Saturday, June 30, 2012


Let me start off by saying I hate snitches. I have gotten so screwed over the years by douchebags ratting me out to the cops for things I never did, that I have developed a rather psychotic tick toward anybody doing it to anyone else. That being said, I also recognize that there are times when being a snitch is not only necessary but noble. The Obama administration does not share my view of this as they have done real damage to whistleblower laws and to whistleblowers themselves. Many a government employee or military personal (Bradley Manning anyone?) who have tried to out some huge wrong have found themselves out on a limb alone as the government is chopping the tree down beneath them. It is really reprehensible how bad the Obama administration has been in this department. Funny how he ran on the most transparent government in history and then, once in power, all that went right out the window.
But two whistleblowers have come forward in the past week with some sickening and shocking allegations. An undercover journalist, someone like myself with no ties to corporate media, going by the name "Lee Hazledean" has said that security at the London Olympics is spotty at best and officials are planning for a terrorist attack with evacuation plans for London and 200,000 caskets on standby.

Hazledean is known for hard hitting investigative journalism and was surprised that no one from any major network was interested in the story. One channel, Channel 4, ran a puff piece saying the exact opposite of what Hazledean found after contacting them about the story. The truth seems to be against them.
In his piece, Hazledean showed how he got a job with G4S, the private company providing security for the Olympics, which required no background check and no personal references. New recruits were given two days of how to run an airport style security checkpoint, which include those awful body scanners, most of which would be turned off during peak hours to keep the line moving. I am sure that no terrorist would see this flaw and exploit it right? When Hazledean was asked to play the part of terrorist, he was given a knife and told to get through security. He did just that all day long, making it through all levels of security at least three times. The reporter went on to say that the people they hired weren't the brightest of the bunch and subject to criminal activity themselves as he witnessed drug deals going down DURING training classes, while others took cell phone pictures of supposedly secure areas. Many of them could barely speak English.
He is also reporting that a large number of soldier, foreign and domestic were being activated including a lot of UN troops in and around London. There were reports of G4S uniforms that had been stolen furthering questioning their security techniques.
At the training sessions, G4S spent more time talking about evacuation procedures over security concerns. It was said that 100,000 plus troops would be stationed in London should such a necessity take place, drones would be circling overhead, and 200,000 caskets, each capable of holding four bodies, would be on standby.
 If it was just Hazledean writing reporting this I would feel better. But he isn't. Earlier, data input clerk Sarah Hubble revealed that she was fired by G4S after complaining that G4S was cutting corners in their security preparations for the Olympics and that she herself had not been vetted. Now most likely, nothing will happen during the Olympics and a lot of the above is normal for such a high profile event. The stunning lack of qualified security, on the other hand, is completely avoidable and something we are seeing here with our lovely TSA goons.
A whistleblower who works at the same airport I sometimes frequent, TF Green, near Providence RI, started crowing over the same facts I have been telling you: that the TSA is hiring people without background checks and may even be doing it on purpose.
The whistleblower's job, who we will call Agent X here, was filing reports on other TSA agents who didn’t follow procedure. Agent X expressed his alarm to superiors that many of these repeat offenders showed signs of psychotic behavior. This is from
"We have a program in the state of Rhode Island where we take prisoners who are out for non-violent drug offenses and everything else - basically sociopaths - and we're sending them to a ten day course and getting them out in uniform out checking people," said the whistleblower.
Agent X added that people who seemed professional were disregarded in favor of applicants who had criminal records and displayed a tendency for megalomania and power trip behavior.
"If they have a background and it's something like violence or abusing authority we put them right in, we put them guys on the floor first day," said Agent X, adding he was also encouraged to hire Iraq war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.
"It's all about the power trip, it's all about having people bug their eyes out at the public and getting the public conditioned to the fact that the police state is coming," he added, noting how TSA screeners were directed to stick their chests out and "eyeball people."
As a recent report by Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn highlighted, the fact that TSA agents are so routinely caught engaged in criminal behavior is by no means an aberration but stems “from TSA’s hiring practices and insufficient use of background checks.
This includes the TSA’s recruitment policy which, instead of representing an “intelligent risk-based organization,” actually fails to conduct criminal and credit background checks on many of its employees while advertising “for employment at the Washington Reagan National Airport on pizza boxes and on advertisements above pumps at discount gas stations in the D.C. area.”
Last month it emerged that a Catholic priest who had been defrocked over allegations of child sex abuse was subsequently hired by the TSA to work at Philadelphia International Airport.
Agent X also divulged how TSA screeners were being ordered by their supervisors to check bags of people arriving at the airport who were merely there to pick up passengers, adding how he was directed to search a diaper bag belonging to a woman who had come to pick up her husband.
"We're doing patrols in the parking lot with dogs, we're even going as far out to the train station because the train station is connected to the airport here and we have guys walking around the train station, walking around the rental cars, we're inspecting cars coming into the parking garage, I mean we've fully expanded - we're no longer just at the gate and just at the security checkpoint," he added.
Agent X also explained how he was part of a coalition of TSA agents working at the airport in question who refused to grope passengers in certain areas, but that supervisors were firing those who took this stance.
During a subsequent private phone call with Alex Jones, the whistleblower said he had already been contacted by his bosses to be reprimanded over his on-air revelations. Given the fact that Rhode Island only has one major public airport, it's easy to see how TSA superiors were able to discern Agent X's identity.
If this is true, and having traveled by air I have no doubt as to its authenticity, than maybe we are being conditioned to give up all privacy for "security." If that's true, then this country is lost and we are all indeed sheep and cattle. I do not recognize the authority of the TSA and if these storm troopers continue to wiggle their way into regular society, I have a feeling a lot of us will explain that to them with considerable force. These goons need to go and if the government won't do it, it is up to the American people to do it for them.
As all this occurs come rumors of war plans being drawn up for Syria and Iran and troop movements by the Saudis to their borders, including a large contingent to the Jordanian border to help protect them should the monarchy fall. Aviation Weekly says a strike on Syria and Iran is inevitable and should happen by early next year at the latest. If it does, expect TSA EVERYWHERE. And if that happens, we have truly lost everything.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Call me VERY surprised that the uneven Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Obamacare meaning that everyone in America now has to get health insurance. There is still one central problem that hasn't been addressed yet and that is "how do they expect people to pay for these programs without any help from the government, i.e. a single payer plan?" MA has such a plan and it works very well. Costs are being kept down to some of the lowest rate increases in the country. For example while my plan only went up four dollars a month this year, CA saw it rise by as much as thirty dollars. I hope the democrats can and should start selling that as a campaign promise, something that would make this health care overhaul a huge step in the right directions.

