Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who Is Tracy Anderson?

Unless you’re a fitness fanatic, the name Tracy Anderson probably has little meaning for you. To others, the name either brings about recognition of a trainer to the stars or outright hatred for a woman many see as a fraud and as a thief. So what is her story?

Tracy Anderson is foremost a fitness trainer, but is also an author, and entrepreneur of several gyms. She is best known for the Tracy Anderson Method, with many famous clients including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox, Shakira, , Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Greene, and Jennifer Lopez.

Tracy Anderson started dancing as a child, and at age 18 she traveled to New York to achieve her life-long dream of becoming a professional dancer. After putting on the pounds, she developed a technique that helped not only get rid of the extra weight but to keep it off permanently. After 10 years of using her own body as a test subject, Tracy designed a regime anyone could follow and lose weight . It is undeniable that this method has helped countless women achieve bodies they can be proud of.

So why all hate? Because Tracy Anderson has a checkered past at best.
Looking at Anderson's fitness training past includes six lawsuits in the state of Indiana, scores of unhappy customers who were left in the lurch when several of her studio locations closed without any notice ( and not refunding their membership fees) and two ex-lovers who say she is a scam artist. Her claims about her past don’t help the accusations.

Anderson claimed she studied at Julliard School of Dance, performed in the musical Cats and was the pink Power Ranger. Other than the fact she did study at Julliard for all of three months, nothing else is true.

According to a story in the Indianapolis Star, Anderson "hired a celebrity photographer for promotional photos, drove a luxury SUV through a neighborhood where her husband was thousands of dollars behind on homeowners-association dues, signed leases for businesses but didn't pay the rent, and lived in a meticulously maintained Noblesville subdivision but didn't pay the sewer bill."

After filing for bankruptcy and starting even more gyms without the financial ability to support them, Anderson teamed up with Glynn Barber to build her a "Hybrid Body Reformer.” After multiple machines were built, Tracy Anderson decided not to pay for them but instead started a relationship instead. “She used her female charms to manipulate me to invest $1 million in her company," he confessed in an interview, adding that the couple eventually went broke.

Presently, Tracy Anderson’s New York gym was recently in the press for failing to certify it's personal trainers. And Madonna’s arms as of late aren’t exactly the kind of advertising any workout guru would want people talking about.
Tracy Anderson is still the trainer to the stars despite her past. But everyone else might want to be a little wary in investing in a gym where the owner might close it down at a moment’s notice and taking your hard earned money with her.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Republicans Say To Hell With What The Voters Want. Dems Rub Hands With Glee

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been wishy washy as of late in his comments on the Ryan Medicare plan thus far, but on Sunday he offered his clearest indication yet that it had his support.

"I'm personally very comfortable with the way Paul Ryan would structure it," McConnell said on NBC's Meet The Press. "But we have a Democratic president. We're going to have to negotiate with him on the terms of changing Medicare so we can save Medicare."

McConnell, along with the overwhelming majority of his Republican colleagues in the Senate, voted for the House GOP budget containing the Ryan plan last week, giving them less cover to hedge on its Medicare provisions. Pressed by host David Gregory whether the Medicare proposal would ultimately be dumped in negotiations with the White House, McConnell emphatically denied the notion.

"No," he said. "It's on the table." This despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans LOATHE the Ryan Medicare plan is causing untold troubles for the GOP in elections nationwide. Not only have they lost a sure thing in District 26 in New York to a democrat for the first time in over 40 years, they have also lost a mayorship to a democrat in a heavy Republican stronghold and a seat in the state senate in New Hampshire that hasn't elected democrat since Nixon was in office. Yet, politician after politician seems to be throwing their weight behind this unpopular plan. Tim Pawlenty has watched his numbers go into free fall since supporting the Ryan plan and seems oblivious to the fact that this stance is killing his career.

On top of all this, the GOP seems to think that not raising the debt ceiling is a good idea. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he is prepared to keep the ceiling in place "unless we do something really significant about debt and deficit." He is also using the Ryan plan as a starting point for negotiations in rasing the debt ceiling. Senator Chuck Shumer said on "Meet The Press," last Sunday that this was not going to happen. The Democrats were going to fight tooth and nail to keep Medicare a government service and not privitize it to death. Good.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican candidate for president, challenged the Obama administration's contention that not raising the debt limit would trigger a default.

The United States has until Aug. 2 to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, according to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Failing to act would invite "catastrophic" consequences, Geithner has said. Military service members would not be paid, retirement investments would drop in value, and people would face higher payments on mortgages and car loans, he said. As interests payments swamp our ability to pay it back, things like Medicare, Social Security and government pay will all go the way of the dodo. Kind of like the Republicans if they continue on this suicidal path to mutual destruction.

Posturing is always a part of congressional negotiations, but Republicans are under enormous pressure from Tea Party conservatives to curtail spending. The debt-ceiling debate presents some congressional Republicans with an unhappy choice. A vote to raise the ceiling might expose them to primary challenges in the 2012 election, while a vote against it risks a default on U.S. debt obligations that could jeopardize the fragile economic recovery.

Pawlenty, in an interview on ABC's "This Week," asserted that the consequences of failing to raise the cap might not be as dire as the White House says. "There are some serious voices challenging that very premise," he said. "And the answer is nobody really knows, because we've not been at this point before." In the end, the markets could force a compromise.

