Friday, November 6, 2015


Sorry for the delayed postings but I had lots of work this week as well as a Democratic forum to talk about tomorrow. As a result however, I got to see a lot of disasters unfold, many of which will be repeated in Sunday's Douchebag of The Week column.

This has been a bad week in general for anyone living on the planet with half a brain, a fact that seems in shorter and shorter supply. The TPP text has been released and it's awesome if you think living under corporate rule is a great idea. Voters put into office some of the worst people I can possibly imagine. Ben Carson is still at the top of the heap in some polls even though the utter nonsense he can't stop saying proves he is a pathological liar. The police are getting more and more hostile to a nation increasingly tired of their brutality antics. And next Tuesday's GOP debate shoved several candidates out of the race, which makes FOX new smarter than most of those running for President. Where to start.

Let's begin with the past election, which I am guessing considering the turnout, most of the nation didn't even know about. The ramifications for this are unsettling at best. Kentucky voted in Matt Bevin, a moron who will most likely throw 400,000 people off of Medicaid and has never held office before. Oh, and he is a former investment banker or the very type of person who helped bring down the economy. How dumb are Republicans? Democrats can also take the blame for not showing up, even though they outnumber Republicans there by 400,000 voters. Watch most of them being the exact same number now looking forward to no health care. Democrats in CT voted back in Joe Ganin for mayor of Bridgeport. If that name sounds familiar it is because he just got out of jail for serving seven years for corruption while mayor of Bridgeport previously. You can't make stuff like that up. Voters in Houston struck down a LBGT law that opponents successfully framed as the rape a little girl in the bathroom law. Because of this, the Super Bowl there in 2017 may be changed according to some rumors floating around. Overall, voting in almost every state, except Ohio who killed a monopoly pot bill and ended gerrymandering, was terrible including who won and who voted which was no one. Democracy is dying because no one gives a crap anymore.

Ben Carson has been put under a microscope and is wilting under the light. His past written about in books appears more fiction than not with questions about an alleged stabbing he did when he was fourteen whose story keeps changing being challenged as well as a proven fictional encounter with General Westmoreland and a "full scholarship" to West Point. The problem with the latter statement is that the General was elsewhere at the time of the alleged meeting and that West Point does not offer scholarships but a vetting process. Tack that on with his idiotic statements about Joseph building the pyramids, a plot point in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," and we see that maybe Carson thinks that, like the Bible, all books and plays and such are also real. Or maybe this is a very very stupid man who is very good at being a doctor and nothing else. I meet types like that all the time.

The TPP text is out and when I find a copy of it online, plan on reading it. So far what I've seen is worse than you can imagine. This, when passed, will give complete control over to the corporations, something that has been in the works for at least a hundred years. It could end free speech, dirty our planet even worse, skyrocket prices on pills, and forever change the landscape of the world. It is giant power grab and when, which I believe it will, pass, we are going to be a slave class from here on in with little way to change things except through the barrel of a gun and how effective do you think that is going to be? I am hoping that enough people demand it doesn't, like Sanders and Trump will, and that we can change the narrative. But considering that we see who voters put in, a have little faith in that. RIP world, it was nice knowing you.

The police have lost it this week against Quentin Tarantino who refused to back down on his statements about some police being murders and how their buddies on the force cover up a lot of it. This was proven true when upcoming douchebag of the week, Officer Joe Gliniewicz, whose "murder" was actually a suicide, has had one bad story after another this week. He was a belligerent drunk with several DUI's that were never prosecuted, a serial cheater and rapist, not to mention an embezzler and attempted murderer. Yeah, he's a peach. Tarantino is not so wrong about bad cops being on the job when most of us would have been fired years ago for this kind of behavior. It is this protection that bad officers get that is driving the entire force down as a whole. And how did douchebags like NYC police union boss, Pat Lynch, react when all this came out? Ignored it and basically used terrorist like language, including thinly veiled threats, toward the director. Lynch is an asshole who should have been let go a long time back. Instead, we get this blowhard ruining free speech for us all. He also conveniently ignored another story this week in which a female officer was acquitted of murder even though her body cam showed her killing an unarmed man. This is why juries only find police guilty less than 2% of the time over the last ten years and also why I want an end to trial by jury. When modern juries have an over 90% conviction rate, you know innocent people are being sent en masse into jail. I have been on the receiving end of a douchebag cop hell bent on putting an innocent man in jail, namely me. I had an excellent lawyer though. How many don't?

Lastly we have the GOP debate in which we finally have some parity. Huckabee and Christie have been regulated to the kid's table while Graham, Pataki and Gilmore have been dis-invited all together. In other words, these are all the candidates, along with Santorum and Jindal, whose days are numbered. The ones eliminated are really done. Expect them to drop out soon as they cannot continue much longer.

I will be back tomorrow to talk about tonight's Democratic forum. See you soon.

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