Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I am back, baby. I am going to need a new computer soon but this aging laptop will have to do for now. The media was an absolute travesty and a sad shadow of what it was supposed to be; once a watchdog of justice now a lapdog of the government and corporations. Ahh fascism, it may change it's appearance but those of us in the know can always spot it. I wish the regular public was as astute. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Windows and Microsoft- The reason I have been offline for the past days is not because my three year old computer is getting old or because I went to some cheap smut site and downloaded a virus. No the reason why is freaking Windows updated some sort of garbage onto my computer that I neither requested nor wanted. In the process, I lost everything on my computer, most of which was thankfully backed up. I encourage anyone reading this to turn off automatic updates by Windows, lest they screw up your computer too. And to Bill Gates, whose Windows 8 I hear is somehow worse, fuck you too. You owe me a new laptop.

2)North Korea- Kim Jung Un had the quite the year. He consolidated his power by having his uncle arrested and executed. He's threatened everyone in the area with bellicose anger while simultaneously letting Dennis Rodman in as a favorite guest. They held an old man for weeks because he was stupid enough to travel across the country reliving his war days. WTF? He deserved what he got the old fool. Most recently, Un sent a fax to South Korea saying war was imminent and they would be nuked from the Earth. What is this 1985? I know North Korea is behind the times but what next, eight tracks and bell bottoms? Kim Jung Un throws a tantrum every few months and is the de facto ruler. His rule could be dangerously unstable.

3)China- Not to be outdone in the stupid category, China has raised the stakes in the region as well with a demand for contested islands with Japan, announced an end to the buying of US bonds and the possibility of using the yuan against the petro dollar next year. Why not just wear a sign around your neck that says, "Please bomb me," as the US may to go war over any of these facts. We cannot allow competition against the petro dollar and have destroyed countries like Iraq for doing just that (one of the real reasons we went against Saddam and not fictional WMD's). And as we have a pact with Japan to defend them in case of attack, if China goes to war with Japan, they go to war with us. Swell.

4)Japan- Easily the biggest loser of the Pacific bunch, these bunch of retards are destroying the planet and the region. The current PM visited a shrine dedicated to fallen soldiers, including those that attacked China. No PM has been there since 2006 and the current visit was a big FU to China over the contested islands and the no fly zone China has enacted which few countries are actually recognizing. Bigger than that though is the continuous radiation stream coming from Fukushima, the death of any independent news gathering which has been outlawed, and the hiding of facts that the radiation may be worse than thought. Yesterday, steam was spotted escaping from reactor 3, suggesting a runaway meltdown may be occurring. If it is, the West Coast of the US may be uninhabitable for some time and could be as soon as the end of the week. Fun. None of this is being reported by any MSM media outlet. Shocker.

5)Target- What kind of moron runs a company that doesn't encrypt sensitive information? How come every nation of Earth uses encrypted bank cards, but now here? Because in the US profit comes before everything and that includes safety or even self preservation. Target profits took a huge hit, shoppers stayed away from all stores in droves (although that may be more due to our failing economy than fear) and billions in lawsuits may be awarded all for the idea that saving a few bucks in encryption software was a good idea. Can the shareholders please fire the CEO for being a total idiot please?

6)Hoaxes- Tom Cruise, Chloe Moretz, and Cher were just some of the Twitter death hoaxes that are the absolute worst things that some asshole can do. In a reverse hoax, when Lou Reed actually did die, some fuckwads thought it would so funny to say that that was a hoax which it wasn't. Death is not funny. Quit being a douchebag. A close second is Jimmy Kimmel for finding it hysterical to tell small children their parents had eaten all their Halloween candy and the filming it to a laughing audience. I found the whole thing beyond distasteful. Stick to funny videos with you and Ben Affleck.

7)The Kardashians and Kanye West- Both are finally crashing and burning which is a minor miracle as their fame has gone on for far too long. Kanye West sucks as a musician and his latest album tanked. His tour has done poorly with just 4500 filling the Kansas City area arena and his recent engagement to Armenian media whore, Kim Kardashian isn't helping. The Kardashian empire is collapsing with ratings for the shows down, the ill fated talk show Kris, cancelled, and divorce in the cards for head moose, Khloe. Go away all of you.

8)A&E and Duck Dynasty- A&E caved in to allowing bigoted, racist Phil Robertson back on the air as they decided that profits matter more than social norms. Sounds familiar doesn't it? So called Christians stamped their feet until they got their way, not realizing that in the process they were basically saying, "We don't care about black people or gays." This isn't about First amendments rights. This is about allowing a jerk to have a major show which will highlight bigoted ideas and give him a platform for them. Can the rest of us have a show called "The Anti-Racism, Anti-Gay Hour," where we interview brainless hicks who spout outdated ideals to which we make fun of them? I'd watch and my first amendment rights would be not infringed either. Just saying.

9)Christians- I have never seen more so called Christians stomp on the words of Christ more than this past year. We have watched the Christian right kill unemployment insurance, attempt to cut food stamps to the bone all the while giving rich people money. The Pope has been criticized by these rich "Christians," for not understanding wealth, being a Commie, and lumping all rich people as bad. The facts remain that income inequality is getting worse and bad things occur when that happens. Think France circa 1778. Christians better realize Jesus never condemned homosexuality, never said let the rich have everything, and preached a quiet gospel of peace and love. I think these morons must be reading from a different book.

10)Obama- This man has had a very bad year, almost all by is own hand. The disastrous Healthcare rollout was all his fault as he should have kept a closer eye on it. It had to work and it didn't. Nuff said. He also is trying to privatize schools, has raised acceptable limits on arsenic and radiation and is actively promoting fascism in the new trade pact with the Pacific countries, in which corporations will be given absolute power over sovereign countries. If I wanted Mitt Romney, I would have voted for him. Obama is proving to be an absolute disaster of a President who is only slightly better than his idiot predecessor. 2016 looks no better if we keep electing corporatists into positions of power. We need someone like Liz Warren who would look out for all of us, not just the rich. The chances of that happening are about as likely as me winning. Joy.

