Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The race is on now that Mitt Romney is going to be the de facto runner for the Presidency. Too bad it seems that he has surrounded himself with the DUMBEST people on the planet. On the flip side, Obama has done everything he can to lose as well with some of the stupidest policy ideas to come down the pike. Do neither side really want to win?

Let's start with Obama's desire to be a one term president. First, he has balked on 90% of his campaign promises, moving from the FDR-like person we had hoped into George W. Bush's third term. He caved inexplicably on a public option, has let the GOP run rampant over him with the constant threat of a filibuster and has behaved more like a Republican in almost every sense of the word. Now comes word that the Justice Department and the ATF and seeking to ban multiple shot shotguns under an obscure 1968 law that bans military style weapons form the public, nevermind the fact that that law is completely illegal under the 2nd amendment as it specifically states Congress shall pass no law infringing on people's rights to bear arms. The main reason we have that is to protect us from a tyrannical government from subjugating us, a feat that they could easily do now as the government has far weapon superiority over the public.

If this goes into law, millions of people will be affected, from hunters to sportsman to competitive shooters to people wanting to defend their home. It will also kill any chance Obama will win in November as, even I, won't vote for him at that point. Any form of gun control I am against at this point as the government has made it perfectly clear they will kill us at a moment's notice and what few weapons we have left we have to fight for. This is political suicide, as gun control is the one issue that crippled Al Gore and gave us eight years of Bush.

On top of that we have Obama going after pot dispensaries and weed in general. WTF? Don't we have better ways to spend the little money we have? There are FUCKING ZOMBIES, real life zombies, that are actually eating people from doing drugs like bath salts. This is a much bigger problem than some stoner smoking a joint in his parent's basement and Obama does not get it. This issue is hurting him badly in the polls, a majority of which support medical marijuana overwhelmingly and legalization by a slim majority. This is a wedge issue that should have been used but no, status quo as usual.

Then we have Romney who is so milktoast he is almost see through. The birthers are still out there spreading their idiocy, showing a complete lack of knowledge about how to authenticate anything. For the record, no person, no matter how much experience they have, can deduce whether something is a fake or not from a picture. It is not possible. So all this talk about layered fonts or signs of tampering have no idea what the fuck they are talking about. By the way, I am an expert on spotting forgeries as part of being a person with an Anthropology degree is studying how to spot fake documents, videos, photos, etc. This is a topic I have studied for decades and I see no obvious signs of forgery on the document as reported by any birther out there nor should I be able to without the actual document in hand.

Meanwhile, Trump and Sheriff Joe are still pedaling their nonsense for different reasons (Trump=publicity, Joe=getting back at Obama for Justice Dept. investigations into him). Most people know that this is crap, yet Romney continues to dance around the topic. Yes, he has said he believes Obama is a US citizen, while at the same time giving credence to the morons who believe this flat earth, no moon landing conspiracy crap. Obama was born in Hawaii. Nuff said.

This topic is hurting him in the polls as moderates and independents, people he needs to win over, see this akin to support for the KKK or elderly euthanasia. On top of that, Planned Parenthood are putting out dozens of ads slamming him for sending back women's rights by a hundred years. He has countered with job failing and Solyndra ads, neither of which is likely to help too much. His work with Bain Capital and the firing of thousands hurt his jobs first talk.

Romney is struggling in the polls and in key states like Ohio, Florida, NC, and Virginia, he is still behind by 4-8 points. Michigan, his home state, is a lost cause as is PA, where Obama leads by double digits. With Hispanics the fastest growing population group, the GOP is facing an uphill battle as not only do they overwhelmingly vote democrat, they actually vote. In NC, the Hispanic population has doubled in four years where Obama carried a narrow victory in 2008. With high turnout from blacks, Hispanics and young people, NC will go blue again. Recent polls on one of the reddest of red states, Texas, show a shift in demographics that could have the state go blue if Romney continues to sink. As one pundit put, the GOP demographic is dying out and they have not changed with the times.

This race is still Obama's to lose as this race looks a lot like the Bush/Kerry matchup from 2004. Bush was not a popular president and easily beatable but the democrats nominated Lurch instead and got their clock cleaned. Romney looks a lot like Kerry as they are both bland, MA politicians who pander to the lowest common denominator, a feat even the most die hard Republican will see through. Obama could still lose should he continue these idiotic policy moves that could doom his second term. For the most past, it won't matter who wins. Unless you're a woman, poor, black, Hispanic, young or anyone who isn't a rich, religious degenerate.

Monday, May 28, 2012


While I do think anyone joining the military in this day and age should have their heads examined, unless endless war is their bread and butter, I support out troops without question. The leaders that send them into harms way is another matter as well as the occasional dumbass how throws puppies over cliffs or massacres small children. But these are anomalies as I know a great many retired and active military personal who all fine, upstanding human beings.

The funny thing is, a person like me is the one vilified for being anti-war (when not necessary which is pretty much every war we have been in for the past forty years) and questioning government while the Teatards, Rednecks and GOP faithful are constantly waving the flag while letting our solders get screwed in every way possible.

Let's start with the most obvious. Our soldiers have been in a constant state of war for more than a decade now and, surprise, surprise, they are coming back more damaged than any war previous. Disability claims have shot up to near fifty percent of returning personnel, ranging from everything from missing limbs to hearing loss to mental issues. Ten years in a war zone will take quite a toll and God forbid we have a draft which would help end these wars a lot sooner. In the first Gulf War, only 21% came back with disability claims, a number that has more than doubled now.

Even worse, when these come back, they find out that the care they get from VA hospitals is no better than the care you would get in some back alleyway in Bangladesh. Here's a story from Prison

Take the case of Rebecca Tew, a 43-year-old psychologist who fought for seven years to get benefits due her husband, Duane Kozlowski, after he left the Army with brain damage and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) so bad he couldn’t hold a job.

Eventually she got them, but not before she borrowed $20,000 from family, ran up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for Duane, stopped paying on student loans and ruined her credit in the process. As of this writing, she was working on finding a landlord willing to rent to her, her husband and their five children.

“It’s basically been like a tornado,” she toldBusinessWeek, regarding her dealings with the VA. “It’s wiped out our future. It’s wiped out our relationship with our extended family. It’s wiped everything out and we’re starting out again below ground.”

Nice to see that this brave man who gave up everything for his country has been thrown out with the trash.

Of about 905,000 claims pending at the department, nearly two-thirds of them are taking longer than the VA’s 125-day target for handling claims. And the backlog is not only delaying veterans’ care, it’s placing a huge financial burden on them as well – which, in turn, is only fueling veteran anger at Uncle Sam.

“A lot of veterans feel betrayed after being wounded, injured or sickened in the service of the country. The government is just not fulfilling their promises to them,” David Autry, a Washington-based spokesman forDisabled American Veterans, a group that helps veterans with their VA claims, told BusinessWeek.

The California-basedRAND Corp., a non-profit research organization, says about one-third of returning vets from Iraq and Afghanistan may have brain injuries, depression or PTSD.
The VA says its goal is to get to the 125-day target.

“In 2015, our requirement is no claim over 125 days,” said Allison Hickey, the veterans department’s undersecretary for benefits. “And we’re going to get there.”

She said the department is adding technology, placing review teams at regional offices and redirecting the tougher claims to more experienced personnel in order to meet the agency’s goal.
But again, the VA’s history has been one of slow response.

Michael Wade, a former Army reservist who lives in Alexander, Ark., who returned from Iraq in 2005 with mental health issues, said he finally got the benefits he had coming – six years later, in 2011.

“Somebody who went through what we did over there, they shouldn’t have to fight for four years to get what they deserve,” he said, according toBusinessWeek. “I’ve got friends of mine, they’re going through the same thing.”

For the record, a special commission in 1996 advised Congress on how to fix the VA’s claim system.

So we've known there's been a problem for more than fifteen years and have done nothing to fix it. Yet another promise made by our government which they have no intent on keeping. They are too busy stealing from us on a regular basis to care and I hope that when the time comes, and martial law gets declared, that the soldiers realize that they would be better off standing with us then the elite overlords. Unless being thrown to the wolves when their time comes sounds good.

On top of all this, soldiers returning from combat are being told their jobs are gone, an act which is illegal and one that never gets prosecuted. Employers are supposed to hold onto jobs that soldiers left to go fight in war but that law, so many others that the elites ignore, has fallen by the wayside as our cops are too busy protecting America from the scourge of pot, raw milk, and jaywalkers.

One of the reasons that so many police are getting caught in beat downs is the inexplicable hiring of ex-military into the police force. These two are not compatible and, with so many returning with mental issues, this is the NOT the place to put people used to having enemies shoot at them. Let us find less dangerous jobs for ex-soldiers so they can actually heal and not body slam innocent people just because.

Our solders are being treated poorly, yet the GOP keeps waving that flag and telling us how much they support them while simultaneously cutting funds that would help them. Voting for the GOP, as many in the military are wont to do, is not in their best interests unless endless war and no help on their return is their idea of a great time. Let us remember those that have fallen today and those that are returning different from when they left. Let us fix this country together and start demanding answers from both parties and leave behind this birther nonsense, the failed Drug War, and every other stupid piece of nonsense that we are bombarded with lately.

And for those that are busy serving overseas, stay safe soldiers. We all want you to return in one piece. Happy Memorial Day all.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


If proof was ever needed that the rich and powerful are screwing us on a regular basis, all anyone needed to do was watch any news program and see a slew of bullshit that only affected the common man while the world elites laughed all the way to the bank. Let's see those runner ups.

