Thursday, August 31, 2017


IQ points have dropped perilously these last few years and boy does it show. Flooding in Texas is because of climate change, zero regulations and voting in morons year after year who make things worse. Trump is two seconds away from an impeachment and a possible civil war over it. And of course it wouldn't be a terrifying week without having Kim Jung Un do something so incredibly stupid, he may have just started the countdown to Armageddon.
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Let's start with the flooding and it's aftermath. Politicians like Governor Greg Abbot and mayor of Houston Sylvester Tuner are already getting bad marks because of things like not evacuating and the lack of wetlands that the environmentally challenged Texans paved over because you know, science bad. Turner was 100% wrong when he said you can't evacuate six million people. Yes you can, you just have to have a plan to do so involving door to door bus service for evacuations, ALL major roads closed to unauthorized traffic and places outside the area of destruction for shelter. To simply tell people to stay where the water is rising is stupid and deadly.

It doesn't help that a majority of the people in this state are voting to do things like kill Obamacare, get rid of social security, medicare and Medicaid, and promote ideas that are anathema to most sane individuals. Why should we be helping people who want us dead? These are the same assholes who scream about socialism, and vote accordingly, but when they are in trouble show up with their hands out saying "gimme." Fuck em. Let them drown and see how the free market really works. I am sick and tired of liberals constantly helping out conservatives but getting dick in return when the tides are turned. America is divided, perhaps irreparably.

Trump is already taking credit for things going smoothly which is highly dangerous because what happens when things don't go well and trust me, they won't. Way too many live in flood plains with no insurance. Plus, it seems dumb to keep rebuilding structures that flood every three years. 80% of all claims are in ten states, like Florida, California and Texas which seem to have a complete inability to plan for these things and instead keeping repeating the same mistake over and over. Anger is already being seen by survivors and their mood is unlikely to improve. Red tape and bureaucracy will keep help from getting to them for years as Sandy survivors are still waiting for checks and that was five years ago. This is going to get ugly fast and Trump is going to get some of the blame. Obama was blamed for the BP oil spill and he didn't have much to do with that which previous politicians all allowed to occur.
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I cannot stress this enough but DO NOT give ANY money to the Red Cross. Like almost all major charities in this country, it's a scam. Dozens of studies show it is more interested in hoarding money than distributing it. It is actually getting easier to find ones that are scams rather than ones that aren't. The Southern Poverty Center recently was outed for using foreign bank accounts raising questions about why they would need such things normally used by people hiding things. Why is our society filled to the hilt with douchebags, liars, thieves and murderers? Nothing can be trusted anymore and as a result, we are headed for a fall of epic proportions.

Rumors are abound that the Trump investigation is coming to a head, while Fox and Friends hysterically say "isn't six months is enough for this," before going off on a Benghazi rant five years old and stale as fuck. Irony anyone? Mueller checkmated Trump (which I said was coming many posts back) by teaming with the NY AG with the specific notion of trying people in state courts should Orange Hitler decided to go on  a pardon spree. Some in the know say Trump may resign soon, especially if he thinks the Mueller investigation will wind him up behind bars. Ivanka and her shit bag husband have been quietly saying they may leave before the end of the year as well, a clear sign of trouble of true. Considering both are up to their eyeballs in this, leaving may be too little too late.
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Recent reports have also showed Trump having multiple contacts with Russian banks, all controlled by Putin. If Flynn and Manafort turn on Trump to save their own skin, as I am almost positive is happening, Trump and his cohorts are in real trouble because Mueller will not only have star witnesses but hard proof of Trump, Pence and the rest of his team (possibly even key Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell) who may be going bye bye sooner than later. The problem with this is Idiot America and the Alex Jones of the world are going to scream about the "deep state," and how this was a bloodless coup. I expect the less stable to do something drastic then, like Pizzagate, only times a million. People are still being arrested for harassing Sandy Hoax survivors, calling it a hoax, when there is ample proof it wasn't. Fake news is alive and well and telling us Obama's daughter was recently arrested for possession of six pounds of pot and then let go, none of which is true. Yet a lot of people I know bought into it. This kind of news should be deemed illegal and the writers arrested. We have to start setting standards for news and fiction and clearly label each. Nothing I write here is fake. If I even suspect it is not true, I use the word "allegedly." I will never write about rumor or innuendo without clearly stating it as such.

Lastly, we have Kim Jun Un, proving once and for all, the fucking midget moron is the most dangerous man on Earth, and our president is Trump. Douchebag almost started WW3 when he idiotically shot a missile OVER Japan which contrary to some morons out there, is NOT done by the US who NEVER fire missile over hostile territory because we do NOT want to accidentally start a war. Japan citizens fled to bomb shelters, our forces in the area went on the highest level of alert and a nuclear war could have stated because of this. This is the very definition of a miscalculation that experts have been warning us about.

Here's a puzzle: why didn't we shoot the missile down? The two reasons are we couldn't or didn't want to. If we couldn't that doesn't fill me with positive energy and if we didn't, it was either because we didn't want to show off technology that could be shown a weakness in (unlikely as if we showed we could down missiles that would be a great deterrent) or, more likely, our missiles are not 100% accurate and we didn't want to have a failure for all to see. Either way, a chance to deescalate this with a show of force didn't happen and now we are headed on a collusion course with North Korea. Preemptive war is the only option on the table where hundreds of millions don't die, assuming the US doesn't have some super secret weapon that could be used, but that is probably more in the realm of science fiction.

I have been reading how Hitler came to power and there have been three instance where had Europe fought back against Hitler at any point at his build up to war, WW2 would never have started and tens millions of people would never have died. War should not be taken lightly, but we pussy foot around it to such an extent, many more people die in the process. North Korea should have ended in 1952 but Truman was too much a pussy to finish the job and no here we are decades later and multiple opportunities missed to have ended this with far less bloodshed. Now we face the end of everything.
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Next month is going to be a doozy. There are rumors of war by mid-September with North Korea, Congress coming back to a fuck load of work they are unequipped to deal with as well as the growing tragedy in Houston. Plus, there is possibility of an epic economic meltdown next month, which could be triggered if  Orange Hitler shuts down the government, which will crash the system good. His numbers are going to continue to crater until he learns better, which he never will.

I wish I had better news but it is what is . You voted for this America. We are all going to be Houston soon.

