Thursday, October 29, 2015


Wow, what a horrific waste of everyone's time that was. It didn't help that the moderators sucked beyond all rhyme or reason, but most of the candidates didn't do themselves any favors either. And those questions, yuck, made me miss John King and his idiocy from last year. We got such hard hitting questions as Carly Fiorina's HP tenure, Fantasy Football and thinly veiled insults that went way over the line. Even worse, half of the time the moderators failed to follow up on obvious lies the candidates said or were completely wrong themselves when it came to facts. Let's do another quick summary over the debate last night

Kasich- I have no idea how weed works and I don't want any votes from Millennials.

Huckabee- Who exactly is voting for me because the evangelicals all like Carson better?

Rubio- I am running for President so to hell with voting in the Senate.

Bush- Duh! Hillary bad.

Carson- My flat tax will beam off the surface of Venus while swamp gas turns it into gold for all.

Trump- I can't believe I'm losing to this guy.

Paul- I plan on filibustering tomorrow's budget plan because apparently I need my eyes checked.

Cruz-The media sucks.

Fiorina- I ran HP into the ground and I would gladly do it again.

Christie- This is the stupidest debate I have ever been a part of.

That was the essence of the whole thing. I have to give it to Chris Christie for the best line of the night when he was asked about Fantasy Football and correctly said that question was pointless as were most of the questions. They did get Trump on an inescapable lie about rallying against visas for foreign works, who then back-tracked on it, and when asked where they got the info from, came from his own website. Ouch! Same with Carson who almost had a Rick Perry moment when he tried badly to explain his flat tax idea and spaced for a moment when the complexities of it overwhelmed his ability to speak. Fiorina blatantly lied about 92% of women being out of work under Obama, which was the same bull Romney tried in 2012, which was false then and is now.  The moderators let this one go for some unknown reason but later went after Rubio's tax plan and the length of the debate.
John Harwood was terrible, as was almost every other moderator up there, who opened with a question to Trump comparing him to a comic book villian, then lied about rewriting an article about Rubio's tax plan (he did), and claimed the debate was always going to be two hours, which was so false his nose should have grown. Jim Cramer had some ridiculous question and one guest moderator whose name I do not know literally shouted every question as if he were in a wind tunnel. I hate most of the people up there and even I felt bad for them with the horrific line of questions. Things do not look like they will get any better as the next Democratic debate has Wolf Blitzer as the moderator. Awesome.

I didn't watch the kid's table debate because I don't care. As a matter of fact, half of the people up there should be banned from the next debate. One of the reasons these debates suck so hard is there are too many Goddamned people up there. For the next debate I hope Trump demands only those at 5% or higher be invited and the rest can sit home.

If that is the case, Jeb Bush won't be there because it was the one thing that literally everyone agreed on was that he sucked hard last night. He tried to attack Rubio on his voting record, a good point, and fumbled hard when Rubio smacked him back on it. It deflated him for the rest of the night, getting the least amount of time of any of the candidates and, even when he spoke, was bland and boring. His numbers are going to plummet after this and his chances of winning have become close to zero. He may drop out any day now as his money is going to dry up.

Carson didn't do himself any favors with his economic policy, which sucks. Fiorina is still fading among everyone except the most simple. Paul, Kasich and Huckabee can go home. The top three, hands down were Trump, Cruz and Rubio. Carson will survive. Christie may get some support but it's too little too late and his unfavorable rating puts him near the bottom still. It's time for some to start realizing it's over and we don't need you in the next debate. Maybe if we whittle it down, we can start figuring out who might be a good president and less like a celebrity death match.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Congress may have done something not only smart but productive, assuming the retards on the right don't sink it along with their chances of winning ever again. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have hopefully secured enough votes for an epic budget deal along with a debt ceiling hike that will take the issue off the table until the next President has to worry about it.
The deal is actually quite good. It fixes the social security disability fund that was going to run out of money next year. It gives more money to the military. It ends the chances of defaulting on the debt. In other words, it has something for everyone. Unless of course you are an idiot like Rand Paul who is threatening to filibuster the thing because I guess he is looking forward to multiple assassination attempts when an angry mob storms Congress when food stamps and Social security come to a grinding halt right before Christmas. Yeah, that'll get you elected.

Here's the thing some on the right, like Boehner are talking about: if this doesn't pass and things go belly up, the GOP will be held responsible and they will lose the House, Senate and Presidency, perhaps forever. That is also assuming they survive long enough when people can't afford rent or food and show up in Washington in droves to explain with bullets how pissed they are. This is exactly how revolutions start when millions reach their breaking point and some on the GOP side are flirting with extinction, mostly their own. Hopefully, this will pass, because the alternative is one on which Republicans join the dinosaurs both literally and figuratively.

Meanwhile, the establishment continues to throw wrenches at Trump and highlighting questionable polls that show him losing to Carson. They first harpooned him for daring to suggest that George W. Bush was president during 9/11. Contrary to the MSM, he never said Bush was responsible. Now mind you the evidence suggest he was either in on it or stupendously incompetent, the latter certainly a real possibility considering how stupid a man he really is, but Trump never said anything other than he didn't keep us safe that day, which is unquestionably true.

Now they are saying he "insulted" Carson's religion when in reality he said he didn't know anything about his religion. I listened to the quote over and over, as the MSM keeps replaying in it, and even my mother who is a die hard democrat is coming to his defense on this. I have years of religious studies in my past and even I have little knowledge as to what a Seventh Day Adventists believes. Looking it up, my opinion of Carson changes little and hardly for the better. They are no better or worse than most, although at least it's not Baptist claptrap about how their belief in Jesus is getting them into heaven regardless of behavior. That is evil and total nonsense. Trump merely said he didn't know about the religion, not that he didn't think it was a good religion.

And then there is one poll, conducted by CBS that put Carson ahead of Trump nationally. Considering only 526 people were polled, this is either an obvious fake or a fluke but looking at his polls in most states, Trump is way ahead in all of them except Iowa. Hillary is also way ahead there and even the most jaded pundit will tell you means nothing. Iowa is all about organized turnout which is why poll leaders like Michelle Bachmann last time around actually finished fifth not first as several polls told us. This means that Trump and Sanders could still win if they have buses of supporters showing up for a caucus, which is run different than every other state. Polls matter little if you have the right organizers and support which show up instead of those that sit home instead. Iowa polls must be looked different than any others. Trump is still way ahead of the pack, regardless of what the media is telling you and Sanders may also be doing better than we are being told.

Tonight, Bush, Fiorina and the bottom rung candidates need to make a big splash or face elimination. Christie and Paul are hanging on by a thread and both may implode by 10 tonight. Fiorina is hemorrhaging all the support she got last time, down into low single digits again after people looked into her past and threw her away like the rotten fish that she is. Bush is desperate, running out of cash and even his biggest supporters are losing patience. Tonight's debate should be interesting. More on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Regular readers know that while I think cops have a tough job and not all are bad, there are way too many who shouldn't be on the force. The worst are those killing people and pets with little to no justification and then defending their actions. On the flip side, we are also seeing people giving cops lip when they really shouldn't, especially as doing so can be a death sentence if you come across the wrong officer.

The latest video shows a cop dragging a 17 year old black girl out of a classroom. On this one, I have mixed feelings. Yes, the actions seem a little harsh, but at the same time this is a girl who refused to do as she was told multiple times by two different people of authority. The teacher asked her to put her phone away which she flatly said no to. When she was asked to leave the classroom, she again said no way. The cop stationed in the school then arrived, asked her to leave and she ignored him too. So what exactly should a cop do at this time to a student begging to be dragged from the classroom? It's not like he can just give up and leave. And why are so many people giving the police attitude when the end result is going to be an arrest and a possible beating? Here is a time line of what this idiot girl did:

1.) Girl is disruptive in class. Teacher asks her to stop. Girl refuses.
2.) Teacher asks girl to leaves class. Girl refuses.
3.) Teacher calls down to the office, again asking girl to leave. Girl refuses.
4.) Office sends up “officer” who again asks girl to come with him. Girl refuses.
5.) Officer then tells girl that she needs to leave, or she will be forcefully removed. Girl refuses.
6.) Officer grabs girl to remove her from desk. She punches the officer and attempts to kick free, flipping her own desk.
7.) Officer drags her from the desk repeatedly asking her to put her hands behind her back. She continually refuses.

