Thursday, July 31, 2014


It has been a been a banner week for some of the most truly dumb things said by anybody in some time. It has been a smorgasbord of stupidity so mind blowing I can hardly type this article without laughing hysterically, somewhere between hilarity and tragedy, between sanity and madness. That's how stupid some of this stuff is. You will be seeing a brief repeat of everyone here I am sure come Sunday for my douchebag of the week column.

Let's start with the Republican party. It has been a non-stop parade of insanity this week from the group that can't seem to get out of it's own way. We have their leader, John Boehner, actually claim that all the talk about Obama's impeachment is a "democratic fantasy" dreamed up by the White House to bolster their sagging numbers. While that is a fair assessment of Obama's popularity right now, Boehner clearly thinks no one listens to the news, watches TV or even exists I guess. Who is voting for this man who is clearly insane? Nevermind the fact, that this subject as been non-stop on Fox news, resulting in Fox & Friends resident moron, Steve Douchey (I know that name is misspelled but that's what I insist on calling this absolute retard) actually said this: "“I don’t know anybody — conservatives or Republicans — who are talking about impeachment,” he said. “And that’s true. The people in my everyday life.” Sitting next to him at the time, was Judge Napolitano, who has been calling for Obama's impeachment for months now, mostly on FOX & FRIENDS. Douchey later said that both the judge and Sarah Palin had been calling for the impeachment. Why is this guy in news when he can't even remember stuff from his own show?

This GOP invention is sad, especially as several candidates for the House are running on impeachment ads that are airing right now. Both Jodi Ernst, running for a House seat in Iowa, and Lenar Whitney (Lenar?) running in Louisiana, have both publically called for Obama's impeachment, as well as dozens of current members, meaning John Boehner must be suffering from Alzheimer's and should be removed from office immediately. The White House is not calling for impeachment, the Republicans are, as they are SAYING IT OVER AND OVER!

Speaking of the two dimwits above, Whitney and Ernst have both been described as Palin-esque and not in a good way. Whitney recently gave an interview to Yahoo Finance to which she ran out half way through after it became apparent she had the brain power of a four year old. She started the interview talking about global cooling, to which the interview correctly asked her to name any reputable scientist of paper that had proven this inaccurate theory, to which she had nothing. I have disproven this theory as well as there is zero science to back this up. In other words, this is just like Obama's impeachment "hoax" that flies in the face of reason. When the interview got to Obama's place of birth (is this still an issue with people?), she hummed and hawed about it, until her advisors whisked her out of the room, calling the question " a Palin-like sneak attack." Yeah, that's just what it was.

Ernst, on the other hand, is best known for her ad talking wishfully about her days growing up cutting off pig's nuts. Yuck. Lately, she suggested Obama impeachment was in the cards, but walked it back after Boehner must have reamed her a new one as they try to distort the truth, again. Then she started talking about nullification ways to repeal Obama laws she disagreed with, as Republicans were standing against this, and again, that angry call from John Boehner must have occurred because she shut up quick about that too. If she's this malleable now, imagine how bad she'll be in Congress. Wake up Iowa and stay away from the castration cow. She will de-nut you. She has almost literally told you that.

Market Basket has told their employees if they don't return to work by Monday they can find new jobs. This would be a media disaster if they go through with it as I would never enter a Market Basket even if I was bleeding to death and they had the last tourniquet. Thousands of others would agree with me. And what idiot would go to work for someone that has demonstrated they will treat you like dirt, fire you at the drop of a hat and pay you less than you can make somewhere else. The quality of people that will attract will not make customers happy. Plus when you jack up the prices, as the board has already suggested doing, even fewer people will shop there. This is a train wreck and I couldn't be happier about it. No one should be shopping there and if the workers are fired, that place should be Three Mile Island circa 1979 abandoned.

But I have saved this best for last because it not only demonstrates that some Republicans would have to have a few more IQ points just to be called "mentally challenged," but also that private schools run by people like Clarke Woodger would make our children dangerously stupid. Woodger runs the private school Nomen Global Language Center out of Provo, Utah whose reviews for have been less than spectacular even before this major dust up. Seems one of the bloggers the school pays to get recruitments wrote a pro-gay column that this religious, I am guessing Mormon from the area, idiot didn't like this and then fired him for it. Only problem was the blogger wasn't writing about homosexuality but homophones. That's right, the guy who owns a school teaching children English from other countries didn't know what a homophone was. That's priceless. This is from the Raw Story:

I’m letting you go because I can’t trust you,” Woodger allegedly said. “This blog about homophones was the last straw. Now our school is going to be associated with homosexuality.”

Woodger also allegedly complained that he didn’t know what homophones — words that sound identical while having different meanings and spellings — were, and that it was the kind of “advanced stuff” Nomen did not teach its students. He also accused Torkildson of not being reliable enough to continue working for the school.

“I never have any idea what you’re going to do next. I can’t run my business that way,” Woodger said, according to Torkildson. “You’d probably make a great college professor, but since you don’t have a degree you’ll never get that kind of work. I would advise you to try something clerical, where you’ll be closely supervised and have immediate goals at all times. That’s the only kind of job you’ll ever succeed at.”

As a professional writer, I have no words for this. This is the modern day GOP. I am not saying the democrats are perfect or even trustworthy. But when this is the alternative, what choice do we have?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


If you've been watching the news lately one can physically see the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse during the first ten minutes of any broadcast. We will see War, Famine, Disease and Death before the first commercial break every time. And the worst part is we can believe exactly none of it. Yes, the underlying facts won't change but the spin on EVERYTHING now makes nothing worth believing.

Take the current war on Gaza. Depending on which source you go to, the information will be correct as to this happened here. The why however is being spun to such a degree that NOTHING you hear can be trusted anymore and that is a serious problem. News should be dull, fact based, non-biased statistics that tell the truth about the situation. But as a handful of idiots now control the world media, down to four soon in this country if new mergers happen, that the news has become a propaganda playground that everyone is using.

In Gaza, nothing you hear can be verified or trusted. All have a reason to lie and therefore the only way to look at who to support comes to down to absolute facts. Hamas is firing rockets into Israel. This is not contested by anyone. If that is true, and it is, then we can also know that some of those rockets are going to fall in Gaza territory, because they are notoriously inaccurate. Therefore, logically, at a bare minimum 10-20% of all deaths caused by explosion in Gaza, is the fault of Hamas and not Israel. Also, that means that every bomb that goes off or person killed cannot be directly blamed on Israel. No one seems to be talking about this.

