Saturday, November 7, 2015


Instead of a debate, we got a more personal look at the three remaining candidates at last night's democratic forum. Hillary was her usual evasive self, Bernie has great ideas and Martin O'Malley is treading water. Rachel Maddow was okay, but lacked any hard hitting questions and an unexplainable inability to ask follow up questions, a fact that has been part of the process ever since the League of Women Voters stopped organizing these things decades ago. She is not alone in this, which is why our MSM is so pathetic. One of the reasons has been echoed by Chuck Todd who says that if the questions are too rough, these people won't be back on the show. So again ratings and money mean more than actual discourse and a need for the fourth estate to exist. Let's take a look at some of the more interesting moments from last night.

Even when Hillary is trying to look like a human she fails. She evaded questions, lied to herself and everyone else when she stated she would be less warlike than Obama, which is a statement that flies in the face of reason as her record says something very different. The good news, which wasn't asked about last night for some inane reason (as a lot of questions kind of were), was the fact that the email "scandal" may be finally over as James Clapper has verified that all classified materials were done so retroactively meaning she didn't do anything wrong. Can we please move past this and Benghazi already?

O'Malley has no idea how to fix his campaign as he gave the same answer Bush the first said with "stay the course, a thousand points of light, as a response to his low numbers. He has no money and no way to advertise, which is a death knell in today's politics. In all honesty, like so many others this election cycle, got in to late. Ask Rick Perry and Scott Walker how that strategy worked for them? There is no way he gets any traction this late in the game.

Bernie did the best, no surprise there, as he came off less grumpy and more human, which he most likely is in real life. He gave good answers and I love his idea of a constitutional amendment for guarantee voting rights. I would also like to make it mandatory and capable of doing over laptop or smart phone. There are actually ways to make that way safer than the crappy way we do it now which is open to all sorts of shannigans.

The specter of election fraud has been raised in Kentucky and the election of Matt Bevin. Turns out that in many districts, people voted across the board democrat except for governor, which is statistically unlikely. Most people vote for the big names and positions and  are more likely not to vote for lesser candidates like treasurer or state comptroller. But in many cases democrats won across the board and still voted for Bevin over the democrat. That is not the usual, unless Bevin's opponent got caught in a scandal of some sort last minute which he wasn't. This is something that will be regulated to conspiracy sites and the like because no way does our bought and paid for media cover this.

Overall all the debate was polite, somewhat informative and probably won't change too many votes. This will not describe Tuesday's GOP slugfest, with many an attack that is going to be leveled at Ben Carson, pathological liar. I cannot wait for that.

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