Wednesday, November 9, 2016


So that just happened. I can't say I am surprised as I said this would happen when Clinton picked Tim Kaine for VP, a pick so bad it cost her the election. Sure there were tons of problems, but this sealed the deal for her as progressives looked at her and said NO FUCKING WAY!!! And they didn't vote for her or at all in some cases. She won the popular vote (just like Gore) but lost the electoral college. None of this should have happened.
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Clinton deserves a lion share of the blame, but let us not forget that women screwed us blue here. 53% of white women, regardless of party or education, backed Trump. For their efforts, equal pay is toast, abortion may become illegal and health care is going to go belly up. And it wasn't just voters but assholes like Debbie Wasserman Shultz (back in office due to the sheer stupidity on full display here) and current DNC chair Donna Brazile, to name just a few who rigged the primaries, elevated Trump in hopes they could beat him against a more moderate candidate (which she also would have lost to), and beat down Sanders at every opportunity, even though he would have won. When Schultz got ousted for cheating, Hillary inexplicably hired her as campaign chair. Those optics caused her to lose.

Contrary to what every pundit says, the VP IS important, as three of out last four elections got sunk by bad VP picks. Lieberman caused me, and millions of other to stay home. Palin sunk McCain before he even started. Ryan added no new voters to Romney and Tim Kaine did the exact same thing. Had she picked any moderate, say Liz Warren, she would have cakewalked into the presidency as Millennials, the largest voter base now, would have been energized by that and voted in mass numbers for her. Instead, she picked a corporatist that I correctly predicted would sink her chances.

The sad fact is the Democratic party gave up on working white class voters for decades now. Obama not once did anything to stop the corporate takeover of America. Hell, he stumped for it with his asinine approval of the now dead TPP. That is one thing I am very happy about with the election of Trump. It's everything else that worries me.

Neither side has done anything to help and I have a feeling that just like circa 2008, the world economy will crash once again as trickle down economics return only to fail again for the umpteenth time. I do find it funny that like Brexit, the Dow ignored the election and went right up again, helped strongly not by good news, but stock buy back programs from companies like Caterpillar.
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Third party hurt too as results show had people voted for Hillary instead of Gary Johnson in Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, she would have won. Now chances are good a lot of those probably would have gone Trump's way, but how many is anyone's guess, so once again a third party idiot paves the way for a bigger one. Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

If you were black, gay, a woman, Hispanic or poor and voted for Trump AND a Republican run government, you've just all sent yourself to death row. Black people can look forward to rampant racism against them, stop and frisk nationally and even more being jailed. Hispanics better brush up on their Spanish because they are going traveling whether they like it or not. Women can kiss abortion goodbye, equal pay and, grab them by the pussy may be the new handshake. Gay people are going to be legally discriminated against. Poor people are going to starve to death when food stamps go away, or die from no health care when the GOP guts it, or be homeless when Social Security disappears. It is going to be tough going if you are any of these groups.

Black people didn't show up. Hispanics and Millennials voted 30% for Trump, an astronomical number. Women voted 54% for him. Clinton got shafted because she failed to realize the dynamics had changed in the race and she stubbornly refused to do things like push for pot legalization, now legal in MA, CA and Nevada and may still pass in Maine. She was thoroughly unliked and did nothing to change that opinion of her. The daily email leaks proved fatal to her, especially when the hopefully soon to be lynched Donna Brazile, was shown giving Hillary the answers to debates beforehand. I HATE THIS WOMAN!
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Chances are good we are all very. very screwed. But maybe the GOP will surprise us and actually do something about angry white america like give us jobs that pay well again. But that is more fantasy than reality I think. If they don't and make things worse, this country is going to go kaboom, and most likely, the world with it.


  1. "Gay people are going to be legally discriminated against." Donald Trump is the first president to ENTER OFFICE as a supporter of gay rights. So misinformed.

    1. First off, I will agree with you that I don't think Trump hates gay people. But, the Republican party and BASE do and this guy has proven he will kowtow to them something fierce. In case you missed it, Trump signed an executive order that started the first steps to making gay people second class citizens a few months back. It was more token than anything but signaled a willingness to eventually do far worse. Much more serious is the fact that the guy he appointed to the Supreme Court is wicked anti-gay and his court decisions may affect us all. I am NOT the one misinformed here.

  2. By the way, notice how accurate everything I said in this post came to be.