Another fundamental truth is that Hamas is a terrorist organization hell bent on the destruction if Israel. When a Hamas spokesperson was asked by Charlie Rose recently if they would ever recognize Israel, he flatly said no. You cannot make peace with people who want you dead. The only way out of this is for Hamas to be destroyed. I know no one wants to hear that, but that is the fundamental truth.

Every two years, Hamas has started some rocket salvo into Israel, the US demands everyone stop, Hamas gets everything they want, Israel gets nothing but empty promises and the whole thing start all over again. This has led the US to try this again under the "wise" tutorage of John Kerry, only to have the Israelis say ENOUGH! John Kerry has been every bit the disaster I knew he would be and his current round of kick the can hit the wall has both Hamas and Israel telling him to butt out. As long as we are stupid enough to not pick a side, we are never going to get anywhere. There can be no peace here. Sometimes war is necessary so we do not have endless fighting, which suits the weapon manufactures juts fine, but is hell for the rest of us.

Israel has decided to rip up the idiotic Geneva Convention and actually start fighting this war to win. You see that document, also known as ten easy ways to lose any war, is based on PC crap that wants to fight wars with no getting killed, especially civilians. Unfortunately, that is simply not possible. The only time to enter a war is when no other choice is available, unlike this country which likes starting wars because someone sneezed on them. Russia beat Georgia in three days by committing technical war crimes. Israel is doing the same when they attacked infrastructure in Gaza which is illegal. However, they are finally playing to win and regardless of the outcome, may be on the right path to finally establishing a lasting peace. I know it makes little sense but sometimes, a lot of people must die to save millions, even billions. When a war ends, then there is peace. These stupid truces we've been doing for decades is blowing up in our face and no one seems concerned.

An alleged leaked transcript has surfaced of a conversation between Obama and Netanyahu that had Obama demanding the Israelis stop their assault and the Israeli PM saying basically, "eat me!" Both sides have denied the story but Haaretz is standing behind it saying a high level US operative gave it to them. To be honest, I don't believe it, as Obama's has a very specific way of talking, and this script doesn't really sound like him. For example, he never says the words "Look," Or "Folks" in the entire transcript, which seems fake to me. However, as many have suggested, there is a very good chance that the actual conversation may have been very close to what has being reported. Here is a link to it so you can decide for yourself:

Our infrastructure is dying as seen by the new waterpark that opened in downtown LA, now encompassing most of the UCLA campus and Sunset BLVD. The school recently spent $6.5 million on upgrading their sports field and arena, both of which are under three feet of water right now. The reason was that a city pipe, dating back to 1921, not surprisingly, burst. We have spent nothing on fixing anything because the Tea Party and the GOP have decided that they want to pay off the debt first and then worry about things like bridges falling over and car eating pot holes. This is just like every American who when they get laid off say that paying their credit card off is the number one concern. Except it really isn't as no one does that, yet we want the government to do exactly the same thing.

Our failure to raise taxes on the rich and corporations has got to stop. Even a $15 minimum wage may be too little too late as every study says we are getting poorer, except government and media sources who claim everything is great and if we just weren't so lazy and greedy, we could get by on our steady diet of dirt soup and the cardboard box we live in.

We have run out of room for the kicked can. War with Russia, the Middle East, hell even North Korea has threatened hilariously to blow up the White House which would only happen if they drove it there, are happening with frightening speed. Our relation with Russia is just about over, Hamas is getting crushed with help from no one right now, except maybe Turkey that said they were going to send another flotilla, forgetting that the last one ending in nine deaths and the capture of their vehicle, and a zillion other hot spots that seem to grow with every day. War is coming, our economy is going to go belly up and out infrastructure is just about dead. Yet, somehow, abortion and gay rights are all some see on the right, while those on the left obsess about gun control and the name of the Washington Redskins. We are so screwed.

Monday, July 28, 2014


The MSM has become a bad parody of itself lately. The government is currently acting like no one is in charge of anything, which is probably not that far off from the truth. Corporations are paying people less and less and no one seems to care, certainly not Republicans who are cheering on the end of America with surprising passion. All of this is bad news for us all.

Let's start off with the whole Gaza war, which according to every newscast, consists of Israel intentionally killing children by poisoning them in their sleep or the like. My favorite is a video of a small premature baby who was delivered by C-section in a Gaza hospital after the mom was killed when her house was blown up. What the media has been very deliberate in NOT telling you is that this home was not a civilian one, but one whose husband is a Hamas member. So shouldn't they have evacuated knowing full well that Israel is blowing up houses belonging to Hamas operatives? Or is it more likely, the terrorists wanted this death as propaganda which they are winning thanks to an ultra-liberal push against Israel which is one every single channel, including Fox news, is doing.

And then there is the UN which cannot tell a straight story to save themselves. I have personally watch them double talk events to death, such as the lie that the UN school allegedly bombed by Israel gave no warning. Hard evidence, from the UN itself, has surfaced that they were given three days warning to get out. When they asked for more time, Israel refused, and rightfully so. This isn't a pizza delivery, but a matter of life and death. It would be the same as if a firefighter told someone to get out of their burning home and the owner asked for another day to get his stuff out. Some things don't work on a timetable that works for you. When a warzone tells you to get out, you don't dick around with specifics. You leave.

I know, the question is where do they go? As Gaza people are trapped, mostly due to their own doing, the entire area is suspect, but any area near the border is a death zone. Hamas has done a spectacular job destroying the economy, which is hampered less by Israeli embargos (some of which I will admit are a little stupid), than by Hamas' ability to piss off everyone, including former allies. Egypt closed their border after Hamas attacked soldiers on the border, made smuggling tunnels underneath and pledged support to the Muslim Brotherhood which has been driven underground due to rank incompetence at leadership. Iran cut off support after Hamas sided with anti-Abbas rebels. Lebanon, which has direct ties to Iran, has been noticeably quiet through all of this as they know which side of the bread has butter on it. They won't get involved unless instructed to.

