Saturday, February 26, 2011


We have a tie for the first time for douchebag of the week only because they are related topics. Let's see who else flared out this week.

1)Obama- Christ, I have NEVER seen a president who could do more harm in such a little amount of time and that includes Bush. I know that sounds a little harsh but a least Bush had convictions and stood by them. Mind you they were almost always wrong but dammit at least he took a stand for them. Our Pussy in Chief seems incapable of doing anything that requires a decision. He constantly takes one step forward and two steps back, which he did on EVERY topic this week. I can't wait to see who his opponent is in 2012 because he has one uphill battle ahead of him. This week he stood up for Unions then disappeared not to be heard from again. Way to screw over your own party numnuts! Unions are the only reason the democrats have any pull at all and your douchebaggerie is giving everything away to the Republicans. Plus, you did take a small stance on gay marriage by telling the justice department to end any objection to it but as usual watered it down with your "personal" feelings on the matter, saying you were "troubled" by the matter. Idiot. With the Middle East on fire, gas rising into the stratosphere, and weather all of whack I am sure glad you don't have any pressing matters to take care of.

2)Qaddafi- The man whose spelling changes by the day is helping things get worse in the middle east by refusing to step down even through the writing is on the wall that it's all over. He's firing on protesters and using planes to drop bombs on them. Luckily, the military is not all aboard and a civil war is no in effect in Libya. We should be doing everything we can to get rid of him but God forbid Obama takes a stand on anything. Good news, Momar won't be around much longer. Bad news, he can do a lot damage to everyone world wide before he does.

3)People who don't vaccinate their kids- I know you don't trust the government and with good reason. However, study after study shows less risk to vaccinate than not to. As result, measles are spreading nationwide. Schools in New York have had to close and the Denver airport is worried about a measles outbreak. Those TSA pat downs don't sound so good now do they.

4)TSA- The TSA was caught this week fondling nine year olds getting off a train in Savannah. Not getting on a train. Getting off. And I thought we weren't supposed to be doing that to children anymore. And a train station? Anyone touching me is getting punched. Period. And the civil suit will be astronomical.

5)Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers- Two douchebags who are trying to subvert democracy any way they can. Walker was caught on tape, talking to who he thought was David Koch, a billionaire responsible for hijacking the Tea Party, as they debated the best way to end the strike in Wisconsin. They talked about tricking the Democrats into returning, using troublemakers outside as disguised as protesters and other dirty tricks. Best of all, Walker mentioned that the real reason for this was to break apart the unions. The Koch brothers wanted to use Walker to help them get tax credits of their power plants in the area. Unbelievably, NBC news actually exposed this fact, which before had only seen life in the blogosphere. Also, the Wisconsin police have broken with Walker and joined the strike and are investigating him for his phone action. Some publications like the T&G actually supported Walker and slammed "fake media" for exploiting this situation. If you assholes were doing your job, we wouldn't have to do for you. So congratulation Scott Walker and the Koch brothers, you are douchebags of the week.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things Start To Spiral Out Of Control

Lets rehash all the things that I've been dead on about over the past few months (skeptics can feel free to look through the database of archived stories to show that I am indeed hitting on all cylinders). I said gas prices would hit four dollars by spring. Check. Governments worldwide would fall due to rampant inequality plus the rise of the Internet. Check. Weather patterns would become more deadly as climate change rears it's ugly head. Check. Jobs would be created but not pay anything remotely considered a livable wage. Check and check. Not bad for a piece I wrote Dec 31st. I really, REALLY wish I had been wrong about any of that but I wasn't.

Qaddafi's reign is over but not before he takes a huge chunk of the planet with him. Expect gas prices to skyrocket and our economy sinks hard. Prices are going to rise on everything so I hope you like poverty. It's going to be the new norm. Meanwhile the rich will still live like kings. One douchebag senator actually said, "Unions? They shouldn't strike. They should just be happy to have a job." FUCK YOU DOUCHEBAG. Talk about a let them eat cake moment. Yeah those teachers are living high on the hog making 50,000 dollars a year. It's only a matter of time when the idiot Tea Party kills us all. Don't you find it odd that these numnuts are all about killing Unions so Big Government wins out? So you want big government when it suits you but when it doesn't, your opponents are socialistic commie bastards. Idiots. If you know any Tea Party supporters, please, punch one in the head until the stupidity gets out because these assholes are leading us down a very dangerous path. They are very reminiscent of the brownshirts before Hitler came to power. Remember my earlier prediction: A charismatic leader will arise and enslave us all. That is still a prophecy I whole heatedly believe in.