First off, race has nothing to do with this story. And secondly, I do not see anything inappropriate here. If she had done what she was told, this never would have happened. Acting like an idiot however will get you in trouble. Disrespect in never a good idea here.

Recently, this happened to a young white guy who was pulled over for a crappy reason (he flashed his brights at a cop who had his brights on), but then went on to refuse to give the cop his ID, get out of the car when asked and when pulled from the car, beat the cop up pretty good as hospital photos show. The cop used a taser first, and when that didn't work, shot him, which like the story above, got everyone's panties in a bunch as the kid died. If he had complied like he asked, he'd still be alive. The same goes for people like Sandra Bland and the girl in the classroom who wouldn't have been dragged away if they just done what they were told without the attitude.

Anyone pulled over should be polite, say no sir and yes sir and do whatever the officer asks within reason. Telling the cop to Fuck off is a sure fire way to get a ticket or worse. Why create a hassle when you don't need one? And contrary to popular belief, other races than just black are getting the same treatment.

But cops are not immune to stupidity. The NYPD wants the city to boycott Quentin Tarintino films from now on because he dared to join a protest against out of control cops beating the crap out of innocent people. There is such a thing as free speech guys. Look into it. Tarintino has every right to march for this and you guys have to accept the fact that there are too many videos lately of cops behaving badly, especially in NYC where shooting innocent bystanders has become a joke of sorts.

The worst excuse was made by several police leaders who blame modern music and cell phone videos for the rise in attacks against police. Blaming people taking videos for bad behavior by the police is a stretch, although some can be taken out of context, thus the need for cop cameras on everyone riding a beat (no one walks anymore which should be examined as a problem in and of itself and might explain why a lot of cops look like Homer Simpson). I will admit modern music is pretty crappy, overly sexually and violently explicit, but I grew up in the age of songs like "Cop Killer," so I doubt it has more than a passing effect. The videos, like the one of the girl being dragged away from her classroom though is a prime example of not showing the whole story as this girl was belligerent to a T, and I believe, deserved to be dragged from the room. If you are not going to follow the commands of your superiors, maybe you deserve a good beating. Today's kids are spoiled rotten, are super sensitive and seem to lack basic common sense. This does not bode well for our future.

Cops are people and will make stupid mistakes from time to time. The problem is they never seem to get any discipline for their actions by a police force determined to cover it up, making them no better than a whiny generation of entitled children. What we need is total transparency from a police force that a good portion of this country has given up on. We need people to not act like idiots around then, basically asking cops to please shoot them. And mostly, we need some form of civility back in a country that has none.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


It's Groundhog Day as the Republicans are going over the same old hat that the previous 17 investigations did. To quote Hillary "At this point, what difference does it make?" Four people died and the who is more important than the why, something no one seems to be talking about, especially the Republicans. This is pure theater and the equivalent of bad community ones at that. Let's see those runner ups in this abbreviated week.

10)Stephen Harper- The PM of Canada for the last ten years lost in a landslide to the liberal party and a 43 year old ex-drug addict and son of long time PM Pierre Trudeau. He looks more male model than politician but truth be told he has to be better than the idiot Harper whose policies have dragged Canada down. Canada, like Mexico, are now eyeing pot legalization, while this country drags it's feet. The UN recently cancelled a drug summit in which Richard Branson was to present his findings that drug decriminalization is the best way forward which rumor has the US squashed. Canada will progress further left with most likely far more positive results, hopefully some of which Idiot America will see works and vote for someone like Bernie Sanders. Bye Harper, you won't be missed.

9)Jeb Bush- After spending a small fortune in NH with continuous ads, which I fast forward though with gay abandon, Jeb Bush has increased his lead by zero percentage points in the state. Thankfully Carly Fiorina's numbers have also started to drop as the more people look into her past the less they like her. But Jeb is doing himself, and the party, no favors by trying to argue that Bush was NOT president during 9/11 and took office somehow the next day. Trump has brought this up to which Jeb demanded an apology even as they both take swipes at Hillary and Obama for Benghazi that was far less severe and even less predictable. I read the memo that Bush got in August of 2001 and it specifically said Osama Bin Laden was going to attack places like the World Trade Center. Not only did he do nothing to stop the attack, the measures he took actually made things worse. Fuck off, Jeb, to you and your entire family. Even the Republicans do not want you as President and who can blame them.

8)Star Wars bigots- Being the sci-fi nerd I am, I can hardly wait for the new Star Wars movie. I grew up with the original three and vomited through the next three. Now that hack extraordinaire George Lucas is out of the picture (he is a terrible director/writer and a brilliant producer) and JJ Abrams at the helm, it is going to be awesome. Some out there after seeing the trailers have posted racist comments about the black storm-trooper and some idiocy about the film promoting white genocide. I must have missed that cut because I don't see any of that. Just because clones were used before as storm-troopers doesn't mean they continued with that after the fall of the Empire. I told you, I am a geek. As for the whole genocide thing, that's just stupid. I saw a guy buy a hundred and forty dollars in Star Wars tickets went I went to see the Martian (A must see) and don't blame him one bit. This movie is going to make more money than any picture in history.

7)Jim Webb- The first democrat to drop out, Webb complained about everything from the last debate, including why he didn't get more air time. To be honest, he shouldn't have been included at all as his poll numbers were terrible. Human bobble head, Lincoln Chaffee will be joining him soon. Webb announced he may seek an independent bid, which after I stopped laughing, realized that he would suck more GOP votes than democrat so I whole heartedly endourse this idea. Please run. Please.

6)Ahmed Mohamed- The boy who "made" a clock has decided that American schools are not good enough for him so he has decided to move to Qatar and get a full scholarship from them instead. Because nothing says success like a degree from Qatar University. Let me get this straight, you took apart a clock, put it back together without the casing, got in trouble, had scholarship offers from the best schools on Earth like Cal-Tec and MIT and you decided Qatar was the way to go? This family is either stupid or religiously delusional. No matter how bad this country is, a degree from MIT is a sure fire way to career success. Qatar is not.

5)Wealth therapists- Some psychiatrists are now becoming wealth therapists because apparently having tons of money is "traumatic." If they hate it so much, give it to me and trust me I won't have these issues. While it is true that having money makes you suspicious of everyone around you as you wonder do they like me or my money, that is a minor concern than say having no money and no food to eat. Some have compared their "plight" to black people and struggles in the inner city which is racist and stupid all at the same time. Rich people suck.

4)Glen Allen High school- In what can only be described as rampant stupidity, during a recent football game the most racist song imaginable was played over the loudspeakers to a Virginia school that is predominately black. Even stranger was the fact that the student who played the song was black. Are black people actually listening to songs that degrades them? WTF? The song contained lyrics saying black people are lazy and steal everything not nailed down, using the word nigger over and over, to the tune of Duck Tails. And a black person was listening to it on his I-pod which he accidentally downloaded into the PA system. I don't know where to begin with that. Then just yesterday, they had a bomb threat, which as always the 14 year old student was arrested two second later. NO bomb was found. This school has issues.

3)Tony Torrez- This piece of shit better like prison because he is actions all be guaranteed a life in hell for they rest of his sorry existence. After driving like a moron on a New Mexico highway he cut off a car who probably gave him the finger and said some choice words. His response was to get out his gun, fire it into the car next to him, killing an innocent four year old girl. This 32 year old dick should be executed by fire ants on his crotch for his idiocy but as NM has no death penalty he can look forward to life in prison in the worst prison imaginable, with people who HATE child killers. To be honest, that is infinitely worse. Hot in hell scumbag.

2)Syrian Refugees- Speaking of hell, you have to both feel bad and not for the refugees escaping war torn areas. The kids, women and elderly I feel for. The men can go fuck themselves for running away like the pussies they are. Many are complaining about the fact that life sucks out of Syria too. Welcome to the real world idiots. The grass is greener only for the rich while the rest of us starve. The refugees have been leaving a trail of garbage behind, even in places they have been given to live. Rapes by these foreigners have also increased and covered up by a complicit media. Worst of all, far right groups are increasing in popularity again, like Trump and his tirades against illegal immigrants. All of this is what Hitler, Mussolini and others have done. The rise of another anti-christ is not so far fetched as Merkel's number fall, attacks on refugees and the public continue and this could boil over fast.

