Thursday, February 11, 2016


I had a moment of enlightenment while gearing up to write this column. Over the last few days I have seen such sloppy attempts at hiding what was REALLY going on in the world that an analogy flashed in my head. The powers that be have run out of ideas how to enslave us and instead are no better than some second rate magician doing tricks everyone already knows how they do it. Hillary and the Democrats are all but daring people to notice that they are doing everything in their power to get her the nomination as Republicans do whatever they can to get rid of Trump and Cruz. Our economy is flat-lining, yet all we hear are the some rosy platitudes heard right before the crashes of 1929 and 2008. They do know a lot of us CAN read right?

Let's start with the election. What no major news outlet has gone into any great detail about is the Orwellian idea that Superdelegates from each state have already pledged their loyalty to Hillary almost to a person. This gives Hillary a theoretical lead of around 380-30. WTF? Now mind you, these Superdelegates would, hopefully and almost certainly, change their vote, should Sanders become a downhill snowball, but the fact this even exists is beyond pale. Like everything in else this world, our system is hopelessly broken. And the Powers that Be like it that way. And we thought Iowa was bad.

This election is a fraud, like every one has been since perhaps forever. But this one is special. Because a lot of us have looked behind the curtain to see the wizard and now we can't unsee it no matter how much they want us to. 2000 and 2004 were both debacles that more should have noticed had either Gore or Kerry put up a fight, but they surrendered quick to protect the system their both knew was rigged. That won't happen this time. First off, Sanders and Trump have both been quick to call foul when either the DNC or RNC tried screwing with them already. Imagine their bellowing if they lose the election under suspicious means. Trump will almost certainly go rouge and run anyway and Sanders might do the same. Add Bloomberg to the mix and we could well see for the first time in modern history five candidates running, all who could technically win. That would make the powers that be head's spin. It also might be the best thing for America ending a two party duopoly, perhaps forever.

The more immediate threat is the economy which is plunging further and further down the rabbit hole. As of 2PM EST, it is down about 350 points. Anyone who has been paying attention noticed huge stock swings in a matter of minutes upward on occasion as the Plunge Protection Team and illegal stock buybacks swung the momentum the other way. Unlike previous attempts at this which have worked to stabilize the Dow, this gun is out of bullets and a bear market is looming. Oil is still crashing, mainly due to a world wide economic collapse that no one is talking about, which is tanking anyone who bet heavily on the derivative market and oil gains.

Hello, Deutsche Bank. They're about one step away from insolvency thanks especially to their oil derivative exposure and Germany's largest bank. Think the equivalent if Bank Of America was about to go belly up. Again. That's what is happening here. Their stock is plummeting, until that is the CEO got up in front of investors to say all was well and that they would be buying back lots of their own stock is buoy this price. Stocks on the bank rose as well as record high 5 year sub credit default swaps. The only problem is, this is exactly what we saw from Lehman Brothers to a T, and they went under quick. Insiders are saying this is worse than 2008 and they are not saying it without good reason.

The bank has 75 trillion dollars in derivative debt, or three times the GDP of Germany. That means either they let the bank fail, and the world economy detonates, or they rescue the bank with money Germany doesn't have, pissing off everyone in the EU (and perhaps even here) which could cause a revolution if immediate steps are not taken to prevent this from happening again, even though we just went through this same nonsense eight years ago and did nothing then. Watch the market carefully over the next few weeks as it may crash hard and leave you with worthless pieces of paper that once upon a time were worth millions. I have heard that many of the elites are escaping the stock market for just that reason. Don't be the last one left in a burning building.

On a happier note, harpy Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie have finally quit a race they were never going to win. Their records alone disqualified them before they even started. Fiorina was a failed business woman and professional psychopath from what I have read about her. She is a very dangerous person and somewhat delusional. Christie missed his chance in 2012 when he should have run but made the classic mistake many politicians do and wait too long for their shot. Since then Bridgegate has dogged him and his state has been devalued so many times they belong in the bargain bin. I lived in NJ for several years. It is a nice state regardless of what you have heard. Christie fucked it all up and expected us not to notice. Fuck him, Fuck Fiorina and Fuck Ted Cruz just because he is one creepy douchebag.

Vote Bernie SC and Nevada, the latter of which he has a shot at, as your lives depend on it. If we wind up with Hillary, Trump or Cruz in office, this country won't last their first year.

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