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First off I would like to state this disclaimer before I continue: my record on predicting war has been spotty at best. While I did correctly predict the second Gulf War months before anyone else and was reporting about a build up of troops and equipment for what appeared to be a push against Afghanistan eight months before 9/11 (nothing suspicious there right?), I have also had some spectacular failures. In 1999, I was positive that WW3 was right around the corner due to the very real possibility of  massive attack against the West Bank by Israeli troops. It all hinged on the election there which went the opposite way I expected, but by then my record of being right all the time actually shut down three international companies when multitudes of employees called in sick that day, sure the world was going to end. Oops. Likewise, several times since then when war with North Korea seemed inevitable, I struck out there too when cooler heads prevailed. I am not sure am I wrong this time however due to several things that have changed over the years.
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So called experts on North Korea keep telling us they are almost positive Kim Jun Un is not insane. I tend to disagree with that diagnosis for the fact that if one studies history, patterns emerge that repeat with alarming regularity. One of the biggest facts one can gleam from history is this, any society that has one individual with total power tends to collapse as the leaders sanity does. For whatever reason, with each successive change of power, the next person is more likely to be far more power hungry and insane than the predecessor. Read up on the fall of things like Rome, China under the rule of the Khan empire, or most telling, the Ottoman Empire, whose idiotic tradition of locking up future rulers in a self imposed solitary confinement turned them even more insane than they might have been. Each one of these examples was lead by an insane, incompetent leader right up to the end. Now we have two, Trump and Un, neither of whom should be manager of a Chucky Cheese, let alone leader of their nation.

Mind you, things probably wouldn't be any different under Hillary. However, I have to admit I would be sleeping better knowing that she wasn't a total retard like our current commander in chief. But she would be facing the same belligerence from North Korea and what appears to be an inevitable confrontation. Chances are good that if we go to war, tens of millions will die and the battlefield may be fought here at home for the first time. I am not sure Idiot America is ready for that. There is a good chance that if war happens, we will lose several major cities, most likely ones on Alaska and the West Coast. There is also the possibility that sleeper agents here in the US could attack us as well with attacks in infrastructure or even biological agents that could let the plague run wild.
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Recent talks with North Korea have gone nowhere and their missile/nuke program appear to be non-nonnegotiable. We cannot live with a nuclear armed North Korea. I know some are saying why not and the reason is quite good: chances are near 100% that this guy will use nukes to blackmail the planet into whatever he wants. He could threaten South Korea with nuclear hell if they don't surrender. If Un is really insane, and I really think he is especially if he actually thinks himself a god as the nation worships him as one, then MAD will NOT work here and the longer this madman is allowed to draw breath, the more dangerous things get. If he gets say thirty nukes with the capacity to hit even half the country, a war could decimate us. Do we really want to wait and find out if he is rational or not?

Trump is just nuts enough to do the one thing that could work here and that is this: wipe North Korea from the planet. No pinprick strikes, no avoiding collateral damage but outright, total destruction. Yes it would be a war crime and there would be blowback but I highly doubt China or Russia is getting involved in this and the end result is a world who will see we mean business when we say quit it. The chances for WW3 in this scenario seem to be low, but not impossible. Anything short of this will result in any attack leading to the deaths of tens, perhaps hundreds of millions, of lives. We don't fight wars the way we should and as a result, more people are harmed and trillions wasted on military crap we don't need. War is hell. We seem to have forgotten that and that is so dangerous. War will happen again and I think the West is unprepared for it. We have become way to soft and accommodating and that may be our downfall.

North Korea should have been vaporized back in the early fifties. Instead we have been at war with the nation ever since, a truce the only thing keeping us from killing one another again. How many lives would have been saved had we done the right thing and utterly destroyed them? Tens of millions who have died instead in North Korea since of horrific causes, all of which wouldn't have happened had we taken control of the nation and given the south to the survivors. There would be no Kim Jung Un, no nuclear war on the horizon and hundreds of millions might not be facing radiation hell.

Trump might be just insane enough to actually go through with this, something even I doubt Hillary would have contemplated at all. If he does, we might actually come out of this with few deaths from our side and a world that might see peace. Or we can keep what we have been doing which kicking the can down the road which within the next two years will hit the wall, bounce back, and hit us in the head, killing us instantly. The longer we wait now, giving Un the ability to perfect the missile, the nukes, and even a H-bomb, the closer we come to WW3 and the end of everything. Here's hoping Trump is just nuts enough to do what is necessary here. If we go for some half assed attack, this world is going to burn instead. This is yet another time the Geneva Convention is going to kill more people than it protects.
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So be ready people. Things may calm down again, as they have in the past, leaving egg on my face for the umpteenth time. But I am not so sure about me being wrong here. Un does not appear to be backing down and the US is unlikely to capitulate to them. The only answer then is war. And if war, what kind of war will it be because anything short of total annihilation of the other side is going to lead to far more deaths for us. Pray Trump is as nuts as we all think he is here because this is one case where sanity may actually be worse.

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