Peter Orszag, Obama's former budget director, predicted in a speech last week that the impasse may soon cause bond market fluctuations that demonstrate the real cost of inaction. "We are going to deal with the problem when we have significant external pressure to do so," said Orszag, who is now vice chairman for global banking at Citigroup

Democrats finally have a wedge issue that all but guarantees a Republican blood bath come the next election cycle. I can't wait.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Showing the way backward, Holland gets the win this week for their economy destroying policies enacted over the last year. More on that later. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Obama- This week, the President signed into law another extension of the idiotic Patriot Act for four more years. This law allows people to be held indefinitely without trial or charges even if you are an American citizen. It also allows assassination of anyone the President deems a threat and the ability to wage war on whoever and whenever he wants regardless of Congress powers. The President is getting more and more power that qctually resembles that of a monarch more than an elected official. And while I doubt that this President will abuse the powers too badly,the next one may be far far different. No one sees this a problem. By the time they realize that things are much much worse than we have been told, it will be too late. Nazi Germany, Stanilist Russia a Mao China didn't arise overnight either.

2)Republicans- They get an equal share of the blame this week for allowing the Patriot Act to be signed into law with little objection. Really? So Planned Parenthood is a threat to the American way but giving more and more power to a President you supposedly despise is okay? Rand Paul, a guy who for the most part is a raving loon far from his father, tried to stop it until Harry Reid found some legal loophole to exploit. This country is being bought and sold and no one seems to care. Amazing.

3)The American People- What exactly will piss everyone off enough before they take action? Dead people in the street? Your house being confiscated by an illegal action by the bank? Police and the TSA running roughshod over your rights? Oh wait a minute, all that has already happened. You no longer live in a free society and your solution is to elect people that want more control over your life. We deserve whatever hell comes our way as the American people are way too stupid to understand anything anymore. Morons.

4)Police and the TSA- These stormtrooper douchebags almost made the top of my list until Holland did something so stupid that they knocked these idiots down to number 2. With the Supreme Court ruling that cops can enter your house for any reason without a warrant and shoot you dead with no repercussions, steps must be taken to make sure this doesn't occur all the time. As the police this week shot an armed Iraqi vet when they stormed the wrong house and then tried to cover up, any time the police enter your house unannounced, shoot first ask questions later. Chances are if you don't, you're dead. Your pets certainly will be executed for "threatening cops," and your kids or wife could be next. Colorado had a police officer with a rap sheet a mile long shoot a fourteen year old in the back and NYC had two officers acquitted of a rape they did. Across the pond, England is getting the same kind of taste of oppression by their police and people there are getting very unhappy with the status quo. The only way to stop this naked aggression is to make sure that the cost becomes to high to continue to do this. Mind you, fighting against the cops pretty much guarantees your death, but the alternative is you getting killed anyway. Better to take a few with you rather than go down alone. The police are no longer here to protect and serve except themselves and the wealthy.

5)Holland- These idiots just sank their economy by banning all foreigners from their cannabis shops. Plus, residents will have to become members of clubs with an attendance of no bigger than 1500. This combined with the idiots in charge shutting down most of the Red Light District, Tourism is going to plummet as people decide Portugal or Thailand is a better place to go. Millions of dollars are going to be lost and thousands of jobs are going to disappear. The city is going to have their crime rate skyrocket and as drugs are now illegal again for the most part, drug lords are going to be making inroads into what was once one of the safest cities in the world. This is all in response to the far right party in power mainly on the anti Muslim sentiment sweeping Europe. So thanks to the extremist Muslims for making all this possible but the ultimate blame goes to Holland. So congratulations you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Never in all the years I have watched politics have I seen politician after politician throw their support behind a policy that NO ONE likes. As seen on countless message boards, dozens of political rallies and even to various senator's faces, the Paul Ryan medical plan rates somewhere between tax hikes and the Holocaust on a scale of things people hate. Poll after poll shows that a huge majority on both sides of the aisle would rather get a prostate exam from Hellboy than drastically change Medicare like the Republicans want.

The idea that vouchers would be acceptable for medical care show a complete lack of trust in the American people to know when something being foisted on them is not in our best interests. If the vouchers don't cover everything, then too bad. And what insurance company is going to accept these vouchers for elderly and, most likely, sickly individuals? The answer: no one. These idiots kept complaining that Obama's health care plan had death panels and Grandma was going to be left in the street. That is exactly what the Paul Ryan plan does. And while they tried to placate the senior citizens by telling them they would be grandfathered in, most were still pissed that their grandchildren were going to get the shaft.

So what have politicians done since finding out their health care plan was radioactive? They've doubled down it appears. After Newt Gingrich said the plan was unworkable, Republicans came down on him like a ton of bricks and he was forced to retract his position by saying his words were taken out of context, which they weren't and we have the videotape to prove it. After Professor Windbag deflated over the issue, yesterday almost all Republican senators voted in favor of Ryan’s controversial plan to overhaul the Medicare system which ultimately went down in defeat by a vote of 57 to 40. Expect this to be seen in many policial ads come election time.

Every Democrat voted ‘no’ but there were five GOP dissenters, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who apparently like their job as senator. Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty even carefully voiced some support for this kryptonian issue by saying he likes the Paul Ryan plan in spirit but his plan will be somewhat different. As always no specifics were given but rest assured any politician who supports the voucher program might as well also condone hunting puppies, baby racing and Sarah Palin's possible presidential run.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lies, Lies and God Help Me More Lies

We as a people seem to be touched by the liar bug lately as no one seems to tell the truth anymore or be concerned that we aren't. Shouldn't this be a bigger deal?

This week we watched DSK deny any sexual attack upon the hotel maid he allegedly forced himself on. I say allegedly only because he hasn't been convicted, but unlike the Duke rape case which seemed off from day one, this has all the hallmarks of a sexual predator with a history of doing just this. As seen in my earlier article which is now published on the website Commentistra, Ben Stein actually defended this piece of garbage with a worthless barrage of nonsense. I've watched his game show and found him to be an intelligent man. But with this latest in a string of buffoonery from Stein one has to wonder if he hasn't perhaps lost his mind a little.

