Cruz in 3rd with 5%, Rubio 4th with 5% and Rand Paul edging out Ben Carson, both with 4%.

In a smaller, but more nuanced poll taken by TheStreet,com out of 5,000 respondents, on the question of who won the debate, Trump got 52% of the vote, Fiorina came in with 20%, Rubio came in 3rd with 7%, Ben Carson 4th with 5%, and Jeb Bush 5th, also with 5%.

However, on the question of who would you like to see win the GOP nomination, Trump widened his lead significantly with 54% and Fiorina, though still coming in second, dropped to 10%, Carson was 3rd with 8%, and Rudio forth, also with 8%.

But when the question was posed as who do you think WILL win the GOP Nomination, Trump’s lead jumped up to 59%, with Jeb Bush jumping up to 15%, with Fiorina dropping to 3rd at 7%.
So, no matter how you slice the early results, Donald Trump despite his lack of details on issues, is completely crushing the rest of the field.

The reason? I firmly believe that the American people has figured out that Congressional votes are being bought and sold to the highest bidder and they are tired of it.

Trump’s greatest asset is not his comprehensive knowledge on issues, but the fact that he is not taking any the big money and so therefore the vast majority trusts him figures he’ll bring in the top experts to provide the details.

So what did the MSM do? Ignore all of that of course. CNN said Fiorina was the clear winner, and while she did do well, Trump annihilated her with actual facts. Christie had some good moments and some terrible ones so I do not expect a big jump from him while the MSM of course gushed all over him.

The absolute worst AGAIN was Frank Luntz who somehow finds either the dumbest people on Earth for his focus group or the whole thing is a farce and it is staged to try to skewer the results. He asked twelve people what they thought of Scott Walker and they all had nothing but positive things to say. Meanwhile, the polls have him dead last in most of them. There is no way a dozen polls are wrong and these twelve morons are right. Luntz is either a shill or terrible at his job. It's your choice as to which is which but he has proven to be really bad at this.

Fact checking Trump did try to get a casino built in Florida, Bush's economic record had more to do with national trends and less to do with his policies and Chris Christie lied again about when he was named prosecutor not to mention he has pledged to end medical pot while stymieing the rollout every chance he gets. For him to say he has compassion for sick people is flat out wrong. The Planned Parenthood videos are edited beyond belief and I found it hilarious that Huckabee wants to find cures for things like cancer and Alzheimer's but doesn't want to use stem cells, the best hope for a cure, to do that. What a tool.

The debate itself was way too long with too many candidates that we do not need to hear from. For the next debate how about making a three percent rule and anyone less than that gets to sit home. With that, Walker, Huckabee, Christie, Kasich and perhaps even Bush can watch it from home like the rest of us. This way, we get a shorter debate, longer answers from people who might actually win and a reprieve from the nonsense from fringe candidates who are stuff on a rock. Trump might very well be the nominee at this point from a country sick of bought and paid for candidates whose names are synonymous with Walker, Bush and Christie. The polls say they certainly are.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hungarian police used tear gas and water cannons to fight back refugees gathered on the now sealed border as they shouted "Allah hu Akbar." The Hungarian President is calling it a huge crisis and rightfully says this could spell doom for the EU if they do not get a handle on it. He is not wrong.

Yes, it is horrible that women and children and being forced to endure horrific conditions to get away from war zones. However, recent studies show that 70% are able bodied men and a lot of the so called refugees aren't even from war torn areas but migrants looking for a better life anywhere else.We have the same problem on our border as people trying to get away from countries like Honduras and Guatemala are pouring across our border with more regularity than Mexicans.

What we have are poor, badly run countries fragmenting all at once and millions are trying to escape to anywhere else, even though due to rampant greed, stupidity and overpopulation problems, the so called rich countries are struggling right now too. So what do we do?

The answers are not pretty. You cannot move millions of people from different languages and cultures into new areas and expect everything to work out. It never works out like that. This is no different than what we see in nature when invasive species are introduced into non-native habitats. It changes the ecosystem, sometimes fatally. Adding millions of Muslims into non Muslim areas is a recipe for disaster and war. We are already seeing the rise of far right politicians here and abroad because of it.

Why do you think Donald Trump is doing so well? Because he has tapped into the fear (and not an irrational one by the way) that America is becoming TOO Hispanic. White people are reproducing far less and by 2050, they will be the minority in their own country. How might that affect everything including voting blocks and national sensibilities? The main reason Israel is so exclusive is that they fear what would happen with an Arab majority within their borders and as the last time that happened with the Germans, they got thrown into the ovens.

The same can be said for Europe. Merkel is proving to be an utter fool lately, after idiotically saying all are welcome in Germany and then was stunned when millions wanted in. This was far more than they could economically or socially withstand. Add to the fact that unlike here in the US, where many do indeed adapt to American life, Muslims in the EU are marginalized as well as refuse to assimilate, a recipe for disaster. Talk to the average person in England or Denmark and you will see a real vitriol toward Muslims in general. They HATE Muslims over there and not without good reason. Once they get to wherever they are, they attempt to establish their own identity within the borders rather than adapt to the norms of the culture. To quote Highlander: "There can be only one." Competing cultures will ultimately cannibalize each other with the superior technological one winning every time. This means doom for the Muslims who will not go down without a fight and, usually, a string of suicide bombings, which further antagonizes the general public. This cannot and will not end well.

