Saturday, December 31, 2016


No one has done more harm to this country than the DNC, Obama and Hillary Clinton this year. Trump gave them a run for their money, and he's a person I firmly believe will kill us all sometime soon, but even he and his fellow douchebag Republicans were only half as repugnant as the Democratic party which just decided to never win another election with the half assed, center right policies. What they did this year was unforgivable and they can cross me off their list as I will NEVER vote again, short of a ballot question, because I just don't care anymore. Both sides suck and I no longer give two shits which side wins. They both are going to kill millions before they destroy this country once and for all. Let's see those runner ups in a truly pathetic year.
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Dishonorable mentions- George Zimmerman (someone needs to tell this guy to shut the fuck up), Brock Turner (defining white privilege), Antonin Scalia (died and still screwed us over), Ryan Locte (nice cry of Wolf dumbass), Rick Snyder (why again are democrats getting the blame here for a Republican controlled state about poisoning the Flint water supply?), Kim Davis (drop dead you fat, nasty bigot) and Billy Bush (frat boys suck!).

10)Jared Fogel- This guy had a really bad year. What was once an inspiring story about weight loss that raked him tens of millions of dollars, ended in a long jail term, his family leaving him and all that weight coming back in droves. This dork wasn't even trying to hide his attraction to young (and I do mean young) children of BOTH sexes, asking friends if he could fuck their children. EEEEWWWWWWWW! Plus, he was apparently embezzling from his own charity as well. Enjoy prison loser.

9)Martin Shkreli- This guy was the poster-child for Douchebags R Us. After raising a life saving drug to exorbitant proportions, one he purchased not developed, this ass became the most hated man in America. What didn't help was his frat boy attitude and comparing himself favorably to robber barons of the past. With that much scrutiny, it was no surprise when he was arrested for insider trading and fraud charges. His trial should start sometime this year and I hope he gets a lengthy prison sentence.
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8)Roger Goodell- This man is destroying football. He sidelined Tom Brady for a bullshit reason (there is no science behind deflated balls that supports Goodell here), expanded the NFL beyond what can be sustainable as player talent has been seriously watered down across the league and failed for the zillionth year to do anything about lousy refereeing which are costing teams games. Can we please get someone in here who knows what he is doing?

7)The Police- It was a banner year for horrible cops. Just look at any list of bad cops for 2016 and you will see a litany of greed, extortion and murder. If these guys were anybody but police, they would have been labeled a gang and destroyed by now, We saw multiple executions of innocent, mostly black, people. In many cases, like the one in Charlotte, where video appears to show a cop plant the gun allegedly held by the victim, yet charges are not filed against him. Others, like the St, Louis cop caught doing the same thing, was arrested as was the South Carolina cop arrested for shooting a man in the back, even though his case wound up in a mistrial when one juror refused to say guilty. Two of the worst were Sean Toon, who infamously did a Captain Kirk barrel roll for no reason after beating a 15 year old black girl in a bikini and Daniel Holtzclaw, who was convicted of raping multiple women, almost all of which were poor and black. And then they wonder why cop shootings have gone up dramatically this year.

6)BLM and black people in general- Wow, do you guys need a new direction. BLM is being labeled a terror group in several nations now where vandalism and attacks on white people have increased dramatically. They are not that far from that here. Their demands are not for equality but superiority, much like radical feminism has become over the years. I have no problem with saying we are all equal. But in order for that to happen, black people have to stop the level of racism within their community that blames white people for all their problems. White people are not killing you. You guys are doing that to each other. And self segregation is not the answer unless you really want to see how bad life can get when you all live in walled off ghettos more Escape from NY that you want.
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5)Muslim Terrorists- These guys were on a tear this year with attacks across the planet and hundreds of thousands dead because of it. What they don't seem to get is that they are not winning at all with this strategy. Quite the opposite actually. Sometime soon, one of these losers is going to kill a lot of people, more than the world can tolerate. And when that happens, all hell is going to break loose for anyone who even looks Muslim. Don't think interment camps cannot happen because it will either be that or dead in the street when panicky mobs wipe them out. People band together with tribal like actions and our side has nuclear weapons and every world power will act as one at such a threat because it will affect every non Muslim nation equally. How long will the Middle East last if three quarters of the planet wants you dead? You guys are on very borrowed time and that includes innocent people here as well as scared people rarely make sane decisions. If this continues, expect the Muslim faith to be wiped from the Earth.

4)MSM- This was the year it all fell apart. Our society, I hate to say, is dying. It is dying because these assholes helped. Instead of reporting the truth, they sold out to corporate interests and became nothing more than mouthpieces for the government. And it didn't matter who was in office at the time. They lied for Bush and the WMD's that never existed. They lied for Obama and his bullshit unemployment and inflation rates. They will continue to lie for Trump if history is any indication. Even if they don't though, no one trusts them anymore. Hell, we don't trust ANYTHING anymore. And that is how civilizations end. When no one believes anyone or anything, society fails. I found it hilarious that the MSM screamed about "fake news stories," while they themselves continued to shill false nonsense. It's the beginning of the end folks and these giant douchebags are a major part of the problem.
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3)Voters- I have come to the conclusion that democracy no longer works because way too many people with single digit IQ's voted way against their self interests. There is nothing that states an uninformed voter can be stricken from the record and we should do this. Have a simple civics test for all citizens. If you can't get seven out of ten right, you can't vote. Get 100, and you never have to take the test again. It would certainly help thin out the herd of people who voted to kill themselves. 17,000 miners, almost all of whom voted Trump and Republicans, saw their health care go away even though the democrats tried to save it. Same goes for all the people who voted for Trump, millions by the way, many of whom will not see the end of his term when Obamacare and Medicaid disappear. and their lives go with it. Black people who voted for him will see a sharp uptick in arrests of minorities are private prisons continue. Worst off will be Muslims or Hispanics in this country who are going to be persona non grata, either deported, shunned or killed off. So way to go guys, you've ended this country. The same can be said for every single democratic voter in the country who picked Hillary over Sanders. He would have won, she wasn't going to and didn't. Now we have what we have. Awesome.