1) Zombies- A real life zombie was found eating a man's face in Miami today. Okay, so he wasn't exactly a reanimated corpse but he was a naked guy, most likely all messed up on drugs and mental problems, eating another man's face. When confronted by police, the man turned on the cops, and was quickly shot and killed. I wonder of it was a bullet to the head. This is a very disturbing story.

2)TSA- Maybe someday, I'll write one of these columns and the TSA WON'T be in it. This is not one of those weeks. It was revealed this week that a man employed by the TSA at the Philadelphia international airport was a defrocked priest who was excommunicated for MOLESTATION OF LITTLE BOYS. So the TSA, in their infinite wisdom, placed him in a position where he could do just that. With a complete lack of any kind of background checks, the TSA could be hiring anyone which makes the whole security system worthless as the only people being hassled are the travelers while the TSA is stocked full of terrorists, degenerates and pedophiles. This waste of tax dollars has to stop. Too bad the idiot Teatards are too busy protesting Obama's "Kenyan" heritage.

3)Democrats/Obama- Trying their best to lose the next election, the asses shot down a bill proposed by Republicans that would have stopped some of the TSA abuses mentioned above. Not one democrat voted for it, mirroring what the GOP has done for the past four years of complete obstructionism. What this means that unless one side or the other gets a clear majority come November, this country will grind to a halt. Meanwhile, Obama's substantial drug use in college is getting a lot of news which is funny as he is even more draconian about fighting the drug war than his predecessor. What a hypocrite.

4)Iran-Iran is dancing around the recent nuke talks, like expected, angering Israel and making Obama look impotent. Experts from the IEAE and ISIS, a think tank that follows Iran closely, say Iran has enough material for at least five nuclear bombs. If this is true, it is unacceptable. If Iran becomes a nuclear power, there is a near certainty of a nuclear war in the next three years. Just because no one has used nukes since the US in 1944, doesn't mean that no one will ever use them. And giving a WMD to a bunch of religious fanatics is a recipe for disaster. How safe would people feel in this country if Fred Phelps, the idiot who has people stand outside military funerals and protests with anti-gay and anti-abortion hate speech, had access to mini nukes. What reasonable person wouldn't think, "Wow this moron may actually use it." Religious fanatics are NOT reasonable people and giving Iran access to this kind of weapon will unbalance the whole region and all but guarantee a major war as Israel will strike and we will get drawn in, regardless of whether we want to or not. This is a very dangerous situation.

5)The heat- It's way too hot for this early in the year. But of course, (insert sarcasm here) there is no global warming, despite the fact that world temperatures have been way above normal for almost a year now. Deniers still try to debunk this fact but I know temperatures here in MA have been around 6 degrees higher than normal now for more than a year. That's is a big increase and one that fits with global warming estimates. Expect things to get much much worse.

6)Republicans- As it was 400 degrees in my house yesterday and I refuse to put my AC in until absolutely necessary, I spent almost an hour watching Fox news and the John Stossel show. For the most part, I find the guy to be a terrible reporter/human being and yesterday's show was no different. The topic was Social Security and one of the guests was the writer of Red, White and Broke, by Charles Goyette who suggested that the way to fix the current financial situation is to remove all regulations, or the free market rule, and end things like SS. Nevermind the fact that SS can be fixed by doing three things: raise the age to 65, remove the income cap on SS withholding and enact means testing. My figures show solvency until 2100 at the earliest, perhaps longer. But no one wants the rich to pay more, except for 99% of the populace but hey what do we matter.

7)The World Elite- The rich and powerful of the world have spoken and they have told us to "FUCK OFF" and to go eat some cake. Take the whole Facebook debacle. The numbers show a distinct market manipulation where the rich used super high speed computers to drive up the price of the stock and then dump them willy nilly back into the market causing the price to plummet. This scheme made millions for the rich and screwed the average investor who have no access to such devices. Meanwhile, the Euro is going under and instead of enacting rules that saved the Icelandic economy, more austerity measures are all we hear about, measures that have never worked ever in the history of the planet. These are the same measures that the Teatards want, as well as big business, which will turn the clock back here to the 19th century when Robber Barons ruled the universe and workers were treated like slaves. If we continue down this path, there won't be affordable health care for anyone, no good jobs and a poverty class that will encompass most of the 99%. The steps are all in place to bankrupt the system (FDIC protection of derivative losses), martial law (DHS policies, bank confiscation rules, and ammo stockpiling), and total control of our lives (Tea party policies, TSA, DHS, DEA, FDA, FBI, CIA, NSA). So go blow world rich, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, May 25, 2012


It has not been a good week for investors as the stock market has shown clear signs of manipulation, especially anyone who was dumb enough to spend their hard earned cash on Facebook stock. I, among other, felt the value was way overrated, especially as the advertising potential for any web page is near zero, due to the idiotic way of trying to make money of it. All the power goes to the advertisers who pay pennies for what should be big bucks through any other venue, not to mention the fact that any variation from the draconian rules will get let them off the hook for paying you. Ads should be done the old fashioned way with a flat rate to post their ads, as would be done in any magazine or newspaper, not the per click nonsense which makes no one anything and allows free advertising for the cheapskate advertisers. It is also telling that Facebook is asking people to click on their ads which why my ads got booted in the first place. Nice to see that if you're a big business, you can freely ignore the rules that the rest of us a supposed to be following.

Corporations like Morgan Stanley and Citadel got burned this week as Facebook stock tanked and should continue it's slide toward the more reasonable asking price of around $11. One hedge fund manager unwisely put $100 million into the stock and watched his portfolio nose dive. Idiot. The stock market has see sawed up and down so much that even the most hardened investors are starting to ask questions into market manipulation and Facebook is being investigated by the SEC. Good. Meanwhile, the stock market looks like the Himalayans today in low trading but going downward all the same.

Anyone buying stock this week should have their head examined as the Euro situation is becoming more and more volatile. Bank runs are occurring throughout Greece and Spain as the viability of the Euro as a stable currency is becoming less and less viable. If the Euro dies, the world economy will sink with it with a new Depression looming. We know our government is preparing for such an eventuality as the DHS is arming themselves to the teeth for what will probably be an angry and well armed public demanding the heads of those that caused this. The cost of Greece exiting the euro will be at least one trillion dollars, a sum guaranteed to send world markets crashing and possibly hyperinflation everywhere. The idea of a common currency with separate government was never going to work and now it's coming back to bite us all in the ass, a fact that the bankers are starting to come with grips with.

Word is being spread through closed circles that the Euro may indeed fail and individual nations should prepare for the worst. Most economists agree the austerity measures demanded on Greece as part of its 130 billion euros bailout will be impossible to deliver since they will drive the country deeper into recession and make debt even harder to cut. This was common knowledge way back when, but much like the Teatards, God forbid common sense wins out. Austerity measures will cripple an economy, not save it. So everytime some idiot Republican (cough Paul Ryan hack) starts talking about cutting our way to prosperity, hold up a copy of any newspaper from Greece and start throwing rotten tomatoes at them. There are lots of ways to fix the problems, like demanding corporations start paying their employees real wages and paying something in taxes. Incidentally, corporations pay a zero percent tax rate, not 35% (the highest in the world we are told which is bull) which is not helping anyone.

As all this occurs, comes word that the radiation from Fukishima is far worse than any government is telling is. The WHO of the UN recently sent out a report that everything is fine, nothing to worry about, radiation from food and air is at its lowest levels in years. Unfortunately, none of that is true as independent tests have shown high levels of radiation throughout the west coast and at lethal levels in places in Japan. Recent studies in Japan show a huge increase in cancer, leukemia and cardiovascular disease since July 2011. Here's a link

These graphs mirror what I have been saying which is if you are pregnant or have small children stay far, far away from places like Hawaii, Japan or the west coast of the US. I will continue to see if there are any new studies on death rates in this country. Japan's statistics show a troubling trend toward a huge death rate for a people already headed for extinction due to low birth rates and a trend toward a sexless society. A recent study said as many as 60% of young people in Japan have no interest in sex at all. That does not bode well for any society.

And yes, more bad news, as the talks between Iran and the rest of the world is failing apart as any idiot can see that, at this point, they are nothing more than stall tactics. Israel has told Iran and the US that any agreement not to attack before November is now off the table as Iran has done nothing to alleviate fears over a nuclear program. The talks are all but dead at this point and military actions seem to be much more likely (as I have said all along) sometime in the near future.

So pick a disaster: nuclear war, economic Armageddon and world wide radiation are all staring us in the face and no one is doing anything about it. The Mayans may be right after all that 2012 will be the downfall of mankind. I see little to think otherwise.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Before I start with the daily dose of bad news, let me tell you a good story for once. I recently ordered some books from Amazon because God forbid a store like Barnes and Noble carries anything a a reasonable price or selection. Two of my books arrived right on time and the third took a while. However, the company that sent the late book, OnEzeroOnE Books, immediately offered me a fifty percent credit for the issue along with an apology. I was flabbergasted. A company actually making good on an issue they had caused by offering me a rebate? I almost had a heart attack as the usual response I get from corporations is "get bent," or "sue me." Now, I have to contact my lawyer every time a company tries to screw me. But not OnEzeroOnE Books. This is a small business and run by someone who knows what they are doing, and I do understand mistakes happen, so no hard feelings at all over the delay. So if anyone is looking on Amazon for a good book from a reputable company, try the above. I am certain that the delay was an anomaly for them and they have thoroughly convinced me to try them again.