1)Republicans and Benghazi- So what have we learned that is new and not some rehash from the previous zillion investigations you ask? Nothing, except that this has been a partisan attack from several sources. Two congressmen and a former staffer have all alleged this was a witch hunt from day one, which it is. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS AND NEITHER DOES MOST OF AMERICA. And how come no one is talking about the fact that Republicans cut funding for security for embassies which directly led to tragedies like this? Even if the Obama administration spun the news their way, everyone in Washington does this including Republicans. And why does Bush get a pass for the far worse 9/11 and Obama and Hillary are the devil for four dead? This is a GOP only thing and even most of them think this is idiotic. Trey Gowdy has been every bit as embarrassing as Darryl Issa was when he ran the committee. Even worse, he accidentally outed a spy which is far worse than the whole Benghazi "scandal." There is nothing here except a lame attempt to hurt Hillary. I while I may not like her at all, she has more support here because this is idiocy. The fact that we have spent so much time and money on this while the country continues to fall apart says a lot about what the Republicans will be like if they ever gain true power again. Somehow we have forgotten that the last time they did, they ran this country into the ground and now want a second chance? Forget about that. Barring a miracle if Millennials show up in droves to vote for Bernie in the primaries, Hillary will be our next president. And she will remember all who slammed her for partisan reasons. So congratulations Republicans and Trey Gowdy you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Joe Biden has finally thrown in the towel, correctly realizing that his time to announce his presidency has come and gone. There was no way he could mount a serious campaign, meaning as much as I would love to see Bernie Sanders in office, the sad reality is that odds are stacked in Hillary's favor not only being the nominee, but our eventual president. Yuck!

Jim Webb could have used a dose of that reality when he suspended his democratic bid but strongly suggested that an independent run was not out of the question. Considering he is polling at about 1%, nobody cares. Oddly enough, he is more likely to siphon votes away from moderate Republicans that any Democrats so go ahead and run you lunatic.

Recent polls have Trump way ahead, Clinton rising depending on the poll and most of the others dead on arrival. The biggest falls have been from one time sure thing Jeb Bush who seems stuck in neutral, Chris Christie who's numbers are plummeting, and, thank God, Carla Fiorina who has fallen back into single digits because she is quite simply the worst person running for president. Apparently, the more people found about this psycho, the more they disliked her. Good.

Barring some miracle, Hillary will be our next president it appears. Whee.

On the gun front, there is some serious data coming out that strongly suggests that while I still support having no gun bans, including everything up to bazookas, perhaps some people who have guns shouldn't, and perhaps wouldn't if we had some common sense gun laws. This week, a man in Florida went on trial for a road rage incident in which an unarmed guy was shot. What a pussy. Worse, in New Mexico, a four year old was shot in another case of road rage. When they find they suspect, he should be given the death penalty and not in a hundred years but two seconds after the guilty verdict is read. Thus the problem with our gun laws: they are way too lax when it comes to punishment.

Take this stat which I find horrifying in its own right: every week a toddler shoots or is shot by an unlocked away gun. This year there have been 43 cases of such incidents which is far too many. If you have children and keep your gun in an unlocked area, you should go to prison for being an idiot. In this state of MA, and only this state, it is law that all guns be kept locked away, something I have no problem with, especially if they have children. I have lots of friends with guns and kids and they are all responsible enough to do just that. Not one of them has ever had an accidental shooting.

This is from

The most recent fatal toddler shooting appears to have occurred in August, when police say a 21-month-old toddler in the St. Louis area found a handgun at his grandmother's house and accidentally shot himself in the torso. The child was taken by his mother to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A week earlier, police in Alabama said a 2-year-old accidentally shot his father in the head and killed him after the boy's mother had left work. She returned home and discovered her husband dead in their Hoover, Ala., apartment.

“‘Horrible tragedy’ is as close as I can come to putting words to it,” Hoover Police Capt. Gregg Rector told the Washington Post. “You think you’ve seen everything in this line of work and then something like this happens.”

But cases like it are not uncommon, the Post found. There were at least 12 cases in which a toddler shot someone else this year, the Post found, including two that resulted in death. In April, police in Cleveland said a 3-year-old boy shot his 1-year-old brother in the head and killed him.

None of that should have ever happened. When did we become such a stupid people. Democrats for some inane reason think Hillary won't be just further continuations of policies that haven't worked for decades. Minorities, who may be the dumbest humans on Earth at this point, are flocking to Hillary who has all be assured that the drug war will continue thus keeping large populations of Hispanic and black people on jail. Who votes to keep themselves in prison? Meanwhile, Sanders has promised to actually stop locking away these same people and they thumb their nose at him. You guys are going to be mighty unhappy come 2017 and the status quo continues.

But there is the possibility of a seismic change in 2016 should Republicans ever go through with their threat to shut down the government, a prospect the Democrats are only too happy to exploit. Paul Ryan has said he will run for speaker if he gets total support. Harry Reid said he'd love for Ryan to be Speaker, which of course may damn his chances. It also isn't helped by the fact that the Freedom Caucus is still trying to figure out a way to power even though they are a minority in their own party suggesting strongly they don't know how to count. They certainly do not know how to govern.
Should the government shut down, right before Christmas, and things like Social Security and food stamps stop at the same time, you can bet money on riots, intense anger towards Republicans and, most likely, assassination attempts at those that caused it. When people lose the ability to eat or pay rent, right before the Holidays which will impact Christmas spending as well, everyone is going to lose their minds. Retailers will have a fit when they lose billions in much needed revenue. Banks will have a fit as stocks implode. America will starve. And everyone will remember that come 2016 which could lead to a mass exodus of Republican donors and votes. It would be the worst outcome the GOP could do, as they could lose in the strongest regions. Go ahead Republicans, shut the government down. But prepare to get bullet proof vests and extra security when a well armed, full of rage and not very bright public blames you for the economy sinking into the Earth.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Got to give to the Muslims in that no one on Earth pisses people off more. This is not a slam on all Muslims, especially those in this country that seem more willing to assimilate, but on the reliable stories from overseas press and individuals that are getting angrier and angrier at a foreign culture that seems to thrive on conflict.

Syrian refugees are causing quite a ruckus, as they keep screaming "GIMME" and bitching non-stop about their situation, regardless of the fact that if they didn't want to fight at home, what gives them the right to do it anywhere else. Accept your lot in life and deal. For every one disabled person who made at, are 10,000 able bodied men who cowardly fled their homes rather than fight.

Here's how it's done guys. Instead of running away like children, denounce Islam, burn the mosques to the ground and kill anyone who even looks religious. Problem solved. And once you get rid of those people, you can then try to negotiate a cease fire with Assad and get some sense of normalcy back. You guys tried fleeing to another country in what can only be seen as an invasion (as backed up by the Koran and possibly instigated by ISIS itself) and is turning the average citizen against you.

Hungary has sealed their border and are getting few if any refugees now. Hmm, walls that work. Shocker. Meanwhile, pictures have surfaced of Austrian towns littered with garbage and feces, attacks by ultra-nationalists on pro-refugee politicians, attacks on citizens by refugees, the rise of the far right, and even cultural issues that are not melding well with one another. Rapes, robberies and stabbings have increased throughout the region, with the main culprit being foreigners. This cannot and will not end well as problems are emerging such as women being molested or slut shamed for what they wearing, refusal by men to be treated by female nurses and constant bitching about how life sucks, even though they are no longer being bombed out of existence which has to be a plus regardless.

There is a very good chance that a lot of these so called refugees will "become" radicalized and begin attacks within the borders. This may be part of an invasion strategy to overwhelm foreign governments and when things look bleak for them, turn to their idiot religion for support who will tell them Jihad is the only way. And this comes from someone who has Muslim friends and a good understanding of the religion. Imagine how this will play out for someone who only thinks of them in the worst possible way.

