Sunday, November 1, 2015


You know you've gone too far when you find yourself sympathizing with the Republicans after some of the dumbest questions in debate history were uttered by MSNBC hosts this week. Not all mind you, as the Republicans would like you to believe, but a lot of them, starting off with question numero uno, sucked. They told us nothing, basically throwing weapons for the candidates to fight with, who wisely (and I can't believe I used that word in the same sentence as Republican) threw them down in disgust. When Ted Cruz becomes the most unlikely voice of reason, when he called the moderators out for the awful skills, you know you've crossed the Rubicon. Let's see those runner ups in a truly special week for dolts and idiots. My God was there a lot to choose from.

10)Jared Fogel- Just when Subway thought they were free and clear of this human anchor, new audio tapes surfaced this week that made Fogel look even creepier and evil than you thought. The tapes reveal a sexual predator, who LOVED kiddie porn, child sex, voyeurism of children and, apparently, girl or boy didn't matter. I feel dirty just writing that sentence. What a sick, sick, SICK bastard. He's going to be real popular behind bars. These guys get it the worst from what I have heard. Just recently Jared Remy, a convicted murderer beat the snot out of a child predator for the sole reason of prison cred in a CT prison. I hope this douche gets the maximum sentence because it is going to be hard time. Hopefully some of that hardness will be in this idiot's ass and see how he likes it. And a side award for the FBI for dragging this investigation out for almost a decade. Way to go.

9)Mellissa Harris Perry- MSNBC had a really, REALLY bad week when they got the ball rolling for this sad excuse for a network with this bon mot when she claimed that the words "hard work" was racist because as we all know black slaves worked harder than anyone and those words bring up racial connotations so we shouldn't say it. WTF? said everyone on Earth. South Park has been heralded this season for doing a season long arc about PC nonsense. It has been brilliant. This was one of several instances this week of far left PC control that is bordering on being facsist, which is what happens of you move too far off the political spectrum in either direction. Words are not racist. It is how they are used that makes them that way. You would think someone like Perry, who is a published author, would know the difference.

8)Syrian Refugees and the EU- The EU is straining under the weight of this kind of refugee crisis that sees no sign of abating. Both sides have a point in human rights versus countries' sovereignty. What is also clear is that no one has any idea what to do. I have an easy and viable solution. The old, the young and the women get to stay. All the other men are now drafted into the free Syrian army, one with no religious obligations other than to get rid of Isis and seek a political solution with Assad, with the full backing of the US. Working with the Russians would be a good start to mending our relationship with them. Refugee crisis solved. When the war ends, which it would quickly with overwhelming force, everyone goes back home and rebuilding begins. Assad either is forced to step down or accept changes, with again Russia's help, and everyone wins. But this is way too commonsense to ever be implemented so expect WW3 instead.

7)North Carolina- In typical red state, Republican run areas, NC just decided that if you are young and single with no kids, food stamps are going away after three months. And as we all know in today's society, getting a job in a matter of weeks is never a problem. Unless of course you are 90% of Americans who do have that problem. These assholes are going to let people starve. This is how revolutions start guys. Do not forget an army travels on it's stomach. So does society.

6)South Carolina- What is it with the South lately? Charges were dropped this week over a dick cop who shot a 17 year old white kid for no reason, even though it was caught on tape. Guess which word in that last sentence is the reason you have not heard of Zac Hammond and his execution over a low level pot deal that got him killed? If you said white, you'd be right. Wrong color I guess for any outrage as no one said boo about this. Had this kid been black, we'd never hear the end of it. This is why I hate BLM because we are focusing on only black people, other races are getting killed too with alarming regularity and with no one going to jail over it. We are all being attacked by an out of control police force who blames videos on the rise of violence and not douche cops literally killing us for no reason. All lives matter when it comes to police brutality.

