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Trump had another epic week of failures and he still wasn't even close to the Gavarilo Princip moment we had when this literal Nazi killed his first martyr by driving his car into a crowd of protesters. These are Trump's SA troops now, just like what happened in Germany circa 1933. I don't know about you but I am not going to sit on the sidelines and watch it repeat again. I get the feeling many of you out there feel the same. BLM matter lost their reputation with violent encounters that were distinctly anti-white, however they never killed anyone. Now the alt-right has become not only a hate group but a terrorist one at that. Good luck getting a permit ever anywhere to march after this little stunt. Let's see those runner ups in a long week of losers.
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10)James Danmore- This engineer from Google got the ball started this week with an idiotic memo about women being terrible at science skills, which got him promptly fired. He then double downed Trump style to explain his point, and while I completely disagree with his theory that there are not a lot of women in science positions because of genetic differences, he was not wrong that we cannot have discussions about this to see if it is true without being labeled a sexist/racist/ misogynist and losing your job and reputation in the process. There are a lot of topics we should be discussing like racial differences in IQ (being fought right now in college admissions that deny one minority, Asians, to help two others, blacks and Hispanics) but would be seen as some sort of hate crime if even brought up. Because we are not addressing these issues, nothing will ever get better for anyone. Both sides get so butt hurt if even their smallest preconception is challenged. That has to stop for the good of mankind. Grow up people. So many of you act like children lately.

9)Colin Kaepernick- Black people are all butt hurt over this guy not being drafted by any team, somehow unaware that being a lightning rod of hate AND a second rate QB at best won't get you any offers for some reason. Yeah, it because he's black (heavy sarcasm here). If this guy was any good, someone would brave the storm and pick him up. Vick got drafted again and he killed pets, something far worse. This guy keeps digging his own grave when he recently compared the police to roving gangs of slave finders. Good luck finding off duty cops to volunteer to protect him which will cost whatever team that adds him to their roster a lot of money in extra security. And for what, a guy who is as good as Tim Tibow was and he's playing minor league baseball now? It's not always because you're black and constantly screaming about it isn't helping. This is why the alt-right keeps growing. You are not helping so please just quit it!

8)Democrats- Other than Sanders and Warren, the rest of the democratic party seems to be on Quaaludes for all the anger they could muster this week. The Nazi are HERE, Trump is going to kill us all and most of you act like you can't be bothered. Many said they shouldn't keep harping on Russia because it doesn't poll well. Then change the polls by, I don't know, staying on message, which the Democrats are the WORST at. Republicans are great at messaging and terrible at policy. Democrats are the exact opposite. For the love of all that is holy realize that Warren is right and center right policies are dead on arrival. Your base is not following you and if don't act 2018 may not go your way and the country is lost then. Trump is a traitor, he should be impeached and prosecuted and even resign today. That is what every single person in the party should state every day, just like the GOP and Benghazi. That never polled well either and four years later we are still harping on it. Get with the program guys or get left on the dust heap of history.
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7)Robert Jeffress- I fucking HATE evangelicals. They twist religion into something horrible, no better than what ISIS does to Islam. This dick, the spiritual adviser to Trump, told people God has given Trump the authority to nuke North Korea off the planet. Using Biblical passages such as Romans 13 which says we must obey all government authority and pay our fair share of taxes which is rich coming from a guy who pays NO taxes whatsoever, a sin against God if that passage is to be believed, man's law be damned as they would say. Anyone following this asshole deserves whatever they get coming to them which after they die might be a lot warmer than they were expecting.

6)Jeffrey Lord/PC Police- The Trump apologist got fired from CNN this week after getting into an argument over the rise of fascism in left wing sites like Media Matters. This was BEFORE the Nazis killed their first victim so that should tell you how much Nazis played into the narrative this week. While I truly dislike this man, I did have a problem with how he was fired. He tweeted back a Sieg Heil as an obvious joke to a argument he was having over fascism and people went nuts over it calling anti-Semetic and hateful which it never was meant to be. PC nonsense is going too far lately. Al Sharpton tried to get Irish people riled up when he rightfully said the term paddywagon is offensive. However, he is not Irish and we don't care if we get insulted. We were too busy running from the Vikings, the Romans, the British or whatever group de jour conquered us that week. Irish people have better things to do with our time. Notice the public outcry was exactly zero. The rest of the world should notice and follow our example.

