Wednesday, February 24, 2016


As I cannot write about our idiot country today, let's talk about something far less relevant: The Oscars. Much has been made of the fact that the group is all white with a few Hispanics sprinkled in and NO black people. But as art is subjective, and black people are a small minority of the population, statistically speaking this is going to happen from time to time. If you want to have more black people in films, start by convincing the billion Chinese people who don't go see films with black leads to do just that. Until that happens, which is unlikely any time soon, black people will continue to be a minor blip on the radar of Hollywood because first and foremost it is a business, not a good will charity. Let's see who I think will win the big prizes.

Best Actor- Anyone not named Leonardo DiCaprio can just sit and wait to lose. This category is a lock. To be honest, some of the roles like Cranston in Trumbo or  Michael Fassbender for Steve Jobs are a reach and nominations probably should have been given to someone like Michael B. Jordan of Creed instead.

Best Actress-Another given for Brie Larson in Room to get the award here. Charlotte Rampling lost after making a crack about her being portrayed as a racist for being nominated and white, which while accurate, was probably not the best decision. There is no earthly reason for Jennifer Lawrence to be here for the very meh Joy nor Cate Blanchett for a film, Carol, that was filmed well but moves at a snail's pace.

Best Supporting Actor- Get ready for a mumbled speech from Sly Stallone because there is no way he doesn't win. This has to stick in the craw of black people as the only people nominated for every black movie, is white. I get that it looks bad. This category at least seems to have nominated a lot of the correct people.

Best Supporting Actress- The only film I have seen on this list is the Hateful Eight with Jen Jason Leigh nominated, but who will probably lose to Alicia Vikander in the Danish Girl, but could just as easily been for Ex Machina. She had a great year and is the front runner, but this category has a tendency to surprise. I hope Kate Winslet doesn't win, because even though I like her a lot, I have heard terrible things about Steve Jobs and wonder why it is up for anything.

Animated Feature- Inside Out wins this, even if Amomalisa and Shawn the Sheep ruled.

Best Director- This one is neck and neck between George Miller and Inarritu for his second win, but also the can't be counted out Big Short which has gotten a lot of love. Insiders say the Oscar voters love Mad Max and could be the upset, but my money is still on the Reverant to win. The directors of Room and Spotlight, which I admit I haven't seen yet and could turn out to be brilliant, are probably overrated but we will see. Ridley Scott got robbed for the Martian here.

Best Picture- Another one that could go any which way, with the Revenant the front runner, followed closely by Mad Max, The Big Short and Spotlight. Brooklyn shouldn't be here. And where the hell is Straight Out Of Compton or Star Wars? There's ten slots people, start using them. Both films got shafted this year. I think Revenant will win but I am secretly hoping Fury Road, my favorite film of last year, wins.

Expect Fury Road to clean up on the technical awards with the Big Short and Spotlight getting writing awards.

Chris Rock hosts which should be a laugh riot. I love the Oscars. Let's see how right I am about who wins.

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