5)Cops- 1000 of police forces had a snit fit this week over Quentin Tarantino marching in NYC with people of all colors over the rise in police brutality in the city lately. Just recently, a NYC cop was caught on tape choke holding a skateboarder, even though since the death of Eric Gardner, we all know that is illegal. So instead of looking at themselves and saying we have to change, annual honorary douche Patrick Lynch of the NYC police union, screamed about a boycott of Tarantino films that has now been echoed across the country by thousands of "outraged" cops. Just this week,the head of the FBI said videos and You Tube were making arrests harder and were leading to a rise in crime against the police. None of that is actually true. Arrests have remained steady nationwide, according to their own stats, and there has been a decrease in police attacks this year for some reason. These guys need cameras everywhere because they can't even police themselves.

4)BLM- There are two stories connected with this group, one here and another below is more anecdotal to them. BLM is suffering from a terrible leadership problem and a disdain for political movements which is the same thing that was the death knell for OWS. People do realize that group is DOA right? This week they tried to take over a Hillary Clinton rally which did nothing but make every white person there to see Hillary instantly racist against you and your cause. This is how revolutions die, and it's not like you do not have a point as black people are getting killed by cops a lot more than they should and sometimes, with no consequences. It may not be as racist as you think it is, but to be honest, everything is racist to black people lately. BLM needs to change tactic stat or face oblivion. I know which one my money is on.

3)Political Correctness- This has gotten out of hand fast as I predicted it would some years back. When you start limiting what words can be said and what can't, eventually all words become a problem, and that is where we are now. Opinion can not be had that differs from any one else because that becomes anathema to the masses and Twitter mobs strike with real ferocity. An article in the college paper of Wesleyan College in Middletown, CT, written by a conservative student, said exactly what I said in the paragraph above, in that while BLM has a point, they are going about it really badly. Nothing racist or problematic was said. The student body had a fit, gathering up all the papers to burn them (nothing fascist about that), defunding the paper and treating the writer as if he was an actual slave owner. And all he did was make a good point. Raven Symone has been vilified on line for daring to question black people who name the kids odd names like "Watermelena" or that the girl in SC who got dragged out of her seat in class was partially responsible. Neither are wrong yet black people in particular jumped all over her. One blogger recently wanted to ban the word "too" for being sexist. This is where we have ended, in a world were even a common sense approach to anything is being driven into the ground by zealots who cannot have their world view questioned.

2)Republicans- It was not a banner week for anybody, except maybe Cruz and Rubio whose stocks have risen. Jeb Bush ate it hard at this week's debate, finishing dead last in many a poll take after the debate. He was dull and lifeless. So is his campaign. Carly Fiorina got caught in a blatant lie that even she had to admit was untrue and stolen from Romney in 2012 about 92% of job losses were for women under Obama. Trump tried to disavow a statement currently on his own web site at the time. Carson gets the biggest whopper of the night when he threw Mannatech under the bus claiming he had no association with the company, somehow unaware that at that moment his mug was all over the site including videos of him hawking the product. It wasn't helped when his explanation of his economic plan had all the insight of last time's black candidate Herman Cain. I am stunned he hasn't fallen further back by now. The rest of the pack is just a joke waiting to happen. Time for half these clowns to quit already.

1)MSNBC- This is a sad, sad network. Any network that has Jim Kramer and Rick Santelli, the yelling idiot from the debate and the reason we have Tea Party morons in the first place, doesn't deserve to be on the air. Perry's idiotic comments show she has no business being on air as she is WAY to concerned with race to be much good to anyone. There is a reason we don't hire blatant white racists either. The three moderators asked awful questions, had a less than clear command of the facts, unwise for a news show, and fumbled the debate so hard Bill Buckner would have been embarrassed. One thing we should be clear about though is beside Anderson Cooper who did very well, debates are usually pretty clunky. The first Fox debate sucked hard too when they threw Trump to the wolves and tried ti give softball questions to Bush and Walker and still managed to miff it. They also asked the dumbest question so far when they asked about God talking to them, like that actually happens. Funny, how no one had a fit about that. This debate did suck and the moderators have no one but themselves to blame. How about asking about specifics of their plans that the average person doesn't know about? How about comparing one tax plan with another on stage and let them debate the merits of it? And lastly can we set a boundary of 5% and anyone lower than that can argue at the kid's table so we can hear from people who might actually win? Get your act together MSNBC because you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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