Then we have Newt Gingrich who actually said something correct about Paul Ryan's healthcare option being awful and was pounced on by every Republican out there for daring to tell the truth. As a result, Newt backpedaled faster than if a Diet Coke had been placed in front of him. Voters tore him a new one, pundits ridiculed him and his chance of becoming President fell to near zero in just in one week. Scott Brown has wisely denounced the plan as well, mind you only after a lot of waffling about it. But that is a smart position to take because Ryan's plan was much less liked than Obamacare, regardless what the party faithful believe. One poll this week spelled disaster for Republicans anti-gay bias as, for the the first time, a majority of Americans support gay marriage. Tennessee has decided to propel themselves well into the 19th century but trying to pass a law that will allow discrimination against gay people. WTF? Listed here are companies on the Tennessee chamber of Commerce board: Nissan, FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Caterpillar, KPMG, Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa and United HealthCare. These companies should be held responsible should the law pass and boycotts should be done. Gay people are people. Tennesee lawmakers on the other hand?

Not to be outdone by all of this is TEPCO latest revelation that all three reactors are in meltdown in Japan and radiation is far worse than first thought. As our own government isn't telling us squat about radiation, extreme care should be taken on the West Coast and Idaho about rainfall, milk and local foods.

Lastly, since the Rapture didn't happen, the group that yelled to run for the hills say "oops our mistake. It's actually October 21st." Yeah right. If you see any of these mouthbreathers out and about predicting the end of the world, verbally assault them for being morons. Enough is enough.

When lies become commonplace, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Obama really should have been at the top of this list this week with some outstanding bulls$%t but the as the Supreme Court took down a law on the books since 1215, they have to get the top honors. Let's look at those runner ups.

1)Republicans- With their chances of beating Obama in the next election rapidly slipping away, Republicans have turned to such heavyweights as Chris Cristie and Paul Ryan, both of which who would get their ass kicked in 2012. Not wanting to end their political careers, they have wisely said no. Ryan is going to be in real trouble being a Republican in a state where that is now a dirty word and his support for health care vouchers which has already been striped away from the latest plan. This leaves Romney as the de facto leader right now and I really doubt he can win running away from his success with health acre in MA. I live in the state, have a background in insurance, and trust me it works. The message boards seem overly anti-Republican lately, and even the Tea Party is not happy with the idiots they voted in. People are getting very angry at being pissed on and told it's raining. Look at Spain and Greece to see what may happen here soon as out "austerity" measures make everybody very, very angry.

2)DSK- The head of the IMF rapes a maid in a 3000$ a night hotel room. He gets arrested, loses his job, and wait for it, finds out the women he forced himself on may have AIDS. Now that's funny.

3)Ben Stein- This pompous asshole needs to shut the F$%K up already. Go back to TV you pint sized hack. Go make Ferris Bueller 2 or Suck Ben Stein's Cock or some other equally inane project to keep your dim bulb ass out of the news for a while. His defense of DSK is well indefensible. Moron.

4)Obama- Way to ruin any bit of goodwill worldwide from the death of OBL. This week Congress crowned Obama king(No really they did). They gave the President card blanche to wage war against whoever and whenever he wants, powers expressly forbidden by the Constitution. The War Powers Act is now dead much like everything else in the shredded Constitution. More on that below. On top of that, Obama decided to stand in the middle of the street and get run over repeatedly after his statements about the Middle East Peace process pissed off both sides. Isrealis, who already despise the current President, hated his call to return to the pre 1967 borders as a way to peace. Palestinians were pissed that Obama had no concrete plans for a permanent Palestinian State. He must have missed the statement from Hamas last week that set the terms for any peace process. They were laughable at best. If you don't have a willing partner for peace, you won't have any. Neither side is willing to negotiate much after years of giving Palestinians almost everything they wanted and having them reject it. The right to return is something the Arabs won't give in on and the Israeli will never agree to. Dead end. Pick a side Obama. You can't make everyone happy.

5)Supreme Court- In a shocking ruling that was nearly unanimous, the Supreme Court eliminated the fourth amendment this week. It is no longer necessary for police to get a warrant to search your home if they suspect illegal activity inside or destruction of evidence. Technically, a toilet flushing is enough for them to kick in your door, hold you hostage and ransack your place. This law has been around since 1215 when the Magna Carta was signed after troops were caught illegally entering homes and doing as they wished with the inhabitants. Now cops can do the same. ANYBODY entering your home unannounced should be dealt with the most lethal means possible, cop or not. I don't condone violence but this is too much. Indiana has already set into motion the possibility of house to house searches whenever they feel like it and Illinois has said it is illegal to stop a police officer from entering your home no matter the reason. Technically, someone can now enter your home, plant evidence and cart you away. With for profit prisons everywhere, how long before people are being hauled away for no offences. This is the most dangerous precedent I have ever seen. The Supreme Court must be stopped. How I don't know. So F#$k YOU Supreme Court you are definitely douchebag of the week.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Win Ben Stein's Big Fat Mouth

Most of us know Ben Stein from his role as the boring economics teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the enjoyable game show Win Ben Stein's Money, or as a speechwriter for Richard Nixon. As of late though, Stein has thrown out any good will earned by uttering some of the dumbest statements ever in the English language. His latest bon mot getting airplay everywhere is his unbelievable defense of accused rapist, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Before we get to that thought, let's take a look at some of the other idiotic things he has said in the past.

A year ago, Stein took issue with the extension of unemployment aid calling those that couldn't find work "lazy," and "scamming the system." Yeah that's it exactly. Everyone I know on unemployment just LOVE making half their salary which wasn't all that much to begin with. And I would agree with him that people are lazy if there was work galore out there, which there isn't. Latest statistics say there are 7 people for every job. And because of this surplus, salaries are dropping. I have a great idea for Stein's next show. We'll call it, Trade Lives With Ben Stein. For one week, you get to do everything Stein normally does and he gets your crappy job. I'd watch. When he gets to see what kind of back breaking labor most of us do for peanuts, I dare him to call the average American lazy.