Monday, August 28, 2017


I have witnessed a lot of stupid things in my life, but the people of Houston may be the dumbest humans on Earth. I have spent the last few days listen to politicians in the area prove they have no business running a Chucky Cheese let alone a major city. The inhabitants come from a state that elected Trump and boy does it show. Dozens have been interviewed by reporters where they said they were out of food and water and how they never thought it would ever be this bad. It was only broadcast 24/7 a week before landfall so the only person they have to blame is themselves.
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I have been through a few hurricanes in my life. If I can help it, I will pass on riding out another, especially if it is going be a category three or higher. Yet, millions stayed put putting their lives and safety at risk. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and an unnamed federal judge (meaning both Democrats and Republicans fucked this one up) decided that evacuating the city was an impossibility and told people to shelter in place. As neither of these two idiots have taken a physics class apparently, they somehow never grasped the concept of how a liquid will rise when it has nowhere else to go. It is impossible to shelter in place when your fucking house is underwater. They didn't want a repeat of the Hurricane Rita evacuation and with good reason: it was a giant clusterfuck.

I have actually been part of planning evacuation routes in case of biological reasons like a plague for government forces in the past. I was stunned to see just how bad their preparations were and advised certain changes that were routinely ignored until Katrina came and everything I said would fall apart did and I have to give them credit, did make necessary changes afterward. Nothing ever gets fixed in this country until lots of people die first.

During Rita, instead of an organized evacuation utilizing buses and throughway traffic, everyone left at the same time which led to gridlock and deaths. They didn't even open up both sides of the highway until it was far too late. The fact the sea wall protecting the city was woefully inadequate didn't help either. So if you have a plan that doesn't work, one would think you would fix it right? Nope, these assholes threw the whole thing out and told people to stay put. Great plan numnuts, somehow not remembering Hurricane Katrina's victims trapped on roof tops for days on end.

Here's the worse news for Houston: there are going to be lots more like this because of climate change, that thing you don't believe in. In the past two years there have been three major floods that should happen once every five hundred years and this one was every thousand years. Two five hundreds year storms and a thousand year storm in the passage of just over a year means one and only one thing: you're going to fucking drown. Your fuckhead president just signed an EO that would prevent building of things like sea walls that would help cities like this from being flooded. Your state has NO regulations which is leading to building in areas that will not only flood but whose construction guarantee that other areas will flood worse. Concrete does not absorb water. You are voting for this people so when you lose everything know you are partially to blame for constantly voting in individuals who don't care about you and prove it at every instance.
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Then you have your two utterly idiotic Senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, who both voted against funds for Hurricane Sandy. We should respond in kind. Texas should get NO federal help at all. If we don't respond in kind to what these hypocritical assholes keep screaming about, nothing will change. And if morons in Texas have to suffer for their idiocy, so be it. You want a non socialistic country, here's your chance. Fend for yourself and stop asking for "handouts' from the rest of us. See how being self sufficient works when no one gives you a hand when you need it. If they do want help, I want a signed statement from each person that they will NEVER vote Republican again under penalty of jail. Pick a side guys. Your either against socialism or for it, but I am sick and tired of hearing these fuckwads cry about their tax dollars going to things they hate, but have their hands out when it comes to their needs. If you selfish pricks think it's easier going alone, by all means try. When that fails admit that socialism works in some instances and stop voting in idiots who say different. As for me, I am not donating one red cent to Texas. Fuck them and theirs and I encourage others to follow suit. They look down on us as subhuman so right back at you. When you come your senses we can talk. Until then, fucking drown.

Notice the religious right isn't screaming about why God sent this death storm to Texas. I think God did send it their way as a warning for their support for Orange Hitler, anti-abortion and anti-gay views and for having the audacity to elect Ted Cruz to any job at all involving humans. Hey, if they can say so, so can I.
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Trump is fucking this up too by spending more time tweeting about nonsense than fixing this. He is going to Texas on Tuesday for a photo op. Whee. This man is beyond dangerous and anyone who has read any historical story about Hitler will see frightening parallels. If the idiotic left like BLM and Antifa keep up violence against people, and journalists which is always stupid beyond words, they are giving Trump ammo to clamp down hard on protests of all sorts and even allow the possibility of martial law. That's playing right into his hands. Violence is a very bad idea and not needed right now. Anyone at a rally who sees one of these black clad douchebags, let them know they are not wanted, and if they start fighting you, knock them into next week. These assholes need to go away because they are making things worse.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


I've been doing this blog for some time now and at no point in it's seven year run have I repeated the same person as much as Donald Trump. At some point, I am going to have to go back and count exactly how many times he has been douchebag of the week which I fear may be approaching the amount of rainfall in Texas right now. Trump has proven himself to be a racist, traitorous demagogue with a bad haircut and a small mustache away from actually being Hitler. Trump is on that path people. Read about Hitler and you will see a lot of similarities between the two, such as both were raging egomaniacs who were great at inflammatory speeches but terrible at governing. Sound familiar? Trump is one short step from taking complete power and then we are all screwed. Let's see those runner ups in another fucked up week.
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10)Max and Caroline Kennedy- Leave it to the Kennedy's to remind us about bad rich people behavior. Cops showed up after complaints about a loud party in Hyannis Port, MA to which a sane person would oblige but no, not a Kennedy as 52 year old Max Kennedy and home owner, threw a king sized hissy fit more normal for a three year old than a grown man. He went into hysterics, tearing at his clothes and flinging a glass cabinet, filled with expensive, breakable items, to the ground on purpose. The whole time he was screaming the usual litany of "you don't know who I am," and "I was the district attorney," which of course meant nothing to the cops witnessing this spectacle. As he was being arrested, shocker I know, his daughter interfered and got herself busted too. What I want to see is the footage from this which someone must have. Please let there be footage.

