Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It is become an epidemic of untruth's lately and the main reason this world is circling the drain. We are being lied to on a daily basis by the government, our media and each other to such an extent that no one knows which way is up anymore. This week we saw more finger pointing and half truths that make me want to stick my head in the oven with gas on.

Let's start with the latest string of booga booga, the Zika virus. I have been studying dangerous viruses and their effects for decades now. I know more about filiviruses that anyone not a doctor, the history of the 1918 flu outbreak and how media has been hyping up past diseases for ratings. The Zika virus appears to be no different.

We keep hearing that this disease is sexually transmitted, affects pregnant women and is the next form of AIDS apparently. Only the truth is, the disease is ONLY harmful to pregnant women, while the rest of us might come down with a slight case of flu like symptoms. The media has jumped on the thin possibility that paralysis might also be a symptom but that has not been verified by any medical organization that I could find. More scare tactics apparently.

Further study shows that there are are only a handful of cases in Brazil that can be linked to the disease and that of the 4180 cases suspected of having a birth defect, only 280 could be verified and of that number only six had the Zika virus. Meanwhile, here at home, 25,000 cases of microcephaly have been reported. Oddly, the AP report, which lately has been a virtual non stop parade of provable lies, diminished that number to 2500, which is off by a factor of ten. Why? Does no one who works at the AP actually know how to do any real reporting because I rarely see it? These are the same assholes who keep telling me that "known economists," who are NEVER named, say that bringing back the Glass Steagal Act would not have prevented the destruction of Bear Sterns of the Lehman Brothers, which is odd because that is EXACTLY what it would have prevented. The AP is propaganda to the likes of which Nazi Germany would have been proud.

I would like to see a breakdown of where these cases are found as it is possible that Fukushima radiation, our water supply or the air we breath could all be a factor here, much more likely than a disease which is almost certainly NOT the culprit. Yet, our worthless new media keeps telling us otherwise. It's another classic case of distractions so we don't notice that both sides of the aisle seem to be keen on poisoning us to death.

Flint Michigan knows this. Rick Snyder was chased out of restaurant recently by angry customers. I am surprised he wasn't lynched. People are reporting things like their hair falling out, not to mention lead poisoning for all, while the city demands they still make payments for water they can't drink. The words FUCK OFF come to mind.

But Flint is not alone as recent studies show that a lot of our water supply is contaminated, especially a lot out on the East Coast. Thankfully, other than Roxbury, most of MA has clean water. The same can be said of surrounding states, which includes all of Rhode Island, NY and PA. Yuck. Where is our news media with that story? Why are we not fixing our infrastructure as we need to hire people anyway? The main reason is the powers that be don't give a flying fuck about the rest of us and would rather we die than survive.

We have methane flying out in California, poisoned water across the nation, toxic food that is not getting any better and a public that seems not to care. Chipotle has six outbreaks recently which is unheard of. The funny part is may not be entirely their fault as our food supply has become so dangerous due to lack of inspections that this is most likely happening on a near regular basis and just not being reported. Most people who get sick don't know how they got it, do not go to the hospital, and just wait it out. If the true numbers came out, the public would be shocked how unsafe our food supply is. This is because Republicans, and some Democrats, are in the back pocket of the industry that put profit over health. If we have a media worth a damn, we'd know about this. And who is eating at Chipotle still? You people are really dumb.

Lastly there is the Iowa Caucus, a process so badly run that we should ignore the results. Trump has correctly called Cruz a cheater as he spread false rumors about Carson suspending his campaign, which he and most of the others should as well, as well as releasing misleading flyers that revealed confidential voting information about neighbors. On the democratic side, 5% of the prescient voting data is missing, which is enough to swing an election toward Hillary and away from Bernie. The same voting issues could also be seen on the Republican side. When is our democracy going to wake up and take action when it shows the votes are being stolen? Have we learned nothing from 2000 and 2004?
The whole process itself is a joke. Let's make it simple. One vote, one person, majority wins. Problem solved. As long as no electronic voting is done that is. If the establishment really runs the show, we are going to see Hillary versus Rubio. How is that democracy? 

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