Thursday, October 29, 2015


Wow, what a horrific waste of everyone's time that was. It didn't help that the moderators sucked beyond all rhyme or reason, but most of the candidates didn't do themselves any favors either. And those questions, yuck, made me miss John King and his idiocy from last year. We got such hard hitting questions as Carly Fiorina's HP tenure, Fantasy Football and thinly veiled insults that went way over the line. Even worse, half of the time the moderators failed to follow up on obvious lies the candidates said or were completely wrong themselves when it came to facts. Let's do another quick summary over the debate last night

Kasich- I have no idea how weed works and I don't want any votes from Millennials.

Huckabee- Who exactly is voting for me because the evangelicals all like Carson better?

Rubio- I am running for President so to hell with voting in the Senate.

Bush- Duh! Hillary bad.

Carson- My flat tax will beam off the surface of Venus while swamp gas turns it into gold for all.

Trump- I can't believe I'm losing to this guy.

Paul- I plan on filibustering tomorrow's budget plan because apparently I need my eyes checked.

Cruz-The media sucks.

Fiorina- I ran HP into the ground and I would gladly do it again.

Christie- This is the stupidest debate I have ever been a part of.

That was the essence of the whole thing. I have to give it to Chris Christie for the best line of the night when he was asked about Fantasy Football and correctly said that question was pointless as were most of the questions. They did get Trump on an inescapable lie about rallying against visas for foreign works, who then back-tracked on it, and when asked where they got the info from, came from his own website. Ouch! Same with Carson who almost had a Rick Perry moment when he tried badly to explain his flat tax idea and spaced for a moment when the complexities of it overwhelmed his ability to speak. Fiorina blatantly lied about 92% of women being out of work under Obama, which was the same bull Romney tried in 2012, which was false then and is now.  The moderators let this one go for some unknown reason but later went after Rubio's tax plan and the length of the debate.
John Harwood was terrible, as was almost every other moderator up there, who opened with a question to Trump comparing him to a comic book villian, then lied about rewriting an article about Rubio's tax plan (he did), and claimed the debate was always going to be two hours, which was so false his nose should have grown. Jim Cramer had some ridiculous question and one guest moderator whose name I do not know literally shouted every question as if he were in a wind tunnel. I hate most of the people up there and even I felt bad for them with the horrific line of questions. Things do not look like they will get any better as the next Democratic debate has Wolf Blitzer as the moderator. Awesome.

I didn't watch the kid's table debate because I don't care. As a matter of fact, half of the people up there should be banned from the next debate. One of the reasons these debates suck so hard is there are too many Goddamned people up there. For the next debate I hope Trump demands only those at 5% or higher be invited and the rest can sit home.

If that is the case, Jeb Bush won't be there because it was the one thing that literally everyone agreed on was that he sucked hard last night. He tried to attack Rubio on his voting record, a good point, and fumbled hard when Rubio smacked him back on it. It deflated him for the rest of the night, getting the least amount of time of any of the candidates and, even when he spoke, was bland and boring. His numbers are going to plummet after this and his chances of winning have become close to zero. He may drop out any day now as his money is going to dry up.

Carson didn't do himself any favors with his economic policy, which sucks. Fiorina is still fading among everyone except the most simple. Paul, Kasich and Huckabee can go home. The top three, hands down were Trump, Cruz and Rubio. Carson will survive. Christie may get some support but it's too little too late and his unfavorable rating puts him near the bottom still. It's time for some to start realizing it's over and we don't need you in the next debate. Maybe if we whittle it down, we can start figuring out who might be a good president and less like a celebrity death match.

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