Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Let's do the Time Warp again people because we seem to be caught in a causality loop where we repeat the same crap over and over. The TPP is back somehow, someway, even though a majority of people planet wide don't like it. We had another shooting where gun control and mental illness are both being talked about with nether side having any solutions in the process. And our idiot politicians keep doing the stupidest things imaginable while we as a people do nothing. Meanwhile in France, a group of executives were forced to flee with their clothes in tatters as an angry mob swarmed them after layoffs were announced. This is something we should be doing here but aren't because we are a lazy, stupid country hell bent on our destruction.

Don't believe me? Carly Fiorina is only five points behind Trump in NH. Now while the rest of the country isn't as enthralled with her as the Granite State is, she is still way higher than logic or reason would suggest. Anything over zero is a slap in the face to the rest of us. She is, without a doubt, the worst person running for president, perhaps ever. The fact that her name is coming up as a VP slot should have you running for the democrats because that woman is beyond dangerous and the fact that some can't see that says a lot about why this country is falling apart.

Her past is a checkered flag of deceit, mismanagement and psychopathic behavior. She was one of the worst CEO's in history, and the facts support that no matter how forcefully she tries to tell a different story. If people would stop believing everything they hear and actually look it up for themselves on a site that isn't an echo chamber, they would see what a fraud this woman is. Few who worked for her had anything good to say about her, especially her inability to work with others, a trait that is beyond important for a President. If you are still on this woman's side, please do us all a favor and kill yourself. Don't worry if you don't, this type of mental state usually takes care of it for us, like trying to kill a spider with a lighter while filling up your car. The only missing from that video was a Fiorina bumper sticker. This woman cannot be in a position of power and her past tells us that. Why are so many out there this enthralled with this terrible human? If you think Trump is bad, remember this, he has a run a successful business and amassed a fortune with good business sense. Fiorina got her fortune by golden parachutes after raping the corpses of the companies she left behind. Which sounds like a better leader?

Then there is the TPP which is nearing a done deal on the international circuit. It will return to a Congress that cannot debate, add, subtract or filibuster any of it. Awesome. The only good news is let's see how the Republicans handle this. Do they give Obama a big win and the democrats, both for or against, fuel for the primaries? Or do they stop it if no other reason than sheer pettiness? I know which one my money is on.

The TPP is a monstrosity of epic proportions. We already do NOT live in a democracy any more. The current Presidential race should tell you that as the reason for outsiders doing so well is that trust in our politicians from both sides of the aisle are failing us. Republicans have picked up on this faster then the Democrats, which is odd, as Hillary's polls are still way too high considering the ramifications of her winning, which would mean more of the status quo. A recent interview with people down south from both sides flocking to Sanders had people ask what they thought of Obama. One guy had the best response in three words: He screwed us. If this TPP passes, he will not only have screwed us, he will have finished what over fifty years of bad policies have led up to: the end of this nation as we know it.

The TPP is the culmination of a fascist plot that has gone on for a very long time, stretching back to the robber barons and leading to the attempted takeover of the US in the 1930's by industrialists. Funny how that was never taught in school. When they realized they couldn't do it by force, they just slowly took away more and more liberties while gaining more and more power over the government to we have what we have now which is almost complete control by big business. The TPP gives corporations sovereignty over nation states. They will be more powerful than any nation on Earth with the power to decimate not by war but by economics. They will hold power over us all and it is only a matter of time before the flex that power to subjugate all of us. I cannot begin to explain to you how dangerous the TPP is, but is it does pass so much will change so fast you will blink and not know where you are anymore.

On the immediate news is the debate again over gun control and mental illness as if each are not blame which they are. It is far too easy to get a gun in this day and age, either off the street or legally. We also have way too many people who are sick walking the street who probably shouldn't be. If we are going to get serious about this issue than some things, big things, have to happen. The War on Drugs has to end and the inner city needs to be cleaned up something fierce. This will drop gun violence 75% as well as solving a host of other problems. We can then spend our money on treatment instead of jail which is stupid and counterproductive. We need back ground checks for ALL guns sales. Even my most gun crazy friends agree with this. Lastly, if we aren't going after drugs anymore, we can reuse that police work to get illegal guns off the street. Give harsh punishments for anyone trafficking illegal guns and break up their networks. We can do this if we want.

On the mental health side, hundreds of new clinics have to be opened up yesterday, paid for by ending the War on Drugs and closing half of our now worthless prisons. Unlike the ones of days past, these will be run well with an oversight committee that will have a decent budget with people getting the care they need. Anyone outside these clinics diagnosed with a serious mental illness gets free mental health care for life, which it will be mandatory to report to a physician once a week for therapy and a piss test to make sure they are taking the drugs they have been prescribed. One of the leading causes of these kinds of attacks are mentally ill who stop talking their medication.The Oregon shooter was one of them. In my scenario, anyone not passing their drug screen gets a one way trip to a padded room until they are deemed safe for society again. This process will repeat forever. This method has little inconvenience for anyone and plenty of benefits for everyone. And it can be done if we want to.

This latest shooter should never have been allowed to buy guns. Anyone battling serious mental illness should be prevented from owning weapons, something only the NRA would fight against and have in the past. But because our mental health system is nonexistent and our background checks are woefully inadequate, these kinds of tragedies will continue until we finally to come to the conclusion that both the left and right have a point when it comes to gun and madness. It's too bad neither side wants to do anything but talk about it.

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