2)Donald Trump and the GOP- We should take bets on how long it will be before one of his tweets causes an international incident. We got Trump because the rest of the people running were somehow, someway, worse. Jeb BUSH! Please. The same went for Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Carla Fiorina, Ben Carson and the 700 other people that ran. I still like Trump more than the rest of these idiots. I am hoping he will do better than Obama, but that's a low bar to hurdle even for the Donald. I fear they are going to kill a lot of things people like, Social Security, health care, the world, but I also see the same things that destroyed the democratic party happening here. They are not all on the same page and this could lead to the same tug of war that caused the democrats to get almost nothing done in 2009 when they had all the power too. People are furious with this and want things done now and quick. That is unlikely. If they slog it out too long, they could pay a huge price in 2018 or even sooner if their policies anger people enough to grab their guns and head to Washington en masse. They have six months to a year to right the ship before people are going to be even more furious than now. And next time, voting might not be their option of choice.
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1)Hillary Clinton and the DNC- I fucking hate the democrats after this year. Debbie Wassermam Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazile may have permanently made this party irrelevant by fixing the race for Hillary and then running a piss poor campaign as well. Sanders should have been the choice but these cunts fixed it so their vagina in chief would win. Then, in what can only be described as unbridled stupidity, they gave up on any ground game in key states, ignored white voters completely and played identity politics in such a way that it drove voters away instead of vice versa. Picking Tim Kaine was one of the dumbest, idiotic, beyond stupid picks in all of human history. Instead of wisely picking a progressive like Liz Warren or Sanders, this asshole in a dress, went with a corporatist that made the far left abandon her. She lost the race here the same way Marcia Clark lost before the trial even started by ignoring advice from her jury consultant. Trump picked Pence which shored up his base. Hillary pissed on hers. She then went on to call voters "deplorable," fainted on 9/11, went high when she should have gone low (trying Republicans to Hitler would have been a good start) and a zillion other mistakes that made her lose. Instead of releasing all her emails and speeches in September, she let others dictate their release and, truth be told, weren't that bad. The unknown was way worse than what was actually in them. Whoever advises her sucked. We now face oblivion because the democrats have abandoned us and the GOP is beyond insane. We literally have no one left to vote for. And it's not like Obama has been any better. He kept almost none of his promises, reversing course on at least half of them before his seat was even warm. Lately, with questionable action against allies like Israel and less than satisfactory actions against the Russians, he has positioned the world much closer to war. Things are going to get very, very bad soon. And this shrill bitch wouldn't have been much better. So congratulations Hillary Clinton and the DNC, you fucked us all and are indeed douchebag of the year.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Wow, there was a lot of wank this year. Some like the Story of Us, which got positive reviews from the critics and turned out to be a big hit, but I found it so sugary I almost went into diabetic shock. Others, like 90% of the sitcoms this year were just plain awful along with some painful remakes and mindbogglingly stupid premises that never should have been filmed in the first place. It is a miracle that some of these shows are still on. Let's see what I suffered through this year.


10)Rocky Horror on Fox- I have seen this movie more than any other film, easily in the hundreds. I used to go twice every weekend and act it out with my friends and we had a great time. And while I was neither gay nor a fan of musicals, I really love this picture even though it is pretty terrible with a great soundtrack. The stage play they did last year on BBC was fantastic so I had hoped for greatness from this but after the initial few minutes, I found the whole thing flat. The songs were more popish sounding, the acting poor and making the lead an actual transvestite didn't work for some inane reason. This was a real disappointment.

9)Pure Genius- I love shows about smart people but don't usually care for doctor shows, other than House which was awesome. I thought this might be like the later and quickly found it wasn't. Pretentious as hell and deadly dull, this show has already been cancelled which is hardly a shock as you would need a defibrillator to stay awake during it.

8)Scream Queens- The first season was okay and I was fine with it being a one off season. Then they did the unthinkable: they renewed it. I watched the first two episodes before deciding that if my sole reason for watching was to see Emma Roberts disrobe a lot, it was time to move on. This was one of several shows that did not need a second season.

7)Wayward Pines- See above for the exact same review minus Emma Roberts and inserting my least favorite actor of all times, Jason Patric and what you have is a show I will never watch. Apparently, neither did anyone else. This was supposed to be a one time show, like Scream Queens, until some idiot executive decided they could squeeze more blood from what turned out to be a very heavy stone. Stop doing this.

6)Notorious- I pegged this show for a quick death and I was right. Nobody was going to watch this show about a reporter and a lawyer teaming up to solve crimes or something (I never watched one second of this misfire other than some clips and trailers), especially as it is apparently based on the life of Mark Geragos, who not only looks nothing like the lead, but is a middling lawyer at best. His defense of Scott Peterson was terrible and even though that guy looked guilty as hell, the evidence against him was circumstantial at best. Just like in that case, this show got a death sentence.

5)Conviction- I love Hayley Atwell, having discovered her on Pillars of the Earth (along with Eddie Redmayne) and was thrilled with her as Peggy Carter. This show however was a giant waste of everyone's time, that like Scream Queens, the sole reason to watch was to see Atwell undress in the first episode. Everything other than that was horrible. Another show that will soon be on the dust heap and we can only pray that this talented actress finds a far better role.

4)Vinyl- This show cost $100 million dollars to make. Chances are, for a lot of you, you've never heard of it. It had something to do with the record industry in the 1970's and landed with a huge thud. Oddly, HBO renewed it after the first episode, but a few ones later, they changed their mind and cancelled it. One of the biggest, costliest flops in history. Scorsese who saw this and his latest film Silence die at the box office and in the ratings has correctly said that his style of film making is no longer relevant. He will always be one of my favorite directors ever, but unless you are Clint Eastwood, time catches up to us all. Spielberg, Altman and Hitchcock all faded in their old age. Maybe it is finally happening to Scorsese too.

3)Man with a Plan/Kevin Can Wait- These sitcoms are painful to sit through. I refuse to watch one more show where the husband is a fool/man child whose much hotter wife has to take care of everything. Both shows are so interchangeable I don't even remember the plot to either. Imagine the outrage if for the last fifty years women were always played by morons where the far hotter husband has to tell her what to do all the time. It would never happen. So why is this okay then? Stop watching crap America.

2)Fear the Walking Dead- The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows so I was thrilled when a spin off was announced. I watched the first season and found it to be okay. Some of the characters were really annoying, like the drug addicted son and the son from another marriage was kind of a douche. This season however, I found myself rooting for the zombies to eat everyone. The two that were kind of awful last year went into full blown nutjob mode which made me stop watching altogether. I truly do not care what happens to anyone on this show anymore.

1)MacGyver- I will admit I was never a fan of the old show. But my fiancee was so I agreed to watch it. We both sat in stone faced silence as we witnessed some of the dumbest dialogue, piss poor special effects and idiotic plot lines in some time. There was nothing good about this show but somehow went on to be a huge hit. WHY? WHAT? This is why the country is headed for a steep fall because this show sucked on a grand scale and yet millions went "YEAH!" My head hurt after wards as my brain tried to escape the hell I was subjecting it to. Don't watch unless lowered IQ points is your thing.

Dishonorable mentions- Fuller House, MSM, Supergirl, Family, The Bachelor, anything with a Kardashian or Kanye West in it, Frequency, No Tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I don't know which is worse, Trump becoming president or Obama still being president for the next few weeks. Our current moron seems to be trying to end the world before Trump even gets into office. He's pissed off both the Russians and the Israelis for no good reason, he may have just helped end the UN and the chances for all out war have increased dramatically. So much for that peace prize huh? Instead of focusing on this crap, let's take a look back at the best of TV this past year. While there was a lot of garbage this year, a few series went bold and it paid dividends. Here's what worked:

BEST TV 2016

10)Lethal Weapon- I had this on my sure to be cancelled list earlier this year. And much like my predictions of the election, I was way wrong about this show. I am huge fan of Clayne Crawford and he nails his performance as Riggs. Damon Wayans is okay and I still wish they had cast someone else. Either way, this show is action packed and funny.

9)The Wall/Match Game- Two wildly entertaining game shows. The first one is a high stakes Plinko game hosted by Chris Hardwick where contestants answer trivia and can win up to 12 million dollars. It is thrilling. The other one the payout is far smaller bit no one goes on Match Game to win money but to have fun, which everyone seems to do. Alec Baldwin has had a great year with this and his dead on Trump impression on the much improved SNL.

8)Superstore- One of the best new sitcoms on TV, this one lampoons working at a Walmart type store with all the different whack jobs who work there. Lauren Ash steals the show as the domineering Dina with terrific supporting help from America Ferrera, a hard worker whose marriage is failing apart, and Mark McKinney as the helpless store manager. Great ensemble here.