In the Gulf, baby dolphins are dying. Scientists don't know why, but an educated guess would be the millions of barrels of oil and the Corexit that they sprayed on it. A recent study showed the dead sea floor where the oil spill was at it's worst. The extent of damage done is still not known and, much like the financial crisis, no one was arrested. Remember in this country, the rich have one set of rules and you another. Fear the police. They are not there to help you anymore.

Iranian ships have entered the Mediterranean for the first time since 1979. In a situation that seems too coincidental to be actually be, rockets were fired from Gaza for the first time in years. The Middle East is going to fall and soon and when it does, 15 dollar gas will happen, hyperinflation will wipe most of us out and services will all but stop. This is already occurring nationwide. On the heels of the mass layoffs of police in the hardest hit areas (I have no love for police but surrendering the streets to dangerous criminals seems a little stupid), now comes word of mass layoffs of teachers, firefighters and critical services. In Detroit, half of all public schools will close. Another town in NJ is firing ALL of its teachers. What they will probably do is hire back some at half their salary and get slave labor for the rest. Two people died in Philly yesterday as the closest fire house had been shuttered due to money. How long are we going to let the rich steal from us? Not long I hope because the alternative is slavery. Prepare for the Armageddean that surely seems to be coming. Stockpile food and weapons. The end may indeed be near.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unrest Spreads to China

The world wide revolution is spreading to China now as a "jasmine revolution" is trying to take hold. Mind you they have had little luck with getting people to protest as they all remember what happened in Tianaminn Square. Libya has responded to their revolution by killing dozens of protesters as Bahrain pulled back on their deadly attacks. Meanwhile in the US, Wisconsin governor dickwad has said no negotiation will happen with unions and he will fire 12,000 workers if they don't get back to work. If this happens, I hope the good people of Wisconsin rise up and oust the douchebag. Tea Bag bulls$%t has to stop. Their attack on unions will kill us all. Don't let it happen.

No one knows if the Iranian ships have entered the Mediterranean this week as a dust storm blocked all spy satellites from seeing what was going on. Iran says yes, Egypt says no. What is very clear is that if the Iranian enter waters they haven't been to since the revolution of 79, bad things will ensue. Israel is on high alert. We should be too.

A recent study shows that 401k plans suck and very few people have enough money to retire on because of it. WE got the short end of the stick, AGAIN, when in the 80's, big business discovered they could foist the burden on to our backs and eliminate pensions. Even those who made millions lost their shirts in downturns and failed investment firms like Lehman Brothers. The 401k has to go away and pensions restored. Unless of course you're some douche bag Tea Bagger who wants to work until their 90. Death to the Tea Party.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Wow, the level of douchebaggerie this week was off the charts. We had heads of state, government in general, Iran, and the Suffolk Police Department just to name a few.Let's see those runner ups.

1)Obama- Not one sector of the government wasn't part of some douchebag scheme this week, but Obama did some real damage with his increasingly Jimmy Carter ways. Obama got his hat handed to him and screwed up yet another foreign policy debacle with a dangerous escalation in the Persian Gulf (more about that later), word that both the Israelis and the Saudis are PISSED at us (and I mean PISSED), and a budget that will destroy lower income individuals. His popularity in this state is crap. In two days, as a reporter, I've met several people who through no prompting on my part, have expressed a general hatred for the man. Yes, they were all older and men so not exactly his demographic but the wide variety of professions between them was a little shocking. The polls suggests similar finding that older white men don"t like him. At first I would have called racism but I find myself in a similar position and I am not a racist so maybe that fear is overblown. What is certain is that he'll need a miracle to stay in power another for years.