9)Judge Linda Reade- This total scumbag bitch better get used to the idea of prison because things look bad for her evil ass. This asshole is why I HATE private prisons because things like this happen where judges takes bribes or gain the system to sentence people for longer terms than they deserve. That is some evil shit. Her and husband bought shares of a private prison right before a huge ICE raid they knew was going to occur and then ramrodded the defendants through the system where they were put into prison rather than deported, inflating their stock prices. They were morons though as there was blatant prosecution misconduct which unraveled the whole thing almost immediately and got them caught. Enjoy the prison rapes you two.
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8)Disney- I have a love/hate relationship with Disney. One one hand, they do make great movies and TV shows, some of my favorites every year. Then there is the fact that they are one of the most evil corporations on the face of this Earth. Worse than Halliburton or any Trump product? How is this possible? Easy, they cheat and steal from everyone they can, depriving hundreds of thousands from rightfully earned money that over the years would be hundreds of billions of dollars they cheated people out of. They did it to me when they stole my screenplay Atlantis twenty years ago and turned it into a stupid cartoon with Michael J Fox. They changed just enough so I couldn't sue, but anyone who knew my work saw how much was still in there. This week, they fucked over Bill Nye the Science Guy claiming they overpaid him for royalties when in reality, he was getting cheated. If they hadn't tried to reclaim a whopping 90% of his royalty check, he wouldn't have discovered they had been shortchanging him all these years from a show that ran in the Nineties. Now he is suing them for $37 million which he almost certainly will get. Disney makes a great product but their accounting methods are fucking evil. Fuck you Disney. Just fuck you!

7)CNN- I will admit the channel has gotten slightly better these past few months. Then they do something stupid like the "Town Hall" with Paul Ryan and all that good will goes out the window again. This hour long infomercial was short on facts, long on bullshit and truly trying on patience to such an extent I turned it off half way through. Jake Tapper looked helpless as the host, unable or unwilling to call Ryan out on the unbelievable bullshit he was spewing. He lies piled up so high they had to keep jumping to another question to leapfrog over them. It was a sad debacle for television and news. This is why this country is headed for ruin.
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6)Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin- Someone had to be the fall guy for the fourth naval accident occurring in the seventh fleet and the head of said fleet got sacked this week, ending his career in disgrace. Conspiracy theories about hacking have been rampant but as this string of fuck ups appear only in the seventh fleet hacking seems unlikely. The more obvious answer is the training regiment for this group is sub par which I have been saying for weeks now. I know proper boat protocols for operating a ship in busy shipping lane and these guys never seem to have done any of it. It's sad when a person who has never been in the Navy knows better than the highest leadership of naval forces. It's why this country is falling apart as here is a clear sign of someone having a job they are really bad at and because of it, the entire system fails. Who else does that remind you of?

5)Scott Baio- Time to go away Chachi and take your idiot wife with you. You have officially entered the whackjob territory of people like Amanda Bynes, Randy Quaid and Victoria Jackson. Your career is going to have a similar trajectory, moron. It was bad enough when you idiotically posted insane Sandy Hook didn't happen nonsense but when your wife, an "actress" and a woman I KNEW was in Playboy just by looking at her, went off on a disgusting rant aimed at a woman who lost her kid in the massacre. Fuck both of you. I sincerely hope that brain tumor grows back, Renee, because your passing will be celebrated. I HATE YOU and I don't even know you but that kind of shit is way below the belt. Those people suffered worse than you can imagine and to throw shade at them because reality isn't good enough for you is reprehensible. And you both like Trump too, so there is that as well. Time to go away, and you can take Hillary with you.
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4)Hillary Clinton- Someone please tell Grandma it's time to go into that retirement home we have picked out for her. Bitch woman has another book out, her 107th I think, that blames everyone but herself for her historic loss to Orange Hitler. Had we picked Bernie, the only sane choice, we would be far better off than with her or the asshole we have now. Recent studies mirror my own research that Bernie would have won in 2016 as he would have pealed more voters to him which had the opposite effect with Clinton. Had she run on a platform of legal weed, single payer and a jobs program for middle America, she would have won in a landslide. Instead, she focused on women, gays and black people, a terrible formula as two of those groups are small minorities and the other, women, didn't vote in majority for her either. You suck, go away and stop giving the GOP ammo against the Democrats.

3)Louise Linton- In yet another "Let them eat cake moment," this middling actress and wife of Treasury secretary Steve Mnunchin, went off on a Twitter rant after being called out for a horrific display of wealth and privilege while getting off a plane and highlighting all the rich person things you are wearing at the time. When people complained, she said how "adorable" it was that ordinary people were so upset even though she paid WAY more in taxes last year, as if that makes her a better person. After that, she was forced to apologize which in no way was sincere at all. She grew up in Scotland in a fucking castle for God's sake. Rich people never learn.

2)Climate Change- How's that anti-climate change thing going for you Texas? What's that? I can't hear you over the monumental amount of rain falling on you now. The prediction from thirty years ago said as the Earth warmed, we would see less hurricanes, but ones that hit would do far more damage. Pretty much dead on wouldn't you say? Meanwhile, Trump just signed an executive order which would not make taking climate change into account for buildings anymore. Let's see how that worked in Texas and it's underwater. Awesome. As for the total idiots who decided to stay, at least five of you are dead and at least thirty more are missing. Expect those numbers to rise as this storm isn't going away until Wednesday at the earliest. Houston is going to disappear for a while when they get upwards of 50 INCHES of rain. That's over four feet of rain. And a quick question to anyone in the path of the storm, in a RV, and didn't leave, I have one word for you: why? You're house is on wheels and I just saw a RV park with dozens turned over. If your house is mobile and you didn't leave, you are beyond stupid. Many who didn't are going to die or already have. There is no teaching common sense.
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1)Trump- Another week, another peek at Orange Hitler's true nature. He bounced back and forth from teleprompter Trump to deranged Trump and we all got whiplash in between. The worst was Friday when we were all focused on the storm and douchebag pardoned Joe Arpaio, as we all knew he would, banned transgendered people and fired Sebastian Gorka, purging another Bannon ally from the White House. The pardon may have just doomed the GOP as they have just handed the Democrats a hand grenade to use in the next election, especially in Arizona. Flake is going to face a tough primary and may lose which could give the democrats an opening to flip the state. If McCain retires at the end of next year, the next election there could flip the state all blue in the Senate. With Heller all but done in Nevada (there is less than a 20% chance he survives this) and the possible elimination of Ted Cruz in Texas, Trump may have just handed the Senate away. As the House looks bad for Trump too, he may be looking at a blue wave and the end of his presidency soon after. Trump is behaving as one would expect with this storm which is barely anything as he seems more busy tweeting about Bob Corker, Mitch McConnell and book recommendation of Sheriff Clarke, the guy who had to turn down a job at DHS for a shady past found out. How is that focusing on a storm that will make Katrina seem like a spilled drink? This will come back to haunt him if he fucks this up, which he already is. He is supposed to be at a rally this Tuesday which may not look good if people are drowning at the time. This man is evil and following the Hitler script to a T. Look it up. So congratulations Trump you are again douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I cannot sound this alarm more clear in that the modern GOP party has been morphed into what appears to be for all tense and purpose a proto-fascist organization about to move into true Hitler territory. This is not a joke as they really are acting like Nazis and can be seen by the fact that we actually have their supporters running through the streets as well brandishing both Confederate and Nazi flags, forever destroying the former's position in a non hate capacity. That flag has lost the narrative forever. Two years ago, I would have argued for it's continued use. Now, it's power has gone to white supremacists the same as when the Nazi's stole a Sanskrit symbol, renamed it the swastika, one that was originally meant to ward off evil and now is the symbol of Hitler and all he did forever.
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Last night's unhinged speech by Tangerine Mussolini in Arizona was frightening in what he said and what he didn't. He, as always, divided the country again, playing to his base while ignoring the rest of us, which is EXACTLY what Hitler did when he gained power. Hitler convinced ninety percent of the country, including prisoners he put there, to not only vote for him but to give him dictator powers and almost no one said boo. The second he got into power, his promises all faded away and the only people he kept happy were the rich and the industrialists to keep his nation funded. The poor got screwed, the socialists and communists who idiotically voted for him got arrested or killed and the country descended into madness. Sound familiar? You don't even need to substitute Jews for blacks or Muslims as these idiots were screaming about "Jews will not replace us," in the Charlottesville debacle, that also recently saw four arrest warrants issued for Nazi crybaby Chris Cantwell. I sincerely hope he goes to prison and gets raped by a large Jewish guy, then a black guy, then a Muslim. I'd pay to watch to that.