11)Anthony Weiner- No politician had a bigger meltdown than this guy. While running for mayor of NYC, new pictures surfaced of him sending x-rated photos under the alias "Carlos Danger." Sydney Leathers made a lucrative porn career after she outed herself as the recipient as Weiner's campaign spiraled out of control. His team quit, he got into filmed, hostile exchanges with voters and finished a distant last in the race. His career is finally over. The worst part was, as a politician, he wasn't that bad.

12)Republicans- Another year, another round of douchebaggery from the idiot squad. If Obama hadn't fucked up Obamacare so badly, the GOP would be doomed as a party as nearly everything they did backfired. Ted Cruz shut the government down and then blamed Obama for it for "not negotiating." Boehner got led around by his dick by the Tea Party until he finally grew a pair. Michelle Bachmann, Steve King and others continued to speak gibberish to their dumb masses who inexplicably support them. They killed unemployment which may be a worse move than Obamacare come 2014 as a solid majority are not happy with GOP about it and say it will change their vote regardless of party. They are trying to kill food stamps with the democrats wanting less, which is stupid as the funds should be increasing not vice versa. They are also in the midst of a civil war over the fate of the party as big business will be putting their candidates versus Tea Party ones and the reverse as well. The primaries next year may be so brutal, democrats may sweep themselves in despite themselves. I can dream.

13)Police/TSA-This has been a banner year for police shooting innocent people and the TSA continuing to grope people with immunity. Cops are becoming more and more like soldiers and the TSA more like the Gestapo with every passing moment. This cannot be allowed to continue.

14)The MSM- The media proved to be worthless this year with terrible reporting skills, writing or even fact checking. During the Boston Bombings or the attack on the Naval Yard in DC, the media kept reporting rumor as facts and making the whole situation worse. Conspiracy idiots latched on to inconsistencies with the Newtown shooting or the Marathon bombing, using the media's lies against them, not realizing it wasn't a cover-up, just terrible reporting. Our news media keeps telling us the economy is getting better, when it really isn't. They tell us the unemployment rate is falling, when people who get kicked off unemployment are no longer counted, disguising the fact that near 30% of the country is out of work. They fail to tell us anything the government is doing or corporations as investigative journalism is dead except in sites like this. The worst part is thanks to Congress and Obama, the new NDAA law signed recently allows propaganda to be legal again, outlawed since 1948. So now everything you read in the papers may be a lie and it's all above board. This is the kind of things fascist societies do before they start to really crack down on people and everyone they don't like. And with the help of the media, it is occurring now. 60 minutes gets a special fuck you for allowing the Benghazi incident to be blown way out of proportion to sell a book. A recent NYT investigation said that the original Obama statement was mostly true and Al Qaeda had nothing to do with it. 60 Minutes is a joke and anyone still watching this relic is probably one themselves. The media is lying to us everyday and some of you really believe it. Turn off the MSM and find sources outside of America or sites like this to tell you what's what. So congratulations MSM you are indeed douchebag of the year.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


COMPUTER dead. I will return later this week.

Monday, December 23, 2013


It was not a stellar year for TV. Once hot shows like Dexter limped off into the sunset with one of the worst finales ever. Singing shows were everywhere as reality TV started to sink. Media news was one step away from being a parody of itself with the near constant lies they tell us. On the plus side, there were some bright spots and some excellent new shows. Let's start with those.


10)Brooklyn 99- Easily the funniest new comedy of the year with Andy Samberg proving to be an excellent addition to an ensemble cast that contains newcomers like Chelsea Peretti and Stephanie Beatriz and seasoned professionals like Terry Crews and Andre Braugher. Reminds me of Barney Miller and that's okay. Samberg doesn't ham it up too much and Braugher is hysterical with his ultra deadpan delivery

9)The Daily Show- As we all know, Jon Stewart rules this show. But when he took off the summer to direct his film Rosewater, John Oliver stepped in and was easily Stewart's equal. Hollywood took notice and offered Oliver his own talk show, ala Real Time with Bill Maher, which will start sometime next year. He will be missed, but the show will still be funny without him. John Oliver interviewing people from the RNC convention in Hawaii is meta comedy at its best.

8)Arrow- I expect shows from the CW to be chick oriented nonsense and was pleasantly surprised to find this new show exciting for anybody. Arrow has been faithfully updated with Stephen Amell providing hunky goodness to the shows female fans while Emily Bett Rickards has geek chic down pat. An excellent action series at a time when there are not that many on any more.

7)Master Of Sex- Who would have thought that a drama about Master and Johnson's work on sex research would be so entertaining? Yes there is plenty of nudity, but even missing that, the story is a fascinating and gripping true story about important work in the 1950's that almost didn't happen due to society rules at the time. A must see for anyone who doesn't have Showtime. Binge watch the DVD when it comes out because this show rocks.

6)Elementary- I love Sherlock Holmes, I think Lucy Lui is one of the most gorgeous women of the planet, and am thrilled to see this show continue being exciting into it's second season. The addition of Mycroft as his brother's foil is fascinating and will provide a great story line into next year. One of the best shows on TV easily.

5)Marvel Agent's of SHIELD- Some have bitched that this show doesn't have enough superheroes on it but I think that is a little disingenuous as the characters on the show are being fully fleshed out and have really interesting story arcs. Who if Skye's mom? Is it May? What happened to Agent Coulson? Will Fitz and Simmons ever hook up? This show is well written pulp that TV is sorely lacking in. Way to go Joss Whedon for bringing another show I love.

4)Big Bang Theory- Still the funniest show on TV. The chemistry between all of them and the new addition of Stuart is gelling perfectly with some of the best writing out there for a sitcom. The women all get big laughs in what could have been rote characters, but are brought to life due to the excellent actresses playing the roles. Who would have thought that a regular on Charmed and the girl from Blossom would strike it big?

