Monday, July 28, 2014


The MSM has become a bad parody of itself lately. The government is currently acting like no one is in charge of anything, which is probably not that far off from the truth. Corporations are paying people less and less and no one seems to care, certainly not Republicans who are cheering on the end of America with surprising passion. All of this is bad news for us all.

Let's start off with the whole Gaza war, which according to every newscast, consists of Israel intentionally killing children by poisoning them in their sleep or the like. My favorite is a video of a small premature baby who was delivered by C-section in a Gaza hospital after the mom was killed when her house was blown up. What the media has been very deliberate in NOT telling you is that this home was not a civilian one, but one whose husband is a Hamas member. So shouldn't they have evacuated knowing full well that Israel is blowing up houses belonging to Hamas operatives? Or is it more likely, the terrorists wanted this death as propaganda which they are winning thanks to an ultra-liberal push against Israel which is one every single channel, including Fox news, is doing.

And then there is the UN which cannot tell a straight story to save themselves. I have personally watch them double talk events to death, such as the lie that the UN school allegedly bombed by Israel gave no warning. Hard evidence, from the UN itself, has surfaced that they were given three days warning to get out. When they asked for more time, Israel refused, and rightfully so. This isn't a pizza delivery, but a matter of life and death. It would be the same as if a firefighter told someone to get out of their burning home and the owner asked for another day to get his stuff out. Some things don't work on a timetable that works for you. When a warzone tells you to get out, you don't dick around with specifics. You leave.

I know, the question is where do they go? As Gaza people are trapped, mostly due to their own doing, the entire area is suspect, but any area near the border is a death zone. Hamas has done a spectacular job destroying the economy, which is hampered less by Israeli embargos (some of which I will admit are a little stupid), than by Hamas' ability to piss off everyone, including former allies. Egypt closed their border after Hamas attacked soldiers on the border, made smuggling tunnels underneath and pledged support to the Muslim Brotherhood which has been driven underground due to rank incompetence at leadership. Iran cut off support after Hamas sided with anti-Abbas rebels. Lebanon, which has direct ties to Iran, has been noticeably quiet through all of this as they know which side of the bread has butter on it. They won't get involved unless instructed to.

As for the alleged school bombing, as well as a sniper killing of a green shirted Palestinian boy, both have been blamed in Israel with zero proof of any involvement. The green shirted boy was shot by someone. We have no idea who, and the idea of an Israeli sniper makes little sense as he would have seen the camera crew following him and obviously posed no threat. However, a Hamas operative would see this a prime false flag operation and shot him specifically so Israel could be blamed. Same goes for the school. Israel has shown proof that their bomb was actually close by to, wait for it, go after Hamas rockets that were being fired near by. The UN has verified this as accurate. It has also been said through UN channels that Hamas was preventing people from leaving the school. Where is that in the news?

Some have even suggested that the explosion that ripped through the school was either accidentally or on purpose fired by Hamas. What hasn't been acknowledged through any media source is that dozens of Hamas rockets have misfired and landed in Gaza territory. Here is the information from Israel:

 IDF map showing 100 Hamas rockets striking within Gaza. Photo: IDF / Twitter.

You cannot tell me that these rockets, which everyone agrees are no more accurate than a spitball, haven't landed far off their target within their own area. This means, there is a very good chance that at least 25% of the damage done to Gaza was by Hamas. This also means that a lot of civilian deaths are being caused by Hamas for propaganda purposes, which they are winning.

Unlike Israel though, our State Department continues to behave in ways that shock people who used to work for them. Paul Craig Roberts, who worked as Assistant to the Secretary of Treasury under Reagan, questioned what in the hell John Kerry and the State Department are doing with Israel and Russia. Unlike the Russians, we waited more than a week to release information about MH17 that shows Russian separatists fired the rocket's that downed the plane, which is what I am sure happened at this point. Russia won the war of propaganda by releasing their information first and publically while ridiculing the US for "obviously lying" about our "facts" that we had yet to release.

Roberts asked correctly why we didn't call in the Russian ambassador, show him the information and use that as leverage to get Russia to stop doing what it was doing or else release it to the world. Instead, we sat on this info for a week where it is now labeled questionable, which is not all that surprising considering how much we are lied to on a daily basis. Same goes for Israel which we keep leaning on instead of Hamas which is the side we should be taking. The UN passed an unanimous ruling against Israel which I think is the first in years, as we routinely block them. Obama, the UN and the EU all seem to think war can happen and no one dies ever. That's not the way the world works gusy and you should all know that.

Finally a quick word about the Ebola virus that the MSM has been screaming "booga booga" about for months now. First, the chances of world wide outbreak are slim at best. Unless it becomes airborne, which would be a death sentence for the planet should that occur, stop worrying about it. And the death rate for this form of Ebola, which is a new strain, is not 90% as every media source says but somewhere between 30-50%, a huge difference. If the MSM talked with anyone actually familiar with this story, they could have gotten their facts right. But that doesn't happen anymore in the land of 24/7 newscasts which get almost every fact wrong when "breaking news" occurs. It sometimes takes weeks for them to figure this out. It's why civilization is dying. We need to worry less about a mythical Illuminati taking over the world, except where money is concerned, and more about the level of brainlessness which seems to have infected most of the planet. Stupidity is not a virtue. Stop treating it like one.

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