Then there's his latest film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which has to be the greatest self-explanatory title ever. It tries to show how scientists agree with creationism and fails in a way that few films will. Scientists were tricked into appearing, whole scenes are taken out of context and even tries to show how Darwinism led to the Holocaust, I kid you not. It is without a doubt one of the most dishonest documentaries ever.

Then came this week and his shocking allegations that bankers and economists never commit crimes like rape. Nevermind the fact that Richard Nyamwange, an ESU Business Professor, in 2007 was convicted of rape or Robert Maubouche, a French economist who worked at the World Bank, was convicted in 1997 of raping his housekeeper. As for his idiotic notion that powerful people don't rape, maybe he should tell former Israeli President Moshe Katzav that his conviction for rape in early 2010 was all a big mistake. Or Mike Tyson. Or the literally hundreds of powerful people throughout time that have used rape as their personal privilege. Stein wonders why other women hadn't come forward and was the maid out for money. He must of missed the several women who HAVE come forward and said that they too had been assaulted by the former IMF leader. The man's a joke. Go back to being a game show host as it's all your good at, Stein.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stupidity Squared UPDATED

It's been a fascinating week when it comes to outright stupidity. Let's start with the most obvious. IMF head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is on suicide watch at Rikers after allegedly raping a maid. It is fair to question what really happened as rape accusations have been proven false in the past due to outside interference or mental instability. There are serious questions as to whether said maid was paid into making such allegations but that could be easily determined by checking her bank accounts. Much like Elliot Spitzer, the powers that be may just have wanted to eliminate him by any means possible. If he did do it, and it is entirely possible he did, then he is one of the stupidest men alive. Christ, buy a hooker if your that horny. It is NYC for God's sake. Even more hysterical, said maid may be HIV positive. Whether he's innocent or not is irrelevant. His career is over.

UPDATE- everything written below appears to be a hoax by ESQUIRE magazine. Corsi's book is still coming out.

Also on the Holy Crap meter, Jerome Corsi's new book about Barack Obama's birth certificate has been pulled from the shelves one day after being released. WND editor Joseph Farah and publisher of the book, WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? has threatened to sue Corsi for making up data to support his claim. Reports say Farah was PISSED when Obama released his actual certificate and even the super right wing site WND couldn't abide by the false info being thrown at the president. Farah has been quoted as saying while he does indeed hate Obama for all he's done wrong, he was not about to slander the man without cause. I'm sure the possibility of a counter suit by Obama made him equally nervous. He further went on to say they looked like "f$%cking idiots,' for continuing with this debate which has been for tense and purpose settled. If WND says the thing is real, it's real. Can we please move on. This combined with Trump's unreleased bombshells put this firmly in crackpot territory now.

A sex tape with John Edwards and his mistress has been confirmed making my predictions of this hick being totally unsuitable for any office years ago, very accurate. I saw something when he was running for VP. I saw a dangerously stupid man with no morals, no intelligence and no hope of wining. Right on all counts. This guy is a dick. Nuff said.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Why The Debt Ceiling Matters

In poll after poll, I hear that a majority of Americans don't want the debt ceiling raised. Apparently, I wouldn't want a majority of Americans balancing my checkbook either. If there was ever a better argument against direct democracy, this is it.

What is direct democracy you ask? California is the best example where citizens vote on everything from tax hikes to gay rights to legalization of pot. The end result is always the same: nothing gets accomplished. As a result, California is swimming in debt partially caused by the people who live there. In their defense, who can blame them, as no one wants higher taxes. On the flip side, they apparently don't want schools, police or firefighters, all of which are based on, GASP, socialistic ideas.

But this is why we have politicians because, when it comes right down to it, alot of US citizens are really, really clueless when it comes to government and what it does exactly. These are the same brainpowers that hold up signs like "Keep your government hands off my Medicare," "Obama is not a US citizen," and my personal favorite, "Obama is a Nazi, socialist, Commie," nevermind the fact that they are very different types of government that in no way resemble each other. Thanks Glenn Beck for making mankind dumber. And this is exactly why complex issues need politicians to make them, because the American people never will.

Then we get to the debt ceiling, which every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be an expert on it until questioned when you discover they know less about it than nuclear fission and advanced calculus. Here's how the debt ceiling works. The US has a finite amount of money to spend. Think of it as a checking account. As of May 16th, we have overdrawn the checkbook. Through creative accounting, we will keep things running until August 2nd. Then the real fun begins. Much like what your checkbook would look like with no money in it, the US will have a harder and harder time paying off their debt and running a functioning government. If you call your credit card company tomorrow and say, "sorry, I don't have any money to pay you, ever," I don't think they'll agree to your terms unless bankruptcy is in your future. Only, our government can't declare bankruptcy and China isn't going to just forget about the billions we owe them.

Eventually, like late payments on a credit card, the US is going to get walloped with interest that will swamp our national debt. Then there aren't going to be any jobs, or Social Security, or police or anything because we won't have any money to do anything about it and we'll be in a depression if we're lucky. The end result of not raising the debt ceiling is the equivalent of not paying any of your personal debt and not expecting any consequences from your actions. Does that sound smart to you?