7)The Good Place- NBC has nailed not one but two sitcoms this year, a feat in and of itself. This one has Kristen Bell as a woman misplaced into heaven when she actually should have gone the other way and tries to figure out how to keep from eternal damnation. While she does, the heaven she is in is falling apart and is not the only mistake there. Ted Danson as the overly pleasant architect of this dimension is a hoot.

6)Scorpion- I love this show. As a genius, I can identify a lot with the characters here and the romance between Toby and Happy mirrors my life a great deal, as I also have to deal with an anti social Asian woman who likes to build things. Kathrine McPhee is as talented and gorgeous as ever and anything with Robert Patrick is almost always worth watching. This show is a lot of fun.

5)Marvel Shows- Their Netflix shows this year, Luke Cage and the second season of Daredevil where not to be missed TV. Next year, we get Iron Fist and the team up of the Defenders. I can't wait. On top of this, we also had Agents of Shield which introduced Ghost Rider to the mix and really ramped up the storyline. These are must watch shows.

4)DC shows- Unlike the movies both of which will be high up on my worst of film list, their TV series are fantastic. While I find Supergirl a little too female oriented for my taste, the other three, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are brilliant, can't wait to see programs. The crossover episodes were great except for the Supergirl episode which was wholly tacked on. I am looking forward to their return.

3)Stranger Things- The most surprising show of the year. I was reluctant to watch it, but so many gave rave reviews for it, I broke down and was subjected to one of the finest programs. The kids in it are incredible, including one poor soul who had a medical condition in real life where his teeth are coming far slower than anyone else and is worked into the story. The second season will prove to be a high point for the coming  year.

2)Stan Against Evil/Ash verses the Evil Dead- Two very similar shows with very different heroes, these are some of the best horror comedy has to offer. John C McGinley plays Stan a recently widowed ex-sheriff of a small town who discovers that his town is infested with ancient witches that want him and and the new female sheriff dead. Ash, in his second season, goes home to banish the book once and for all and while there reconnects with his father (Lee Majors!), his best friend (Ted Raimi) and an old flame married to the current police chief. Both shows are hysterically funny and should be watched if you like this genre.

1)Dirk Gently- No show made me happier than this one as my life is very holistic apparently. Loosely adapted from the Douglas Adams books, Elijiah Wood once again proves he knows what projects to be in with this latest (and hot off his turn on Wilfred and the film Cooties), here he becomes partners with a guy who accidentally finds crimes to solve while being pursued by a soul stealing cult and a holistic assassin who cannot be killed and has no knowledge as to how the world works. It was trippy, funny as hell and thought provoking.

Honorable mentions; Supernatural, American Housewife, Fresh off the Boat, the X Files, People Versus OJ, Game of Thrones, Gotham, Lucifer, SNL, Big Bang Theory. Adam Ruins Everything, Preacher, Walking Dead, John Oliver, Sam Bee, Seth Myers.

Friday, December 23, 2016


You're a dumb one, Mr. Trump.
You are going to make us dead.
You want to have more nukes,
while cutting needed programs to shreds,
Mr. Trump.
You've got a tribble on your head that looks like it barfed up a hairball.

You're an evil one, Mrs. Clinton
You really fucked us all
You had no stand on anything
You kicked us in the balls,
Mrs. Clinton.
Please for the love of God, don't run again.

You're a shyster, Mrs. Schultz,
You are corrupt beyond all words
Yet you won another term
because the public is a mindless herd,
Mrs. Schultz.
Between you an a dead squirrel, I'll take the dead squirrel.

Here are the words that best describe you, and I quote:

You're a douchebag, voting public
You really are a dick,
You picked a demagogue and a corporatist
over the one that didn't make us sick,
Mr. Sanders.
The DNC cheated us out of our pick and they deserve our scorn.

Is this really the best we get?
Can we try again.
Our choices besides Sanders, reeked of day old diapers
left out in the sun.

You disgust me, Mr. McConnell.
You really suck real bad
You are going to ruin this country
and set us back to a desolate land,
Mr. McConnell.
I hope you die of ass cancer.

You are all a shit sandwich,
with feces loaf and poo sauce
that we all have to eat.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I haven't liked Obama since soon after his first election. I voted for him in 2012, not because I thought he was a great president, but because the Republicans scared me more. And now since they control everything, my fears have been well realized. Just in the last week, douchebag Republicans have introduced bills that would destroy health care and social security. With Trump in office, however, these bills have less chance of passage than if some right wing douchebag was in there like Bush, Walker or Christie.
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While I believe health care in this country is ultimately doomed thanks to Obama screwing up health care (and Joe "Fuckwad" Lieberman who almost singlehandedly stopped universal health care by failing to be the sixtieth vote needed to overcome Republican obstructionism), and now the other side is well poised to end it for all. Less likely is their plan to end social security forever with a litany of horrific ideas like defunding the plan by getting rid of payroll taxes and establishing the chained CPI which would lower payments across the board. Since few have the worthless 401k the rich held us hostage to while simultaneously eliminating pensions, chances are good people my age are going to starve when and if we ever approach retirement age. As a lot of Republicans would be voted out en masse in 2018, as well as giving the democrats a lethal talking point, their reign would end, possible bloody if it is draconian enough. A suspect a lot of Republicans would see their cushy job disappear and, just like 2005 when they tried this then, a lot of defectors killed this plan quick. If they somehow manage to get it through, I have a feeling Trump would also kill it as his popularity, not to mention a good change at a huge number of assassination attempts by the elderly, would lead to his veto. He did promise to protect social security, but as I am about to go into, presidential promises are as valid as "the check is in the mail," or "I'll call you."

Obama was without a doubt the biggest liar in chief we have ever had. Almost nothing he promised us in 2008 or 2012 ever came to pass and no, Republican obstructionism had little to do with it. A recent article came up with 252 lies the president promised to follow through with and didn't was eye opening. Here's the link:


Here's a smattering of things that Obama lied to us about:

1)Gave no bid contracts to Halliburton even though he criticized Bush for the same thing.

2)Promised no lobbyists in his adminstation. Has at least 40.

3)Promised to reign in Wall Street. Didn't in any meaningful way.

4)Amped up the War on Drugs, including allowing the DEA to raid medical pot stores in a states where it is legal. From a guy who used to smoke a lot of week when he was younger, this is inexcusable.

5) Expanded Bush's faith based programs.

6)Supported the Patriot Act after rallying against it.

7)Prosecuted exactly one person over the banks destroying the economy.

8)Did not "save" the auto industry except for the richest shareholders as workers saw the salaries drop by half in the restructuring allowed. New workers started at $14 an hour instead of $28 with fewer benefits or protections from being fired.

9)He lied about his health insurance plan that neither was cheaper nor let you keep your doctor or even the plan you like. Premiums have spiked beyond what people can afford and this was always going to happen as the Obama plan did not take into account spiraling costs. The GOP plan will kill it and us once and for all.

10)Invested in companies like Solyndra which had zero chance of making a profit. They were making solar panels for more than they were selling them for, a recipe for disaster. This is a common practice with both sides and have been a part of this scam up close when I was blackmailed for four millions dollars by the Roland administration in CT to get a movie studio built. Instead, the plan went to Cathy Moriarty's husband who ponied up the money, got 12 million in return of tax payer dollars and then went on to just walk away with the cash. The same thing happened here. It's all a con to steal money from taxpayers and Obama was just as guilty as everyone else here.

