Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The one thing that voters said they wanted loud and clear was they wanted things to change and for the better for the 90% of us not rich and successful. That is becoming abundantly clear that it is NOT happening with the Republicans enacting every idea most voters have said they hated while the Democrats seem intent on losing every election from now until the end of time, which if my calculations are correct will occur some time next year. It's all over folks and for a lot of you, you did it to yourself. Yes, Hillary Clinton was the single worst candidate I have ever seen. She was shrill (I swear to all that's holy, her voice made me ill and that laugh, ugh), completely out of touch with the average male, white voter (me) and was incapable of holding a rally where she could shine. But, Trump was far worse and is proving it on a daily basis.
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Before we get to Orange Hitler, let's look at what "changes" the Democratic party has made since losing badly in the election, specifically with the House and Senate that they made barely a dent in. Nothing. Pelosi was put back in charge of the House even though through her tenure she has watched the party atrophy because of idiotic relationships with corporate America and a complete disregard for white people over identity politics. How'd that work out in the last election? That's right you lost.

So no change there? What about down the road and who you think might be a good candidate for 2020? HELLARY CLINTON!!!!!!??? WTF? Yes, according to some news reports, the demon is talking about another run in 2020 which we can all safely say is the worst idea I have ever heard. They do remember that running John Kerry against the easily defeatable W. resulted in the economic collapse that is coming back to a Main Street near you? Apparently not. I keep seeing her like some ex-girlfriend stalker you can't shake. Can she please go the FUCK away already? WE DON'T LIKE YOU! GO AWAY!

This is what passes for progressiveness within the Democratic party which means they can all go fuck themselves soon. They are dead people walking unless they make some drastic changes like a laser focus on the middle class and helping them out instead of selling out unions for the last few decades. Both Bill Clinton and Obama did zilch to help these people out and they paid for it this November. Now to be fair, the Republicans are far worse but voters seem to have the attention span of a dead goldfish. They have been staunch anti-union busters which means chances are near 100% if you were in a union and voted for Trump, you just voted yourself out of job. Way to go losers.
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The Democrats seem resigned to never winning an election again because they have no policies that generate any good will among the general public, ones tired of hearing them sugar coat Muslim terrorists, pacifying groups not well liked in middle America like BLM  and SJW, and do zip even in places controlled by Democrats. MA may be a good place to live but there are still no good jobs here for those of us middle aged, like most of the country. It's Walmart or NASA and no where in between. And no one on either side seems to have any answers.

For the Republicans, congratulation you literally voted for Hitler. Watch. Fascism is coming because that what the modern day Republican party is. Democrats have been center right for years and these guys are the Nazi Party. Check out the staggering amount of hate crimes committed since this dick won. They are off the charts. And they are going after everyone NOT white. A word to the wise: my fiancee is Japanese and anyone dumb enough to insult her in my presence is either going to the hospital or the morgue. I do not tolerate that kind of shit and if I have to knock you into next week, I will. I am ALWAYS armed with something so remember that next time you think calling someone a racial slur. There will be a lot more like me. The next time anyone sees someone do something this stupid, make him pay for it. Non-violence here doesn't work here. Kick the crap out of racism I say.

We had better start standing up,with force if necessary, because what is coming is planet ending. Trump has named TWO billionaires to his cabinet along with a host of nut shrinking others. They want to dismantle everything that has been accomplished for the last one hundred years starting with enacting tax cuts, while cutting Obamacare and unions. They will then move on to entitlements, schools, abortion and gay rights. They will lay waste to this nation as most of these idiots he's putting into power have zero experience in these fields, and those that do have experience, suck. He's going to put a Goldman Sachs guy into treasury, a trade protectionist into Commerce and possible, Ben Carson in HUD which is just stupid. These picks look very similar to ones made by Obama proving that these two parties of just two sides of the same coin. Neither is going to help us.

The sad part is it is probably too late to do anything about this. The chances for world wide destruction is about 90%. I have never seen odds that high in my life time. And it's not even like it's just one thing. Will Trump ruin this country economically or will he bumbled us into a war? Even darker, will the GOP stage another terrorist attack like 9/11 and then use a new form of the Enabling Act to give Trump dictatorial powers? It's not impossible. It's how they raised up Bush's poll numbers. They have complete control over everything so it could happen.

The point of this, over the next year, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans are going to literally die over this man being President. Tens of millions are going to be thrown into abject poverty. And when this happened another scenario plays out in which super pissed Americans start grabbing their guns and shooting politicians in the street. History shows this is a distinct possibility as a new Reign of Terror is not out of the question. Take this one example: Obamacare is repealed and what replaces it throws twenty millions people off the roles and wives, children and grandparents die in record numbers, not to mention the fact that the GOP plan will sink ALL healthcare in less than two years. What happens when no one but the rich can afford health care? Rioting and lots of it.
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Our only hope is to start a new political party, possibly headed by the liked of people like Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren and other like minded people. The Democrats are stuck in quicksand but acting like it is just another day at the beach. Unless we act soon and start standing up for what is right, and even putting our lives on the line for it, we are all dead. This end is coming and we had better be prepared. The two politcal parties sure aren't.

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