One thing we have in common with refugees from poorer nations on our border is a similar culture and religion. This is not happening overseas. And while I feel bad for kids and women involved in this, I have zero respect for Syrian men fleeing their home.

I would never leave this country no matter the war zone it may become and I am hardly in the best of health. In a hypothetical example, what if Christian morons started attacking the government and killing anyone who didn't adapt to their ways. I would renounce that religion, burn every church down I could find and execute anyone who even had a Bible in their home. I would join forces with the government, or even develop a splinter group to fight for what is mine. I certainly wouldn't be running away like a giant pussy, yet that is exactly what we are seeing from healthy able bodied Syrian men and, as a result, get no sympathy for their plight. You chose to run away instead of fight and now you are screwed. Boo Hoo!

There are several solutions to this, none of them that will actually happen. We need to get off oil yesterday and we have the technology now to do just that. A combination of green energy and advances in things like synthetic oil could eliminate fossil fuels once and for all and then we go back to treating the Middle East like Rwanda circa mid-90's. We need to end the drug war which is causing such problems, worse than the drugs themselves by the way, which is funding a lot of corruption world wide. And biggest of all, some of these countries need to be invaded and controlled with an iron fist for generations as we prepare them for a democratic future, something a lot of these places are not ready for yet. But no way do we have the stomach for any of that, especially a world domination plan which is unfortunately our best and only hope. We should have taken over the world when we developed nuclear weapons, but that ship is long sailed.

Look what happened when we toppled or let go dictators in the past. From Tito to Saddam to Ghaddafi, chaos reigns afterward, worse than when they were in power. Millions die in the aftermath so how is that better than being led by a strongman who doesn't kill even a third the amount? Not everyone is ready to lead themselves, and while I would agree that no one wants a butcher as their leader, we also have to admit that the alternative is worse.

Maybe we should side with Assad and get rid of ISIS once and for all because let's face facts, they are far worse. As long as the Syrian crisis continues and other countries like Afghanistan and Iraq continue to deteriorate, this will just get worse and re-locating refugees is not a long term, workable solution. I would also like to point out that the EU has never offered to take any of out refugees on our border so why should we be getting theirs. Not that it matters as red tape will keep any refugees from getting here until 2017 at the earliest, not to mention push back from Congress and candidates like Trump.

This whole situation sucks. I wish the world was a better place but it isn't. And we can't help everyone, especially those who are unwilling to fight for themselves. We have our own problems as does the issues with the rapidly fragmenting EU and their open border status, an idea proving to be quite harmful to the status quo. Ultimately, this may to lead to war.

On a quick side note, some 15 year old retard was caught trying to plot to kill the Pope, a sure fire way for genocide. If any Muslim fuckwad kills the Pope, especially right now, millions, perhaps billions of Muslims, will die worldwide as they will make the Jews in Germany in 1944 look tame in comparison. This idea is pure suicide which will have the exact same effect that the death of Archduke Ferdinand did that started two world wars. One person then caused the death of over a hundred million people over the next forty years. If the Pope dies at the hands of a Muslim extremist, they amount of death and destruction that will rain down on the Muslim world will start a true apocalypse. Pray that never occurs for the sake of innocent Muslims everywhere.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Recent polls have Bernie Sanders twenty points over Hillary in NH and ten in Iowa (but still trailing in SC by double digits suggesting black people need to get their heads out of their ass), so let's look at the disaster unfolding known as Fall TV programming. This year looks like it has a couple of guaranteed hits, a few that could go either way and a lot that won't see Halloween. Who keeps making these shows? They do know there are more than three channels and other entertainment options right?

10)Blindspot- A great plot about a naked woman found in Times Square stuffed in a duffel bag covered in tattoos about future crimes has great promise, a good time slot after the Voice and the super hot Jamie Alexander as a lead will definitely have me tuned in. I just hope that it doesn't devolve quick like the Blacklist did last season. Once Tom came back into the picture on that show, it lost me.

9)Scream Queens- The creator of Glee and AHS looks to have struck gold again with this slasher show set among a soriority where the residents are getting offed one by one. Again, while I didn't watch Scream, I heard the ending and the killer reveal sucked. I can only hope this one does better. This one does has Jamie Lee Curtis and she rocks so there is that.

8)The Bastard Excutioner- They had me at Kurt Sutter's involvement and being on the FX channel.

7)Heroes- A show that as Sheldon Cooper said, "gradually got worse and worse until we were happy it finally got cancelled," is back and I have to admit looks better than it was. I am willing to give it another chance as they have assembled a lot of the cast back and the plot, again involving the end of the world, could work this time. They have had years to get it right.

