Monday, October 19, 2015


Got to give to the Muslims in that no one on Earth pisses people off more. This is not a slam on all Muslims, especially those in this country that seem more willing to assimilate, but on the reliable stories from overseas press and individuals that are getting angrier and angrier at a foreign culture that seems to thrive on conflict.

Syrian refugees are causing quite a ruckus, as they keep screaming "GIMME" and bitching non-stop about their situation, regardless of the fact that if they didn't want to fight at home, what gives them the right to do it anywhere else. Accept your lot in life and deal. For every one disabled person who made at, are 10,000 able bodied men who cowardly fled their homes rather than fight.

Here's how it's done guys. Instead of running away like children, denounce Islam, burn the mosques to the ground and kill anyone who even looks religious. Problem solved. And once you get rid of those people, you can then try to negotiate a cease fire with Assad and get some sense of normalcy back. You guys tried fleeing to another country in what can only be seen as an invasion (as backed up by the Koran and possibly instigated by ISIS itself) and is turning the average citizen against you.

Hungary has sealed their border and are getting few if any refugees now. Hmm, walls that work. Shocker. Meanwhile, pictures have surfaced of Austrian towns littered with garbage and feces, attacks by ultra-nationalists on pro-refugee politicians, attacks on citizens by refugees, the rise of the far right, and even cultural issues that are not melding well with one another. Rapes, robberies and stabbings have increased throughout the region, with the main culprit being foreigners. This cannot and will not end well as problems are emerging such as women being molested or slut shamed for what they wearing, refusal by men to be treated by female nurses and constant bitching about how life sucks, even though they are no longer being bombed out of existence which has to be a plus regardless.

There is a very good chance that a lot of these so called refugees will "become" radicalized and begin attacks within the borders. This may be part of an invasion strategy to overwhelm foreign governments and when things look bleak for them, turn to their idiot religion for support who will tell them Jihad is the only way. And this comes from someone who has Muslim friends and a good understanding of the religion. Imagine how this will play out for someone who only thinks of them in the worst possible way.

Take Uruguay for example. They took in 42 refugees and even that has proven too much for the town that is sheltering them. Like the Germans, they welcomed them with open arms and promises of a better future. Weeks later, that all changed when the town saw them as ungrateful douchebags after a guy with 15 children (WTF?) doused himself in gasoline in protest of his "living conditions." This has been echoed by six of the Gitmo prisoners rehoused there who have refused to work at all while complaining about the same thing. At least the refugees have gotten jobs. But they seem to be under the notion that all is gold outside of Syria, unaware that Western life is expensive and terrible in its own right. After dumbass burned himself, but did survive, the town turned against him who said he did it because he couldn't feed his 15 kids. The solution to that is give up some of your kids. No society should have to feed someone who can't pull out in time. No one cares dude. Now some want to leave which is not an option. This is your lot in life. Make the most out of it. But they won't, and violence world wide is inevitable at this point.

Israel is gearing up for an eventual genocide as the Palestinians stabbing innocent people is driving more and more to buy guns. This is a society that is one dirty bomb away from killing every Muslim they can. The world teeters on a knife edge right now and a single individual could start the next world war. Muslims seem unaware of the massive hatred for them that is bubbling to the surface of the most liberal countries. When Buddhist monks start attacking you, you know you have gone to far, as they are the least war like people on Earth but even their philosophy allow self defense. The Muslim population is becoming like a lot of Republicans: overly religious while holding on to beliefs a majority find abhorrent. This will not end well for any of us.

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