As for the alleged school bombing, as well as a sniper killing of a green shirted Palestinian boy, both have been blamed in Israel with zero proof of any involvement. The green shirted boy was shot by someone. We have no idea who, and the idea of an Israeli sniper makes little sense as he would have seen the camera crew following him and obviously posed no threat. However, a Hamas operative would see this a prime false flag operation and shot him specifically so Israel could be blamed. Same goes for the school. Israel has shown proof that their bomb was actually close by to, wait for it, go after Hamas rockets that were being fired near by. The UN has verified this as accurate. It has also been said through UN channels that Hamas was preventing people from leaving the school. Where is that in the news?

Some have even suggested that the explosion that ripped through the school was either accidentally or on purpose fired by Hamas. What hasn't been acknowledged through any media source is that dozens of Hamas rockets have misfired and landed in Gaza territory. Here is the information from Israel:

 IDF map showing 100 Hamas rockets striking within Gaza. Photo: IDF / Twitter.

You cannot tell me that these rockets, which everyone agrees are no more accurate than a spitball, haven't landed far off their target within their own area. This means, there is a very good chance that at least 25% of the damage done to Gaza was by Hamas. This also means that a lot of civilian deaths are being caused by Hamas for propaganda purposes, which they are winning.

Unlike Israel though, our State Department continues to behave in ways that shock people who used to work for them. Paul Craig Roberts, who worked as Assistant to the Secretary of Treasury under Reagan, questioned what in the hell John Kerry and the State Department are doing with Israel and Russia. Unlike the Russians, we waited more than a week to release information about MH17 that shows Russian separatists fired the rocket's that downed the plane, which is what I am sure happened at this point. Russia won the war of propaganda by releasing their information first and publically while ridiculing the US for "obviously lying" about our "facts" that we had yet to release.

Roberts asked correctly why we didn't call in the Russian ambassador, show him the information and use that as leverage to get Russia to stop doing what it was doing or else release it to the world. Instead, we sat on this info for a week where it is now labeled questionable, which is not all that surprising considering how much we are lied to on a daily basis. Same goes for Israel which we keep leaning on instead of Hamas which is the side we should be taking. The UN passed an unanimous ruling against Israel which I think is the first in years, as we routinely block them. Obama, the UN and the EU all seem to think war can happen and no one dies ever. That's not the way the world works gusy and you should all know that.

Finally a quick word about the Ebola virus that the MSM has been screaming "booga booga" about for months now. First, the chances of world wide outbreak are slim at best. Unless it becomes airborne, which would be a death sentence for the planet should that occur, stop worrying about it. And the death rate for this form of Ebola, which is a new strain, is not 90% as every media source says but somewhere between 30-50%, a huge difference. If the MSM talked with anyone actually familiar with this story, they could have gotten their facts right. But that doesn't happen anymore in the land of 24/7 newscasts which get almost every fact wrong when "breaking news" occurs. It sometimes takes weeks for them to figure this out. It's why civilization is dying. We need to worry less about a mythical Illuminati taking over the world, except where money is concerned, and more about the level of brainlessness which seems to have infected most of the planet. Stupidity is not a virtue. Stop treating it like one.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


The media is lying to you on a regular basis. Either they are willfully misreporting the news or they are too stupid to do their job anymore. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Summer films- This has been one of the worst years for movies in almost a decade, with the last debacle being 2006 for box office. This was the first year I was doing film reviews professionally and I cannot tell you how many awful films I sat through that year, with one of the worst offenders being The Simpsons Movie, which was painfully unfunny, and I love the Simpsons TV show. This year, I did not see one movie in May nor July, which has never happened in my lifetime. If I am not going to the movies, no one else is either as I am a regular fixture at the local cinema. August looks to improve with Guardians of the Galaxy, Expendables 3 and Sin City 2, but the stink of films like Sex Tape, Earth to Echo, Tammy, Jersey Boys and a dozen others that looked terrible and died at the box office, didn't help. Just like 2006, when no credible directors are making movies, films suffer, and even when good ones make films like Edge of Tomorrow's Doug Liman, (a title somehow worse than the original All You Need Is Kill, yech!), studio interference all but kills it. The one film that could have made a huge splash, Snowpiercer,  played on five theaters, a broken down drive in, and Marge Mickelson's back yard BBQ to make zero money all because studio executives were pissed the film couldn't be cut by twenty minutes for someone inane reason and then threw a hissy fit over its release schedule. Next year better be better.

2)Sharlene Simon and the Canadian Legal system- Sometimes, our legal system doesn't seem so bad. Italy's is a punchline in search of a joke. Japan's has a near 100% conviction rate which makes you question how accurate their system is. And now we have Canada which is allowing this bitch to sue the family of the people she killed. Seems Simon drove into several teen bikers early one morning in the Toronto area, killing one. She is now suing the family for one million dollars for "emotional distress." Doesn't it seem likely that the family will countersue and negate all of this? Stupidity is now worldwide.

3)Market Basket and Arthur S. Demoulas- Speaking of stupid, for those not living in the Northeast, Market Basket is an excellent grocery store with fresh produce and low prices. When I worked near one, I used to shop there all the time. But then Arthur S. voted out current CEO, Arthur T., who is also his cousin,and all hell broke loose. Workers left the store, deliveries stopped, shelves are bare and boycotts are at 90%. In other words, the business is dying. Interviews with Arthur S. show what a giant douchebag this guy is, refusing questions from reporters, and ignoring a customer who showed up with a petition to re-instate his cousin, all caught on camera. This guy's greed and hubris is killing his business. This is kind of CEO's we have today, who are terrible at their jobs yet get paid millions. The rest of us should take examples from the Market Basket employees and begin nationwide strikes to demand better pay. The other result is keep quiet, do nothing, and wait to be fired and replaced by either a robot or a guy named Shetty who will work for half your salary. Wise up, people.

4)David Klemencic- This asshole extraordinaire was personally responsible for the dueling court ruling in Obamacare this week. One struck down subsidies, run by Republicans, another okayed it, run by Democrats, which is nothing new. All of this stems from a lawsuit brought about by this GOP stooge, who was pissed, PISSED, he would have to pay for insurance under Obamacare. And how much was the extravagant amount the evil government and President Blackie was forcing him to pay? $20 a year. That is not a misprint. That is the total amount. If subsidies get taken away from us, this dick is too blame. I for one will paying him a visit if that occurs as I will not survive long without Obamacare. Good luck David if this goes through, as I have feeling there will be an Airplane like line to slap you silly. You sir, suck balls.