When Hitler took power he did things that sound horrible in hindsight. So why are we doing the exact same things? Upton Sinclar said the next time fascism comes to our shores it will be wrapped in the flag holding a cross, which isn't far from the truth right now. Trump has assembled a literal cult that will defend him regardless of facts. Hitler saw the same adoration when they looked past his obvious flaws, like I don't know killing millions of Jews and other undesirables from the Third Reich. This was common knowledge by the end of the war and no one cared. That is truly sad.
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Here is a direct quote from a guy who was actually in Nazi Germany at the time from the book Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:

"No one who has not lived for years in a totalitarian land can possibly conceive how difficult it is to escape the dread consequences of a regime's calculated and incessant propaganda. Often in a German home or office or restaurant, a beer hall or cafe, I would meet with the most outlandish assertions from seemingly educated and intelligent persons. It was obvious they were parroting some piece of information that they had heard from newspapers or radio. Sometimes I was tempted to say as much, but in such occasions I would be met with a stare of incredulity, such a shock of silence, as if one had blasphemed the Almighty, that one realized how useless it was to even make contact with a mind that had become warped and for whom the facts of life became what Hitler and Goebbels, with their cynical disregard for truth, said they were."

That is word for word what Trump is doing right now, convincing his rabid followers that only he is right and everything else is "fake news." We should all be very worried that way too many think like this, perhaps encompassing a third of the country.

We are headed for a fall because groups like Fox News have poisoned the minds of way too many and the GOP, like the confederate flag, has lost control of their own narrative. They can fight and bitch and moan, but they are now the Nazi party. Everything they are doing, whether they realize it or not, is straight out of the pro-Hitler handbook.
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I have heard that McConnell and Trump haven't spoken since August ninth when douchebag dug into the retarded turtle man for not getting health care passed and not protecting him from the Russian inquires. It is telling that McConnell's numbers are around an 18% approval rating and Trump is in the mid thirties. More Republicans are listening to Trump than Congress, filled with establishment assholes that even I agree with the far right is not dong their job at all anymore. We would just strongly disagree what to do afterward. They want fascist assholes and I want Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders people in all forms of government. Something tells me my idea will work better for more people while theirs probably kills us all.

The GOP is the Nazi party. It doesn't mean all Republicans are Nazi's but if you are voting for any of these assholes for Senate or the House, you are admitting you are also a card carrying Nazi in spirit anyway. If we do not get the House and Senate back from Nazi hands, there will not be a country left. The Republicans are going to vote themselves into an early grave, just like Germany did TWICE with Hitler. Everytime they had a chance to right the ship, they went the other way. However, if Independents swing left and lazy democrats get off their arrogant asses and fucking VOTE, we might actually win big in 2018 and can start rebuilding whatever damage we still have coming which may include an economic meltdown and/or a nuclear war with whatever country Trump is pissed at at the time. STOP VOTING FOR NAZIS OR WITNESS THE END OF EVERYTHING! The faithful are not going to change. But if you are reading this and are as afraid of what Trump might do as the rest of us are, join in the fight and demand he resign. Why there aren't tens of thousands outside the White House saying so is beyond me and tells me it may be too late for us. Prove me wrong people are face the fact that Hitler part 2 is coming.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Yesterday was a sad day for cable news. First we had to deal with Trump's first televised speech that went every bit as horrible as one would expect. Then, immediately afterward, CNN ran a "town hall" with Paul Ryan that was more infomercial than news. When did our news sources become so awful? And why is the American public still behind Trump even after he flip flopped yet again on a campaign promise Obama style? This asshole is literally killing people with his latest anti-environment action, one geared specifically against people in coal country who voted for him. The fact that there are millions of people still rooting for Trump are not only woefully stupid, but incredibly dangerous. It is fuckwads like this that get us people like Hitler and Pinochet.
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Let's start with yesterday's fucked up speech in which Orange Hitler talked about what he was going to do in Afghanistan which in reality told us nothing new or even meaningful at all. He said he wasn't going to announce troop deployments which is stupid on multiple levels. One, a democracy demands the public be informed of war plans and, regardless of what this moron wants, we will know when they get deployed as it is public record when it occurs. Two, he added not one new plan or idea that will win this war which cannot be won doing what they have been doing. There are two choices here and only two, neither of which the Army wants to do. We can either start firebombing cities that have Taliban fighters which will most likely inflame locals or we can leave. I know which idea I like best and it is not setting people on fire.

