Monday, February 29, 2016


To say things look bleak would be an understatement. Statistically speaking, there is at least a 60% chance that these two utter wastes of space will get the nomination. Trump will win because Republicans have had it and are willing to burn the house down at this point to get some attention. Hillary will win because Democrats are dumber than dirt. When the liberals start becoming every bit as stupid as the far right, you know there is something in all of our water supplies making us that way, a fact I am only half kidding about.

Water problems are becoming endemic throughout the country and not just in Flint, Michigan. States all over the US are having problems. How many times on your local news have you seen some town who has to boil their water because of some issue? Lots I am guessing, especially if you live in fracking places like OK, CA or PA. Our infrastructure is failing, yet almost none of the candidates, other than Bernie Sanders, are talking about it. Not even Hillary.

We stand at a precipice, looking over, watching the sand dissolve beneath us. But instead of getting the hell away from the ledge, more and more of us are peering over. This spells disaster for us all because of the still apathetic nature of today's youth will doom us all. They are not voting in mass numbers needed to swing an election. And without their support, older people are going to give us Hillary or Trump. Both sides could end us all.

This country needs massive changes. Band aid fixes that Hillary proposes may prolong our agony another few years at best, but eventually, this house of cards will come down until wealth equality is addressed and soon. Stop and Shop is trying to LOWER wages and benefits for their employees, setting up an issue with the union. If they had no union, this corporation would have just done it anyway. This is par for the course as business now sees workers as truly expendable, thanks to offshoring and technology. Neither Trump nor Hillary is likely to address this situation with any meaningful way.

Does anyone seriously think that either of these two will save this world? Trump would be a live grenade with foreign powers and almost certainly antagonize countries like Iran and North Korea. I guy like him will start a war without even knowing it. The fact that the military is already letting him know they won't follow orders that are considered war crimes says a coup is possible if he goes too far. Just what we need, another civil war. Awesome.

Hillary will give lip service to the banks, but will in no way reign them, leading to another, much worse economic collapse, as jobs disappear in mass numbers over the next few years and wealth becomes a stranglehold by the rich. We could soon live in two very different societies, one very rich, the other very poor. That may be unsustainable depending on how angry and how big the lower class is. If they keep poisoning us however, that may be on purpose to keep us docile and sickly. Tell me that is far fetched?

Isn't it odd that the two candidates currently winning are both mightily unpopular with the general public? The turnout for this election could be record lows for either side, although I think the democrats would suffer worse as she is Martha Coakley who lost two easily winnable races here in MA simply because of her unlikable factor. There is a good chance that if Hillary runs opposite Trump, he wins. And then what? Yet retards are voting for her in droves, brainwashed by the corporate media that Sanders is a dead duck, when in reality, he stands the best chance of becoming president, as many polls show.

I would like to personally give a big FUCK YOU to every millennial who didn't vote and to every black person that voted for Hillary. Congratulations, you may have killed us all. If a Republican wins, I seriously have to look at getting out of here stat. I would suggest a lot of you do the same. But it's not too late. Vote for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday. He is literally our last and only hope. Any other result, get your wills ready because you are going to need it.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


This has been a long sad week if you were black, Republican or somehow both where we finally saw the wheels come off racists from both sides of the aisle. Black racists got shown the door along with their white, super liberal, counterparts as the left finally said enough to some of them. Republicans acted like hyperactive, mentally challenged morons at the latest debate which boiled down to who could name call the next. It was a tough call who acted worse, but I had to give it Republicans because not all black people have drank the dogma Kool Aid that they have. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Hitler- My favorite story of the week was the historical revelation that not only did Hitler only have one ball, he also suffered from having a micropenis (excuse me while I laugh hysterically over that thought), otherwise known as "tiny dick syndrome," and a genetic anomaly where his urethra was on the underside of his shaft, meaning he had to sit to pee. Apparently, he had quite the "Holocaust" in his pants. It does make a lot of sense as to why he was so angry all the time. I would be too if my kibble and bits was super small and deformed. That is some king sized compensation and still, really funny.

9)Random Shooters/Stabbings- This week we saw not one but two idiots go on unexplained shooting spree. The first, Jason Brian Dalton, was an Uber driver who's mind appears to have snapped and killed six on a seven hour shooting rampage during which time he still continued to pick up passengers. That is some dedication to work. There is still no motive for why we did what he did, no history of violence or mental illness, nothing. More on that as it develops. The second was a little less surprising considering the shooter in Heston, Kansas, Cedric Larry Ford (what is it with the three names?) was a convicted felon who should never had access to the guns in the first place. An ex bought them for him, got them back with the help of the police, and then for some inane reason, gave them back to him after he threatened her. I don't know about you, but if someone threatened my life to get back guns they could then use to enact that threat, I would start carrying them and shoot that idiot first chance I had and claim self defense. He killed three and wounded fourteen more at his workplace after getting served a restraining order from an unrelated case, his spree cut down by a brave, lone police officer who went in sans backup. That's the kind of cops we need more of. Guns are not the only thing we need to worry about because NYC is seeing a sudden rise in knife attacks, with many slashings going on the subway, mostly due to the increase in homeless we are seeing due to lack of mental health in this country. The world is spiraling away, people. Bet on it. And getting rid of guns is not the answer. Restricting better who can get them is one however.

8)Phillip Chism- This waste of space who raped and murdered his 24 year old teacher when he was 14, just learned he will spent at least the next 40 years behind bars. The fact he attacked another woman while in lockup, did not spell good things for this ass to not get put away for life. The Supreme Court has ruled that giving the death penalty to juveniles is unconstitutional. This dick I think shows otherwise. Some people are just born evil. Phillip Chism is evil and having the possibility someone like this could escape, is more than enough reason to put him down. We don't allow dangerous animals to live, why are we any different? Enjoy Walpole, a rough prison for an 18 year old. His hell is just beginning.

7)The Oscars- Last year, the substandard Selma was nominated, but not for best actor setting off a firestorm of idiotic affirmative action nonsense that requires us to give awards to people because of skin color and not quality. Selma should have gotten squat because it wasn't a good movie. I thought this year would be the same but after watching Creed and Straight Out of Compton, both of which got almost no nominations other than for white writers and actors, they should have both been up for Best Picture. Likewise, Star Wars and Ex Machina should have been up there as well. Over the coming weeks, I will sit through Carol, Bridge of Spies and Brooklyn. and I have serious doubts I will find compelling reasons for any of those to have gotten any awards over the fantastic Compton which was magnetic and riveting. Creed was the best Rocky movie since 4, and Stallone was a supporting character here and rightfully nominated. But best actor nods should have gone to Michael B. Jordan for Creed and several of the people from Compton for at least supporting roles. This year, unlike the last one, should have had several people of color nominated and I am shocked and saddened by their omission. Having said that, I still don't think you should get an award just because you are black.

6)Playboy- In what can only be described as a serious break with reality, Playboy unveiled their new magazine, sans nudity, and I have to tell you, it is now nothing more than GQ/Maxim lite. I could live without the nudes, but they also jettisoned the cartoons, meaning no more Gahan Wilson whose comics I have read since I was a child, no more investigative reporting, no more sex advice and soon, no more readers because this is now a rag not worth having. The only article in it worth reading is a great interview with Rachel Maddow. That's it and the only things surviving the change. Six months from now, this magazine will be gone. The worst part was, the new pictures were not only super tame, but terribly shot. There's a reason SI had their biggest issue being the swimsuit one, and there is some nudity in that and great photography. These look they were shot by a student. Bye Bye Playboy. It was nice knowing you.

5)Hillary Clinton- If that shriveled old crone points and laughs to someone in the audience again, I am going to throw up. Who is voting for this idiot? We stand on a cliff where there is a good chance that she loses to Donald Trump. Even worse, I hate this bitch so much, I can't say I would vote for her at all. If we have Trump versus Clinton for the White House we all lose. Both of them will kill us all. Trump will start WW3 for some inane slight and Hillary will make sure no changes happen that need to, setting up the stage for a huge economic collapse. Wheeeee! I keep telling everyone, Bernie is our last and only hope and the best chance for the White House, as polls do prove. Instead we have three groups, rocketing us to failure. If a terrorist attack happens at any point in this country between now and election day, she and even Bernie would most likely lose. You want a false flag reason. That's a good one.

4)Old People- Old people showed up in droves to vote and overwhelmingly went one of two ways: Trump and Clinton. This means that Republican old people are now officially smarter than old liberals who are voting to keep the status quo,somehow unaware that is not tenable anymore. Trump may be a loose cannon but at least he's something different. Clinton is a vote for failure. Even worse, polls showed that many women 45 and up made up their minds months ago to vote Hillary because she has a vagina. There is no other reason to vote for that shrew. Thanks old people, you can all go die now. You've killed the rest of us.

3)Young People- I have called the latest generation Generation Wuss because they are a bunch of lazy, spoiled brats who cry and whine about fairness, having no concept as to what that word means. My opinion has not changed after looking at the data from Nevada and South Carolina. Youth turnout in NH and Iowa was okay, but actually down from 2008. The last two were abysmal, with youth turnout barley in double digits in SC. I said from the beginning if young people show up to vote, Bernie wins. If they sit on the asses in the parents basement they are never going to leave and the world ends. Bernie will most likely lose because the worst generation is fucking us blue. Thanks for nothing you giant douchebags.

