Wednesday, July 23, 2014


When the first article you read in the day is filled with wrong headed analysis followed by some of the most ignorant statements in the comments section, you know your day is going to be all downhill from there. Let's start with that first article, about a subject I know a lot about.

From the Hollywood Reporter comes this:

Less than six weeks before Labor Day, hopes for recovery at the North American summer box office have evaporated. The season is expected to finish down 15 to 20 percent compared with 2013, the worst year-over-year decline in three decades, and revenue will struggle to crack $4 billion, which hasn't happened in eight years. As a result, analysts predict that the full year is facing a deficit of 4 to 5 percent.

Ouch! What could possibly be causing this epic drop? Here's their response:

"Young men haven't been as enthusiastic as usual," says analyst Phil Contrino. "Maybe [studios] shouldn't just go after this demo when building their summer tentpoles." Female-fueled properties, including Maleficent and The Fault in Our Stars, have produced some of the summer's biggest success stories.

Also contributing to the malaise is a lack of family product (including no Pixar movie), the allure of TV and myriad ways consumers can view entertainment in their homes. (Laments one studio executive, "I wish I worked at Netflix.")

Several problems exist with the this statement. One, I go to the movies a lot. Not this summer though. The reason why are the same reasons no one else went: too expensive and the movies, as a whole, kind of suck this year. The issue is not just no Pixar movies, but no movies by directors who actually are good at their jobs. We got that last year in a great year for movies. This year there was no Scorsese, no JJ Abrams, no Tarintino. Also no great sequels like Star Wars, Star Trek or the like. And what you did put out, let's face it, was bottom barrel garbage.

You know why Sex Tape failed? Because instead of embracing the title and made a hard R, with full frontal nudity for comic effect, you soft-pedaled the whole things and who wants to see that? If Diaz was unwilling to do it, find someone else. And maybe you haven't noticed but her box office draw has been non-existent for some time. When you start to look leathery and old, Hollywood has a tendency to outgrow you. Audiences have some time ago. But even that aspect could have been used for comedy and instead we get some half assed road trip movie that made Get Him To The Greek look hysterical in retrospect, which it wasn't. At least that film tried some out there humor that made some scenes funny. But only a few.

Then I looked at the message boards who blamed the current trend at bad movies on, you guessed it, Obama. How desperate are Republicans when Hollywood is President Blackenstien's fault. I don't like the guy, but come on people. Let's take a look at a few winnercomments shall we.

. . AND the white-powder-snorting powers that run most of hollywood are too high to realize that
G-RATED movies that have no hidden political or samesex agendas MAKE THE MOST PROFIT.

( now a days parents read Focus On the Family reviews online before taking their kids to the flicks.)

Actually R rated films have had some huge titles this year and the best selling were typically PG-13, as they attract the biggest audiences. No G rated titled has made $100 million at the box office that I can think of.

Sad thing is they will continue to vote democrat thinking the NEXT democrat will "save" them. 50 years since the civil rights act and they still vote democrat even tho they have nothing to show for it. Latino/Hispanic is the new Black; Obummer & the dems/libs have thrown Blacks UNDER THE BUS! Illegals are the new black. Wake up Blacks - vote conservative republicans.

TV is no better - every show has a homosexual in it. Recent study finds that only 1.7% of our population is homosexual. But to hear Obama/Hollywood/liberals/democrats speak you would think it was more like 40%. Murder/death/suicide/hate is on all other shows. I am sick of the left/libs/dems/obummer. TIME TO boycott all of them; starve them from their ivory towers! VOTE all Democrats OUT in Nov 2014 & vote conservative.
WE THE PEOPLE are the boss over government! LET'S get BACK to issuing THEM ORDERS!

Those last two were from the same guy who should be careful blowing his nose as he might dislodge his tiny, tiny brain. If he honestly thinks the GOP is the compassionate group who will usher in a new age of prosperity, they certainly are not sharing it with the rest if us. It goes on and on like that.

And it so it continues with a huge number of websites condemning Israel for striking back. I mean who actually kills people trying to kill them? The nerve. If Israel wants to end this once and for all, raze Gaza to the ground and fight wars the way we used to, you know to win. If we fought the Nazi's during WW2 this way, we would all be speaking German. We'd have morons protesting outside the White House, screaming about the poor German babies dying. Because we were smart enough not to care, we won. War is hell and people, civilians included, die in mass numbers. We fight these wars today where a lot of people die, but not enough to end the fighting. Instead we get some half-ass truce, like Korea all over again, and things never stop. This is great if you want run a war economy 24/7, 365 days a year, ala 1984, but nothing ever gets solved, no one ever wins and it continues forever. Why is this more acceptable than letting people duke it out until one is crushed and the other is victorious? Is it really more humane for this to continue for infinity? Who is morally superior then?

Lastly we have Flight MH17, which is proving that the US cannot be trusted to give out information anymore. Over the last 24 hours, we now have US Intellegence saying the plane was accidently shot down, which I always thought was the case, and some saying a Ukrainian defector was responsible and Russia has no culpability in any of this. So what about the audio tape, allegedly verified by experts, of a conversation between Russian and the rebels? Was it a fake after all as some allege? And if so, why was it verified? We are also hearing about Ukrainian jets following the plane, which must be taken with a grain of sale as only the Russians are saying this.

What we need is for John "Lurch" Kerry, to release every bit of information stat to stop this flow of misinformation, if indeed that is what it is because no one knows what the hell is going on anymore. This isn't the 60's anymore douchebag. If you don't show all your cards immediately in a case like this, the news media will make stuff up and the Internet will blow up with fake information as well. The end result is any story you tell will be subject to questions, like Sandy Hook, Osama Bin Laden, and other modern day conspiracy theories that are only invented because of idiotic secrecy standards.

We need to become a lot more transparent as a country or face our own end. But of course, that will also be all Obama's fault.


  1. Russia would nuke Israel if it attempted to do what you prefer. Actually it wouldn[t be necessary, as masses of Muslims would invade from all directions, take losses in the tens of thousands in a mass jihad, but at the end Israel would be gone.

  2. Russia's may speak a big game but they aren't ending the world for Muslims, which they and China are having even bigger problems with. As for that "mass invasion," as Muslim people have sticks and rocks to fight with, they would be massacred in seconds. Syria is busy with their own civil war, the Egyptian public has turned on extremists and Jordan is out of the picture completely. So if only Lebanon and Gaza are involved, it will be a quick battle. The only way for this to end is for the Palestinians to dethrone Hamas, recognize Israel and watch as the fortunes increase a thousand fold as no one in Israel wants war.