Generals admit we cannot win here and if we leave, things will probably get worse. So I guess we are going to stay forever until the sun burns out? Great plan and totally untenable. We should leave and tell the Afghani people that if they let the country devolve into a terrorist's wasteland, next time we are not sending soldiers but nukes and napalm and waltz out the door. The ball is in there court with the knowledge that they are fighting not only for their country but their very existence. We have to start fighting wars in which we win, something that Trump last night says we always do, which history says otherwise. We haven't really a war in some time, with our greatest successes since WW2 being Vietnam, which we could have won without a single shot being fired, and the 2nd Iraq War, which we never should gotten into in the first place and is currently hanging by a thread. The rest we did poorly in.
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We need to get out of Afghanistan which is the platform he ran on and, like every other president, wussed out on when the generals, ones probably beholden to the military complex, convinced him otherwise. This war without end is great for Raytheon but hell for the rest of us. Plus, Orange Hitler wants to use private mercs which cost three times as much as the army. Great deal again loser. This war cannot be won EVER. The longer we wait, the more money we waste and the more people are getting killed. We should leave today which is what many who voted for Trump wanted.

Then we had the CNN town hall that Jake Tapper looked uncomfortable holding and had he any journalistic integrity should have walked off stage half way through this embarrassment. Ryan doesn't hold town halls and this one sure doesn't count. The questions were all pre-screened and known about beforehand, giving the whole thing the vibe of a super long campaign ad. Why did CNN agree to this farce? And why did Jake Taper agree to host this? Every questions was either a softball or dodged with little pushback by the host who wanted to move on to other things equally devoid of facts or relevance. This was a tragedy of epic proportions.

The problem with all of this is that 30% of this country still backs Trump and will not matter what. These people should be forced to wear Star of David like emblems to know whom they are and treat them accordingly. Blind faith to a leader is not a sign of a democracy but a cult or a demagogue. A recent test group of six assholes on CNN said they liked what Trump had to say in Charlottesville and that his flipflopping on Afghanistan didn't bother them. Maybe a swift kick to the neither regions would help because as a rift on an Animal House quote goes "Republican, fat and stupid is no way to go through life." These absolute traitors to this country should be treated accordingly. If you support Trump at this stage of the game, you are literally too stupid to live. A reckoning is coming and Trump supporters stand to lose everything if they continue this blind journey. We are already seeing it in the massive numbers of people losing their jobs for holding Nazi views. I have no problem with that as free speech or not, Nazis need to be exterminated from the human race at this point. Their idiocy has gone on for too long and it needs to disappear stat.

There are rumors that Trump knows the walls are closing in and he may quit before that happens. Mueller's probe is going strong and there are solid chances that Manafort and Flynn may already be signing to the prosecutor. Confidants to the President says he may be looking as a way to step down with the knowledge he won't be prosecuted if he does. Mind you, this is all unsubstantiated rumors but it is not impossible either. I would rather see him in orange but anything that gets him out of office at this point is acceptable.
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Trump is a menace who doesn't know what he is doing, his speech was terrible, his supporters are scum and we are one idiotic tirade away from economic or nuclear disaster. Other than that, this country is doing fine. Sigh. Please fucking vote in 2018 to turn the Congress blue because as inept and awful as the democrats are, they are not this fucking bad in a million years.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


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It is getting to be very dispiriting to reach a new low week in and week out. I keep thinking, along with most of America, that Trump can't possibility do anything to top last week's horror show, but then he surprises us all with a new bottom. This week, Orange Hitler actually came out in support of Nazis and even I can't believe that isn't a typo. Nazis? Really? Why is it looking like 1940 more and more with each passing day? Let's see those runner ups in another week of fucked up people doing fucked up things.
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10)David Mueller- This guy had quite the week. Moments after his lawsuit against Taylor Swift was thrown out for malicious prosecution, and justifiable so, the judge ruled for Swift that Mueller grabbed her ass and was awarded one dollar and the knowledge that she was proven right. As much as this dick wants to say he did nothing wrong and is now crying about not being able to find work in his DJ field (shocker, no one wants to work for a groper), the picture in which he is seen grabbing her ass is kind of hard to explain away. This lawsuit did nothing but further hurt your rep. There are times to go quietly into that good night which had this guy done, he might not be the pariah he is forever going to be seen as.

9)Democrats- I keep hearing that Nancy Pelosi is this awesome fundraiser. Then I see that fundraising as of right now a third of what Republicans are bringing in. How is that seen as excellent fundraising? If we can't get rid of dead weight like this dinosaur the democrats are going to keep losing. The fact that their messaging skills are third grade at best while the Republicans are competing at a graduate level is killing them. How hard is it to say things like Trump is a traitor, he's insane and we will all die soon if this lunatic isn't removed stat? If these guys don't get their act together, we are going to be in real trouble come 2018.

8)North Korea- Everyone's favorite deranged midget is back threatening the US because of war games we will be starting tomorrow. This is getting old Kim and don't think that we won't do a preemptive strike which even the democrats didn't rule out today and with good reason: it's the best hope of keeping deaths to less than thirty million, mostly North Koreans with a solid chance that cities like Seoul and Tokyo may disappear. And for those who think that number is too high, we could be looking at billions dead if he builds a nuke arsenal big enough to flatten the world. Kim is the biggest threat to mankind and all we have is a retarded orangutan as our leader. Cool.
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7)Illuminati/Trilateral Commission/One World Government- I have long wondered if a secret society ruled us all, one that basically made every decision for us and just fixed the results afterward. Well with the election of Donald Trump we can say with absolute certainty that these groups simply do not exist. No rational group, even one bent on world domination would put this wild card into office. He is going to destabilize everything to such an extent that even the elites may be affected and that is telling. It means we are the master of out destiny after all. It also means we really suck at it too and everything evil happening is a result of out own fallacies. Rats.