5)North Korea- This dick is going to kill a lot of people if he keeps doing what is he doing. There is a solid red line drawn and he appears ready to cross it at a moments notice. I am increasingly more worried about him than Trump and that should tell you something. Trump's ego is massive, but even he doesn't believe he is God. Kim Jun Un just might. Never underestimate someone who may be really crazy. I saw an interview with David Berkowitz last night, the Son of Sam killer, and was horrified how normal he could seem. But as the interview went on, there were clear signs this man was dangerous and quite crazy. But anyone interacting with him might not see that, just like the world and Un. We are at least sixty days from any war that Trump wants. Un could do something stupid at any minute and that should terrify us all.
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4)North Korea experts- I would feel much better if every single person who is a recognized expert on this subject didn't keep telling us peace talks are the only solution. The only problem with that is at this moment there does not seem to be any way to get to peace talks. Bush had his chance in 2006 when the ailing Kim Jung Il sent out real peace feelers and the administration ignored them. Un has no desire for peace, just nukes. So if peace is impossible, then what? All I hear are crickets.

3)Republicans- If the writing on the wall wasn't clear enough for you, the Nazis have hijacked your party. There are at least one of them, Steve Bannon, working in the White House for God's sake. A few like Marco Rubio and Orrin Hatch have condemned the president for his wishy washy response but most have stayed silent. That tells us everything. If you are voting for Republicans at this point you are voting for the fucking NAZIS. That wont end well for anyone.

2)Trump- Another week, another fucking disaster. I told you he would end the world and I appear to be right about that. His belligerence toward North Korea is not helping, his attacks on Mitch McConnell bewildering and his response to the Nazi terrorist attack we just had was piss poor at best. We heard this from this racist carrot we call President when he failed miserably to call this domestic terrorism, weirdly echoing his complaints against Democrats for failing to use the term Islamic terrorism. Pot Kettle Black guys. Why won't he go after racists? Probably because there the only people still supporting him. This guy is fucking dangerous. Thanks for putting him in a place where he can end us all.
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1)James Alex Fields and the alt-right- That giant sucking sound you are hearing is the air being let out of the alt-right bubble which as we speak is rapidly deflating. The reason why is because this one asshole. Fields, committed an act of TERRORISM, which is exactly what that was, all alt-right groups are now linked with the same Muslims and black people they hate. How does it feel being blood brothers? This could not have gone worse for everyone. Trump's numbers were just going up due to his word attacks on North Korea and now this. Alt right groups will be seen as dangerous and will be regulated to back alleys and dark rooms. They will never get a permit anywhere ever. Fields, a 20 year old facing decades behind bars, apparently is an actual Nazi who loved Hitler and voted for Trump. Shocker. He also singlehandedly destroyed their movement, the same way the violent rhetoric destroyed BLM's reputations. They never killed anyone so this false equivalent that Trump did by blaming both sides (really?) for this death really blew up in his face. Richard Spencer is going to have to go into hiding after this. The right kills people like Dylan Storm Roof did who killed a bunch of innocent black people in a church. Or the countless stories of racism that is now front and center, no longer hidden by social norms. Fascism is rising and we need to stop it, hopefully peacefully. If you know anyone who is a Republican let them know that is not acceptable anymore. We are not going to have the rise of Fascism here, like when industrialists tried to install a dictatorship back in 1933, helped by the treasonous Bush family. There is even a rumor that George H.W. Bush himself is connected to Nazi's and was adopted by the Bush family when Germany fell, although that is speculative at best. The point here is that the GOP has been pursuing Nazi ideals for a while now and here they are barely denying it. Put up signs denouncing your neighbors for being Nazis if they support GOP candidates. Tie the GOP to Hitler at every instance. If they want to behave like Nazis, tell them to at least have the decency to wear the swastika. So congratulations to Fields and the alt-right as you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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