2)Black people- Thanks for nothing as well black people. This week, we saw a black spree shooter in Kansas and convicted felon gun down three and injure 14 before a heroic white cop shot that dick down. You voted overwhelmingly for Hilary Clinton, whose husband did more damage to black people than all other Republicans combined. You demand the status quo change and then vote to keep it exactly the same. WHY? Black racist Melissa Harris Perry effectively quit her show on MSNBC, and most likely her career, after having a meltdown when she learned her show was pre-empted for the second week due to election coverage. She was fired today when her racist tweet explaining the "race" reason she was taken off the air for not behaving like a token black person. Right, because MSNBC isn't liberal at all. Her career is toast. Three black students from SUNY were arrested this week for making a false claim of a racist attack on a bus that never happened as well as assault. The three females, Ariel Aguido, Asha Burwell and Alexis Briggs, all 20, claimed they were attacked by white racists while riding a bus near campus. Video of the incident show no such thing. People do know everything is being recorded now right? In fact, the three women are all shown by several dozen videos taken of the incidents of actually being the aggressors and the only ones using racial slurs. Melissa Click, the idiot white professor from University of Missouri was fired this week after fallout from her telling students to attack another student came to a head. The fact that she was a journalism teacher is especially troubling. Her explanation is she thought the other student had a gun which is about as believable as the three SUNY students. The worst of the bunch however was the Nashville BLM movement which hit new lows of racism this week, They planned to hold a rally at a local Library but were incensed when they were told that white people would be allowed to attend as well. So let me get this straight, BLM meetings are for black people only? Reverse that and think how hard black people would complain and rightfully so. Instead they screamed about "white supremacy" as the library explained they cannot deny people access to a public library because it has the word PUBLIC in it. They then went on to piss on the Constitution as a "document for genocide," showing they don't know what any of those words mean. If you hate this country so much, move back to Africa. No one is keeping you here.

1)Republicans- What a shitstorm they were this week. Trump is on a roll, causing the establishment to freak out. Rumors of getting Mitt Romney on the ticket in NJ, NY and CA have surfaced should Rubio flame out in Florida, which looks likely. There has even been talk about throwing the race for Hillary while somehow keeping the Senate and House. Good luck with that strategy. Mitch McConnell decided for the rest of the country that no work should ever get done for any president in his final year including that which the Constitution specifically says by blocking any nomination to the Supreme Court, something even a majority of Republicans do not agree with. This type of partisan bickering is going to make sure nothing ever gets done until it is far too late. What's to stop democrats from being obstructionists as well if Republicans gain back the White House but not a supermajority? The debate this past week was the most childish thing I have ever seen and I used to work with children when I was in college. Talk about juvenile. None of them appear ready to be President and as much as I hate Hillary, even I have to admit she at least looks and acts Presidential, even if I do believe she will destroy this country once and for all. It has gotten so bad, I have seriously looked into moving to Canada and am making plans to do just that if the GOP wins big here. I cannot live in a country filled with such dumb people as to want this theocracy/fascist state that will arise. I have a feeling a lot of other might do the same. So congratulations anyone voting for these idiots, you are destroying this nation and are indeed Douchebag of the Week.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


As I cannot write about our idiot country today, let's talk about something far less relevant: The Oscars. Much has been made of the fact that the group is all white with a few Hispanics sprinkled in and NO black people. But as art is subjective, and black people are a small minority of the population, statistically speaking this is going to happen from time to time. If you want to have more black people in films, start by convincing the billion Chinese people who don't go see films with black leads to do just that. Until that happens, which is unlikely any time soon, black people will continue to be a minor blip on the radar of Hollywood because first and foremost it is a business, not a good will charity. Let's see who I think will win the big prizes.

Best Actor- Anyone not named Leonardo DiCaprio can just sit and wait to lose. This category is a lock. To be honest, some of the roles like Cranston in Trumbo or  Michael Fassbender for Steve Jobs are a reach and nominations probably should have been given to someone like Michael B. Jordan of Creed instead.

Best Actress-Another given for Brie Larson in Room to get the award here. Charlotte Rampling lost after making a crack about her being portrayed as a racist for being nominated and white, which while accurate, was probably not the best decision. There is no earthly reason for Jennifer Lawrence to be here for the very meh Joy nor Cate Blanchett for a film, Carol, that was filmed well but moves at a snail's pace.

Best Supporting Actor- Get ready for a mumbled speech from Sly Stallone because there is no way he doesn't win. This has to stick in the craw of black people as the only people nominated for every black movie, is white. I get that it looks bad. This category at least seems to have nominated a lot of the correct people.

Best Supporting Actress- The only film I have seen on this list is the Hateful Eight with Jen Jason Leigh nominated, but who will probably lose to Alicia Vikander in the Danish Girl, but could just as easily been for Ex Machina. She had a great year and is the front runner, but this category has a tendency to surprise. I hope Kate Winslet doesn't win, because even though I like her a lot, I have heard terrible things about Steve Jobs and wonder why it is up for anything.

Animated Feature- Inside Out wins this, even if Amomalisa and Shawn the Sheep ruled.

Best Director- This one is neck and neck between George Miller and Inarritu for his second win, but also the can't be counted out Big Short which has gotten a lot of love. Insiders say the Oscar voters love Mad Max and could be the upset, but my money is still on the Reverant to win. The directors of Room and Spotlight, which I admit I haven't seen yet and could turn out to be brilliant, are probably overrated but we will see. Ridley Scott got robbed for the Martian here.

Best Picture- Another one that could go any which way, with the Revenant the front runner, followed closely by Mad Max, The Big Short and Spotlight. Brooklyn shouldn't be here. And where the hell is Straight Out Of Compton or Star Wars? There's ten slots people, start using them. Both films got shafted this year. I think Revenant will win but I am secretly hoping Fury Road, my favorite film of last year, wins.

Expect Fury Road to clean up on the technical awards with the Big Short and Spotlight getting writing awards.

Chris Rock hosts which should be a laugh riot. I love the Oscars. Let's see how right I am about who wins.

Monday, February 22, 2016


The world is losing its collective mind. Nevada, thanks mostly to an older, retarded demographic and a corrupt union, gave Hillary the win this past Saturday, which may be the death knell for Bernie Sanders. Considering the opposite side is going to nominate Trump, as he looks unbeatable against far weaker opponents, we have to accept the fact that Donald Trump looks good to be the next President of the United States.

Now, while it is way too soon to pronounce a clear winner, especially considering the fact that VP's can make or break a candidate, Hillary could still pull off an upset if she picks a real progressive like Sanders or Warren for the second spot, and only then does she have any resemblance of a chance. If she picks another establishment douchebag, I have a feeling Trump wins in a landslide as democrats stay home in droves, giving Republicans complete control of government and the end of the country as we know it for at least two years, boldly assuming we last that long. To say things look bleak would be an understatement.

We can thank unions, who for some inane reason are all backing Hillary and did so overwhelmingly in Nevada, for helping them lose Clark County, which is the seat of Las Vegas. Older people, black people and rich people all went big for Hillary. The establishment, led by Harry Reid, backed Hillary as his underlings spread vicious rumors about Sanders that I heard first hand, such as one local congresswoman who claimed that she was backing Hillary because Sanders has not done anything in Congress for thirty years, conveniently not remembering any of his many accomplishments, such as getting bi-partisan legislation passed that helped fix some of the problems at the VA. His stance on voting against idiotic legislation is also a plus.

Black people must have super unleaded for water in their drinking supply because there is no other reason to back someone whose husband put more black people in jail and into poverty than any Republican. Bernie has been fighting for civil rights for decades. Hillary will fix nothing and says so. Cornell West called Hillary the "Milli Vanilli of politics." In other words, she offers only lip service but no real solutions. Like Killer Mike, West is a Sanders supporter, making him smarter than just about any of the sold out Black Caucus members who have gone on a nonstop tour of douchebaggery in slamming Bernie Sanders and questioning his civil rights accomplishments as grand douchebag John Lewis recently did. Guess who had to backtrack those statements when proof came out Sanders was where he said he was during the Civil Rights protests of the 60's?

BLM hit a new low this week when the Nashville chapter had a fit when a local library refused to ban white people from the building as they held a rally. Screaming about "white supremacists" these assholes are not helping their cause. The library officials explained to them that they are a taxpayer funded system and they could no more deny white people into the building any more than they could force black people to drink from a specific black only fountain. Black equality is fine. Black supremacy dickwads however can fuck themselves.

If we have a Hillary versus Trump campaign, there is a solid chance Trump wins as well as keeping control of the House and Senate for at least the next two years, perhaps even a super-majority. If that occurs, the fabric of this country will fundamentally change for the worse, perhaps irreversibly. Get off your lazy asses America and vote for Sanders this Saturday in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday. If Hillary gets the nomination, chances are very good she loses.

And on top of all that we have two regions about to get into a nuclear war with one another. North Korea is acting its usual belligerent self as South Korea and the US are about to organize the regions biggest war games ever. Ever since they fired that rocket that barely worked, tensions have been sky high. The fact that Kim Jung Un is one of the most dangerous men on Earth, and whose sanity is questionable, makes this a frightening idea.

Even worse, amidst a total media blackout, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have massed hundreds of thousands of troops and hardware on the Syrian border, threatening to attack Assad. Saudi Arabia also announced they have nuclear weapons, the West has known about this for years and they will use them against Assad of they have to. Putin responded today to that threat with one of his own, reminding them that Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world and they are not afraid to use them. With Erdogan being crazy and corrupt, along with Western governments being complicit in this, all point to WW3 being just around the corner.

The world is changing rapidly and not for the better. Voting for Hillary is just speeding up the process.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Our society is broken and Republicans are leading the charge. The entire Republican party thinks not having a Supreme Court Judge for the rest of this term and all of the next is a great idea. It isn't and it spits in the face of that Constitution they say they love but only when it suits their needs. It could also blow up in their face spectacularly. Let's see those runner ups in an abbreviated week, many of which are back AGAIN!