6)Quantico- Another show that if they can sustain the premise of a terrorist mole within the ranks of new FBI agents, this could work. If it becomes too soapy, or runs off the rails like Homeland did, this will tank hard. For now I am willing to check it out and see for myself.

5)Agent X- TNT's new show starring Sharon Stone as the VP of the US who discovers that there is a hidden part of the Constitution that gives her the power to direct a covert operative to right the wrongs of the country in times of need. Sounds interesting.

4)Man in the High Castle- The second Dick novel to be turned TV show and this is a ground breaking one as it presents an alternative reality where Germany and Japan won the war and now control America. Streaming on Amazon, Sy-fy channel should be emabrassed they walked away from this.

3)Into the Badlands- On AMC this November, this show is out there. A futuristic take on China's fable book, Journey to the West (itself a great movie and nothing like the show), this is set decades in the future where a Buddhist monk undertakes a fantastic quest that will involve him beating the crap out of people who get in his way. If martial arts are your thing, do not miss this.

2)The Muppets- Easily one of the most anticipated show of the fall and the fact that only one show could beat this for top spot is stunning in and of itself. The previews are laugh out loud funny and should be a giant hit.

1)Ash VS the Evil Dead- This could be the greatest TV show in the history of TV if you are into this kind of thing. Going for old school schlock rather than CGI, Bruce Campbell is back as Ash, everyone's favorite Deadite killer for ten new episodes this Halloween. I will be watching this show many, many times, buying the DVD and watching that some more. I am literally giggling just thinking about new Evil Dead adventures.


10)Life In Pieces- Modern Family ripoff but has a huge lead for the first six weeks with still great Big Bang Theory. I still think this looks really derivative even with a stellar cast. Unsure how it will do.

9)Minority Report- One of two Phillip K. Dick series and one of two movie tie ins on TV this fall. I have heard the pilot is uber-boring, the lead uber-dull, and the time slot uber-lethal, opposite Scorpion, the Voice and DWTS, as well as Monday Night Football on cable. This won't last long and has a real shot at first reaped.

8)Supergirl- I have no problem with female super heroes and am looking forward to Wonder Woman even if I think Alexandria Daddio should have gotten the part. I am very leery of this after the first trailer was a carbon copy of a sketch Scarlett Johansson did of Black Widow on SNL. When you echo parody, you ask for trouble. I am also not a huge Superman/Supergirl fan and would rather watch Gotham opposite it. This one could go either way.

7)Limitless- Another TV tie in, this one has Bradley Cooper as a producer and occasional guest about a guy who takes a pill and becomes super smart. Unfortunately, this plot already failed once last year with Josh Holloway's Intelligence (which did indeed suck), and the lead is so badly written you almost want him to fail. Good luck with this.

6)Chicago Med- Who keeps watching these medical dramas? They never change. It's like watching old ER episodes on a never ending loop. The brutal time slot of Tuesday at nine will kill this show stat.

5)Code Black- See above. This one is also preachy as hell but in a better time slot. I still do not think it will last.

4)Rosewood- A medical examiner with a heart condition solves crimes and ZZZZ, sorry dozed off mid sentence. Fox is squandering their pre-Empire time slot in an already weak field. This one won't last long.

3)Truth be Told- When you start out your show with a joke about "white guilt being entertaining," you've not only lost me, I am rooting for you to fail. A sitcom without jokes, likable characters or anything resembling reality, this is NBC's ONLY new sitcom this year. What on God's green Earth did they turn down to okay this piece of garbage? This one may not last two episodes.

2)Dr. Ken- Ken Jeong is not a leading man. And this sitcom proves it. Opposite the above sitcom, Friday at 8:30 is where humor this fall goes to die. The fact he is playing yet another dimwitted dad makes me even angrier. When can we get the wife as the fool for once?

1)The Player- Considering How To Get Away With Murder and football are opposite this giant misfire with Wesley Snipes about people who bet on crime, they will be shooting snake eyes almost immediately. No way does this make past past Halloween, with low digit episodes airing before either moving to Saturday's or getting yanked all together. A must miss and most of you will.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


You know you've scrapped bottom when even fellow Republicans are looking at you and shaking their heads in shame. Overall, anyone not named Trump or Carson had a bad week. The rest of the pack is showing real weakness, especially Scott Walker whose campaign is on life support now and at least five others whose departure is imminent. But between Ted Cruz's utter lack of knowledge about just about anything, Sarah Palin proving once again she is the dumbest human on the planet and Mike Huckabee's spoken desire to turn this country into a theocracy, we had some real winners. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Jeff Smisek- The former head of United was forced to step down this week after allegation of bribery concerning Newark airport, and wait for it, the Chris Christie administration surfaced and looks bad for all involved. David Samson, head of the Port Authority, has been linked to a scandal involving money in exchange for more flights to Colombia, SC, where Samson had a summer home. While Christie most likely had nothing to do with this, combined with Bridgegate, which the last debate ignored completely for some reason, shows what kind of people he hires. If CNN does NOT ask Christie about this during the debate you have my permission to stand outside CNN and scream obscenities at anyone who works there. As expected so far no charges have been filed because the rich have one set of laws and the rest of us another.