Take Uruguay for example. They took in 42 refugees and even that has proven too much for the town that is sheltering them. Like the Germans, they welcomed them with open arms and promises of a better future. Weeks later, that all changed when the town saw them as ungrateful douchebags after a guy with 15 children (WTF?) doused himself in gasoline in protest of his "living conditions." This has been echoed by six of the Gitmo prisoners rehoused there who have refused to work at all while complaining about the same thing. At least the refugees have gotten jobs. But they seem to be under the notion that all is gold outside of Syria, unaware that Western life is expensive and terrible in its own right. After dumbass burned himself, but did survive, the town turned against him who said he did it because he couldn't feed his 15 kids. The solution to that is give up some of your kids. No society should have to feed someone who can't pull out in time. No one cares dude. Now some want to leave which is not an option. This is your lot in life. Make the most out of it. But they won't, and violence world wide is inevitable at this point.

Israel is gearing up for an eventual genocide as the Palestinians stabbing innocent people is driving more and more to buy guns. This is a society that is one dirty bomb away from killing every Muslim they can. The world teeters on a knife edge right now and a single individual could start the next world war. Muslims seem unaware of the massive hatred for them that is bubbling to the surface of the most liberal countries. When Buddhist monks start attacking you, you know you have gone to far, as they are the least war like people on Earth but even their philosophy allow self defense. The Muslim population is becoming like a lot of Republicans: overly religious while holding on to beliefs a majority find abhorrent. This will not end well for any of us.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


It has been a less than stellar week for MSM and the obvious propaganda they are spreading, effectively it would seem. This means that a sizable portion of this society is brain dead, gullible and easy manipulated and they are not just Republicans or the overly religious. The left has their fair share of idiots as well. There are columns starting to appear that say what this one has for years: we are living on borrowed time and society's decline appears to inevitable. It's when not if. Let's see those runner ups this week.
11)Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee- Time to go home guys. It's over. Webb is running for the wrong party and Chaffee has $30,000 raised so far. The next debate will most likely not have these two.

10)Abby Lee Miller- I HATE most reality shows. Deadliest Catch is the only show of this type that I enjoy with pretty much everything else unwatchable drek. Dance Moms, which I only know exist thank to Joel McHale and the Soup, seems a cruel show involving my most hated of people on them: children. I feel this is so exploitative and damaging to the youngest population and cannot watch under any circumstances, especially when the host is a bully. Karma was reared it's ugly head when this demon of a human was indicted for fraud for the audacity to declare bankruptcy even thought she was getting millions from the show. She is accused of hiding $755,000 in profits and making false claims about her income. She is actually facing 5 years in prison for this and huge fines. She got caught when a bankruptcy judge started watching her shows and became suspicious that she could possibly be that broke. Who would have thought that the fact her TV show is beamed into millions of homes world wide would be her downfall? Oh that's right, everyone. She even wrote emails telling others how to hide their money like her and thus keeping her out of jail. What a bitch. I sincerly hope she goes to prison where bigger, nastier women can bully her.

9)Playboy- It was revealed this week that Playboy would stop having nude women in their magazine. And they just went bankrupt. Yes, naked women are all over the net but it's not the same. Once upon a time this was a great magazine with hot woman and great articles. Now the women are always plastic and shaved and not as pretty. The articles have likewise slid into irrelevancy. I have been getting the magazine for years, mostly for investment purposes as mint condition old Playboys are worth good money, but as their worth will plummet with the new pics, I will be cancelling once and for all when it runs out. Considering magazines like Maxim and Stuff have tried the same kind of crap with less than successful results, Playboy may be dead in the water sooner than later.

8)Milford, CT- I my past days as a traveling salesman, I went to Milford, CT a lot. A middle class neighborhood, it's where I had my first hot Krispy Cream doughnut, before they got taken out by Dunkin Donuts and some questionable business moves. When I talk about stupidity infecting people, this story is pretty out there. A long time Milford tradition is for the elementary school kids to dress in costume and walk around the neighborhood in a parade. For bullshit PC reasons, the principal of the school cancelled it because it was unfair to other students who don't practice Halloween. Captain Buzzkill was forced to reverse this after dozens of angry parents voiced their opinions. Since when did we become having to accept rule by the minority? And who doesn't celebrate Halloween? Those that don't can stay home and let the rest of us have our fun. Nobody is forcing you to behave like douchebags for God's sake and your kids are suffering due to rampant idiocy. It's stories like this that spell the end of society.

7)Wayne Simmons- Yet another idiot who doesn't seem to understand that Televisions broadcast to a a wide audience, this schmuck was arrested this week for lying about being an ex-CIA agent, a Federal crime. He has been on Fox numerous times, since 2002, claiming to be an expert on terrorism, was a key speaker at a Benghazi conference (shocker), and is also being indicted for a real estate scam as well. Way to vet your so called experts, Fox, thus the reason the MSM is the douchebag of the week.

6)Chris Christie/Jeb Bush- Two candidates having less than stellar weeks, the writing may be on the wall that both are about to implode. Christie is losing more and more ground and not helped by the fact that his latest budget is going to send people on assistance programs out of their homes, as soon as this Monday so if you see someone in a wheelchair and an oxygen tank by the side of the road blame Fatboy for that. He is polling at around 5% in his home state, and in seventh place behind just about anyone who could actually win. His state is in shambles and he has only himself to blame. Due to his low poll numbers, there is a very good chance he won't make the qualifications for the next debate. Jeb Bush meanwhile continues to struggle and signs have appeared that may signal his imminent end. He is not raising money nearly as well as he was to such an extent he has had to pull back his advertising as well as not paying some staffers. This was the same with Walker and Perry before they exited. He continuous gaffe machine was not helped when he argued about his brother being President during 9/11, as if that was ever in doubt. The both of them may be stuff on a rock by the next debate.

5)Jerry Brown/Hillary Clinton- In response to the rash of shootings we have had lately, Jerry Brown added more gun free zones, which never work at all. Hillary has actually talked about gun confiscation, which is the one topic that could end her bid for the Presidency. Why do liberals talk about anti-gun nonsense, which a majority of this country is not for, the same way conservatives talk about gay people and abortion? These are not winning topics and so far, Bernie Sanders has had the best responses about gun control as background checks and keeping guns out of the hands of mental people is probably a good idea.

4)Joe Biden- Either run for President or don't, but this waiting game is getting old. It may be too late as ramping up the money needed to run may be going to Hillary and Bernie instead. Shit or get off the pot Joe. Some of us have to use the bathroom too.

3)Palestinians- These past few weeks, the Palestinians have decided the best way to get their point across to begin stabbing innocent people. Even the most sympathetic to their plight is saying this is a bad idea. Even worse, the leader of Fatah, Abbas, has been spreading false rumors all week, including one I bought. I wrote earlier this week that Israelis let a 13 year old boy die after a stabbing attack in which he was run over and shot. Turns out he is recovering at a local hospital which news media was only too happy to show. If you guys want peace, recognize Israel, give up the right to return in exchange for land, and watch your fortunes soar. Or keep this up and face genocide. Your call.

2)Trey Gowdy and Benghazi- I cannot believe we are still talking about Benghazi. I found it hysterical this week when Fox News went after Trump for having the audacity to claim Bush was president during 9/11 followed by Jeb Bush demanding an apology, as if that was insult, and then the very next story was all about Benghazi, not seeing the irony of it all, as they went on to blame Obama and Hillary. Over the past few weeks we had not one, but two, Republicans tell us the committee is partisan to attack Hillary. A former staffer sued after being fired for not being partisan enough toward Hillary and the committee leader, Howdy Doody look alike, Trey Gowdy may be facing criminal charges because of this. Benghazi is nothing. Hillary's emails are nothing. Can we please focus on things that matter?