10)Malachi Love Robinson- I love when black people beat the odds and become a doctor or a lawyer or any other professional occupation. It shows that with some hard work and studying, regardless of race, it is possible to make it out of the ghettos that some of these people came from. That is the American Dream and while it is definitely dying, it is not yet dead. Or you can just grab a lab coat, rent an office and proclaim yourself a doctor as this 18 year old idiot did. Robinson was arrested this week for practicing medicine without a license in Florida, because where else would something like this happen? Damn those pesky regulations that keep us safe from this kind of thing.

9)Ted Cruz and his supporters- One poll this week put Cruz ahead of Trump for the first time. However, every single other poll has Trump way ahead still meaning this poll is suspect, and not necessarily for nefarious reasons as there are statistical reasons for a poll being this wrong. But, anyone actually supporting this idiot is as dangerous as this man is. Ted Cruz is crazy and exactly the kind of fool who will end mankind on some random thought. I can see it now. Cruz becomes President, gets in a snit with Russia and suddenly "Jesus" is telling him to unleash nuclear hell on them so He can return. This man is the worst choice for President. Bet on it.

8)Kanye West- Can we have one week without this loser on it? Oh that's right I am white so I can't comment on his black ass, or so he tweeted this week about magazines run by white people to stop reviewing his music. Guess they don't like crap, Kanye, because most critics I've read, black people included, think your new album sucks moose puckey. And his recent meltdown at SNL was caught on tape, including racist statements about white people. What an ass. Will you idiots out there STOP supporting jack asses and talentless hacks like this moron and others like R. Kelly and Chris Brown? Feel free to get rid of white people who suck as well like Sam Hunt, Justin Bieber and whatever tween sensation is popular right now. Just STOP! Find better music and much better role models.

7)Martin Shkrelli- Is this Groundhog Day because I feel like I've already written this article? This time Karma swung back and dickless here lost 15 million dollars to a scam artist. Shkrelli thought he was buying Kanye's new crappy album to lord over people, like his Wu Tang Clan album he recently bought, and instead lost a ton of money in Bitcoin no less. Good luck getting that back. I could not be happier.

6)Scalia Conspiracy theories- He died in his sleep. End of story. He wasn't killed by Obama. He wasn't killed by space aliens. He wasn't killed by the Illuminati. That last one is my favorite because in that scenario, dead Leonard Nimoy is the head of the origination after faking his demise. I kid you not, that is what they believe. They must be Ted Cruz supporters.

5)Government Statistics- You know it is betting bad when the stats you see given by various organizations don't match reality. We hear the unemployment rate is just under 5% which is a lie. If we use the same stats as other countries, including ours if we go back far enough, the rate rises anywhere from 10 to 23%. If we count people no longer collecting unemployment, or U-3 stats, we get a 10% rate, which Bernie Sanders is echoing at his whistle stops. If we include people who have given up for more than a year, or U-6, used before 1980, we get 23%. That is nowhere near the rosy ideas we are being given and the fact that American consumers are no longer buying anything is troubling. WalMart is losing money hand over fist, driving the stock market down today almost single handedly. Most retailers, including Amazon and Apple, are all losing cash as disposable income is disappearing for most people. And without that income, the US cannot continue much longer. If we gave everyone a raise, and demanded taxes from the richest, we could get going. But that isn't going to happen unless enough of you start demanding it.

4)Hillary Clinton- After yet another hacking cough at a rally, you have to start to wonder how healthy is Hillary? Bernie may be older but her health seems a bigger concern. She is also starting to see a pattern of loss which she is already downplaying. For example in Nevada, her aides have claimed that if she loses, it's because Nevada isn't a "diverse state," because "80% of the state is white like NH and Iowa." Only that is completely untrue. recent demographics shows 10%  black, 28% Hispanic and 10% Asian. That does not add up to 80% white no matter how you look at it. She may lose more and more states as Bernie gains support and at that point expect him to have a "heart attack" or a car crash or something as the Powers that Be panic about a Trump/Sanders contest where they have no clear winner.

3)Jeb Bush- The Fat Lady is about to sing, loser. He is at the bottom of every poll, with literally no bounce, which means after all the people left the race, their supporters went anywhere BUT Bush. Ouch, that has got to hurt. He was not helped but his idiotic tweet of a gun with the tagline AMERICA underneath leading to a flurry of Tweets back that were not in his favor. He got upstaged by his brother at a recent rally where the former president has an inexplicable 90% approval rating in South Carolina suggesting lead poisoning is rampant throughout the state. Jeb is toast.

2)Tayyip Erdogan- One of the most dangerous leaders on the planet may be about to start WW3 for no other reason than he can. Dumbass, along with the Saudis, are debating on a full scale invasion of Syria to get rid of Assad, and by some unknown method I am unaware of, ISIS as well. So either the US has lost all control of these two countries, one of which is part of NATO, or we are silently encouraging it. Either way, an attack will involve a NATO member attacking Russian forces. That can't end well for anyone. Pray cooler heads prevail.

1)Republicans- The Republicans sure love the Constitution.They scream they are the only protectors of the sacred document but then trip over themselves to see who can piss on it first. And boy did they let a stream of pee out this week. The entire GOP seems hellbent on denying any choice for the Supreme Court until the next President is elected, almost a year off. Nevermind the Constitutional problems such a thing presents, these assholes are shooting themselves in the foot. They are already coming across as obstructionist douchebags. Imagine the fun that the democrats are going to have when they refuse someone they should nominate for nothing more than petty politics. People on both sides of the aisle hate that. And that may wind up punishing the Republicans hard come November. And what happens if a democrat wins? Will they wait another four? And what's to stop democrats from doing the same thing if a Republican wins? This ends badly for Republicans if they wants to continue this, losing them the Senate a possibility as they have five states up in blue regions. Kelly Ayotte is not popular already in NH and any small push could unseat her. So congratulations, Republicans you are indeed douchebags of the week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Holy Christ, the human race is not much more evolved from the monkeys we came from, which is a fact by the way, not a theory, and anyone who says differently is exactly who this column is about. Is it just me or have IQ points plummeted these past few years? It has infected some states like a virus as seen first hand by the apparently lead poisoned residents of South Carolina who inexplicably like Hillary over Sanders and have a 90% approval ratings for former President George W. Bush, the worst president of all times.

How thick do you have to be to not remember eight short years ago where dumbass almost single handedly destroyed the planet? I double dog dare anyone to say W. was awesome to my face because, after I laugh hysterically for several hours, I will lay into that person as if he was on trial. There is no logical rational for not looking at W. with derision and contempt for the idiotic things he did in office which we are still paying for, and most of these yahoos now blame on Obama, like 9/11 which is beyond stupid. Yes Obama was not the savoir we all hoped for and this next election demands we try one last time. And if it doesn't, expect an uprising because people are getting sick of living in poverty here. Look at Greece. If they had guns, their government would be gone by now.

So what the fuck is wrong with South Carolina? Hillary still has a huge lead with black people, which flies in the face of reason as there is no way she does dick to help a single black person once in office. Or they can pick a guy who has been part of the civil rights movement since MLK and has a plan that could save millions of young black men from going to prison needlessly and ruining their lives. But no, they like the woman who epitomizes the status quo and all but guarantees that nothing will change. That is stupid squared. This election will not necessarily get us the leader we need. But it will get us the leader we deserve.

On top of all of this, we now have word that some oil company "lost" a bunch of nuclear material that they were inexplicably using in Iraq without proper safe guards. That stuff should have been under lock and key, along with several armed guards 24/7, but God forbid a corporation do something smart. This is the kind of leadership the GOP is clamoring for. Yeah, that'll work much better than a bloated and unworkable, but still functioning, government. Fears of a dirty bomb going off somewhere, most likely smuggled into Europe soon, should give us all pause. If a dirty bomb goes off in downtown Paris, the Middle East will burn, along with anyone who so much as even looks Muslim anywhere on Earth not majority so. Those people will get bombed back to the Stone Age. This is an extinction level event for a specific race, who may be wiped from the Earth, not unlike what we did here to Native Americans, just on a much bigger scale. This is the kind of thing I have warned people about since the 80's. And now it might come true. This is stupid beyond words because while radical terrorists may kill millions, billions of their own kind will die in response.

Things for refugees are going as badly as one could expect when one culture is dropped onto another without any preparations, as seen in Germany, Sweden and elsewhere throughout Europe. Rape is becoming endemic, where even small children are not safe from predators. A few weeks ago, a ten year old German boy was raped in a pool by a guy having a "sexual emergency" as he said he hadn't been laid in months.This is not an isolated incident as rape claims have been skyrocketing and covered up by governments for fear of what would happen if word got out of this occurring. This is a powder keg waiting to happen. Just think of what occurs after a dirty bomb attack anywhere on Earth. It would be an escalation to world war levels, but one in which China and Russia would be allies against the Middle East who will fall forever. The downside is the end of Muslims everywhere.

Lastly, let us talk about the GOP. What kind of special idiot is looking at just about anyone running for President on that side of the aisle? I hate Hillary Clinton with the fire of a thousand suns and even I would campaign for her if someone like Ted Cruz got the nomination. Ben Carson is clearly not qualified to even be running, yet he still has his supporters. Marco Rubio is a robot being pushed hard by the establishment. Jeb Bush is pulling up the rear for all polls now and after South Carolina may be dropping out. It is scary to see him next to his brother and realize that George at least has charm and an ability to speak to people. Jeb has none of that and only the dumbest Republicans are still looking at him to win. As bad as Trump is, he's the best candidate on that side of the aisle, with a slight nod toward John Kasich who at least is potty trained. Everyone else is pond scum. And Americans should know better.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The world may be going to hell in a handbasket but after the gift of Scalia rotting in his grave, God gave me two more freebies, just because I guess, when daily douchebags Kanye West and Martin Shkrelli both had epic meltdowns, and a weird connection between the two. Meanwhile, the dumbest conspiracies in the history of conspiracies are swirling around Supreme Court Justice Scalia's death. They are laugh out loud funny. Continuing to make me laugh, and not in a good way, is the possibility of either an economic downturn to end all downturns and/or the beginning of World War 3, both of which are scarily real.