The GOP, on the other hand, has started calling this a fascist law that will lead to the death of grandma, puppies and the American dream.  The level of vitriol coming from them makes you seriously wonder the sanity of some pundits. Our health care system is badly broken and is one of the worst in the Western world. When Cuba and Estonia outshine you in the health care debate, you know you’re in serious trouble. We need a new health plan and if the Republicans get into power again, their solution is to make things far, far worse, is the Paul Ryan budget plan is any indication. It’s funny that morons like Sarah Palin keep screaming about death panels, when her own party is guaranteeing just such a thing as basic services are removed from elderly care. Contrary to what any Tea Party faithful believe, Obamacare is not the end of the world, but the Ryan Plan certainly is. Read something, anything, about how health insurance works before shooting off your mouth.

The Individual Mandate is necessary to help people like myself, who have pre-existing conditions, to get affordable health care, something not possible until this new law passed. The risk pool has to contain younger, healthier people to offset those who aren’t. Otherwise, the insurance companies will never pull even the smallest profit and then no one will have health insurance. It is not a fascist government telling you what to do. It is a government looking out for ALL of its citizens. Just because some of you out there are healthy and don’t need to see a doctor every other day, doesn’t mean that someday, you too may need the provisions that Obamacare now offers.

The House will try to repeal the law in the House on July 11th, which has zero chance of ever getting any further as it will die a painful death in the Senate and an Obama veto. Republicans will play this out as a blatant power grab and cry bloody murder about it forever. If the democrats can sell it better this time, as most of the provisions in it are well liked, the democrats have a better chance come November. However, is they flub it, like they usually do, the GOP will have a big opening. Helpful hint, if I see John Kerry trying to explain the new law anywhere near a camera, I will officially never write anything good about democrats ever again. The last time Lurch tried this I fell asleep in my cornflakes before his Longwindyness was even close to done.

Medicare for all should be the new plan they sell and get us the single payer plan the majority of this country wants.  Those that are crying like babies with a wet diaper should really shut the hell up as their ignorance is giving me a headache. We need a new health care plan and I give Obama credit for sticking his neck out to get it passed. I wish he’s do the same with just about everything else like the War on Drugs, the wealth gap that corporations have no interest in fixing and regulations that only affect true small business owners and big corporations ignore with impunity. The country has moved in the right direction for the first time in decades. Let us hope we can keep the momentum going and stop the Regressive party from stealing our thunder.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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The world economy is crumbling, war with Syria may be already occurring in secret, all the while a huge cyber bank heist is currently stealing tons of cash from high level accounts. On top of that, house democrats are making plans for a Supreme Court overturn of Obamacare (and not without good reason) while Eric Holder faces contempt charges (again not without good reason). It has been a busy day and it's only two o'clock.

Let's start off with Syria. Damascus appears under siege by rebel forces and Assad has declared that the country is indeed in a civil war.  To make matters worse, the downing of the Turkish jet in possible Syrian space (that is still being debated) has set off a firestorm of protests from their schitzophrenic neighbor. The country is asking to go to war from NATO while at the same time declaring the have no intention of allowing NATO attacks from Turkish airspace. WTF?

The Turks have moved heavy artillery and tanks to the border and have declared that any intrusion from Syrian forces will be met with deadly force. The Russians have also started backing down as the new shipments of S-300 missiles to Syria has been suspended for unknown reasons. There are also unconfirmed reports that British forces have crossed into Syrian territory and have advanced ten kilometers inside. The reports state that the reason for the incursions is to establish safe zones for refugees as well as military bases for Syrian, and even possibly, Iranian attacks. But it has also been established that Obama has nixed any plans for a wider attack and that these special forces are there only to protect civilians. Syria, one way or another is going to fall. On the other hand, everyone sees that Muslim extremists are poised to take over, like the Palestinians and Egyptians, which has not been the type of change anyone on Earth was looking for. Syria will almost certainly go the same way and could lead to a bigger problem which is why no one wants to get involved with this mess.

Meanwhile, a massive cyber heist is going on right now netting at least 60 million Euro and could be as high as 2 billion. The servers seem to be based out of Russia but that means little as to the people behind this attack. As the money seems to be all stolen from major corporations and high level accounts, someone seems awfully pissed at rich people.

Also occurring is the upcoming contempt vote against Eric Holder for failing to give the Fast and Furious documents they demanded. At least twenty democrats are going to side with the house majority and lead to a grand jury to be held to see if charges may be pressed against him. This is getting ridiculous. Obama is actually starting to climb out of the hole he has dug himself with new polls in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania showing Obama gaining speed. PA is a lost cause as Obama reaches double digits soon, and FL and OH both show Romney losing ground, which would be fatal to his campaign. But this Eric Holder crap may drag those polls back down again. Ask for Holder's resignation, release all the documents, fire anyone who okayed this crappy op and move on. The longer this drags on, the worse the Obama administration looks. It's always one step forward two steps back for the democrats.

House democrats apparently watch Bill Maher because they plan on introducing a Medicare for all plan that would give basic services to everyone in the country who needs it. Mind you this has no chance of passing until after the election, but it's nice to see some people in our government aren't completely retarded.
And just to show that I don't just attack the right, somehow, someway the voters of New York's newly formed 13th district gave the nomination to fat fucktard Charles Rangel, a politician as corrupt as they come. How is that possible? I would love to see the exit polls on that race to confirm that the voters of NY's 13 district are that dangerously stupid, which considering who everyone else votes for in Idiot America, wouldn't be that far a stretch. Have we as a people become this dumb to re-nominate people not suited for their job? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. It's why this country falls apart as Obamacare is hated until it's explained to them, why the right gets people to vote against their self interests, and unions are demonized. We are headed for a cliff and no one is at wheel anymore. Pray people wake up and stop this idiotic voting for moronic candidates. When it comes to the presidency however, both sides are screwed.

Monday, June 25, 2012


There has been a lot of talk over the last week about the failed Fast and Furious program and whether its a witch hunt or an actual scandal. In may be a little of both. I cannot pretend to think that the idiot Congress we have, led by retarded Republicans, might not exploit every little thing they can get their greedy little hands on to embarrass the President, including killing common sense bills that would have benefited everyone. On the other hand, Eric Holder has done a masterful job in making it look like he is hiding something.

When Holder was first asked about the documents, he claimed such a program did not exist. That was a lie. When it came out that it did, Congress asked for more info on it. Holder replied by sending Congress a stack of redacted files that were ludicrous in their inkiess. The pages were more black than Holder is. When Congress rightfully complained, Holder told them to go blow, that was what they were getting and that was it. Congress did wait patiently for months to get the documents and only then threatened Holder with contempt. If Congress does find him guilty, he could face actual jail time so this is serious.

Congress and the people have a right to know who authorized this poorly designed plan and ask them how they could be so stupid. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that would get everyone else on Earth fired. But in the elite zone, there is no crime they are guilty of, no law they are not above, at least in their own mind. Those pages have to come out and with Obama unwisely wading into dangerous seas, this strategy is exactly the kind of thing that could blow up in his face come November. He's given the GOP it's first big wedge issue that will have consequences down the road. Ask for Holder's resignation, release all the documents and place the blame on some underling who's life is about to be ruined, possibly even justifiably if he was indeed the moron who ran this op.