5)Senator John Walsh- I am so sick of PTSD being trotted out for everything that goes wrong anymore. For anyone actually suffering from this very real affliction, I apologize for the rash of psychiatrists telling their patients they have it for reading bad online comments (true story), spoiled celebrities with a real mental illness of drug addiction using PTSD for cover and now this senator blaming PTSD for his scandal plagiarizing whole sections for his Master's thesis. You cheated, you got caught, and that's it. PTSD had nothing to do with this you lying sack of garbage.

6)United Airlines- A recent study said that US households saw their net worth drop from almost $90,000 in 2003 to just above $50,000 today, or a 36% drop. This is because, contrary to what the media and government keep telling us, salaries are dropping. I cannot tell you how many people I talk to every week that are unemployed, or looking for work, that cannot find a job that pays anything close to what they used to make. United airlines this week laid off 650 people, whose average salary was $50,000 a year, and replaced them with people making 9-12 dollars an hour instead. Meanwhile the CEO doubled his salary to eight million a year. Where are the guillotines when you need them? Start fighting back people because the rich are running over us. 85 people have half the money on the planet. Do you really think this is fair or sustainable? When the system crashes you will have no one but yourself to blame.

7)Babur Suleman and his son Haris- I hate people of any age doing stupid stuff for any reason. The biggest one is flying or sailing around the world in a single engine plane, balloon, jet pack, rowboat or whatever. It's been done, leave it that. How about we spend our time trying to map the ocean floor, which has been all but ignored or reaching space? Yes this was for charity but who cares. And every time some young moron, like Haris, or that 16 year old girl who had to be rescued doing a solo trip around the world in a sailboat, I want to slap their parents. Stop killing your kids over some outdated idea of circumnavigating the globe. If you want to go to China, buy a plane ticket like the rest of us.

8)John Boehner- This week, dumbass continued to blame the democrats for not passing any bills, willfully ignoring the fact that the GOP has stood on the throat of America for the past four years with nothing to show for it. They have no plan to fix anything short of screaming NO at the top of their lungs. The GOP has competing bills for border control, the VA and highway repair, all of which fall woefully short of the money actually needed to fix these issues. And in a true testament to how dickish the GOP really is, this week the House passed a bill that would greatly increase the earned income tax credit for those in the 1%, while eliminating it for everyone else. It is dead in the Senate, thank God. This is what you are voting for people. Wise up. Boehner should be out on his ear if his state had any brains, which apparently they do not. Fuck you, Ohio. Fuck you.

9)Palestinians, John Kerry and the UN- I don't know which is worse this week, the douchebags supporting terrorists, the UN proving to be run by anti-Semites, or Kerry's attempt at some sort of bad comedy routine. Pro-Hamas protestors in France were photographed giving Hitler salutes during said rally and then people question why Israel is fighting for their survival. The UN keeps giving out misinformation about the school bombing which, depending on which UN person you listen to, got no warning, a few hours warning, or three days. Which is it? John Kerry has to be mentioned for his laughable cease fire proposal which gave Hamas everything they wanted and Israel nothing. The unanimously turned it down. Hamas has been breaking the cease fire every time, yet Israel is to blame. Muslim extremists need to be treated like communism or Nazis. Until we do, this world will never see peace.

10)Putin- The Russian leader has been firing artillery across the border, making things worse. The EU approved tougher sanctions against Russia, leading to more wars of words and possibly, higher oil prices. The new sanctions prove Russia shot down MH17 as there is no way these guys would do anything without hard proof as they stand to lose their shirts if this goes south. Putin is a dick. If the State Dept. wasn't run by Lurch and his flying monkeys, the US would better understand this whole thing and there wouldn't be as many conspiracy theories. Sigh. As it is the State Dept. is incapable of telling the truth about anything it seems.

11)MSM- If you watched the news this week, you were lied to about 190,000,000 times. It's getting to a point where Jon Stewart has a better newscast than NBC lately. EVERY network keeps telling us that of the 700 killed in Gaza almost all were civilians, according to UN reports. The facts are, as reported by Al-Jazeera, that 75% are men between the ages of 18-35, or more likely, Hamas. The UN cannot be trusted to tell us the truth about this as they are caught lying on a daily basis. The media is lying, most likely because lazy hacks now run the news and are incapable of checking things like facts, which is why we have a news group in the first place. Nothing you read here is unchecked and if it is questionable, I say so. Time Magazine wrote an article about how the economy is actually improving and then used data that appears to have been made up because I could not only confirm what was said, I found evidence to refute it from unquestionable sources. It's like those unnamed economists that insist the country is getting better, but offer no real data and, lately, backtrack on previous statements after they are proven wrong time and time again. The MSM is lying to you and I can prove it. They are going to kill this country because a gullible public is buying it. So congratulations MSM, you are indeed douchebag of the week. 

Friday, July 25, 2014


I have just about had it with the MSM lately. If you watched any network, Fox included, you'd think Israel was raping small children while defecating on a Bible. According to every newscast an "overwhelming" number of "civilians" in Gaza are being executed by Israel. The only problem is that it is completely untrue.

I spent the last few days searching for this before I came across an article sent to me by a Rabbi friend who actually lives in Israel. In it, it lists the names and ages of every verifiable victim and, as I predicted in an earlier post, 75% of the names are men between the ages of 18-35, or on other words, Hamas soldiers. Here is the chart below.

In these days I've heard many times people say that #Israel is indiscriminately targeting civilians - and especially women and children. So check this out. It is a graph of the number of #Palestinians killed since the beginning of the war in #Gaza. The overwhelming majority of casualties is among males within the age range of 18 and 38. Usually the same age range of #Hamas fighters and/or #terrorists.
But here is the best part. The data doesn't come from some pro-Israel website, organization, or news agency. It actually comes from a source that's far from friendly towards Israel: Al Jazeera.

And before I hear from some idiot that this is all Israeli propaganda, the information comes from Al-Jazeera. Here is the link:

So where in blazes does the MSM get off telling us the dead are innocent victims, instead of Hamas fighters which a majority, in not all, of the men in this category are a member of? Just because they don't wear uninforms does not make them innocent in all of this.

And then we have the UN, which is hardly pro-Israel at all anymore, which keep lying about Hamas fighters not using their "safe zones" as staging areas and weapon caches. Two schools bombed by Israel where found to contain stored weapons inside or rocket launchers destroyed outside the compound. The UN is either complacent in this lie or willfully stupid. And the American people are buying it.

