Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Holy Christ, the human race is not much more evolved from the monkeys we came from, which is a fact by the way, not a theory, and anyone who says differently is exactly who this column is about. Is it just me or have IQ points plummeted these past few years? It has infected some states like a virus as seen first hand by the apparently lead poisoned residents of South Carolina who inexplicably like Hillary over Sanders and have a 90% approval ratings for former President George W. Bush, the worst president of all times.

How thick do you have to be to not remember eight short years ago where dumbass almost single handedly destroyed the planet? I double dog dare anyone to say W. was awesome to my face because, after I laugh hysterically for several hours, I will lay into that person as if he was on trial. There is no logical rational for not looking at W. with derision and contempt for the idiotic things he did in office which we are still paying for, and most of these yahoos now blame on Obama, like 9/11 which is beyond stupid. Yes Obama was not the savoir we all hoped for and this next election demands we try one last time. And if it doesn't, expect an uprising because people are getting sick of living in poverty here. Look at Greece. If they had guns, their government would be gone by now.

So what the fuck is wrong with South Carolina? Hillary still has a huge lead with black people, which flies in the face of reason as there is no way she does dick to help a single black person once in office. Or they can pick a guy who has been part of the civil rights movement since MLK and has a plan that could save millions of young black men from going to prison needlessly and ruining their lives. But no, they like the woman who epitomizes the status quo and all but guarantees that nothing will change. That is stupid squared. This election will not necessarily get us the leader we need. But it will get us the leader we deserve.

On top of all of this, we now have word that some oil company "lost" a bunch of nuclear material that they were inexplicably using in Iraq without proper safe guards. That stuff should have been under lock and key, along with several armed guards 24/7, but God forbid a corporation do something smart. This is the kind of leadership the GOP is clamoring for. Yeah, that'll work much better than a bloated and unworkable, but still functioning, government. Fears of a dirty bomb going off somewhere, most likely smuggled into Europe soon, should give us all pause. If a dirty bomb goes off in downtown Paris, the Middle East will burn, along with anyone who so much as even looks Muslim anywhere on Earth not majority so. Those people will get bombed back to the Stone Age. This is an extinction level event for a specific race, who may be wiped from the Earth, not unlike what we did here to Native Americans, just on a much bigger scale. This is the kind of thing I have warned people about since the 80's. And now it might come true. This is stupid beyond words because while radical terrorists may kill millions, billions of their own kind will die in response.

Things for refugees are going as badly as one could expect when one culture is dropped onto another without any preparations, as seen in Germany, Sweden and elsewhere throughout Europe. Rape is becoming endemic, where even small children are not safe from predators. A few weeks ago, a ten year old German boy was raped in a pool by a guy having a "sexual emergency" as he said he hadn't been laid in months.This is not an isolated incident as rape claims have been skyrocketing and covered up by governments for fear of what would happen if word got out of this occurring. This is a powder keg waiting to happen. Just think of what occurs after a dirty bomb attack anywhere on Earth. It would be an escalation to world war levels, but one in which China and Russia would be allies against the Middle East who will fall forever. The downside is the end of Muslims everywhere.

Lastly, let us talk about the GOP. What kind of special idiot is looking at just about anyone running for President on that side of the aisle? I hate Hillary Clinton with the fire of a thousand suns and even I would campaign for her if someone like Ted Cruz got the nomination. Ben Carson is clearly not qualified to even be running, yet he still has his supporters. Marco Rubio is a robot being pushed hard by the establishment. Jeb Bush is pulling up the rear for all polls now and after South Carolina may be dropping out. It is scary to see him next to his brother and realize that George at least has charm and an ability to speak to people. Jeb has none of that and only the dumbest Republicans are still looking at him to win. As bad as Trump is, he's the best candidate on that side of the aisle, with a slight nod toward John Kasich who at least is potty trained. Everyone else is pond scum. And Americans should know better.

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