2)Republicans and the Tea Party- Actually worse than the democrats this week, the Republicans may just be that miracle to keep Obama another four years. With Tea Party help, their budget is so much worse than Obama's, with 60 billion more in cuts all aimed at lower and middle class individuals. It's crap and dangerous. Speaker Boener has threatened to shut down the government unless their demands are met. Another show down may benefit Obama greatly as it did Clinton back in the mid nineties. Plus, the Tea party backers may help craft the next Presidential candidate of which the two most likely are Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich. Palin because she'll do as she's told and Gingrich because he's a power broker. Both would probably lose in a general election. Don't laugh if Palin is the nominee but we'll all cry if she somehow wins. Also this week, the governor of Wisconsin has crowned himself Ceaser and is trying to have collective bargaining eliminated, in the very state where it was first started back in the thirties. Unions have protested and taken over the capital much like Egypt. The democrats in the Senate have left the state and won't return until negotiations resume, The governor has threatened the national guard. Unions have in turn given up on the pay cut but say they will never give up their collective bargaining rights. Good for them. I hope they get it.

3)Iran- Iran has decided to up the ante by putting two warships into the Persian gulf all but setting the stage for a possible confrontation. Certain missiles and components are illegal to sell to Syria and can be boarded for inspection according to a UN treaty. How the Iranians will respond if we try to board one of their ships headed for Syria is anyone's guess. If the Suez canal is closed, oil prices will go through the roof. This bears further watching.

4)Federal Prosecutors- In a statement released yesterday, the feds have declined to prosecute anyone from Countrywide in the nation's largest mortgage baked scandal. Yet another failure where the rich do as they please and we pay the price. How free do you think you are? Unless you have money, you are subject. See below for more.

5)Suffolk Police Department- They are being sued after illegally holding a woman hostage basically after she was photographing a tourist site near the airport. After being assaulted in front of her three kids. she was whisked to jail, put in gen pop, and released a few days later with no charges filed. On top of that, 5100$ was missing from her belongings which was tuition money for one of her kids. She's suing for 60 millions dollars. Hope she wins.

6) But the big winner this week has to be the FBI, one of the most worthless institutions we have behind the DEA and FDA. Their investigation into the anthrax mail attacks in 2001 is one of legend of how NOT to do an investigation. After nearly ruining the career of one scientist, Dr. Hatfield, who turned out to be completely innocent, they focused on another equally innocent guy. After harassing him to death, literally as he "killed" himself, they said case closed (I say this as the FBI is already implicated in two suspicious deaths connected with OKC). After reviewing the evidence they had against the scientist, the NIS issued a paper calling the FBI's evidence some of the worst they have ever seen. Literally not one piece of evidence they had was scientifically feasible. You cannot screw up that badly unless your trying to hide something. So congratulations FBI, you've proved yet another conspiracy theory may have something to it and you are douchebag of the week.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Era of Rage Hits American Shores

The douchebag Tea Party has taken to the streets of Wisconsin in an incredibly stupid bid to bring about the end of every protection workers have ever gotten. In their bid to eliminate unions they have unwittingly set the stage for the destruction of the middle class, something I predicted way back at the end of December (ahh the good ole days of 2010). This is what the Republican party brings to the table: the elimination of good jobs, good wages and safety for all Americans. And the Tea Party call us communist. Unions are the only reason we have a middle class and lets look at the real reason behind the protests. Sure 12% hikes in pension and medical care seem high but our medical system is beyond broken and, to be honest, they should be happy to have a pension at all. However, the rule of collective bargaining being eliminated is tantamount to treason and should be fought every step of the way. This method is the reason why unions have let their workers have a livable wage. Those of us not in the government or in a union have seen our wages fall below that of 1970's workers. This is why we should have collective bargaining for all Americans, not the elimination of it. The Tea Party have decided that fascism is the only way to save our country, not that they see it that way of course but when your an inbred motherf#$%er what chance do you have to make rational decisions. These morons helped put in the Republican governor and now he's pissing in the faces of those that helped put him there. Thankfully, protests are four to one against the bill and, if they really wanted to balance the budget, I'll bet there are hundreds of billions of dollars that could be eliminated from worthless programs and bloated government salaries from the higher ups. But no, much like Obama's crap budget, the poor are being singled out. We as a people cannot let this stand and have to start our form of peaceful protests in Washington DC. If a million people showed up and refused to leave until livable wages were guaranteed, that the government would stay the hell out of our lives, that the fourth amendment would be restored, how long would we last. Unlike Egypt, I think the National Guard would forcefully move us out. Similar measures are being said to be implemented soon in Wisconsin. If that's true, the idiots who point to the second amendment as only applying to militias, ie the National Guard, then we as a people would be true subjects with no rights as the guard is being used to suppress free speech. The second amendment is for EVERYONE to have gun to stand up to the tyranny we now face on a regular basis.

