Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Man that was two plus dull hours. As one pundit tweeted "Who else missed the train wreck that was CNBC?" The questions were far better, but also lacked any spark or insight, as well as a few real softballs. Here's a brief summary of last night:

Trump- I will deport all illegal aliens and be awesome at it.

Cruz- I can't name five agencies I'd cut, making an unfortunate gaffe only belonging to politicians from Texas.

Kaisch- When is it my turn to interrupt rudely?

Fiorina- Who exactly is voting for me?

Rubio- I am thankful that not one question addressed my credit card scandal. Thank you Fox News for another softball my way instead.

Paul- I actually have some sound ideas that are getting drowned out by these idiots.

Carson- I would also like to thank Fox News for no hard questions about my past, and by the way, I am also the King of Norway. Challenge that liberal media.

Quick side note, I actually struggled to name the next candidate.

Bush- Look guys I didn't suck half as hard this time.

That was the gist of the whole debacle. Say what you want about previous debates for the GOP which have been a mixed bag, this one was really boring. So who won:


Trump did himself no harm and will continue to lead in the polls. Trump is NOT totally self financing his campaign, which he stated yet again, however he does not have any Super Pacs or huge sum coming in as his last tally was just shy of four million. Compared to Bush's $150 million plus war chest, that is quite minuscule. His biggest flub was suggesting people get paid LESS, a fact that may hurt his numbers as even Republicans want a raise.

Cruz will siphon a lot of votes from Carson, oddly not from Carson's bio past which many seem to be ignoring as "liberal media nonsense," but from lackluster debate performances, something he is not very good at. The fact that so many Republicans are ignoring facts about Carson's life speaks droves as to the intellectual deficiency there. Cruz numbers will go up. He pulled a Rick Perry when his five agencies he'd eliminate was actually four because he named Dept. of Commerce twice but no one seemed to notice so boo on the moderators for that.

Rubio did the best this night and has a real chance to be a new front runner soon, especially if Carson support collapses, as polling suggest it might. Independents are going to flee Carson as well and Rubio stands the best chance of picking those voters up. His big lie was that philosophy majors make less than welders, but stats say the former makes an average of $81,000 while welders max out at $64,000. Oops. College matters dumbass.

Paul did surprisngly well in many polls and I think did a good job last night. Much like Christie, who did well on the undercard debate though, it is far too little too late to do any lasting good. Him sparing with Trump over the TPP was one of the best moments of the night, and I have to hand it to Fox News for asking the question that everyone else has ignored. His one flub was stating that Republican run cities and states are more profitable which is 100% false. Blue states make far more money than red states, which should be considered welfare in their eyes and the top cities best run all have democratic mayors like Boston, NYC and LA. Just because Chicago and Detroit suck doesn't mean they all do.

Middle of the Road

Bush- He did better than expected but I still don't know if he can right this sinking ship. His last name is quite an anchor to overcome. However, he had some of the biggest fact problems of the night, suggesting him as presidency will expand growth to 4% which no economist on earth thinks possible. That is just promising something you cannot deliver, just like Obama. He also blamed Dodd Frank for all the bank problems we have had, somehow ignorant of the Savings and Loan scandal caused by his brother Neil or the fact his brother sunk the economy with worthless economic policies. Dodd Frank did NOT cause banks to have less liquidity but more and the only reason it is not working better is because dick Republicans have done everything they can to kill it. This guy lies more than Carson. But as the moderators didn't call him out on any of this, an all too common problem that night, he slid right by again. He did poorly on online polls but his money will keep him competitive for now.


Carson- It is simply incredible that his past didn't come back to haunt him but no one seemed interested in this, even though it goes to the core of his being. Instead he warbled on about whatever, as he is human Ambien to me. His belief in Joseph building the pyramids should have been brought up, but nope. One of his big flubs was suggesting Chinese troops are in Syria which is news to everyone. Another was his statement that places that raise the minimum wage do worse than those that don't, which stats do not support. His numbers will start to fall soon but not due to his idiot comments but his sleepy persona which is causing many to defect to Cruz and Rubio.

Fiorina- Who is voting for this idiot? It was another debate night of questionable facts especially when she went off on how Obamacare is not working, which it actually is. More people have access to life saving health care than they did pre-Obama and that is good. Prices do continue to rise but would have regardless of Obamacare or not as neither the old or new way addressed this. Maybe if we elected better people, not this moron, we could actually change things for the better. This woman is the worst person running for president period. Her poll numbers will not rise from this performance.

Kasich- The clear loser of the night, he came across as shrill and rude and people HATED it. This may have be his death knell on the main stage as focus groups all pointed him out for losing their support. His numbers are going to crater over the next few weeks and expect to see him regulated to the kid's table next time, which thankfully isn't until Dec 15th.

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