Romney though cannot be undone in stupid category. It was revealed today that, of all the people on the planet, he has managed to find the one man, the one person for VP, that could sink any chance he has of winning. No not Newt Gingrich. That would have been better. No, not Herman Cain. Even his craziness would be better suited. Not even lunatic Rick Santorum. No the man on Romney's short list is none other than the most unpopular Republican serving today. I am indeed talking about Paul Ryan.

GOP budget roadmap a guide to nowhere
Yes, the man who single handedly has given every Democrat running a fighting chance with his way out of touch Ryan Plan, is Romney's short pick for VP. When he rolled out his Ryan Plan 2.0 this spring, it was met the same derision his earlier plan did. Many Republicans running for office in many states have publicly disavowed the plan, knowing it's DOA. Opinion polls show people HATE this plan, even die hard Republicans, who see at it as a blatant power grab for the rich. People are stupid, they are not THAT stupid. Go ahead and pick him, Romney. You will have no chance in hell of winning come November with that choice.

The Supreme Court proved their worthlessness again with their inexplicably upholding the Citizens United ruling by striking down a campaign fiance law in Montana that has been the books since 1912.

 The 5-4 ruling said that they had seen no evidence of corruption since the United ruling in 2010 meaning the Supreme Court exists on a separate plane of reality where logic and reason do not exist. Apparently they don't watch TV, the news, or read any newspapers or books. That actually would not surprise me as they all seem mentally challenged and totally undeserving of the position they have been given. They also struck down most of the idiotic Arizona "paper's please," immigration law, only keeping in place the fact if an officer stops you, he can check legal status, which seems reasonable. So one out of two ain't bad, I guess.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Lohan is a trainwreck, according to my sources on the set of her new movie playing Liz Taylor. She is constantly showing up late, which she was doing long before now and why most people won't work with her. She was let go of her last picture, a bio-pic about porn star Linda Lovelace, when the cast and crew threatened to walk out if she was hired. Malin Akerman replaced her. On top of that she is constantly forgetting her lines, ala SNL this past year, and behaving like a spoiled diva, brat. This is a LIFETIME movie, not the big screen and seems not to be adapting well to the change of being a C List actress all of a sudden. Here's Lindsey when she was HOT:

Here's Lindsey now:

That's a big difference. I used to like her work. Now I wish she'd just go away for several years and get her act together if possible. However, this ship may have already sailed.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


If this monster wasn't convicted every person on that jury should have been forced to have Sandusky babysit their kids. Let's see those runner ups.

1) Adidas-Look at the picture below of  Adidas new sneaker and see of you can spot the subtle problem with them.

Outrage: Adidas has sparked anger and been accused of 'promoting slavery' by creating a new pair of trainers which have bright orange 'shackles' that fit around the wearer's ankles

If you said they are purple, you probably belong to to the Tea Party. The rest of us noticed that they have GIANT ORANGE SHACKLES NEXT TO THEM. What brain power sat at some corporate meeting and said "You know kids like? Shackles." And everyone went "brilliant." And then came the complaints. Which somehow, Adidas, was completely unprepared for. Yes, young black youth idolize thuggish behavior in their heroes like Drake, Kanye West and the king, Chris Brown, but to suggest that prison wear is the new thing is going a step too far. This is stupidity in the corporate world at it's finest.

2)Cambridge, MA- Living in a very liberal state does have some advantages like subsidized health care and good social services, but in return you get the nanny state. Not to be outdone by Mayor Bloomberg's idiotic war in soda, now comes word that the mayor of Cambridge, MA has proposed a law banning ALL soda in city limits. So a coke isn't available with dinner but a steak the size of your head is perfectly all right. This is what I hate about the political parties. Republicans won't get out the bedroom and the democrats won't leave the kitchen. I wish they'd both mind their own damn business.

3)Egypt- As expected, the Muslim Brotherhood now controls the presidency albeit with much less power as the army changed the rules. Mind you they have good reason to not let some religious windbag get control of a very large army, lest we have Iran part 2. This is what democracy gets you, rule by a religious wingnut (the GOP) or a corporate controlled stooge (the democrats). There has got to be a better way to do things than this.

4)Syria- Using the new equipment Russia keeps giving them in clear violations of UN rules, Syria shot down a Turkish plane this week. The Turks were not happy and have started bombing areas along the Syrian border. No way could this go horribly out of control (roll eyes and sigh when reading that last bit).

5)NBC- This week it came out that MSNBC was caught AGAIN editing footage that made Romney look out of touch with the average man. We don't need editing for that, he does that all on his own. This on top of the Zimmerman tapes that were edited to make him look racist and, most shockingly and still unexplainable, edited out key footage of an interview with Jerry Sandusky that made him look guilty as hell. Why would you edit out your best material? You wouldn't unless another agenda was being utilized because every other explanation says that the majority of people there are completely retarded and unworthy of working at this place.

6)Fox news- Fox news, of course, ran with the story of editing done to make Romney look bad and were shocked, SHOCKED, that a news media outlet would do this. They must not watch their own programming because Fox news does this on near daily basis. In the last week, Fox and Friends, showed a clip about Obama that was edited to make it look like a campaign ad against him and Hannity showed several clips about the President that did exactly the same thing they were bitching about. Fox has been doing this for years and MSNBC shouldn't be stooping to their level.

7)Obama- This week, Captain Obvious has supported Holder (why?), made good strides with Hispanics (good job there), and then screwed the pooch by asking people why they weren't giving more money to his campaign. He actually said instead of birthday presents or wedding gifts, how about us poor folk fork over some money for his campaign. That is about as out of touch as Romney on any give day. First, most of us AREN'T buying wedding presents and the like because WE"RE BROKE. Second, didn't you lie to our face about everything you were going to do once in office and then proceeded to do the exact opposite? We can remember four years ago, ass. If you want to fix the economy, you need to protect and strengthen the middle class and that means giving up on a lot of corporate money that you will need to win, so nice catch 22 we've landed in. You are not going to get the votes because of that. You better start praying, because November seems awfully far off and you are not doing what you need to do to win.

8)Republicans- A recent study showed what I have always known: that belief systems, particularly that of the Muslims or Baptists who share a common belief structure, are more likely to commit crimes than those that don't believe in heaven or hell, or in heaven AND hell. If you believe you are going to heaven no matter what, as strict Muslims and Baptists both believe, what reason do you have to good things. The study showed that the ultra religious were more likely to be greedy, self centered douchebags who only care for themselves and like minded individuals. Welcome to the Tea Party faithful.