And then there is the economy which is fading fast, not that the MSM would tell you that. This is from Investment watch about how bad the unnamed economists Wall Street and the government hire as mouthpieces really are.

So the truth is we are getting less and less while the rich get more and more. Want proof? United Airline is going to lay 650 people whose average salary was $50,000 and replaced with workers making 9-12 dollars and hour. Meanwhile the CEO doubled his salary to eight million. Does no one see a problem with that? This type of salary outsourcing has happened to me and almost every one I know. If it hasn't happened to you, chances are it will as this type of nonsense is growing. Most of this country makes less than $50,000 a year, and half make less than $25,000. This is unsustainable, as some companies and nations are starting to figure out. They have no solutions but they at least recognize the issue.

The end result is we have a media completely devoid of reality or truth telling on all levels. Swell.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


When the first article you read in the day is filled with wrong headed analysis followed by some of the most ignorant statements in the comments section, you know your day is going to be all downhill from there. Let's start with that first article, about a subject I know a lot about.

From the Hollywood Reporter comes this:

Less than six weeks before Labor Day, hopes for recovery at the North American summer box office have evaporated. The season is expected to finish down 15 to 20 percent compared with 2013, the worst year-over-year decline in three decades, and revenue will struggle to crack $4 billion, which hasn't happened in eight years. As a result, analysts predict that the full year is facing a deficit of 4 to 5 percent.

Ouch! What could possibly be causing this epic drop? Here's their response:

"Young men haven't been as enthusiastic as usual," says analyst Phil Contrino. "Maybe [studios] shouldn't just go after this demo when building their summer tentpoles." Female-fueled properties, including Maleficent and The Fault in Our Stars, have produced some of the summer's biggest success stories.

Also contributing to the malaise is a lack of family product (including no Pixar movie), the allure of TV and myriad ways consumers can view entertainment in their homes. (Laments one studio executive, "I wish I worked at Netflix.")

Several problems exist with the this statement. One, I go to the movies a lot. Not this summer though. The reason why are the same reasons no one else went: too expensive and the movies, as a whole, kind of suck this year. The issue is not just no Pixar movies, but no movies by directors who actually are good at their jobs. We got that last year in a great year for movies. This year there was no Scorsese, no JJ Abrams, no Tarintino. Also no great sequels like Star Wars, Star Trek or the like. And what you did put out, let's face it, was bottom barrel garbage.

You know why Sex Tape failed? Because instead of embracing the title and made a hard R, with full frontal nudity for comic effect, you soft-pedaled the whole things and who wants to see that? If Diaz was unwilling to do it, find someone else. And maybe you haven't noticed but her box office draw has been non-existent for some time. When you start to look leathery and old, Hollywood has a tendency to outgrow you. Audiences have some time ago. But even that aspect could have been used for comedy and instead we get some half assed road trip movie that made Get Him To The Greek look hysterical in retrospect, which it wasn't. At least that film tried some out there humor that made some scenes funny. But only a few.

Then I looked at the message boards who blamed the current trend at bad movies on, you guessed it, Obama. How desperate are Republicans when Hollywood is President Blackenstien's fault. I don't like the guy, but come on people. Let's take a look at a few winnercomments shall we.

. . AND the white-powder-snorting powers that run most of hollywood are too high to realize that
G-RATED movies that have no hidden political or samesex agendas MAKE THE MOST PROFIT.

( now a days parents read Focus On the Family reviews online before taking their kids to the flicks.)

Actually R rated films have had some huge titles this year and the best selling were typically PG-13, as they attract the biggest audiences. No G rated titled has made $100 million at the box office that I can think of.

Sad thing is they will continue to vote democrat thinking the NEXT democrat will "save" them. 50 years since the civil rights act and they still vote democrat even tho they have nothing to show for it. Latino/Hispanic is the new Black; Obummer & the dems/libs have thrown Blacks UNDER THE BUS! Illegals are the new black. Wake up Blacks - vote conservative republicans.

TV is no better - every show has a homosexual in it. Recent study finds that only 1.7% of our population is homosexual. But to hear Obama/Hollywood/liberals/democrats speak you would think it was more like 40%. Murder/death/suicide/hate is on all other shows. I am sick of the left/libs/dems/obummer. TIME TO boycott all of them; starve them from their ivory towers! VOTE all Democrats OUT in Nov 2014 & vote conservative.
WE THE PEOPLE are the boss over government! LET'S get BACK to issuing THEM ORDERS!

Those last two were from the same guy who should be careful blowing his nose as he might dislodge his tiny, tiny brain. If he honestly thinks the GOP is the compassionate group who will usher in a new age of prosperity, they certainly are not sharing it with the rest if us. It goes on and on like that.

And it so it continues with a huge number of websites condemning Israel for striking back. I mean who actually kills people trying to kill them? The nerve. If Israel wants to end this once and for all, raze Gaza to the ground and fight wars the way we used to, you know to win. If we fought the Nazi's during WW2 this way, we would all be speaking German. We'd have morons protesting outside the White House, screaming about the poor German babies dying. Because we were smart enough not to care, we won. War is hell and people, civilians included, die in mass numbers. We fight these wars today where a lot of people die, but not enough to end the fighting. Instead we get some half-ass truce, like Korea all over again, and things never stop. This is great if you want run a war economy 24/7, 365 days a year, ala 1984, but nothing ever gets solved, no one ever wins and it continues forever. Why is this more acceptable than letting people duke it out until one is crushed and the other is victorious? Is it really more humane for this to continue for infinity? Who is morally superior then?

Lastly we have Flight MH17, which is proving that the US cannot be trusted to give out information anymore. Over the last 24 hours, we now have US Intellegence saying the plane was accidently shot down, which I always thought was the case, and some saying a Ukrainian defector was responsible and Russia has no culpability in any of this. So what about the audio tape, allegedly verified by experts, of a conversation between Russian and the rebels? Was it a fake after all as some allege? And if so, why was it verified? We are also hearing about Ukrainian jets following the plane, which must be taken with a grain of sale as only the Russians are saying this.

What we need is for John "Lurch" Kerry, to release every bit of information stat to stop this flow of misinformation, if indeed that is what it is because no one knows what the hell is going on anymore. This isn't the 60's anymore douchebag. If you don't show all your cards immediately in a case like this, the news media will make stuff up and the Internet will blow up with fake information as well. The end result is any story you tell will be subject to questions, like Sandy Hook, Osama Bin Laden, and other modern day conspiracy theories that are only invented because of idiotic secrecy standards.