3)Sleepy Hollow- Easily my favorite new show, Sleepy Hollow is one scare fest after another. Using real history combined with X-Files stories and the Bible, the creators have developed a world unlike any I have ever seen. Tom Mison oozes charisma with Nicole Beharie in a way not seen in years (again think X-Files) with Orlando Jones leaving his Mad TV days far behind. This is a great series that I look forward to every week.

2)Walking Dead- This is the greatest show ever in a lot of ways. The storyline is perfected, and the cast likable to a point that if someone dies, like they usually do, you feel bad when they are offed as if they were real people. That is good TV. Thumbs up to David Morisson for his portrayal of the Governor and the rest of the cast for making us believe the world is infested with zombies.

1)Sons of Anarchy- No show this year affected me as much as this one did this year. The MC was caught in a war between the Irish, the 9ers, the Mayans and the Triads. Nero dumped Gemma and appears to be leaving the group after he discovered Jax lied to him. Juice is on the outs for spilling the beans to Nero. And poor Tara got drowned and a BBQ fork to the head for her trouble when Gemma lost it. Next season will be the last. That sucks as this show is intense beyond belief.


10) Dracula- Instead of Dracula eating everyone he wants, this latest borefest has the vampire going after hostile takeovers and stock market manipulation in some alternate Victorian world where free energy exists. WTF? Really? Is the best you could do with an iconic character that should be slaughtering his foes not driving down their savings account? Yawn. It doesn't help that the guy playing Dracula sucks too.

9)Lucky 7- I predicted this show would die first and I was right. They've tried this exact same show before about eight years ago with Luke Perry and did about as well. Who wants to watch a bunch of people win a fictional lottery and then bitch about it for 22 episodes. No one apparently as it didn't make it to it's fourth episode.

8)What Would Ryan Locte Do?- Why would anyone give a show to someone who obviously has the IQ of a regular Fox News viewer? Locte may be a gifted athlete but has the brainpower of a slug and has shown that on interviews in the past. This show was so bad even E! said no thanks after it's lackluster first and only season. Go back to swimming and leave the rest of alone please.

7)Anything with a Kardashian in it- There are way too many shows with these Armenian media whores lately. Thankfully, Kris, the ill-fated talk show was cancelled after six weeks as it was too painful to sit through and the rest of the empire seems to be crumbling as their 15 minutes appear to be just about up. Even Kanye West is feeling the heat as his upcoming marriage to head whore Kim is sapping any good will the public had of him. I hope they both fade away.

6)X-Factor- Speaking of Kardashians, firing Khloe from last season didn't do the show any favors as it's ratings fell below reruns of Charlie Brown, the Shopping Channel and an infomercial on bunions. It has been a ratings black hole for FOX and I will be stunned if they renew this mess which again will have all new judges next year if, God help us, it comes back.

5)Ironside- The remake no one was asking for returned with Blair Underwood as the title character. Ohhhh, he's black this time huh? Terrible writing, acting and plots doomed this show from the start. Why try something this awful when the source material wasn't all that good to begin with. Ugh.

4)New Sitcoms- Every network went for broke with more than a dozen almost none of which were worth watching. The worst of them were the Crazy Ones, proving once and for all Robin Williams is no longer funny, We Are Men, which collected a talented cast and made them into unlikable jerks and Super Fun Night, which squanders the immense talent of Rebel Wilson. Michael J. Fox's new show is painfully unfunny as is the Millers. Dads makes the list for many but not me. I still think compared to all the above listed, it's Shakespeare.

3)Summer serialized programming- This summer was a giant waste of time for anyone who spent more than a minute watching Under the Dome or Siberia. Both started off promisingly and I liked Siberia better until it just freaking ended with zero resolution for anything. Under The Dome did the exact same thing, leaving us with an idiotic cliff hanger, rather than wrap up the season and set the sights for next year. These two series are a master class in how NOT to end a season. The fact that Dexter ended soon after just as crappily made me swear off serialized dramas like this forever.

2)Duck Dynasty and A&E- I hope A&E didn't like my business because I am NEVER watching the channel again. Much like when WB cancelled Angel for purely reasons of greed, A&E can suck it too for keeping a bigoted homophobe on the air. Cracker Barrel can go suck it too for bowing down to the Christian crowd and the bigoted beliefs. Racism is wrong always. So is being anti-gay no matter what you think the Bible says. And as long as you stand behind these outdated beliefs, I will not. I will also be contacting your advertisers and tell them their products can go to hell as well. If enough of us this do that, Duck Dynasty will fade into the swamp for which it belongs. Drop dead Duck Dynasty and A&E.

1)60 Minutes- MSM is bad. This show is a travesty. This year they got caught trying to hype a book about Benghazi that was a complete fabrication and they knew it. Whether it was done for political reasons, greed or both is unknown but this show has got to go. The damage they did to this country is immense as the Republicans based their whole get Obama strategy on this false report and then refused to back down even when the story came out as bull. 60 Minutes blows and anyone believing anything they have to say is truly gullible. This used to be a premiere news show. Now it is a waste of an hour of programming. Burn in hell, 60 Minutes. Burn in hell.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Welcome to the last Douchebag of the Week for 2013, as next year will be my long, long list of douchebags of the year. I still haven't decided on a winner as there are far too many to consider. Long time readers know what I mean. This week so called "Christians" take the cake for their decidedly unchristian like behavior in the suspension of homophobic, racist Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. I'm singling out Graham as a prime example of everything that is wrong with religious leaders that are not named Pope Francis. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Meijer's- A department store I have never heard of in the midwest got lots of exposure for all the wrong reasons. An employee, David Bowers, was working when he saw a car fire outside. He grabbed an extinguisher and put it out and then promptly lost his job. I do understand why due to our over-litigious society but this looks bad and the company should have turned the other cheek here. Instead, angry protesters flooded the company's Facebook site which quickly became a den of blood and gore. Christ people are angry nowadays, and with good reason, so when something like this happens, bad things occur. We really are a stone's throw away from guillotines and storming the Bastille sometimes. Sales may plummet because of this, making Walmart even happier.