That's just ten of the hundreds of lies he told us. Read what people in states like PA, WI or Michigan said about why they voted for Trump. Many voted for Obama and got screwed in the process. Funny enough, they are probably going to get double screwed with Republicans in office. But I can't blame them for believing the democrats for the past eight years who have gotten almost nothing done anywhere, even in states like MA and California where they have all the power. To be fair, however, these states are far superior to live in then say Alabama or Texas where your chances for abject poverty are way higher. The democrats have ignored middle class white people for too long and they paid for it.
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MTV just put out another video about how being white is racist. This is why Trump won because white people are NOT all racist regardless of what your minority friends keep screaming about. The democrats have embraced identity politics which demonizes white men. This is not a winning strategy. They chose Hillary because they wanted a woman in office, any woman, even one who couldn't win. They even cheated to make sure of it. Had Sanders been the rightful winner, he'd be president and the Senate would probably be blue. But because white men have no place anymore in the democratic party, they lost. I am not voting for the democrats anymore, except for people I respect like Sanders, Warren or Franken. The rest can go blow as far as I am concerned. End identity politics and focus on jobs and the economy which affects us all and have been ignored by Democrats for decades now.

Chances are good we all die soon because the Republican freight train is barreling right at us and the only thing keeping us safe is Trump as the engineer. If that doesn't frighten you, I don't know what will.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Another week where the Republicans come across as unqualified hatemongers as the democrats provide their usual brand of wimpy ineffectiveness. Obama has been channeling Jimmy Carter, and not the good parts, as Trump sends us closer and closer to the abyss. There is NO hope for our future if these are the only two choices we ever get. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Electoral College- Much like a lot of the Constitution at this point, we have yet another archaic device that should go away, like trial by jury and permanent seats on the Supreme Court. This was supposed to be used to prevent unqualified people from getting in and now we have had two in the last 16 years. This is a system that no longer works and should be scrapped. The College meets tomorrow to vote and if any of these idiots actually read the Hamilton papers would see that according to him and the Constitution, no one should be voting for Trump who epitomizes all three check-boxes as to why he shouldn't be president, dangerous demagogue, helped by foreign powers and a clear loser to the millions more who voted for Hillary. There is almost no chance this happens, because if it did, civil war would erupt. Not that it matters as these yahoos will kill hundreds of thousands of Americans by the end of 2017 if their plans come to be, which is likely if they eliminate the filibusterer, which they might and the democrats should have when they had the chance. The College needs to go but that is as likely as a good GOP health care plan.

9)North Korea- If there is any place that nuclear war may break out, it's here, thanks to two unstable personalities here and abroad. Apparently resident midget and retard, Kim Jung Un, got black out drunk and made his generals write apology letters for their behavior. When he sobered up, he had no recollection of doing anything to them, but his cryptic comments about them being old and foolish for showing up for a meeting he didn't schedule (forgotten actually), several burst into tears thinking they were about to killed. This man is unstable and so is ours. Get ready for a surprise, America because they may have nukes capable of hitting the mainland.

8)DEA- Here's an organization that should be on the chopping block and never is. This week these assholes decided to make CBD's a schedule one drug even though you cannot get high off of it. What it does do is cut into the Big Pharma profits so these guys once again act as stormtroopers for the elites. The DEA is a fraud and filled with crooks. Don't deal with these dicks ever. Refuse them service where ever you can.
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7)Obama's "fake' birth certificate- Are you kidding me? Sheriff Joe Apraio is at it again, saying after a five year investigation he has solid "proof" Obama's birth certificate is a fake. It isn't because in order for it be, Obama would have to have a time machine in his possession to go back and fake the news articles taken out in local papers when he was born and thousands of people helping him cover this up. Not possible. As expected, they seemed awfully short of facts and had a lot of supposition. Please tell this dork to just go away.

6)Muslim hoax attacks/ dead kid in Santa's arm- A Muslim woman in NYC who claimed that Trump supporters assaulted her on the subway turned out to be a hoax, as did the five year old who died in Santa's arms. Both were reported by the news without any due diligence that would have suggested otherwise. The Santa story had few facts and should have been seen as a hoax right away. The other story fell apart later but still showed holes where an actual reporter might have noticed, but we don't have those anymore as today's journalists are deaf, dumb and blind. And they wonder why newspapers are dying.

5)CIA- These guys cancelled a briefing this week for members of Congress about the Russian hacking for no apparent reason. These guys do know their job is to inform Congress of stuff like this right? Do they have nothing? If so, why tell everyone there is a problem? This story stinks and so does the CIA. Come forward or shut up.
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4)Trump- This asshole also cancelled a press conference this week where he was going to tell the press how he plans to divide up his business dealings. The fact we never saw his tax returns make him a candidate for blackmail from foreign entities, something some have suggested is happening already. Is he going to use a blind trust or not? These are questions we need answered.

3)China- Stop stealing our stuff! This week, the Chinese "borrowed" an underwater drone for reasons unknown. This is most likely saber rattling to see how we react and it is exactly as expected: Obama did nothing and Trump threatened to burn the planet down. How is it we go from one extreme to another? China is ratcheting up their threats and Trump is highly unlikely to seek the mundane options Obama keep doing. The worst part is both are doing great harm to American interested by doing nothing and everything, with zero in between.

2)Obama and Russia- So let me get this straight: you knew for months that the Russians were hacking our elections and chose to say nothing so as not to appear biased for one candidate over the other. You do know that is your fucking job right? Then, even after you come out and say Russia is to blame, we do absolutely nothing to them, even though what they did is an act of war. Moscow should be blacked out and nude photos of Putin fucking a guy should be plastered all over the internet, even if none of it is true. Grow a spine democrats, This is why you lost and will continue to do so. No more high road bullshit. And if Chuck Schumer decides to meet Trump halfway on anything horrific, his constituents better show him the door in 2018.
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1)North Carolina Legislation- These assholes lost the governorship and as a result have taken away a lot of powers the incoming governor would normally have like selecting staff, appointments and the like which now all have to go through the Republican controlled Senate. A lot of people were pissed that their vote didn't matter and the courts will obviously have a say which, even in a red state, doesn't have a lot of hope of going through. This is an obvious power grab and their Supreme Court is unlikely to rule in the GOP's favor. This is fascist crap and we are going to to be seeing a lot more of this with our idiot in Chief ruining the world. A snapshot of what is to come people and indeed these are douchebags of the week.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I will say this for Trump, he's not wrong about somethings. Paying four billion for a plane, Air Force One, seems outrageous, even though the fleet is now over 25 years old and does need an upgrade, can we get the price down somewhat please as Trump has rightfully suggested? The boondoogle known as the F-35 is something Trump wants scrap as well, sending Lockheed Martin stocks plunging. Oddly, stock signs show someone shorted that exact same stock minutes before Trump's tweet. He's not even office yet and there's already signs of insider trading. However, he is not wrong that this plane needs to go as it is hundreds of billions in debt and still doesn't work, even though we are selling them now worldwide. Does the lemon law apply to billion dollar failures?
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Trump will probably increase jobs but if the Carrier deal is any indication, will do it on the backs of the taxpayer. That strategy will only go so far until you run out of money. Shockingly, Mitch McConnell seems to realize that unbridled tax cuts will ruin the economy and have signaled that Trump's tax plan, and even Paul Ryan's, will need serious reworking. He has pledged no tax cuts without them being payed for, an unusually wise idea from a man for whom most of his ideas are swamp sludge. I hope he shows similar initiative when it comes to healthcare as their plan right now will destroy ALL health care nationwide. You have to have everyone involved, the dreaded mandate, or else it doesn't work. I am curious how they get themselves out of that hole they have dug deep.