Unfortunately, that's all the good news I have for today. Anyone reading this should be aware that the stock market may drop 30-50% in the upcoming week. My work on gold futures show a possibility that all precious metals may skyrocket in value over the coming weeks, so investment in that over stocks or bonds may be a wise investment. The reason for this instability is the distinct possibility that Greece will exit the Euro by Friday. This will give the foreign markets 46 hours to stabilize before Monday, a tall order at best. The good news is that our stock market is closed Monday due to the upcoming holiday. The bad news is that one day will probably not make any difference.

The EU is playing down the consequences of a Greek exit, but the reality is that this could be the beginning of the end for the world economy. Of Greece exits, all bets are off and chances of Lehman Brothers style collapse become all too real. Bank runs are already being done throughout the country and a systematic failure could cascade as failing countries like Italy and Spain go right down with Greece, ending the Euro as a currency and sending markets crashing world wide.

This is from

Over the two days, leaders would have to calm civil unrest while managing a potential sovereign default, planning a new currency, recapitalizing the banks, stemming the outflow of capital and seeking a way to pay bills once the bailout lifeline is cut. The risk is that the task would overwhelm any new government in a country that has had to be rescued twice since 2010 because it couldn’t manage its public finances.

The Greek people have put their foot down on more austerity measures which have done nothing over the five years they have been in place, each round more severe than the last. There is a solution to this problem, as Iceland and Argentina have shown, but the wealthy bankers don't want any real solutions so taking more and more from poor people has finally hit bottom and the general populace has said enough. If Greece exits the Euro, expect calamity on a global scale. If they leave the Euro this weekend, watch the early markets from places like New Zealand on Sunday and the Asian markets later that day. If they start sinking, prepare to get your money our of stocks and into precious metals Tuesday morning.

The next Depression will be impossible to deny at that point as hyperinflation, rioting and martial law all become possible. DHS has been planning for this for a while, with the secret camps, the buying of hundreds of  millions of rounds of illegal ammo, the fact they have their hands in everything now, and countless other facts that should make any American nervous.

We also hear about drones being used in record numbers over this country. They will be fitted with "non lethal" weaponry like tear gas and rubber bullets (and possibly tasers) and will be the final nail in the coffin known as the US. The 2nd amendment was put in place to keep the government from getting so powerful that the general public would have to do whatever they were told. Guess what? We're there now. If the government wanted to subjugate us all, there is nothing we can do to stop them and these drones guarantee any civil unrest could be crushed without mercy. We are becoming a prison nation where we all now prisoners and subject to arrest or death for the whim of whoever is in power. The next election will decide our fate. Vote for the GOP and guarantee a life of slavery for you and your offspring. Vote them out and demand the democrats start fixing things or boot them out next. Citizen's United has ended democracy, anti-gun groups have killed the 2nd amendment (thanks NRA for your worthless support on the issue) and the Teatards and American Taliban are working to make sure it all happens.

Watch the markets this weekend carefully if Greece leaves the Euro. Stocks are going to tumble hard, but it is in this kind of market, that fortunes can also be made. Precious metals will hit the roof if this plays out badly. Don't get left behind while others prosper.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Nobody in any level of government anymore seems to have the understanding that 2012 is a year like no other when it comes to the upcoming election. Republicans seem to think it's the 1980's still and Democrats, particularly Obama, thinks it's still 2008. The Citizen Untied ruling by the Supreme Court has destroyed democracy in this country and, until it's repealed, nothing is ever going to get done that will effect real change.

Don't believe me? Let's look at the facts. Since Citizen's United has become rule of law, we have been inundated with attack ads, a lot of which are pure nonsense. The Tea Party are actually using the word "Moderate" to slam Republicans who have the gaul to actually do their job and compromise with Democrats or, gasp, Obama, without which we will get nowhere except dancing toward a fascist state. We have never been in more danger of losing everything this country once stood for and the Teatards are all for it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Tea Party are a bunch of mindless morons who are true detriment to this country and traitors to everything this country holds dear.

They should be stopped cold in the next election, but might not, due to the incredible incompetence of the Obama administration, so beholden to corporate money (which he is thanks to Citizen's United), that everything he campaigned on has gone the wayside. This is dangers of so much money being flooded into an election season, that the will of candidates or the people be damned, lest all that money go to your opponent. Obama HAS to do as he is told by his now corporate overlords who have so much power over our government that they are the new de facto rulers. Welcome to fascist America.

Because of this massive shift in power from the many to a select few, we are no longer a functioning democracy but an ogliarchy run as a fascist state. My previous articles have shown without a doubt, that the same fascist principles that fueled every fascist state in the twentieth century, are now here. The next election comes down to not who will win, but how much power will corporations grab next?

Obama is in quite the bind because of this and still could lose the next election as he keeps betraying democratic principles he was elected on. The people want one thing. Corporations want the opposite. Who do you think wins in that argument? But, as he sells off more of his soul to Big Business, he also loses some of his support who want him to stop the egresses still continued from the last administration and beyond.

The Drug War is finally starting to creep back into public consciousness thanks to the brutal, bloody drug war killing over 50,000 people in Mexico. Add to that the dismal failure and incredible amounts of money being drained from much needed tax dollars to keep propping this failed policy up. Hollywood is starting to note this, along with the gay rights issue that Obama should hammer home at every speech, that this is about rights and freedom, the same crap we here from the GOP who are anything but for rights and freedom.

But no, while candidate Obama ran on a more liberal policy of not interfering with states selling medical marijuana, President Obama has been the WORST president on this situation since Reagan. When former President George W. Bush beats you on that topic, you know you've gone to far. This ass is destroying his liberal base by going gangbusters after medical marijuana in places like California, a topic some in La La Land are getting pissed at. Bill Maher and Penn Jillette (not the most liberal individual by the way) have both slammed Obama for his hypocrisy on the whole arresting people for weed issue. Both, like myself, support legalization for pot and decriminalization for other drugs, shown to be a highly effective way of dealing with the situation as seen in countries like Holland and Portugal. It's is also telling that pot possession in places like China and Russia are far less severe than here. Feel free yet?

But no, Obama is so beholden onto the VERY powerful prison union, not to mention police unions, government employees and even private companies like Big Pharma, Tobacco, and the Alcohol Industry that any attempt to even broach the situation could affect the election. So, because of Citizen's United, this topic will never be approached, along with a host of others such as financial reform, regulations on the environment or any other common sense initiative that could save lives and money.

We are in trouble. And the way things are structured, things will never get better. Romney and the GOP could still win the presidency and the senate and then watch how fast things spiral out of control. The coming police state will be a terrible place to live and the Teatards are all for it now, until their stupidity comes back to bite them in the ass like the rest of us. By then, it will be too late. Save this country by getting rid of all the Republicans in the next election and then demanding the democrats start real change. If their opponents start raising real issues, the democrats will be forced to respond, no matter how much money they have. It's our last hope before chaos erupts. Take my word for it, this election will decide our fate. Don't take it lightly.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Chicago has been locked down in martial law as the United States gets it's first taste of what's to come. Slow week, but let's see those runner ups.

1)The Euro- A badly conceived idea that appears to be moments away from total collapse. There was no way to reconcile multiple governments, each with their own agenda, with a single currency and no way to print your way out of trouble. Add on top of that the same wild spending that plagues our own banking system and you have a recipe for disaster. Funny that places Argentina and Iceland are NEVER mentioned in what can be done to fix things but that would require actual work like arresting people involved in the scam in the first place, demanding the government fix things or else be thrown out on their ear and nationalizing the banks. But no, we get austerity measures and complaints that the reason society is collapsing is the workers have it too good and  we need to give some of the slave wages back so the rich can buy that sixth summer home. With Germany still demanding austerity measures, and the Greek public hell bent against it, the Euro appears doomed. Most major economists agree with this position, with people like Paul Krugman writing articles that sound an awful lot like what I've been blogging about for months.

2)The House Republicans-Never has there been a more worthless group of douchebags than the Tea Party/GOP of the House. In past weeks they have allowed tuition to rise on students, tried to kill food stamps, unemployment insurance, Medicare and SS, aka the Paul Ryan Budget plan, and now have thumbed their nose at Obama, the Senate and everyone else trying to dig the mess we've dug for ourselves. Ignoring the budget recommendations that the Senate agreed on should the doomed to fail Super Committee do just that (which they did), then automatic cuts to the military would take place. The House instead raised the amount by $8 billion and proceeded to make huge cuts to all the same social programs that Democrats have been fighting for. DOA for this bill but it's heartening to see the House Tea Party WASTE EVERYONE'S FUCKING TIME! There was no chance of this passing, gives more ammo for the democrats come November and was just a thumb in the eye to all those agreed to the rules. Way to go dudes. I hope you all lose come November.

3)Iran- Playing the stall tactic brilliantly, rumors have surfaced about a secret deal between Iran and the US which would stall any action against the Islamic nation until after November.  It reminds me a great deal of the Japanese right before Pearl Harbor who used similar tactics as did North Korea and we can all agree neither of those went over well. I am not for war for war's sake and we should never enter war until all other options have been exhausted, but regardless of what people like Peter Berg think, Iran getting nukes is an existential threat, especially to that of Israel. The argument that MAD would work for a bunch of zealots holds little water as past experience demonstrates fundamentalists do not adhere to the same principles as others and giving Iran nukes would be the same as giving a five year old a loaded gun. It's only a matter of time before a nuke is used and then it's game over mankind. Doing nothing or attacking both have horrific consequences which is why there has been so much debate over what to do. Unfortunately, the action of letting them get nukes virtual guarantees the end of everything so I seriously doubt that that is the right action. If Iran won't back down, it needs to be taken out as an act of war and pray other powers like Russia don't get involved. The alternative is the near or total extinction of mankind.

4)The Florida Education system- A recent report surfaced that half of all students in Florida High Schools can't pass a simple reading test. The dumbing down of America continues.