2)Target-How freaking hard is it to encrypt your information? I can do it on my laptop and yes it may cost a lot of money but instead you now have a PR nightmare on your hand. Millions of credit card info was stolen, and as I shop as Target on occasion, I was wracking my brain to remember if I had been there in the allotted time, which I hadn't, thank God. Spend some money on some safety features you brainless dolts running Target. This was not a place to cut costs.

3)Morton's-What is going on with business that have decided the best way to get ahead is to get rid of all your customers? A Morton's in Arizona was recently blasted into the headlines when reports came out that because an old man with cancer was wearing a hat, the cops were called. That is not a joke, they really called the cops on the guy even after he removed his hat which he had put on because he was sick. Guess who's approval rating dropped from five stars to one overnight? The entire company is paying for this and whoever made this awful call is almost certainly fired by now. Good.

4)Eldo Kim- This guy is without a doubt, the dumbest person to ever attend Harvard. Dumb ass decided he wasn't ready for his mid-term finals and emailed a bomb threat to the school instead. Thinking that by using an anonymous email account they wouldn't find him proved futile as he was arrested later that day. He will almost certainly be expelled, faces a huge fine and up to five years in prison. Finals don't look so scary now, do they moron?

5)John Beale- Before the whole Duck Dynasty thing blew up, this fuckwad was near the top of the list to win the grand prize. Beale is an ex-EPA officer who managed to convince his bosses he worked for the CIA granting him lots of paid time off. The result was he swindled the government out of nearly a million dollars in pay to Beale that he otherwise wouldn't have gotten. Now, Beale is going to prison for 32 months and is being forced to pay $1.3 million in damages. Ha Ha.

6)Peter Schiff- This elitist douchebag was seen at some Walmart's holding a sign that said "15 dollars for 15%," falsely claiming that a rise in the minimum wage would result in an equal amount of percentage by the company. This hedge fund manager doesn't understand economics 101 in which prices are controlled by supply and demand not arbitrary raising. If you price say baby strollers too high for example, people won't buy baby strollers or will find a cheaper alternative. That's how capitalism works. To suggest that everyone would raise their prices 15% would drive many out of business as no one would be buying their products. This guy is a dick trying to convince the rubes out there that he deserves all the money and the rest of us can eat dirt.

7)Second hand smoke studies- Back in college I discovered that all the major second hand smoke studies ever done were bunk that should never have passed peer review as the science didn't add up. To prove my point, I used the same parameters as one major study and showed that apples cause cancer. They really didn't, but the stats were set so broad that I could have driven a truck through it. Got an A it by the way. A thirty year study done between 1959 and 1989 by two anti-smoking purists used almost 120,000 Californians and discovered to their horror that they could attribute zero deaths to second smoke. This has been replicated a bunch of times while the anti-smoking ones never do. Second smoke does NOT kill no matter what you have heard. It is one big lie. This is not to say cigarettes won't kill you as they will, but if your standing downwind of one you'll be fine.

8)Justine Sacco- Another person who would never have been infamous if she didn't say something so foul that she lost her job because of it. Sacco was in public relations for IAC and tweeted this before heading to South Africa: "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white." She was fired before the plane touched down. Wow.

9)Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson- Just like the idiot above, if you say or tweet something so fantastically stupid, you WILL be fired from whatever job you have. Period. That is the world in which we live, the world many of you voted for. Right to work states have the right to fire you for ANY reason, including your religious beliefs, especially if they go against current values of the time. And like it or not, gay people are an accepted member of society now and to discriminate against them is no better than being racist, which Phil also seems to be as he claims black people didn't sing the blues because they were poor, rewriting history in a way that would make Sarah Palin blush. Can we stop worshipping at the altar of stupidity and ditch shows like this, Honey Boo Boo, and anything with a Kardashian in it. Please I am begging you.

10)Christians- I hate when alleged religious folks do stuff that the entire Bible is against. Death threats were leveled against A&E this week after Phil Robertson was suspended from his show. I am pretty sure God never told anyone to commit felony acts as "Thou shall not kill," is pretty prominent there. Then the idiot parade started with Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, otherwise known as the Four Horseman of Douchbaggery, came out against this heinous crime of daring to fire someone for saying something homophobic and/or racist. This is the same crowd bitching about Christmas being taken away, not seeing the hypocrisy of wanting free speech and controlling it at the same time. The worst offender of all this, the man responsible for this terrible bastardization of actual Christian values, is none other than Billy Graham. This old fart is single handily responsible for marrying the GOP and the Moral majority back in 1980, to help defeat Jimmy Carter and they have been together ever since. Because of this, many Christians now piss on poor people as "welfare queens." They look down on the lower class as a bunch of drug addicted losers who deserve what they got. That is the most unchristian attitude to have and it's all due to Bill Graham. So congratulations Christians for following the Bible about as well as some Muslims follow the Koran and especially Bill Graham, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Friday, December 20, 2013


A lot of stuff has been thrown around lately regarding the suspension of patriarch redneck, Phil Robertson of the top rated Duck Dynasty, which if that doesn't spell doom for society I don't know what does. When did intellect become a dirty word? Why are we determined to replicate everything in black culture, even the stuff that doesn't really work like anti-intellectual bias? This show is pure garbage and the support it is garnishing since the whole thing exploded these past few days as I was Christmas shopping makes me seriously question anyone who calls himself a "Christian" lately.

For those living under a rack, Phil Robertson gave an interview to GQ (really?) in which he said some really stupid shit. Here's his quote:

"It seems like, to me, a vagina -- as a man -- would be more desirable than a man's anus. That's just me. I'm just thinking: There's more there! She's got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I'm saying?"

