Sunday, October 4, 2015


When I talk about problems in the military I am not talking about our brave men and women who fight for this country, many of which I call good friends and family. I know a lot of people who are either currently or have been military of various branches. What I do say, and all of my military agree, is that the people running the military are stupid beyond all rhyme of reason regardless of who the President is, suggesting a much bigger problem. Let's see those runner ups.

10)David Daleiden- I am really beginning to hate the anti-abortion movement. Abortion is a personal decision that no one outside the person holding that child has any right to judge. You can feel about it however you want but forcing your beliefs, ones not held up by either science or religion, is not going to happen in a free society. We do not live in Saudi Arabia for a reason. This ass is head of CMP, an anti-abortion group that recently put out highly edited versions of tapes of Planned Parenthood discussing procedures and stem cell research. Carly Fiorina is still harping about a stillborn fetus mischaracterized as an abortion gone wrong, something even this douche admits was not true. How come we have laws keeping us "safe" from animal activists highlighting animal abuses in farms, but these idiots can secretly video tape this, edit it out of context, and no charges are filed?

9)Rush Limbaugh- How and why this guy is on the air is a conspiracy in and of itself. He has no major sponsors, his audience has dwindled and he still says stupid things that no reasonable person would believe? So how come his radio show is still on and how is it being paid for because advertising in no way supports this show? This week, dumbass said NASA was run by lefties because water was found on Mars. How does that reason even happen? Anyone still listening to this jerk deserves a swift kick in the ass.

8)The Pope and Kim Davis- Depending on which story you heard either the Pope got a one and one with Kim Davis supporting her cause, or she was one of dozens the Pope saw that day in a receiving line. The bigger questions was WHY was she there at all? Can this bitch's 15 minutes of fame go away already? The fact that official stories contradict each other suggest a power struggle behind closed doors between liberals and conservatives in the Vatican. Sound familiar?

7)The Secret Service- This week, the embattled security apparatus was dinged yet again when it came out that some within the ranks looked at Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz record, particularly that he tried out for them years back and was denied. Emails suggest that they were after something to damage him with after he went after the Secret Service for being terrible at their job lately. Can you guys just stop with this nonsense already and go back to being good at protecting the president and our money? This all started when it got absorbed into DHS which is being run about as well as Carly Fiorina being CEO of them. DHS has been a horrific mistake on so many levels.

6)Jason Chaffetz- As always one step forward, two steps back for Republicans, as this ass got schooled during hearings about Planned Parenthood. Chaffetz barely let the head of PP speak, like many interrupting her numerous times, but near the end he hit a wall of reason. He showed a chart which he claimed was from PP and showed a marketable rise in abortions and a lessening of women's health issues. The only problem was the graph wasn't from PP but an anti-abortion group and said so at the bottom of the graph as the head of PP pointed out. The graph was also an outright fake that anyone who knows anything about graphs noticed, this one being made up nonsense. The hearings were so bad that even hard core Republicans shook their heads in dismay.

5)Jeb Bush- Talk about sinking fast, this week a new poll has Jeb down to 4% and struggling to find his footing. Him talking this week did not help. He kept going on about black people wanting free stuff, denying he meant it that way, but failed to explain why he said the exact same thing from a book he wrote back in the late 90's. Then he tried to explain away the latest school shooting as not the time to talk about gun control, when it obviously is. Donald Trump's economic plan may not be great, but it is head and shoulders better than Bush's, another twist on trickle down economics again. He may be all done soon. Good.

4)Ted Cruz- Another guy getting punished this week is Cruz whose numbers have plummeted, down to six percent nationally. The reason is that he attempted to shut down the government again, something even the most hard core Republican saw as stupid. Only the religiously deranged, which still may constitute 22% of the electorate and is way too high in this day of reason and intellect, backed this. Oh that's right, people don't read anything beyond what they mind set tells them to, convincing them they are right, even if they certainly aren't. The fact we have libraries at our fingertips, yet all we do is social media and porn watching, spells doom for us all.

3)Kevin McCarthy- The current front runner to replace John Boehner as speaker hit a snag when he idiotically told the world that the current investigation into Benghazi was politically oriented to derail Hillary Clinton. He does know the camera was on right? Jason Chaffetz has thrown his hat into the ring as well but that is a long shot at best. If this is the best the right has to offer, we are so screwed.

2)Chris Mercer and the MSM- Another week, another shooter. This one was a mixed race, conservative Republicans who hared religion. There are so many things wrong with this sentence I do not know where to start. This ass went into a classroom in Oregon and shot anyone who said they were Christian. Worse, the MSM seems to be going out of the way portray this guy as white, with even CNN doctoring a photo of him by lightening his skin. WTF? The demonization of the white male has got to stop because blacks, Hispanics and feminists are coming up with some idiotic statements about white men and the public is starting to believe them. Black people commit crimes, more so than whites even. Stop media lies that every time a black guy gets arrested, it's racist and every time a shooter kills people, he's a white lunatic.

1)US Military- I have no idea how the military makes decisions on attacking areas, but for the past fifty years they have proven to be really, really bad at it. With a pathological aversion to even a single civilian casualty, our "pinprick" strikes have done nothing to stop the enemy anywhere. Iraq is a shithole, Afghanistan is no better and look what our meddling in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have accomplished. Enter Putin, who think what you want about him, wins wars quickly and efficiently. He does this by pissing on the worthless Geneva Convention and bombing whole areas, breaking the spirit of fighter and populace alike. The end result has been the surrender of hundreds of fighters, ISIS fleeing certain areas and a chance of better stability than what we have done, which has been almost nothing. We spent $500 million on training people who got themselves killed quick and at last count, only five were still alive. Worse, some may have defected to ISIS soon after. That was money well spent. Putin meanwhile is making a real difference by fighting a war the way in should be fought. Meanwhile, the idiots in charge of our pinprick strikes missed the memo where a hospital was, even though they were told weekly it was there, and we bombed it out of existence in Northern Afghanistan this week, for no reason. Now that area has no hospital, several dead doctors and wounded, and has turned that entire area against us. Way to go. So congratulations US military, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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