5)CNN- This week the failing channel dropped to it's lowest ratings in fifteen years. Add to that a recent interview with former owner Ted Turner (which explain a lot about what is going wrong there) who was not happy with the way the channel was being run and felt it no longer was about news but personalities. Here, Here. CNN is near unwatchable with boobs like Wolf Blitzer and John King stinking up the joint. I'm available CNN and I will bring you real news rather than the pre-packaged crap you keep forcing down our throats.

6)Juries- No other country on earth uses juries anymore, except in some capital murder cases, and justice hasn't been destroyed  there so can we please accept the fact that this idea is long dead and no longer necessary. The original reason for juries was to protect the average citizen from government interferes which is exactly what we are getting with trail by jury. Prosecutors have been become assembly line operators, plea dealing rather than trial. This used to be a great idea as juries were more likely to convict than not, a matter that is no longer the case. NEVER TAKE THE DEAL! A friend of mine was recently offered twelve years for using a stolen credit card. He wisely told them to go blow, went to trial and got three years, with parole available after one. Much better than what was offered. Many times, you'll walk. Look at Casey Anthony. Guilty as hell, yes but free due to an idiot jury. More recently, an all white jury somehow delivered a not guilty verdict to a Houston police officer accused of beating a black burglary suspect. Nevermind the fact that the whole thing was caught on tape as seven cops beat the snot out an unarmed, on the ground teen. Even the Houston Police Department was disgusted with the verdict.  Juries are not smart enough to make credible decisions anymore and the best option are professional juries and television cameras in EVERY court room, Supreme Court included, with every trial aired every day for anyone to watch. Any judicial misconduct would be readily seen by the public, media and other lawyers, keeping the whole procedure more honest than it is now.

7)Battleship- Bombs away. Only making $25 million, this BO disaster will peter out with a world wide cum of less than $300 million which is at least $100 million shy of pulling in a profit for this turkey. Did no one read the script before hand and realize what a giant pile of shit this was? And why aliens? A realistic war movie with actual batteleships fighting would have been far more interesting. And say goodbye to Taylor Kitsch who should have stayed a model because acting is not his thing, after two box office losers (this and John Carter). He'll be coming soon to a McDonalds near you.

8)Chicago Cops- Martial law has come to America and it is in Chicago this weekend for the NATO summit. Peaceful protests for the most part have been reported with a couple questionable stories. One is of masked individuals storming a diner and attacking people with hammers. Agent provecuers anyone? The other highly questionable story is the arrest of three "terrorists," who were held in a no knock, warentless search that found "bomb materials" in the apartment. Nevermind the fact that none of these people had arrests for anything like this (one had vandalism charges against a former high school), the lawyers for the three arrested say the bombs were nothing more than beer making equipment. As Molotov cocktails only have a few very simple ingredients (gas, bottle, rag, lighter) I fail to see how these students planned on throwing the GIANT container (the size of a water cooler) unless the Incredible Hulk was part of the group. Having talked with people who make beer, they all say the equipment shown looks a lot like the same things that they use. Expect these changes to be quietly dropped in the coming weeks when the test the containers and find beer not gas. Protesters are being targeted by the fascist cops and here we have a great example over why a police state matters. How long before some you know gets arrested for some trumped up charge? So congratulations Chicago cops. Your martial law crap has indeed made you douchebags of the week.

Friday, May 18, 2012


There are a lot of interesting stories going on right now With the near certain death of the Euro and the ensuing Greatest Depression that will follow, not to mention the fact that war with Iran appears imminent in the next few months, some other stories are not getting the attention they deserve. Here's an interesting story from CBS news:

In it, arrest records show sixty percent of all men arrested in 2011 tested positive for drugs. That figure is not shocking in and of itself, but WHAT the arrested are actually doing is.
The 10 cities in the survey were Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C.; Chicago; Denver; Indianapolis; Minneapolis; New York; Portland, Ore.; Sacramento, Calif.; and Washington, D.C.
The testing was done to detect the following drugs: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines/methamphetamine, Darvon, PCP, benzodiazepines, methadone, and barbiturates. To be honest, I've never heard of Darvon, which not surprisingly is a painkiller.

Pot was the most common drug found in people but as it is a recreational drug for at least half the country anyway, this is not an unusual statistic and one more reason why not legalizing it is really quite stupid and short sighted.

The bigger shock is that cocaine use is down, a number that echoes the fact that coke is expensive and unaffordable to a majority of the populace struggling to get by. Also not surprising is that opiate use is WAY up thanks to the easily available prescription pills which kill more people than all other illegal drugs combined. Yet the DEA is making us safe by concentrating on weed which has never killed anyone. Shameful. When I was deathly ill you wouldn't believe the hoops one has to jump through to get painkillers on a steady basis thanks to the assholes abusing them. For those of us out there really suffering, the addicts and the DEA proved to be one giant pain in the ass with all the regulations put up to try to stop drugs from getting out to those that abuse them. If the regulations actually did anything other than affect those playing by the rules, I would be all for it but they don't and I'm not after all the pain and suffering those rules cost me. If I didn't loathe the DEA before, I certainly did after my back problems started.

Speaking of drugs, Trayvon Martin's autopsy report was released showing THC, or pot, in his system. Who cares? How does that affect what happened? More damning were medical reports released showing Zimmerman injured and signs that Martin was fighting such as bruised knuckles. Witnesses also state they saw Trayvon beating Zimmerman on the ground. This does not bode well for the Trayvon supporters which I have said, since day one, that we should wait until all the evidence was in before we start the gallows for Zimmerman. It also looks bad for the prosecution that has overcharged Zimmerman as I see no way they can prove 2nd degree murder. Manslaughter, maybe, but not what they charged him with.

The feds have talked about a possible hate crime possibility against Zimmerman which bodes the question, "Did Martin racially profile Zimmerman?" Martin seemed to have that black racist position taken by some minorities that whites are evil and deserve a beating as seen form his posts on line about "throwing down" with white bus drivers. These hate crime laws always seem to be white on black crime and never the vice versa, which seems odd as they both do happen and should be treated equally or eliminated. Trayvon was definitely affected by the thug life that black culture is so in love with and it got him killed. I really don't think either person is completely innocent in what happened but it is going to be hard to prove it one way or another. Expect rioting when Zimmerman walks free.

Lastly, let's talk about the waste of space Tea Party that are supposed to be the lovers of all that's free and good about the country but then killed a bill, proposed by other GOP members, to exempt the NDAA law from American citizens. This is one of the worst laws EVER signed into law and Obama was the one who did it. If the GOP wasn't so determined to be the neo-fascists they appear to be, I'd never vote for him again, but as the alternative is a United States that will be radically transformed into a place where the rich have everything while the rest of us starve, I have no choice but to vote Obama come November and hold my nose. I hope others will follow suit and vote ALL Republicans out of office who have proved to be a party no beholden onto anyone except the very rich.

The Tea Party and the GOP by extension are neo-fascist, demonstrated by every action they take. There are some, like Ron Paul, who are NOT to be lumped in with these losers and a few democrats, like Elizabeth Warren, who I think would do good things in Congress. Let's get rid of the dead weight people and save this country. As I've said many times, Hitler was elected into office. Do you honestly think that those that did expected concentration camps, genocide and a severe police state? We have the camps and police state already in place and all we need is a foe to rally around. That next attack by Muslims may be the false flag needed to get them all the power they need to really hang us.

Obama 2012. Yuck.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yes, no matter how the media wants to spin it, Europe has been declared in an official recession, even though the numbers show a clear Depression in places like Greece, Spain and even Italy now. Using an archaic and subjective set of rules, much like we use here, a "double dip recession" is now here throughout Europe, with only Germany skewering the numbers for everyone else. In this country, the recession we had officially ended in 2009 as, according to whoever makes this crap up, a recession is when two quarters contract below 0% into negative territory. This is a woefully awful way to gauge the health of a nation, where unemployment, housing, and inflation play no part of in setting the stage for an accurate reading.

For all my readers out there form the US or Europe, does it feel like we have been out of a recession for the past few years? Unemployment, here and abroad, has been in the low to mid twenties and has remained there. Housing has sank and continues to do so and stores like Walmart are losing ground to the Dollar Store as people's personal wealth is all but gone. But we are not in recession, let alone a depression. Please!

With Greece about to go bust, 700 million Euro was taken out of the Greek banking system in ONE DAY. That is the very definition of a bank run. Today's Dow continues to plunge as this news is starting to sink in that the world economy is hanging by a very slim thread. Not even the PPL can protect people from a stock market that is going to go down no matter how much stock futures are purchased. Incidentally, I have confirmed the existence of the Plunge Protection Team so all the debunkers out there and shut the F up. Here's a link to the Wikipedia page that shows Ronald Reagan started this way back when and may have been manipulated AFTER 2008 to buy stock futures in large sums to keep the market afloat.

So now that we know such a group exists, now what? If you have your life savings in the stock market, be warned you're gambling in a rigged casino. If the powers that be buy big on betting against the derivative market when a crash seems imminent, you'll lose everything when the stock market loses half of its value, and unlike last time, don't expect such a quick and unlikely recovery. Under normal times, the Dow should have take at least five years to gain half of its value back but here we are, four years later, with record highs being looked at. Be afraid, be very afraid when things like this occur.