9)Ken Lee Sheka- This is the first of two stories this week about the worst cops in the country, a depressingly repeating category and the reason why trust for the boys in blue is at historic lows. While at a Texas convention, in a room filled with police officers, Officer Dumbass started groping a waitress very inappropriately. When she told him to stop, he pulled out his gun and fired it at the wall. Instead of being fired on the spot, he faces "disciplinary action." Right, that's appropriate. This protection of lunatic cops is why people HATE the cops lately and stunts like this are not helping. At least he is facing charges for firing a gun illegally which again is for some reason not grounds for termination.

8)NYPD- These guys had another awful week. Proving once again that the NYPD are the worst shots in the country, while getting into a gunfight with a legitimate scumbag, police fired 84 shots and missed with 83 of them. Wow, I am willing to bet that a person with Parkinson's could do better than that. Then there is an even worse PR disaster when some gung ho cop tackled a black guy who turned out to be former tennis pro, James Blake, all of which was caught on tape. This is from the WSJ:

James Frascatore, 38, a four-year veteran of the NYPD—is seen kneeling on top of Mr. Blake, who appears not to be resisting arrest, as he cuffs Mr. Blake’s hands behind his back during a botched credit card fraud sting. The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau interviewed Mr. Blake Thursday night, and the investigation is ongoing, said department spokesman Stephen Davis. The officer was placed on modified duty.

The video shows Frascatore tackle Blake with no provocation or reason. Blake has gotten apologies from the police commissioner and Mayor but feels that is not enough and he is right. The fact that the cop in question is currently facing two similar charges of excessive force, maybe it is time to let him go already. He is not a good cop and we have video proof of it. What more do you want?

7)Kim Davis- We should take bets to see how long it is before this waste of space goes back to jail for interfering with her duties as a town clerk. She wasn't out of jail for two seconds, with Farmer Joe standing beside her looking like some Hee Haw reject, before she planned to use the courts again to get her way. Christ she is like Congress and Obamacare. Give it up already. You lost.

6)ESPN and Mike Tomlin- The Patriots walloped the Steelers this week, out playing them at every level. HA! So how did Mike Tomlin react to getting his ass kicked? Accusing the Pats of cheating of course. During the game, they had problems with the headsets on both sides and had them turned off so no one got an advantage. As the Pats have no access to the headsets before the game, or the network that controls them, and got no advantage over this, how is that cheating? ESPN not to be outdone, dug up some highly questionable accusations about Spygate, a scandal settled way back in 2007. They allege that Patriots stole team playbooks from locker rooms and offered absolutely no proof of said allegations. We get it. You don't like the Patriots. Suck it ESPN and Mike Tomlin for sour grapes. Pats back in the Super Bowl is what I expect.

5)Syrian Refugees- This manufactured crisis has gotten all sort of sympathy from bleeding heart liberals who only see compassion and not the bigger picture. Yes, it is horrible that people live in warlike conditions, but I hate to break it to Americans, we are to blame as much as Muslim extremists are. Because we refuse to get off of oil, something that is entirely possible in this day and age, we fund war and death and won't make a single sacrifice in it's place. And simply relocating endless waves of refugees is a recipe for disaster as they can change the ethnic make up of a country to a radically different one and lead to the rise of far right, Hitler like, dictators. Oh and that dead child that drowned that everyone went boo hoo about turns out to be not some refugee after all but the son of coyote for regularly took him on smuggling missions. What a dad. Germany is having second thoughts about taking in millions and with good reason. This sounds bad, but we need to support Assad and these refugees should be fighting at home for their land rather than cowardly running away, something Muslim nations have done throughout history. Assad is better than ISIS period. Pick a side guys because if ISIS wins, they stand at Israel's door.

4)Rick Perry- The first to see the writing on the wall, and predicted here as being the first to drop out when he stopped paying his staff, Perry has quit the race leaving a scant 16 other candidates to choose from. CNN has a junior debate that is using questionable data to include who they want as most of the people there do NOT have 1% support, so Jindal, Pataki, Santorum and Graham shouldn't be there any more than Gilmore, who was uninvited, should be. None of them are over 1%. At least Perry can watch this travesty at home.

3)Sarah Palin- This week she told the country to speak American, which doesn't exist, and for Native Americans to go back to Nativia, which also doesn't exist. She does know we can hear her right? This person came within one breath of being the second most powerful person on Earth and she doesn't understand basic facts about anything. She also came out against people spitting on Kim Davis and the Iran deal because, you know, 'Merica. What a true idiot.

2)Republicans- They had another spectacular week which involved defunding Planned Parenthood, and a government shutdown if necessary because that worked out so well for them last time as well as yet another legal challenge versus Obamacare, this time having to do with a profit sharing deal with insurance companies. The funny part is that this is exactly why Trump is ahead and Boehner's job is in jeopardy because Republicans to their credit are tired of the status quo. They want jobs and a better economy and so far the GOP has done exactly zero on that department since gaining power. They haven't even tried. If they keep this up they may have spectacular losses in 2016.