In other news, it has come to light that the pretty CBS reporter assaulted in Egypt may not have been gang raped at all. Some sources are still saying that's what happened but the reporter herself has denied any such incident took place. Is this another Pat Tillman/Jessica Lynch hoax?

Republicans are threatening to shut down then government, forgetting what happened in 1994 and catapulting Clinton to a second term. But with the idiot Tea Party behind them will that occur again? The budget needs trimming, especially defense and SS. Both sides are going to have to come to terms with that. Eliminate the payroll cap on SS morons and watch the money flow again. This isn't rocket science and there is hundreds of billions in subsidies that could be cut and other taxes the rich need to pay more of. WE can't. We're broke.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Serious Problems Abroad and At Home

The week is barely half over and I already have my douchebags of the week set up. But that's a column for another day. Let's see what occurring in the rest of the world.

The Middle East has been set to broil with protests breaking out everywhere, including Bahrain which is bribing it's people with 3000 dollars to stop the protests. Sounds a whole lot better than the measly 300$ they threw at us doesn't it? The funniest protests by far were the ones that took place in Iran. The good Iranian people, of which most I have met have been fine, upstanding individuals, stood up to the fake democracy of their homeland and was quickly put down by the dictatorship there. At the same time Admadinejad is giving a speech praising Egypt for overthrowing their repressive government. Hysterical. We should be formulating ANY revolt we can in that area to get Iran back in our good graces. We used to be close allies and we could again if the religious whackjobs are ever thrown out of power. We have the same problem here, only our fundamentalists are much much worse.

Which brings us to the our lovely government. Obama's budget is not sever enough for the Tea Partiers and too much for liberals. Technically, they are both right. We can't cut funding to low income people because they are the ones they need it the most. WE also can't go on as business as usual as we don't have the money. If the answer wasn't so fracking obvious, it almost be funny. SS can be fixed by raising the retirement age a couple of years (we are living longer) and means testing that says, if you make over this much or have a net worth over a certain limit, you can't collect SS. Plus, by eliminating the idiotic payroll cap on salaries, I could fund SS for the next hundred years. NOT ONE POLITICIAN HAS EVER MENTIONED THIS! Why? Because rich people would actually have to pay their fair share of the freakin' taxes. Boo Hoo. Huge cuts to subsidies like farms and oil would save us in the hundreds of billions as would fixing out medical, legal and working environment situations. But we continue to plug the leaky dam until we all drown.

It has been shown we make less money now than in 1970. Why? Because unions have all been decimated and are actually being made illegal in places like Wisconsin. Our standards of living are failing faster than at any point in American history and continue to slide. Sooner or later, the middle class will be gone and we'll all be asking, what happened. We let it happen with our silence. We cannot do this anymore. Egypt has shown us peaceful protests can bring down a government. How long before we see similar things outside the White House. But the question is: Will our Army side with us or the government? Past experience tells us not to be looking to them for help. We are more like Iran than you think. Our elections are fake, our politicians lie and steal from us, and we remain quiet. For how long is another matter.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pakistan Plays With Fire

The Pakistani government has decided that pissing in the face of the US government is going to win them friends in low places after the arrest and detention of a contractor with diplomatic immunity in a questionable shooting that resulted in two deaths, supposedly part of Pakistan's secret elite force the ISI. The government has said they will try him even though he possesses diplomatic immunity and cannot be prosecuted. Needless to say, this has made Obama and the State Department furious over legal wranglings over what the immunity covers. While the original writing within the original law would suggest that only crimes committed while serving under diplomatic functions count, it has been long used by EVERYONE that any crime is only punishable if the host country appeals to the accused person's country of orgin and if they relinquish said immunity prosecution could continue. This has been used in the past when cases of rape, fraud and murder have been committed by American diplomats, however such access are very rare. And as the circumstances on this case are well within dispute as to what went down, the contractor should be released immediately. Eyewitness testimony and physical evidence point to self defense and a frame up by the ISI.