The worst thing about Trump are most of cabinet picks, a who's who of establishment yahoos, douchebag billionaires and, for the most part, people wholly unqualified for the job their are being chosen to do. The biggest stumbling blocks will be his choices for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson
with John Bolton as his second. Many a Republican have pledged to block this vote and with good reason. You are being accused of being a Putin puppet and you pick a guy with close ties to Putin. Brilliant. It would be like if Hillary won and she picked Saul Alinsky for the job.

And can someone please explain to me how we hear of Hillary and Obama being communists, which is laughable, but our President elect can kiss ass to Putin and no one says boo? You people are idiots. You've been brainwashed to accept any GOP idea as patriotic and the other side is garbage. Grow a brain morons and think for yourselves. If you can't see that you got played, you should stay off the internet because a Nigerian Prince scam has your name all over it.
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There are strong signs that a looming disaster is coming. Will it be economic? Yellin raised interest rates today so it remains to see what effect that will have. Most of the stock market rise is due to stock buyback programs. When companies like IBM and Caterpillar cannot do this anymore, their stocks will plummet to junk status and billions will be wiped from the market. There are some signs that the world economy will plummet, but as to when and how is unknown as the rigged system is truly unpredictable. See the Big Short for a prime example of how the laws of economics get suspended by a fixed system. Will it be terrorism? Considering the last time we had a president not go to daily briefings we got 9/11. The next one will be worse. And with Orange Hitler at the helm, things will go belly up fast.

Prepare for the worst, because the end is most likely near. One way or another, this country is going to rip itself apart because stupidity is magnifying on all sides and it is unsupportable at this point. No one believes anything beyond what they hear in their bubble and when facts don't matter, societies fall. The Romans saw their end, why can't we? Enjoy this Christmas because I have a feeling that next year we won't feel like celebrating, assuming that even live that long. I plan on flagging down a passing space ship with my trusty towel and pray I wind up somewhere where humans aren't on the menu.

Monday, December 12, 2016


These are indeed dark days. Enjoy this Christmas because it maybe our last. The incompetent democrats seem incapable of even realizing what a hole they are in as Trump sends us skyrocketing to Armageddon. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Burkas- I have no problem with religious freedom. But sometimes it goes too far and these schmucks need to be dragging kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The burka is being debated being banned in Germany as it should everywhere, especially non Muslim countries. There is NO passage anywhere in the Koran that says this how women should dress,beyond being modest. This is a far cry from modesty. There is NO religious basis for this yet we allow it to fester and happen. The burka has no place in modern society and banning it is a start toward getting some of these lunatics to moderate.

9)Cop shootings- I get it. Black people don't like cops and with good reason. However, shooting innocent people is no way to get your message across. There has been an increase in cop shootings this year, in large part because cops are shooting innocent people with impunity and when the courts don't work, people will take action on their own. Cops need to prosecute anyone who kills someone for no reason and juries need to to convict, unlike the lone holdout in the recent SC trial of a cop caught on film shooting someone in the back. Stop shooting cops. This isn't helping. If blacks had instead voted for Hillary instead of staying home, this might have stopped. Instead, get ready for prison.

8)Pizzagate- This story is nonsense. However, there is a solid reason to believe an international kiddie porn/slave trade ring exists as many who have looked into this story, like Marc Webb and Michael Hastings both died under mysterious circumstances. It is also odd that one of the people mentioned in this story is John Podesta who has really upsetting art in his house and, even though I doubt this story highly, does bear a weird resemblance to one of two men wanted in connection with the kidnapping of Madeline McCann. The other sketch does also look like his brother as well. Again, I doubt this story but I cannot ignore the fact they do look like the sketches and both have really creepy pictures in their homes of children tied up.

7)Sandy Hook- It happened. It's not a hoax. Stop IT! This week a woman was arrested for threatening a parent of the tragedy, again saying things like "crisis actors," and "false flag," even though both a demonstrably untrue. There is no evidence of anything these idiots keep posting and it is beyond all reason that the thousands of people needed to keep this under wraps, if it was indeed was what the crazies say didn't happen, is not believable. Some one would have talked by now. This is all the Fake News stories that are indeed making us dumber.
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6)Susan Olsen- The former child star of the Brady Bunch got fired this week from her radio show for calling a gay man "fag" and going off on his sexual prevalence. She has in the past gone off about crazy theories, like those above, including that being liberal is a mental illness, Hillary is paying people to protest and the like. Good bye and good riddance.

5)TN arsonists- Two teens were arrested this week for setting off the wildfires there that killed 14 and damaged billions in assets. Word is they will be prosecuted as adults which means these two may spend decades behind bars. What sort of deranged asshole thinks this was funny. Certainly not their parents who will be vising them behind glass for the next century.

4)Democrats- These guys may be all done. Pelosi has said this week that she doesn't think they need to change anything they are doing, somehow unaware that since she took the leadership position, their numbers have tumbled nationwide, having lost all branches of government, dozens of governerships, including most of NE now, and almost all state house. This is not a winning strategy when you keep getting walloped running some of the worst people in vulnerable elections. It's like they are trying to lose. Until they get back to protecting the working class, which they abandoned for decades now, they will continue to be a dying party.
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3)Trump picks- Holy God these are some bad people being put into office. Some, like Tillerson for State and Bolton as his second, are already getting flap from both sides and may face an uphill battle. So far, almost everyone he has picked had been in direct conflict with the office they are going to head. An EPA head that doesn't believe in climate change, an education head that doesn't believe in public schools, the head of the FDA who doesn't think drugs should work to be sold and so on. It's a parody of government and if these idiots get through, this country is toast.

2)Russia- Evidence strongly suggests this election was hacked by this country, a fact that Trump and his team have done everything to say didn't happen. Trump called out the intelligence community for their WMD error as proof they shouldn't be listened too and why he doesn't attend briefings every day, because he "is wicked smart." If Russia did indeed interfere with out elections, this should be seen as an act of war and steps need to be taken immediately like blacking out Moscow. This should not be taken as lightly as Trump is doing and proving he is unfit for office.
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1)Trump- This ass is going to kill us all. His cabinet picks are Hitleresque, His attitude is scary. And his tweets are starting international incidents before he even gets into office. Today, he tweeted that he would no longer recognize the "One China" policy over Tawain, a fact the Chinese said today could start an international incident. World War 3 anyone? The Republicans are also helping. Some who voted for this idiot are already getting fucked such as the 1200 at Carrier that are still lost their jobs or the 17000 miners that lost their health care this weekend, even as the democrats were the ones fighting to keep it while Republicans threw them to the wolves. Have fun paying 1300 a month for your families health insurance, a number that will skyrocket once they dismantle Obamacare. Even if the electoral college decided to vote in Hillary, which there is a slim chance could happen, then civil war happens. There is no scenario where millions do not die over the next few years. They want to dismantle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They want to super size trickle down which evaporated the economy in 2008. I get why some of you voted for Trump, but voting he same assholes right back into Congress was insane. And now, we face annihilation. So congratulation to Trump and all the assholes out there who voted for this. You are all indeed douchebag of the week.