9)MSM- This week, not that you heard it from ANYBODY, five people were found guilty of stealing BILLIONS from municipalities across the country. It is also the first proof I found of fractional banking scams that have been long rumored to exist. Much like Superman 3 and Office Space, these five found ways to steal pennies off of every dollar. That doesn't sound like much until you realize they are doing it millions of times every day, netting themselves a fortune in the process. One such county lost $87,000 in one year causing them to not fix roads, close a local hospital and cut services. The sad part in all of this is that the five will only get five years at most, even though they crippled towns across the country and may have even caused the early deaths of others. This is our legal system and our media warping us and hiding everything under the carpet afterward.

10)Jerry Sandusky- This monster has been raping kids for decades and finally will be going away forever. However, there is some evidence AGAIN to support the face that this may have been part of a wider kiddie porn ring. The story started, not in the press, but an investigative reporter, much like myself named Mark Madden. Only when the evidence started to pile up did the MSM start to take notice. This is EXACTLY the same thing that happened with John Edwards and his bastard child which took the National Enquirer to break wide open. Here is what Madden had to say early in the case:

“I can give you a rumor and I can give you something I think might happen,” Madden said on the radio. “I hear there’s a rumor that there will be a more shocking development from the Second Mile Foundation — and hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross, I will use the only language I can — that Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors. That was being investigated by two prominent columnists even as I speak.”

This is from

In a similar vein, political bloggers Michael Collins, Roger Shuler and Wayne Madsen allege that the scandal could implicate prominent Penn State supporters in sex or cover-up — and that it has parallels elsewhere, including the so-called Franklin Scandal two decades ago and centered on Omaha and Boys Town in Nebraska.

“The current focus on Pennsylvania State University, its football program, and former coach Joe Paterno will be replaced by a more pervasive sexual assault scandal in the coming days and weeks,” predicted Michael Collins on Nov. 14. “At-risk children and their often disadvantaged single parents were delivered up to a relentless sexual predator with exhibitionist tendencies as described in the findings of a special Commonwealth of Pennsylvania grand jury.”

That same day, Roger Shuler in Alabama wrote in Will Penn State Scandal Finally Bring Child Sexual Abuse Into the Spotlight?:
Are Americans finally prepared to face an issue that more or less disappeared when reports about the Franklin Scandal surfaced in the late 1980s? The Franklin Scandal involved a child prostitution ring that had origins at orphanages in Nebraska and reportedly made its way to the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations. Investigative work by The Washington Times brought the story into the open. Craig J. Spence, a Republican lobbyist who reportedly arranged nocturnal tours for male prostitutes at the Reagan White House, was found dead in a room at the Boston Ritz Carlton in November 1989

Incidentally, almost everyone who first broke that story about the Franklin Scandal is dead, all of them under mysterious circumstances. That fact continues to this day where one investigative reporter about the scandal was found shot to death which was ruled a suicide, even though he somehow shot himself twice in the head with a shotgun.

We still hear about rumors of Sandusky pimping out children to rich donors, but no one, especially the corporate media, has looked into it. Here's a list if all the governing members of the charity Sandusky ran, Second Mile.

Second City Governing Board MemberInstitutional Affiliation
David Woodle Chairman & CEO, NanoHorizons, Inc.
Clyde Shuman Principal, Precision Medical, Inc.
William MartinCertified Financial Planner, uFinancial
Cliff Benson Retired, Deloitte Tax LLP
Donald Carlino President, Airgas Safety, Inc.
Sen. Jake Corman Pennsylvania State Senator
Neal DeAngelo Owner, DeAngelo Brothers, Inc.
Edward DunklebargerPresident, Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc.
Kenneth Ewing Retired, Hershey Foods Corporation
Michael FiaschettiSenior Vice President, Highmark Blue Shield
Michael FioreExecutive Vice President, Leonard S. Fiore, Inc.
Linda Gall Community Volunteer
Anne Deeter Gallaher Owner, Deeter Gallaher Group LLC
Bruce HeimChairman, Keystone Real Estate Group, LP
Dorothy Huck Community Volunteer
Dick KilePresident, Tri-Emerald Financial Group
Tom KnepleySales and Marketing Coordinator, Techbldrs
Michael KuntzVice President and General Manager, Turner Construction
Matt Millen ESPN Football Analyst,
Heidi NicholasReal Estate Developer & Manager, CEI, Inc.
Michael O’DonnellVice President, Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Kim Ortenzio-Nielsen Community Volunteer
Chuck PearsonRetired, Bank Chairman, Waypoint Financial
Eric PetersonCPA, Walz, Deihm, Geisenberger, Bucklen & Tennis
Alec Pringle Real Estate Appraiser/Developer/
Nancy Ring Realtor, REMAX Centre County
DrueAnne Schreyer Community Volunteer
Steve Seltzer President, Steve Seltzer Honda
Lauren ShankCorporate Attorney and Community Volunteer
Louie SheetzExecutive Vice President for Marketing, Sheetz, Inc.
Fred Strouse Realtor, Kissinger Bigatel Brower
Richard Struthers Retired, Bank of America
Michael Sullivan Owner, Automated Records Centre
Daryl MillinerRegional Vice President, Paradigm Partners
Jerry Burton Certified Brain Specialist
Mark GreenbergDirector, The Prevention Research Center, College of Health and Human Development, Pennsylvania State University

Did they know about Sandusky? Did they participate? Sadly, we may never know as no one is asking those questions. So congratulations Jerry Sandusky, you pedo monster, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Obama's numbers are sliding in some keys states, with Michigan now in play which defies all reason as, has the GOP been in command, Detroit would be a smouldering ruin by now. But the numbers show a definitive decline and it's cases like this that are NOT helping.

Eric Holder has been an abject disaster as Attorney General, which seems to be a prerequisite for the position because I have to go back to Bobby Kennedy to find anyone who could at least do their job half assed at best. Reno, Ashcroft, Gonzales and now Holder are not exactly names you want to be associated with when it comes to efficiency and moral turpitude. How is it possible for us to get worse with each secession? Alberto Gonzales was such a sleaze and fucktard that I literally thought it impossible to get any lower on the stupid scale. I was wrong.

Since Holder has taken over we have seen an increase, AN INCREASE, in the failed War on Drugs, particularly against pot dispensaries, which Obama promised he would never do if elected. Way to look like a a pathological liar, Mr. President because your track record on campaign promises is pretty low. Almost zero in fact.

But the Fast and Furious probe is another matter entirely. In what can only be described as a Loony Tunes attempt on gun running, the Justice Department let thousands of guns go to the drug cartels in order to "track them." They then of course lost them because the tracking devices on the guns had  a limited battery supply and once drained, could not be found. The guns then wound up in the hands of drug runners who then shot police officers and border agents, killing at least one.