Let's start with dessert first. Kanye West recently appeared for what might be his LAST SNL ever after reports of tantrums and a conniption fit right before going on state emerged. Lorne Michaels, who people say was "unnaturally calm" (showing everyone what a pro looks like) during the incident, calmed West down who was unhappy about the stage which did suck balls. It looked like a 1960's backdrop with bright lights and swirling colors. The fact his music was worse was a bigger problem.
It also came out that Cry Baby Jones was $53 million in debt due to a failing, way too expensive clothing line. Look it up and see the thousands he wants for a pair of pants. They are pants. Really? He had to go begging to Mark Zuckerberg, on Twitter of course, for a loan of, wait for it, one billion dollars for his ideas. This man is delusional and an untalented sap and way too many of you out there are egging him on. There is a lot of good music out there, if you go looking. Check out Courtney Barnett, Gary Clark Jr., Chris Stapleton, St. Vincent or a dozen other new acts that are far better than this dick.

Speaking of dicks, Martin Shkrelli got scammed out of $15 million dollars this week. Picture someone dancing hard as he throws confetti around when that news got read. Doofus gave $15 million in untraceable Bitcoin to a guy named Daquan, who this idiot thought was a representative of Kanye West, for sole ownership of his latest album, ala the Wu Tang Clan album dickless bought a few months back. Turns out Daquan was Da Gone with Da Moolah. HAHAHAHAHA! He has asked the creator of bitcoin for help tracing it down, but that may be near impossible considering how the bitcoin could be spent or even stored. These are the kind of scams I wish I had thought of because this ass deserved it. If the guy was ever caught and went to trial, he may walk just because Shkrelli is SUCH an asshole.

Continuing with the hilarious theme, right wing lunatics like the continually angry Alex Jones have said Scalia's death is suspicious. Now while he is occasionally right about some things, most of the time he is a dangerous blowhard who peddles unreasonable bullshit to a gullible public. The latest nonsense about Scalia and connections to the John Grishom novel, the Pelican Brief (Great book, lousy movie) about a Supreme Court Justice getting murdered are everywhere. Reports of Scalia with a pillow over his head and no autopsy have fueled baseless rumors. I sleep with a pillow over my head everynight. That doesn't mean I am trying to suffocate myself. Likewise, his health was in poor condition as confirmed by his doctor and the fact he went to the doctors twice that week for health issues. He was 79. Case closed.

Lastly, we have two stories oddly being buring by Western Media which is a HUGE cause for concern. The Zika virus, which I am convinced is a red herring, have led many doctors to publish reports questioning the virus' alleged connection with microcepheliacs, They too have not seen any hard evidence the two are connected, but may be to a pesticide that Monsanto is spraying ironically to contain mosquitoes. Where is that story on the news? So while they scream bloody murder about something that matters little, otherwise known as a distraction, while two much bigger stories are being ignored.

The first is that Deutsche Bank is hanging by a thread and if it goes under will affect the world economy one way or another, bailout or not. No major news outlet is talking about this. When the media says nothing about something big, you can bet it's bad. The Dow continues to separate from the rest of country as stock woes hit the wealthy as Main Street spent right along last month, demonstrating that swings in the stock market matter little to people who have no stake in the game and that is most of us. It doesn't change the fact that we are still starving down here.

Then there is what may be the start of WW3 which only appears in the back of some newspapers and nowhere on nightly news programs. As we speak, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Syria are about to go to war. As Russia has troops there as well, what this means is a NATO member may be about to embark on a suicide mission in getting rid of Assad and taking the rest of us with them. Those alleged peace talks we keep hearing about was nothing more than smoke and mirrors and the fact that war may break out here at any minute is frightening. This is how world wars start and if we all stopped acting like alpha dogs for one minute, and getting rid of that loon PM Erdogan from Turkey would be a good start, peace may be possible. But not like this and expect this to go south quickly if that snowball starts rolling.

Not to be outdone North and South Korea are having fits with one another after the rocket launch last week sent a tumbling satellite to nowhere fast. But it was a huge provocation and South Korea responded by shutting down a jointly run factory amid allegations the North was siphoning wages from their workers. Kim Jung Un is equally lunaticy and thus between him and Erdogan, not helped by a paranoid, delusional Republican force in this country and an equally unstable Russia, we may not have long on this world. But I take comfort in the fact that Kanye and Shkrelli had really bad weeks. I can die happy knowing that.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


I got the best birthday present ever when God finally said enough is enough and smote Supreme Court Justice Scalia in his sleep. I wish his death had been far more painful or embarrassing but beggars can't be choosers and I for one am seriously happy this giant dick is dead. I literally did a jig when my fiancee broke the good news. If you can't tell, I fucking HATED Scalia worse than just about anyone on the planet (although Martin Skrelli, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are close behind). The damage he did to this country is beyond reproach and perhaps beyond repair, so I giggle every time I even think of his rotting corpse. Let's see those runner ups in another week of true douchebaggery.

10)Kanye West- Several of the people on this list are familiar favorites to this column and talentless douche Kanye West is back for several reasons. First and foremost, his music, if you can even call it that, is auto tuned, over produced garbage that belongs in the trash and not raping my ears. He was on SNL last night and let me tell you, as some one whose has years of experience in the music/talent industry, not to mention an eclectic collection of music that has ALL styles in it, his songs suck hard. They barely qualify as music. If you like this stuff, I feel bad for you as your music appreciation is seriously retarded. One music critic even put his awful, awful album Yeezus as the best of the year it came out. WTF? His music being terrible isn't helped by the fact that Kanye is also an incredible, narcissistic dick who this week tweeted out the idea that Bill Cosby is innocent. The only reason Kanye would do this is because Cosby is black. So this shows he's racist too. What a winner.

9)Martin Skrelli- Yeah, he's back again. This time, the walking ad for punch my face syndrome offered Kanye $10 million for his latest album just so this smug prick can hold yet another album over everyone's head and gloat he is the ONLY person who gets to listen to it. Considering how bad the album is, that may not be the worst thing. Still, for someone who should be commanding a low profile, he is all but double dog daring someone to take a shot at him.

8)Scott Tucker- Speaking of royal douchebags, this one should be higher on this list. The NACSAR driver has been indicted for ripping people off since 1997 with a payday loan operation that charged 700% interest to desperate people. You would have literally been better off going to a loan shark whose rates would have been better. He got away with this by hiding upon sovereign nation rules on Indian land. I actually saw one of his ads years ago at a friend's house and we paused it to read the fine print and notice the outrageous interest they were charging. The Feds are seeking 2 BILLION in damages, as this guy raked in hundreds of millions in dollars just to himself, and his assets are being seized as we speak, This went on far too long and it is about time someone put a stop to it. Enjoy prison asshole where the only road driving you are going anytime soon is up your ass.

7)Cam Newton- Talk about a poor sport. After all that bravado this week and the number one offense in football, the Panthers got spanked in the Super Bowl. To make matters worse after he failed to jump on a open ball, mostly for fear of injury I would suspect, he then acted like a spoiled child whose favorite toy got taken away in the press conference afterward. You lost! Boo hoo! Act like a grownup and congratulate your team and the winners. What a baby.

6)Beyonce Haters- You would thought Beyonce came out with a white man in chains and whipped him to the beat of her new song for all the attention her Super Bowl halftime performance got. Poor crappy Coldplay got shut out of the conversation when white people lost their minds that Beyonce is, wait for it because it's a shocker, black. And she wrote a song about being black in today' world, which even if you have her kind of money, you can see how badly some black people are treated, particularly by trigger happy police. Cops had a fit, Ruby Giuliani was everywhere talking about how inappropriate it was, and white people had to deal with the sudden realization that not everything is about them. The song was WAY better than anything Kanye ever did and that's because Beyonce is actually talented and he isn't. You go girl.

5)Chris Christie/Carly Fiorina- Two more bit the dust this week as their campaigns imploded. Christie, whose political career is now on life support, oozed back to NJ to sample the soon to be undrinkable water supply that he recently privatized and an approval rating of spoiled milk. He will be gone the next election cycle and I couldn't be happier. Fiorina slid back under the rock she came from taking her anti-abortion nonsense with her. Bye bye you two. You won't be missed.

4)Marco Rubio- Talk about a crash and burn moment when for some inexplicable reason, he got stuck on repeat during last week's GOP debate and kept telling us how bad Obama is. Christie called him out on it, which did nothing for him, but tanked Rubio in the process who came out fifth in the NH primaries. Then he went out and kept repeating the line that got him canned. Unbelievable. This establishment tool may be yesterday's news if he keeps this up.