We need to become a lot more transparent as a country or face our own end. But of course, that will also be all Obama's fault.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Let it be said that no matter how stupid something seems to those of us with an iota of common sense, there are always some who will believe anything. There is a plethora of nonsense about Flight MH17 which we will get into later in this article, and so far, all of their "proof" seems suspect at best, except for a few things that are a little off but not so much I am going to scream CONSPIRACY at the top of my lungs.

But first let's look at a Rasmussen poll that asked people about conspiracies, true or fake. Only 32% say the JFK assassination was caused by a second shooter, which means years of sticking to this patently false tale has worked. I have read everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, ever written about this subject, including the God awful Warren Report, and find major holes in the official story. There is no way Oswald defects to Russia, and then comes home with no problems or even questioning by various alphabet agencies. At the height of the cold war, this was impossible. And when he gets back, every single person around him has ties to the CIA? Yeah, that was a coincidence. There are so many problems with their story that any reasonable person should know the story is fake, but only 32% believe that. Sigh. At least 23% are still undecided.

24% say 9/11 was known about beforehand by the government and there is reasonable evidence to support that. Again, the official story is not possible and has been refuted even by the guys who were the chairmen for the 9/11 commission, who reported the military to the Pentagon Inspector General for lying to them, who of course, conveniently dropped the whole thing.

But here is we veer into crazy stories. 23% think Obama is from Kenya and another 17% not sure. That means 40% of this country believes outlandish theories that have been thoroughly disproven. 3% think Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a double. Sure.

Here's my favorite crazy conspiracy because it can be disproved with your own eyes. 14% think the moon landing was hoaxed with another 12% not sure. So one quarter of this country is too stupid to believe something that anyone with a telescope can see is real. Two years ago, this number was 5% sure and 7% unsure. Why the jump? Because of websites that show "scientific" evidence that is nothing more than made up garbage.

Today, I found three columns written about how and why the moon landing was faked, disregarding the fact that any such hoax would have had to somehow put an exact replica of the lunar module on the Moon which can be seen with a personal telescope. Get a big enough one and you can see the footprints left behind. How was that all faked? Why are we so attuned to believing outlandish crap lately?

I blame the school system that for decades now has taught people only how to regurgitate information and never how to understand it. I got into arguments with my teachers for years over outdated nonsense they were teaching or worse, stuff that was fundamentally wrong. Some of them loved me, others flunked me. That is why people are stupid. They cannot understand critical reasoning which is all but dead into today's hyper-focused web and news gathering myopia.

The study shows men are more likely to believe conspiracy theories than women and are usually over 40. Check and check. Not surprisingly, Republicans are more likely to believe nonsense like the moon landing "hoax" and Obama being from Kenya, over Democrats. Democrats are more likely to think 9/11 was a false flag, because W. was in office and he was the worst president in our nation's history, so there is that.

Then we have MH17 which new "evidence" has surfaced that the whole thing was a false flag, which I will admit, it could be. However, to make that charge you need hard evidence and, so far, there really isn't any. The only two pieces that strike me as odd is, first, why did the plane take a different route than the previous ten flights before it, through a much more dangerous path? And was the time stamp on the alleged intercepted call between the rebels and Russia actually before the plane crashed? Everything else I have heard is bunk.

Most of the disinformation is coming from Russian sources who cannot be trusted to have unbiased facts at this point. The stories about the passengers being long dead before the crash seems unlikely as the plane just took off from Schiphol Airport, and unless there was some serious monkey business, like I came up with in a previous post that even I don't believe, this is a false narrative. The rebels and the Russians have every reason to thrown as much wood on the fire to take blame away from them. There has been the usual round of numerology bull because the number 7 is involved and that is just plain stupid.

Many, myself included, have said it is because of the new BRICS alliance and they might be right. But if it is false flag, they have done a tremendous job. They would have had to fire a Russian rocket from rebel held territory, as the evidence does indeed suggest, and then get away without being spotted by anyone. Seems farfetched. It is far more likely that Putin was arming people with weapons they never should have had and accidently shot down a plane they thought was a military one.

All of this spells bad news for Russia. Europe may demand even higher sanctions, perhaps ones that affect Putin personally, as well as his billionaire friends. Rebels may become even more unstable, as Russia loses control of them, as history shows does happen. Think Afghanistan and the US for the most recent screw up. Russia then cuts off the gas supply and Europe freezes. What then? War maybe, which won't be good news for anyone, but that is a long shot at best. Putin is not suicidal and any war would result in the end of mankind. But it is still a possibility, albeit slim. Either way, Russia is isolated in a way that they haven't been for decades. And in today's interconnected world, that is bad for us all.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


It was a close race between Hamas and Putin over who could out-stupid the other, but Putin won in the end with the his laughable "what happened?" routine, knowing full well he was ultimately responsible. Hamas was a close second with their classic bit of trying to destroy Israel and then crying foul every time Israel fights back. These skits never get old (picture sleepy-eyes with that statement). Let's see those runner ups in a busy week.

1)Dick Cheney- The should be convicted war criminal (torture, treason, embezzlement, outing a CIA spy) struck again this week when he called Obama "the worst president ever." I may not like Obama, but he wouldn't even crack my top five, which would be in order from 5 to 1, Reagan, Carter, Harding, Woodrow Wilson and then W. Each one of these douchebags did something so heinous it changed this country, and the world, for the worse. Obama sucks but he has yet to destroy the planet. Republicans are doing that all on their own. Cheney, as he was the defacto President anyway, is basically talking about himself. I will dance when this ass finally goes to hell.

2)Megyn Kelly- This woman is capable of great reporting, like when she tore Dick Cheney a new one recently for blaming Obama about the destruction happening in the Middle East, which he had a direct hand in. And then she goes on an ill-informed rant about how Hobby Lobby should have religious rights as the items that they wanted to ban cause abortion. Then she want on to read statements from the FDA to supposedly support her views but in actuality showed she knew less about what abortion really is than most men. It's hard to prove your point when you inadvertently also demonstrate you have no idea what you are talking about. Corporations are not people and have no views, especially religious ones. Why are we allowing this? Because of garbage like this.