6)Open carry laws- I firmly believe that there should be few limits on what type of gun you want to own. Whatever the police have, the public should have equal access too. If we followed this, we wouldn't be in the straights we are in today where cops act with impunity and there would never be a drug war. Black people wouldn't be walking around cops on eggshells and to be honest, we might be in a better place with a heavily armed, better trained populace with guns. That being said we should be also doing things like background checks, making mandatory training programs for gun owners that have to be done regularly to keep your permit and for fucks sake tell assholes with small penises to keep their long guns at home. I hate watching military wannabees walk around carrying semi automatics like we saw at the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, threatening people with them. How would these same dicks feel if BLM did this down their street or even worse, ISIS? Owning them is fine. Having a parade of them isn't. Open carry laws are dangerous and need to be dialed back. Here in Massachusetts that shit isn't allowed and it made a big difference in how the protests went. Wake up people and realize these gun laws are way too dangerous for fascism to arise.
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5)BLM/ANTIFA/Black racists- Let me start by saying these groups are really pissing me off. At the protests here in Boston who caused the most problems? Was it the Nazis and their hate? Nope. Boston douchebags turned out to be BLM and ANTIFA idiots who clashed with the police, throwing urine at them (EEEWWWWWWW!) and basically acting like the degenerates they are. 27 of them were arrested, possibly more as clashes continued for some time after the rally and more arrests I know were made as I saw them happen on live TV.  BLM lost their narrative months ago and should be seen as acting more like a terrorist group than a protest group. Boston solidified my opinion of that. And then we have black racists like Spike Lee, a guy I am really beginning to despise. He and others are going to boycott the NFL for their treatment of Colin Kaepernick. Nevermind the fact he is a middling quarterback at best, the money needed to pay for extra security because of him kneeling for the National Anthem, and hampered by his recent comments on police as slave catchers, isn't going to get him hired by anyone. Lastly we had some black pastors and activists who said Trump was right (he wasn't) about statues of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln and how they should go too. Fuck off guys. No one is keeping you here so if Africa looks better by all means go home.  These guys founded this country and putting modern day sensibilities on anyone of the past means we will never read anything by anyone, or look at art, or revere any president or great mind who lived ever as they all suck for some reason. Revisionist history is not what we need but honesty. I just don't know if most could handle that.

4)Chris Cantwell- This Nazi scumbag was seen crying in a YouTube video this week after he discovered it was illegal to say things like "death to niggers and Jews," and "there is going to be more violence coming." Incitement to riot and death threats, even against a group, is illegal and a hate crime. WWWWWAAAAA! Watching these assholes march while screaming about Jews not replacing them and "blood and soil," a Nazi rallying cry, made me sick. What was most telling though for anyone who saw the VICE show about this was his moment of clarity that black people were douchebags and he said exactly what I knew he was going to say and that was two words: Trayvon Martin. I worked on stories about Martin for my job and was convinced myself that as much as I hated George Zimmerman, he wasn't guilty of any crime. The MSM and black worship of Martin always rubbed me the wrong way too and was further compounded by Mike Brown, another thug that got what he deserved, yet then revered by the black community. The last one he mentioned was Tamir Rice as a changing point for him, which I admit looks bad having a young black kid pretend to point a very real looking gun at passerbys. However, the cops shooting him without giving the kid even a chance was equally revolting here. The point of this is that white people and black people, racist or not, saw those cases very differently, but in this case, the white versions is the one that actually happened in the first two at least. Martin and Brown did not deserve the reverence they got and this affected white America greatly, so much so we have Orange Hitler now. These cases were the catalyst.

3)Free Speech proponents, Nazis and the Boston Rally- I do not exactly disagree with what free speech people believe. I do think there is way too much PC crap everywhere, especially on college campuses where anyone even minutely disagreeing with students delicate sensibilities is met with a ferocity deserved for Nazis not Ann Coulter. But, like I keep telling people once you lose the narrative, it is gone forever and this case is long gone after Charlottesville. Nazis walking down the street chanting old slogans means that you will forever be linked with these assholes. The same goes for the Confederate flag which even two years ago I would have defended as free speech and now see as problem. We set limits on free speech all the time. I can't say Fuck on TV. The word nigger has been replaced idiotically as the N-word, giving it even more power it shouldn't have. I can't scream fire in a theater were there is none. So why can't we apply the same here. Nazi and Confederate flags have no place in modern society and should only be allowed in museums or historical re-enactments. Fascism in general should be banned outright as too dangerous to exist. If we don't, we are going to be in a world of hurt when the next Civil War starts over this fight that apparently has never actually ended.

2)Republicans- If you belong to the Republicans party right now, congratulations you're a Nazi. Read how Hitler came to power. He demanded loyalty to him not the state, was a rather inept leader who used racial issues to compound his power, no one resigned ever no matter how bad things got and eventually got the entire nation to approve of his dictatorship with over ninety percent of Germans voting for him to take complete control, including prisoners who Hitler put there. How is that possible? This shows how stupid people can be and we are rocketing toward that after Herr Trump came out and said Nazis are good people. While not all Republicans are bad, voting for most of them is going to end up badly for us all. Wake up and see the fascism coming America.
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1)Trump- Tangerine Mussolini hit rock bottom and kept plummeting after he said that not all Nazis are bad people and the left is equally awful. NO THEY ARE NOT! BLM and ANTIFA are not great groups by any means but they worry me a whole lot less than Nazis and with good reason as Nazis are fucking evil. There are no good KKK people. There are no good alt-right people. These people stand for things totally unamerican and to even give them a second thought is terrible. We as people have to stand up for this and start demanding the immediate resignation of one Donald J Trump from office. Tens of thousands should be outside the White House screaming this. And what do I see today? Nothing. This isn't going to be easy people but if you act like there is nothing wrong, you are going to be pissed when the world ends and you are at fault for not saying more. I write this column and I wonder if some who went to the Boston rally this week didn't heed my words because I saw the funniest signs there. My two favorites were "The only thing Boston hates is the Yankees," and "this episode of Black Mirror sucks." Why isn't the same level of vitriol and humor being brought to the gates of the White House? If we don't start demanding the exit of this man and soon, there may not be a world left. Pence may suck but he won't kill us all and is not a raving loom as Trump appears to be. According to aides, if left to his own devices, the crazy stuff he would have done would have included mass deportations, a trade war with China and probably a nuke war with North Korea. Trump is unfit for office and the longer we keep him there, the greater the chance we all glow in the dark. So protest or die because at this point people, your life depends on it.  And congratulations Trump, you are again douchebag of the week. Can we please see to it that very soon I don't have to write those words anymore?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


If you are a Republican after yesterday, congratulations, you are now officially a Nazi. It's not like this came as a surprise as I have been warning people about this for years and was seen front and center at every Trump rally. The crowd was a sea of Confederate flags and poorly written hate signs. But now the GOP has officially lost the narrative and have to be seen as the new Neo-Nazi party after what can only be described as the moment the Titanic hit the iceberg at that unbelievable press conference.
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I caught it by accident. I had gone to one of my many doctors for an appointment only to discover the practice had moved and no one bothered to tell me so I was up early for no reason and went home. I got my work done early, my fiance who is usually asleep most of the day due to bad insomnia was up and we were watching the news when it said there was a press conference coming up. Excited, we patiently waited for it to start. We could not have been happier to have witnessed what came next.