3)Democrats/Debbie Wasserman Schultz/Bill Clinton and his bitch wife- I am beginning to really, REALLY hate the Clintons. These scummy bastards have been pissing in my face all week and didn't even give me towel afterward. Both of these corporatist stooges kept telling us all week how Bernie voted for the 1994 criminal bill that put lots of black people behind bars and his vote in 1999 to deregulate the derivative market. Oddly enough, no one seemed to notice that BILL CLINTON championed for and signed both bills while in office, all with Hillary's support. Bernie has said both were mistakes. I believe him. I don't believe a single word that comes from the Clinton's mouth no matter which of them are speaking, including their idiot daughter. Then we have the DNC who are doing their best to manipulate the election with superdelegates that have no business in a free society. Considering we have everyone and their brother in government trying to take down Bernie, and 99% of the superdelegates have already pledged their support to Clinton (which could change thank God), this smells to high heaven. John Lewis stuck his feet in his mouth by suggesting that Sanders was never at any of the civil rights marches, but got shamed when photos and eyewitnesses came forward with hard evidence he was there. Lastly, the DNC removed the last of the Super Pac rules to give Hillary an even bigger advantage going forward using billionaire and corporate money. If this election goes south, expect this country to go with it and Democrats may be partially to blame.

2)Republicans- Scalia wasn't dead twenty minutes before giant douche, Mike Lee, tweeted out that no conformation will happen until after Obama is out of office. Turtle man Mitch McConnell echoed the same thing. Nevermind the fact that for the last 80 years the average confirmation time was 67 days, this may spell doom for the GOP. If they drag their feet, they will look like obstructionists. If they go with whoever Obama likes, who most likely be a moderate that they will have little reason to deny, they risk the wrath of conservatives. This is a no win situation. Even if by some miracle of god a Republican wins in November, what's to stop democrats from dragging their feet as well. There is a chance that NO nomination may happen for years. Let that sink in.

1)Antonin Scalia- The worst person in the history of the Supreme Court is dead. YESYESYESYES! I FUCKING HATED SCALIA! Because of this ass, he appointed Bush as President in 2000, even though he stood to make financial gains if Bush became president. He then went on to end this country with his deciding vote on the worst ruling in Supreme Court history, Citizen's United. This law has upended democracy and began a quick slide into fascism that we still face today. He has sided against gay people, for ending abortion, denying black people the right to vote and pretty much every other major decision I have despised. I could not be happier for his death. His absence means things like unions may have a fighting chance and unfortunately, that abortion rights in Texas will continue to decline. I do wish he had been found dead with a spiked, black dildo in his ass as gay porn played on his TV but I will settle for his demise in general because this dick is burning in hell right now. Hope it's toasty and he should save some room for Dick Cheney and anyone from the Bush clan  when they get there. Ding Dong the witch is dead and I am celebrating. If I come across his grave one day, I will piss on it and Instagram it to everyone. Congratulation Antonin Scalia, you are dead as a doornail and truly douchebag of the week for the last time. Tell Satan I said hi.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I had a moment of enlightenment while gearing up to write this column. Over the last few days I have seen such sloppy attempts at hiding what was REALLY going on in the world that an analogy flashed in my head. The powers that be have run out of ideas how to enslave us and instead are no better than some second rate magician doing tricks everyone already knows how they do it. Hillary and the Democrats are all but daring people to notice that they are doing everything in their power to get her the nomination as Republicans do whatever they can to get rid of Trump and Cruz. Our economy is flat-lining, yet all we hear are the some rosy platitudes heard right before the crashes of 1929 and 2008. They do know a lot of us CAN read right?

Let's start with the election. What no major news outlet has gone into any great detail about is the Orwellian idea that Superdelegates from each state have already pledged their loyalty to Hillary almost to a person. This gives Hillary a theoretical lead of around 380-30. WTF? Now mind you, these Superdelegates would, hopefully and almost certainly, change their vote, should Sanders become a downhill snowball, but the fact this even exists is beyond pale. Like everything in else this world, our system is hopelessly broken. And the Powers that Be like it that way. And we thought Iowa was bad.

This election is a fraud, like every one has been since perhaps forever. But this one is special. Because a lot of us have looked behind the curtain to see the wizard and now we can't unsee it no matter how much they want us to. 2000 and 2004 were both debacles that more should have noticed had either Gore or Kerry put up a fight, but they surrendered quick to protect the system their both knew was rigged. That won't happen this time. First off, Sanders and Trump have both been quick to call foul when either the DNC or RNC tried screwing with them already. Imagine their bellowing if they lose the election under suspicious means. Trump will almost certainly go rouge and run anyway and Sanders might do the same. Add Bloomberg to the mix and we could well see for the first time in modern history five candidates running, all who could technically win. That would make the powers that be head's spin. It also might be the best thing for America ending a two party duopoly, perhaps forever.

The more immediate threat is the economy which is plunging further and further down the rabbit hole. As of 2PM EST, it is down about 350 points. Anyone who has been paying attention noticed huge stock swings in a matter of minutes upward on occasion as the Plunge Protection Team and illegal stock buybacks swung the momentum the other way. Unlike previous attempts at this which have worked to stabilize the Dow, this gun is out of bullets and a bear market is looming. Oil is still crashing, mainly due to a world wide economic collapse that no one is talking about, which is tanking anyone who bet heavily on the derivative market and oil gains.

Hello, Deutsche Bank. They're about one step away from insolvency thanks especially to their oil derivative exposure and Germany's largest bank. Think the equivalent if Bank Of America was about to go belly up. Again. That's what is happening here. Their stock is plummeting, until that is the CEO got up in front of investors to say all was well and that they would be buying back lots of their own stock is buoy this price. Stocks on the bank rose as well as record high 5 year sub credit default swaps. The only problem is, this is exactly what we saw from Lehman Brothers to a T, and they went under quick. Insiders are saying this is worse than 2008 and they are not saying it without good reason.

The bank has 75 trillion dollars in derivative debt, or three times the GDP of Germany. That means either they let the bank fail, and the world economy detonates, or they rescue the bank with money Germany doesn't have, pissing off everyone in the EU (and perhaps even here) which could cause a revolution if immediate steps are not taken to prevent this from happening again, even though we just went through this same nonsense eight years ago and did nothing then. Watch the market carefully over the next few weeks as it may crash hard and leave you with worthless pieces of paper that once upon a time were worth millions. I have heard that many of the elites are escaping the stock market for just that reason. Don't be the last one left in a burning building.

On a happier note, harpy Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie have finally quit a race they were never going to win. Their records alone disqualified them before they even started. Fiorina was a failed business woman and professional psychopath from what I have read about her. She is a very dangerous person and somewhat delusional. Christie missed his chance in 2012 when he should have run but made the classic mistake many politicians do and wait too long for their shot. Since then Bridgegate has dogged him and his state has been devalued so many times they belong in the bargain bin. I lived in NJ for several years. It is a nice state regardless of what you have heard. Christie fucked it all up and expected us not to notice. Fuck him, Fuck Fiorina and Fuck Ted Cruz just because he is one creepy douchebag.

Vote Bernie SC and Nevada, the latter of which he has a shot at, as your lives depend on it. If we wind up with Hillary, Trump or Cruz in office, this country won't last their first year.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Wow, that was a beating yesterday. Trump and Sanders wiped the floor with their nearest competitor and some reached the sobering reality that this primary was over for them. Rumor is that Chris Christie will be dropping out soon and Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina will soon follow considering how badly they all did the last two states. John Kasich got a life line thrown by coming in second and may be the new establishment heir after Marci Rubio's self imposed meltdown sent him to fifth place in NH. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz continue to foul the Earth and both may do well down the road.

The Democratic Socialist annihilated Clinton in a race she lost by over twenty points. Oddly, she did just about as well as Bernie despite the shellacking she got as Super Delegates are all in her pocket, basically splitting the total. That's how our elections work now. We vote for what we want while behind the scenes they are already scheming how to keep power. If this election has even a hint of impropriety, after 2000 and 2004, we may well burn it to the ground anger will be so rampant.

South Carolina and Nevada loom large as Trump appears to be the unstoppable force I always knew he would be. Nate Silver, who must be looking at numbers way different than mine because he keeps insisting Trump will fail and predicted a fourth place win for him in NH. Oops. If young people and women continue to flock to Bernie, who just raised a huge sum of money right after his big win as Clinton contemplates a campaign shake up, he cannot lose regardless of how many Superdelegates they get. The wild card are black people and Latinos.

Polling suggests they are way more for Clinton than Bernie which flies in the face of reason. Clinton and her husband have done just as much harm to black people as Republicans. It was Bill who started the incarceration train way back in 1994 with his "tough on crime" attitude that was nothing more than a way to put poor people, mostly minorities, into prison. He also got rid of welfare as it was and threw people into the streets instead, with a rise in homelessness as a result.

Maine is claiming that even though there are "countless" low paying jobs, people would rather starve than work there after food stamp cuts got rid of 16,000 people. First off, there are not that many low paying jobs in Maine. There are not that many jobs period up there. If you don't believe me, look up entry level, low paying jobs on Craigslist and see that almost all require experience or a college degree. What happens when you have neither? In Maine, you starve. This is the legacy of the Clinton regime.

Clinton did nothing but hurt black people at every opportunity when Bill was president. Now you idiots are supporting his wife who will do the exact same thing if elected? Is there lead in ALL of your water supplies because this is fucked up. You don't see Jews looking at pictures of Hitler and saying "Well, at least under him the trains ran on time."

We can only hope that saner voices from the black community appear, like Killer Mike, Professor Cornell and now even Ta-Nehisi Coates have come around to Bernie (Coates is a very good author with the idiotic belief that reparations for slavery will ever happen). But black people better realize that Bernie will help them while Clinton will keep the status quo going, a reality that will not happen no matter what the powers be want.

As we speak, Deutsche Bank is hanging by a thread, not helped by the fact the CEO had to come out and tell people the bank was still rock solid, which is akin to Kevin Bacon in Animal House right before he gets trampled. The last time we heard this kind of rosy language from a troubled bank they were called Lehmann Brothers and Bear Sterns. Remember what happened with them? If Deutsche goes under, it could take the world economy down with it. Their exposure to derivative loses are more than three times the GDP of Germany alone. It would be a major domino that will cause a world wide crash and cause a Depression the likes of which mankind has never seen. Wheeee.