3)Femme Fatales- This week saw two women arrested for supremely callous behavior. Shannon Richardson, a small time actress, was sentenced to 18 years for sending ricin laced letters to Obama. Worse, she initially blamed her husband with whom she was going through a bitter divorce. I see why. This led to the information that the government takes pictures of every single letter sent through the system, which directly led to her arrest. Oops. And then there is Alix Richardson, a hooker with a heart of lead, recently on trial for letting a guy die. She and a Google executive did heroin together, and when he OD'd, instead of calling the cops, she stole some of his stuff and left. What a humanitarian. She is also being investigated for another heroin overdose that happened in her home in 2013. I am glad I am happily taken because there are some real psychos out there. I know. I used to date all of them.

4)CDC- You would expect the organization responsible for keeping the deadliest germs out of societies' hands, would be doing a better job at this. This week alone, they found live small pox in an unsecured locker from the 50's, lost influenza samples sent through the mail in a zip lock baggie and accidently exposed over 80 workers to anthrax. How are we becoming more retarded by the second? Is mankind meant to destruct because we cannot stop behaving like infants? Get your stuff together because if you have an accident, we all die. No pressure.

5)Aaron Huntsman- I have a special hatred for CT police. They don't all suck but I certainly found some real winners, like the guy who dragged me through the court system for two years solely on the word of a former friend who was at the time in a mental institution. Or the cop that beat the crap out of two of my friends for no reason and threw them in jail for the weekend. Now comes this idiot, Huntsman, 43, an ex-state cop and now convicted felon. Seems this dick stole money and jewelry from a dying accident victim. He now is going to get two years in prison and no hope of ever returning to law enforcement, assuming he survives his stay. Have fun, douchebag,

6)Bill Gates- This asshole is going to fire 18,000 people while asking for more guest worker visas. This is yet another attempt by the rich to pad the bottom line by getting rid of people who want a livable wage and will hire some foreign shmuck who will work for half the pay instead. Gates is no better than any other billionaire douchebag and this proves it. To quote the Joker: "This country needs a enema."

7)Politicians, citizens and the border- There is so much hate here I do not know where to start. Let's start with the public. We cannot deport them instantly as it is illegal and yes, George W. Bush is to blame as he signed the law in 2008. Republicans do not want to do anything to solve the problem as their base is screaming bloody murder about returning these people "back to Mexico," regardless of the fact that none of these people are coming from there. Democrats, who did try to reach a compromise only to have it thrown back in their face Hamas style, have hardened the other way, reaching out to Hispanic voters for the all important 2014 election. Because of this nothing is going to get done and these kids HAVE to go somewhere. It 's the law and that isn't going to change anytime soon. So stop blaming Deval Patrick and others for acting like a human and imprisoning these children here, which is exactly what is happened. They are not going to our schools. They are not walking free. And they are children. Have an ounce of compassion people.

8)Fed-Ex- Yet another company being accused of something that if a person was, they would be facing serious jail time. Apparently, they are being accused of conspiring with doctors to illegally ship prescription drugs, which kill more people than all other illegal drugs combined. The end result will be at best a huge fine and no jail time, even though their actions almost certainly killed people. Ain't this country awesome?

9)Hamas- Let's get this straight people, Hamas is the aggressor here. They killed three innocent teens and then fired a non-stop rocket salvo into Israel. When Israel returned fire, the world was shocked, SHOCKED, that Palestinians actually died as a result. Why does the world expect every confrontation to end in a short but silly slap fight? People die in wars, especially those asking for it. Israel has been the most patient country on Earth as anyone else would have committed genocide by now. Hamas had a peace deal and spit on it. They are demanding terms for starting this whole fiasco which Israel is under no compulsion, or in the case of the Egyptian border crossing re-opening demand, the ability to fulfill. If the Palestinians want peace there is only one way now: denounce Hamas and recognize Israel. Do that and give up the right to return, which Israel has said will instead provide compensation, and walla, war over. As long as you side with terrorists, you are going to be treated like one.

10)Vladimir Putin- This guy is something. All the evidence suggests rebel forces, with the aid of Russia, shot down another Malaysian airplane this week, meaning that airline is cursed or something. I am not superstitious but you would have to drag me kicking and screaming onto one of their planes any time soon. We know from satellite imagery the rocket was fired from the ground in a rebel controlled area by a soviet weapon. There is footage of these same launchers being moved back into Russia as they perhaps realized the public relations nightmare they are in. RT news, becoming every bit as laughable as Fox news lately, have poured the bull on so thick, one of their reporters quit this week, the second this year over allegations of propaganda news. Putin has stuck to his guns, blaming Ukraine but failing to explain why would Ukraine be firing at any planes when the rebels have no air force? Meanwhile, the rebels have shot down several this week. Right it was Ukraine (see sleepy eyes again). This has led the UK, France and Germany to demand more sanctions against Russia, something the US has wanted for some time. Because of Putin's attitude to all of this, some in Europe are threatening to label Russia a "pariah" state, like Iran, which would devastate their economy. The fact that the BRICS are trying to start an alternate to the IMF and World Bank should not be lost on this either, as Putin's stance now damages their credibility. This is from David Cameron who said: "If President Putin does not change his approach on Ukraine, then Europe and the west must fundamentally change our approach to Russia." This may be a game changer, just like Hamas' recent overreach that could even make things better. Go figure a warlord and a bunch of terrorists may be the best hope for mankind. So congratulation Putin, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, July 18, 2014


I usually don't write on Friday's unless something big is occurring. And a couple things are bothering me, one pure conjecture, the other a definitive load of nonsense.

Let's start with conjecture. Right now, Occum's Razor suggests that the downing of a Malaysian Airline was done by an inexperienced rebel group with Russia to blame. However, the Sherlock Holmes rule of logic suggests that there may be more to this story than just that. It is beyond coincidence that at the same exact time Russia starts flexing it's muscle on the world stage with the new BRICS alliance set to seriously challenge the dollar's dominance, this happens. We just set new sanctions in place a day earlier because of this exact issue, and "fate" intervenes 24 hours later to prove their point. Tell me that isn't a little weird.