Now, had he shut the fuck up there, I don't think he would have had a problem. As a straight man, I agree with him. It's why I am not gay. I like women. Nothing wrong with that or vice versa if you like dudes. But instead, he continued to have diarrhea of the mouth something fierce.

"But hey, sin: It's not logical, my man. It's just not logical."

And so it begins. Perhaps because he is such a backward hick, he failed to take notice of corporations like Barilla and Chick-Fil-A, which lost major business when they said anti-gay rhetoric which is NOT acceptable anymore, regardless of religious belief. At least Phil didn't compare gays to evil people. Oh wait.

"Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there," Phil said. "Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men."
He goes on to paraphrase Corinthians: "Don't be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers -- they won't inherit the kingdom of God. Don't deceive yourself. It's not right."
With all of that, how much worse could it get? Well, lost in all the anti-gay crap, came racist statements against black people that seems to have been forgotten and, in some ways, is worse than these previous statements. Here is what he said:
“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person," Robertson is quoted in GQ. "Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field.... They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!... Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”
This flies in the face of facts that black people WERE singing the blues as they were the ones that invented it in the first place. The reason they were singing the blues is that they were unhappy with current conditions that kept them in the poorhouse and second class citizens. Yeah, people pre-welfare were living high on the hog you redneck fuck. Open a goddammed book that ISN'T the Bible for once freak. If you never saw mistreatment of any black people in the south in the fifties, you really weren't looking because many places were whites only and bathrooms were segregated.
And let's talk about the Bible for a minute. I am sick to death of hearing people use the Bible as a reason to hate gays and oppose abortion. With abortion, they don't have a leg to stand on, and I would know, being a Biblical scholar and all. I have a degree in Philosophy and a minor in Religion, along with another major in Anthropology and another minor in history. My main field of study was the Bible, which came with twelve years of Catholic school, a super religious father and was even an altar boy, unmolested thank God. In other words, I know the Bible better than most and nowhere in any book of the Bible does it say life begins at conception or that abortion is wrong. It does say life begins at breath several times, meaning you aren't truly alive until you draw your first breath. Just saying.
Homosexuality is a different matter as it is mentioned several times in the Bible, mainly in Leviticus and the letters of Paul. If Gay people were such a sin why is one of the Ten Commandments not "thou shall not be gay?" And wouldn't Jesus speak out if it was the abomination some make it out to be? Instead, it appears in a handful of passages, some of which may be taken out of context. The others may have been written by someone like Ted Cruz or Glenn Beck, circa 200 AD, who really didn't like gay people. The reason we have kosher rules and anti pork sentiment in Muslim and Jewish faiths is not because God told them not to eat them but because undercooked pork was killing people. So "God" told them to avoid it, not because it was unclean, but because people couldn't cook any better then than now. The anti-gay passages could have easily been written by some one who was a raving homophobe as well.
The truly funny part about all of this is the rantings and ravings of the so called "religious" among us, who have officially proven they have no idea what Christianity is all about. Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have all come out as this being an affront to free speech, conveniently forgetting that many of these same people are screaming about the word Christmas being replaced with Happy Holidays instead. I'll admit, even I feel Merry Christmas is not the dirty word we have made it out to be as Christmas is less a religious holiday than an American one. I don't celebrate the birth of Jesus, mainly because he wasn't born anywhere near this time period, but was taken to supplant the pagan winter solstice which occurs around the same time. The Christmas tree and lights have nothing to do Jesus or even gift giving, although the latter is derived from the gifts the Three Magi gave Jesus, but that meaning has been buried under a ton of commercialism.
My point is that these blowhards are screaming bloody murder about First Amendment rights not realizing at all that the law of unintended consequences has punched them square in the face. Every one of these people is wholly anti-union and pro business, allowing for right to work laws in 36 states and growing. What this means is the employer can fire anyone for any reason, regardless of merit. This trend is the number one reason why free speech is so hampered in this country as any business owner can fire anyone for whatever reason, including your beliefs. Phil Robertson is out of job because there are no laws to protect him from saying what he wants. I believe in free speech and stand behind Phil Robertson, even if I don't agree at all with what he said. However, due to the fact that employees have ZERO protection against these kinds of actions, A&E was completely within their rights to fire him. If they didn't, consumers would boycott the channel and they stood to lose millions. Duck Dynasty may be a ratings powerhouse but the powerful Gay lobby would have decimated them. So every time some idiot Republican talks about how much unions suck remind him/her that your right to free speech is gone because they have disappeared and businesses hold all the cards now.
Even worse than these fuckwads are the so called Christan right which have whinned, cried, and threatened A&E with death threats and the like. That is so anti-Christian, I almost find it funny. The tweets I have seen are so homophobic and retarded I am stunned that these people had the brainpower to type out the words without help. One individual said he believed everything in the Bible is true, a statements so stupid mainly because the Bible contradicts itself multiple times. Which laws does he follow? And do people like this still have slaves, as the Bible says you must? Does he stone people for adultery? Most of the Bible is pure crap and if you are too stupid to realize that, it is a shocker you haven't Dawined yourself to death by now.
No part of the Bible allows death threats for not getting your way. No part of the Bible allows you to judge anyone, as that is the duty of the Lord, or did you conveniently skip over that famous passage. No part of the Bible allows you slander others. As a matter of fact it is rather explicit in everything I have just written that it is NOT okay to do for any reason.
Duck Dynasty has threatened to stop the show if Phil is not reinstated, a long shot at best. If A&E caves, they face the wrath of a pissed off Gay lobby and the fleeing of major advertisers who will not want to be linked in any way, shape or form to the show regardless of ratings. If they don't, they face the wrath of the Religious right, albeit a much smaller price to be paid as that group is a smaller subset of the US. They still have a huge amount of followers but that pales in the number of people who support gay rights, homosexual or not, like myself. In the long run, this show is over, Christianity looks like it is staffed with the most dangerous morons in the world, and life will go on like normal for most of us. If we can stop worshipping at the altar of the stupid, maybe we can get A&E to replace it with a show about a family of rocket scientists and their well behaved kids. I'd watch.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I tried to sell health insurance for six months before I got so disillusioned with humankind that I had to stop or else there was a serious chance I would be one of those mass shooters you keep reading about. Not to brag or sound arrogant but when you are as smart as I am, it's very hard to understand certain mindsets that are ultimately fatal. When people refuse to accept certain truths, such as the coverage you have in insurance sucks (even with Obamacare which does nothing to fix the whole bankruptcy/spending problem) no matter what your policy is, unless you are very rich or have a great employer. 90% of you out there, if you get sick, and I mean really sick like I have been, your money is going to go poof and possibly send you to the poor house. That is a fact that too many people, including myself, have discovered. Getting better from a major illness is mucho expensive and too many of us out there are either bitching about Obamacare for all the wrong reasons or just sitting back and taking it. And a new Harris poll explains exactly why.

