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I have been studying the rise of fascist societies for decades now. My true area of expertise is the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party. There are good examples of how Hitler came to power and that of the current GOP. Now luckily for us, Trump possesses none of Hitler's oratory skills or even half his charisma but that doesn't mean we shouldn't worry. Hitler didn't fight his way to power with guns and force but by being voted in by the stupidest people he could muster. Sound familiar?
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First and foremost, I want to say in the strongest terms possible a common misnomer that I am sick and tired of debating about this one particular things and that is THE FUCKING NAZIS NEVER WERE, HAVE BEEN OR EVER COULD BE SOCIALIST! Morons scream "But it's in their name! It says right there National Socialists. I win." and then usually go on to some worthless tirade barely worth addressing. Literally every history book, article, even Wikipedia, agrees with my hypothesis. But because Idiot America refuses to admit they are wrong even when facts are staring them in the face they yell like spoiled children when they favorite toy got taken away.

A quick history lesson for those not familiar with what National Socialists, aka Nazis, are which is a version of the modern day GOP. That's right, the Republicans right now are acting just like Nazis from Germany and the historical record backs that assertion up. Unlike the Democratic Socialists of the time that were kind of socialist in the same way Democrats today are, they got blamed for everything when Germany's economic situation flat-lined, even though power was literally forced on them, not much different from the election of 2008 where Republicans fucked up so bad, Democrats waltzed in ready or not, which they definitely weren't.

Democratic Socialism, which may have failed in Germany during the 1930's due to rank incompetence within the field and a world wide depression that was not their fault, but is now thriving worldwide when the errors within their philosophy were fixed. National Socialism, is socialism in name only to get the rubes to vote for them when in reality, once in power those same people get fucked. Just like the GOP, the Nazis promised the lower class a better life, jobs and more money if only "lowlifes" like the Jews and foreigners went away. Today, the GOP uses the same whistle call on morons too stupid to know better, using immigrants and Muslims as the scapegoat de jour. They promise a better way, just like the Nazis, but once in power, throw all their weight behind corporations and the rich, just like the GOP.
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Hitler knew a lot of what he was saying was bullshit, although his hatred for the Jews was real, and I still find it funny he may have been part Jewish himself. Ah, the irony. Not many people know this but Hitler's real name ISN'T Hitler. It's Schicklgruber or even Heidler. The former is his father's birth name and the later is the name of his father's brother who also changed it from the former name too. It was changed to Hitler in 1876. Can you imagine if they kept the name Schicklgruber? Heil Schicklgruber doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and some have suggested had his name not changed he may not have been the historical figure he became.

The point is that the Nazi party told dumb people they were there to help and offered socialistic policies to help the downtrodden that they had no interest in ever pursuing. Compare that to Orange Hitler's campaign promises that did the exact same thing. He promised better wages, more jobs and protecting things like entitlement programs. Once in office, he acted just like Hitler and went the other route, kowtowing to corporate America and the super rich. Meanwhile, the little guy continues to get fucked. The worst part is, just like Hitler, a lot of people are still supporting him, even though he has a boot to their throat. The good news, is his numbers have been slipping hard lately, with even Ramussen having him down to a record low of 38%. To put that in perspective, Ramussen , NEVER had Obama below 39% for his entire presidency.

Also, unlike Hitler, some in the GOP have started to see the writing on the wall and are distancing themselves from him. Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake wrote a whole book about it. Unfortunately, Ryan and McConnell are still determined to not reach across the aisle on anything, even though many in Congress seem ready to deal, shooting down recent attempts at any bipartisanship. But at least McConnell has pushed back on the moronic idea Trump has about eliminating the filibuster, rightfully knowing that that move would end the Republican party and possibly the country.
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The GOP are following the Nazi playbook to a T. If you don't believe me, by all means look it up for yourself. It's been written down since the 50's in literally every major work ever put pen to paper. I recommend the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. It is very detailed about how NOT socialistic Nazi Germany was and the parallels to modern day Republicans are kind of frightening. While it is unlikely, we will see the same level of horror the German's did, it 's not smooth sailing yet. Trump has his own brownshirts right now in truly deranged, despicable losers and God knows what will happen when Trump finally goes too far. The rule of law doesn't mean much to Tangerine Mussolini and neither will it for his most rabid followers. Plus, we are only one major terror attack away from seeing how much power Trump really can get. We must be vigilant and ready to fight back if necessary. Most importantly, we CANNOT let anyone vote for Republicans come 2018. Your life depends on it and so does the fate of this country. If we fail and the GOP continues their reign, there won't be a country left come 2020. At least not one you recognize anymore.

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