Monday, September 7, 2015


I hate overly religious people. As someone who has been inundated with religious claptrap his whole life, and went on to study all religions in college, I can say with 100% certainty that most religious people are full of it. They seem to be far worse than the general public with a strange fixation on sex, and the ability to say to hell with anti-adultery laws (which is explicitly a huge no-no in the Bible) while telling others that gay people are going to hell because of a few passages, some taken out of context. Their leader right now, Kim Davis, has started a firestorm of hypocrisy and "religious freedom" bull so large that I can't take it any more. More on that later so let's see those runner ups.

10)Shannon Miles/BLM-What wrath hath the Black Lives Matter movement wrecked havoc with this week? In a stunning repeat of the failed Occupy Wall Street Movement, their lack of action on even the most basic of reforms is leading to the injury and deaths of several police officers this past week. OWS died because they had no real demands. BLM is doing the exact same thing. Both groups have an important message that is not untrue but are handling it so piss poorly that the whole movement is going to fizzle out. Shannon Miles, a black loser with yet another history of mental illness, shot Officer Goforth while he was gassing up his car. Explain to me how guns are the problem when the one constant thread in every attack over the last few decades is not the weapon but the fact they were crazy? Knives, bats and even screwdrivers kill more people every year and the one constant is that a lot of the time, the culprit is either insane, black or both in this case. BLM should be focusing on the rampant crime in their neighborhoods because as many in that community realize, it's not white cops shooting innocent people that is as big a problem as black people killing each other is. Cameras need to be on every cop, accountability has to be increased, the drug war needs to end and black people have to accept some responsibility for their own actions. Until those happen, nothing is going to change.

9)Ashley Madison New Subscribers- This is why I hate people and also why I think at least half this country is too stupid to live anymore. Ashley Madison, the adultery website, got 100,000 new subscribers this week even after the news that not only was the information you give them not protected, it's also a giant fraud with most of the women on the site fake. Yet, somehow, someway, 100,000 people said that was just fine with them. WTF? How dumb are some people. I got a Nigerian mail scam in my email today, a scam which has been exposed for decades now, yet some still buy into it. I give up America. If you are really this stupid, we deserve President Trump.

8)Bard Inc.- This medical device company is killing people with impunity and our legal system doesn't seem to to care. Over the last few years 27 people died from a stunt placed in an artery to catch blood clots before they reach the heart. But the device is malfunctioning and a piece of the arm is coming dislodged and killing people. So corporations are people for tax purposes but above the law when it comes to negligent homicide? They knew about this, covered it up, and yet no one is going to jail for murder. Try doing this not being a multi billion dollar company and see how long a stay in jail you get. If you wanted hard proof our society is a plutocracy, this is it.

7)Anti-Iran Deal People- Obama can declare victory because one way or another, the Iran deal is going through. The right and Jews are screaming bloody murder about this but neither side has given us a reasonable alternative, which is the way of the world. People on the right who don't like something want it go away with no idea what to do in it's place. That is as far as they mind set goes. Iraq proved that. The Iran deal is not the greatest but it is the best we are going to get. The alternative is a nuclear war. That is not an exaggeration as the only way to beat Iran in a war is with nuclear weapons. So for all of you beating your head against the wall against this, unless you have a viable alternative, shut the hell up. The democrats have a veto proof majority now so it IS going through. Deal with it.

6)Bryan Johnson- This rookie cop of Millis, MA was fired this week, and faces prosecution, for a hoax in which he said a pickup shot as his car which caused him to crash in a fiery wreck. None of that was true as ballistics discovered only the officers bullets at the scene, including into his own vehicle. How does a cop, rookie or not, not understand forensics in this day and age? How did this utter moron get to be a cop, which should be a telling sign as to why cops are being vilified? His lies, for reasons still unknown, caused the entire town to be shut down, schools and businesses closed, all for nothing. It's no surprise he's being looked at at the local mental institution.
5)The Syrian Migrant Crisis- Sympathy for these poor people trying to escape a war zone is running into reality over who is going to take all of these people in, Muslims none the less, into a society that increasingly hates them. Think Jew circa 1939 and that should give you a starting point. I feel bad for these people but the reality is there is way too many and no money at the time to use for them. They do not want to go camps, and who could blame them, but you can't unleash them into your society unchecked either. There isn't enough jobs for the locals, so what are they going to do? Apply for welfare mostly which overwhelms the system and deprives citizens who need it too. The best solution would be to side with Assad and unleash hell upon ISIS who need to be exterminated from the face of this Earth. The alternative is a never-ending stream of migrants to countries who cannot take them in. We've seen this before and it never ends well.

