Monday, July 21, 2014


Let it be said that no matter how stupid something seems to those of us with an iota of common sense, there are always some who will believe anything. There is a plethora of nonsense about Flight MH17 which we will get into later in this article, and so far, all of their "proof" seems suspect at best, except for a few things that are a little off but not so much I am going to scream CONSPIRACY at the top of my lungs.

But first let's look at a Rasmussen poll that asked people about conspiracies, true or fake. Only 32% say the JFK assassination was caused by a second shooter, which means years of sticking to this patently false tale has worked. I have read everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, ever written about this subject, including the God awful Warren Report, and find major holes in the official story. There is no way Oswald defects to Russia, and then comes home with no problems or even questioning by various alphabet agencies. At the height of the cold war, this was impossible. And when he gets back, every single person around him has ties to the CIA? Yeah, that was a coincidence. There are so many problems with their story that any reasonable person should know the story is fake, but only 32% believe that. Sigh. At least 23% are still undecided.

24% say 9/11 was known about beforehand by the government and there is reasonable evidence to support that. Again, the official story is not possible and has been refuted even by the guys who were the chairmen for the 9/11 commission, who reported the military to the Pentagon Inspector General for lying to them, who of course, conveniently dropped the whole thing.

But here is we veer into crazy stories. 23% think Obama is from Kenya and another 17% not sure. That means 40% of this country believes outlandish theories that have been thoroughly disproven. 3% think Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a double. Sure.

Here's my favorite crazy conspiracy because it can be disproved with your own eyes. 14% think the moon landing was hoaxed with another 12% not sure. So one quarter of this country is too stupid to believe something that anyone with a telescope can see is real. Two years ago, this number was 5% sure and 7% unsure. Why the jump? Because of websites that show "scientific" evidence that is nothing more than made up garbage.

Today, I found three columns written about how and why the moon landing was faked, disregarding the fact that any such hoax would have had to somehow put an exact replica of the lunar module on the Moon which can be seen with a personal telescope. Get a big enough one and you can see the footprints left behind. How was that all faked? Why are we so attuned to believing outlandish crap lately?

I blame the school system that for decades now has taught people only how to regurgitate information and never how to understand it. I got into arguments with my teachers for years over outdated nonsense they were teaching or worse, stuff that was fundamentally wrong. Some of them loved me, others flunked me. That is why people are stupid. They cannot understand critical reasoning which is all but dead into today's hyper-focused web and news gathering myopia.

The study shows men are more likely to believe conspiracy theories than women and are usually over 40. Check and check. Not surprisingly, Republicans are more likely to believe nonsense like the moon landing "hoax" and Obama being from Kenya, over Democrats. Democrats are more likely to think 9/11 was a false flag, because W. was in office and he was the worst president in our nation's history, so there is that.

Then we have MH17 which new "evidence" has surfaced that the whole thing was a false flag, which I will admit, it could be. However, to make that charge you need hard evidence and, so far, there really isn't any. The only two pieces that strike me as odd is, first, why did the plane take a different route than the previous ten flights before it, through a much more dangerous path? And was the time stamp on the alleged intercepted call between the rebels and Russia actually before the plane crashed? Everything else I have heard is bunk.

Most of the disinformation is coming from Russian sources who cannot be trusted to have unbiased facts at this point. The stories about the passengers being long dead before the crash seems unlikely as the plane just took off from Schiphol Airport, and unless there was some serious monkey business, like I came up with in a previous post that even I don't believe, this is a false narrative. The rebels and the Russians have every reason to thrown as much wood on the fire to take blame away from them. There has been the usual round of numerology bull because the number 7 is involved and that is just plain stupid.

Many, myself included, have said it is because of the new BRICS alliance and they might be right. But if it is false flag, they have done a tremendous job. They would have had to fire a Russian rocket from rebel held territory, as the evidence does indeed suggest, and then get away without being spotted by anyone. Seems farfetched. It is far more likely that Putin was arming people with weapons they never should have had and accidently shot down a plane they thought was a military one.

All of this spells bad news for Russia. Europe may demand even higher sanctions, perhaps ones that affect Putin personally, as well as his billionaire friends. Rebels may become even more unstable, as Russia loses control of them, as history shows does happen. Think Afghanistan and the US for the most recent screw up. Russia then cuts off the gas supply and Europe freezes. What then? War maybe, which won't be good news for anyone, but that is a long shot at best. Putin is not suicidal and any war would result in the end of mankind. But it is still a possibility, albeit slim. Either way, Russia is isolated in a way that they haven't been for decades. And in today's interconnected world, that is bad for us all.

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