Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Christ, I can't keep up anymore. I wanted to write something yesterday but work came first and by the time I could get anything else done, it was room cleaning time so me and my fiance can assemble a new box spring coming soon. Fun. So to recap. Trump went to the Middle East where he posed for what can only be described as the most evil picture ever taken. Really look at that below and tell me your can't imagine Mr. Burns and Dracula just off frame.

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The next words Trump seems like he should say are something along the lines of "So, Mr. Bond you thought you could stop the Doom Squad. Dump him in the shark tank with friggin' lasers." Cool.

He then went on to Israel or as he told the crowd, "Just back from the Middle East." So Captain Dumbass once again shows how idiotic he really is by not knowing he is still IN the Middle East. It would be the same as if I said sure am glad to be back in Massachusetts, as I sit here at home. Schmuck. Then it was off to Rome where the Pope gave him a coloring book about global warming, at least I hope it was because if not, it's getting left on Air Force One.

But the bigger news about Trump wasn't about him per say but about his horrific, country-ending budget that could be the most laughable thing he has done so far. How bad was it? Every Democrat howled in disgust at it, as well as most Republicans. There is ZERO chance a third of what he wants will happen and that is good news because it was an abject disaster. For all you yahoos still holding some sort of dejected hope that Trump will behave as the populist you all were conned into, the budget ends that hope. The whole thing is a two TRILLION dollar gift to the rich, all of which is siphoned from the poor and the elderly. It crushes Medicaid. It will throw millions off of food stamps. It will take away insurance from as many as forty million people. It ends popular programs in red states that will decimate their way of life. And they voted for this guy.
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The White House has decried a "taxpayer first" stance but the reality is it helps the 1% more than everyone else by a huge margin.The tax breaks that want to eliminate affect mostly middle class people while the ones they want to expand will modestly help them while giving the rich a two trillion dollar raise. FUCK THAT! Thankfully, there is no chance this passes as any Senator voting for this loses in 2018 in the reddest state possible as people would suffer so badly, they might not even bother voting and just start shooting them instead. The budget is that devastating. If you still think Trump is your guy, read just the highlights about how you will get ass reamed by this and try to defend him then.

Meanwhile, overseas there was another horrendous bombing, this one of the worst as the victims were mostly young girls. 22 dead so far and almost 60 injured.  What pisses me off more than anything is that this could have been avoided. The subject what known to British authorities, had made multiple trips to Libya, a known terrorists hotbed, lived in an area of Manchester where other terrorist plots had been uncovered and dressed in religious attire. How much more do you need to go on to track someone 24/7. It's not like you don't have the capacity. There are more cameras in the UK than anywhere on Earth. Facial recognition tech could have been used to track his every movement along with devices on his person and a small group to follow him. and if the excuse is you don't have enough money, find some. The only way to stop these people is to intercept them before they act. There were multiple warning signs this guy was dangerous and they did NOTHING to even look at him.

This is a sad security debacle that could have had huge consequences. Here is a simple scenario for any intelligence agencies that might be reading this. Feel free to use it. When you come across some idiot like the Manchester bomber ( I try to use their name as little as possible unless his nickname was something like "small dick Admil" or the like.), follow him, especially if he goes to Libya. The reason for this is he will lead you to wherever the bomb makers are and then you can arrest the head guy instead of waiting for dumbass number 3 to blow himself up. Is it racial profiling? Don't care. The new norm in places like Europe and the US has to be if you travel to places a lot where Muslim terrorism is prevalent and you yourself are uber religious, the government should be watching you 24/7. The other option is to have more of these pussies kill our children. I am not willing for all of us to give up our rights because Muslim terrorist lunatics cannot step into the 21st century.

I actually feel bad for Ariana Grande, whose music isn't terrible, the same way I felt bad for Amy Schumer when that psycho started shooting people in the theater playing Trainwreck. These people are just trying to make people's crappy lives better and no matter what you think about the performer it has got to hurt knowing some of your fans just died, and especially for a live performer, worry about it happening again. My heart goes out to her and all the people who lost someone this past week in another senseless attack. People lost their children, their mom's and their friends. I can't imagine some poor daughter whose mom died waiting to pick her up. She will hold that guilt for the rest of her life. "If I didn't go to that concert, Mom would still be alive," will haunt her. I can only guess the psychological effect for some of these people will be equally catastrophic will a strong possibility of drug abuse, promiscuity and even suicide among the survivors. Likewise for parents whose children will never come home, the youngest being eight most likely her first and last concert. One woman was looking for her 15 year old daughter Olivia and today it was confirmed she didn't make it. I am almost in tears just writing this now. This senseless deaths have to stop because, as I have warned many times in the past, eventually some terrorist is going to cross a line and the world will turn with murderous rage on anyone who even looks Muslim. They are actively seeking their own genocide as when people decide between an "us or them" mentality, whoever is in the "them" category, dies in mass numbers.
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Lastly, a leak from a conversation between President Fuckwad and his equally deranged counterpart in the Philippines, showed that Trump is itching to use nukes on North Korea which should make the world wonder how close to the end we really are. This man is dangerous and hopefully be removed from office before the end of the world. Pence may suck, but he's most likely gone too so President Ryan or Hatch will have to do and even I don't think they are likely to use nukes unless they have to. Trump wants to play with his new toys. That should worry us all. Bigly.


  1. But, but, but... rich people are TAXPAYERS too, dontcha know!
    They pay sales taxes every time they buy a new yacht, Gulf Stream, or Lamborghini...
    Then the fuckers get to write most of that tax off no doubt... :-[

  2. To me that top picture looks like the evil wizard Sauron peering into his crystal ball...

    Yeah, the attack in the UK was beyond horrific. These people are truly monsters to specifically target a bunch of kids. I guess they don't count because they're not only infidels, but mostly girls. And we both know that how highly females are regarded in the Muslim world...

    My heart goes out to those poor parents. And I feel bad for Ariana Grande as well, because although this was in no way her fault- she will never get over this tragedy either. Guilt can work that way, even though you've done nothing wrong.

    The Brits are just too Politically Correct in regards to Muslims, and being PC with those people just gets you dead.

    What's the answer? I dunno. A good start would be to GET THE FUCK OUT of the 14 Islamic countries we currently bomb/occupy/exploit. That might be a good start. We're there because of CORPORATIONS and the almighty dollar, yet it ain't the corporations who are getting blown up- it's ordinary folks like these poor kids. :-/

    Sick fuckers. :-[

  3. Speaking of this alleged "budget"- according to the latest figures from the CBO Trumpcare will hit seniors with an 800% increase in their healthcare premiums.

    Bankruptcy, homelessness, sickness and death will be the new norm for seniors now.

    It's very plain what's happening here- they're culling the goddamned herd- starting with those who just aren't worth keeping alive because they cost too much.

    Fucking bastards.

    I'll remember this the next time I have to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the national anthem.

    Too bad our leaders only allegiance is not to the people they represent, but to the corporations and the almighty fucking dollar.

  4. The Republicans are literally trying to kill us. The Democrats may suck hard, and they do, but they are not actively seeking an early grave for their voters.