Thursday, October 15, 2015


Much has been said over the last 24 hours since the democratic debate ended. In true Orwellian fashion, the major media has all declared Hillary the big winner, even some portions of Fox News. This flies in the face of reason as every poll, focus group and internet monitoring strongly suggest Bernie actually won, which he did. I know this because the comment sections, Internet traffic and three separate focus groups all said they liked Bernie WAY more.

Leave it to CNN to try to change that attitude. Not only did their pundits claim Hillary won, against the backdrop of their Facebook poll which said the opposite, they quickly got rid of said poll as well as scrubbing Internet comments of pro-Bernie statements. That is so telling. We now live in a society where our free speech is being taken away from us so that the pro-corporate stooge can compete against another pro-corporate loser, effectively giving us no choice at all. Why do you think hey keep going after Trump?

What most people do not realize is that Time Warner, CNN's owner, is a huge Hillary supporter, fifth in money for her campaign. No conflict there, right? This week, CNN got caught trying to use a Bush plant to embarrass Trump at a rally, pretending she was some liberal worried about abortion rights, when anyone with a computer could see she works as a paid staffer for Kelly Ayotte and Jeb Bush. CNN is the most awful news organization out there as they pretend to be non-partisan. At least with Fox News you know what their agenda is. As the next debate will have Wolf Blitzer as the moderators you know it is going suck hard. At least Anderson Cooper did a decent job.

But even with all this pro-Hillary bias, she still is going to have to get by her awful comments on legal pot, the NSA spying program and her wishy washy Wall St reforms that will never happen once she gets into office. She WILL continue the Bush/Obama economic polices that have changed little in decades, a fact that this country is rapidly getting sick of. I have a feeling that if the TPP passes and people see what is actually in it, especially if their jobs start disappearing, a violent revolution will follow. We can avoid that by voting in Bernie Sanders and other like minded individuals rather than corporatism from both sides of the aisle.

The biggest sticking point was guns in which Sanders was taking to task for reasonable gun law ideas while the rest want guns gone tomorrow. This is a third rail topic that should Hillary be against some real loser like Fiorina, could lead to her defeat and the prospect of a truly dangerous individual as President. The wrong person this time could make George Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar in comparison and literally end the world. The truth about guns needs to come out for a government hell bent on demonizing them, most likely for devious purposes.

Hillary said 90 people a day die from gun violence. What she didn't tell you was this statistic is skewered like climate change stats are. Depending on the source, that number may actually be closer to 30 per day with 2/3's of that from suicides and another 1/4 from drug related violence. That means, per day, minus these plus accidental shootings, the grand total nationwide could be as low as 1-3 per day. Still higher than a lot of countries mind you but not the gun apocalypse either. It is also telling that most of the people shot are black suggesting inner city poverty and drug problems are the root of the problem and not gun laws.
This 90 number and facts were taken from the Brady Campaign to get rid of guns. They suggest 30 deaths per day, 55 suicides and 46 accidental shootings, which in actuality is still higher than what Hillary said and just as misleading. FBI stats, a more accurate look at gun violence, has a far lower number but even that number has some issues including active shooter data, even if no active shooter actually existed. It would be like including robberies where nothing was actually stolen.

Let's look at some other "facts" from the Brady group. It states one in three people know someone who has been shot. There is no way that true. I have dozens of friends who own guns and recently asked them to ask everyone they know across the country if this is true. Hundreds of responses later, I came up with two people who know someone who had been shot and both live in inner city areas. Everyone else responded no. Therefore this stat is misleading and again seems to rightfully suggest that 99% of gun violence is from black, poor communities. This does not suggest or infer black inferiority or anything like that, but that these communities have big problems that are being ignored both by the government and the people who live there. Some states like Wyoming for example has one of the highest gun death rates in the country but a homicide rate of zero, meaning few if any gun related deaths outside of accidental or suicide. Gun deaths have also steadily declined since the 90's, although inner city violence has spiked upward since 2011, but only inner city areas.

Now one thing we can see is that the least regulated gun areas have the highest death rates. Too many people who shouldn't have a gun are getting one and that needs to stop. I am all for the second amendment, but not everyone should own a gun and stop gaps, like those that Bernie Sanders has proposed are reasonable and easily enacted.

In Israel right now, gun laws are being repealed to allow open carry for their citizens after Palestinian douchebags have decided that stabbing innocent people is the way to get their point across. Even the most liberal idiot has said this is never going to work. I have news for the Palestianian people how to get the peace they want and it's real easy. First, renounce violence and recognize Israel. Give up the right to return in exchange for land and watch your fortunes soar. But because you guys dissed all over the best deal you were going to get back in 1999, even this may not be possible as the Israeli people have decided they want you dead and with good reason. If Mexicans were stabbing people wily nilly here, how do you think this psycho country would react? Worse than Israel I can tell you.

Recently a 13 year old was run over by a car in the West Bank after stabbing another teen and liberals went nuts as he was refused treatment, spit on and called names, before he died. I would have pissed on him himself, having zero sympathy for this douchebag. Now, everyone wants a gun, meaning dead Palestinians are going to happen with greater frequency and they have only themselves to blame. Yes, the Israelis are behaving badly with settlements being built in contested areas, but they seem to have no partner for peace right now either. Peace is possible if anyone wants it, which no one does.

Hillary's gun grab ideas may play to some in the base but may sink her in the general election as well, just like Planned Parenthood shutdowns may destroy the Republicans. Vote Bernie Sanders in the primaries, especially young people who need to show up in droves to make this happen. That does not fill me with confidence for an election that already seems predetermined.

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