Monday, December 5, 2016


The far right is becoming more and more unstable. Recount efforts continue and the Trumpians are going hog wild over it. Nevermind the fact that the if Trump has lost (and might actually did lose) these same people would be screaming RIGGED at the top of their lungs and demanding the whole election be questioned. So because your guy won everything is fine? Please. Even if Hillary had won I still would have wanted a recount because I don't trust the election process for decades now. This latest round didn't make me feel any better.
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On top of that, we have an insane idea that a child porn ring was being run out of pizza shop called Comet Ping Pong Pizza in DC that got WAY too much fake news press. This is the fake news the MSM is clamoring about and with good reason: it's totally untrue. Yesterday, a nutbag with an automatic weapon went to said pizza place, intent on "self investigating" said stupid claims about horrors that took place in a mysterious back room that does not exist. This story was everywhere for weeks but, oddly, has since seen a lot of sites remove them after this loon decided to act retarded and terrify innocent people just wanting a slice of pizza. He was, of course, arrested.

This all started because some people thought John Podesta ordered a lot of pizza which some losers decided was code for kiddie porn/rape. Or they like pizza. Which is more likely? This story shows how fake news can get out of hand and why it needs to be stopped. The MSM is just as guilty of misreporting the news because they refuse to acknowledge that things like the unemployment rate and inflation are total lies even though, if they wanted to, could investigate this and discover, like many of us, that the numbers don't match. Instead, they toe the party line and lie to us which is making this country believe nonsense like pizzagate.

There is also some good evidence that this election may have been stolen again by ruthless individuals intent on changing this country to fascist one instead. Thank God Pence reiterated Trump's pledge to not cut Medicare or Social Security which House Republicans are already deciding how to eviscerate. This is why Trump in office scares me less than someone like Ted Cruz who would have definitively destroyed the entitlement programs, at the risk of losing a lot of support from older Americans, as Bush did in 2005 when he tried that to disastrous results when many in his party abandoned the idea when their constituents screamed bloody murder about it. Chuck Schumer reveled in them cutting these programs as it would almost certainly lead to a bloodbath in 2018, which may be in the cards depending on how badly the GOP fucks everything up between now and then. Health care is going to skyrocket in price if they do what they say they are going to do, making many miss Obamacare when twenty million people have no health care, prices skyrocket because only sick people are on it, and hundreds of thousands die. Hope you guys have good protection and life insurance because a third of this unstable, over armed country are going to be PISSED when someone they love dies because of lack of health care, care they once had under Obama. Good luck guys.
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But back to the election, a combination of voter fraud, voter suppression and the FBI may have helped tip this election in Trump's favor. There are allegations that Trump votes were counted twice in some Wisconsin counties, rigged or hacked voting booths and the fact that some counties had more people vote than lived there and all voted for Trump. That is exactly what happened in 2004 in Ohio which three people went to jail over. Good luck finding out about that because most of it has been scrubbed from the Internet. I had to find it on a local paper's archived site. But it did happen as much as the Powers that Be don't want it to.

In true fascism, major media was ridiculed, religion used a weapon and a new group of brownshirts has arisen to champion Trump and super racist beliefs. We saw this type of theft in 2000 as well when the Supreme Court gave the presidency to Bush, even though two justices, Scalia and Thomas, should have recused themselves for conflict of interest. Funny again how Republicans bitch to high heaven when a liberal judge doesn't step aside but says boo when their own guy does far worse. Because of 2010, when people flipped out over Obamacare, which was poorly sold to a skeptical public, and gave the House right back to the GOP, who proceeded to gerrymander districts to unelectable proportions. They spent the last eight years undermining Obama at every instance, a method that seemed to have worked as they now occupy all branches of government again. The last two times this occurred, the country was sent into a tailspin something fierce. If you think that will change, don't. Signs already point to an epic failure sooner than later with tax cuts, tax breaks and an unworkable economic pattern. You voted for these idiots.

The FBI helped when Comey sent that stupid letter eight days before the election which had undecided voters break for Trump nine of ten times. Rumor is Giuliani used the NY FBI office to hound Comey and others, which may have resulted in this outcome. That guy is a loon by the way.
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We know from the exit results that Trump won in 13 of 23 states by a margin wider than the margin of error should allow. A few states, like NJ, WI and NC, were off the charts on how much they missed the mark, by over ten percent. Now this should make the FBI automatically investigate as there is obvious problems, but they are nowhere to be seem, probably because they are in the back pocket of the GOP. Thus the reason for the recount, which our press has ignored problems with and the right calls a "scam." There is good reason to believe either our voting is problematic or our exit polling is. Either way, this needs to be fixed once and for all. Germany had so many problems with their electronic voting they banned it as of 2009. Why can't we do the same?

There is a lot of evidence that this election was indeed stolen. Why is it so hard to accept that a recount is in all our best interests? I don't want Hillary anymore than the rest of you. But if it was stolen from her, shouldn't that matter?

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Why is it neither party seems capable of change? The Republicans are still hell bent on enacting their agenda even though 2.5 million more voters picked Hillary over Trump. This can't end well when a majority of the country is against you. Word is there are already sites in the dark web raising money for assassinations against both Trump and Pence. This is exactly what I said would happen regardless of outcome. Hillary would have faced the same thing as this country bolts toward another Civil War, this time fought over abortion and gay rights. Meanwhile the Democrats keep acting as if it is business as usual and re-elected Pelosi for another term which would be the equivalent of Fiorina still working at HP even though the company was long bankrupt. WTF people? You lost and badly in some places because you treat white men like the plague and fail to offer ANY job prospects beyond failed policies. We are so screwed. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Zero Hedge- This used to be a great site until one of the founders left and the site took a sudden turn to the right. Now it is Breitbart level nonsense half the time. It was rightfully put onto a list about fake news which it is guilty of. A lot of sites I like (Drudge, Rense, WRH, Prison Planet) all have right wing nonsense but every now and then do get something correct. It's why just getting your news from one source is not a great idea. But these guys have gone off the rails lately putting forward truly questionable ideas forward. Shame guys.

9)"Fake" news sites- The media has been making hay about fake news sites. My webpage was not listed either because I report the truth, or more likely, no one knows I exist. I can see who reads this page and how many and it's not a lot. I do this for the few out there who want to know what is actually going on and to prove that on occasion I am right. But for the major news sites to bitch about fake news is rich because they put forth more nonsense than anyone. No one believes the unemployment rate is 4.6% because it isn't. It's a made up number. You can't have 95 million people not working and get that rate. Likewise with inflation which is woefully inadequate and provably so. Yet I report that and the media continues to lie. Yeah, we trust you.

8)Pizzagate- This is one of the dumbest stories that may not actually be entirely untrue. People coming through the stolen emails of Hillary came across a ton of ones devoted to pizza. Anyone who has ever worked in a office like these gets a lot of pizza. It's a quick, easy food that feeds many and people like. In what can only be described as delusional thinking, some deranged idiot with far too much time on his hand, decided pizza was code for child porn/rape and invented an insane theory around it which has grown way bigger than it ever should have. There is nothing to this story. However, there have been credible stories about powerful people engaged in pedo rings worldwide, so while Pizzagate is foolish, the fact that many have died looking into similar accusations (Marc Webb, Michael Hastings) suggests a darker world.