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I know, I know, many of you out there think I'm a conspiracy theorist. I will admit I do subscribe to a few fringe theories (more on that later) but only after hard evidence has been researched and in the case of Bin Laden's whereabouts, I was wrong. I wish others would admit their mistakes. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Obama Administration- I cannot fully blame Obama for the Keystone Cops-like atmosphere about the Bin Laden death, as we've seen this before with the Bush administration in the wake of the Pat Tillman death and the Jessica Lynch hoax. Mind you those were deliberate attempts at lying to the US people and this was just stupidity squared. Ron Paul this weekend in his announcement for President (and a candidate I rather like), called out the administration for actually helping conspiracy theories by the ham fisted way of doling out misinformation. I understand the fog of war but, jeez, get your story straight before you start diarrhea of the mouth. Osama was armed. He was unarmed. Osama used his wife as a shield. Then he didn't. The whole thing was taped. Then it wasn't. And now it is again. This is exactly why conspiracy theories are still going about this. Stick to one story.

2)NBC News- Speaking of Ron Paul, he got shortchanged something fierce this weekend on NBC Nightly News. This is the first time I have ever seen a character assassination from somebody other than Fox news. In a clip for Paul they took a speech out of context to suggest that Paul wanted to addict the whole country to heroin. What he actually said that if you legalize heroin, no one is going to try it just because it's legal. Way to spread even more misinformation.

3)TEPCO- The only company on the planet that I loathe more than BP, TEPCO came forward and said yes there was at least a partial meltdown in reactors 1 and 3. Status of reactor 2 is unknown but probably in meltdown as well. Radiation continues to pump out unabated and nearly 800 kilometers of Japan are going to be uninhabitable for at least 30 years. Oddly (insert sarcasm here), the US and EU are going back to the testing for radioactive materials once every THREE MONTHS. Even the Norwegians have agreed to shut down their data for public consumption. This is a conspiracy people and one we should be more aware of. Especially if you live in Idaho. One of the last bits of data gotten from the Norwegian site and whose veracity is in debate, shows massive amounts of radiation spreading across the north, with Northern Alaska, Northern Canada and all of Idaho getting bombarded. If you live in Idaho, think about a long vacation somewhere else as your food and water supply is going to be unsafe to eat. The rest of us look okay for now but as radiation will continue to leak for, gasp, years, the future looks bleak for Japan.

4)Conspiracy theorists- "I have had it with these motherf#$cking conspiracy theorists on this motherf#$cking earth!" Thank you pissed off Sam Jackson for summing that up nicely. Look some conspiracy theories have weight such as:

*JFK was killed by more than one guy. Recent FOIA documents say Oswald worked for the CIA and the Zapruder tape clearly shows four shots. A separate conspiracy helped cover it all up for various reasons.

*TWA was shot down by a missile. All evidence points to accidental launch against the plane by our own forces.

*OKC was not brought down by a fertilizer bomb but bombs inside the building. Tests show the damage done by the bomb is not consistent with the damage seen. One of the top explosive experts on earth has written extensively about the subject and recent efforts by a lawyer looking into the case has found startling evidence of a cover up, including the fact the FBI had a warning about a bomb in the Murrah Federal Building 24 hours earlier and did nothing.

*Pan Am 103 was not brought down by Libya. The case was going so badly against the so called terrorist that they let him go for "health reasons."

*While Bin Laden is now officially dead and buried, there are still answered questions about 9/11 such as the evidence about nano-thermite found in three different tests and Cheney's stand down order.

Other than that, the birthers, deathers and even some truthers have to accept the fact that they were wrong about certain things and move on. This is exactly why we are so screwed as a nation because we never accept we're wrong about anything. Ever. It's why religion flourishes even though, most of what is taught is nonsense. We were wrong about Bin Laden. It happens. Radiation is blasting through our system and no one seems to care as we too busy arguing about Obama's birth certificate or whether or not Osama still lives. Let's move on already. So congratulation conspiracy theorists you are douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A recent Zogby poll says that one in five Americans think Bin Laden is alive and kicking somewhere. Mind you it means 80% of us are sane, rational beings and the other twenty are gargling Drano for fun it appears. Who are these brain powers you ask? Let's look at the stats.

They tend to be Republicans (25 percent), those born between 1964 and 1978 (24 percent), born-again non-Catholics (28 percent), those without a college degree (25 percent), conservatives (25 percent), residents of rural areas (24 percent), those without a passport (26 percent), weekly WalMart shoppers (31 percent), those who attend a place of worship (25 percent), voters most likely to be inclined to support a tea-party-backed candidate (32 percent), and people who have gone without food for 24 hours at a time because of a lack of money or food (52 percent). All in all, an interesting cacophony of groups most likely to doubt anything the government says, Republican, conservative, and just the plain angry. In other words, your average Tea Party member.

Funny how these groups also tend to be highly militaristic and supportive of troops. If what is being said is true and Bin Laden is still alive, then a huge number of our troops had to be complacent in such an operation. Navy SEAL team 6 would have to be traitors to follow such an order and I for one doubt that to be true. My experience with members of the military rarely are bad and many of my close friends and family are current or ex-military. None of these people would go on a mission like this and either refuse to do it or leak info to the press afterward as it would be unpatriotic not to. Are these people really suggesting that major portions of the military are subservient to the elite? If that is true, we are so screwed. Thankfully, at this point, I see no evidence of it being so.

So Bin Laden IS dead and to doubt that is really entering birther territory. What his involvement with 9/11 was is another. Obama is getting a much deserved bounce for his leadership on this issue. I for one commend him. I only hope that he can do something about it. Democrats are scared of angering corporate interests now that there is no stop gap on money that can be thrown in a political race. Piss off the wrong company and they can throw unlimited money to wreck your career. Think that won't kill free speech quick in this country, think again. Vote Republican if you like slavery.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bin Laden Killed. America Panics As Terrorists Spotted Everywhere

If an actual attack ever happens in this country, anyone who even resembles a Muslim is going to have to pack a gun to get work every day. From the mass panic that came out today, you would have thought 9/11 2 occured and no one bothered to tell me.