1)Mike Huckabee- I cannot believe how many establishment Republicans were horrified by this obvious campaign stunt that blew up in his face. Ted Cruz should be glad he was regulated to the side lines for this because this did not work like he planned. Huckabee showed he had no idea how our legal system works, debated on the legality of the Dred Scot appeal as well as the 13th and 14th amendment and then went on to stay we should be ignoring all laws that God tells us to, otherwise known as Sharia law and theocratic rule. Hate to break it to him but that is never going to happen here and this latest push for "Christian rights" is nothing more than a smokescreen for bigotry. It also has no hope in the courts which have shut that idea down harshly time and time again and with good reason as it would cause chaos. But this douche can't see that yet wants to be our President? Anyone supporting this ass is too stupid to vote so just don't and go back to playing with your own poo or finger painting or whatever child like thing you are doing today. His numbers this week slid hard because of this and he faces a Rick Perry exit sooner than later. Good. So congratulations Mike Huckabee you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


It has been a wild week for polls. A new Iowa poll must have the Clinton camp spitting nails because it has Sanders one point ahead now. I am so tired of hearing how neither Trump nor Sanders can not only not win the nomination but would get clobbered in the general election, unless of course that is the match-up and then one has to win. After watching the pundits nationwide utterly fail to show any discretion after the last debate, in which Trump "sucked" while Walker and Bush nailed it (the exact opposite of reality for anyone who watched it), they are still determined to force a Bush/Clinton narrative down our throat. The public however, seems to have other ideas.

And now we keep hearing how Carla Fiorina is on the rise, which is odd because as someone who analyzes poll data for a living, and whose national polls echos, has not risen above three percent nationally since forever. She has done well in a couple of state polls and that's it. It doesn't help that of all the candidates in this race from either side, she is easily the worst choice. I would rather say the words President Huckabee than her name. At least everyone else has some sort of record to run on, while she ran HP into the ground while rewarding herself with huge golden parachutes and fired 30,000 people in the process. Yeah, she'd be great.

But recent polls show Trump on the rise and with good reason: he is still the best candidate for President on the GOP side. He is the only one to say the TPP is terrible (something Hillary won't take a stand on like everything else in her campaign), won't cut Social Security (unlike everyone else who wants to cut it down to nothing) and thinks raising taxes on the rich is a good idea (who in the GOP would back that idea?). The rest of the clown car is hell bent on doing the opposite which would decimate this country.
Bush had a new set of ads for NH airing and while I will admit they were good political ads demonstrating his "strengths," they still stretch the truth something fierce. However, unlike Hillary who spent $2.2 million just in NH only to see her numbers plummet, he actually said what he planned on doing, even if I don't believe him for one red second. Hillary's were some of the worst I have ever seen, focusing on her mother and her status as a grandmother while offering not one idea of her plans for the future which so far are frustratingly vague.

As it stands right now between Trump at 32% and Carson at 19%, the rest of the GOP is fighting for relevance. After that it is single digits for everyone else. Bush is at 9%, Cruz at 7% then Huckabee and Walker at 5%. The rest poll is at three percent or lower, like Graham whose numbers are now statistically zero. Ouch! Time to quit dude. It seems very likely at this point that Trump will be the nominee and if his opponent turns out to be Hillary, he may win. However, her viability is fading fast, leading the establishment democrats scrambling hinting that if Biden doesn't run, Warren (a real long shot there), Kerry (God NO!) or even Gore may enter. I think those are more fantasy than reality and Sanders still has a real chance at the nomination and a chance to win, to the horror of Wall Street executives everywhere. To be honest, the status quo has real reason to worry if either the leading outsiders make it to the high office.

Meanwhile the GOP is doing their best to sabotage any hope for 2016 with several high profile snit fits. First, in the zillioneth attempt to get rid of Obamacare, a Federal Judge has ruled that some sort of cost sharing plan that Obama had with health care operators was unconstitutional, once again sending this almost certainly to the Supreme Court. Groundhog Day anyone?

Then there is the GOP revolt over the Iran deal, claiming that since they didn't get all the documents they requested, the 60 day clock hasn't started yet and they still have months to try to derail it. The problem with this tactic is legally they aren't allowed to get the documents they requested as they pertain to foreign governments, so in essence, this would stall the plan forever. However, the plan will go into effect September 17th with or without US involvement, and as the terms have been met according to the Iran deal, Obama will sign it into law regardless. This is sour grapes guys for a plan that may not be perfect, and no deal is, but it is the best we can hope for and not get into a nuclear war with Iran, which will be the final outcome. If they start to cheat, and I do expect them to, then we can start plans to end the world then.