1)MSM- The news media has had a very bad week. Fox News got caught with a fraud whose been an "expert" for them for 13 years and never knew it. They have been hyping Benghazi on repeat while going after Trump for daring to remember history accurately. CBS refused to air commercials for the upcoming movie Truth, in which Dan Rather sticks it to the network for their many, many falsehoods, leading up to his dismissal over allegedly fraudulent documents that may have partially correct (classic disinformation move). All the pundits proclaimed Hillary the winner so often, they seem to have changed the poll numbers for those who didn't actually watch it and now believe she did indeed win, which no one who saw it believes. The media is now pure propaganda and they are turning our brain dead society into mindless automatons. Take what CNN did this week. Jeb Bush got caught using a plant at recent Trump rally, pretending to be a liberal with a question, when in reality, Lauren Bachelder, a paid Bush staffer, was there to sabotage the front runner. CNN ran with it, doing no research into the woman's past and going with a "Trump hates women"story instead. Talk about either lazy reporting or Jeb Bush support. Either way it looks real bad. The media is lying to you with greater and greater regularity. Question everything you hear from them because congratulations MSM, you are indeed douche bag of the week.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Much has been said over the last 24 hours since the democratic debate ended. In true Orwellian fashion, the major media has all declared Hillary the big winner, even some portions of Fox News. This flies in the face of reason as every poll, focus group and internet monitoring strongly suggest Bernie actually won, which he did. I know this because the comment sections, Internet traffic and three separate focus groups all said they liked Bernie WAY more.

Leave it to CNN to try to change that attitude. Not only did their pundits claim Hillary won, against the backdrop of their Facebook poll which said the opposite, they quickly got rid of said poll as well as scrubbing Internet comments of pro-Bernie statements. That is so telling. We now live in a society where our free speech is being taken away from us so that the pro-corporate stooge can compete against another pro-corporate loser, effectively giving us no choice at all. Why do you think hey keep going after Trump?

What most people do not realize is that Time Warner, CNN's owner, is a huge Hillary supporter, fifth in money for her campaign. No conflict there, right? This week, CNN got caught trying to use a Bush plant to embarrass Trump at a rally, pretending she was some liberal worried about abortion rights, when anyone with a computer could see she works as a paid staffer for Kelly Ayotte and Jeb Bush. CNN is the most awful news organization out there as they pretend to be non-partisan. At least with Fox News you know what their agenda is. As the next debate will have Wolf Blitzer as the moderators you know it is going suck hard. At least Anderson Cooper did a decent job.

But even with all this pro-Hillary bias, she still is going to have to get by her awful comments on legal pot, the NSA spying program and her wishy washy Wall St reforms that will never happen once she gets into office. She WILL continue the Bush/Obama economic polices that have changed little in decades, a fact that this country is rapidly getting sick of. I have a feeling that if the TPP passes and people see what is actually in it, especially if their jobs start disappearing, a violent revolution will follow. We can avoid that by voting in Bernie Sanders and other like minded individuals rather than corporatism from both sides of the aisle.

The biggest sticking point was guns in which Sanders was taking to task for reasonable gun law ideas while the rest want guns gone tomorrow. This is a third rail topic that should Hillary be against some real loser like Fiorina, could lead to her defeat and the prospect of a truly dangerous individual as President. The wrong person this time could make George Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar in comparison and literally end the world. The truth about guns needs to come out for a government hell bent on demonizing them, most likely for devious purposes.

Hillary said 90 people a day die from gun violence. What she didn't tell you was this statistic is skewered like climate change stats are. Depending on the source, that number may actually be closer to 30 per day with 2/3's of that from suicides and another 1/4 from drug related violence. That means, per day, minus these plus accidental shootings, the grand total nationwide could be as low as 1-3 per day. Still higher than a lot of countries mind you but not the gun apocalypse either. It is also telling that most of the people shot are black suggesting inner city poverty and drug problems are the root of the problem and not gun laws.
This 90 number and facts were taken from the Brady Campaign to get rid of guns. They suggest 30 deaths per day, 55 suicides and 46 accidental shootings, which in actuality is still higher than what Hillary said and just as misleading. FBI stats, a more accurate look at gun violence, has a far lower number but even that number has some issues including active shooter data, even if no active shooter actually existed. It would be like including robberies where nothing was actually stolen.

Let's look at some other "facts" from the Brady group. It states one in three people know someone who has been shot. There is no way that true. I have dozens of friends who own guns and recently asked them to ask everyone they know across the country if this is true. Hundreds of responses later, I came up with two people who know someone who had been shot and both live in inner city areas. Everyone else responded no. Therefore this stat is misleading and again seems to rightfully suggest that 99% of gun violence is from black, poor communities. This does not suggest or infer black inferiority or anything like that, but that these communities have big problems that are being ignored both by the government and the people who live there. Some states like Wyoming for example has one of the highest gun death rates in the country but a homicide rate of zero, meaning few if any gun related deaths outside of accidental or suicide. Gun deaths have also steadily declined since the 90's, although inner city violence has spiked upward since 2011, but only inner city areas.

Now one thing we can see is that the least regulated gun areas have the highest death rates. Too many people who shouldn't have a gun are getting one and that needs to stop. I am all for the second amendment, but not everyone should own a gun and stop gaps, like those that Bernie Sanders has proposed are reasonable and easily enacted.

In Israel right now, gun laws are being repealed to allow open carry for their citizens after Palestinian douchebags have decided that stabbing innocent people is the way to get their point across. Even the most liberal idiot has said this is never going to work. I have news for the Palestianian people how to get the peace they want and it's real easy. First, renounce violence and recognize Israel. Give up the right to return in exchange for land and watch your fortunes soar. But because you guys dissed all over the best deal you were going to get back in 1999, even this may not be possible as the Israeli people have decided they want you dead and with good reason. If Mexicans were stabbing people wily nilly here, how do you think this psycho country would react? Worse than Israel I can tell you.

Recently a 13 year old was run over by a car in the West Bank after stabbing another teen and liberals went nuts as he was refused treatment, spit on and called names, before he died. I would have pissed on him himself, having zero sympathy for this douchebag. Now, everyone wants a gun, meaning dead Palestinians are going to happen with greater frequency and they have only themselves to blame. Yes, the Israelis are behaving badly with settlements being built in contested areas, but they seem to have no partner for peace right now either. Peace is possible if anyone wants it, which no one does.

Hillary's gun grab ideas may play to some in the base but may sink her in the general election as well, just like Planned Parenthood shutdowns may destroy the Republicans. Vote Bernie Sanders in the primaries, especially young people who need to show up in droves to make this happen. That does not fill me with confidence for an election that already seems predetermined.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


If you read the columns in most major publications, Hillary was the clear winner. If you watched the debate however, you realize that Bernie walked away with it. Below is a condensed version of everything that happened.

Hillary- I want to be President.

Bernie- I want to save America.

O'Malley- Aren't we behaving civilly?

Webb- I once killed a man with a spoon.

Chaffee- Has anyone seen my barbershop quarter?

Hillary- I am against everything I was once for or vice versa and will most likely flip flop back once I become your God, I mean leader.

Bernie- Wall Street is sucking this country dry.

O'Malley- Baltimore is better than it was once right?

Webb- Elect me President and I destroy our enemies, our friends and probably everyone else.

Chaffee- When I vote, I have no idea what I am doing.

Hillary- It's my turn already to be President. Come on guys, this country really needs a woman president and by that I mean me.

Bernie- I will legalize weed, tax the rich, protect gun rights and do other common sense things.

Webb- This is the Republican debate right?

O'Malley- I am just glad I am not Webb or Chaffee.

Chaffee- Can I get a ride home? My car is in the shop.

That was in essence the entire debate. I will give it to Anderson Cooper for finally being the grown-up in the room and conducting an actual debate. That makes this the first debate in decades that actually accomplished this. And while some people bitched and moaned about the fact that Sanders took no pot shots as Hillary, he made his case without stooping to Republican whining and complaining that made the Republican debates interesting and factually void.

The clear winner was Bernie Sanders whose numbers I expect to see grow, particularly among young voters who, God help us all, are the only hope we have for 2016. If they show to vote, Bernie wins and maybe re-capture the House and Senate. As House Republicans still have plenty of time to shoot themselves in the foot with a government shutdown looming again and soon, this could have major repercussions for them in the next election. It should have last time but the Democrats gave up before even running and ran campaigns designed to lose. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is an embarrassment to the DNC and should have been fired for her disastrous leadership which led to their crushing defeat in 2014.

Hillary lost a lot of voters, echoed on comment sections, focus groups and young people when she came out against legal weed, keeping the Patriot Act, waffling on Wall Street reforms and her terrible answer on the Keystone Pipeline which was basically John Kerry-ish in saying she had no opinion on it until she did. This did not go over well with many and may cost her a lot down the road.