So what does all this mean? It means that Pakistan could become persona non grata if they continue, regardless of the consequences. If Pakistan does not release the contractor immediately, all aid to the country should cease, our ambassadors recalled and the country will be blocked from doing any business with American companies. If our people cannot be protected by their own government, what chance do ordinary citizens have? The local Muslim fundamentalist douchebags have of course called for protests should the prisoner be released and I say that's a perfect time for an air strike. These are not ordinary citizens by enemy combatants. As the Pakistani are using women and children for suicide attacks, most recently a twelve year old boy, they cannot be listed as collateral damage anymore but actual targets. If you use ambulances or children as weapons, one can't be surprised if the other side treats them as such.

The Muslim world has to be told once and for all, BACK OFF! We are not sheep. I have no problem living with you but your going to have to adapt to 21st century living, something they have become woefully inept at. Anti-Muslim sentiment is spreading like wildfire across Europe, with heads of state such as Sarkozy and Cameron saying multiculturalism has failed. It has led to a surprising right wing turn in many countries such as liberal Holland and Denmark and not for the better, especially if you're Muslim. As I have said many many times, I have no problem with your average everyday Muslim. The fundamentalists however are more Nazi-like than most see them as. They are a treat to all of mankind and we need to take such a threat seriously. A world war looms and these nutters are going to start it. All we need right now is a Muslim version of Gavic Princip, the lone individual who started WW1 and WW2 and left hundreds of millions dead. One lone terrorist could end the world. Worried yet?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


There was some rather odd douchebags this week instead of the usual parade of dumbasses. Let's get to it.

1)Anti-conspiracy pundits- My track record on sniffing out lies hit an all time high this week as Wikileaks and the FOIA exposed more lies we have been led to believe as truths. A recent document exposed by Julian Assange reveled that the first Iraq war was bull. We already knew that the "nurse" who said Kuwaiti babies were being thrown into incinerators was a fabrication, but now comes hard core proof that we started the whole thing. A recent communication between a US envoy and the White House show that the envoy was instructed to tell Saddam that invading Kuwait was not a problem and we wouldn't retaliate. Oops. So much like every war since WW2, the reasons for war were lies. There's a word for that. It's called treason. On top of that, the efforts of a lawyer to find out about OKC and the death of his brother at the hands of the FBI (in a case of mistaken identity) has uncovered a bombshell through the Freedom of Information Act. It is now known that the FBI received a bomb threat the day before the bombing and did nothing. They didn't evacuate the building, they didn't send in search digs, nothing. Why? This is on top of explosive expert General Patin who testified that that bomb couldn't have caused the damage done (and verified through explosive testing) without interior pineapple bombs, federal offices were mysteriously understaffed or empty that day and even the Army doesn't deny that photos taken of a similar Ryder truck was at a nearby Army base. In the past year we have discovered that Pan Am 103 didn't happen the way they told us and released the suspect after the trial started going very badly, the death bed confession of E Howard Hunt and declassified documents have shown that Oswald was an agent of the government, thermite dust was found in WTC samples, and reasons for the start of the Iraqi war weren't what they told us. What else are they lying to us about? Apparently everything.

2)The Weather- Christ it's cold. The forty feet of snow has now coalesced into a solid ice ball and in a good news bad news scenario, at least the bitter air has kept the latest two storms form pummeling us with more snow. Come on Spring.

3)NY State Senator Christopher Lee- Not to be confused with the actor best known for playing villains, Republican Senator Lee was forced to resign this week after half naked pictures surfaced on the Internet. The pictures weren't what killed his career but rather that dumb ass sent them to some woman he met on Craigslist in the hopes of an affair, Another "family values" Republican bites the dust and may swing the balance back Democratic in the New York Senate. Way to go dude.