All of this has put John Boehner's speakership at risk. That, combined with a possible government shutdown at the end of the month over Planned Parenthood funding, is causing a lot of waves within the ranks. Some are bitching that McConnell didn't use the nuclear option to make the filibuster a thing of the past, ignoring the fact that if they lose control of the House and Senate, a real possibility come 2016, liberals can advance their agenda unchecked. This is why democrats didn't undo it completely either. The lack of leadership from the GOP who have advanced exactly zero pieces of legislation over the last few years is making Republicans mental. They still have no job plan, other than tax cuts which don't work, no immigration plan beyond send em back to Mexico regardless of whether or not they are actually from there, and a tax plan that would be trickle down economics which are a proven failure. So far all I hear from them is abortion and gay people bad, rich people do not have enough money and poor people are stealing from us by demanding things like food and a roof over their heads. The shame of it all.

The reason Trump is ahead is that, and this is hard for me to even write, but he is the sanest choice out of the clown limo that is the GOP. No other candidate would even make me think twice about voting for them. Some would make me vote for, gasp, Hillary. Ugh, had to force some vomit back down writing that but if it came down to most of the GOP and Hillary I would be backing her, the same way I voted for Kerry over Bush, even though I hated both people. The good news is it seem increasingly unlikely that she can win, digging her hole deeper and deeper while facing a tide of anti-establishment revolt that is sweeping this country coast to coast. Sanders is the best candidate running. Help make him our next President. Please.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I have had it up to here (picture my hands above my head) with religious wingnuts worldwide. Here at home we have bigoted morons claiming solidarity with MLK over denying rights to an individual, or in other words, the exact opposite of Davis, Cruz, Huckabee and their ilk. MLK was intent on granting rights to black people not take them away. The level of stupidity I see on a daily basis in mind numbing.

Take this example of government in action. After three weeks, I finally got my insurance subsidies fixed. However, I won't see a check until next month meaning I am over a thousand dollars in the hole. Thanks guys. Even worse, I was given an appointment to talk to someone about this and received the letter four days AFTER the interview had been scheduled. The postmark said the letter was sent the day before, meaning there was zero chance I would get the letter in time. So I spent an hour on hold yesterday before they hung up on me and another forty minutes this morning all to answer two questions they already knew. This is your tax dollars in actions.

But I digress. Religious stupidity is gaining ground among some and it's nauseating. Davis was released from court yesterday to the thunderous applause of the dozen idiots who support her. Where's a suicide bomber when you want one? Her husband was decked out like some Green Acres reject, dirty overalls and all, as they rejoiced to "Eye of The Tiger," a song which the band Survivor did not give permission to use (meaning I guess God's law now trumps copyright law as well) and insinuated that they may sue. The morons keeps repeating that five justices cannot make law, with Michelle Bachmann joining the chorus now, completely unaware that that is exactly how a law gets made, yet these people were in office, lawyers or have been or currently are, running for President. Anyone thinking Huckabee would be a great leader needs to get a huge bottle of sleeping pills and have at it.

I would love to see her version of the Birmingham letters that she allegedly wrote in jail. I am sure they would be badly misspelled dribble that would praise Jesus while having no earthly idea who or what Jesus actually said or did. Funny things about Jesus is that he never said one word about gay people. However, he did explicitly condemn divorce and adultery which She Hag here (is it against your religion to own a comb?) is very guilty of having been divorced three times.

According to Church law, which she allegedly is so pious on, she is a heretic and should be excommunicated from the Church for not getting an annulment for any of her divorces. These are hard to get once, and no way would she get an annulment three times, so how is she so religious that she doesn't understand that regardless of her beliefs and she is going to hell for this sin? Gay people aside, this bitch is going to burn and her own religion states this. The nonsense that believing in Jesus absolves you of all sin (Baptist and born again claptrap) is dangerous, self serving and not in line with a single teaching of Christ. So explain to me again how gay people are the problem here?

I expect her to start denying gay marriage licenses the second she gets back. When she does, that judge is going to be PISSED and she will get an even longer stay behind bars. The funny part is her chances of being re-elected in 2016 are about nil, and will have to seek some religious moron to hire her because the rest of America is going to say "No Thank You."

Then there is Syrian Migrant Crisis which is eerily reminiscent of Jews circa 1938. They fled persecution from the Germans to get the cold shoulder from the rest of the world. But with social media we now see dead babies wash ashore and humanity takes hold. I am not so sure that is a great idea however.

Yes, the people deserve some respect and comfort and with Germany offering to take in millions, the rest of the EU isn't so quick to help and with good reason. This is going to alter the physical makeup of countries from Christian to Muslim and that is not necessarily a good thing for a lot of reasons. First and foremost is cost. How are you going to pay for all of these new people? And where are the jobs, which are already in decline, going to come from? On top of that, you are going to foster even greater hatred toward a group that is already not well liked throughout the EU. Countries like Holland, England and France have growing political parties that are extremely anti-Muslim and with good reason as Muslims want to establish their own culture that is at odds with the mainstream, just like Kim Davis and her group of schmucks. This has led to banning thing like minarets, the hijab and burkas, which I have no problem with. Your religion does NOT give you carte blanche to pick and choose which laws you want to follow. And these countries are NOT Muslim which means just like women cannot go with their head uncovered in some countries, you can't go to France and start dictating terms of accommodation either.