It may be why war is becoming so loud, with many trying to start WW3 stat. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are seriously talking about attacking Syria and getting rid of Assad. Nevermind the fact that the Russians are there and that Turkey is a NATO member, it's full steam ahead if cooler heads do not prevail and for once John Kerry is the voice of reason when he asked them if they thought an attack on Russian forces was a good idea. It's probably the only reason it hasn't happened yet.

The world is spinning out of control and some yahoos in this country are looking at Hillary, Kasich, Trump, and God help us all, Ted Cruz with idiotic answers. Bernie is the only sane choice here. Hillary may lose in a general election. She is that unlikable. We here in MA saw it twice with Martha Coakley who lost both times to a Republican in what should have been cake walk wins. Hillary is just like Coakley: unlikable and unwinnable. Bernie has no skeletons, Hillary is a Walking Dead marathon. Her Goldman Sachs speeches are going to come out, or her email scandal will sink her, or some yet unknown problem and then it's game over and hello President Ted Cruz.

Vote Bernie 2016. It's your last and only hope.

Monday, February 8, 2016


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And this year had both. I saw some fantastic films that I will never tire of (Mad Max, The Night Before, which I inexplicably left of my best of list last week, The Hateful Eight just to name a few). But, then there was the dregs of society that I saw a record 31 awful, and I mean awful, films this year. There are so many, I will have to categorize some of them into groups, as there were just too many in specific genres to list otherwise. I have to say, I saw some of the WORST films ever made this year, films you wonder how in the hell they got made in the first place. Think of all the things that have to got wrong. Watch the latest season of Project Greenlight to get a fly on the wall view of how shitty films get made and it's always with unshakable enthusiasm and deluded people left and right. That film made the list below for the sheer awfulness that it turned out to be, and I correctly predicted two seconds into the second episode. But God help me, there were ones even worse. Here they are. Enjoy my pain as I sat through each and every one of these masterpieces of crap to write this column. Mazel Tov.

10)Remakes and Sequels- It was another banner year for this group which included such stellar nominations as Magic Mike XXL (one was apparently enough for the world), Transporter: Refueled (this one stalled hard even though the TV series was awesome), Alvin and the Chipmunks:Road Chip (that pun is awful) and Monsters:Dark Continent (you can sure tell this is a totally different director and not a good one either). Then there was the equally pointless, Point Break, which audiences said a resounding NO to. Thank God. Hitman hired the worst lead possible for the part in that he looked nothing like the actual character. That film was so bad, it may be labeled as toxic waste if shipped to your house. The Maze Runner and Divergent sequels continue unabated by the fact that no one seems to be going to see them. The worst one, by far, was the inane Poltergeist remake. This one changed the name of the little girl from Carol Ann to something else not even worth looking up, for no apparent reason. It was so NOT scary and stupid it helped kill the promising IT remake because the studio concluded the public hates clowns after this movie died a painful box office death and not the fact this film sucked balls. These are the Hollywood executives making money hand over fist. Sigh.

9)Big Stars Flubbing Hard- There certainly was a lot of that this year. Johnny Depp redeemed himself with Black Mass after the abortion that was Mordecai. You know you're in trouble when the trailer airs and crickets are all you hear back. The Boy Next Door continues JLo's slide into obscurity with this turgid mess about a 40 year old sleeping with an 18 year old neighbor. Yuck! Child 44 had super star Tom Hardy in a great book ruined by an inept screenplay. Rock The Kasbah almost had the record for lowest grossing film but got saved by another film which will be mentioned later. No Escape was a cleverly worded title telling the audience how they would feel watching this Owen Wilson misfire. Rikki and the Flash somehow got Meryl Streep to possibly give the worst performance of her career thanks to Diablo Cody's inability to write coherent screenplays. But the winner of this category had to be the unwatchable crap that was Hot Pursuit. Sophia Vagara is gorgeous, funny and way better than this film. Reese Witherspoon was awful from start to finish and horribly miscast, even if I doubt anyone could have saved this never should have been made film.

8)Movies that never should have been made in the first place- Spike Lee can be a great director. Or he can direct pretentious nonsense like his latest Chi-Raq. The Entourage Movie was an exercise in reviving something that should have stayed dead. Aloha hired Emma Stone as a part Asian woman which tells you hard Hollywood tries to not hire minorities, even when they are called on. But the worst of the this bunch was 50 Shades of Grey, which proved that titillating and erotic, if not done right, becomes very, very dull. This was the film that should have been NC-17 and it would have made far more money, theaters be damned that didn't play it. But the studio played it safe and no one was happy. And by the way, hire people who have more chemistry together than these two dullards.

7)Horror/fantasy films- There were WAY to many awful horror and fantasy films this year and 2016 looks no better. Where are the new John Carpenters or Wes Cravens? Unfriended took a promising idea and drove it into the ground with a tepid screenplay and lackluster directing. Jem and the Holograms took a beloved cartoon and urinated all over it, making it the lowest grossing film ever. Victor Frankenstein failed at yet another retelling of a story we are all sick of. Pan was equally worthless with a prequel for Peter Pan that absolutely no one was asking for. But the worst, hands down, was Green Inferno, which should have stayed on the shelf it had been sitting on for the last two years. Nothing happens for 45 minutes and when it does, the gore is less scary than what I see on Walking Dead every Sunday. Eli Roth should be ashamed of this rip off of Cannibal Holocaust.

6)Blackhat- Micheal Mann is one of the greatest directors working today. This was not one of them. A horrifically miscast Chris Helmsworth plays the world's buffest computer hacker who then is tapped for some secret mission so boring I forget what the plot was about. A huge bomb in a year of huge bombs.

5)Terminator: Genisys- STOP! MAKING! TERMINATOR! MOVIES! PLEASE! While not as bad as the last one with Christian Bale,this one was not much better. The time travel stuff makes no sense, Emila Clarke is not a good replacement for Linda Hamilton, and Matt Smith is in the film for a second and a half in a really stupid part. Arnold was still good in this. Too bad the screenplay sucked.

4)The Leisure Class- This film got a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and that is being generous to this utter waste of time. Yet again, Project Greenlight throws a beyond crappy film at us, that even the least knowledgeable person about films should have seen was going to suck from day one. How does this happen? I watched the show and so many people, including the head of HBO Films as well as the Farrely Brothers, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, all helped it be this bad. WTF guys? The director was a disaster from the get go and then you used his crap screenplay rather than one written by professionals? Are all people in Hollywood really stupid and just lucky most of the time because this film was one of the worst I have EVER seen? Please stop doing this. It's just too painful to watch.

3)Adam Sandler movies- Adam Sandler has been down this road before on this list where he had so many bad films he got his own number. Other than Hotel Transylvania 2, which I liked, his other three films were beyond terrible. Inexplicably, his turn in the Cobbler, about a shoe repair guys who can literally walk in other people's shoes while having some creepy desire to fuck his mother, was directed by the same guy who is up for an Oscar with Spotlight. This guy will be one of the first up for a Razzie and an Oscar in the same year. Pixels was kind of cute but for the budget they spent on this, and having Kevin James as the President was really off casting, this bomb died hard. The absolute worst was the Ridiculous 6, which could possibly be the worst Adam Sandler movie ever. It is literally laugh free and I only made it half way through before giving up, a rarity for me. I would rather watch Jack and Jill all day long than five minutes of this terrible, terrible film.

2)Tomorrowland- Much like the film Poseidon, this film breaks the rules of screenplays and fails miserably at it. Poseidon had NO first act, which makes for an impossible screenplay. Tomorrowland does the exact same thing. They start in the middle for some reason, provided no explanation for what is going on, as George Clooney as a boy finds this idiotic place of Science wonders. 30 long minutes pass of filler before we even get to the main character girl which proceeded to chug along at a glacial pace.This is one dull film. Much like The Ridiculous 6, I gave up half way through as I have better things to do with my life than watch this boring, pointless movie.

1)Fantastic Four- This film was never dull, but for none of the reasons you would think. It started of with promise when Ben meets Reed as children, but then quickly falls apart as the main cast arrives none of which are right for the part, and boy does that show. The movie sludges along to where we get yet another crappy version of Dr. Doom who yet again is not the villain who wants to rule the world, but destroy it, which is the equivalent of making Spider Man into a street thug. They do know there are comics they can read to get the character right? Nothing happens until the end, when re-shoots had to happen and poor Kate Mara has an ill-fitted, wrong colored wig that appears and disappears in shot after shot. You could make a good drinking game out of it it happens so frequently. The last battle is pathetic, as are everyone in this mess. It reeks of studio interference and a director who was in way over his head. Watch only if you a masochist.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


The GOP had a meltdown this week, as the smarter of those running for President quit, while the rest embarrassed themselves almost to a man. I can't think of single Republican running who didn't. That is quite a feat. Democrats didn't do much better as one quit, one lied her ass off (and got called on it by everyone) and the other better be President because the rest of the morons will kill is all. Let's see those runner ups in a messed up week.