7)Canadian Cops- And we thought we had it bad with cops in this country comes this story. In an effort to stop drunk drivers, anyone arrested for drunk driving this holiday season will be subjected to the music of, wait for it, Nickelback. OH GOD NO! In all honesty, this is one of the bands I hate more than any other. Their music is so generic and every song sounds the same. They don't suck as hard as say, Kanye West, who music is drivel, but it's still hard to sit through without gritting my teeth. I feel bad for Canada and we have President elect Trump.
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6)Kanye West-Here's a shocker: Kanye is insane. I could have told you that from his music, his behavoir and having eyes and ears. Allegedly, he lost it after he screwed up his meds and went off the rails. And he wants to run for President in 2020? I'd pick Trump in a heartbeat. I hope he gets better as I wish him no ill will just to please go away and to take his big butt wife with him.

5)Sarah Palin- Word was she was up for the VA job which would have been funny because that would have screwed up all the veterans who stupidly voted for Trump. Instead, lightning struck and Palin wrote an op-ed that was, and I can't believe I am about to write this but, it was well written and intelligent. I know! It was also very anti-Trump, hounding him for his Carrier deal which did save jobs but opened the door for every company on Earth to demand tax breaks to keep workers too, which is already happening. Palin, as a former governor, knows eventually this tactic will bankrupt the country and said so. Now she is probably not going to get the job. Rats.

4)Trump- Wow has he done some damage this week and he hasn't even gotten into office. First he talked to the Taiwanese President, ending decades of China diplomacy at the drop of a hat. Then he did the same to Kazakhstan and Pakistan, pissing off allies in the region. Then, he saved Carrier jobs but instead of going after them with a tax penalty if they left, offered them a huge tax break instead that the taxpayer is going to find instead. This is actually worse than if he did nothing. According to the right. socialism is when you run out of other people's money. How is this any different? It isn't. Our end is near because there is no way we survive these next four years. Bet on a major terrorist attack sometime next year that will make 9/11 look small in comparison. It's what fascists do once in power. Find an enemy and get the population to focus on them instead of you. Muslims will be the new Jews soon.

3)Fascism/socialism/communism idiots- A quick lesson for people apparently too dumb to learn. Communism is far left. Socialism is center left. Fascism is far right. It is literally impossible to be all three. So many have called Hillary and Obama commies lately I expect Joe McCarthy to rise from the grave and laugh at them. He knew communism, even if he was blinded in his hatred for it. These two were at best center right and at worst Fascist lite. Neither did anything ever that could even be thought of as communist in nature. And Obamacare does not count because ALL medical plans worldwide require it to be socialistic for it to work. Crack a book guys.

2)Recount critics- Why are some people screaming bloody murder about recounts? If the tables were turned, you'd be pissed if a recount DIDN'T happen. We should be doing a recount EVERY time to make sure we got it right. Otherwise, our elections could be stolen and there is no way to find out otherwise. There is some evidence that this election was stolen by the Republicans and we should find out the truth if that is the case. Demand a recount instead of shouting down democracy.
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1)The Democrats- It's like they want to lose. They have no young people as up and commers, the party elect 70 plus. And who do they get in to have  afresh face and new leadership? Nancy Pelosi. AGAIN. The democrats have lost across the board by going after guns, ignoring white America and talking subjects that trans gender bathroom bills that divide America. Most people are not going to notice who uses what bathroom unless you have a beard and a dress on. Not a good look by the way. I get cross dressing but that seems odd to me. Any way you look at it, they are losing voters because they focused on social issues but ignored everything else. They are pro trade at a time when that is highly unpopular. They go after guns which makes people mental. They have safe spaces and words that can't be said anymore because someone got their feelings hurt once. A lot of people have had enough of that. I sure have. How about protecting union you have abandoned for decades? Or a jobs program in states you control like CA or MA? We get nothing. Now to be fair, the Republicans are a bunch of dick sucking losers but their constituents are too dumb to know better. What is our excuse? This party is headed for oblivion because it refuses to acknowledge it's deficiencies. Congratulations guys. Keep this up and 2018 will be a bloodbath. You are all indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The one thing that voters said they wanted loud and clear was they wanted things to change and for the better for the 90% of us not rich and successful. That is becoming abundantly clear that it is NOT happening with the Republicans enacting every idea most voters have said they hated while the Democrats seem intent on losing every election from now until the end of time, which if my calculations are correct will occur some time next year. It's all over folks and for a lot of you, you did it to yourself. Yes, Hillary Clinton was the single worst candidate I have ever seen. She was shrill (I swear to all that's holy, her voice made me ill and that laugh, ugh), completely out of touch with the average male, white voter (me) and was incapable of holding a rally where she could shine. But, Trump was far worse and is proving it on a daily basis.
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Before we get to Orange Hitler, let's look at what "changes" the Democratic party has made since losing badly in the election, specifically with the House and Senate that they made barely a dent in. Nothing. Pelosi was put back in charge of the House even though through her tenure she has watched the party atrophy because of idiotic relationships with corporate America and a complete disregard for white people over identity politics. How'd that work out in the last election? That's right you lost.

So no change there? What about down the road and who you think might be a good candidate for 2020? HELLARY CLINTON!!!!!!??? WTF? Yes, according to some news reports, the demon is talking about another run in 2020 which we can all safely say is the worst idea I have ever heard. They do remember that running John Kerry against the easily defeatable W. resulted in the economic collapse that is coming back to a Main Street near you? Apparently not. I keep seeing her like some ex-girlfriend stalker you can't shake. Can she please go the FUCK away already? WE DON'T LIKE YOU! GO AWAY!

This is what passes for progressiveness within the Democratic party which means they can all go fuck themselves soon. They are dead people walking unless they make some drastic changes like a laser focus on the middle class and helping them out instead of selling out unions for the last few decades. Both Bill Clinton and Obama did zilch to help these people out and they paid for it this November. Now to be fair, the Republicans are far worse but voters seem to have the attention span of a dead goldfish. They have been staunch anti-union busters which means chances are near 100% if you were in a union and voted for Trump, you just voted yourself out of job. Way to go losers.
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The Democrats seem resigned to never winning an election again because they have no policies that generate any good will among the general public, ones tired of hearing them sugar coat Muslim terrorists, pacifying groups not well liked in middle America like BLM  and SJW, and do zip even in places controlled by Democrats. MA may be a good place to live but there are still no good jobs here for those of us middle aged, like most of the country. It's Walmart or NASA and no where in between. And no one on either side seems to have any answers.

For the Republicans, congratulation you literally voted for Hitler. Watch. Fascism is coming because that what the modern day Republican party is. Democrats have been center right for years and these guys are the Nazi Party. Check out the staggering amount of hate crimes committed since this dick won. They are off the charts. And they are going after everyone NOT white. A word to the wise: my fiancee is Japanese and anyone dumb enough to insult her in my presence is either going to the hospital or the morgue. I do not tolerate that kind of shit and if I have to knock you into next week, I will. I am ALWAYS armed with something so remember that next time you think calling someone a racial slur. There will be a lot more like me. The next time anyone sees someone do something this stupid, make him pay for it. Non-violence here doesn't work here. Kick the crap out of racism I say.

