Monday, November 23, 2015


It's official, the world has lost their minds. Turns out rank stupidity is not just an American trait anymore but has been exported worldwide instead. That's not to say we still don't lead the world in retardation, but it would seem everyone else is doing their best to catch up.

Here at home is a story I have sat on for a few days until I could verify it's accuracy. Several friends I have in the military told me we were dropping leaflets to ISIS oil drivers that their tankers were going to be hit 45 minutes before we struck. I thought this to be unbelievable but possible, knowing how moronic our government seems to be lately no matter which side is in charge. Turns out they were right when the story broke today. The reason is our idiotic aversion to any civilian causalities, even if it comes back to bite us in the ass, which it always does. We have known for sometime that ISIS was using oil revenue for huge fund gains, yet we did very little against it. In the past 15 months we destroyed 115 oil tankers. Russia hit over a thousand in less than a week. Which seems more likely to work?

Turns out, according to pilots running sorties over the area, 75% of their payload was kept from targets for fear of harming innocent people on the ground. WTF? This isn't a slap fight but a war, one made far worse by our inability to see it as a war and a President channeling Jimmy Carter, whose worst trait was his pacifism. This lack of will has led to the rise of this group and a now world wide problem that it exists. It is further hurt by our retarded plan to go after Assad still, even though he has been zero part of the problem. The reason for ISIS in the first place is us arming people who fought against Assad who were also militant Muslims. What could possibly go wrong except everything? The last time we tried this we got Al-Qaeda. Our inability to fight wars they way they should have destabilized the planet.

And explain to me who is buying said oil? Turns out to be NATO alum Turkey who bought $800 million worth so far. A recent raid on an ISIS safehouse revealed a treasure trove of documents that prove high levels of contact between Turkish officials and terrorists. And yet we do nothing. Sigh.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Brussels has shut down the country as if that is going to work. Tourists there are stuck in their hotels with all mass transit shut, restaurants, museums and other attractions closed. This is in sharp contrast to Paris who actually suffered an attack who went back to normal almost immediately. Brussels does know they have to open eventually right and when they do any terrorist in hiding will then emerge? All this does is let the terrorists win.You can't hide from this and all this is doing is adding more fuel to the fire. The best thing you can do is continue on and if they try anything else, start realizing that a bunch of dead Muslims are going to be the end result and prepare for that. Considering several Hazmat suits went missing from a Paris hospital suggest a chemical attack somewhere in Europe is not out of the realm of possibility, yet France hasn't shut everything down, as they shouldn't. If a chemical weapon attack does happen, it is the end of militant Muslims, and probably a lot of innocent people as well. Genocide will be the new normal as people shoot first and ask questions later. At that point, a clash of civilization is inevitable, but this is one in which Muslims will find themselves vastly outnumbered by literally everyone else on Earth. This is stupidity squared because the only outcome here is the extermination of Muslims everywhere and the militants are going to be the first domino.

We also discovered that college student PC crap is a world wide phenomenon. A college in Ottawa recently stopped a yoga class because the teacher was white and Yoga is Indian which students felt was racist. Please. Oxford University cancelled a debate about abortion recently because both participants were men, which in this case shouldn't make a difference as men can have an opinion about abortion as well as women, even if it affects them greater. Cambridge disinvited a speaker whose views on transgenders upset people. A recent poll here said 40% of the younger generation wants curbs on free speech. How communist is that?

South Park has been on fire this season, spending every episode trashing PC crap. In the latest a student was told to stop using the word retarded, even though the student using it, Jimmy, is handicapped. He explained why he wouldn't stop using the word for exactly the same reason I won't: it's a freaking word. It has more than one meaning. If you call a mentally challenged person a retard, you are an asshole. If I call Ted Cruz a retard, I find that an accurate description of someone the word defines as slow. If you can watch South Park, I highly recommend it.

We have lost our way as a people. The whole world is infected by this and it has to stop. Here at home, Donald Trump is leading the way with one accurate statement followed by three idiotic ones. I don't disagree with a BLM protester being thrown out of a recent rally and should expect to get manhandled while there if he refuses to shut up. If I walked into a black nightclub and yelled NIGGER at the top of my lungs, I expect to get a beating. This is no different. Actions have consequences. People are there to hear Trump talk. If you want protest, stay outside and do it. The BLM group seems to have no idea how to protests without damaging their cause, which does have merit. Then of course Trump goes off about how he should have been beat up (UGH!) and posts some phony statistic about how black people are killing white people in huge numbers, none of which is true according to FBI stats. God help us if the final two are Trump and Hillary, neither of which is going to get a lot of help from a majority of the country.

Stupidity has to stop and we can do it if we acknowledge it and let people know the assholes they are being. We can start be telling our kids to shut the fuck up about being crybullies, our government to start listening to us and stop voting idiots into office. But none of that is likely to happen so sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the world burn.

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