Needless to say, Congress was rightfully pissed about this and demanded answers. Holder hummed and hawed and eventually gave the documents the committee head, Darryl Issa (R-NY) demanded. The only problem was 90% of the material were redacted and looked like black paper and stalling more than an explanation. Issa waited months for Justice to reply and eventually threatened Contempt charges. Obama has now stepped in and used executive privilege as a cover. The only problem is, this is NOT where that can or even should be used.

Contrary to the Democrats cries of witch hunt, which let's face it almost every demand made by the idiot GOP is, do not apply here. The GOP, for the first time in a long while, actually have a case and those documents should be handed over and has now set the stage for an argument over Presidential power, one that Obama may indeed lose.

Now, to be fair, other President's have used this excuse in the past and this is Obama's first time using it since getting into office. The question remains whether this was the best time to use it. The GOP is going to hammer Obama on this and with good cause. Congress should be allowed to see how this operation was set up, was it as poorly planned as thought and, if Holder approved it, he should be fired because this was a terrible plan from the start. Conspiracy theorists have a case that the government is covering up involvement with drug running and Mexican drug cartels, something I have been writing about since the eighties with the CIA dumping crack into inner cities and troops being used to protect drug shipments, both facts.

This could turn out to be Obama's Watergate moment if he continues down this path and could hurt his election chances. Holder should have been fired months ago and it is stunning to see this level of loyalty to someone dragging him down. Nixon went down, not because he ordered the break in at the Watergate Hotel, but for covering it up afterward. By protecting Holder, he may be making the exact same mistake. This WILL cost him votes that are rapidly moving away from him and may even lead to impeachment charges. Joy. But unlike Clinton whose hearings where complete bunk, the GOP actually has something this time. It seems like everytime Obama gets ahead (gay rights, Latino immigration changes), he does something equally stupid right after (pot arrests up, shotgun ban, Holder excuses) that makes people not like him, particularly his base.

The Democrats are screaming WITCH HUNT at their top of their lungs, not realizing that this isn't and the American people can see it isn't. Even Jon Stewart on the Daily Show last night said as much and they are not a right leaning news show by any means. Nancy Pelosi said the real reason for the attacks by the GOP is Holder going after voter suppression in states like FL. I'm sure they hate him for it but the real reason is that Holder is not complying with Congress in an area he really should and hiding behind Executive Privilege here is a giant mistake. The GOP has their first wedge issue of Titanic proportions and we all know they are going hammer that iceberg into ice cubes when they get done.

This is going to get ugly, and for once, Obama is on the losing side. Put out the documents now and let the chips fail where they may which will probably mean Eric Holder's resignation which should have been asked for a long time ago and all of this would have gone away. The police chief in the Zimmerman case was fired for incompetence in how the Trayvon Martin case was handled. Come November, so might you Mr. President.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


CNN stopped being a news channel I am guessing about the same time Ted Turner left. In the past week, they hit a new low when suggesting that marijuana has 70% more cancer causing agents than nicotine. As I said in yesterday's post, I have never seen one scientific document to support this theory from any reputable source. There are many sham studies which I am sure CNN used without ever doing anything requiring research as to their validity, but that is the way news operates today. Lie about everything, convince Idiot America it's correct and damn the consequences. But what about studies that show nicotine causes cancer? Turns out, they are just as bad.

As someone with a science degree, I can assure you, half of just about every scientific study nowadays is filled with junk science either to placate their corporate masters or by just being a lousy scientist. Cancer studies have been, without a doubt, some of the worst I have ever seen. In twenty years of research that I have seen, not one reasonable study shows that second smoke causes cancer. Yes, I am sure that if you work or live in a place filled to the rafters with smoke, cancer may be a possibility but randomly inhaling a small whiff of nicotine on the beach is not going to send you to the cancer ward ever. It is because of these sham studies that those of you out there who do smoke have been reduced to second hand citizens, huddling for warmth in some dank alley as people glare at the drug addicts you are now compared to. This on top of the fact that taxes on cigarettes have been raised so much you need a bank loan to buy a pack, raises serious questions as to how free a country we really are. But what about studies done on cigarettes themselves? Turns out, they suck just as bad.

In a new study from Nature magazine, an amazing 88% of the 53 landmark case studies on cancer research appear to be fraudulent. In trying to repeat a vast majority of these studies, the results cannot be reproduced, meaning they are not true.

The former head of global cancer research at Big Pharma company, Amgen, was unable to replicate 47 of the 53 studies, suggesting many scientists are fabricating their results for economic reasons as their grant money depends on it. A similar study done in 2009 from the University of Michigan came up with the same conclusion, finding that many cancer studies were a conflict of interest that favored results that worked best for drug companies rather than people. Imagine that, Big Pharma is more interested in profits that public health. Who knew? Everyone, that's who.

This same level of junk science has been found in many Big Pharma research projects where inconsistencies are being found in many other papers on Parkinson's, MS and other neurodegenerative diseases. The end result is Big Pharma is pushing out drugs that not only don't work but may actually harm the patient. Scientists working for Bayer wrote a paper in 2011 called Believe it or Not in which they published data that showed the drugs they were working on could not be replicated to actually do what Bayer said they did.

So much like the news, any scientific study needs to be looked at very carefully because most of it appears to be bunk. This is why we need a national center for science that can actually deduce whether any of these studies actually work because "peer review" certainly isn't working and most of these are way to complicated for the average Joe to understand. This is exactly why trust in just about everything has diminished to zero. Do you trust the government? The banks? Your lawyer? And now your doctor? This is why people have been not vaccinating their kids (a stupid thing by the way as no study has ever shown a correlation between the two and not the junk science ones the detractors scream about) and pills are making us sicker rather than helping.

Corporate money needs to be taken out of health care, politics and science. The end result is a sickly society no longer being looked after but farmed. The global warming debate has been eviscerated by these junk studies saying "don't worry, it's not really getting warmer out." Meanwhile I sit here on the first day of summer in 100 degree heat after a winter that never happened and weather that breaks world records every day. Science needs to be about the research and not a huge grant from some multi-national conglomerate with an ax to wield. We should all be worried about this is it is having major ramifications on out health and freedom.

On a side note, I would also like to slam the MSM for poo pooing the idea that there was no way those Russian attack helicopters would ever reach Syria. Turns out I was right, AGAIN, when the British cancelled their insurance forcing them back to port. There was no way those copters were reaching Syria and the MSM showed their ignorance again as to what is really going on in the world.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Want to know if the news is lying to you? When it's on.

Our journalism integrity has been reduced to the likes of me, a once proud reporter reduced to on line blogging. Nothing is wrong with blogging mind you, but I do miss my mid-five figure salary for one that is a pittance of that.With all major media reduced to six, some say four, companies, free speech is dead as a medium on any network as corporate interests come first and news now must make a profit.