4)Lindsey Lohan- Watching the falling star is almost painful at this point. Uber hottie Lohan was arrested this week after stealing a very expensive diamond necklace from a local jeweler. Also facing charges for assault during her rehab, Lohan is heading to prison again. Grand theft charges show she's facing three years in prison and won't be out in thirteen days like last time. Her career, as of this moment ,is kaputz as she is uninsurable. What sucks is that she was actually a good actress. Much like Mel Gibson (whose latest film The Beaver has been pushed again), Lohan is entering the dark side of fame that no one wants. So congratulation Lindsey you are douchebag of the week.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Was there really any doubt as to who would be the douchebag of the week? Let's look at those runner ups, a few of which a real doozies. A big shout out though to Fox News who ripped apart the new unemployment numbers as total garbage and Donald Trump for also saying the government is being less than honest about the real state of the economy.

1)Obama- Can this douchebag please stop doing everything that democrats are known for? His handling of the Egyptian crisis has been day late and a dollar short and now when the new government eventually forms they may not be exactly foaming at the mouth to be our new best buddy. Part of being President is knowing which way the wind is blowing and this idiot can't even see when a hurricane is approaching. Anti Muslim sentiment is at an all time high with people in this country calling for a ban on all Muslim immigration and heads of state like British PM Cameron saying that unless we start addressing Muslim fundamentalism in Europe and abroad, we face catastrophe. When heads of state start saying things like this, my prediction of Muslim interment camps don't sound so offbeat. Don't fall for this line of reasoning. True, fundamentalism across the board needs to be wiped out, but don't let people convince you all Muslims are bad. They aren't. Obama has also screwed the pooch with his latest unemployment numbers that show the rate decreasing even though only 36,000 jobs were created last month. The main reason the number is decreasing is more and more people are being forced off unemployment and out into the streets. Even Fox News says the real rate is at least 16%. STOP LYING TO US, DOUCHEBAG.

2)Global Warming Deniers- I have had it with idiots who look at the record snow falls and doubt global warming because why we would have snow if it's getting warmer? Because that's exactly what should happen. "Scientists," are raking Gore over the coals over the fact that severe storms, some much worse than modern day ones, are typical of a dynamic environment like we have. Unfortunately, they didn't all happen at once like today's storm are occurring. We have record floods, snowstorms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and temperature fluctuations the likes of which haven't been seen in thousands of years and never all at once. To explain to the morons out there why this occurring here goes. Warm air contains more moisture than cold air. Heat rises. When winter comes, the hot air rises over the cold air and eventually precipitation falls to the ground. As the cold air is below the hot air, that moisture turns into ice and snow. GOT IT?

3)Cynthia Stroum- If you're wondering who this is you wouldn't be alone. This shmuck de jour got a great cushy job as Ambassador to Luxembourg by basically bribing Obama. After donating millions to his campaign, which she got as a studio executive with WB and some insider stock tips, she got the post she wanted to a country the size of Rhode Island. In less than a year, she alienated the country and the aides she worked with. She was so bad, aides demanded to be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. She was so bad , people would rather be in a war zone than deal with her. She was fired (or quit depending on what you read) after outrageous account expenses came to light. The State Department had to have known how bad she was and did nothing. Way to go dudes.

4) Mubarak- Time to go, idiot. Attacking Western journalists and using to thugs to attack protesters has backfired wildly. What replaces him though is anyone's guess. So congratulation Mubarak, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt Enters Revolution Stage

Long time readers will know that I talk about the rise and fall of any society regularly. I am always most interested in the final stages of apathy, anger, and revolution and that is in full view in Egypt right now. As an athropologist I find all of this fascinating, thrilling and frightening all at once. It also allows us to see what might be coming to our shores and what the road head might lead to.

First, Obama has stumbled again by being WAY to cautious with his metered response. He reminds me more and more of Jimmy Carter every day, a great man but a horrible President. Carter will forever by linked to the fall of Iran by demanding the Shah relax powers which inevitably lead to his fall and the rise of militant Islam. The world was on the brink of another Nazi/Communist-like ascention and we did nothing. Now that idiocy has come back to bite us on the ass similar to North Korea or Pakistan getting nuclear weapons. Every day we come closer to the brink because pussies like Obama think we're all alike. We're not. Not everybody has a Western perspective. Egypt should have been forced to start adapting measures to ease poverty and unemployment. But as Obama has proved, he has no answers to that question as the same problems plague him at home. There are many simple step to actually do this but all of them will cause the rich billions and they're holding on that cash by tricking Tea Party idiots into voting for measures against their self interests.