The poll taken recently says that 74% say they believe in God, down from 82% from earlier studies. Now, while I don't follow any specific religion, I do believe in a God as a Prime Mover, not the invisible lunatics that most seem to worship, so this poll seems reasonable. It does not bode well for organized religion which are losing their grip on a better educated public, although figures like Pope Francis are setting a better example than some. From here, it gets weird.

72% believe in miracles, down from 79% in 2005. Again miracles do indeed happen. Whether God has anything to do with it is another matter. 68% believe in Heaven, down from 75%. 68% believe Jesus is the son of God, down from 72%. I still think that whether Jesus was divine or not matters less than the words he spoke which most Christians conveniently ignore. 65% believe in Jesus' Resurrection, down 5%. 64% believe in the soul, down 69% which is especially troubling. If you don't believe in soul and do not fear any sort of punishment for your actions, other than legal ones, chances are you are less likely to be a charitable, honest person and more likely to act like a psycho. This decline could explain a lot about why we have so many demonic individuals running large corporations lately. 58% believe in the devil and hell, down 4 points. 57% believe in the Virgin birth, down three points. None of these are game changers per say and the fact belief in evolution rose 5% to 47, makes me happy as evolution is a fact, not a theory.

However, a whopping 36% believe in creationism which is a shocking amount of people who think something is real which absolutely isn't. It would be like taking a poll and having 36% defend Santa as real. Unbelievable. We also find 42% believe in ghosts, which I would be one of them. 29% believe in astrology, which I am not of them, 26% believe in witches (really?), and 24% believe in reincarnation, which is absolutely possible. The fact that more people believe in creationism than reincarnation is terrible.

Certainty in God has dropped 12% to 54%, from a poll in 2003. That makes me have some hope as uncertainty is better than absolute belief. Nothing is absolute. Read Wittgenstein's On Certainty for more on that.

The biggest non-surprise were the people who were positive God exists. They were blacks(70%), Republicans (65%), older people (62%), Baby Boomers (60%), Southerners (61%), Midwesterners (58%) and those with no college degree(60%), You know, stupid people. What isn't on this list are liberals, young people, Northeasterners and the like. Blacks get the short end of the stick in this poll because while I don't think black people are dumber than white people, their poverty and anti-learning culture puts them at a serious disadvantage. But as I have said numerous times, anyone in the hood who wants to better themselves can if they want to work for it. I have known several people who came from the worst neighborhoods in the country, were raised poor and black, and have overcome that to make themselves great members of society and don't buy into all that "whitey is keeping my down," nonsense.

The dumbest poll is 39% believe God is male and only 1% think female. If you think God has a sex in the first place there is something wrong with you. 31% of you follow my line of reasoning with that, and 10% believe God is both. 19% describe themselves as very religious and 40% say somewhat. 23% have no religious beliefs, a number that has nearly doubled since 2007.

I wish the numbers were better as too many people still believe in nonsense like witches and creationism. Way too many are still too religious, something we need to walk away from. Unless Pope Francis keeps heading toward a new enlightenment in then Church, unlikely even with his good deeds, the Church will continue to hemorrhage people as the young and educated are not flocking to mass. However, without a spiritual leader, a reason to behave and do good deeds, I feel this country will devolve even further. We need a combination of religion and science that propels us into the next century without turning the Earth into a brittle husk. I feel that is asking a lot from people not much more evolved than the monkeys some deny we came from.

Monday, December 16, 2013


For the upteenth time in Colorado, there has been yet another school shooting. What is in the water there that is making people decide a mass shooting is a good idea? Columbine, Aurora, and now Arapahoe are all within a few miles of one another and I am hard pressed to come up with another grouping of shootings like this anywhere else in the country. What is going there?

The latest shooter was a student named Karl Peirson who only shot one victim, 17 year old Claire Davis, who is currently in coma while seeking out his target, his former debate coach and school librarian, who had cut him from the team some months back. According to those that knew him, he wasn't a loner and was well liked. However, lately, his friends also said he was becoming increasingly hostile. Apparently, it had gotten so bad lately, some of his friends were debating to tell someone when, one hour later, he arrived with his legally bought shotgun. It is entirely possible he might have started to develop some form of schizophrenia and might have been the cause for this hostility, or some other form of mental illness that no one in this country wants to discuss. Instead we focus on things that don't matter like gun control, for which Colorado passed many stringent laws since Columbine and have had zero effect on reducing shootings, or the left/right paradigm that make many look at Facebook postings to determine whether the shooter was a left or right wing lunatic. Surprisingly, this clown had both.

Some have seized on the fact that Pierson was a "socialist," which flies in the face of the fact that his friends said he was violently against Communism and accused the US of being just that. Anyone who thinks the US is a communist country doesn't know what that word means. But, according to others, he was pro-commie and wore shirts to proclaim his love of the political theory. Sounds like Lee Harvey Oswald who was either pro-Castro or anti-Castro depending on what day it was. He was also someone who hated to lose and was very forceful in his debating skills, a fact that got him kicked off the team for being overly aggressive.