4)Scott Walker and Jeb Bush- Recent polls show Bush faltering badly and Walker imploding. Bush finished a distant third in national polls and Walker has slipped to seventh. I always knew Walker would not be a popular choice for the country as his style is too laid back and extreme at the same time for anyone to take seriously. His state is badly run, like other falling candidates Christie and Jindal, and people see that. Bush is trying to take on Trump to realign his campaign but that seems to be having the opposite effect. The establishment is NOT popular on either side of the aisle and anyone seen as being part of it, is not getting any traction at all anymore. To put it simply: WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU ANYMORE!

3)Roger Goodell- Talk about getting bitch slapped on TV! Goodell got his hat handed to him when a judge vacated the ruling against Brady, leading to the fifth time in a row that has happened. Even more shocking, rather than letting this go and trying to make people forget about it, dumbass is appealing it. According to judicial review, in all cases, appeal courts overturn rulings 2.3% of the time. When the NFL is involved, that number drops to below 1%. So even though history says you have a 99% chance of losing, you're still going through with it? This guy is way too stupid to be commissioner anymore and if he keeps this kind of crap up, he may just be out on his ear.

2)Hillary Clinton- Her email scandal, real or not, is causing people to lose faith in her and her poll numbers keep dropping. She is now underwater in NH, way behind Sanders, and losing a lot of ground in Iowa. After an ill-advised interview on NBC news, in which she came across like someone who had no idea how computers work, she had to do more damage control which seems to be her fallback position. Talk, make things worse, fix it, repeat. Biden may enter which would make me happy as establishment or not, I like him way better than Hillary. That bitch has got to go.

1)Kim David and religious extremists- I hate Kim Davis and any idiot supporting her (Mike Huckabee you fat fuck, I am looking directly at you). Nowhere in our constitution does "God's law," which doesn't exist, supersede National law. NOWHERE! Religious beliefs aside, when you take a job you are bound by the rules of said job. This is the outcome of right to work laws so congratulations Republicans you did this to yourselves. More liberal outlooks might have worked better in your favor in the guise of political/religious correctness, but that is not the case. Supporters are vowing to fight and morons like her husband, various terrible lawyers and unbelievably Mike Huckabee, as he wants to PRESIDENT, don't seem to understand basic rules of law in this country. All have said that just because five liberals on the Supreme Court make a ruling, doesn't make it a law. Only Congress can make laws they scream at the top of the lungs, completely unaware somehow of that is exactly how a law becomes law. How does Huckabee and several lawyers not understand how laws are made? The Supreme Court rulings become law unless overridden by a Constitutional amendment. That is a fact. And every judge, no matter how religious, will never overturn this case because it would be havoc otherwise. An animal lover would not have to give out hunting licenses, a Quaker could refuse gun permits, a Jew could turn away Muslims, and this goes on forever. Your personal beliefs are just that: personal. They give you no right to push those beliefs on anyone else,no matter how strongly you feel. This was the exact same crap that we heard back in the 50's with inter-racial marriage and desegregation. That didn't hold and neither will this. The funniest thing is that the Westboro Baptist Church isn't even with her, calling her a heathen for getting divorced and committing adultery before becoming born again. The sad part is they are not wrong about that. You don't get a clean slate just because Jesus is your new best friend. That is religious bullshit. You have to be really sorry for it and do something to fix what you have done wrong. Only then will God forgive you. This crap about believing in Jesus is all I need to go heaven shit is getting old and not true. So congratulations Kim Davis and all the idiots comparing her to MLK (really people?) you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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