We had better start standing up,with force if necessary, because what is coming is planet ending. Trump has named TWO billionaires to his cabinet along with a host of nut shrinking others. They want to dismantle everything that has been accomplished for the last one hundred years starting with enacting tax cuts, while cutting Obamacare and unions. They will then move on to entitlements, schools, abortion and gay rights. They will lay waste to this nation as most of these idiots he's putting into power have zero experience in these fields, and those that do have experience, suck. He's going to put a Goldman Sachs guy into treasury, a trade protectionist into Commerce and possible, Ben Carson in HUD which is just stupid. These picks look very similar to ones made by Obama proving that these two parties of just two sides of the same coin. Neither is going to help us.

The sad part is it is probably too late to do anything about this. The chances for world wide destruction is about 90%. I have never seen odds that high in my life time. And it's not even like it's just one thing. Will Trump ruin this country economically or will he bumbled us into a war? Even darker, will the GOP stage another terrorist attack like 9/11 and then use a new form of the Enabling Act to give Trump dictatorial powers? It's not impossible. It's how they raised up Bush's poll numbers. They have complete control over everything so it could happen.

The point of this, over the next year, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans are going to literally die over this man being President. Tens of millions are going to be thrown into abject poverty. And when this happened another scenario plays out in which super pissed Americans start grabbing their guns and shooting politicians in the street. History shows this is a distinct possibility as a new Reign of Terror is not out of the question. Take this one example: Obamacare is repealed and what replaces it throws twenty millions people off the roles and wives, children and grandparents die in record numbers, not to mention the fact that the GOP plan will sink ALL healthcare in less than two years. What happens when no one but the rich can afford health care? Rioting and lots of it.
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Our only hope is to start a new political party, possibly headed by the liked of people like Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren and other like minded people. The Democrats are stuck in quicksand but acting like it is just another day at the beach. Unless we act soon and start standing up for what is right, and even putting our lives on the line for it, we are all dead. This end is coming and we had better be prepared. The two politcal parties sure aren't.

Monday, November 28, 2016


These assholes are behaving like they won a commanding election when in truth, they squeaked out an electoral win either by cheating or human stupidity. They lost the popular vote by two million and counting. That is NOT a mandate. So in return, all the crappy ideas that voters have thumbed their nose to over these past few years have all come roaring back. So get used to another Depression and no help if you aren't rich. These douchebags are going to kill millions when they destroy health care which is all but guaranteed. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Refugees- One thing that I have come to accept as truth from the right is that there can be NO more refugees coming here for any reason whatsoever. Unlike the right however who have racist reasons for not wanting them here, I believe economics is a far better reason. This country is broke as it is and helping people out from god knows where while we starve is insulting and stupid. We spend a lot, billions on these programs that could be better used to, I don't know, giving Social Security participants a raise or giving homeless veterans a place to sleep that isn't the street. Why can't we help ourselves before being generous with people too dumb or cowardly to fight for themselves. Pick a side guys. If Christians were blowing people up, there wouldn't be a Church standing within ten miles of my house and any fundamentalist would be executed post haste. But not these dorks. Today, a Somali refugee appears to have attacked the Ohio State University with a car and a machete, wounding six before being brought down by a hail of bullets. With Trump about to take office, Muslims in this country are headed for internment camps if it gets too bad. Bet on it.

9)Fidel Castro- He's dead. Good. Any contrary to way too many Tweets and Memes out there, communism and fascism are opposite ends of the spectrum. One is far left, Castro, and the other is far right, Republicans. Democrats are center right by the way so calling them Communists is the equivalent of calling me black, otherwise known as way off the mark. Read a fucking book once ina while America.

8)Maggianio's Nazi Dinner- Unbeknownst to the fabulous pasta restaurant, an alt right group rented out their ballroom space and proceeded to heil Hitler AND Trump in a frightening display of hate and rage. Yeah, Trump isn't Hitler and then this shows up with surprisingly little outrage. This country is doomed.
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7)Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions- These two HATE weed and would like it gone for good. Not going to happen guys unless civil war is what you are looking for. Sessions who is in line for AG might go after legal weed but would face a huge backlash over it, especially if he got rid of medical pot too. Hoards of sick people n your doorstep will turn public opinion against you hard and could lead to violence. These guys haven't even got into office and already things look bleak. Come on recount.

6)Recount haters-First off, let's be clear that this has almost no chance of turning over the election. However, we should make sure than no fraud happened, especially as it has been alleged that Trump received more votes than actual voters in Wisconsin, which happened before in 2004 in Ohio between Kerry and Bush, and for which three people went to jail. It would seem statistically impossible for ALL the mysterious voters to have gone Trump's way if "error" as the state concluded was responsible. You should be aware that even the recount efforts in many of these states are far from transparent for the most part, which is why I expect little to change. If by some miracle it does, and Hillary becomes president, expect civil war soon after.

5)Trump and Illegal Voters- Still behaving like a retarded monkey, Trump alleged that he would have won the popular vote too if "illegal" voters hadn't stolen it from him. The problem with this accusation is there is zero evidence that it occurred. As a matter of fact. people who have looked at this election said at best, dozens may have voted nationwide that shouldn't have. That is a far cry from millions and gives us a taste of what Orange Hitler has in store for us.
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4)Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos- Trump's pick for this post is a billionaire with no experience in public schools and a love of public for profit education. This could be disastrous to the country if charter schools with no regulations start dumping stupid kids on the street with no hope of doing anything with their lives expect have a worthless degree. States could see money fly from public schools and into people's pockets as this nation somehow gets dumber. This pick may help that along greatly.

3)Standing Rock- This force against protest shows us everything wrong with this country. No company should be allowed to build on sovereign land. Our drinking water shouldn't be up for sale. And the police should not have military weapons. The media has been less than stellar reporting this, our government has done little to stop this and these people should seriously think about bringing their own weapons because this is going to end in a bloodbath one way or another.

2)"Fake" news- Many are complaining that fake news sites cost Hillary the election. And while there is some truth to this, the MSM has been every bit as complacent with constant lies or non-reporting about things that matter. They let Trump walk all over them for ratings while bleating incessantly about emails and Benghazi which amounted to nothing. Throwing stones at glass houses much?
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1)Repulicans- These fuckwads are acting like 90% of the country voted for them. You barely won. Now we hear about an end to Roe V Wade, tax cuts for everyone BUT the middle class, more arrests for minor crimes, especially in the black community, naming Muslims second class citizens and a host of other far right nonsense. If they outlaw abortion or weed, expect resistance and violent at that. Don't think all liberals are peacenik fools. We aren't. I know quite a few with a lot of guns. Go too far and expect trouble. If they go after Muslims, gays or immigrants in the way they want, again bring body bags because that is a recipe for disaster. When more than half the country disagrees with you, it is going to end badly. It seems they also want to wreck entitlement programs, healthcare and other things that most of us need to survive. Trump and Congress may literally kill half a million people two years from now. How do think that will play out when they courts are against the people too? Rage and lots of it. We stand at the brink of civil war whether you want accept it or not. And these idiots you put in charge are leading the way/ We are all dead and this is hell. Congratulations GOP and their voters you are indeed douchebag of the week.