Many are going after Sanders on his pro-gun stance, somehow unaware that this a subject that will not play out well with anyone who is not way to the left on the subject. It cost Al Gore the election. It could cost Hillary the same.

Over twenty polls had Bernie as the clear winner. Most of the MSM proclaimed Hillary the clear winner. Yeah, no conflict of interest there. The MSM has been pushing for Hillary and Bush since day one, a match-up only they seem to want. Stop shilling guys. We're not that stupid.

Webb and Chaffee are all done. Webb did well with right wingers and Chaffee did well with no one. Webb seemed to lose his mind about China at one point even though the questions was about Syria and Chaffee fumbled hard when he said he voted to end Glass Steagal because he had no idea what was going on. These were very bad answers. These two need to quit stat.

O'Malley did okay, although he is unlikely to see much growth from this. Bernie should see his poll numbers grow and Hillary may falter a little, regardless of how the MSM media spins it. The biggest loser by far was Joe Biden who is all done now. By not being on the stage he has marginalized himself, most likely right out of contention. There is not going to be a lot of wiggle room between the two contenders Hillary and Bernie at this point and even less money to grab. His chances are over it would seem baring some miracle of God, like Hillary being indicted for something and lighting striking Bernie. Like O'Malley, he waited too long and now has little chance to win.

The big winners last night were the American people who may have seen a somewhat dull debate, but one filled with actual issues, real solutions and people who would be better Presidents than 99% of the Republican party. We will have to see how this all shakes up but I expect Sanders numbers to rise to become a real threat to Hillary. The media can tell us how wonderful she is all they want. Bernie is the real thing. Vote Sanders in 2015. It is your only choice.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I swear we are getting dumber and dumber. This week has been no exception with Jeb getting caught red handed with a plant, Playboy deciding they no longer want a magazine and Joe Biden pissing us all off with his "will he or won't he" decision making that is making those of us who write about politics mental. Is common sense dead because it certainly looks that way?

Let's start with Playboy who have announced they will no longer have fully naked women in their magazine. Yeah, that will increase circulation. They are doing this to increase distribution as more people will now carry it. However, from reading the comments about this on the Internet, the actually response seems to be "Blow me!" Many people are not happy with this, especially as the magazine has been on a downward slide for some time now. I have been getting the magazine for some time and have noticed that like Maxim, which I also got rid of last year, the quality of both the women in the pictures and the stories that are being written are not that great. I get better info and hotter women off the Internet so why bother with a dying rag. I, like many, will not be renewing my subscription when it comes up for renewal next year. This may be the death knell of a once groundbreaking magazine.

Tonight's debate, which I will write about in great detail tomorrow, will be missing Joe Biden as he can't seem to commit one way or another. Now word comes that he may wait until late November to announce. That's great, if you want lose badly. To be honest, it is already probably too late to mount much of a campaign, as the amount of money he will need to raise will be piddly compared to that of Sanders and Hillary. This is horrific news for the democrats who seem to want to lose by nominating Hillary, a candidate that may not be able to win a general election. Her persona is toxic and way too many people see her accurately as a flip flopping corporatist who will continue the same policies that every President since 1980 has championed. Obama told us one thing and did another the minute he got into office. Who honestly thinks Hillary will be any different? I can tell you this, if Trump becomes the nominee, and Hillary is gets the other nod, I am not voting for her. However, just about any other match-up will force me to vote for that demon even if I am unsure anyone else will follow my lead. A recent Fox news poll ( I know to take that with a grain of salt) said she loses versus just about any Republican front runner. I find it impossible that Fiorina would win but considering how dumb this world has become, I also can't rule it out. That witch is still the worst person running ever. If we get Hillary versus Fiorina, I may have to leave the country and perhaps the planet.

Jeb Bush got caught red handed using a plant against Trump at a recent rally. Lauren Bachelder recently asked Trump about his stance on abortion and women's pay. He responded that he believes women should get paid the same as men and he is pro-life. CNN immediately ran with this story, forgetting that as a "news" orginization, maybe they should have looked deeper into Bachelder's background instead of instantly going off about a war on women.

Turns out Bachelder is no liberal wallflower, but a paid staffer of Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and works on Jeb Bush's campaign for President. Dumbass tried to scrub her Internet profile, not knowing that nothing can be gotten rid of on the Internet. It's like herpes, once you have it, you have it forever. So all that crap about her body and equal pay was nothing more than a sham that CNN got snagged promoting falsely. Considering tonight's debate is on CNN and Anderson Cooper is a Hillary shill, I expect more of the same. I remember how Fox tried to get rid of Trump and ask softball questions to the rest, with less than stellar results. CNN better remember we are all not stupid. Just most of us I guess.

Meanwhile, Republicans have no replacement for John Boehner, as the idiot Freedom Caucus wants  a shift of power to deregulate the Speaker position, giving the minority even more power. Just what we need is a Parliamentary system where a renegade few can throw wrenches into everything. That will solve everything, said no one. Paul Ryan hasn't even said anything close to a yes and he is already being thrown under the bus. This job is a loser for anyone who wants to see their career end. If Republicans cannot decide among themselves, what hope do they have to fix this country?

Lastly, we found out that the Malaysian aircraft shot down over Ukraine was shot indeed shot down by a Russian missile in rebel controlled territory, effectively negating the nonsense conspiracy theories about the Ukrainians shooting it down to frame the rebels. There are way too many idiot conspiracies, like Sandy Hook didn't happen, we never went to the moon or 9/11 used holograms. We are becoming dumber and dumber and the fact that Hillary still leads the democrats or that Fiorina and Carson are still near the top of the pact prove this axiom. God help us if the American people don't wise up stat.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


It was announced today that Social Security recipients will get NO increase in benefits because fuel prices are so low. Funny how that didn't factor in in 2010 or 2011 when gas prices skyrocketed, or the fact that food, education and medical care have all exploded upward this year. But I'll bet Congress gets a fucking raise. On top of that, we have forty members of Congress holding the country hostage and attempting to thwart democracy in return for a Parliamentary system and eventually anarchy. Worst of all, voters are still looking at Carson and Fiorina and thinking they are suitable for the job of President. Ugh! Let's see those runner ups.

10)Luke Gatti- This douchebag epitomizes everything I hate about millennials. Seems this drunk asshole at UCONN brought an open container of booze into the dining area and then had a fit when they wouldn't serve him jalapeno bacon mac and cheese. Cops were called when he pushed the manager and called him "a fucking faggot." This is the same asshole who was booted from the University of MA for similiar behavoir, one involving him calling a campus police officer the N word and another for assault on another police officer. This is a true waste of space who in his own words as he was being dragged away "is completely fucked."

9)Rupert Murdock- Speaking of useless assholes, the far right owner of Fox News, among other propaganda machines like the WSJ (I still haven't forgotten about your hit piece on Bernie Sanders Motherfucker!), stepped in it this week when he talked about Ben Carson being "a real black President," as if Obama not being black enough is why the Republicans hate him. First off, Ben Carson had a very bad week (see below for more on that). And two, this guy is NOT going to get black people to vote for him regardless of color. This is why Fox News is awful.

8)Ben Carson- Who thinks this guy is ready for any form of government let alone President of the free world? This week he put his foot in his mouth so many times his tongue got athlete's foot. He made dumb statements about the Oregon shooter, getting held up at Popeye's, which may or may not have happened, and then didn't know what the debt ceiling was. This guy is NOT qualified to be president, like most of the people running. Yet, many, many people seem enthralled with the idea of a total loon running a country with nuclear weapons. Considering there are rumors today that a Russian jet was shot down over Turkey, WW3 may be closer than we think. Imagine that with this idiot in office.

7)Pan- Can Hollywood stop making fucking prequels already? God, we hate remakes and prequels, which go on to make no money, and yet, they keep making them. Why? Who keeps okaying films that will never make a profit. The latest travesty is Pan, a prequel that was a $150 million monstrosity and has little hope to make that money back, even with overseas profits. Add to that with yet another tone deaf casting of Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily which is an ethnic character in the book. Scar-Jo is getting heat for being cast as the lead in Ghost in the Shell, regardless of the fact that the character is Japanese. They do know that Asian audiences are the biggest market on Earth now right? Apparently not. Pan also decided that chorus versions of "Smells like Teen Spirit," would rock the world. It didn't, just like "A Knight Tale" did the same crappy thing. Can we please start casting Asian actors in roles where Asians should be, especially as they will increase market sales outside of North America? Ask Cameron Crowe how that worked out for him on Aloha.