So as all this occurs, Israel seems itching to take out Iran who has been nothing but duplicitous bastards about the whole thing. Make no doubt about this that if Iran gets a nuke, the entire Middle East will destabilize, a new arms race will occur and then we have religious wingnuts with the power to destroy the planet. Does any rational person out there really want a religious zealot with no fear of death to get a hold of a weapon that could end all life on the planet? Chances of all out nuclear war in this scenario are near 90% over the next ten years. Don't believe me? I have the good fortune to be very close with several people involved in nuclear strategy, weapons monitoring and other nuclear oriented activities for the US government. And while they have never spilled anything that would compromise the safety of the country, what they have told me should have turned my hair white. Here is a very likely scenario.

Iran gets a nuke and, in a confrontation with Israel, sneaks a nuke into downtown Tel Aviv. Once detonated, Israel launches a massive attack on Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Pakistan retaliates against Israel and India, who launch their own counter attack. Iran, Syria and Lebanon attack Israeli and US sites as Russia gets drawn into the conflict. End result: at least 5 billion people dead.

Or how about this one: Iran launches one nuke of the coast of the US and detonates it in space. Most of North America is plunged into darkness. However, the military sites, particularly the nuke sites, are hardened against such an attack and our response would be a massive launch of nukes at what could be anybody and everyone. First hit would be Iran and North Korea, even if they had nothing to do it. North Korea would launch against Japan, and South Korea. China and Russia get dragged in and see above for projected dead and add a billion.

These are just two scenarios where all life ends if Iran gets a bomb, something that they appear to be close to. Debka reports this:

According the website, Iran is ramping up production ahead of the talks between the US and Iran, talks I suspect are a mindless waste of time. The Japanese did a similar stall tactic right before they bombed Pearl Harbor, still considered a simultaneously perfect victory and dismal failure at the same time. For reasons no one still understands, the Japanese went home after the attack instead of pushing forward, a decision that would cost them everything.

As recent reports that Iran is busing adding more centrifuges to it's reactor in Fordo while debating with the US over limits on enrichment, the Israelis are becoming understandably nervous. Netanyahu does not want to be known as the Prime Minister that let Israel die. They have been more than vocal that time is running out and sooner, rather than later, Israel will go it alone if they have to. No one wants a war, but sometimes by not acting (like WW2 for example) things get far worse than if you just steeped in in the first place. Would WW2 have been as bad had Hitler not been dealt with before he consolidated his power? Of course not. But mankind is pathologically against war and with good reason. War is hell and should never be taken lightly unless of course your name is George W Bush, in which case, bomb em all and let God sort them out.

So, war is coming, economic collapse looms and it's a race to see which happens first. I wish I had some good news but I don't. Buckle up people. The ride is about to get VERY bumpy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As I write this, for the third time this week, the stock market shows signs of intervention from the alleged Plunge Protection Team (PPT) which supposedly is used by a combination of government and big business forces that buy huge amounts of stock to keep it from failing through the floor. Debates have surfaced for years over whether this team actually exists or not although recent evidence, especially that of the past few days, strongly suggest that such a scheme DOES exist. Let me explain why.

Debunkers have said that if such a team exists, why did the stock market collapse in 1987 and again in 2008. That one is easy: Said PPT did not exist until AFTER the 2008 crash. So ignore any data before 2008 and what do we see? A stock market no longer tied to day to day data as even the most skeptical observer would have to note that the current market no longer reflects economic reality.

Take this past Monday for example. Greece is experiencing a full blown Depression, even though the media is careful not to even use the word recession when talking about the failing Euro. Most recent news put only Germany out of a recession zone with almost all of the other countries flat or, in cases like Spain and Greece, in the midst of a " severe recession." This is kind of like saying James Dean was involved in a minor fender bender when he died.

This news should have sent shock waves through the Dow Jones. What happened? The stock market went up and down like a roller coaster as huge sums of stock were suddenly bought, keeping the Dow from flatlining. This happened again Tuesday and again today. If the Euro does fail, and all indications are that it is barely hanging on, the world economy will go right along with it and, Walla, it's 2008 all over again. Yet some very wealthy individuals or companies are suddenly buying huge amounts of stocks in the midst of what could be an eventual stock market crash. What kind of idiot bets all his money on a losing hand? People trying to game the system that's who. Someone or somebodies are manipulating the stock market for the own nefarious purposes and we keep getting told not to worry about it, the PPT is an illusion. Then explain why the market isn't reacting to market forces like it should. The Dow should have dropped a thousands points this week, yet keeps sailing along with minor losses. What do these people know that the rest of us don't?

On top of all this, now comes word that the German government, the only member of the Euro not experiencing an economic meltdown, hasn't done an audit of any of their gold supplies in over five years. Not that the US is any better on that department as it's been decades since an audit has been done and something I agree with Ron Paul on that it is long overdue. Rumors still swirl that Fort Knox was emptied years ago and our soldiers are guarding an empty vault. Considering the government has stolen from the SS trust fund, Medicare, Medicade and pension funds, this should not come as a big shocker. Here's a link to the GATA website:

Germany's federal audit office, the Bundesrechnungshof, which monitors the German government's financial management, is unhappy with how Germany's central bank, the Bundesbank, keeps tabs on its gold. According to media reports, the auditors are dissatisfied with the fact that gold reserves in Frankfurt are more closely monitored than those held abroad.

In Germany, spot checks are carried out to make sure that the gold bars are in the right place. But for the German gold that is stored on the Bundesbank's behalf by the US Federal Reserve in New York, the Bank of England in London, and the Banque de France in France, the German central bank relies on the assurances of its foreign counterparts that the gold is where it should be. The three foreign central banks give the Bundesbank annual statements confirming the size of the reserves, but the Germans do not usually carry out physical inspections of the bars.
According to German media reports, the Bundesrechnungshof has now recommended in its confidential annual audit of the Bundesbank for 2011 that Germany's central bank check its foreign gold reserves with yearly spot checks.

The Bundesbank has rejected the demand, arguing that central banks do not usually check each others' reserves. "The scope of the checks that the Bundesrechnungshof wants does not correspond to the usual practices among central banks," the Bundesbank said in a statement quoted by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper. "There are no doubts about the integrity and the reputation of these foreign depositories."

Philipp Missfelder, a member of the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), wanted to see the gold for himself and traveled to New York in person to inspect the holdings, according to the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau. His trip was apparently unsuccessful, though. When he visited the Fed's safes in New York, staff were either unable or unwilling to show him exactly which bars belonged to Germany.

Considering that fake gold bars have been proven real, a topic I write about for Monex on a weekly basis, and that Germany was where they were first discovered, maybe the lack of economic crisis in Germany has more to do with them looting their own treasuries to stay afloat, rather than sound economic policies.

Speaking of looting, the New American Gestapo, otherwise known as the Department of Homeland Security, has issued orders to banks across America that "under the Patriot Act," DHS has the absolute right to seize, without a warrant or even suspicion of wrong doing, any bank account or safety deposit box they wish. At the discretion of DHS, any items found in said search can be confiscated immediately such a bars of gold, gold coins, firearms, documents of any sort or any material deemed contraband in nature.The DHS memos also state that any bank employee notifying people of tampering with their accounts or boxes will be terminated immediately and prosecuted.

Incidentally, this is the same thing Hitler did when he came to power, a figure who was democratically elected by the way. We are no longer safe in our own country when stuff like this is allowed to happen. The New Fascist Party, or the GOP, is totally behind this with the New Republican Party, or the Democrats, standing by and doing nothing. How much longer are people going to do nothing about this? How is it that all these so called "American Patriots," who wave the flag and vote Republican regardless don't see that they are voting for enslavement?

Vote out all Republicans in the next election. Anyone voting for the GOP is a traitor to this country at this point and really too stupid to vote. Let's give the Democrats enough rope to hang themselves and then, and only then, will change happen. If the Democrats have all the power, and do nothing with it like the Republicans did for decades, then we can kick them out next and start again. Anyone in the state of MA not voting for Elizabeth Warren is a true schmuck as it's people like this that need to be put into office in order to protect us from becoming another Fascist state with a new Hitler to lead us.

Monday, May 14, 2012


In what can only be described as a huge undertaking, evidence linking factions of our government to the mysterious, and still unexplained, $15 trillion transfer to the Bank Of Scotland have appeared on the little known website White Hats. In it, they make shocking allegations that Foundation X, mentioned by Lord Blackmore on February 16th of this year in front of of the House of Lords, is in reality the Pureheart Investment firm, rumored to be a subsidiary of the Department of Homeland Security. This is the same government group that is buying huge amount of illegal ammo rounds for unknown purposes, is trying to take over the US forestry service and is inserting themselves into every operation from counterfeiting to drugs to weapons, all in the name of "terrorism." If the documentation the website has is real (and I wish they'd get a better scanner because some of the documentation is impossible to read) the implications are astounding.

This is from the site White Hats and the link to it:
The LWR, GOT S.A., and Pureheart Investments, appears to be a vehicle operated in conjunction with the US Fed, Treasury, and selective US Agencies, with even UN complicity as shown by the attached SWIFTS. All these entities were cross-compromised by McCall having spent eight weeks in the hospital, preventing the Agency from playing its full role in the US Debt ceiling crisis in August 2011, where the 15T USD debt shortfall was miraculously solved out of thin air utilizing this fraudulent operation.

Pureheart functions with no direct oversight and with investigating parties being told “hands off” by key Central Banks, the Treasury, and by major intel agencies. In an operation created by Pureheart, utilizing the notorious Wilfredo Saurin, the well-known international fraudster; a scam was set up to wire a total of 15T USD in three separate tranches of five trillion dollar SWIFT transfers from the Federal Reserve to the account of LWR, GOT S.A., Pureheart Investment to HSBC London, for further credit to Royal Bank of Scotland Global Plc. The attached SWIFT transfers and confirmations reveal the smoking gun, including the SWIFT regarding the bogus gold. This was a very sophisticated cross-agency and bank criminal operation known and colluded to at the highest level. All the money can be traced.