Let's start with the most obvious form of propaganda: Fox News. I watch Fox News. This is not due to any sort of brand loyalty but MSNBC is too liberal for my taste and CNN makes me want to throw my TV through the window. Fox actually has some good reporting skills, thus the reason they are the most popular of the three. However, they also guilty of the most false stories and propaganda than the other two combined, which means if you watch Fox News realize that every third story is bunk. It's kind of like reading Drudge Report, which I absolutely love, but is definitely guilty of slanting their stories to the right, like, the Drudge protege.

Anything  having to do with politics is usually an outright lie. But stupid people can't differentiate between the two and read it as gospel. These are usually the same brain powers who believe the entire Bible is true (it's isn't unless God is a raving, schizophrenic loon), gays are evil, abortion is everyone's decision, and the government should stop every program they don't directly benefit from. You know, the Tea Party. The worst of Fox are their unwatchable morning programs with three people I cannot believe are not mentally challenged and their prime time fascist salute to everything Hitler would have approved of with GOP zombie, Sean Hannity, infecting people with his rampant stupidity leading the charge. I don't know what it is about people like Scott Walker and Sean Hannity but they both have such a smug satisfaction, douchebag look all the time that I would love to see someone, someday haul off and roundhouse these two fuckwads.

But it is this brand of propaganda, which is completely illegal by the way unless this new law passes which would let the government lie to us with impunity, that is making us dumber. The war on drugs proves this. Rick "Cromedome" Scott has tried for years to make millions off his Florida drug testing centers, 31 at least, by increasing drug testing on everyone from the unemployed to welfare to food stamps recipients. Notice "governors and senators" and mysteriously missing from the group. The state Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional on the ground that it is. You cannot single out a group of people in this country and make them accountable for something the rest of the populace is exempt from. Imagine if they ruled white people couldn't own guns. Or if men had to sleep with the fattest women on the planet for three weeks out of the year in order for them to get some too. You wouldn't be happy then would you?

But the Tea Party is screaming about this on Internet lately. "Why shouldn't we have drug testing for these worthless vermin?" they shout. Because first off, it's illegal you dolt. Read the Constitution maybe, you ass. Second, what part of "WE'RE BROKE" are you not getting. You want to shut down all social programs that don't break your way but we have plenty of money to see if the guy unemployed for two years is smoking a joint.

And here is where is the media really pisses me off. CNN today ran a piece claimed pot has 70% more cancer causing agents than cigarettes. Totally and provably untrue. There has never been one, NOT ONE, documented case of pot causing cancer ever. There are decades of good research, almost none of which came from this country, that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that pot is non addictive physically, less harmful than either alcohol or nicotine, and legalization decreases use, especially among the young. The later is the exact opposite of what we have here where any high school or junior high student can find the drug easily, much more than cigarettes or alcohol.

Here is what out government says:

As recently as December, R. Gil Kerlikowske, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, tied the increase in teen marijuana use to the drug's legalization for medical purposes, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"We know that any substance that is legally available is more widely used," Kerlikowske told the paper.

Here's a paper, commissioned by our own government that says the exact opposite:

While at least a dozen state legislatures are considering bills to allow the consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the federal government has recently intensified its efforts to close medical marijuana dispensaries. Federal officials contend that the legalization of medical marijuana encourages teenagers to use marijuana and have targeted dispensaries operating within 1,000 feet of schools, parks and playgrounds. Using data from the national and state Youth Risk Behavior Surveys, the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 and the Treatment Episode Data Set, we estimate the relationship between medical marijuana laws and marijuana use. Our results are not consistent with the hypothesis that legalization leads to increased use of marijuana by teenagers.

Apparently, good ol' Gil there can't fucking read. How he got to his position being such a fucktard is beyond me but I hope all those cocks tasted good, because you sure are shafting the rest of us. A majority of this country wants pot legal, the money it would bring in could help us get out of the ditch we are in and could make us a better country in the process. But instead we have our candidates mired in corporate money that will never let that happen.

But for the media, this is only one issue that never gets brought up, just the standard boiler plate of MSM crap.  However, the War on Drugs fiasco isn't the biggest story they aren't telling us. This is from MoneyBags World:

Bernie Sanders has now reporting that 18 Federal Reserve Board Members gave their own banks $4 trillion of these secret bailouts in the form of loans with nearly zero interest
Bailout amount
$2.5 Trillion
Goldman Sachs
$814 Billion
JP Morgan
$391 Billion
Lehman Brothers
$183 Billion
State Street Corporation
$42 Billion
$40 Billion
Marshall & Ilsley
$21 Billion
$21 Billion
General Electric (GE)
$16 Billion
Sun Trust
$7.5 Billion
$6.5 Billion
Texas Capital Bank
$2.3 Billion
Webster Bank
$2.2 Billion
Popular Inc
$1.2 Billion
Wilmington Trust
$550 Million
$5 Million

Here’s the text of the PDF summary released by Senator Sanders highlighting the culprits identified in the GAO audit on the Federal Reserve’s conflicts of interest.

Jamie Dimon Is Not Alone

During the financial crisis, at least 18 former and current directors from Federal Reserve Banks worked in banks and corporations that collectively received over $4 trillion in low-interest loans from the Federal Reserve.

U.S. Senator Bernard Sanders (I-Vt.) Washington, D.C. June 12, 2012

1. Jamie Dimon, the Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase, has served on the Board of Directors at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York since 2007. During the financial crisis, the Fed provided JP Morgan Chase with $391 billion in total financial assistance. JP Morgan Chase was also used by the Fed as a clearinghouse for the Fed’s emergency lending programs.

In March of 2008, the Fed provided JP Morgan Chase with $29 billion in financing to acquire Bear Stearns. During the financial crisis, the Fed provided JP Morgan Chase with an 18-month exemption from risk-based leverage and capital requirements. The Fed also agreed to take risky mortgage-related assets off of Bear Stearns balance sheet before JP Morgan Chase acquired this troubled investment bank.

2. Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, served on the New York Fed’s Board of Directors from 2006-2011. General Electric received $16 billion in low- interest financing from the Federal Reserve’s Commercial Paper Funding Facility during this time period.

3. Stephen Friedman. In 2008, the New York Fed approved an application from Goldman Sachs to become a bank holding company giving it access to cheap Fed loans. During the same period, Friedman, who was chairman of the New York Fed at the time, sat on the Goldman Sachs board of directors and owned Goldman stock, something the Fed’s rules prohibited. He received a waiver in late 2008 that was not made public. After Friedman received the waiver, he continued to purchase stock in Goldman from November 2008 through January of 2009 unbeknownst to the Fed, according to the GAO. During the financial crisis, Goldman Sachs received $814 billion in total financial assistance from the Fed.

4. Sanford Weill, the former CEO of Citigroup, served on the Fed’s Board of Directors in New York in 2006. During the financial crisis, Citigroup received over $2.5 trillion in total financial assistance from the Fed.

5. Richard Fuld, Jr, the former CEO of Lehman Brothers, served on the Fed’s Board of Directors in New York from 2006 to 2008. During the financial crisis, the Fed provided $183 billion in total financial assistance to Lehman before it collapsed.