6)Trent Franks- This giant asshole, a Congressman from the 2nd district in Arizona, has long been against abortion for any reason. Now this dick wants to explore the "benefits and positive impact" of rape. He really said that. So I take it on America to give this guy his wish. Someone, somehow must rape Franks so he can first hand tell us the positive effects of rape. You can't preach about something like this without first hand experience so I am hoping someone with AIDS will show him the error of his ways and let him wax poetic about how he has fond memories about being gang raped by the pale moonlight and now has to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to Big Pharma for life saving pills. Something tells me, he might change his mind afterward.

5)Carly Fiorina- This week we found out she has served on a board that gave money to Planned Parenthood and paid herself rather than her staff during her last failed attempt at Congress. Easily, the worst person running for President, anyone standing behind her is a true moron and should be told so at any given opportunity. I beg America to take a stand against this waste of space and any idiot stupid enough to be behind her. End her political career today. Please!

4)Urban Outfitters- It came out this week that a company worth $80 billion, now wants it's employees to work FOR FREE rather than get paid overtime. The owner is one of the richest people in the country and this is why. We have returned to the days of robber barons who paid little to nothing for workers, telling them they should be happy to be working at all. Sound familiar? Boycott this company, quit if you work there and put this place out of business. America better start standing up for itself because we are getting run over something fierce.

3)Kevin McCarthy- After an epic gaffe confirming what we all knew that the Benghazi probes were political rather than fact finding, it ended his chances at becoming Speaker of the House. This has left the House in shambles as there is no clear successor. The two running, Chaffetz and Webster, have zero chance of winning and the only guy left who might get it, Paul Ryan, has repeatedly said he doesn't want it. This has led to the possibility of caretakers instead and the names being floated around like Romney and Gingrich made me want to vomit. With debt ceiling and budget negotiations coming soon, the collapse of the government is becoming all too real and some seem to want it. The so called Freedom Caucus is killing this country. If SS and food stamps stop, that may reverse itself and the Freedom Caucus may be running for their lives when an angry mob comes for them.

2)Hillary Clinton- Some are wondering why Hillary has dropped ten points over the last few weeks. Her flip flopping on just about everything shows her to be more interested in telling is what we want to hear rather than any core beliefs. We got that with Obama and many of us are unwilling to continue the status quo for a minute longer. Thus the rise of Sanders who has been amazingly consistent over the decades he has been in office. This week, Hillary did the ultimate flip flop on the TPP, something she was instrumental in passing while she was Secretary of State. But now as the public overwhelmingly hates it on both sides of the aisle, she has come against it. Wow, sure wish she had thought of that when she could have done something about it. I fucking HATE this woman and shit like this makes me want to spit nails at her. If it comes down to her and Trump, I am voting for the orange haired nutjob. At least he is actually against the TPP, a fascist takeover of the world, and she will pivot back for it once in office. Anyone supporting this idiot is as bad as Fiorina supporters.

1)The Government- We have the worst political system on Earth and some of the worst politicians on the planet. The BLS said this week that SS recipients will get no raise this week because of low inflation, especially fuel prices which have stayed low due to a global slowdown on the economy. Nevermind the fact that fuel isn't usually added in, like the price of food, but hey let's let the disabled and old starve so we can we give tax cuts to rich assholes. We should be storming the Capital right now and tarring and feathering anyone we can get a hold of. How come the rest of the world is fighting back and we sit and take it? The French attacked employers talking about layoffs. The Germans had 50,000 people show up to protest the TPP. Protests for that shit legislation have been so bad in England and France that they may not ratify it all. Meanwhile, we blow up hospitals that we knew were hospitals while Russia shows us how wars are supposed to be fought. Our media keeps telling us Russia is bombing pro-American rebels while at the same time telling us only 5 actually exist. Not groups but individuals. Those are some hardy rebels. Republicans continue to look at Benghazi, even though we have spent more time on that than 9/11, Watergate and the Kennedy Assassination combined. Our government is lost and we have only ourselves to blame by voting in fools and retards, many who want anarchy and NO government. The time for revolution is now people. So get off your lazy asses and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE! This crap cannot stand and the longer we grin and bear it, the worse it is going to get. Stop voting for people who are going to literally kill you once they get into office. Read a fucking book or newspaper that isn't an echo chamber. Protest correctly, which means go after the people that matter and not blocking traffic or pissing off the general public. In short, if we don't stop what is going on, America as you know it is over. This will be the last election that matters. Make it count. So congratulations US Government you are indeed douchebag of the week. And a big Fuck OFF to all who made it happen that way.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


This is the most fucked up election campaign I have ever seen. Trump continues to dominate in the latest polls, which in any other time would have been beyond odd, his opponents keep shooting at themselves with wild abandon and no one seems to notice that 99% of the people in Congress and running for President seem to be mentally challenged. What the hell is going on?
Fresh of his epic gaffe, Kevin McCarthy withdrew his name from contention for the Speaker position, leaving the post wide open. This leaves no clear front runner, not to mention few who will have the clout to get 218 votes. Sorry Jason Chaffetz but that means you get to sit your idiot ass back down. No way does he get the necessary votes nor does Daniel Webster, another long shot, unless the devil somehow gets involved and by that I mean Dick Cheney.

On top of this uncertainty, the debt ceiling looms again as, like the budget, we get short term fixes and kick the can down the road mentality. After November 5th, we will default on our loans and will run out of money to pay Social Security, our troops and all Federal workers. This will affect over half of the country, during an election cycle, for which the Republicans will be blamed, perhaps violently at. Then on Dec 11th, the budget talks happen again, which this time may result in a government shutdown (perhaps either from a continuing crisis from the November 5th fiasco in waiting or from a second shutdown entirely) and the cessation of food stamps right near the holidays, as well as those same people from above not getting paid.

So how do our Republican candidates feel about this? Some like Ted Cruz are all for this, blissfully unaware that his life may rest in the balance if an angry mob decides to go after him like the French did with their executives talking about layoffs. Imagine how mad people who can't afford food are going to be. This is a riot waiting to happen and how revolutions start. They are playing with fire, almost literally.
Ben Carson said he would not sign a budget that wasn't balanced, somehow unaware, like most Republicans, that the debt ceiling is to pay for debt already incurred, mostly from Bush era tax cuts and an unpaid for war. But to them it that danged Obama's fault, which it really wasn't. There are a lot of things I do NOT like about Obama lately, like the fascist TPP takeover, but the reason we are so far in debt has everything to do with crap economic policies the Republicans keep doing and failing at. Every single time they block any meaningful legislation, as they just did to another good jobs program just this week. The GOP is corporate greed personified and some of you idiots out there need to see that. Not that most democrats are much better mind you.

Take Hillary this week. After considerable thought and research, and in no way indicative of the polls of Bernie Sanders, Clinton reversed herself this week and came out against the TPP. Boy, just like her fucking husband who once said pot should be legal, it's too bad she was never in a position of power to do anything about it, which she of course was, and helped steer this crap bill forward 45 times. But now the polls say people HATE the TPP on both sides of the aisle (which is why Trump has been smart in opposing it), so Captain Flip-Floppy strikes again just like her position on gay marriage and the Keystone Pipeline. This is the exact reason I loathe this woman. She has no real positions on anything other than what the polls tell her to think. And if she gets into office, I expect her to be just like Obama and watch those campaign promise based on smoke and fog wisp away. It doesn't help the Biden is also a TPP supporter, which is hardly a surprise. Bernie, however, has always been against this for solid reasons which is why for the democrats he is the only choice we should be making for our next President. At least he preaches the same dogma for decades, has ideas that could actually work and isn't either a corporate monster or a soulless politician.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The TPP is the single most dangerous piece of legislation to happen here in the US ever. It is worse than Vietnam, worse than the Iraq fiasco, worse than 9/11, even worse than the economic crash of 2008. It will destroy this country and make us all subjects to our new corporate overlords who will control us completely, something a lot of Americans won't say boo to because they will be too busy staring at their new smart phone, which will also be spying on them.