  • On the 20th of April 2009, the first tranche of five trillion dollars was wired using USD SWIFT transfer N: 400930153. The onward transfer from RBS to RBS Group used SWIFT transfer No: 8163708748 with confirmatory tracking and onward SEQUE 851962 at 4.53pm. 
  • On the 27th of April 2009, the second tranche of five trillion dollars was made USD SWIFT Transfer No 4319901756. Confirmatory tracking SEQUE 924573 at 1.28pm.
  • On the 4th of May 2009, the third tranche of five trillion USD SWIFT Transfer No 1186308258. Confirmatory tracking and onward SEQUE 259043 at 2.14pm
  • On the 11th of May 2009, a 50 billion Euro transfer was made by SWIFT Transfer No: 4027105584. Confirmatory tracking and transfer SEQUE 275903 at 2.25pm. (This was later to be pursued for release from HSBC by no other than the Fed Chairman himself coming out of the woodwork.)
If the above is true, then  the ramifications are startling. If we printed up 15 trillion dollars and then "lost" it to the world elite, government officials at the highest levels of government should be held responsible for what could be seen as treason. I am not saying the President and Congress colluded in any of this, but there is no way this scam could have gone unnoticed by many and the fact that nothing is being done to stop this from happening again is really troubling.

It also suggests that we are not as broke as we are being told as, let face it, 15 trillion dollars could have solved almost every major problem in the country. Plus, if $15 trillion are out there, where is it and who has it? And what are they doing with it? The movie 2012 had countries stealing vast sums of money to fund their doomsday projects to save mankind. Are we seeing something similar or, more likely, rampant greed unheard of in human history?

Here's another weird anomaly. We know that the Royal Bank of Scotland received $15 trillion in funds, yet their most recent audit shows only $1.2 billion in assets. Where did all that money go? As always, the MSM seems uncaring about the biggest heist in world history.

Another problem that appears in the most readable scans on their site, show Wilfredo Saurin on the bank transfer notice, the same "con-artist," supposedly being hunted by the FBI. The original reaction by the government to the allegations leveled by Lord Blackmore was that it was nothing more than a scam initiated by Wilfredo Saurin/Yohannes Riyadi. If this guy is such a well known scammer, why would his recognized name appear on HSBC transfer sheets? If some guy can't pass a check at the local supermarket due to a history of writing bad checks, how does a guy the FBI is supposedly looking for have his easily recognized name on a transfer sheet for trillions of dollars and no one noticed? Easy. Either he doesn't exist and is being used by someone or some government as a shield or he's working with that same someone of some government. Either way, our incompetent FBI is again shamed in how they do just about anything anymore.

Names on the transfer list also include Ben Bernanke, which if true, should be arrested immediately for criminal actions. This story isn't going away and I hope that those of you out there will share this info with your friends and family. The government is stealing from us and if we don't stop it and soon, there won't be anything resembling an America left. Post this article everywhere you can. Demand answers from you politicians. We are running out of time. Don't let this country go the way of Germany 1938. We seem to be heading that way.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012


I real no brainer as this ass is partly responsible for the economic crisis of 2008 and here is again, front and center, at the head of yet another huge banking loss. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Bristol Palin- As empty headed as her worthless mother, this waste of space called Obama out for supporting gay marriage. Like this bitch is the poster child of good decisions? She gets knocked up underage and at least once, perhaps more if conspiracy theories at to be believed, has a child out of wedlock and then has the gaul to preach moral superiority to the President of the US. Shut the F up and go back to Alaska you brainless dolt. Nobody cares what you think.

2)EPA- The one thing Republicans and I can agree on is how awful the EPA has become. The difference is that I would fire most of the idiots who run the ship and replace them with people who know what they are doing rather than gutting the whole thing and letting the corporations destroy the planet. Today, the EPA released a report that says, contrary to every bit of scientific data gathered so far, that the Gulf is safe for seafood eating and swimming, which it most certainly isn't. This is the same group that said radiation bathing our country from Fukishima is fine and don't worry about the millions of dollars we spent of radiation detectors that don't work and have no desire to fix any of them. Unbelievable. The Gulf of Mexico is not safe, BP executives should have been arrested  and none of this is getting out to the public at large.

3)The American public- In what bizzaro world do we have things like the NDAA signed into law and barely a protest to be seen, but gay marriages is the end of civilization as we know it. Let me be clear to any of you out three who think gay marriage is evil: YOU ARE A BIGOT! I know you don't see it that way but I doubt the Klan in the South in the fifties saw it that way either when they were asked about black rights. For them it was tradition that blacks were second class citizens and damn it the government wasn't going to tell them what they could do with their own laws in town. Now we get the same bull about gay people leading to the end of the world. Gay people deserve the same respect that everyone else gets. And if you start that crap about the Bible saying gays are an abomination, please see my earlier post about how books like Leviticus also condone slavery, treating women like property and going to hell for eating shrimp. The only parts of the Bible that really matter are the Ten Commandments and the words of Christ. I hate to break it all the American Taliban out there that there is no 11th commandment of "Thou shall not be gay," nor are there any passages with Christ saying homosexuality is a sin. Everything else in the Bible is crap. Get over it.

4)Rush Limbaugh- How this ass is still on the air is beyond me? Who exactly is advertising on this show still? This week, Bloaty McFuckwad said gay people are the bane of society and ruining us all. This from a guy divorced four times. Way to exude moral superiority douche. Here''s hoping for a fatal heart attack as he eats that tenth Big Mac. Anyone listening to this crap should only do so while wearing a Nazi uniform.

5)Scott Walker- The embattled Wisconsin governor is still neck and neck somehow with the democratic opponent as Walker faces a recall vote June 5th over his asinine decision to get rid of unions. Now, weeks before the election comes a damaging new tape where he tells one of his billionaire supporters and cash cow, Diane Hendricks, that he will crush the unions once in office. Hendricks, no surprise is against unions, because they end up costing her money that would otherwise go to buying that third yacht or fifth summer home. Walker is a parasite who should be tarred and feathered on his way out and any idiot voting for this ass should receive the same treatment. Wake up Wisconsin and stop voting against your own interests. The Teatards strike again.

6)Greece's new government- Less than two weeks after a ultra-right wing government was voted into office, the coalition collapsed and new elections are being called for. The ultra left is expected to win this time around, based on anti-austerity measures that have destroyed the country. These are the same measures the GOP and Teatards are screaming for. Idiots.

7)John Travolta Accuser Number 1#- John Travolta was accused of sexually harassing a masseuse in LA. Problem was he wasn't in LA at the time and had proof. His ambulance chasing lawyer said he had plane tickets that showed Travolta was in LA at the time which is weird as everyone knows Travolta is a pilot who always flies his own plane and his records demonstarted that. Soon after, the lawyer dropped the client but is still representing two other idiots who are claiming similar tactics, including one guy who said this happened in 2009. The fact this ass waited three years to say anything makes his claims bull. It is exactly this kind of garbage that is ruining our legal system.

8)Jamie Dimon- The head of JP Morgan/Chase, one of the banks responsible for the 2008 economic crisis, got caught AGAIN, after it was revealed that $2 billion dollars was lost in bad derivative trades. This stain on humanity is one of the biggest douchebags who has fought tooth and nail against any regulations that might have stopped this from happening in the first place. The worst part is that $2 billion is a drop in the bucket in  the 600 trillion to 1.5 quadrillion derivative market loss potential. If it collapses, and all bubbles burst, the world economy goes flush with it. Hyperinflation, riots and, most likely a repressive police state will form in response. Is this really the America you envisioned your kids growing up in? If it isn't, get your heads out of your ass AND STOP VOTING REPUBLICAN. I heard recently from a relative of mine who is a dyed in the wool Republican that the reason she is voting against Obama is the fact he will kill Medicare if re-elected. Nevermind the fact that the democrats have done their upmost to save entitlement programs, but the Paul Ryan Budget Plan explicitly says they want to gut things like Medicare and SS. This is the level of idiocy we are up against, where common sense has been replaced by misplaced ideology. Never forget that Hitler was voted into office by very similar circumstances. So congratulations Jamie Dimon, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This was been a horrible week for the United States. Not that you would have ever guessed as the stock market stayed somewhat steady considering the apocalyptic news that came of the financial markets this week. Add to that US officials expecting an attack on Iran at any moment and word that the radiation from the Fukishima plant could wipe out all life on the planet and you have the makings of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie.

Let's take a good look at tomorrow douchebag of the week, Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan/Chase. It was discovered this week that the bank had lost at least $2 billion and many feel that is just the tip of the iceberg. Bank stocks fell off the map but the rest of the market remained steady, the only reason being the Plunge Protection Team, which is still only rumored to exist, bought huge quantities of stock to keep the DOW afloat. This is almost certainly in connection with the alleged trillionaires of the planet using their vast sums of money to inflate a stock market that is now nothing more than a rigged casino. In other days, the market would have dropped at least 500 points on the news that JP Morgan lost such a vast sum of money, but no, the market dropped only 30 points instead. Still believe the market isn't rigged?

But let's look at the bigger picture, one mentioned many times over the past few years, that the out of control derivative market is a sword of Damocles and about to fall. The financial world has long considered Jamie Dimon one of the best CEO's in the country and has long been one of the most vocal people against re-instating the Glass-Steagal Act or even the watered down Volker Rule that would have ever prevented these kind of losses. Yet, here we are four years after the financial ruin banks brought us to and we see nothing has changed. The derivative market is a black hole waiting to suck us all in and no one seems to notice.