6. James M. Wells, the Chairman and CEO of SunTrust Banks, has served on the Board of Directors at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta since 2008. During the financial crisis, SunTrust received$7.5 billion in total financial assistance from the Fed.

7. Richard Carrion, the head of Popular Inc. in Puerto Rico, has served on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York since 2008. Popular received $1.2 billion in total financing from the Fed’s Term Auction Facility during the financial crisis.

8. James Smith, the Chairman and CEO of Webster Bank, served on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Directors in Boston from 2008-2010. Webster Bank received $550 million in total financing from the Federal Reserve’s Term Auction Facility during the financial crisis.

9. Ted Cecala, the former Chairman and CEO of Wilmington Trust, served on the Fed’s Board of Directors in Philadelphia from 2008-2010. Wilmington Trust received $3.2 billion in total financial assistance from the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis.

10. Robert Jones, the President and CEO of Old National Bancorp, has served on the Fed’s Board of Directors in St. Louis since 2008. Old National Bancorp received a total of $550 millionin low-interest loans from the Federal Reserve’s Term Auction Facility during the financial crisis.

11. James Rohr, the Chairman and CEO of PNC Financial Services Group, served on the Fed’s Board of Directors in Cleveland from 2008-2010. PNC received $6.5 billion in low-interest loans from the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis.

12. George Fisk, the CEO of LegacyTexas Group, was a director at the Dallas Federal Reserve in 2009. During the financial crisis, his firm received a $5 million low-interest loan from the Federal Reserve’s Term Auction Facility.

13. Dennis Kuester, the former CEO of Marshall & Ilsley, served as a board director on the Chicago Federal Reserve from 2007-2008. During the financial crisis, his bank received over $21 billionin low-interest loans from the Fed.

14. George Jones, Jr., the CEO of Texas Capital Bank, has served as a board director at the Dallas Federal Reserve since 2009. During the financial crisis, his bank received $2.3 billion in total financing from the Fed’s Term Auction Facility.

15. Douglas Morrison, was the Chief Financial Officer at CitiBankin Sioux Falls, South Dakota, while he served as a board director at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank in 2006. During the financial crisis, CitiBank in Sioux Falls, South Dakota received over$21 billion in total financing from the Federal Reserve.

16. L. Phillip Humann, the former CEO of SunTrust Banks, served on the Board of Directors at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta from 2006-2008. During the financial crisis, SunTrust received$7.5 billion in total financial assistance from the Fed.

17. Henry Meyer, III, the former CEO of KeyCorp, served on the Board of Directors at the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland from 2006-2007. During the financial crisis, KeyBank (owned by KeyCorp) received over $40 billion in total financing from the Federal Reserve.

18. Ronald Logue, the former CEO of State Street Corporation, served as a board member of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank from 2006-2007. During the financial crisis, State Street Corporation received a total of $42 billion in financing from the Federal Reserve.

Think of what good all that money could have done.Instead we pissed it away in the largest bank theft in world history. And we heard nothing about it. MSM is dead. This is the new media where bloggers like me attempt to honor people like Dan Rather, Walker Cronkite and Edward R Murrow by speaking the truth. We certainly are not getting it anywhere else.

Monday, June 18, 2012


When I went to bed eight hours ago, the biggest news was the win of New Democracy in the Greek elections. Mind you, the pro-austerity party has only kicked the can down the road for at best a few months before total collapse becomes inevitable, but hey, it's something at least resembling good news. So off to bed I went, happy that nothing disastrous would happen today now that economic Armageddon would be put off for another day. Boy, was I wrong. Yes, economic Armageddon may have been adverted but the rest of the world went to hell in a hand basket at the same time.

Let's start with the fact that in the Egyptian elections, the Muslim Brotherhood won, alarming everyone planet wide. Why you ask? Because they advocate the destruction on Israel, ending the peace that has kept stability in the region for forty years and will send US/Egypt relations into the toilet. Wasting no time, a terrorist attack has already been reported on the border with Israel, causing them to send tanks for the first time in decades. Rockets are also being fired from the Gaza Strip and Israel is taking notice. The area is destabilizing and may continue to do so.

Add to that the fact that Russia is sending warships with anti aircraft batteries to Syria and you have a real mess on our hands. The US has already threatened to board any ship delivering the attack helicopters  now on their way to Syria, as a blatant disregard for UN sanctions agreed upon and in place. How the Russians will react to a foreign power boarding the ships is a good guess of badly. The Middle East is wildly out of control and with peace talks all but dead in Moscow between Iran and the West, war seems very likely and soon.

But wait, there's more. Weather reports show a class 5 Typhoon headed straight for the nuclear plant at Fukushima. Nothing better for a disabled nuclear plant still spilling radiation than a huge typhoon. A direct hit could spread radiation across the nation and even world wide.

And then we have the Euro crisis which is still going red hot. Yes, the Greek elections prevented a meltdown today, but nothing has been solved and both Spain and Greece are set to go bankrupt sometime in July. The austerity measures that have been presented will not work, mainly because they never have in history and the Greeks are in for even more suffering. Spain is deteriorating faster and faster and even Italy is showing signs of default. Certain French banks declared holidays on Friday as their cash supplies dried up, a horrific sign of things to come. The Euro is ultimately doomed unless radical steps are taken, which they won't because it would result in significant losses form the banks and the world elite. So things look bad, very bad as a matter of fact, with the only bit of good news is that the Greek exit polls were within the margin of error meaning they were actually fair elections. I wish we could say the same in the banana republic called America.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Due to any sense of transparency from banks world wide as to their vulnerability in the credit default swap and derivative market, tomorrow could either be a slight speed bump for the world economy or an apocalyptic mess. Let's see those runner ups.

1)German Police-Shockingly, this has nothing to do with police brutality or malfeasance and just abject stupidity. For the past nine months, a young man has claimed that he spent the last five years living in the forest after a car accident took his mother and he and his father took to woods living. After his father died, he went in search of civilization. Turns out the whole story was not true. His real name is Robin Van Helsum and was reported missing by his girlfriend last September. The sad part is it took the German police nine months to figure out he was lying, which seemed readily apparent from day one as his appearance didn't suggest woods living for an extended period of time. Not to mention the fact it took them nine months to release his picture to the press where he was easily identified. Morons.

2)Ray Dolin- This guy will be long remembered as one of the douchiest people EVER. Ray Dolin was writing a book called "Kindness," which he was "researching" by hitch hiking across America. While going through Montana, Dolin claimed a pickup stopped, as if to pick him up, and then shot him in the arm. He drove off but not before Dolin got his licence plate. Authorities later arrested Lloyd Christopher Danielson III, 52, and charged him with felony assault. There was only one problem: much like Forest Boy, the story was totally not true. That charge was dropped Thursday, although Danielson remained in custody, accused of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he was arrested. So assmunch shot himself and blamed an innocent man for the sole purpose of publicity for his book. What a fucknut. I seriously hope the book deal is dead because if it does get published, I will punch anyone I see buying it.