For those unfamiliar with this treaty it gives sovereign power over nation states by corporations, something they have been fighting for since the 1800's. When they couldn't do it by force, they gradually took over the government until they controlled it to do as they wish. Citizen's United gave them that ability and now they stand to use it with the acquiesce of our traitorous Congress and President. If this does pass, and chances are pretty good it will, Obama will go down as the worst president in American history. Anyone who can out awful Bush is a serious dick as this treaty will eliminate the US as a free country and establish a corporate shadow government that will write our bills, elect our politicians and enslave us completely. This is not some weird conspiracy theory but fact as the terms of this bill leaked out so far say our food will be less safe, our water less clean, our jobs less plentiful and medicine even more expensive. Who wants any of that, regardless of party?

There is a lot of reason to fear our guns taken away from us for exactly this reason. The TPP, or NAFTA on steroids as it has been described, is the final nail in the coffin of freedom and it is a worldwide push to set a fascist agenda for many of us, which is exactly what the TPP will usher in. It is not implausible, although highly unlikely, that some of these shootings lately may be staged, in that the guy who did it was somehow programmed to do it. Mind you I do not believe that for one second but it is also not out of the realm of possibility, no matter how remote, thus me bringing up for the sake of argument.

This push for globalism will result in even more jobs being lost, wages plummeting even further here and automation reducing the workforce by as much as 50% over the next ten years.  Even now, foreign workers are outnumbering native born ones by as much as three to one because they will work harder for less money, causing salaries in high tech skills to drop precariously. With the TPP, work visas will be even easier to get, meaning even less jobs for Americans. How does that benefit anyone but the top 1%?

There are two candidates who oppose the TPP: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, which are not surprisingly the two most marginalized candidates out there. Carly Fiorina, the worst politician in the history of this country, is in 2nd in some polls. WTF America? Hillary is still doing better than Sanders and she has waffled on what she thinks of the TPP, as she helped get it passed as Secretary of State. Why is anyone voting for anyone who thinks the TPP is a good idea as both Fiorina and Clinton do?

Sanders, as a democratic socialist, has that anchor tied to him by a capricious media and an idiot public too stupid to open a book. Trump, on the other hand, is still ahead. So how to deal with him? Killing him appears to be their answer, and that is not meant any other way than literal. It came out today that escaped drug lord, El Chapo, has put a $100 million bounty on his head for his racist attitudes toward Mexicans. This is a serious concern as this guy has the network to possibility make this happen. What happens if Trump does get assassinated by some chump working for the drug lord? How does that affect all of us? And is it because of his stance on the TPP? Could the powers that be be looking for anyway to stop this guy before he gets into office where they will have zero control over him?

The TPP is beyond dangerous and a rare few are making any waves about it. Expect to hear more about this at the next few debates, something both Trump, Sanders, and even Rand Paul could use as a cudgel against their opponents who support it. Next Tuesday could be interesting.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Let's do the Time Warp again people because we seem to be caught in a causality loop where we repeat the same crap over and over. The TPP is back somehow, someway, even though a majority of people planet wide don't like it. We had another shooting where gun control and mental illness are both being talked about with nether side having any solutions in the process. And our idiot politicians keep doing the stupidest things imaginable while we as a people do nothing. Meanwhile in France, a group of executives were forced to flee with their clothes in tatters as an angry mob swarmed them after layoffs were announced. This is something we should be doing here but aren't because we are a lazy, stupid country hell bent on our destruction.

Don't believe me? Carly Fiorina is only five points behind Trump in NH. Now while the rest of the country isn't as enthralled with her as the Granite State is, she is still way higher than logic or reason would suggest. Anything over zero is a slap in the face to the rest of us. She is, without a doubt, the worst person running for president, perhaps ever. The fact that her name is coming up as a VP slot should have you running for the democrats because that woman is beyond dangerous and the fact that some can't see that says a lot about why this country is falling apart.

Her past is a checkered flag of deceit, mismanagement and psychopathic behavior. She was one of the worst CEO's in history, and the facts support that no matter how forcefully she tries to tell a different story. If people would stop believing everything they hear and actually look it up for themselves on a site that isn't an echo chamber, they would see what a fraud this woman is. Few who worked for her had anything good to say about her, especially her inability to work with others, a trait that is beyond important for a President. If you are still on this woman's side, please do us all a favor and kill yourself. Don't worry if you don't, this type of mental state usually takes care of it for us, like trying to kill a spider with a lighter while filling up your car. The only missing from that video was a Fiorina bumper sticker. This woman cannot be in a position of power and her past tells us that. Why are so many out there this enthralled with this terrible human? If you think Trump is bad, remember this, he has a run a successful business and amassed a fortune with good business sense. Fiorina got her fortune by golden parachutes after raping the corpses of the companies she left behind. Which sounds like a better leader?

Then there is the TPP which is nearing a done deal on the international circuit. It will return to a Congress that cannot debate, add, subtract or filibuster any of it. Awesome. The only good news is let's see how the Republicans handle this. Do they give Obama a big win and the democrats, both for or against, fuel for the primaries? Or do they stop it if no other reason than sheer pettiness? I know which one my money is on.

The TPP is a monstrosity of epic proportions. We already do NOT live in a democracy any more. The current Presidential race should tell you that as the reason for outsiders doing so well is that trust in our politicians from both sides of the aisle are failing us. Republicans have picked up on this faster then the Democrats, which is odd, as Hillary's polls are still way too high considering the ramifications of her winning, which would mean more of the status quo. A recent interview with people down south from both sides flocking to Sanders had people ask what they thought of Obama. One guy had the best response in three words: He screwed us. If this TPP passes, he will not only have screwed us, he will have finished what over fifty years of bad policies have led up to: the end of this nation as we know it.

The TPP is the culmination of a fascist plot that has gone on for a very long time, stretching back to the robber barons and leading to the attempted takeover of the US in the 1930's by industrialists. Funny how that was never taught in school. When they realized they couldn't do it by force, they just slowly took away more and more liberties while gaining more and more power over the government to we have what we have now which is almost complete control by big business. The TPP gives corporations sovereignty over nation states. They will be more powerful than any nation on Earth with the power to decimate not by war but by economics. They will hold power over us all and it is only a matter of time before the flex that power to subjugate all of us. I cannot begin to explain to you how dangerous the TPP is, but is it does pass so much will change so fast you will blink and not know where you are anymore.

On the immediate news is the debate again over gun control and mental illness as if each are not blame which they are. It is far too easy to get a gun in this day and age, either off the street or legally. We also have way too many people who are sick walking the street who probably shouldn't be. If we are going to get serious about this issue than some things, big things, have to happen. The War on Drugs has to end and the inner city needs to be cleaned up something fierce. This will drop gun violence 75% as well as solving a host of other problems. We can then spend our money on treatment instead of jail which is stupid and counterproductive. We need back ground checks for ALL guns sales. Even my most gun crazy friends agree with this. Lastly, if we aren't going after drugs anymore, we can reuse that police work to get illegal guns off the street. Give harsh punishments for anyone trafficking illegal guns and break up their networks. We can do this if we want.

On the mental health side, hundreds of new clinics have to be opened up yesterday, paid for by ending the War on Drugs and closing half of our now worthless prisons. Unlike the ones of days past, these will be run well with an oversight committee that will have a decent budget with people getting the care they need. Anyone outside these clinics diagnosed with a serious mental illness gets free mental health care for life, which it will be mandatory to report to a physician once a week for therapy and a piss test to make sure they are taking the drugs they have been prescribed. One of the leading causes of these kinds of attacks are mentally ill who stop talking their medication.The Oregon shooter was one of them. In my scenario, anyone not passing their drug screen gets a one way trip to a padded room until they are deemed safe for society again. This process will repeat forever. This method has little inconvenience for anyone and plenty of benefits for everyone. And it can be done if we want to.

This latest shooter should never have been allowed to buy guns. Anyone battling serious mental illness should be prevented from owning weapons, something only the NRA would fight against and have in the past. But because our mental health system is nonexistent and our background checks are woefully inadequate, these kinds of tragedies will continue until we finally to come to the conclusion that both the left and right have a point when it comes to gun and madness. It's too bad neither side wants to do anything but talk about it.