10)Corporations- The true leaders of the world passed a symbolic TPP this week, as it still has to be ratified by each individual country. If it passes here, America will cease to be. Corporate fascism will be our new way of life, which is why this next Presidency is so important. I cannot stress how bad this pact is and I read all 6000 pages of it when it came out. Some companies are showing how greedy they are, and are destroying themselves in the process. Uber cut it's payment plan for employees, I mean independent contractors, for the third time, now paying less to the drivers while increasing the share they take as well. Fuck Uber. Yahoo had a meltdown this week as their CEO, Marissa Mayer, pilots a sinking ship. Yahoo CEO's of past demonstrate fully how overpaid and incompetent these, ahem, yahoos, were. Mayer tried to start a web channel, like Hulu, but forgot to actually have any programming on it except the fading Community which literally no one watched anymore. When it failed, it cost them $43 million. This is a drop in the bucket to the series of mistakes this company has done previous to her tenure, such as turning down multi-billion buyout deals for ridiculous amounts of money and for some inane reason, turned down chances to buy both Google AND Facebook before they became the giants they are today. Yahoo is doing so badly, 42% of employees will be out of work by the end of the year. Those higher ups however will walk away with multi million dollar severance plans while everyone else gets squat. How is that fair? And lastly there is Dunkin Donuts which posted a rare 4th quarter loss, which they blamed on McDonald's all new, all day breakfast plan and I blame on the fact their shitty donuts suck hard now. I've been eating these donuts since I was a tot and they have changed for the worse over the past few years. More corporate cost cutting as the donuts are frozen and delivered now with a pittance of choices and a dollop of filling, so fuck off comes to mind. I can go to my local supermarket and get fresh made donuts for half the price. That's what's killing your profits. Corporations are using us. Wise up America.

9)Gloria Steinem- I am not a fan of this troll. When she was on Bill Maher this week I fast forwarded right through her because I knew she was going to say something that would make me angry. As I discovered later, I was right. She claimed the only reason young women were voting for Bernie was because of the fact that so many young boys were. Oh gag me with a spoon. HHHUUURRRRLLLL! For a person allegedly looking after women's rights, this was one sexist statement against them. So young women only think with their genitals and can't be trusted to make rational decisions? What kind of fucked up feminist are you? Women should be treated as equals with men in almost all ways and who they vote for is definitely one of them. Feminism is a philosophy that thinks that women are SUPERIOR to men, which they aren't. Neither are men and we should all act accordingly. Telling this dumb bitch to shut the hell up is a good start.

8)North Korea/Turkey- These two countries are apparently having a contest over who can end the world first. Oddly enough, Turkey's misadventures are even worse than the reclusive North Korea, if you can believe it. Korea sent up a rocket, allegedly to put a satellite in orbit, but most likely a test of their ICBM system. Needless to say, everyone panicked about it, but is reality, this is small potatoes compared to the media black out on what is going on on the Turkish/Syrian border. According to Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are massing troops for an invasion against Assad and might engage with Russian forces as well. WTF? Have these two countries lost their mind? Expect WW3 if this goes down.

7)Zika Virus and the Media- This story is yet another booga booga story by the MSM with little facts to support it. Why is this little known disease suddenly so virulent and everywhere? Because it isn't. The AP reports are factually wrong, understating the amounts of US cases while making it also seem that all of Brazil is infected with only six confirmed cases of microcelephaly (otherwise known as pinheads to the crass). Then, the AP reports wrongly that there are 2500 cases of microcelephaly in the US (which even the CDC acknowledges are not all from the Zika virus, as there are other reasons for this defect) but is actually 25,000 according to peer reviewed studies. How did they get that number that wrong? 80% of people who have the Zika virus will experience no symptoms from it. This is isn't even the common cold which is far worse. Can we please stop hyping every last stupid disease that rears it's ugly head no matter how inconsequential it is? A pregnant woman in the slums of Brazil has a greater chance of being eaten by monkeys than getting the Zika virus, as the stats do prove. Enough with the hype. There have been six whole confirmed cases of the Zika virus causing a birth defect in Brazil. Six! Until that number sees a lot more zeros, I have other things to worry about.

6)Martin Skrelli- This dick has been on this list so many times, I no longer have to look up how to spell his idiotic last night. This cock is such a giant pain in the ass, he did something few before him have had the ability to do. Through the sheer dickness he exudes, the hatred that he brings out in the people, he did the fantastic in not only uniting both democrats and Republicans in a congressional panel His Royal Fuckwad was speaking at, he actually single handedly made Congress look good in comparison, thus a few point rise upward in their record low opinion polls. He refused to answer questions about him raising prices into the stratosphere for life saving drugs, invoking the Fifth, while either smirking or looking bored, pissing everyone off. I swear the congress people in that room were ready to sing Kumbaya with each other after it was over. It's like as if Justin Bieber was the devil and you just got out of a concert he made you attend. If he wanted to look even more like a dangerous psycho, he couldn't have succeeded better. Congrats, douche.

5)Iowa Caucuses- This was a giant clusterfuck on a epic scale. The GOP side went Cruz heavy, making Trump gracious for a second and a half, before he went super mental and talked about cheating and what not. Only, he wasn't all that wrong as Cruz pulled some dirty tricks by calling constituents to let them know that Ben Carson was leaving the race, but who was actually flying home to Florida for a change of clothes ( I cannot believe that is true, even if it is). Carson may have lost a lot of votes that way and Cruz gained them instead. On the Democratic side, instead of just voting any person with the most votes wins, the Iowa people have decided to make it the most confusing, idiotic, and I will use this word again, CLUSTERFUCK, that I cannot believe that this is how it is done. I would have been less surprised if they sacrificed chickens and had the bones tell them who to vote for. People stood around a room and moved about in some weird, zombie like fashion to indicate who they would vote and then the scream at each other about why their candidate should win, convincing others to leave or join them. That is insane. That needs to go and let's go by high vote wins. Everything was so confused and poorly organized that the real winner will never be known. Some votes appear to have been changed, all in Hillary's favor go figure, meaning dirty politics is already at play. Vote Bernie 2016. It's our last chance to save this country before things get violent.

4)Hillary Clinton- She did not have the greatest week. She did okay at the debate, better on foreign policy than domestic, but the fact that was she was on the defensive for the first contentious hour does not bode well as many tune out after the first hour. She got tripped up bad on the question about her releasing her Goldman Sachs speeches and I saw fear in her face before she came up with a dance around answer. Those speeches are her krytonite. We need to find them before she secures the nomination and the other side digs them up. It would be her death knell. Better she lost now, so President Ted Cruz doesn't become a reality. The press is all over this and it's not going to go away now, just like Mitt Romney's taxes followed him to his demise. If they think you have something to hide, the press will not let it go, ever. She is in a real bind over this and Chelsea might be thinking the same when she recently called her mom's opponent, "President" Bernie Sanders. Freudian slip maybe?

3)Chris Christie- While this fat blowhard is busy raping my eardrums at the latest debate, he was also selling out the people of NJ to suffer the same fate as Flint, Michigan. Against everyone's wishes, Tub a Goo decided to privatize the state water supply, because God forbid the government run anything. This stands to reason that prices will increase, service will drop, and any day now, they will be drinking toxic crap that the self policing industry has no interest in stopping less their profits dry up. Thank God he is running way behind in the Presidential race because this guy sucks.

2)Jeb Bush- Speaking of sucking, Jeb had a bad week. His mommy had to come out to save him in NH where he is clearly not going to win. As a close neighbor, I can tell you, the ads are none stop and a lot of them are for Jeb. As someone paid to look at the polls, I can clearly tell you that he would have had better support of he just dumped the money in the street instead. They are not working. Even worse, at a recent rally, he had a big speech moment that when it stopped, no one realized it. There was a truly awkward moment of silence followed by Jeb pleading with them to clap. It was just sad. And so is he, in every way.

1)The Republican debate- As clusterfucky as the Iowa Caucasus were, it paled in comparison to the total disaster that was the debate last night. It started badly and went downhill from there. Before the night even started, there was an odd pile up backstage as Ben Carson missed his cue to come out and just stood there waiting for it to repeat, which it didn't. Cruz and Bush clipped by, but then Trump stood and waited with him, while John Kasich's name was not mentioned at all, even though he was there for the debate. It was beyond awkward. Then the questions came which were the usual drivel I have come to expect from the media. Can you guys ask anything different other than taxes and foreign policy? Please? Even worse, the candidates answered the questions perhaps as badly as you can answer a question. Everyone suffered a poor night with Bush looking bewildered and lost, Cruz his snarky, nasty self, and Trump was lost in the din. He had the best night by just not saying the epic crap that everyone else was. Sometimes sticking to talking points work. But not for poor Mark Rubio. But before I lay into him, let's mention Kusich and Carson if no other reason than that they, along with uninvited harpy Fiorina, are doomed after Tuesday. They certainly made zero effect at the debate as Carson mentioned every single time. We get it. But you're still going to lose. Rubio and Christie went at it last night and both did real damage to each other. Christie got the best barbs in against Rubio, basically equating him with a damaged robot who couldn't say anything different, who then inexplicably did just that many times over the night when he kept trying to insult Obama, but instead came off like a compliment half the time. It was a terrible performance at a clutch time. It may doom his candidacy. Christie, while accurately calling out Rubio, also came across like the big bully blowhard which he is. But what the hell happened to Rubio? He malfunctioned on the wrong night, and while it may not be as bad as Rick Perry's oops moment, or even Hillary's new upcoming Goldman Sachs scandal (trust me it's coming if she doesn't release the transcripts), this will hurt. And it was totally preventable. So congratulations Republican Party for an epically bad debate filled with lies and half truths and especially for Marco Rubio for being a robotic douche. You are all indeed douchebags of the week.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Some years I struggle to come up with ten films I loved enough to put on a list like this. Other years, like this one, ran the gambit much like 1999 did which had some great films (Fight Club, South Park, The Matrix) and some truly awful ones (Apt Pupil, Phantom Menace, The Haunting). But let's start with what was awesome about last year's great flicks before we tear into some of the worst films in recent memory. There were so many great films, I had to raise it to 11 this year.