3)Jersey Shore, PA- First, this is a strange name for a town as it is nowhere near the Jersey Shore. Second, this town is going to be an awful place to live soon. Fracking from Aqua America is causing a huge protest, especially to 30 families being evicted from a trailer park so this corporation can poison it. Fracking is the process of using high speed jets of water to push out pockets of natural gas and can, as a consequence, cause drinking water to be flammable and toxins to be pushed out along with the gas. It has long been rumored to be the reason for earthquakes in places like Ohio. The residents evicted under eminent domain, which the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Big Business on, go figure, were given a paltry sum of $2500 to move even though costs were as much as $10,000 higher. Protesters camped out until the local stormtroopers forcibly removed them. The governor, Tom Corbett, has a financial stake in Aqua America so no help there. This town will soon have water you can double as a fuel source. Awesome.

4)Rock of Ages/That's My Boy- Studio heads are having a fit as yet another weekend box office disaster blew up in their faces. Rock of Ages, based on the play and never a good sign, died at the theaters this weekend pulling in a paltry $15 million. The story was horrid and the music terrible, unless Glee-like soulless remakes are your cup of tea, and considering the amount it brought in, it wasn't. Stop making such shitty films that no one wants to go see. On top of that was Adam Sandler's latest film which made a shockingly low $13 million. Up until last year, I liked Adam Sandler movies and saw a few of them in the theater. But after Just Go For It, Jack and Jill, the Zookeeper, and the atrocious Bucky Larson, I think a lot of people have had it with him. You cannot put that many awful, and I do mean AWFUL, movies in a year and expect your fans to forgive you. Apparently they haven't because this is one of the worst openings for one of his pictures ever. There are way too many shitty films this year AGAIN. Start getting better screenplays you idiots. Examine The Avengers on what you need to do to save your rapidly dwindling product.

5)Russia- These assholes are going to get us all killed. Czar Putin is one of the most dangerous leaders of Russia since Stalin and to pretend otherwise is dangerous. Russia is sending attack helicopters to Syria and possibly troops which is completely against UN rules. If Russia is violating them, expect NATO to follow. Word is that plans are being drawn up by the Pentagon for any kind of attack that the President may deem necessary. This could lead to a massive war, possibly nuclear. More as it becomes available.

6)UN-This is with a doubt a worthless organization. The UN troops in Syria have been pulled out after coming under attack. As they are unarmed, it made it difficult to do anything of any substance. The people are pissed, worried that Assad will double his attacks after they leave, a valid worry. If you are going to get in war zone, weapons are probably something you should have, not a baton and some mean words. The UN has become a joke, just like the League of Nations before it and maybe it's time to try something else because all I hear from them is one bad idea after another.

7)Republicans- Thought I'd forget about them didn't you? But no, the President did something good this week by stopping the deportation of illegal alien children under eighteen who have been raised in this country. The GOP has been surprisingly muted on this matter, probably not wanting to piss off any Hispanics that might still vote for them. This is a good law as it formally punished people who had no say in where their parents took them. We still have an immigration problem, albeit much smaller as there are no jobs here any more for them, and could be solved by demanding SS numbers for all workers. No other country has this problem because of regulations, a dirty word to the GOP but necessary to prevent abuse. Corporations love slave labor however and are fighting to keep those borders open.

8)Egypt- Elections, most likely fixed, are going to come down between the Muslim Brotherhood and a Mubarak crony. Needless to say, the majority of Egypt is not happy with either choice. Why does that sound familiar?

9)Greece-Their elections today could spell doom for the world economy. Depending on the outcome, Greece could leave the Euro, setting off a domino that no can foresee the results. That is not hyperbole. More on that next. What Greece decides could mean life or death for the world economy. And the biggest factor on all of this depends on banks.

10)Banks-Turns out, no one on earth has any idea what the effects of the Greek elections will have on the world economy. The reason for this is that banks have total non-transparency when it comes to credit default swaps and their exposure to the derivative market. As the major banks have no idea how intertwined any other bank is leveraged, they are as nervous as the rest of us. Across the planet, the world elite are bracing for a shockwave of unknown strength that could devastate us all. Worst case scenarios are a 30% drop in world stocks, massive selling of precious metals, bank runs and  even possibly hyperinflation. One party, Syriza, has pledged to reject the terms of the bailout and any anti-austerity measures. If they win what will happen is that Greece will lose any help from the EU and will be forced out of the Euro. Much like the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008, this could lead to big loses, especially big banks if the derivative market blows up, which would destroy the world economy at that point.

Let's look at possible outcomes. Greece rejects the Euro and resumes with the drachma. This would lead to a surge in their inflation, at least 35% in the first year alone, most likely more. The banks would be locked out of the lending markets so Greeks would print more money, further devaluating their currency.

The EU would then have to get investors to keep buying bonds from the other PIIGS countries to keep them from collapsing as well as borrowing costs will shoot upward. But as the EU lacks a centralized monetary system, this appears to be a short lived solution. If they fail to assure bond investors about the stability of the market, they will flee like the house is on fire. And that could lead to contagion, which sounds as bad as it is, as it spreads like a disease. If Greece leaves the Euro, traders may get squirlly about investing more money in bad economies and start selling them, driving interest rates up. This raises borrowing costs and could doom some banks throughout the EU. Bank runs will then occur as people rush to get as much out of possible before their money goes poof, something already occurring in Greece, Spain and even Italy. At this point, nobody is lending to anyone, ala 2008 all over again.

Here's where things get dicey. If all that occurs, contagion will spread across the pond to the US and infect our banking system. With unknown leverage on credit default swaps and the derivative market, the whole system could crash. Banks use swaps to sell insurance on loans. After lending the money to whoever, investors can take out protection on the amount loaned. If the loan goes bad, the banks that sold the insurance cover the loss. However, as JP Morgan discovered in their $7 billion loss plus traced to a hedge against the Euro crisis, even the safest banks can get screwed. If traders think other countries will default like Greece, the selling of government binds will drive up interests rates and also the cost of insuring the swap debts.

With the derivative market, things could get far worse. As we have no idea how much debt US banks hold through credit default swaps, we have no idea how bad such a scenario will play out. If the banks have very little, there won't be a huge problem. If they are up to their eyeballs in it, the world economy will completely collapse.

There is also the possibility that as Europe has a large amount of mortgage bonds, if they are forced to sell, mortgage rates could jump, killing a fragile market.  The only people buying houses are doing so because of low interests rates. Those rates jumps and the housing market will die on the vine.

So tomorrow should be very interesting. And congratulations banks because of your super secrecy, no one on Earth has any idea what will happen. You are indeed douche bags of the week.