According to his mother, he had recently transferred from another school because of bullying and this may have been one of the triggers for his anger. His wavering on things like Communism also demonstrate a person looking to pick a fight just for the sheer thrill of it. I do it all the time when I want to get a rise out of people who I disagree with and this kid may have just taken it to the next level. He was also religious and went to church every Sunday with his mom. So both the left and right have taken these things out of context and are rallying their sides for who can out the killer as a secret lefty/righty person. I am going to go with the old standby that he was nuts.

I would also like to point out to all the anti-gun zealots out there that this shooting ended with only one casualty, not including the shooter who shot himself, because of an armed guard on site who responded in 80 seconds, beating the local cops by almost 15 minutes. Because Peirson knew the guard was closing in, he killed himself. This is exactly the same thing that happened at the Clakamas Mall where an armed civilian made the shooter take his life earlier than planned. Why does that not get any press as to how well this theory works?

But while this is going on Obamacare is circling the drain, with four out of five American not happy with it. However, 67% want it changed not repealed, myself included. There are ways to fix the project without scrapping the whole thing. The thing is, I don't think anyone in the government has the stomach to actually do their job and fix it which would require a major overhaul, not the band aid they've slapped together, much like the latest budget deal. So far, the website is working better, but far from perfect. The subsidy website has yet to be built even though those checks will have start going out  next month. Some are getting double billed for insurance, sending many bank accounts into negative territory when say 800 dollars are taken twice. The worst part about all of this, is that according to good news sources, the latest version of the ACA removed all language that would have made hospitals start cutting their costs for procedures that are outrageous and fall under price gorging. Health care CEO's make more than anyone else on the planet with the Allied Health CEO making over 100 million a year. And that is coming out of insurance payments to cover his bloated salary. You want to know why stitches are $3000 per? Look no further than the fact that the elites are raping us blue and the Tea Party fuckwads are demanding it.

Obamacare needs a major overhaul, perhaps going back to a Medicare for all plan which would be far better than the rickety plan Obamacare is proving to be. Here in MA, Romneycare is better than what we had. However, it is not controlling costs and is just dumping corporate greed onto taxpayer rolls, just like McDonalds and Walmart do by paying their employees nothing and demanding government pick up the tab. I am sick of subsidizing the rich people's lives so I can work in poverty.

Lastly, Christmas is coming and Megyn Kelly stepped in it this week by making comments that Santa Claus was white and so was Jesus. I don't even know where to begin with this. First off Santa is fictional something that seems to be lost on many lately. Researches recently said James Bond would be classified as an alcoholic because of all the booze he drinks, forgetting the fact that he does not actually exist. Are there no real drunks to study because this one was really stupid?

Santa Claus is a combination of the real St. Nicholas, a Greek from the 4th century, legends such as Odin and Dutch folklore. The modern Santa was actally popularlized by Coke in the 1930's, thus the red outfit which are the company's colors, but were not the first soft drink company to use the image. White Rock Beverages used the image in 1915 to sell mineral water as well as a ginger ale company in the 1920's. Several covers of the magazine Puck were some of the first to use the red and white image in the later part of the 19th century.

But Megyn Kelly is right in the fact that Santa's image for the most part is white although I see nothing wrong with a black, Hispanic or Asian Santa, as, SANTA ISN'T REAL. Her notion that Jesus was white however is way off, as Jesus would have been a dark haired middle eastern man, not the blond hair, blue eyed image we are familiar with, which was actually a member of the Borgias family who was both a great military leader and a brutal warlord who may have had sex with his sister. Just saying.

My point in all this is that we keep making assumptions that fit our narrative. Peirson was most likely insane. His world views matter little. Obamacare is neither a demon in a bottle nor our salvation. And who cares what color Santa or Jesus is. Shouldn't their actions matter more than their race? We need to pay more attention to things that matter and less on shiny objects that easily distract us. When did we become a race of children with ADD?

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am taking great pride in the fact that the US is not alone in monumental blunders as was seen this week in the debacle known as the Nelson Mandela Memorial Service. Let's see those runner ups in this shortened week due to holiday shopping I will be doing the next few days.

1)Liars- I hate people who lie for their own benefit and to the detriment of others. Examples are people who pretend to be in the military, fake rape claims and Congress in general. But the worst are those that fake discrimination or injury to get money and/or attention. Two such people popped up this week. First, there was the lesbian waitresses who claimed a bigoted family left a hateful message on the receipt that said she wasn't getting a tip because she was gay. Dayna Morales got plenty of attention until the family that allegedly left the note came forward and came up with evidence she was lying, mainly a receipt from the credit card company that showed they did leave a tip and the note was a forgery. Then, as her past came foreword with people who knew her calling her a pathological liar and her dismissal from the Marines for being AWOL, her character became suspect. The final straw for her employer was her claim that she would forward all money donated to her from her woe is me website to Wounded Warriors (one of the few charities I would support) which she of course never did. She got fired soon after. Good. Then came this gem from Georgia where some woman thought she could get a payday from Home Depot by gluing herself on the toilet and claim someone else did it. Unfortunately for her, security cameras pointedly show she is the only one to enter that bathroom for some time, meaning she was the only one who could have put the glue there before it dried. Hope her ripped up butt cheeks appreciate the effort.

2)Obama- This Republican in Democratic clothes reared his ugly head again this week with a leaked document that, while the White House denies, is most likely true. In it, memos show two provision Obama wants in the new trade pact with several world wide countries have zero international support and with good reason. According to the documents, Obama wants to eliminate drug pricing groups world wide, which would make pharmaceuticals skyrocket in many, many places, as if Big Pharma needed more money. The other was a elimination of some banking regulations that many have put in to prevent another crash like 2008. How are either of those principles going to help anyone but the uber-rich? The new pact would give corporations near dictator-like powers that would overrule sovereign states and the creation of an international court in which corporations could crush dissent legally. Sounds awesome but I liked it better the first time when we called it fascism and Hitler was the CEO.

