Thursday, September 3, 2015


I've been waiting to write that headline for months now. Unlike the armchair detectives who through spotty work have unilaterally decided that Brady cheated, even though the facts state there was ZERO evidence that he did anything wrong, he will be playing. Yes he destroyed his phone under suspicious actions but that doesn't make him guilty. There are multiple reasons for this to have happened and some of them do not involve the cheating scandal that really wasn't.

The judge threw the case out stating a lack of evidence against Brady, a witch hunt by Goodell and the NFL, a lack of specifics as to what Brady's punishment would be to the quarterback or his people and not letting the Patriots examine or interrogate some evidence and witnesses, including Tom Wells whose report was sheer crap to anyone who knows how to read a scientific document, which I do. This was cry baby tactics from league owners tired of losing to the Patriots and have resorted to crying "CHEATER!" at the top of their lungs when life doesn't go their way. What are they, three?

Goodell has of course said he will appeal, rather than let this go as it is NEVER going to go his way. The facts are a stubborn thing and the truth here is they have no hard evidence that Brady did anything wrong. Contrary to what some on the message boards are claiming there is NO video evidence of wrong doing (the opposite actually as the game balls were only out of sight for ninety seconds which is not enough time to deflate 11 game balls in that time) and NO Brady texts to anyone that suggest wrong doing. Up until a few weeks ago, they didn't even have specifics on how to measure game ball pressure, which helps ignore the fact the several of the Colts balls that day in question were registered under as well, a fact conveniently ignored.

All of this has made the NFL union much stronger and Goodell's leadership in question. This makes five cases in a row that went against Goodell, hardly a sterling record. He has been all over the place with his too few to too many game suspension against Ray Rice, which he lost on appeal. Add to that the Saints bounty scandal, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy and you have got one hell of an explanation ahead of you. You know Kraft is going to be looking to oust him and several other team owners may join him in that fight who have been similarly affected.

This is from

The union referred to its “Winning Four” of (1) the Saints’ bounty case, in which Tagliabue, acting as Goodell’s appointed appeal arbitrator, rebuked his predecessor by removing the suspensions of the players involved; (2) the Ray Rice arbitration appeal, in which former judge Barbara Jones found Rice’s testimony more credible than that of league executives (ouch) and lifted Rice’s indefinite suspension, (3) the Adrian Peterson court appeal, where NFLPA-favored Judge David Doty vacated Peterson’s suspension and sent the case back for re-arbitration, and (4) the Greg Hardy arbitration appeal, where Goodell’s handpicked arbitrator, Harold Henderson, reduced a 10-game suspension to four games, simply saying the penalty was “too much.” The NFLPA clearly considered these cases “wins” on their tote board as they prepared for their biggest case of all, involving superstar Tom Brady. And they can now add a fifth win, by far the biggest.
The long and the short of this is is that Brady will playing the rest of the season as the appeal process will likely take until next year sometime and all of this will start all over again. Sigh.

Then there is Kim David, the idiotic KY clerk who refused to issue any marriage licenses because "God told her to," is now behind bars indefinitely until she either quits or starts giving into gay people wishes. I am guessing she will be in jail for some time.

What religious people do not seem to understand is that your faith does not give you the right to discriminate. I do not care if you don't like gay marriage. The Bible gives you no cover in this, thus the quote "Judge not lest ye be judged," and boy did she get judged today. This is the same crap from the same people who claimed them being racist to black people was their God given right. Remind me again how that turned out?

How do you think that God's law trumps man? We don't live in Iran or Saudi Arabia. Why are the people who really hate Muslims the most trying to be just like them?

And of course, being an election cycle, Mike Huckabee said he was disgusted by the ruling and that America is now criminalizing Christianity, which in reality it was just ending discriminatory practices. You can hate gay people all you want in your private time. At work, just like the rest of us, you have to do things that are morally wrong sometimes. Welcome to the work force you've demanded Republicans. Enjoy.

The remaining clerks have been told to do their jobs or join the jail with Davis. Let's see how many want to risk their jobs and their families for this outdated idea that gay people are the devil in disguise. I would like to point out for the hundredth time on this site that neither the Ten Commandants or any of Jesus' teachings are anti-gay. It only appears in Leviticus and the entire works of Paul who seemed to have been a raging homophobe. This does not meet the religious test that any smart Catholic should have as for all we can see, God has had no part in any of this nonsense, just like abortion which is mentioned exactly zero times in the Bible and actually refutes their views in many, many passages. It is time to reach the 21st century all ready guys.

The country overwhelmingly supports gay rights and a majority still support abortion as the voters keep shooting down any anti-abortion law they are given in even the reddest of states. When Congress attempts a way around that, the Courts find them unconstitutional. Can we please start focusing on things that really matter, like the economy sputtering to a halt, or the fact that police seem to have lost all legitimacy, which was mostly their own doing, and are now being picked off indiscriminately? How about the calls for a race war, not from Neo-nazi douchebags, but from Black Lives Matter people, leading to arrests even? This country is falling apart and yet Brady is still a cheater and Davis is a hero. Enough!

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