We expect Egypt to have a democracy yet we don't have one here, not functioning anyway. Even if we did have free elections, people who support corrupt individuals on both sides of the aisle (cough, cough, Charles Rangel, hack, weeze, Tom Coburn) shows they cannot make rational decisions. It is for this reason I propose a new government type where you have to pass an IQ test to get to vote. As not to disenfranchise the idiots however, a special Representative should be elected which will make decisions for them. By this way everyone gets a voice and we don't have to sit through Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman's latest round of "who can outstupid the other." By the way, ALL politicians will have to take an IQ test as well. See how many become street sweepers if that were to pass. We need the smart to lead us into the next century, not the parade of dumdasses we have now. In more salacious news, the Enquirer is reporting an affair by House Speaker John Boener, WHHAAAA HAAAAA.

Egypt is on fire as we speak and it seems likely that the revolution will become bloody. Showing why I believe the stock market is no longer based in reality, prices rose today. Don't mind that oil prices should skyrocket soon and the economy nears collapse, everything's fine. Maybe we should have some of those IQ tests for Wall Street. Donald Trump's article in Newsmax explores the possibility he may run for President in 2012 and who is really worried about a coming economic collapse where he went over 12 reasons why it may happen this year. Find it on the Newsmax site to see a fascinating article.

The new government that comes to Egypt is likely to be much less friendly to Western powers, especially as the ammo used to kill them for the past thirty years has been provided by the US and Israel. This fact is further supported by the idiotic "made in the USA" stamped on every can of tear gas. Unbelievable but probably due to some asinine regulations that needs to eliminated tomorrow. The Muslim Brotherhood has said that they will end peace relations with Israel and Jordan's new PM is already being asked to step down for being too Western. Israel cannot be happy that all around them are collapsing governments whose new leaders are likely to be much more hostile toward them. The clash of civilizations I predicted decades ago appears to be coming to a head. I fear we have little time left. Prepare.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


With the fall of Egypt all but inevitable, will other counties like Jordan or Yemen follow? And what will replace them. Chances are they will be governments not friendly to Western powers and who can blame them after decades of repression with US compliance. Wikileaks have reported that terrorists are going after chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and may have them soon. Should terrorists set off any of these WW3 will happen and that war will be fought here in the streets and anyone whose name is even remotely Muslim is going to have to go into hiding. This is not an approval of the killing of innocent people. Far from it but a warning of what may be to come especially if you are of Middle Eastern descent. Many consider the movement of Japanese into Internment camps a disgrace but few understand that the main reason was to protect them from angry mobs. Trust me it was easier to disguise your German heritage than if you were Japanese. The same may be true very soon of any Middle East individual.

As if the treat of war wasn't bad enough, Mother Nature has decided she has had enough of us and is trying to shake us like abad case of fleas. The strongest hurricane to strike Australia since 1918 is coming ashore today in the exact place where record flooding killed 35 people last month. That's on top of record flooding in Pakistan, Brazil and China, record heat and cold in Russia and record snow falls throughout the US. Water temperatures in the Arctic are higher than they've been in 2000 years and surface temps in Greenland and Antarctica are 4 to 5 degrees higher than normal.

How many of us were told if we work hard and do well we will succeed? BULL. I was laid off for making too much money not for my work ethic. My father and several friends were the same way. Hard work gets you nowhere anymore except a bad back and loss of sleep. The minute a corporation decides you're expendable, you are. And forget about working for the same company for 40 years, the average is less than 3 years at any one company now. And every time you get laid off, you make less money. This country can suck it if they think I'm busting my ass for anyone anymore. They certainly not paying anyone to anymore. Don't believe me? Try to call any companies' customer service and see the level of idiocy you get. That's because they hire the people wiling to work for nothing and trust me you get what you pay for.

UPDATE-Rioting in Egypt has gone in a dangerous direction as pro-Mubarak thugs have started attacking peaceful protests. How this will play out is any one's guess.

V for Victory, V for Vendetta