3)Tila Tequila-Speaking of Hitler, Tila Tequila sparked outrage this week with some very pro-Hitler statements, along side picture of her in Nazi regale. WTF? Apparently, after an alleged conversion to Judaism went horribly wrong, she is now at the opposite end of the spectrum talking smack about Jews and how much she loves Hitler. Once again WTF? She went on to post about the NWO and how Jews were taking over the world. I think she may be drinking too much of her last name.

4)Republicans- Another week, another round of abject stupidity. First, the GOP House, always a joke waiting to happen, held a conference on climate change to get the "facts." They of course brought in global warming deniers such as Professor John Christy of the University of Alabama who claimed that only 52% of scientists agree that climate change is happening. This flies in the face of actual facts that show that over 97% of peer reviewed scientific papers show global warming is real. So where exactly are these mythical papers Christy claims exist? They don't and neither does logic or reason within any House Republican apparently. Incidentally, the odds of temperatures increasing as they have for the past twenty years without climate change being the culprit is one in 68 billion. In other words, you have a 400 times greater chance of winning the lottery than proving that global warming isn't real. It's happening. Deal with it. The science is OVER. We can debate why it is happening but saying it isn't is just childish at this point.

Then there is this bon mot from Dave Agema, a RNC committee member:

I stand for traditional marriage, not homosexual ones. The family unit is the basic unit in society. When you tear the family apart, you tear the country apart.
I worked with these individuals for almost 30 years at American. I know what they do. I know [inaudible] American Airlines with San Francisco said, "We could not land in San Francisco and do business with American Airlines unless we paid same-sex unmarried benefits."
I'm a flight attendant, you have AIDS, you come to me and say, "Tell them I'm your lover for the last six months." You get on the health care. American Airlines spends $400,000 before you die of AIDS. And he goes on to the next, and the next, and that's what was happening.
Folks, they want free medical because they're dying between 38 and 44 years old ... So to me, it's a moral issue. It's a Biblical issue. Traditional marriage is where it should be and that is in our platform. So people that are opposed to me that issue within our party are wrong.
Afterward, dumbass tried to claim the whole thing had been taken out of context, not realizing that the entire conversation was taped which proved him a liar again. Oops. Lastly, we have Michigan in which blue collar workers are actively trying to sabotage their own lives put constantly electing people into office in that state that fuck you in the ass at every turn. This time, the Michigan Senate passed a law making rape insurance available now that abortion coverage for insurance claims has been deemed illegal. So if you live in Michigan plan ahead on your next rape and get covered first. Oy vey!
5)Ethan Couch and the Texas Court System- Apparently in Texas, if you are rich and spoiled, it is perfectly legal for you to kill anyone you want. At least that is what precedent was set when a judge let Ethan Couch, 17, skate after drinking and driving and killing four people. In a novel defense, the attorney argued that since Couch was raised in a home with no rules and lots of money, he had no idea that driving three times over the legal limit was an issue and the judge bought it, giving Couch community service rather than the twenty years he should have gotten. Now mind you, Couch has ten years probation and any slip up could send him right back to prison. I still doubt he'll ever see the inside of cell though as his daddy's money must have bought some favor with the court for this rancid decision.
6)Rand Paul- This dick said unemployment insurance was unnecessary because people were abusing it to stay home for longer than they would than if unemployment went back down to 26 weeks. Nevermind the fact that there are at least three applicants for every single job in this country or the fact that people on unemployment are struggling to get by on the meager pay they get, according to Paul they are all just lazy good for nothings sponging off the system. Yeah Congress is nothing like that right? What a douche.
7)Sean Sargent- This 31 year old volunteer firefighter from Indiana was recently fired for Facebook posts. Now how bad could they be to get fired? Here's one post: "What do you call 1000 Niggers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start." Or how about this one: "“I’m just gonna come on out and say it! I’m a full blown racist, I dare a dirty (racial expletive) to try and knock me out, and oh yeah! Support your local klan!! 
Yeah, nothing racist about that? It is rather telling that the town he covers is over 97% white. Hope he likes being a pariah.
8)Nelson Mandela- Just kidding. He was awesome.
9)Nelson Mandela's Memorial Planners- The people who set this debacle up however demonstrate everything that is wrong with South Africa. The country is in ruins since the white rulers were overthrown, a fact that unfortunately seems to happen to every African Nation. I do not know why Africans of any race seem incapable of self rule, but the facts don't lie that once the warlord, dictator, or "president for life," leaves office for whatever reason, chaos follows. And South Africa is no exception. Crime has gotten so bad that some who lived under Apartheid almost, almost, have fond memories of it compared to the hell that is their life today. This memorial demonstrates all that is wrong with this country. The stadium for some reason was only about three quarters full, the audio system sounded like it came from a high school gym in Outer Mongolia and somehow, someway, a fake sign language interpreter, apparently with a history of mental illness and violent outbursts, spoke gibberish with his hands feet from Obama. Wow. The company that provided him apparently is in the wind knowing the gig was up. Nice background checks from all involved there. The bus service to the stadium was spotty at best and police decided frisking people before they got into the same building as some of the most powerful people in the world wasn't a high priority. This also proves my theory that state sponsored terrorism is a lie as this should have been a primary target and, as security seemed terrible at best, could have been a major victory. As nothing happened, we can maybe stop spying on everyone and everything as THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS WITH SPECTRE LIKE ABILITIES! All we've seen are the dumbass wannabees, rather than scary, well funded, well trained boogeyman. Stop lying to us already. See number one on this list for more on that. So congratulations Nelson Mandela Memorial Planners you are indeed douchebag of the week.