Trump, in what can best be described as the mother of all fuck-ups, went rogue (possibly, but more on that later) and may have permanently damaged his career. It started like all his speeches, short on facts and big on bluster. He was touting some infrastructure executive order he signed that made it sound like he just got the next New Deal when in actuality it was yet another stick in the eye to an Obama era regulation that literally no one wanted repealed other than business developers. It no longer makes mandatory building codes to protect against sea level rise and climate change for federal buildings. Developers will save billions, everyone else if going to be paying through the nose for repairs, including taxpayers. Great negotiation again douchebag. Why can no one see what a con artist this guy is?
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I loved when he pulled out this huge sheet, a flow chart of all the different committees and permits you have to get to build anything, which rolled to the ground and said this is why everything takes so long to get built, and in that area, he is not wrong. It takes way too long to get anything built in this country having to deal with local, town, city, state, and federal regulations, some of which contradict one another. My mom is seeing that first hand trying to get a deck redone on a historic site and the amount of bullshit you have to go through is mind boggling. Try building a highway and the problems are ten fold. However, that being said, Trump's EO didn't affect any of that, no matter how much he bleats about it, and instead is nothing more than a way for him to make more money. Shocker.

But all that got obliterated when he started taking questions from the press, something I have been waiting months for. I was not disappointed. He was dying for a question about infrastructure, but was instead berated with questions about Charlotteville by everyone. You could actually see the frustration building in him and I knew, absolutely KNEW, something big was coming. The same way you know a storm is about to hit or a feeling your aunt is about to call and two seconds later the phone rings, it was just like that. You could almost count down to it. And then it happened, that magic moment when you are proven RIGHT and Trump suddenly went off about Nazis being good people and the far left is every bit as bad is Nazis and the whole world spun. There is almost nothing worse he could have done unless we used the N-word in his final moments. It was truly the most spectacular thing I have EVER seen in politics. Think about it: our President self identified with Nazis and agreed with their policies.
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The damage was swift and fierce. Everyone distanced themselves from Trump, but I did notice again how the GOP was not exactly totally against him either, even if a few did come out against him. This would play out more later. The nightly news played this to death and not without good reason because it is a dark day when our fucking president says that there are good Nazi's too. NO THERE ISN'T! One racist dick at the rally told a news crew that more violence was coming and now has a tear filled "leave Brittany alone" type video where this pussy is surprised he is about to be arrested for threatening violence. Incitement to riot is a crime you ass. And also kind of funny he didn't know that. You can't be an American and a Nazi. Fuck off, free speech be damned there.

The next day was even worse as Trump saw his business councils disintegrated with a rush to the door to get as far away from him as possible, the Trump brand now toxic. Who didn't see that coming? Trump tried to say it was his idea but when half your businesses leave before lunch time, including Blackstone, Walmart and JP Morgan which were widely rumored to be out the door by the end of the day, he didn't do much other than watch everyone leave. The fact that these are his alleged peers makes it even funnier. What business wants to be associated with a NAZI?

Even worse, Trump called out the Republicans to back him that the left is just as bad as the right to which even Mitch McConnell told him in no uncertain terms to shut the fuck up. Store front mannequin Mike Pence didn't get that memo as he defended what the president said, rendering him a Nazi too. Jim Inhofe tried to get the topic back to tax reform somehow not aware this is a little more pressing. Anyone voting for this dick is a fucking fascist and should be treated as such.
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We do not need to resort to violence to solve this problem. Internet justice is doing just fine identifying these assholes and getting them fired from their jobs. I said this before but there is a reason the KKK wore white sheet to hide their identity. In Boston this week, a group of Nazis are coming (yes I know they call themselves something else but a Nazi is a Nazi) and please do not show up with hammers and clubs because that is not going to solve anything. You only need to two things, a camera and a funny sign. The camera to take pictures of every asshole in there and figuring out who they are. Although again make sure the person you identify is the right one as a few have been misidentified and that isn't cool because no one who isn't a Nazi wants to be called one erroneously. As for the sign, make it demeaning like "All Nazis have small dicks," or "Nazis are secretly gay." That will piss them off far more than anything else and you won't get arrested for it. Don't let this get violent even though I understand why. The fact of the matter is, violence is probably going to get worse and that won't be good for anyone because that will play right into Trump's hands. We can still stop this and beat the Nazi without weapons.

There is a theory out there that Rachel Maddow had that none of this was an accident, that people in the White House, including the president are actually Nazi, racist bastards. There is the possibility that is true and Trump did use the word "us" when referring to the alt-right at one point so there is that. He certainly acts like someone who believes this racist nonsense.

The alt left is not as bad as Nazis, sorry. While BLM is responsible for a lot of the racism growing in the nation and is labeled a terrorist group in Russia and maybe France, they are not even in the same league as Nazis. To equate both is disingenuous at best. BLM has lost the narrative and are seen by many in the white community as a hate group, even if they really aren't. Racism in the white community is happening because of BLM defending EVERY black person as if race is always a factor which it isn't. The white supremacist movement saw Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown for what they were, thugs that got what they should have. They also talk about Tamir Rice but that for me is not so much a race issue as bad policing and parenting. But Martin and Brown were made into martyrs when in reality they should have been treated as criminals. They saw the MSM as conspiring against them and in this case, they were not wrong. Someone is trying to create a narrative that black people are dying in mass numbers from white people but there is no evidence that is happening while the opposite is growing. The elites want us to fight among each other because if we ever stopped and started seeing that people like Trump and Pelosi are the real enemies of the state, this country might burn.
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Racism is here and it's coming from all sides now. Black people hate whites and now the reverse is coming to fruition which means if you are black it might be a death sentence. Check out jury rates of acquittals of white defendants versus black ones and the numbers are staggering. And all of this is within the last few years. White people are starting to HATE black people which is in large part because of the obvious racism within the black community. Call people racist long enough and they will be. I still don't get the hate to Jews thing however. Why is that still a thing? Are Jews taking people's jobs, ruining their neighborhoods, crossing the border illegally? I don't agree with any of that for any race but I least I get where the racists are coming from. Being anti-Jew literally makes you a card carrying Nazi. WTF?

We cannot fall into this trap which let's face it is probably too late. Black people will continue to demonize whites, including two dark skinned idiots actually agreeing with Trump about statues of Washington and Jefferson on CNN today calling them "symbols of oppression." Good luck getting rid of those statues anytime soon. If we don't step back from the brink, none of us are going to be happy living under the rule of our new fuhrer, Donald Trump. Don't think it can't happen because that is what many said about Hitler. He was down and out a few times in his life before he came roaring back bigger and better.