First, today was not helped by the fact that some people thought it would be HILARIOUS to do things that no sane person would do. Things like leaving a note saying bomb in the bathroom of a plane leaving Detroit or mailing white powder to schools in the DC area(both true).

Or maybe you REALLY wanted to be arrested like Abdulrahman Khalid Althuwayb, 25 of Roger Williams University who thought it would be so funny to tell cafeteria workers that he planned on blowing them up tomorrow. Guess who got arrested for making a bomb threat and is almost certainly on the soon to be deported list. There's an eduction for you, numnuts. Don't make bomb threats when your name is Abdulrahman Khalid Althuwayb.

In a different situation Reymundo Rodriguez, 20, hopped onto the railway tracks and walked two miles into Jersey City before being arrested. When he was, he said he placed a bomb on the tracks. Further info suggested mental illness as he said Obama told him to do it. Four urban explorers were also arrested for trespassing in areas that should have better security.

But those are legitimate things to be worried about. The rest of today not so much. A pilot refused to fly with two imams on board. 4 people were arrested at Denver airport for filming the security line. A Dallas train was evacuated after a man was looking for help moving some large packages and a duffel bag. Chuck Schumer is looking at a 'do not ride" list for trains. The TSA is still talking about check points at malls and train stations. A SUV in the Bronx was investigated as a possible bomb as well as another one the night before. Lastly, there were two separate incidents of people trying to break down a cockpit door before being subdued.

That's a lot of panic for nothing. Imagine what will happen is something really does occur.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


This week's was a no brainer and while Obama gets a whole heap of credit for getting the bastard, his subsequent actions have been less then stellar. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Obama- Yes only a democrat could take a golden opportunity like the death of America's Number One Most Hated and still find a way to screw it up. By not releasing the death photos, Obama has given ammo to both the conspiracy theorists and the terrorists. Odd that Al Queda confirmed the death of Bin Laden rather than use it as a ploy that he was still alive but there are tactical reasons for that by using him as a martyr. Obama has continued his slide by bringing up taxing cars by the mile where a EU proposal also is in the works. This is wholly unacceptable and, if the message boards are any indication, this would be the last straw for an increasingly hostile public. I don't think violence is the answer to many things but if this passes, my position will almost certainly change. NO BODY is tracking my every move for any reason least of all taxes I can't afford. Think of something else stat.

2)Main Stream Media- I thoroughly enjoyed watching the networks crap all over themselves trying to get info out to an voracious audience about Osama's death. But in their rush to get something over the other networks, data was mangled. I am unsure who exactly is to blame for this cavalcade of wrong info, be it the White House, the Navy, CNN or Fox, but someone needs a big heaping can of "shut the f#$k up!" Don't report anything unless verified. If I say something on this site that is unverified, I SAY IT. You've given more ammo to conspiracy theories and terrorists. Awesome.

3) Donald Trump- As I wrote in Commentarista this week (check it out), Obama Trumps Trump. Captain Windbag got his sails deflated when Obama released his birth certificate, nailed him at the Correspondence Dinner and crushed him by interrupting the last half hour of The Apprentice. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Haven't heard a word since last Sunday and let me tell you, the silence really is golden.

4)Republicans- You guys suck. Our President gets our Enemy Number one and you wait a whole day before bashing him again. Funny, after 9/11, you guys would have pounced all over the democrats for doing this to Bush. You'd have screamed UNPATRIOTIC at the top of your lungs and you would have been right. Right back at you. Now shut up and get the country going in the right direction now that your voucher program is dead in the water. Which is exactly what happened when you demonized it for the democrats when they offered it years ago. Nunmuts.

5)Conspiracy theorists- My God you guys have been busy this week. First it was the birther crap. Now Obama is still alive, or was a CIA plant, or died years ago and resurrected as a bogeyman. Up until last week, I would bet hard money the last one was correct. All the evidence pointed toward it. But it wasn't true. And instead of saying "oops, my bad," everyone is doubling down on the idea that somehow Obama used Bush's playbook without any problems from Republicans. Unless these guys are the greatest actors on the planet and secretly working together, there is no way this is plausible. A guy live blogged the actions of the operation, countless people knew about the operation (and kept it secret I might add), and no one has a shred of evidence of malfeasance on anybody's part. We were wrong. Get over it. It still doesn't change the fact that either Al Queda is an invention or they just suck as terrorists. Your choice, Either way, can I bring my shampoo back on the freaking plane now.

6)Osama Bin Laden and the Pakistanis- The real questions that should be brought up is how the most wanted man on Earth could live in a nice neighborhood right next to an army base and no one noticing? The place might as well have been painted bright pink and said Osama Bin Laden Lives Here spray painted in day-glo letters. And they were pissed we didn't tell them about the raid? Are you kidding me! BOO HOO. Obviously you can't be trusted at the big boy table so here's your spoon and enjoy your pudding, kid. This has to be addressed at a diplomatic level and we should pursuing any ties to the local police or military and demand from Pakistan a full investigation with us overseeing everything. Muslims extremists worldwide aren't helping the cause by protesting the death of their "leader." So congratulations Pakistan and Bin Laden you are douchebags of the week.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama's Big Blunder

Leave it to a democrat to screw up any good will they have achieved by doing dumb, idiotic things as a follow up. I understand Obama's reasoning to not release the photo of a dead Osama Bin Laden even if I don't agree with it. Yes they may be traumatic and inflammatory but the flip side is actually much worse. Has he learned nothing from the birth certificated debacle and not releasing it sooner? Already, conspiracy theories are abound and not all of them are tin foil hat teroroitory. I admit that even though I believed that Osama was long dead and evidence was overwhelming in that camp, the facts don't add up now that he died any earlier than last week. Why?