BEST OF 2016:

11)What We Do In The Shadows- A mockumentary about four vampires living together in New Zealand, each from a different time period is a laugh riot and a must see for anyone who likes horror comedy. The director, writer, and star of the movie must have gotten rave reviews from the little seen film as he has been set to direct the new Thor movie. This guy is going places, and even has a sequel to this called, We're Wolves, about a pack of werewolves seen in Shadows led by comedian Rhys Darby. Rent this soon.

10)The Martian- Matt Damon gets stranded on Mars and "has to science the shit out of this," to survive. Basically, a one man play for much of this, Damon soars being funny, sad and terrified all at once. The supporting cast is mostly an after thought but actors like Jessica Chastain and Jeff Daniels make the most out of thin characters to create believable moments that lesser thespians would have slept walked through. A true suspense film that Ridley Scott was robbed of an Oscar nod for. If he was black, he would have screamed bloody murder about it but instead realized that it just wasn't his year, even if the film was a tremendous success.

9)The Big Short- If you told me someone would make a movie about the housing crisis of 2008 AND it was a comedy, I would asked what you were smoking. But leave it to Adam McKay to figure a way to do just that, which also landed this film several Oscar nods, and deservedly so. Using Anthony Bourdain cooking or Margo Robbie in a bubble bath to talk to the audience to explain complex housing laws was genius. So was this film.

8)Ex Machina- Featuring two people who would go on to be in the latest Star Wars film, this independent showing about what AI might be like was brilliant to the last shot. A man is hired to find out if a created robot with AI is really alive or just mimicking human actions with no real knowledge of right and wrong. What follows is sexy, jarring and very realistic. This had the kind of twist ending that M. Night used to make.

7)Ant-Man- Somehow better than the Avengers this year, this smaller picture was everything the Iron Man ensemble wasn't: cohesive, fun and new. Paul Rudd nails it was a thief trying to reform himself for his daughter's sake when he is given a second chance when he becomes Ant Man who has the power to shrink (and eventually grow) while chasing after a bad guy who wants to use that same technology for profit, society be damned. Evangeline Lily is set up nicely to be the Wasp in the sequel and Michael Douglas as the former Ant Man, Hank Pym gives the movie real class. Much better than it had any right to be.

6)Spectre- Bond is back and so is SPOILER ALERT: Blofeld, which if you haven't heard by now, too bad. Not nearly as good as either Casino Royal or Skyfall, it is still better than almost all of Pierce Brosnan's stuff and light years better than Tim Dalton's. Bond is after a new orginization, Spectre, thus the title and of course, Blofeld who rules it. Good action, but the whole Bloffeld reveal is a little lame and I wish it had a better ending. But it's still Bond and I will still be buying next week on DVD.

5)Hateful Eight- I love Quentin Tarantino films. I have seen every one since Reservoir Dogs in a theater and I have never been truly disappointed, although the second Kill Bill was just okay. This one was great, with standout performances by Kurt Russell, Sam Jackson, Tim Roth, and Jennifer Jason Leigh with everyone else along for a fun, gory ride. I love when dialogue is sharp and bitter like this screenplay was, and I am glad the director didn't give up on it when it was leaked on line. A must see for film aficionados.

4)The Revenant- A brilliant film that may be the winner for Best Picture and it is deserving of said prize. Shot as if Terrance Malik directed it, this is a gorgeous, bloody work that tortured Leo DiCaprio so much he got the flu twice. The "true" story of a fur trapper that gets left for dead by a douchebag fellow trapper, who also kills his half breed son in front of him, is a revenge/survival film that is brutal to sometimes watch. I doubt I will ever see this film again but I am thrilled to have seen it the one time.

3)Jurassic World- Wiping the stink that was The Lost World and the okay Jurassic Park 3, this first time big tent pole director nails it with a funny, scary, adventurous sequel. It was everything that Stephen Spielberg's misfire wasn't with star performances from white hot Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard (somehow running at top speed in heels), that sold this picture along with a new, giant dinosaur that was highly intelligent and invisible, Indominous Rex. Add in a ton of Pterodactyls, a giant fish dinosaur, along with two NOT annoying kids and you have one of the biggest films of the year. How was this not up for Best Picture?

2)Star Wars- I smiled from ear to ear this entire movie. From the moment the scroll started, I was eight years old again, even seeing it with my mother made it seem like old times. Yes the plot was slightly derivative of the original (did we really need another Death Star?) but the cast was perfect, Kyle Ren was everything young Darth Vader should have been in the awful prequels, and Han Solo rocked. I can't wait for the next one. Again why is this not up for Best Picture?

1)Mad Max:Fury Road- No film was better than this masterpiece that was so awesome even the Academy realized it and nominated it for ten awards. This is the front runner for Best Director and could even win Best Picture. How awesome would that be? George Miller is in his seventies and he shamed younger directors with this two hour car chase that was short on dialogue and CGI and long on action and actors saying tons with their facial expressions. I think Charlize Theron got robbed for best supporting actress for her role as Furiousa but there was a lot of great performances by women this year. Mad Max took decades to come back and even with Tom Hardy taking over for Mel Gibson, it was worth the wait. Miller said he wouldn't make any more Mad Max movies after this which is the most depressing sentence I could write but who knows, maybe he will change his mind or some young gifted director will take over. This one is a masterpiece that I will never tire of watching. And neither will you.

Honorable Mentions: Inside Out. Kingsmen. San Andreas. Focus. Zombeavers. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Spy. Ted 2. Anomalisa. Creed. Straight out of Compton. Black Mass. A Walk In The Woods. American Ultra. Shawn The Sheep Movie. Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation. Trainwreck. Minions.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It is become an epidemic of untruth's lately and the main reason this world is circling the drain. We are being lied to on a daily basis by the government, our media and each other to such an extent that no one knows which way is up anymore. This week we saw more finger pointing and half truths that make me want to stick my head in the oven with gas on.

Let's start with the latest string of booga booga, the Zika virus. I have been studying dangerous viruses and their effects for decades now. I know more about filiviruses that anyone not a doctor, the history of the 1918 flu outbreak and how media has been hyping up past diseases for ratings. The Zika virus appears to be no different.

We keep hearing that this disease is sexually transmitted, affects pregnant women and is the next form of AIDS apparently. Only the truth is, the disease is ONLY harmful to pregnant women, while the rest of us might come down with a slight case of flu like symptoms. The media has jumped on the thin possibility that paralysis might also be a symptom but that has not been verified by any medical organization that I could find. More scare tactics apparently.

Further study shows that there are are only a handful of cases in Brazil that can be linked to the disease and that of the 4180 cases suspected of having a birth defect, only 280 could be verified and of that number only six had the Zika virus. Meanwhile, here at home, 25,000 cases of microcephaly have been reported. Oddly, the AP report, which lately has been a virtual non stop parade of provable lies, diminished that number to 2500, which is off by a factor of ten. Why? Does no one who works at the AP actually know how to do any real reporting because I rarely see it? These are the same assholes who keep telling me that "known economists," who are NEVER named, say that bringing back the Glass Steagal Act would not have prevented the destruction of Bear Sterns of the Lehman Brothers, which is odd because that is EXACTLY what it would have prevented. The AP is propaganda to the likes of which Nazi Germany would have been proud.

I would like to see a breakdown of where these cases are found as it is possible that Fukushima radiation, our water supply or the air we breath could all be a factor here, much more likely than a disease which is almost certainly NOT the culprit. Yet, our worthless new media keeps telling us otherwise. It's another classic case of distractions so we don't notice that both sides of the aisle seem to be keen on poisoning us to death.

Flint Michigan knows this. Rick Snyder was chased out of restaurant recently by angry customers. I am surprised he wasn't lynched. People are reporting things like their hair falling out, not to mention lead poisoning for all, while the city demands they still make payments for water they can't drink. The words FUCK OFF come to mind.

But Flint is not alone as recent studies show that a lot of our water supply is contaminated, especially a lot out on the East Coast. Thankfully, other than Roxbury, most of MA has clean water. The same can be said of surrounding states, which includes all of Rhode Island, NY and PA. Yuck. Where is our news media with that story? Why are we not fixing our infrastructure as we need to hire people anyway? The main reason is the powers that be don't give a flying fuck about the rest of us and would rather we die than survive.

We have methane flying out in California, poisoned water across the nation, toxic food that is not getting any better and a public that seems not to care. Chipotle has six outbreaks recently which is unheard of. The funny part is may not be entirely their fault as our food supply has become so dangerous due to lack of inspections that this is most likely happening on a near regular basis and just not being reported. Most people who get sick don't know how they got it, do not go to the hospital, and just wait it out. If the true numbers came out, the public would be shocked how unsafe our food supply is. This is because Republicans, and some Democrats, are in the back pocket of the industry that put profit over health. If we have a media worth a damn, we'd know about this. And who is eating at Chipotle still? You people are really dumb.

Lastly there is the Iowa Caucus, a process so badly run that we should ignore the results. Trump has correctly called Cruz a cheater as he spread false rumors about Carson suspending his campaign, which he and most of the others should as well, as well as releasing misleading flyers that revealed confidential voting information about neighbors. On the democratic side, 5% of the prescient voting data is missing, which is enough to swing an election toward Hillary and away from Bernie. The same voting issues could also be seen on the Republican side. When is our democracy going to wake up and take action when it shows the votes are being stolen? Have we learned nothing from 2000 and 2004?
The whole process itself is a joke. Let's make it simple. One vote, one person, majority wins. Problem solved. As long as no electronic voting is done that is. If the establishment really runs the show, we are going to see Hillary versus Rubio. How is that democracy?