And then there is the distinct possibility that terrorist are using this mass migration to get into the EU and direct a new wave of terrorism. Pictures show some bad guys that may be with in the crowd and as no one has any idea, anonymity is a good smokescreen. What happens if some of these break from the crowd and start wrecking havoc? How soon before the public turns on all of them, including the innocent? The best idea is to establish camps, that may not be ideal but are still better than living in a war zone or letting people unchecked into Europe, and lead a campaign to annihilate radical Islam from the Earth which means siding with people like Assad, getting off of oil and putting the hammer down on countries like Iran and even allies, like Saudi Arabia, the leading export of terrorism on Earth with the Wahhabi sect they foster that causes so much damage worldwide. But first, we can wipe out ISIS which will require the will and the knowledge that innocent people will die as well. This nation and the world is filled with giant pussies however which makes this outcome in the never going to happen range. The alternative is to wait until one of these douchebags gets a hold of some weapon of mass destruction and we see a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv, which would be the end of the world when Israel unleashes their nuclear arsenal against whoever they please. It is not a matter of if but when. I have always known  since college that the most likely end of the world scenario that was most likely was Muslim extremists. Two, was economic collapse. I still feel pretty good about both of those.

ISIS has been caught selling antiquities they allegedly destroyed proving they are just as hypocritical as the rest of these asses. Christians are screaming bloody murder about gay people while they continue to have affairs, divorce and do other things that are against the biggest tenets of the Church. Why are religious people so awful for the most part? They do know Jesus was a socialist right? Until we get a handle on this and start pointing and laughing at the super religious for behaving like spoiled children nothing will get better. A good start would be fleeing the Huckabee or Cruz campaigns for more level waters. Grow a brain America and the rest of the world. We are getting way too stupid to live anymore. Trust me when I say, this will not end well for anyone if we continue down this course.

Monday, September 7, 2015


I hate overly religious people. As someone who has been inundated with religious claptrap his whole life, and went on to study all religions in college, I can say with 100% certainty that most religious people are full of it. They seem to be far worse than the general public with a strange fixation on sex, and the ability to say to hell with anti-adultery laws (which is explicitly a huge no-no in the Bible) while telling others that gay people are going to hell because of a few passages, some taken out of context. Their leader right now, Kim Davis, has started a firestorm of hypocrisy and "religious freedom" bull so large that I can't take it any more. More on that later so let's see those runner ups.

10)Shannon Miles/BLM-What wrath hath the Black Lives Matter movement wrecked havoc with this week? In a stunning repeat of the failed Occupy Wall Street Movement, their lack of action on even the most basic of reforms is leading to the injury and deaths of several police officers this past week. OWS died because they had no real demands. BLM is doing the exact same thing. Both groups have an important message that is not untrue but are handling it so piss poorly that the whole movement is going to fizzle out. Shannon Miles, a black loser with yet another history of mental illness, shot Officer Goforth while he was gassing up his car. Explain to me how guns are the problem when the one constant thread in every attack over the last few decades is not the weapon but the fact they were crazy? Knives, bats and even screwdrivers kill more people every year and the one constant is that a lot of the time, the culprit is either insane, black or both in this case. BLM should be focusing on the rampant crime in their neighborhoods because as many in that community realize, it's not white cops shooting innocent people that is as big a problem as black people killing each other is. Cameras need to be on every cop, accountability has to be increased, the drug war needs to end and black people have to accept some responsibility for their own actions. Until those happen, nothing is going to change.

9)Ashley Madison New Subscribers- This is why I hate people and also why I think at least half this country is too stupid to live anymore. Ashley Madison, the adultery website, got 100,000 new subscribers this week even after the news that not only was the information you give them not protected, it's also a giant fraud with most of the women on the site fake. Yet, somehow, someway, 100,000 people said that was just fine with them. WTF? How dumb are some people. I got a Nigerian mail scam in my email today, a scam which has been exposed for decades now, yet some still buy into it. I give up America. If you are really this stupid, we deserve President Trump.

8)Bard Inc.- This medical device company is killing people with impunity and our legal system doesn't seem to to care. Over the last few years 27 people died from a stunt placed in an artery to catch blood clots before they reach the heart. But the device is malfunctioning and a piece of the arm is coming dislodged and killing people. So corporations are people for tax purposes but above the law when it comes to negligent homicide? They knew about this, covered it up, and yet no one is going to jail for murder. Try doing this not being a multi billion dollar company and see how long a stay in jail you get. If you wanted hard proof our society is a plutocracy, this is it.

7)Anti-Iran Deal People- Obama can declare victory because one way or another, the Iran deal is going through. The right and Jews are screaming bloody murder about this but neither side has given us a reasonable alternative, which is the way of the world. People on the right who don't like something want it go away with no idea what to do in it's place. That is as far as they mind set goes. Iraq proved that. The Iran deal is not the greatest but it is the best we are going to get. The alternative is a nuclear war. That is not an exaggeration as the only way to beat Iran in a war is with nuclear weapons. So for all of you beating your head against the wall against this, unless you have a viable alternative, shut the hell up. The democrats have a veto proof majority now so it IS going through. Deal with it.