In order to believe that Osama was still alive, we need to believe that democrats and republicans worked together to create a fictional reality in which a dead Bin Laden is pulled out of cold storage and "killed." That does not sound any where close to reality. If this was the case, the GOP was actively conspiring to give Obama another four years. How likely is that? Zero. This is the party still working on trying to determine Obama's birth place, school records, SS number and any other items that just shows how racist they really are.

So if Osama has been alive this whole time and it appears he has been, why not release the photos to get rid of any nagging doubt that he is indeed dead. The Taliban and Al Queda are using this as a propaganda tool and high level officials like Paul Craig Roberts and Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik have recently wrote articles doubting the official story. Pieczenik says he is prepared to tell a federal grand jury the name of a top general who told him directly 9/11 was a false flag attack and of Bin Laden being a scapegoat for it, a theory that dead or alive, still holds water. Pieczenik cannot be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”. He served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, Nixon, Ford and Carter, while also working under Reagan and Bush senior, and still works as a consultant for the Department of Defense. A former US Navy Captain, Pieczenik achieved two prestigious Harry C. Solomon Awards at the Harvard Medical School as he simultaneously completed a PhD at MIT. The character of Jack Ryan, who appears in many Tom Clancy novels and was also played by Harrison Ford in the popular 1992 movie Patriot Games, is also based on Steve Pieczenik. Roberts was assistant Secretary to the Treasury for eight years under Ronald Reagan. Not exactly kooks.

So if insiders don't agree with what happened what is the average Joe going to believe? This government has cried wolf for so long that no one believes anything they say anymore. By not releasing these photos, the same problems exist. 9/11 families want the photos released, many are still calling for a real look into 9/11 and how it happened and Obama is behind the eight ball again.

Release the damned photos and lets get on with out lives.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden Death: What Does It Mean?

Conspiracy theories aside, no one disagrees that Osama Bin Laden is officially dead. When he died and what was his involvement in 9/11 is another story. My studies have shown numerous errors in the official story of the day of tragedy that are facts that cannot by disputed such as

*The FBI was not seeking Bin Laden for 9/11 as they said "they did not have enough information to charge him with the crime."

*Why did Dick Cheney give a stand down order as planes approached Washington? (Congressional record of testimony by then Secretary of Treasury Norman Mineta)

*Why did planes taking off from Otis Air Force Base travel at half the speed of a 747 to get to the equivalent of a five alarm fire? (Simple math. Look at the time it took them to get from point a to point b and compare that to official records of a time line. The planes were traveling around 250 miles per hour. Why?)

*Why did the military lie to the 9/11 commission about the timeline of events that day? (Chairmen Dean and Hamiliton sent the issue to the Pentagon Accounting Office for disciplinary action of which none was taken.)

*How did the BBC know building 7 was going to fall a half hour before it did? (News footage shows a reporter talking about building 7 being gone even though it was in the background for all to see. Oddly, the BBC claims all footage of this was accidentally erased. On the Internet however it lives on.)

*Why have most of the tapes given out by Osama over the last seven years been obvious fakes? (Only The US proclaimed them real, while every one else, including top experts on Bin Laden, said they were forgeries. If he ws living the high life in Pakistan couldn't he have gotten some video equipment as well instead of audio tapes?)

*Why hasn't Al Queda or Bin Laden done ANYTHING for the past ten years? And subsequently, why have all the so called terrorists since 9/11 (and maybe London on 7/7 to a lesser extent) been as reliable as a drunken monkey?

These are just a few of the questions that need to still be answered. Everything up there happened as reported and if you don't believe me, by all means look it up. You shouldn't trust what anyone writes about unless you can verify it anyway.

So what does it all up to? I don't know. Bin Laden cannot have been dead, like I would have put money on, for the past 9 years. Some bloggers have said they've created a dead bogeyman to scare the masses and have "killed" him off to start some sort of WW3 scenario. Possible, but unlikely. If this is true then cooperation exist between the two major US parties that seems to stretch creditability. It would mean that they are both conspiring together to bring down the US and the whole left/right thing is an act. I don't buy it. Yes, corporate fascism runs our lives but even I don't think that it's that stable a system.

So if that's true, then in no way does Obama "find" Bin Laden. Republicans would have dusted this old chestnut off to help get McCain put in office. So as Bush wouldn't be helping Obama, that means Osama has been alive this whole time. This leaves only a few possibilities:

*He's been working for the CIA this whole time, his usefulness outlives, they sacrifice him to Obama for yet unknown reasons.

*We really are that awesome and have crippled his network and forced him to live in hiding for the past nine years.

*Al Queda is a myth, Bin Laden is a bogeyman and we've hunted him down for show only.

One of those theories is right. The CIA one I still feel to be the least likely. The second and third on the other hand are still up for debate. What isn't is that Bin Laden is dead.

Monday, May 2, 2011


If this week had been a heavyweight fight with Barack "Not A Kenyan" Obama Vs Donald "the Mouth " Trump, it would have been the greatest bout ever. The first few rounds would have gone to Trump as his birther nonsense and endless stream of narcissism seemed to overwhelm Obama and kept him on the ropes. However, Obama had a rope a dope scheme that no one saw coming. The deft combo of the left hook for Obama's long form birth certificate (POW), then the right cross of the Correspondence Dinner (SMACK), followed by the hard uppercut of Osama Bin Laden death (WHAM). KO in the seventh for Obama.

This is also by and the far the funniest comeuppance I have ever seen. Trump, like all his other business failure pals who ran for office like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorini, found there is a huge divide between running a business and running for office. Corporate style of winning is brutal but the worst that might happen is your career might be ruined. In politics, you can get killed literally for your beliefs. Just ask JFK, if you could.