If you are a Republican, you now belong to the Nazi party. There is no distancing yourself from this. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Your party has been hijacked by the far right. Everyone should treat you as such. Fascism cannot arrive at these shores. For now, it can be peaceful but we are coming dangerously close to a time when that may not be possible and then we are all in big, big trouble.

Monday, August 14, 2017


It's not one day after Nazis killed a woman and we already have stupid conspiracy theories, name calling from both sides, a president proving to be woefully inadequate for the job and a public too stupid to know right from wrong anymore. I hate dumb people and will tell you that to your face if you say something incredibly moronic regardless of who you are. As you can guess, I am not popular at some parties for just that reason. There is no reason to be dumb anymore unless you choose to be so, as the world is at everyone's fingertips which way too many use only for porn, cat videos and vitriol aimed at whoever people are mad at that day. Knowledge of the ages is available to all and no one uses it for that purpose at all. It's why we are spiraling out of control.
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Let us take a quick look at three totally different forms of political thought all with roughly the same name: socialism, democratic socialism and national socialism. Only one of those actually works and that is democratic socialism, which right now is the ONLY political theory that shows promise. The other two are a watered down communism with equally awful results and national socialism, which isn't actually socialistic at all, and is in reality Fascism with a better name. I can't tell you how many idiots I encounter every week who like to say that the Nazis were socialist, demonstrating beyond doubt they have never read one sentence about Nazis ever in their life. Even a brief perusal of Hitler and his rise to power show that while there were a couple of avowed socialists in the party, like Goebbels and Strasser, Hitler and his philosophy were anti-socialist from day one. Strasser left the party and Goebbels changed his thinking, coming under the sway of Hitler's oratory skills. Once in power, the Nazis arrested the communists and socialist and barred many from office. How does that make Hitler socialist then? It doesn't proving too many can read and choose not to.

Fascism by definition is the ultimate right turn while Communism is the far left. Both employ similar tactics such as free speech removals and dictator-like policies and rulings. What they aren't is carbon copies of one another. Fascism is the sharing or abdication to rule by the corporations. Hitler was fully held by the industrialists of the time who could have shut down his reign at a moments notice. But as the banks were making money fast and corporations, especially ones manufacturing for the war effort, were making money hand over fist, no one was going to say boo about anything, Jews be damned. Communism on the other hand is the government completely controlling all industry and while Russia may technically be no longer communist, they are still following the playbook like it was. No one does business in Russia without Putin's say so, thus the reason many of the elites who did not support him are all on the run, some even assassinated. There is a clear difference between these two political methods even though they use a lot of the same tactics.
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Here at home fascism is alive and well and has been for some time. No one president can be blamed but this was been a slow coup since 1933. When the elites saw that no one would accept fascism willingly, they bided their time and slowly changed things toward such a state without anyone knowing. Things like the War on Drugs, Civil forfeiture, anti voting laws, and demonizing a minority (blacks, Hispanics, Muslims) are all right out of the fascism playbook and way too many of you are voting for this. Idiots. As of late, things had sped up to now have droves of these fuckwads are now protesting violently the removal of Confederate statues that never should have been placed in the first place. There is nowhere on Earth were someone lost a war and then had monuments put up in their honor. If you go to Germany there are NO memorials to anyone there for WW2. Nazi symbols are banned and a recent drunk dumbass, from the US of course, got his ass kicked for goosestepping down the street. Should we be any different? I am all for free speech but even I have to question the morality of walking down the street holding a Nazi or Confederate flag. Both should be regulated to dust bin of history. And again, Confederate statues are the ultimate in participation trophies, something the far right is supposed to hate.  Remind them of that at every instance.

 But with the death of a protester this week, the dynamic has no changed. First blood has been spilled and that could lead to a lot more bloodshed. The alt-right is planning rallies in Boston soon, something that could bring back memories of how the Revolutionary war started. Don't be surprised if someone gets shot here and not necessarily an anti-protester like Charlotteville. The right seems to think they have all the guns somehow missing that story of the guy who shot at Republicans during a baseball practice, almost killing a few. This will get violent if that's the only avenue they have left.
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We are facing Civil War led by a idiot public being led on by elites who want this to happen. Bloodshed could lead to martial law, suspension of all sort of things, including the second amendment guys on the right, if things spiral out of control which is exactly what the powers that be want. If we want to survive, we have to be above this and violence, which in this case will solve nothing. Let the right run over you and watch their support plummet when videos like the one in Virginia turn people away in droves. Yes, some may die but they will be martyrs like Heather Heyer who because of her sacrifice might actually prevent more deaths from happening. I know she didn't do this on purpose but let us not waste the death of this fine young woman and use it for our advantage. Her passing can help us all and that is exactly what she would want had she lived and someone else died in her place. We have to stop fascism by the most non-violent means possible. If you go to another rally, don't fight back. Let them beat you and act helpless and then play that video non stop world wide and watch their support wither and die. Trust me when I say this latest action in Virginia did nothing to help their cause and lots to hurt it. When the guy who arranged all this tried to give a press conference the next day, he had to run for his life when angry people tried to rip him a new one. The fact he wasn't really hurt was perfect here as violence was kept to a minimum but the message got out loud and clear: WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE! GO THE FUCK HOME!

People seem to think that free speech IS free. It isn't as many a person found out caught on tape screaming with a tiki torch which doesn't say to me angry mob but that there was a sale at Pier One. Since the demonstration, one has been found out as a college student (which means he might be transferring somewhere else soon), two have been fired, and another has been disowned. There was a reason the KKK used to wear sheets to hide their identity and this was it. They knew what they believed in was wrong and if anyone knew they'd get drummed out of society. Today's morons have no concept of that and are paying a steep price.
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Fascism is here. It's in our streets, our Congress and, especially, our President. Trump WANTS to be Hitler and has shown that at every step. Worse, half of the Republican party supports that idea. This means the GOP is now overrun by fascists and any vote for them is a literal vote for Hitler. Read how he came to power and it's not that far from what we see today. I have been warning you for some time this was coming and it is now here. If you identify as a Republican congratulations you are a card carrying Nazi now. Please wear the swastika so we know who to kill first when this whole idea of society goes belly up. I hope it doesn't come to that and hope that non-violent tactics work first. If not, there are going to be a whole lot of dead Republicans nationwide when people start to figure out who is actually to blame.