There's more. Yesterday, the MSM reported that Russia has attempted to insert a virus into the stock exchange to wreck havoc on us. This wasn't recent, but way back in 2010. Why are we just hearing about this now? This smacks of classic disinformation where stuff is made up to swing opinion one way or another. And why try to hurt the stock market in 2010 when it wasn't exactly doing too well as it was? Wouldn't you do it now when the damage would be much more severe, like now?  If the Russians tried to do this in 2010, it would have been the equivalent of trying to steal a wrecked car. That makes no sense. And if they did hit the stock market, it's all connected and they would have been just as hurt as us. Again, today, if they truly have the gold stockpile many think they do, they might be able to weather a crisis better than in 2010. This story stinks.

And then there is the possibility of this being a false flag, perhaps one even using that missing Malaysian plane that maybe isn't at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. For everyone who screams FALSE FLAG at the top of their lungs every time anything happens (see Mike Rivero or Alex Jones), this is what a real false flag would look like if this is indeed one, and again, that is more fantasy than fact at this point.

But for arguments' sake, we can see that if Obama wanted to screw over Putin, this worked well. Hypothetically, using the missing plane, that actually landed at the Diego Garcia, they waited for a moment to do the exact same thing to some other unsuspecting plane. There is the usual brand of confusion after such a disaster, such as who has the black boxes which everyone says they have or don't have, depending on the source. But one piece of data is that this plane was diverted over the war zone for unknown reasons. If this is true, it is telling. Could another Operation Northwoods have occurred where these two planes were switched, so that the one that took of from Holland was replaced with the one that allegedly crashed in the Indian Ocean? That does seem rather far fetched, I will admit. And then comes the question over what happened to that plane? Will it be found in the ocean a few months from now with an altered appearance and all the bodies kept in cold storage back inside? Most likely, this not what happened, but it is odd that two Malaysian planes go down under mysterious circumstances so close together. Of all the planes that could have been shot down, the odds that it would be a Malaysian flight is awfully suspicious. Conspiracy theories will abound after this, mark my words.

And then comes the latest housing news which is down almost 10% from this time last year. The Northeast and Midwest saw modest increases while the South and West nosedived. The reason economists say is because of, wait for it, too much rain. Nevermind the fact that places like California, which is dryer than Betty White, saw these same declines, doesn't seem to fend off the now ridiculous explanations for the third straight quarter. First it was the government shutdown, then the polar vortex, now because it was too damp. I can't wait to see wait they come up with next.

The housing market is plummeting due to the fact that skyrocketing prices, ala 2007, is pricing too many out of the market. When this reaches a tipping point, housing will fall again and take the stock market, which is also wildly overvalued according to almost every major Wall St player, with it.

I received an advert today, along with a bill for 6 grand for a divorce I never had, that said I could get a new car with an adjustable rate mortgage, just like the same scam that killed the housing industry, and which they also still doing. This is why when you hear them say the auto industry is doing gangbusters, remember that a lot of them are ARM, that will skyrocket upward when the rest of the world is falling apart. They are repos waiting to happen and I have first hand proof of it.

The world is falling apart. And the fact that we seem to be picking a fight with the rest of the world is telling. I do not think this latest thing was a false flag, but they certainly seem to be priming the hammer regardless for battle.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


In a classic case of overreach, hubris or just bad luck, the three mentioned in the title above are all about to have very bad day. The ground war I have been telling people was imminent in Gaza is now under way. Malaysia lost ANOTHER plane today as it was shot down over the Ukraine, most likely by pro-Russian separatists. And Vladimir Putin looks extra-douchey for arming retarded sheep farmers in the first place. No on is walking away from this unscathed.

Let's start with the freshest story, the attack on Gaza. I listened to many a pundit yesterday demonstrate their complete lack of knowledge about the situation when they kept insisting that Egypt would have to be careful not to piss off the public sympathetic to Hamas and the Palestinians. When protests arose, the new leader, General Sisi would have to respond. The only problem with that prediction is that ignored every piece of info out there right now. Egypt is becoming less militant Islamic by the second and with good reason. When the power was given to the extremists, under the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, things were even worse than under Mubarak to such an extent that the people overthrew him next. The end result is a very public souring on extremist views and, as a result, Hamas has become persona non grata.

According to The Washington Times, Egypt has become a whole lot less tolerant to these idiots as social media has increased awareness over how bad these groups really are. This is what they write about today:

Amira Seif El-Din, a 45-year-old housewife, said she is fed up with militants harming ordinary people to gain traction politically or spread dangerous ideologies that don’t represent Islam.

“Everybody in this region has paid [a] high price because of the spread of terrorism and extremism,” she said. “The problem is very deep.”

Samir Ghattas, director of the Middle East Forum for Strategic Studies, an Egyptian think tank, said that perspective is common in Egypt. Although the vast majority of Egyptians dislike Israel and sympathize with the Palestinians, they think Hamas is provoking the violence.

“Everybody here in Cairo and in many Arab cities knows that Hamas is behind this wave of violence in order to earn some sympathy,” Mr. Ghattas said.

In other words, Hamas crying foul one too many times may have finally let them be crushed by a world getting tired of their nonsense. Make no mistake over who the real victims are here and it is not the poor Palestinians who had their chance for peace. They choose war. Now they are going to see what hell really looks like.

Speaking of being in hell, I kind of doubt Putin doing any dancing anytime soon, not that that stick in the mud appears to be able to doing anything like that. Dumbass gave weapons of mass destruction to a bunch of uneducated dorks. What could possible go wrong? Oh that's right, you gave a Bak Missile launcher to the cast of Hee Haw. That'll work well.

So some yahoo decided a Malaysian airliner, which looks nothing like a fighter jet or cargo plane, fired a surface to air missile at the jet flying at 33,000 feet. I feel bad for the Malaysian Airline CEO who is having a really rough year. I imagine him going to the ringing phone in his office and thinking, "maybe it's something new about our missing jet," only to discover it's about another downed plane. Awesome. The stock for that company is going to be dog food at this rate.

The good news about this is that it makes pro-Russian separatists the bad guys now, which also makes one wonder about false flag potential, which we all know will be all over the Internet faster than a cute, cat video. If the US wanted to make the other side look bad, fire a Russian rocket from their territory at a civilian plane. But that is pure speculation and, most likely, not true.

Putin looks like a giant douchebag anyway you want to see it. With new sanctions being levied upon them, you have to wonder if the whole BRICS debacle going on right now isn't involved with this somehow. They push one way economically, we push back. Ultimately, I don't think there will be any winners in any of this as when push comes to shove, someone is going to kill someone else and then all hell is going to break loose.