Obama played Trump this week like a virtuoso. After putting all his hopes into birther garbage, Obama one upped him by actually releasing his long form certificate. That knocked the Donald down a peg. Plus it didn't help that the true believers all found some thing to nitpick on about the new form that were in no way true and made everyone, Trump included, come across as racist bastards. Letterman, De Niro and Seinfeld have all publicly said things about Trump maybe being racist that have ruffled his feathers. Hah! After his cries for school records fell on deaf ears (no member of Congress was going to back this one), Trump was forced to take a back seat to the Royal Wedding.

Then came Saturday and the Correspondence dinner. Obama and Seth Myers raked Trump over the coals and he seemed to get more and more pissed as the night went on. Watch him and his wife make a bee line for the door the minute the thing was over. Trump's wife looked particularly unhappy as if she knows she is going to have the spend the rest of the evening with one grumpy bastard.

Then came Sunday. Donald is watching the Apprentice, brandy in one hand, an expensive cigar on the other. He's thinking, "At least I'm king tonight." Then comes the news that the President is going to give an important speech. I picture that brandy thrown at the wall and the cigar crumpled into mush as he realizes Obama has one upped him again. ON TELEVISION. HAHAHAHAHA! Think about this, Obama could have announced this at any time. Yet he waited until 10:45 on Sunday night to announce, just when the Apprentice is on. Don't tell me that wasn't one more raspberry directed at the Donald. Obama was thinking, "You're a freaking reality star. I'm the F#$cking President."

And that is called playing with the big boys. Trump is way of out of his element. Plus, he's effectively neutered Trump and any other candidate from portraying him as weak on terrorism and that Jimmy Carter label he was suffering from is gone. Good luck in 2012 as Obama could ride this wave all the way to a second term. Republicans everywhere are mashing their teeth as they know Obama's low poll numbers are going to double over the next few days and with Paul Ryan's budget plan a huge bust (seniors are booing his proposal nation wide as an attack on the younger generations and they are not happy), they have very little wiggle room left. Security questions-gone. Economic questions-gone. What's left other than abortion and gay rights which aren't going to win you a general election?

Obama is going to be riding high for the next few weeks. Let's hope he uses this good will to get some necessary things done.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Evidence About Solar Particles. News Not Good.

Info From Project Awareness Oct 2010.

For the past few years, fear has swept the scientific community about the sun. Some have said the upcoming solar storms will wipe away our advanced technology, others voiced dire warnings that solar emissions could breach our magnetic field, and bathe us in radiation.

Now evidence has surfaced that something potentially more dangerous is happening deep within the hidden core of the sun. Scientists have said that some mysterious force is being shot out from the sun and it’s hitting Earth.

Whatever it is, the evidence suggests it’s affecting all matter.

Alarmed physicists first became aware of this threat over the past several years. Initially dismissed as an anomaly, now frantic scientists are shooting e-mails back and forth to colleagues across the world attempting to grasp exactly what is happening to the sun.

Something impossible has happened. Yet the “impossible” has been proven to be true. Laboratories around the globe have confirmed that the rate of radioactive decay—once thought to be a constant and a bedrock of science—is no longer a constant. Something being emitted from the sun is interacting with matter in strange and unknown ways with the startling potential to dramatically change the nature of the very Earth itself.

Exactly what has scientists so on edge is the fact that the natural rate of decay of atomic particles has always been predictable. Indeed, using the decay rate of Carbon-14 has been a method to date archeological artifacts. The process, known as carbon dating, measures the quantity of Carbon-14 within organic objects. According to the numbers, Carbon-14 has a specific half-life of 5,730 years. Physicists have proven through exhaustive observation and experimentation over the course of a century that it takes 5,730 years for Carbon-14 atoms to decay into a stable Nitrogen-14.

The values don’t change—or at least they never have in the past. With certain evidence that radioactive decay can be significantly affected by an unknown effect from the sun, much of science is turned on its head.

Worst of all, if the decay rates of matter are being mutated then all matter on Earth is being affected including the matter that makes up life.

The mutation may go so far as to change the underlying reality of the quantum universe—and by extrapolation-the nature of life, the principles of physics, perhaps even the uniform flow of time.

In fact, some evidence of time dilation has been gleaned from close observation of the decay rate. If particles interacting with the matter are not the cause—and matter is being affected by a new force of nature-then time itself may be speeding up and there’s no way to stop it.

Researchers have correlated the anomalies in the decay rate to a 33-day period. That time frame matches the 33-day rotation of the solar core. Such a match strains credulity as being a mere coincidence.

Since the sun’s core is known to blast out continuous streams of particles called neutrinos, some scientists are attempting to find evidence that neutrinos are the culprits behind the mutation of matter.

There’s a problem with that hypothesis, however, as neutrinos are like ghost particles. They’re extremely difficult to detect. Normally, neutrinos pass through the Earth without any interaction at all. To a neutrino, it’s as if the Earth doesn’t exist. Also,recent studies have ruled out neutrinos as the culprit through scientific experiments with gold foil.

Other than discovering a previously unknown property of neutrinos, or finding a new particle altogether, the possibility exists that no particle is behind the changes recorded in the radioactive decay rates. What could be causing the phenomenon is a previously unknown force.

As the sun builds towards solar maximum and a period of dangerous intensity never experienced by any living person inexorably approaches, strange, uncontrollable forces could be building deep within its fiery nuclear furnace.

It’s already been proven that the sun’s mass warps time, bends light waves and accounts for mutation of species on Earth. Now this new force may be directly interacting with matter in a way that could not only change Mankind’s understanding of physics, but change Mankind itself…and not necessarily in a beneficial way.

Whether the phenomenon has no real impact on humanity, or the worst impact imaginable, nothing can be done to stop it. So let's hope for the best because whatever the end result, there's nothing we can do.