6)Bryan Johnson- This rookie cop of Millis, MA was fired this week, and faces prosecution, for a hoax in which he said a pickup shot as his car which caused him to crash in a fiery wreck. None of that was true as ballistics discovered only the officers bullets at the scene, including into his own vehicle. How does a cop, rookie or not, not understand forensics in this day and age? How did this utter moron get to be a cop, which should be a telling sign as to why cops are being vilified? His lies, for reasons still unknown, caused the entire town to be shut down, schools and businesses closed, all for nothing. It's no surprise he's being looked at at the local mental institution.
5)The Syrian Migrant Crisis- Sympathy for these poor people trying to escape a war zone is running into reality over who is going to take all of these people in, Muslims none the less, into a society that increasingly hates them. Think Jew circa 1939 and that should give you a starting point. I feel bad for these people but the reality is there is way too many and no money at the time to use for them. They do not want to go camps, and who could blame them, but you can't unleash them into your society unchecked either. There isn't enough jobs for the locals, so what are they going to do? Apply for welfare mostly which overwhelms the system and deprives citizens who need it too. The best solution would be to side with Assad and unleash hell upon ISIS who need to be exterminated from the face of this Earth. The alternative is a never-ending stream of migrants to countries who cannot take them in. We've seen this before and it never ends well.

4)Scott Walker and Jeb Bush- Recent polls show Bush faltering badly and Walker imploding. Bush finished a distant third in national polls and Walker has slipped to seventh. I always knew Walker would not be a popular choice for the country as his style is too laid back and extreme at the same time for anyone to take seriously. His state is badly run, like other falling candidates Christie and Jindal, and people see that. Bush is trying to take on Trump to realign his campaign but that seems to be having the opposite effect. The establishment is NOT popular on either side of the aisle and anyone seen as being part of it, is not getting any traction at all anymore. To put it simply: WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU ANYMORE!

3)Roger Goodell- Talk about getting bitch slapped on TV! Goodell got his hat handed to him when a judge vacated the ruling against Brady, leading to the fifth time in a row that has happened. Even more shocking, rather than letting this go and trying to make people forget about it, dumbass is appealing it. According to judicial review, in all cases, appeal courts overturn rulings 2.3% of the time. When the NFL is involved, that number drops to below 1%. So even though history says you have a 99% chance of losing, you're still going through with it? This guy is way too stupid to be commissioner anymore and if he keeps this kind of crap up, he may just be out on his ear.

2)Hillary Clinton- Her email scandal, real or not, is causing people to lose faith in her and her poll numbers keep dropping. She is now underwater in NH, way behind Sanders, and losing a lot of ground in Iowa. After an ill-advised interview on NBC news, in which she came across like someone who had no idea how computers work, she had to do more damage control which seems to be her fallback position. Talk, make things worse, fix it, repeat. Biden may enter which would make me happy as establishment or not, I like him way better than Hillary. That bitch has got to go.

1)Kim David and religious extremists- I hate Kim Davis and any idiot supporting her (Mike Huckabee you fat fuck, I am looking directly at you). Nowhere in our constitution does "God's law," which doesn't exist, supersede National law. NOWHERE! Religious beliefs aside, when you take a job you are bound by the rules of said job. This is the outcome of right to work laws so congratulations Republicans you did this to yourselves. More liberal outlooks might have worked better in your favor in the guise of political/religious correctness, but that is not the case. Supporters are vowing to fight and morons like her husband, various terrible lawyers and unbelievably Mike Huckabee, as he wants to PRESIDENT, don't seem to understand basic rules of law in this country. All have said that just because five liberals on the Supreme Court make a ruling, doesn't make it a law. Only Congress can make laws they scream at the top of the lungs, completely unaware somehow of that is exactly how a law becomes law. How does Huckabee and several lawyers not understand how laws are made? The Supreme Court rulings become law unless overridden by a Constitutional amendment. That is a fact. And every judge, no matter how religious, will never overturn this case because it would be havoc otherwise. An animal lover would not have to give out hunting licenses, a Quaker could refuse gun permits, a Jew could turn away Muslims, and this goes on forever. Your personal beliefs are just that: personal. They give you no right to push those beliefs on anyone else,no matter how strongly you feel. This was the exact same crap that we heard back in the 50's with inter-racial marriage and desegregation. That didn't hold and neither will this. The funniest thing is that the Westboro Baptist Church isn't even with her, calling her a heathen for getting divorced and committing adultery before becoming born again. The sad part is they are not wrong about that. You don't get a clean slate just because Jesus is your new best friend. That is religious bullshit. You have to be really sorry for it and do something to fix what you have done wrong. Only then will God forgive you. This crap about believing in Jesus is all I need to go heaven shit is getting old and not true. So congratulations Kim Davis and all the idiots comparing her to MLK (really people?) you are indeed douchebag of the week.