Sunday, October 11, 2015


It was announced today that Social Security recipients will get NO increase in benefits because fuel prices are so low. Funny how that didn't factor in in 2010 or 2011 when gas prices skyrocketed, or the fact that food, education and medical care have all exploded upward this year. But I'll bet Congress gets a fucking raise. On top of that, we have forty members of Congress holding the country hostage and attempting to thwart democracy in return for a Parliamentary system and eventually anarchy. Worst of all, voters are still looking at Carson and Fiorina and thinking they are suitable for the job of President. Ugh! Let's see those runner ups.

10)Luke Gatti- This douchebag epitomizes everything I hate about millennials. Seems this drunk asshole at UCONN brought an open container of booze into the dining area and then had a fit when they wouldn't serve him jalapeno bacon mac and cheese. Cops were called when he pushed the manager and called him "a fucking faggot." This is the same asshole who was booted from the University of MA for similiar behavoir, one involving him calling a campus police officer the N word and another for assault on another police officer. This is a true waste of space who in his own words as he was being dragged away "is completely fucked."

9)Rupert Murdock- Speaking of useless assholes, the far right owner of Fox News, among other propaganda machines like the WSJ (I still haven't forgotten about your hit piece on Bernie Sanders Motherfucker!), stepped in it this week when he talked about Ben Carson being "a real black President," as if Obama not being black enough is why the Republicans hate him. First off, Ben Carson had a very bad week (see below for more on that). And two, this guy is NOT going to get black people to vote for him regardless of color. This is why Fox News is awful.

8)Ben Carson- Who thinks this guy is ready for any form of government let alone President of the free world? This week he put his foot in his mouth so many times his tongue got athlete's foot. He made dumb statements about the Oregon shooter, getting held up at Popeye's, which may or may not have happened, and then didn't know what the debt ceiling was. This guy is NOT qualified to be president, like most of the people running. Yet, many, many people seem enthralled with the idea of a total loon running a country with nuclear weapons. Considering there are rumors today that a Russian jet was shot down over Turkey, WW3 may be closer than we think. Imagine that with this idiot in office.

7)Pan- Can Hollywood stop making fucking prequels already? God, we hate remakes and prequels, which go on to make no money, and yet, they keep making them. Why? Who keeps okaying films that will never make a profit. The latest travesty is Pan, a prequel that was a $150 million monstrosity and has little hope to make that money back, even with overseas profits. Add to that with yet another tone deaf casting of Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily which is an ethnic character in the book. Scar-Jo is getting heat for being cast as the lead in Ghost in the Shell, regardless of the fact that the character is Japanese. They do know that Asian audiences are the biggest market on Earth now right? Apparently not. Pan also decided that chorus versions of "Smells like Teen Spirit," would rock the world. It didn't, just like "A Knight Tale" did the same crappy thing. Can we please start casting Asian actors in roles where Asians should be, especially as they will increase market sales outside of North America? Ask Cameron Crowe how that worked out for him on Aloha.

6)Trent Franks- This giant asshole, a Congressman from the 2nd district in Arizona, has long been against abortion for any reason. Now this dick wants to explore the "benefits and positive impact" of rape. He really said that. So I take it on America to give this guy his wish. Someone, somehow must rape Franks so he can first hand tell us the positive effects of rape. You can't preach about something like this without first hand experience so I am hoping someone with AIDS will show him the error of his ways and let him wax poetic about how he has fond memories about being gang raped by the pale moonlight and now has to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to Big Pharma for life saving pills. Something tells me, he might change his mind afterward.

5)Carly Fiorina- This week we found out she has served on a board that gave money to Planned Parenthood and paid herself rather than her staff during her last failed attempt at Congress. Easily, the worst person running for President, anyone standing behind her is a true moron and should be told so at any given opportunity. I beg America to take a stand against this waste of space and any idiot stupid enough to be behind her. End her political career today. Please!

4)Urban Outfitters- It came out this week that a company worth $80 billion, now wants it's employees to work FOR FREE rather than get paid overtime. The owner is one of the richest people in the country and this is why. We have returned to the days of robber barons who paid little to nothing for workers, telling them they should be happy to be working at all. Sound familiar? Boycott this company, quit if you work there and put this place out of business. America better start standing up for itself because we are getting run over something fierce.

3)Kevin McCarthy- After an epic gaffe confirming what we all knew that the Benghazi probes were political rather than fact finding, it ended his chances at becoming Speaker of the House. This has left the House in shambles as there is no clear successor. The two running, Chaffetz and Webster, have zero chance of winning and the only guy left who might get it, Paul Ryan, has repeatedly said he doesn't want it. This has led to the possibility of caretakers instead and the names being floated around like Romney and Gingrich made me want to vomit. With debt ceiling and budget negotiations coming soon, the collapse of the government is becoming all too real and some seem to want it. The so called Freedom Caucus is killing this country. If SS and food stamps stop, that may reverse itself and the Freedom Caucus may be running for their lives when an angry mob comes for them.

2)Hillary Clinton- Some are wondering why Hillary has dropped ten points over the last few weeks. Her flip flopping on just about everything shows her to be more interested in telling is what we want to hear rather than any core beliefs. We got that with Obama and many of us are unwilling to continue the status quo for a minute longer. Thus the rise of Sanders who has been amazingly consistent over the decades he has been in office. This week, Hillary did the ultimate flip flop on the TPP, something she was instrumental in passing while she was Secretary of State. But now as the public overwhelmingly hates it on both sides of the aisle, she has come against it. Wow, sure wish she had thought of that when she could have done something about it. I fucking HATE this woman and shit like this makes me want to spit nails at her. If it comes down to her and Trump, I am voting for the orange haired nutjob. At least he is actually against the TPP, a fascist takeover of the world, and she will pivot back for it once in office. Anyone supporting this idiot is as bad as Fiorina supporters.

1)The Government- We have the worst political system on Earth and some of the worst politicians on the planet. The BLS said this week that SS recipients will get no raise this week because of low inflation, especially fuel prices which have stayed low due to a global slowdown on the economy. Nevermind the fact that fuel isn't usually added in, like the price of food, but hey let's let the disabled and old starve so we can we give tax cuts to rich assholes. We should be storming the Capital right now and tarring and feathering anyone we can get a hold of. How come the rest of the world is fighting back and we sit and take it? The French attacked employers talking about layoffs. The Germans had 50,000 people show up to protest the TPP. Protests for that shit legislation have been so bad in England and France that they may not ratify it all. Meanwhile, we blow up hospitals that we knew were hospitals while Russia shows us how wars are supposed to be fought. Our media keeps telling us Russia is bombing pro-American rebels while at the same time telling us only 5 actually exist. Not groups but individuals. Those are some hardy rebels. Republicans continue to look at Benghazi, even though we have spent more time on that than 9/11, Watergate and the Kennedy Assassination combined. Our government is lost and we have only ourselves to blame by voting in fools and retards, many who want anarchy and NO government. The time for revolution is now people. So get off your lazy asses and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE! This crap cannot stand and the longer we grin and bear it, the worse it is going to get. Stop voting for people who are going to literally kill you once they get into office. Read a fucking book or newspaper that isn't an echo chamber. Protest correctly, which means go after the people that matter and not blocking traffic or pissing off the general public. In short, if we don't stop what is going on, America as you know it is over. This will be the last election that matters. Make it count. So congratulations US Government you are indeed douchebag of the week. And a big Fuck OFF to all who made it happen that way.

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