Banks have become casinos with huge payouts or busts depending on the market. This week JP Morgan hit bust and no one knows what the outcome will be. When these too big to fail banks choose right, they make billions. When they don't, they make take the world economy down with them. Over the last forty days, JP Morgan lost at least $2 billion. This is just a small amount of the total market which is estimated somewhere between 600 trillion and 1.5 quadrillion dollars, or more money than the entire planet has. When this bubble bursts, and many (like DHS) think it will, the Depression that will result will make the last one on the thirties look like tame in comparison.

The MSM keeps telling us it was a "bad bet." This would be a bad bet in same way that one of us went to casino with every dollar we had, plus the entire monetary value of everyone in the same town as me, and gambled with it. CEO Jamie Dimon admitted that the strategy was “flawed, complex, poorly reviewed, poorly executed and poorly monitored”. YOU THINK?

So if JP Morgan is doing this kind of crap, don't you think other banks are too?

Here's CNBC's explanation of what happened.
The failed hedge likely involved a bet on the flattening of a credit derivative curve, part of the CDX family of investment grade credit indices, said two sources with knowledge of the industry, but not directly involved in the matter. JPMorgan was then caught by sharp moves at the long end of the bet, they said. The CDX index gives traders exposure to credit risk across a range of assets, and gets its value from a basket of individual credit derivatives.
The SEC has said they will investigate, of course after watching lots of porn and finding a way to not do anything of any substance as they have been known to do. As Wall Street CANNOT police themselves, as Dimon and others have suggested forcefully for years, new rules have to be implemented. But who is a bigger question as the bought and paid for government doesn't seem interested in fixing things either. Too bad the Consumer Protection Agency the worthless GOP keeps blocking funding for isn't around who could helped prevent this.

This point was underscored in a recent commentary by Henry Blodget of Business Insider….
Wall Street can’t be trusted to manage—or even correctly assess—its own risks.
This is in part because, time and again, Wall Street has demonstrated that it doesn’t even KNOW what risks it is taking.
In short, Wall Street bankers are just a bunch of kids playing with dynamite.
There are two reasons for this, neither of which boil down to “stupidity.”
  • The first reason is that the gambling instruments the banks now use are mind-bogglingly complicated. Warren Buffett once described derivatives as “weapons of mass destruction.” And those weapons have gotten a lot more complex in the past few years.
  • The second reason is that Wall Street’s incentive structure is fundamentally flawed:Bankers get all of the upside for winning bets, and someone else—the government or shareholders—covers the downside.
The second reason is particularly insidious. The worst thing that can happen to a trader who blows a huge bet and demolishes his firm—literally the worst thing—is that he will get fired. Then he will immediately go get a job at a hedge fund and make more than he was making before he blew up the firm.
We have learned nothing from the economic collapse of 2008 and have continued to make the same mistakes. Wall St can take all the risks they want because they can screw the economy blue and the worst that will happen is they get fired. Meanwhile, we the taxpayers have to subsidize the gambling addiction. Where is the worthless Tea Party on this matter? Oh that's right they are too busy screaming about gay people getting married and spending on poor people. These retards probably don't even know what the derivative market is. Here's the official numbers for what each bank holds in derivative exposure loss:

JPMorgan Chase – $70.1 Trillion
Citibank – $52.1 Trillion
Bank of America – $50.1 Trillion
Goldman Sachs – $44.2 Trillion

Plus, the derivatives losses have been illegally put onto FDIC backs meaning if the market collapses, your 401K, and any bank assets you have, will disappear overnight. Anyone having large, medium or small sums of money in any banks will get nothing back. Feel better yet? This could be just the start of what might be an earth shattering economic collapse.

Add to this with the news today, that since elections have been called off in Israel, they are ready to attack Iran at a moment's notice. Here's the link to RT news

As I stated in an earlier article, an attack could occur sometime in the May/June time period, although something still tells me August/September is more likely. Either way, WW3 may follow any attack on Iran if the Russian get involved, which they very well may. US officials are said to be scrambling to prevent such an attack, especially during an election season.

On top of all of that comes word the the Fukishima disaster may be even worse than thought. Tokyo News is reporting high levels of cancers, as well as other health issues in the Tokyo area. Several scientists have come forward and said that if the waste pool in reactor four collapses, the ensuing radiation could wipe out all life on the planet.

None of that is good news. The one thing I will leave you with on some sort of hope is that the national polls that show Romney leading Obama by seven points is worthless. The state polls are all that matters and news for states like Ohio and Pennsylvania don't bode well for MittBott 2012. PA has gone blue the last five Presidential elections, due to high turnout and democratic presence in the Philly area. Ohio is still stinging from the GOP attempt to get rid of unions which may have backfired as Obama leads in most polls in the state. Only a handful of states matter and in almost all of them, Obama is leading. Obama may not be the greatest president or even a good one, but he will certainly be better than handing the GOP the keys to the country and watch them total it yet again. I hate to say it but Obama 2012. God I feel dirty.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Anybody still in the GOP party needs to get their heads out of their ass and see these morons for the destructive entity they have become. As said in an earlier post, the democrats are the Republican party of old and anyone who is a true Republican should be joining them. The New Republicans Party, or the  New Fascists, as they should be called, are the modern day GOP. The left has been well, left, as in behind. Anyone not white, rich, straight, "Christian," and old should not be voting for a Republican ever. The Christian part I've put in quotes out as these people are not really Christian as they lack any understanding or empathy for things like poor people, civil rights or any other topic that Jesus would have approved of and the modern GOP sees as evil.

The stunning bravado these morons have had this week has been shocking in its ineptitude. Mitt Romney, in what has become a daily dose of foot in mouth disease, has now said the auto bailout was all his idea and he should get a lot of credit for it. That's like me saying I came up with the PC years before anyone else and Apple should just hand over the keys to the corporation because I said firsties. Idiot.

Obama made a bold move by declaring his support gay rights. The right has suggested that he will lose support from Christians, Hispanics and black people as a result. So called "Christians" were never going to vote for him anyway so no loss there. I really doubt that Hispanics will see this as a deal breaker as their other choice is to vote for a candidate that wants to deport them whether they are here legally or not. And as for black people, that's just hysterical to think that 99% of them won't be voting for a black president regardless. In reality he stands to gain votes from turned off voters who now see him as someone they can identify with. Support for gay rights has gone way up since 2008, but as the GOP thinks it's still 1950, they seemed to have missed that memo.

What have the New Fascists/GOP done in response? Here's a link to Virginia Republicans, worried that they will lose a lot of power in the state, a reality as recent polls show Obama gaining strength in that state and is now up by as much as seven points over Romney:

That's right. The GOP has actively said they want armed revolution should Obama win again. Isn't condoning actions that lead to violence against the law?  Here's what the editor of the piece had to say:

"We have before us a challenge to remove an ideologue unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized,” editor Ponch McPhee wrote. “An elected leader who shuns biblical praise, handicaps economic ability, disrespects the honor of earned military might.”

"The ultimate task for the people is to remain vigilant and aware ~ that the government, their government is out of control, and this moment, this opportunity, must not be forsaken, must not escape us, for we shall not have any coarse [sic] but armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November ~ This Republic cannot survive for 4 more years underneath this political socialist ideologue."

This idea that Obama is the most left wing President ever shows the level of debasement the Teatards will go to to advance their idiotic notions. Here's where it get truly funny. The ideas that these retards are advancing, especially their support of austerity measures, are exactly the kind of thing being advanced by the very European governments they are said to despise.

With the loss of Dick Lugar to a far right candidate, mainly because Lugar was a moderate, which he wasn't, show how far right the GOP has moved. The winner, Richard Murdock, supported by the Tea Party, has come out and agreed that austerity measures are the way to go. Paul Ryan and the GOP have argued the same. What part of it's not working do these simpletons not see?

Here is a piece of that above link:

Being a good tea party Republican, Mourdock is all about slashing government spending without regard to the impact of the cuts on the economy or on those who need government help. He cast his campaign as a battle against “the nightmare of ever-growing government” that would turn the United States into a “Western European-style nation.”

This gets us to the irony: Right now, it’s conservatives who want to follow the Western European path of austerity that voters in France and Greece rejected last weekend. The Obama administration, by contrast, has chosen a distinctly American path that kept austerity at bay. As a result, the American economy has climbed out of the Great Recession more quickly than most of Europe. Had Obama accepted the right wing’s assertions that cutting government is the one and only route to prosperity, we would have gone the way of Britain, which is slipping toward recession again.

In fact, the “socialist” Obama has presided over an economy in which private employment has risen by 4.2 million jobs during the recovery even as governments at all levels have cut public payrolls by some 600,000 since the beginning of 2009. If shrinking government is the political right’s goal, this puts Obama to the right of both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. The United States should have been even more aggressive in pump priming the economy — and Obama would have been if conservatives and some moderates had not been so resistant

While not all of those facts are right, especially the wildly inflated number of jobs, the fact does remain that austerity measures were not taken here, as the GOP wanted to do, and thank god, because if it had, we would be in a full blown Great Depression by now. The sad part is that they STILL want to do austerity even though all evidence points to the fact that it won't work, has never worked, and will never work. Yet like a three year old having a tantrum, they are holding their breath until austerity measures are passed. The GOP wants to do measures that have been rejected by voters in Europe, demonstrated to make things far, far worse, and are using it as campaign ploy. What level of stupidity do these kind of people possess?

Paul Ryan is still trying to implement them with his Budget Plan and now his notion to water down the upcoming cuts to the military with big cuts to the poor instead? What is he smoking because I am pretty sure it's illegal? Here's the link from the WSJ:

Mr. Ryan and most other House Republicans want to replace those cuts to the Pentagon with reductions in long-term entitlement spending. Democrats in the Senate, led by Patty Murray of Washington, are insisting that that would break a bipartisan deal. They want the cuts to take place and hope the scheduled cutbacks will force Republicans to agree to raise taxes. That is the gamble that Democrats took when they agreed to the automatic cuts—half from defense and half from discretionary spending—and Republicans are blinking before even the first round of cuts have been ordered.

These assholes are the most untrustworthy douchebags ever. What part of no austerity measures are they not getting. If they really want an armed revolution it won't be by electing Obama but by implementing these terrible measures. Greece and Spain are in full blown Depressions, regardless of a word like Recession being thrown around by local and international media, and they want us to follow suit.

No one who isn't rich, white, straight, religious and old should even think of voting for a GOP candidate come fall unless eating dog food, martial law, and being told what to do every second of the day is your idea of a great, new America. The democrats may be bad but the GOP are nothing short of Nazis at this point. Don't forget it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


UPDATE: Since writing this article, Obama has now come forward to say he supports gay marriage. It is about time and it's good to see someone on his election team smell a wedge issue. Some are worried that it may peel away votes in Virginia or NC but this will also help younger voters connect with him way more than RoboMitt. I say it's a great move and I wish more politicans would come to his way of thinking. So when reading my complaints about Obama below, ignore them. He has redeemed himself on at least one issue. Now all he has to do is just legalize/decriminalize drugs and fix wealth inequality and I will campaign for him.

I have to give it to the GOP this week for throwing the election away in a stunning group of moves that will almost certainly be later studied as a new college course: "How to an election without really trying." Not that Obama got away scot free this week either and had the Republicans nominated a more moderate candidate (not that that was ever going to happen), that person would have a solid shot at the Presidency.

However, the most recent polls show key swing states all moving Obama's way to what appears to be another Obama/McCain blowout repeat of 2008. He may actually get states that McCain won due to the rampant stupidity of Mitt Romney's team and the GOP in general.

Let's look at what is sure to be a guaranteed wedge issue that makes certain a high youth turnout in the next election. Crying like the babies they are, the GOP killed the student aid bill that would have prevented tuition loans from doubling after July 1st. They wanted to pay for it by gutting women's health funds which the White House would veto if passed. So instead the bill died and with it go any chance of the Republicans winning. Why? The youth vote will go almost 100% to Obama and democrats in every state who will punish them for this offense.

Contrary to popular belief, youth vote has been high during the Presidential races the last decade while the Senate election fails to capture youth votes. It's why over the past few years the House keeps changing hands as youth vote skewers the odds one way or another. Giving the young a reason to show up, and a good one at that, dooms the GOP in the fall. My favorite candidate, Elizabeth Warren, is already painting Scott Brown as one who cast his vote with the GOP on this issue. Nevermind the fact that this state is FILLED with college students who are never going to vote for Brown now. Way to lose an election, douche.

Obama is not entirely without fault this week with his unbelievable blunder on not recognizing gay marriage. NC is voting on making marriage defined as a man and women, causing some to say to boycott NC (more on that later in the article). Obama has a prime example to come forward and say loud and clear "Gay People have rights." This NOT coming from our first black president is kind of ironic as once upon a time, his ancestors were once second class citizens as well.

It also shows the death of the left as any force in US politics. Let's face it, Obama is a Republican while the GOP has gone full fascist. Where, besides myself, does the left get a voice? The funny part is I'm hardly left on some issues like gun control or the death penalty or fiscal responsibility or entitlement reform just to name a few. I am to the left on things like pro-choice, gay rights, the environment and charity for the poor. It's why I vote for the best candidate, not party which I am not affiliated with either. Lately however, I'd rip out my eye teeth before I vote for a GOP candidate at this rate.

Boycotts have been all over the news lately with Rush Limbaugh's syndicator saying the loss of advertisers have cost him millions. Meanwhile, Delta has pulled all ads from the Daily Show for a slight made at Catholics that caused a ruckus in the American Taliban and pressured Delta into leaving. I am okay with Rush and furious with Delta. How can I have it both ways without being a hypocritical douchebag?

Easy. Rush Limbaugh is a hatemonger destroying the airwaves and people's minds with his nonsense. The Daily Show is comedy/satire. Boycotts should reflect the ideals of the company placing ads where they want and not outside pressure from every idiot out there offended by this or that. If Delta pulled their ads from Rachel Maddow's show because she did a show about gay rights and they felt it wasn't in their companies interests to be associated with that, I would be fine with it. It's also why I am not for a boycott on NC. Bowing to pressure from outside religious groups is another. Plus, if we start doing this kind of censorship crap we will have a terrible group of TV shows to watch that will be the most G-rated tripe seen since the fifties. As a result of this, should I start flying again, I won't be flying Delta. Screw em.

Lastly, we have word that the new Undie Bomber was a CIA asset the whole time. No one was arrested, which should have been the reason for the operation I would have thought, and word leaking out has now compromised future actions in infiltrating the Keystone Al Queda. What a giant FUBAR. The US is congratulating themselves for a job well done even though nothing was really accomplished other than a questionable bomb was intercepted before being used. What a waste of tax payer dollars. Do we have to constantly screw up government operations like Fast and Furious and now this? Aren't we broke?

Let's hope Obama takes his head out of ass recognizes gay rights, let up on arresting pot dispensaries and be the leftist President we voted for, not center right douchebag.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


2ND UPDATE: Here is a link to more info on this story:;postID=3234853262603072975

I would also like to point out that, yes, in the article below about alleged concentration camps, I have no way of verifying if any of that is true as I lack the ability to check out each and every one myself. But you do, dear readers, from across the country and the globe. If you go and get pictures send them to me here at and I will post them.

The government has confirmed that such camps exist and I have included those statements in my writing with links to the NYT and government spokespeople. We know the government is buying billions of pounds of ammo. We know that police departments and the DHS investing in light armor tanks. We know drones are being used against American citizens. We know that the Supreme Court ruled that warrantless wiretaps can be used ad nasuem.

It recently came out that Hitler may have killed many more people than originally thought as more ghettos and death camps have been uncovered by sifting through various German documents of the time period. Sorry Holocaust deniers, as someone who has spent years researching the subject and talking with more than a dozen survivors of places like Auschwitz and Sobibor, I can tell you it happened just like the history books said. And it may be happening again on our soil. We cannot let this occur.

UPDATE: I have added the GOARMY.COM wanted ad showing the military looking for people to man these prisons. I would also like to comment on the fact that not only do we have proof that KBR received millions of dollars to build these camps through FOIA documents and news reports, but the government when asked did not deny the existence of these places. According to them, the camps are "re-location centers" in case of natural disasters, rioting or other problems that would cause displacement of the general public. What they wouldn't answer is why the barbed wire fences are designed to keep people in not out.

I am also including the original KBR document here:

In case that isn't good enough for you, here is the article from the New York Times confirming the above:

Anyone still think I am full of it?

There have always been conspiracy theories, some solidly based in reality (9/11, OKC, the Kennedy Assassination), others wildly out there and not possible (faked moon landing, John John's plane crash, the left leaning media). But one has been reported for several years now and have received the usual disdain from the deniers but I now have solid proof as to their existence. I am of course talking about the more than 800 concentration camps that have been built with YOUR TAX DOLLARS as given to KBR to build.

The MSM has either ignored the problem or laughed at it, even though said buildings have not only been built but photographed and filmed, as seen in shows like Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" program. Incidentally, the show that ran that piece showed large compounds capable of holding tens of thousands of people and one in Alaska capable of holding two million. The government responded that these were "holding facilities" in case of some unnamed calamity. The odd part is the fences were designed to keep people in, not out, eliminating their theory. It was also odd that the show never repeated again, even the same night it was supposed to, replaced without comment by another program entirely.

We have also learned that following martial law, Obama has devised a plan to break the country into zones, each one run by an unelected governor. Add that to the NDAA law recently signed into law which gives the government the right to arrest with charge and hold you without trail indefinitely without even telling anyone you have been arrested. Or they can just kill you. You will effectively disappear which is not much different to what happens to people in places like North Korea and Iran when the government decides you are threat. The law to a right to a public trial and warrants for arrest have been in place since 1215 in most of the world, a law we have decided to ignore. How free do you feel knowing the government can eliminate you at any moment for any reason?

First here is a list of all the camps as found by investigators like myself:

That's a lot of death camps built with our money that is odd because I thought WE WERE FUCKING BROKE! No money for health care, job programs or food for the poor but we apparently have tons of money to build these freaking death camps.

Here is the ad from GOARMY.COM:

In the ad, the Army is actively looking for guards for these camps, listed as internment specialists.

What I do still have is this PDF which is the manual given to those that have decided to become said internment specialists. Here it is in its entirety:

A long read, but it describes exactly what the Army will need to do to "detain" any person they are ordered to do. I can only hope that some within the military, who I have been nothing but kind to in my writing as I know I great many current or ex-military that I consider close friends or family, will revolt if martial law is declared for a terrible reason.

As we can see these camps are real, are being set up to detain millions of people and are not in America's best interests. Muslims should be the most worries as the first people to be housed in these places are going to be them just like the Japanese in WW2 if things go south in the Middle East. As Israeli PM Netenyahu is not going anywhere soon, after his government called off elections while solidifying his base, means war may happen at any time versus Iran. If it does, any Muslim in the country may be rounded up and placed in one of these death camps. People like me, who don't toe the party line, may soon follow. If this column suddenly ends without any explanation, know that I am probably a guest of one of these huge detention centers. The bad news is that a lot of you out there may be following soon.